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s I write, this time of year in Westfield and, indeed the whole of Rother, is normally the busiest period for Rye Neighbourhood Policing Team but at the same time is often the most enjoyable. The better weather and the lighter evenings allow us to be much more pro-active in the parish and attend fetes and events and be seen by so many more people. Whilst we do receive complaints that the local children are off school and upsetting the usual peace and quiet for some residents or that the annual influx of speeding motorcyclists on their noisy machines are ruining the Sunday morning lay-in for many a family these types of calls are in truth very few and far between and being a local police officer at this time of year is a lovely position to hold. From a police point of view, Westfield itself is getting along very nicely. Over the last few months we have seen a real decrease in crime levels. There have been no recent reported burglaries within the parish however two unsuccessful attempts have been made to gain entry into the local newsagents. Please continue to make sure that all your windows and doors are locked in your property whether you are going out for 5 minutes or away for two weeks! Also make sure that you are securing your vehicles properly as well and not making yourself an easy target for any passing thieves. The last few months have also seen a reduction in the calls to the police complaining about anti social behaviour which is always pleasing to see. Westfield Parish Council have always made a real effort to provide and maintain facilities for children so that they have somewhere to go and be ‘kids’ and this effort appears to be paying dividend at present. The biggest complaint from Westfield and indeed all its neighbouring villages is speeding traffic through the village. We are currently in the process of introducing Community Speed Watch across the Rye area and to set this up in Westfield all we require is a group of around 8 - 10 volunteers to give up a few hours a week to try and tackle the problem. We would provide all the equipment and training and this would enable local residents as a group to go out to pre-approved sites and conduct speed checks of their own and report back to the police the details of any speeding vehicles. We can’t always be in Westfield due to other commitments but Community Speedwatch means that the parishioners can tackle one of the key issues that affects them when we are not around. Please contact myself or Richard Perchard for more information about the scheme. I look forward to meeting you all around the village over the coming few weeks and hope that the good weather continues and you all have a lovely summer.

Kind Regards, PC #igel Collins


145 wca newsletter aug 2013  
145 wca newsletter aug 2013  

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