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May 18, 2018


Blueprint 9

Apple Music is the ‘red delicious’ of streaming apps By Rhaya Truman, Print Features Editor

We all know no one has CD players or iPods anymore. That phase died down about five years ago. And we also know that if you use any platform besides Spotify or Apple Music as your main go-to for music streaming—this includes Soundcloud, Tidal, etc—then you are completely out of the loop and have no say in this argument. We are going to get down to it today. Spotify and Apple Music are going to go head-to-head in my decision of the best modern music streaming app. I have a subscription for both Apple Music and Spotify, so I know both of them on a pretty good level. First, let’s start out with the layout of each app. They are completely different, so it definitely depends on what you like. Apple Music gives you that futuristic aesthetic with the white, pinks and purples

while Spotify gives you more of a darker but chill vibe that does not make your eyes hurt when you open them. I am more of a chill, laidback type of person, so the white emphasis in Apple Music kind of makes me want to throw away the app. Apple Music does too much in that sense for me. So I am going to have to give aesthetic to Spotify. As someone who likes a lot of different types of music, I enjoy making playlists. The one thing I absolutely hate about Apple Music is that you can see

the album cover in the playlist. Now I am a very visual person, so when a song has an album cover that is orange and red and is right next to a song that has an album cover of pink and green, it literally makes me want to tear my brain out. It’s really not pleasing to the eye and is a big reason why I don’t favor Apple Music in that sense. Spotify, on the other hand, does not have the album cover on each song in a playlist, so it saves my eyes from the unpleasing sensation of Apple Music playlists. Spotify is a lot sleeker and put together overall when it comes to playlist making. One con is that you have to go on desktop to edit your description and playlist cover which is annoying, but I get over it real quick. So, playlist and song organization overall goes to Spotify. Apple Music offers noth-

Top 10 DGS mishaps of the past four years

sophomore year: At the start of the 2015-16 school year, DGS administra1. Lightning striking the tors changed the school’s food school--freshman year: providers. With that came the In 2015, when DGS freshmen death of Will Miller’s favorite were in the auditorium watchlunchtime snacks. I was not ing “Schindler’s List,” the power alone. It hurt all students. went out from a lightning bolt 7. Fire alarms eighth pestriking the DGS roof. riod—sophmore year: 2. Bullet in the bathroomWith 12 minutes left in -junior year: eighth period, the fire alarms During third period on a norwent off—unplanned. mal day in 2017 a janitor found 8. No bags at football gamesa bullet in a bathroom stall. -senior year: 3. Detention overflow—senior Now when I want to bring year: an extra sweatshirt, I have to After the new addition of tie it around my waist. No one swipe stations, detentions start- wants to do that—bring back ed to look more like a lecture the bags. hall than detention. 9. Air Conditioners—senior 4. Fire alarm going off during year: homecoming—junior year: The addition of short term During my junior year homeair conditioning units was coming, I was having a great fantastic, but the mishap is all time until the fire alarms went the teachers turning them off off. As we all made our way out- because “It’s too loud.” This left side, I couldn’t help but think students questioning whether who did this, and to this day I or not they were sweating or still don’t know. crying. 5. Bell system malfunctions10, Cap and gown—senior -senior year: year: At the beginning of this school Starting this year, graduatyear, the bell and intercom ing seniors will all have navy systems were changed. It took cap and gowns instead of boys a solid month until we were fihaving navy and girls having nally able to hear the bell , and columbia. Some people are very I don’t know if the intercom will upset so I thought I would put ever be fixed. it in here even though I could 6. Lunch providers change— care less. By Will Miller, Social Media Director

ing when it comes to music sharing and finding when it’s compared to Spotify. Not to mention Apple Music always wants to pay for something. And I have a personal dislike for Apple just because they once made me pay $12 for a One Direction album. So overall options and uniqueness goes to Spotify. Now let’s talk about some numbers. Spotify has more options than Apple Music. Almost anyone can upload songs onto Spotify, so it’s easy to discover small artists that aren’t even on Apple Music. They both cost $9.99 a month, so there is no difference at all there. For sharing music and playlists, Spotify is much easier. With the click of a finger you can share your music with so many people while Apple

Music can get confusing, and there are so many numbers that I’d rather avoid. So, I think we all know who the winner is. I love Spotify, and I personally think that for me as a lover of underground music, it is perfect for me. Now some people may like the aggressive white layout of Apple Music, but the fact that you can see you non-matching album covers right next to each other isn’t really pleasing to the eye.

Graphics by Srushti Desai

09entertainment issue 5  
09entertainment issue 5