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May 18, 2018

Why the challenges of dating in high school are worth it By Sarah Major, Print Co-Editor-in-Chief

I’ve been dating the same guy since I was 13 years old. We started dating in eighth grade after Jack messaged me on Kik, the now-defunct messaging site that used to be oh-so popular with middle schoolers. I still remember the message: “Will ___ go out with ___?” Yes, he literally sent me that exact message—blanks and all. And no, I don’t really know how we’ve made a relationship that started on Kik work for four-plus years. I get different reactions when I say that I’ve been dating the same person for so long. Most reactions are ones of shock because dating in high school is straight-up hard. There is no possible way to foresee all of the changes that are

going to occur during your time in high school, so trying to grow together with someone during that time is incredibly challenging. Because one of us was always in-season for a sport, Jack and I didn’t get a lot of time together during high school. Our best weeks together were the ones where neither of us was officially in-season, which happened like six times throughout the past four years. Academically, high school has taken Jack and I in completely different directions. Of our four years together, we’ve never had a class together—not even lunch. Thanks, DGS schedule generator. Another fun part of a long-term high school relationship is the dark, looming cloud that’s begged the question, “What if we go

to different colleges?” We’ve spent four years asking that question, and now that we’re heading our separate ways in August, we have to find an answer to it. Despite the uncertain future, there is no better feeling than having one person to rely on for advice, comfort and laughter. When you date someone, especially in high school, you always have an adventure partner. For me, Jack has been the person that will listen to my complaints about high school drama without actually caring about high school drama. It’s comforting to have someone that will just listen and agree with me when I complain about anything and everything.

Photo by Lindsay Valero

So even with all the petty fights about where to eat and all of the stress that comes with finding a way to make our relationship work, I wouldn’t trade my four years of high school with Jack for the world. Because we’ve literally grown up together, I’ve gotten to

witness Jack become an incredible person. Dating in high school is a million things—scary, exciting, challenging—but it is so incredibly worth it. If a relationship that started on Kik can make it to graduation, literally anything is possible.

Marc’s Fashion Corner:

fashion mistakes never to make By Marc Alvarez, Copy Editor

Hello everyone, and welcome to Marc’s Fashion Corner. As the school year wraps up, I felt that everyone needed a little fashion advice for next year. Here are some the fashion mistakes that you should stop making—forever.

Cargo shorts: You don’t need that many pockets—also shorts should hit above the knee

Graphics compiled by Emmanuelle Copeland

Flat brim hats: The point of a hat is to block the sun from your face and to make you look cool— these do neither.

Slides with socks: This one is going to upset some people. Are you on the way to a sports game? Then this is fine. Otherwise, let your feet breath and ditch your socks.

Uggs: I fully expect a mob to chase me down after this one. I’m sure they’re comfy, but there’s just something about them that I really do not like.

Vineyard Vines T-shirts: Why did you pay way too much money for a shirt with a whale on it?

Joggers: I’m all for tapered pants; however, you don’t need elastic bands on your ankles. Also, drop-crotch pants make you look like you’re wearing a diaper.

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04opinions issue 5