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May 18, 2018

Freshman Boone attacks the court as a varsity athlete By Elizabeth Szpytek, Online Opinions Editor Gripping a racquet between her hands, freshman Dyanna Boone eyes her opponent from across the court. Seconds later, the two athletes are engaged in an intense rally, sending the birdie back and forth. With a swing of her arm, Boone sends the birdie downwards, earning a point in her first match as a member of the girls’ varsity badminton team. “I had hardly even considered [playing on the varsity level] a possibility,” Boone said. The sport, like many others, operates on three levels: freshman, junior varsity and varsity. The varsity team member has only been playing the sport for a little over two years. She became interested in it after playing it in her middle school gym class for the first time. “Badminton appealed to me because it is different. It’s not exactly a sport that fits into casual conversation like basketball or football, but badminton is equally as great. It’s commonly overlooked, and I wanted to give it a chance because it I found it really fun

to play,” Boone said. Over the course of their roughly threemonth season, the players have had some trouble in terms of records with the team finishing at 2-9, but Boone saw it a little differently. “Overall, we’ve taken a few wins here and there, but I think our success is in becoming better players than we were when the season started, which I think is true for me and the rest of the team,” Boone said. Varsity badminton coach Jocelyn Painter took special note of Boone’s grit. “Dyanna’s mental toughness has grown

Boone competing in a singles match at Glendbard East on March 31st.

Photo by Srushti Desai

throughout the year. That’s not to say that she didn’t have it to start, it’s just that she’s continue to start strong despite being put in a very tough position as a freshmen,” Painter said. The Naperville Central meet was a rough night for the girls, taking a 0-15 loss. Painter detailed the difficult competition Boone was put up against, including players placing highly in last year’s state competition. “She had to face Emma Lin from Naperville Central who placed second at state last year as a freshman and who was seeded #1 in the state going into

the state competition,” Painter said. Painter was very pleased with Boone’s dedication to the team. “We play a very tough schedule and Dyanna has never missed a match or practice. She is committed to getting better, and if she continues to get training, I see her having a successful badminton career,” Painter said. Boone and the team ended their season with a third place finish in the West Suburban Conference Gold Division beating out Morton and Leyden high schools. Boone has put time and energy into badminton . After expressing interest in doing the sport, she attended a few classes at Midwest Badminton “I learned how to play the sport, but it was during this season of badminton for DGS, where I learned how to play the game.” Moving forward, Boone stated that she intends to train outside of school after the end of the season and will continue to play for the DGS team for the duration of her high school career.

O’Rourke brothers set to reunite on college volleyball court reasons I had earlier disliked the school,” Coleton O’Rourke said. As Coleton O’Rourke mentioned, Dubuque, Iowa isn’t a large town, but its small size is what made the family fall

O’Rourke said. The recruiting process was simple and easy for both boys, Blocking the volleyball as it as their parents were introcomes to his side of the court, duced to the college by their senior Coleton O’Rourke, eldest son’s interest in visiting outside hitter and defensive and talking to the coach. specialist, bounces “John actually inon his toes as he hits troduced us to Clarke the ball to his teamUniversity. We had mate. never heard of it, Playing volleyball but after visiting the since he was in sevschool and talking to enth grade, Coleton the coach, we realknew he wanted to ized that this was the pursue the sport place for him,” Tara after high school. CoO’Rourke said. leton has decided to For Coleton it was continue his involvedifferent, but just as ment in volleyball at easy because even Clarke University in after visiting many Dubuque, Iowa. other colleges, Clarke Coleton’s brother offered the most and 2016 DGS financial, academic graduate, John and athletic benefits. O’Rourke, already “Coleton was very attends Clarke Unilaid back in his versity and is a part recruiting process. of the men’s volleyWe visited a number ball team. However, of other schools, but Coleton didn’t decide after careful considColeton began playing volleyball in 7th grade at to go to this college eration, Clarke had because of his brother. Eisenhower Junior High. the most to offer him “I always said I … He got both an aca Photo Courtesy of Coleton O’Rourke demic and an athletic didn’t want to go to Clarke because of scholarship,” John the fact that my brother was in love with it. Tara and John O’Rourke said. there, the school was very O’Rourke, the boys’ parents, It would seem that going small and the school was in admire the homey environto the same school with your essentially the middle of noment it brings to the boys. sibling would bring out the where. But after I visited the “Dubuque is a nice town. sibling rivalry, but Coleton school and heard what my It’s not a very rural town, so hopes that becoming teambrother and his friends had it has a lot to offer. It has a mates will bring them closer to say about it, I fell in love suburban feel not unlike the together. with the school for the very area we live in now,” John “I think it will be a fun opBy Srushti Desai, Print Entertainment Editor

portunity most siblings don’t have. It will be all fun and games until my brother gets benched and the coach has me play over him … I would like to think that our relationship as brothers will grow stronger as we become teammates. Only time will tell though,” Coleton O’Rourke said. Seventeen year DGS Volleyball coach Tony Nevrly has gotten to know both O’Rourke brothers as he has coached them throughout the years. Nevrly explained the athletic differences in the two brothers. “The differences are only in their positions that they play. John was a middle hitter for us while Coleton plays an outside hitter and defensive specialist. As for their volleyball similarities, they are both students of the game and extremely intelligent volleyball players. They are disciplined and diligent in the classroom and on the court. They are respectful to their classmates, teammates, teachers, and coaches always putting others first,” Nevrly said. Being on the volleyball team during all years of high school has brought Coleton to adore his team and the sport he plays more than ever. “The team chemistry has been my favorite part about playing volleyball at DGS. Also playing and hanging out with my teammates … Everyone supports each other both

on and off the court. Being apart of the program has definitely been a highlight of my time here at DGS,” Coleton O’Rourke said. Senior Caleb Minnis, Coleton’s friend of many years and John’s teammate for two years, has learned that being on the same team with your best friend isn’t the easiest thing in the world, it takes a lot of trust. “[Being on the same team as my best friend] has taught me that you have to rely on them and trust one another, no matter what,” Minnis said. Despite the fact that college is a change in environment and sometimes even personality, Coach Nevrly believes that Coleton will not change much as he has been wellraised by his family. “I do not think Coleton will change at all. He will adjust easily to the rigors of college academics and athletics.  From what I have noticed, Coleton comes from a very grounded family. They have taught him the benefits of hard work, demanding the best from himself and others and always making sure that he pays attention to detail.  It has been my pleasure coaching the O’Rourke boys and I cannot wait for both of them to come back after their college careers are complete and tell me about the amount of success they are having in life,” Nevrly said.

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