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Class of 2018: What’s next?

May 18, 2018

Seniors plan to pursue unique college majors By Barbara Collins, Online Co-Editor-In-Chief

If they decide to attend college, DGS students will have hundreds of majors to choose from. While some are still considering what major to pursue, other students have already chosen the path they would like to follow. Senior Allie Brandt will be attending Northwestern University’s Bienen School of Music in the fall and majoring in clarinet performance.

“I’ve loved music since I picked up the instrument nine years ago, and since then I’ve known I want to play for a living. Making music is a wonderful experience, and I’m hoping I get to do it for the rest of my life,” Brandt said. Senior Claire Burton made the decision to attend Western Michigan University with her intended major of occupational therapy in mind. “I was choosing between two colleges, Mizzou and Western; they were both great schools with amaz-

ing campuses, but Western offered me better things than Mizzou,” Burton said. “At Western I would get free access to all sporting events. It is an easy and cheap train ride home, and Western also has a better OT program than Mizzou, so in the end the choice was clear.” Senior Jack Walsh plans to major in hospitality management with the hope of one day managing a theme park. At the University of Central Florida, he will be taking classes such as “Theme Park and

College of DuPage is the common choice for seniors

AMaya Wyatt Gap Year

What do you plan on doing during your gap year? I plan on getting certified as a lash technician & I will be doing that and also working saving money up. Photo courtesy of Susan O’Connor

Kailee O’Connor Univeristy of Pittsburgh

What are you looking forward to? Some of the things I’m looking forward to include being apart of the soccer team, going to football games, traveling to away games, we get an eight person suite that you share with your teammates so I think that’ll be really fun.

Is it hard to live out your dream career?

“It depends on the person, but some students can handle the separation better than others. The change will be exciting, sometimes lonely and different, but your new friends will begin to heal any loneliness. The friendships that you develop in college will be very tight and supportive during your lives.”

“For most people it is a long, hard road to get to exactly where they want to be. What some people forget is if they throw themselves into it and enjoy each moment, the hard stuff gets easier. Keep focused on the end goal, but remember to enjoy getting there, too.” Mrs. Skinner

What do you hope to learn during your gap year? I hope to learn how to live without my mom. She only gives me six months but I told her I’m ready and plus I have family down there so I’ll have support. But also learning how to be a adult. I knew I wanted to leave Illinois as soon as I graduated and since I have family in Houston and I love it that was my perfect choice.

Shelazia Pryor Louisiana State University

Why did you choose Pittsburgh?

I choose to attend Pitt because I knew the academic aspect of the college was really good and when visiting everyone there was wearing Pitt stuff so you could tell that they were proud. While on campus, it felt more like a gigantic family more than 35,000 students who all don’t know each other.

How hard is it to adjust to being on your own?

Mr. Chochole

Attraction Management,” “Product Development in Theme Parks and Attractions” and “Risk Management in Theme Parks and Attractions.” “I chose UCF because of their hospitality management program and their location of being close to Disney and Universal parks,” Walsh said. Walsh said he is looking forward to learning about an industry that he enjoys and knows.

Photo courtesy of Amaya Wyatt

By Kendall Brost, Online Entertainment Editor

degree,” Kays said Bella Kelly shared her excitement in trying to become Some options for seniors a musician starting at COD. are a four-year univer“I want to be a singersity, community college songwriter, but I also want or going straight into the to actually make money workforce. and support myself at some DGS seniors, Travis point. I also enjoy coding Kays, Bella Kelly and so I thought I might purArielle Arboleda have cho- sue that since there is real sen to go to the College of money in that field,” Kelly Dupage. said. Travis Kays expressed Arielle Arboleda is still how his choice was seen as deciding what to major in, the smartest decision, “It but is very interested in was cheaper than a four nursing and radiology. What year and it was close to made her so interested in home.” the medical field is the time Kays is planning to spent in the doctor’s office study animation at COD as a child. because he has always had “I used to love going to the an interest in animated doctor’s office to get checkmovies. ups when I was a little, “I always wanted to and I always had such kind learn how to draw, and at nurses when I grew up,” COD they require a draw- Arboleda said. ing class for this certain


May 18, 2018

Why did you choose lsu?

I chose LSU because it met both my personal and academic fulfillments. I always wanted to attend a huge university and I love the Southern environment. They also have great programs that will prepare me for grad school. How was the process of choosing lsu? The college selection process was tough for me. I had so many options, offers and scholarships I was overwhelmed. I eventually had to take a few hours to literally compare all my options to see what really suits me.

Photo courtesy of Shelazia Proyor

Blueprint 7

Senior focus: Military

all going as planned. “I enlisted because I felt it was the right thing to do. It’s one of those things you can’t really explain -the heart wants what the heart wants,” Stefanovski said. DGS senior Rakiya Johnson enlisted into the military and believed her support helped. “There were plenty of people who helped me learn all about the military, but the only person that led me to this decision was myself,” Johnson said. As to why people decide to enlist, there are a lot of reasons. “Definitely the many leadership, career development and educational opportunities. At first I was going to do ROTC, but now I’m really interested in being in the National Guard because I think it gives me more flexibility to explore my educational opportunities,” Johnson said. soon as I turned 17, With these students and By Matthew Hollendonner, and a week later I was countless others joining Business Manager at a station in Chicago the military it brings to where I was doing physi- question if you should join cal evaluations. I stayed and seek its benefits. Some students decide to go to college, some decide to overnight, then the next “Yes I would recommend join the workforce immedi- day we signed a bunch of joining, but only if you take papers, said the oath of ately after high school. the time to learn about it enlistment and we were and think whether or not it DGS senior David Stein,” Stefanovski said. fanovski is enlisted in the suits you,” Johnson said. Despite the stress, U.S. Military. Stefanovski believes it’s “The process started as

Four years become a senior favorite but she will take a not-sotraditional route by attending a university outMany DGS students have decided to go the tra- side of the United States. “My mother told me ditional route and attend about it and I did a lot of a four-year institution research, and eventually post graduation. went up and visited and I For senior Kyle Tolenended up loving it, It was tino, the decision to attend an easy choice after findthe University of Illinois ing out that they have a at Urbana-Champaign was co-op program,” Rouzan the best choice. said. “I decided to attend a Senior Caleb Minnis also four-year institution behas decided to continue cause I wanted to pursue his academic career by Photo courtesy of Kyle Tolentino my studies in engineering. attending a four-year I chose [UIUC] because I institution. wanted to stay in Illinois, “I believe it is the best but still attend a prestiway to have freedom, time gious engineering school,” and money. It is easier to Tolentino said. reach goals with education Senior Sam Rouzan will and a plan,” Minnis said. be attending Ryerson UniMinnis was able to get versity in Toronto, Ontario an opportunity to play Dithis fall for further educavision III sports which was tion in the areas she loves. a big factor in his decision “I would like to pursue to attend Augustana Cola career in professions that involve both econom- lege. “Soon after visiting, I ics and finance require at fell in love with the school, least a bachelor’s degree,” and the fact that I would Rouzan said. be able to play volleyball,” For Rouzan, higher eduMinnis said. cation was a no-brainer, By Vince Vena, Copy Editor

Photo courtesy of Samantha Rouzan

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