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Westfield Community Association Council

Registered Charity No. 271252

President: Mrs Joan Downing Chairman: Mr John Barnett 7 Heathlands Westfield TN35 4QZ 01424 753323

Vice-Chairman: Mrs Sarah Jones Secretary: vacant Hall Management Committee: Chairman: Mrs Janet Colvert Community Council Meetings:21 Oct., 20 Jan., 14 April at 7.30 pm Community Dining Hall

Westfield Community Association Chairman’s AGM Report For those of you not aware of the WCA’s work and constitution we are a group representing various community based organisations in the Parish (15 at present) and an equal number of individuals wishing to be involved in community matters, making 30 in total and during 2011/12 we had a full complement all barring a vacancy from the Football Club. We have a Council which is made up of all 30 members. The Council is further supported by the Hall Management Committee (HMC) which is a joint committee involving the WCA, ESCC (through the school) and the Parish Council. Both the Council and HMC have worked well during the year and I wish to record my thanks to all those members who contributed. I'm especially grateful for Sarah for her support as Vice Chair, Mark’s support as Treasurer and Janet for all her work on HMC, as its never without its issues and Joan of course who provides me with support and the odd poke in the ribs when I most need them! Pauline Filsell-Page’s work in the background on the Newsletter and Draw and other WCA things, without which there would be no income for the WCA and its balances would quickly dwindle. I’d especially like to thank Rachel Pritchard who has not only developed into an excellent Hall Manager but as the full time cleaner since September has kept the Hall very clean. I’m always very reassured when I visit other local halls and reflect just what a jewel in the crown the hall is for the community. Lastly, thanks to Ginny Whitney who stepped into the breach last year and offered to be the Minute Taker for Council meetings and has continued to do so until other commitments recently took her away. Therefore the search for a replacement Secretary to support the Council goes on. The Committee has been busy during 2012/13 providing grants to worthy causes in the Parish; which Mark will outline in his own report. However I’m immensely pleased we have been able to continue to organise a profitable Summer Fete and to provide the Free Family Day and these events will continue into 2013/14. However, these things don’t just happen on their own, it takes a fair amount of time even when the work is allocated amongst several people so I would just want to repeat Min’s plea for help when it is needed most, both in planning the events and on the day. As you can see this has been a busy year again and the Council members can be justifiably proud of their achievements over the year. However we are not ones to rest on our laurels and are always open to new requests for funding to support community events or assets. For me one for the biggest community success story in recent years for the Parish has been the Youth Club and I’m so pleased we were able to provide some small grants to cover start-up costs and the club is now self-sufficient in its own right. I wish it all the best for the future. It is not just about the younger parish members, we held a very successful Jubilee Tea Party for the older people of the parish which was very well received and we have in mind doing something similar later this year and hopefully this will become an annual event. But again we need more ideas and just as importantly helping hands. The laying of a wreath on Remembrance Day 2012 was an important first for the WCA and will be part of our future annual commitment to the community. I hope you were in the masses who enjoyed the WCA’s annual Carol event and were suitably impressed by the new lights on the tree at the village crossroads. Money very well spent and we still have the old wiring harnesses and bulbs for sale if you’re interested, otherwise off to the boot fair they go. With regard to the lights I’d just like to thank the Tomsetts once again for allowing the use of their property for ‘Carols round the Christmas Tree’ and for supplying the power for the lights every year. We are so grateful for their contribution. John Barnett, WCA Chair June 2013

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145 wca newsletter aug 2013  
145 wca newsletter aug 2013  

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