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fluid power IIT students primed for Chainless Challenge

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IIT STUDENTS READY TO RIDE Poised for the challenge: IIT students Chaemoon Lee (from left), Carl Ferrario, Nathan Ruhl, Emanouel Milanov and Nicholas Taluzek work on the bicycle they plan to enter in the Parker Chainless Challenge this spring. | PHOTO BY MICHAEL ROBERTS

Team to compete in Parker Chainless Challenge this spring in California BY REX ROBINSON


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ome undergrad students from the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Armour College of Engineering are gearing up to compete this spring in the Parker Chainless Challenge, a feat that involves creating a bicycle that operates without a chain. The competition is sponsored by the California-based Parker Hannifin Corporation and students from various colleges and universities from around the country are tasked with designing the bicycle (or tricycle), building it and entering it into the competition, this year being held April 8, 9 and 10 at The Great Park in Irvine, Calif. The goal, according to Matthew Spenko, associate professor of mechanical and aerospace

engineering at IIT, is to get students more familiar with Parker Hannifin and the use of fluid power. It’s not about creating a new product as a chain remains the best way to power a bicycle. “This is definitely not something you would bring to market,” Spenko said.“It’s not a product development type challenge. It’s more about the learning and engineering challenge of doing something different than it is about creating a better bicycle.” The goal is to give the students an open-ended problem to solve. There really is no one solution to the problem of using hydraulics to power a bicycle, Spenko said. According to the specifications for the challenge as outlined by Parker Hannifin, the objective is to “promote original thinking in a competitive setting by combining two technology platforms that are not normally associated with one another – the

bicycle and fluid power.” Parker Hannifin manufactures motion and control technologies and systems, providing engineered solutions for a variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets. The company employs approximately 57,500 people in 50 countries around the world. There are two different phases of the completion. In the first phase, the students score points based on vehicle and fluid circuit design, hardware selection, analysis of dynamics, fluid flow, expected performance and prototype build date.The students also are tested on time management. All this leads up to the second and final phase of the competition which involves a sprint race, a time trial race, an efficiency challenge and other races designed to test how well each individual team’s bicycle or tricycle performs.

Two years ago, IIT walked away winning six out of seven categories. However, last year (the third year IIT students competed), a part on the bike failed and IIT was knocked out of the competition early, according to Carl Ferrario, project lead for mechanical work on this year’s team. This year, he said, he and his fellow team members are hungry for some redemption. “We’re improving on last year’s design,” said Ferrario, a former bike mechanic and junior at IIT.“We’re feeling confident that we worked out the bug.” The bug, Ferrario added, was going to a completely new design too quickly.They used a tricycle design for the first two years and last year was the first year they used a bicycle. While the competition is important, Ferrario pointed to other benefits of challenge. “It’s that bridge between book learning and working in industry so you can hit the ground running after graduation,” he said. It’s great working with Parker Hannifin because they’re such a big name in the industry.” The students also get a chance to use the latest technology. For example, according to Ferrario, the bicycle he and other students are creating this year is being designed using 3D imaging software. The students are almost finished with the prototype and are eager to move on to the final phase of the competition. Other IIT team members who are part of this year’s Parker Chainless Challenge include Emanouel Milanov, Chaemoon Lee, Nicholas Taluzek, David Cermak and Nathan Ruhl. Parker Hannifin underwrites the entire competition, paying for the parts necessary to build the bikes and transportation to the competition and also awards cash prizes to both the winning students and their school.This year, IIT will

be competing against students from 10 colleges and universities, including the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the University of Cincinnati, California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo, Purdue University,Western Michigan University, Murray State University, Cleveland State University, the University of Akron, Case Western Reserve University and Ohio University. One of the benefits to Parker Hannifin is it gives the company a chance to find quality engineers. For example, two former IIT students who were team members for previous challenges – Josh Buck and Sean O’Halloran – are now employed in Parker’s aerospace division. Bob Meyer, who competed in the challenge for IIT last year, is now a computer aided engineer in vehicle dynamics and loads for General Motors. He said the competition is a great way for students to work on real projects and get solid experience to prepare them for the real world. “Fluid power is everywhere and it’s been around forever; it’s hugely powerful and versatile,” Meyer said. “Just about the only mark against it is its notorious lack of efficiency. The Chainless Challenge brings this otherwise easy to ignore flaw to center stage.The rules are structured so you can’t just ply the industry standard and throw energy at the bikes to overcome the lack of efficiency.You must design out the inefficiency.” Meyer said he is grateful to Parker Hannifin for creating and executing the challenge. “Anyone can donate to schools but it takes a special kind of company to break the norm and host something like the Chainless Challenge and I think this desire to set the trend is what makes Parker such an extraordinary company,” Meyer said. For more information about the student’s progress in this year’s competition, visit


Top fields of study for college students

Think you can change the world?


