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May 18, 2018

Anderson’s ‘Isle of Dogs’ gives 7 summertime joys audiences, young and old, a ‘treat’ not to take for granted By Jonah Ocuto, Video News Director

By Calvin Herion, Online Sports Editor

Every so often, you’ll run into a movie that breaks out of the mold, completely original in its scope and vision. There are very few directors who can reliably deliver films of this quality, but Wes Anderson is one of those few. His newest film, “Isle of Dogs,” more than makes the list. “Isle of Dogs,” directed by Anderson, details the story of a 12-year-old boy named Atari, searching for his lost dog Spots after all According to Box Office Mojo, “Isle of Dogs” sold $5,475,139 its worldcanines are deported to an wide opening weekend. Photo by Katie Anthony area called Trash Island. There he meets an ensemis one of the best looking story about a lost dog— ble of dogs, all voiced by a animated films I have ever much more than that. The stellar cast in the search seen, no doubt about it. film asks important quesfor Spots and to end the The film’s cast carries tions like: Who are we if tyrannical rein of a corrupt much of the movie. Bryan we can’t save that which government forever. Cranston delivers an excel- we love? What do we do “Isle of Dogs” is a film lent performance as the when people in positions you have to go into with hardened, stray dog Chief. of power take control of disbelief suspended 100 A powerhouse ensemble things we cherish? percent. The film is wacky, cast features the voices of And yet, the film anheartfelt, breathtaking, legends like Ed Norton, swers none. At its core, excruciating, hilarious and Bill Murray and Jeff Gold- “Isle of Dogs” is a story so many things all at the blum, all giving each dog a about friendship but gives same time. If you go into unique personality, which enough room for viewers this movie with even a truly adds to the overall to make their own conclushred of “Why are the dogs joy the movie is. sions on those questions. talking?” in the back of I was surprised at how With a mouth-watering your head, you won’t enjoy emotionally resonant the visual style, fresh charthis. film’s plot was. Initially, I acterization, an excellent The film carries all of expected a simple tale of a soundtrack and a surprisAnderson’s trademark boy looking for something ingly relevant story, “Isle style, symmetrical frames he cherishes. I got that of Dogs” is a treat for are beautiful to gaze at, for sure, but I was taken any moviegoer. This film detailed setting and charaback by subtle political is weird, no doubt about acters create a fantastic commentary the movie that, but if “Avengers: Invisual landscape, and most provided. finity War” is all sold out, of all, the claymation is At the same time, the give this film a chance. absolutely on point. This film remains more than a It’ll surprise you.

Warm Weather: Chicago is known for having cold and snowy winters. When summer comes, the warmer temperatures call for celebration. Going outside is no longer a chore. Concerts: Lollapalooza is a crowd pleaser and is considered one of the biggest music festivals in Chicago. Singer Alessia Cara (“Scars to your Beautiful”) will be singing at Taste of Chicago in July. Summertime is music time in Chicago. Fourth of July: Americans everywhere rejoice for this celebration. Barbecues and fireworks are the perfect way to spend this beloved holiday. Happy birthday, America. Go on an Adventure: Go biking with your friends to nowhere in

particular, or simply visit the zoo. Head up to Chicago for a trip to the beach or a visit to the American Girl Doll store. There is always an adventure waiting for you out there. Just bring a wallet and a mode of transportation. College Visits: Summer is a great time to visit colleges and universities. Juniors, sophomores and even freshmen should take advantage of the awesome opportunity. Summer Jobs: Sometimes school activities make having a job difficult. Not a problem in summer whether you work at Payless or the local pool, it’s time to make some money. Pool Party: Like swimming? That’s because summertime is pool party time in Chicago. You can practice the latest swimming techniques or perfect the cannonball.

Another summer event to check out is the Taste of Chicago, which is held from July 11 through July 15 this year. Photos by Lindsay Valero and Jhenevie Oca

Kai Sushi keeps prices low and customers satisfied By Rhaya Truman, Print Features Editor

Let me paint you a picture of the perfect restaurant. A restaurant with a cute aesthetic, unlimited amounts of multiple types of Japanese foods ranging from appetizers to sushi, cheap but good food, nice music to fit the vibes and a convenient location by shops and nightlife. Up until two months ago, I thought this place never existed. That was until I came across—Kai Sushi. The restaurant is located in Lombard, right across from Yorktown Mall. Here’s how it works: You sat down at your table and there is a conveyor belt going around your seat, so at anytime you can pick up a plate with the entree you wanted. The way you knew

how much each plate is by a color system. For example, the pink plate would be $2, the purple plate would be $3 and so on. Once we figured out how it all works, our server came to us and helped clarify the system; she was really nice. She gave us our drinks and checked up on us periodically. At times it kind of felt like the workers were a bit too casual walking around and talking to each other, but it was nothing that took points away from the restaurant for me. When we got all settled, I was excited to try the different types of entrees they provided. My personal favorite was the chicken tempura. I could not stop

eating them, and they were only $2; some honorable mentions were the San Diego rolls, crispy tuna rolls and the dragon maki.

with the options they have. There are a lot of vegetarian options along with seafood, chicken and steak. I was having trouble choos-

Overall, I think the food tasted amazing. It felt very authentic. In the suburbs it can be easy to come across some restaurants that just slap some rice and fish together and call it sushi because they can get away with it. You can tell Kai Sushi is run by people who truly want to share their culture and prepare the best food possible for the costumer. I was very impressed

ing which ones I wanted to try. But in the end, the options are all so cheap that it truly gives you a lot of room to try new things, which I really appreciated. Kai Sushi is definitely the place to be. If you are looking to try different types of traditional Japanese foods but do not want to spend money, this is a great place for you to try out. It definitely won’t hurt to try new foods, and with the cheap

system it is perfect spot for discovering what you like and what you don’t. I personally give this restaurant a 9/10 sushi rolls; I love the concept of the rotating sushi bar. It adds such a unique feel to the restaurant. The actual restaurant is pretty and has a nice layout. The service could have been a little bit more professional, but it’s nothing to make a big deal about. On top of everything, the food was amazing at a small price, and I mean what else could you ask for? I hope you make some time to get over to, Lombard to try out Kai Sushi. I encourage you to try new things and step outside of your comfort zone because that’s exactly what I did, and I ended up falling in love with so many different dishes.

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