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Hall Management Committee ANNUAL AGM REPORT 2013 The Hall Management Committee has met before each Council Meeting. Richard Wallace is our Parish Council Representative and we are grateful for his contribution. Rachel Pritchard, as Hall Manager, is in attendance and Sarah Jones (Nee Howard) is our minute taker and John Barnett our Treasurer. We have also met twice with Pauline Young, Joint Use Officer from ESCC during the year. We have now employed our Cleaner independently of the Local Authority for a year and are pleased with the way it has worked out. This is largely due to Rachel’s hard work, the pride she takes in keeping the building sparkling clean and the time she spends working with Hall users. We are grateful too for the admin. Work undertaken by John who saves both us and ESCC money. We were also pleased that Roz Kennet helped us for the summer when Rachel was ill to cover the holiday clean. We are lucky that she shared Rachel’s love of a clean working environment. This year we have had the Dining Hall and the entrance hall repainted and they look bright and fresh for our users. The Hall floor has also been re-sanded and sealed. The WCA voted to replace the chairs in the main Hall as they are looking old and are scratching the floor when moved. They have arrived and we are pleased to tell you that the old ones are on their way to Africa, where they will be used in a clinic in Bonsa- a small Gambian village. A brilliant example of recycling and community spirit. We now have a separate hand wash basin in the Servery, and following a recent Environmental Health inspection, it is rated as the highest 5 stars which is great. The sink was paid for by the School and the WCA jointly and is important if we are to continue to attract additional hirers. The garden which now makes a welcome entrance to our building looks lovely and is well established, thanks again to Cheryl’s hard work and enthusiasm. The Hall continues to be widely used during term time and we have increased the numbers of hirers for both regular and one off activities. We are pleased that the membership of the Bowls Club has increased since it has had a new mat. We have some ongoing problems to be sorted, which need to be agreed through the joint use agreement. These include the need for some shuttering to enclose the heating boiler, the boys toilet which needs a new floor and improved fire exit for wheelchair users. It is not always easy agreeing priorities and funding in the current climate, but we will continue to work with our partners to achieve the best for the Community of Westfield. Janet Colvert June 2013

Hiring fees from 1st April 2012:

COMMU:ITY HALL Sports, jumble sales, children’s daytime parties etc……………..£9.00 per hour Children’s clubs between 5 and 7pm Mondays to Fridays…....…£4.75 per hour Evening functions such as cheese and wine parties, quiz nights with bar, dances without bar or disco or live bands……….…£70 Discos and events with live music and bar 6pm until 11.45pm. ………… ..£70

DI:I:G HALL …... £6.50 per hour

Children’s Clubs £3.25 per hour


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Sport, some social event, exhibitions, jumble sales etc………......£14.50 per hour Evening functions (as above)………………………………..……£120 Discos and dances……………………………………..………… £120 + £100 deposit

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145 wca newsletter aug 2013  

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