You’re right.


GRADUATE DEGREES FOR SOCIAL CHANGE At Adler University, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to transform injustice. Challenge existing systems, connect with people who share your values, and turn passion into action. Apply today and start creating the world you know is possible. 312.662.4100 17 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60602

Tues., April. 14 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. RSVP at

or Benjamin Braddock in the 1967 movie “The Graduate,” the word was “plastics.” For students looking for a hot career ticket now, there is no one word, according to college and university leaders and advisors. The top majors that employers are looking for include perennial favorites such as engineering, computer science and business and finance, said Linda Moore, director of career services at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston. Health care, especially majors that require more education such as occupational or physical therapy, is also in demand. The National Association of Colleges and Employers found that more than 57 percent of responding employers intend to hire finance majors this year, said Doug Reichenberger, director of career services at Southern Illinois UniversityCarbondale. More than 56 percent intended to hire accounting majors, and more than half want to higher computer science and

mechanical engineering majors. Those aren’t the only majors that are getting hired, Moore said.The same companies that want business or finance majors also want to bring communications or psychology majors into their workforces to take advantage of their interpersonal skills. “They can go into human resources or recruiting,” Moore said.“But they can also get management training positions.They embed them with the business and finance majors.” Reichenberg said the experience of recent graduates at SIU supports those trends. More than 40 percent of December 2014 graduates who already have jobs are working in business-related fields.The next largest group is working in fields that emphasize interpersonal relations, including social work, education and similar settings.The third largest group is working in engineering, he said. The most important thing, Moore said, is for students to keep their options open when the start college and spend time during their first

year to find out what careers are available to them. “It might turn out that they want to do something that they never heard of,” Moore said,“Many students are picking from the slice of the pie they know, and they don’t even see the rest of the pie.They need to use their career center, and use it early.” tudents at Governors State University are asked to do something similar, choosing a broad area of study as a freshman before narrowing their choice of major down their junior year, university president Elaine Maiman said. It’s part of the Governors State plan for students’ first two years, a new program in an institution that until this year only offered degree completion for students who did their first two years elsewhere and graduate programs. A survey released by the Association of American Colleges and Universities shows that employers of all kinds value people who can communicate well in speech and in writing, think critically and work well with others, Maimon said.The first two years at Governors State in all areas emphasize the development of those skills across curriculum areas.


Taking direction: Saadah Ottman, an occupational therapy student at Governors State University, listens to instructions. Occupational and physical therapists are in high demand, according to university officials. | SUPPLIED PHOTO SEE TOP FIELDS, PAGE 5




Hands-on lessons: Melissa Naegele, who is working on her doctorate of physical therapy degree at Governors State University, works through exercises with fellow doctoral of physical therapy student Katie Taylor. Students who earn their doctorates in physical therapy are always in high demand, according to Governors State president Elaine Maimon. | SUPPLIED PHOTO

Students who start as freshmen at Governors State take at least three classes each semester with students assigned to the same learning group, with a dedicated core of faculty members and a career counselor assigned to work with them from their first semester, Maimon said. Students also will hear from people who work in the broad areas they are interested in so they know what they need to pursue their goals. “For example, to be licensed as a physical therapist, you must have a doctoral degree,” she said.“If that’s what you want to do, you need to major in something that will prepare you for that.” raduates in Governors State doctoral programs in occupational and physical therapy are in high demand, Maimon said, as those who receive doctorates in nursing.


Students who receive health care qualifications at the community college level are also in demand, said Steven Gustis, manager of career services at College of DuPage. Graduates of the college’s dental hygiene program are in especially high demand now, he said, as are registered nurses and certified nursing assistants. Home health services especially are looking for workers, he said. Students also can start an engineering degree at College of DuPage, and, if they meet requirements, finish their degrees at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The program “sets them up for almost guaranteed admission at U of I,” Gustis said, noting that students enter the U of I engineering school as juniors.“And that’s a very SEE TOP FIELDS, PAGE 7

FLEXIBLE PROGRAMS, SCHEDULES TO FIT YOUR LIFE AT ELMHURST COLLEGE The faculty and staff at Elmhurst College know what experienced adults want and need in a college education — and deliver it.Whether you know exactly what you want to do or you feel you want to explore, the School for Professional Studies at Elmhurst will provide the guidance and support you need. With flexible programs and a schedule that fits your life, Elmhurst College’s faculty, staff and curriculum will meet you where you are and provide the educational tools and resources that will get you to wherever you want to go. Whether you’re pursuing a master’s degree, undergraduate degree or certificate program, Elmhurst College will open the door to a wealth of opportunities and advance your career. The college’s School for Professional Studies is dedicated to providing high-quality education to working adults and those whose life commitments have precluded higher education. Offering a wide array of graduate, accelerated and certificate programs for busy people, programs and courses are offered at Elmhurst College’s beautiful campus in suburban Chicago, online and at satellite locations, providing maximum convenience and flexibility. Come to one of the best liberal arts colleges in the Midwest for a degree that puts you on track for success. Founded in 1871, Elmhurst College is a private, four-year college affiliated with the United Church of Christ. Curriculum combines liberal learning and professional preparation to equip students for lifelong learning, service and achievement. The College is conveniently located in Elmhurst, a short drive west of downtown Chicago. Elmhurst College meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go. Learn more about the School for Professional Studies at www.elmhurst. edu/sps. Provided by Elmhurst College




You believe a better world is possible, and you want to be part of it. Adler University shares your vision. Adler University educates students to engage the world and create a more just society. Established in 1952 to build on the pioneering work of Alfred Adler, the first community psychologist, Adler University offers graduate programs for social change — in highdemand fields as diverse as public policy and administration, criminology, nonprofit management, and emergency management leadership. Adler’s psychology and counseling programs include one of the nation’s largest and best-known art therapy programs, and nationally recognized programs focused on military psychology. Adler offers online and traditional classroom programs along with flexible learning formats — with part-time, online, evening and weekend classes. Recognized nationally for its mission-driven curricula, Adler University is partnered with more than 850 organizations enabling students to gain real-world experience through intensive practica and internships. Adler’s institutes and centers also offer unique learning experience in applied research, community outreach, and professional development. Adler’s alumni lead social change in diverse careers, in teaching and research, private practice and consulting, business, healthcare, the non-profit sector and government. Visit to take a virtual tour of the innovative downtown campus. Contact Admissions today to discuss programs of interest, attend an Open House, and learn about scholarship, employment and financial aid opportunities. Adler University offers numerous scholarships based on financial need, academic excellence, mission relevance, and community involvement and more. Adler’s programs fill quickly so contact the university today at (312) 662-4100 (toll-free (866) 371-5900) or to learn more and apply.

The HVAC Technical Institute has been established with one goal in mind: to train and prepare men and women in practical skills and knowledge in order to increase their worth in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and electrical workplace. HVAC Technical Institute offers three training programs all which can be completed in less than one year: 1. HVAC (Heating,Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), 2. HVAC/R (Heating,Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration) and 3. Electrical. A great part of the program is that it is that sudents receive hands-on training and can classes can also be taken in Spanish. At the end of the course, students receive a certificate of completion along with the skills needed to find employment in their field of study. Stop asking yourself: How can I afford school? How can I not afford school? How can I invest in my future? The HVAC Technical Institute offers financial aid to those who qualify (School Code No. 042323) and also offers a variety of payment plans and financing options that cater to any budget. Remember, you’re education is an investment of a lifetime. Don’t wait another minute, start your career today by calling HVAC Technical Institute,“The hands-on heating and air conditioning school” at (773) 9279562. Or visit the website at

Provided by Adler University

This is the training ground for the next generation. Affordable excellence. NMU provides an exceptional educational value as one of the most affordable universities in the region Hands-on experiences. Northern’s immersive educational programs take a “learning by doing” approach, so you will be practicing skills in the classroom that you’ll be using on the job Endless possibilities. With 124 baccalaureate ������ ��� �� ��������� �� ���������� ��������� your path to a great career can begin here.


Provided by HVAC Technical Institute

Special advertising section produced by Custom Media Solutions Editor: Rex Robinson | Cover/Page Design: Barbara Harrington Cover Photo by: Michael Roberts | To Advertise: Dan Cunnane 312.321.2948 Cover Photo: Pictured (from left) are Nicholas Taluzek, Carl Ferrario, Associate Professor Matthew Spenko and Emanouel Milanov.




“They’re determined. In a lot of cases, they’re successful because of that passion.” Some groups are headed towards STEM careers, she said, and they are on a track that has then taking calculus. The others focus on statistics, which will be useful in a wide variety of “Many students are picking from the careers. Maimon, slice of the pie they know, and they who was an don’t even see the rest of the pie.” English major at the University of LINDA MOORE, director of Pennsylvania, said,“I career services at Eastern Illinois never took calculus University in Charleston and I never missed it. I never took statistics and I miss it every day.” Once students reach their shouldn’t despair. junior year, or those who transfer “Some students have this in after two years at a community attitude of,‘It’ll be a challenge, college, they can start looking but this is what I really want to for internships to find out do,’” SIU’s Reichenberger said.


difficult school to get into as a freshman.” Certifications in information technology are popular, especially in networking technology and in computer information systems, he said. Reichenberger said students who have a passion for a career that isn’t on the “hot list”

East-West University is offering a full four-year 100 percent scholarship to one lucky winner through the East-West Challenge. Any U.S. citizen or permanent resident who meets EWU’s admissions requirements is eligible to win. Participants take an online quiz between now and noon on April 2. Randomly selected winners will be notified later that day. It’s not too late for new students to register for spring! EastWest’s classes begin on April 6. The winner must maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average and full-time status throughout their four years at EWU. Those who have already completed a bachelor’s degree are not eligible. Other rules and restrictions apply. To read the full instructions and take the quiz, go to Second prize is a 75 percent four-year scholarship, and third prize is a 50 percent four-year scholarship. These students must also maintain a 3.0 or better and study full-time. Two runners-up will receive a two-year text book scholarship, which is worth up to $1,500 per year. East-West University is a private, non-profit, non-denominational four-year university in Chicago’s South Loop. East-West is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA), and provides affordable, quality higher education to students from all ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Hard at work: A student in the dental hygiene program at College of DuPage works on a patient in the college’s dental hygiene lab. Steven Gustis, manager of the career services at the college, said there has been strong demand in recent years for dental hygienists. | SUPPLIED PHOTO what they can do with, say, an English degree in a business or government setting.

Provided by East-West University

Problem-solver. Lead-taker. Knowledge-maker. GRADUATE AND ACCELERATED PROGRAMS AT ELMHURST

At Elmhurst College, you’ll discover ideas that you can apply in the real world. Our graduate and accelerated programs build your confidence, put you on a faster track, and make you the go-to person for solutions. Courses are offered at our beautiful campus in suburban Chicago, with many online classes available, too. Come to one of the best liberal arts colleges in the Midwest for a degree that puts you on track for success. Graduate Programs in Business

MBA Project Management Professional Accountancy Market Research Supply Chain Management Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Request Information School for Professional Studies Elmhurst College 190 Prospect Avenue Elmhurst, IL 60126

Graduate Programs in Technology

Computer Information Systems Data Science Applied Geospatial Sciences

Graduate Programs in Healthcare Nursing RN to MSN Option Nursing Master’s Entry Public Health Communication Sciences & Disorders Visit: Call: (630) 617-3300 Email:

Graduate Programs in Education

Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Leadership Special Education Graduate Certificate in Human Geography for AP® Teacher Leader Endorsement ESL/Bilingual Endorsements Special Education (LBS1) Endorsement

Follow us on Meeting you where you are. Taking you where you want to go.

Accelerated Degree Completion Programs

Elmhurst Management Program Information Technology Elmhurst Communication Program Applied Psychology

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

Geographic Information Systems Cyber Security Digital Cinema




Atlantic University School of Medicine in Saint Lucia offers a world class education in a personalized environment. At Atlantic University School of Medicine students are offered every opportunity to succeed in their education and career goals.With highly experienced faculty, small class size, the lowest tuition in the Caribbean and a comfortable environment in which to live and study, the team at Atlantic University School of Medicine is able to assist each student in their discernment process and the realization of their individual career goals. Students join the school from 15 different countries around the world including India, Africa, Europe, Canada, Mexico, the US, the UK and St. Lucia. Ninety-nine percent of students that visit Atlantic University School of Medicine prior to applying to medical school choose to apply for enrollment. Atlantic University School of Medicine is located on the beautiful island of Saint Lucia, an ideal stress free environment that allows students to focus on the rigorous preclinical curriculum of medical school. The fifth semester and clinical clerkship are completed at accredited teaching hospitals in the United States and United Kingdom. The Clinical Program is conducted over a seventy–two week period, divided into six 12-week semesters, providing a broad exposure to the clinical disciplines of Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Family Medicine, and Psychiatry. Upon completion of their fifth semester students can begin an elective rotation while preparing, taking, and waiting for their USMLE scores. For more information about Atlantic University School of Medicine and a detailed description of the curriculum, visit

Creativity is a part of Mount Mary University. A big part. Students, faculty and staff form a close-knit community where everyone is eager to collaborate and innovate by taking risks with new ideas, work together through complexities, find solutions to problems and keep an open mind about what’s to come in the future. For Mount Mary University, creativity is about having an open mind to different ways of learning, living and looking at the world and interacting with it. At Mount Mary, any future you want to create is possible. Schedule a visit or attend an upcoming event See for yourself why Illinois students are coming to Mount Mary.The university has just opened its doors to the new Admissions Welcome Center and you’re invited to visit. Mount Mary University’s student tour guides will take you through campus and personalize your visit experience.The university even has bilingual student tour guides. View upcoming events and schedule your visit online at Mount Mary University is at 2900 North Menomonee River Parkway, Milwaukee,Wis. More information is at (414) 256-1219 or

Provided by Atlantic University

Provided by Mount Mary University



QUICK FACTS: Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin Enrollment: 920 undergraduates (open to women), 555 graduates (open to men and women) Programs: 30-plus undergraduate majors and 9 graduate programs Degrees Offered: bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral 47 percent of Mount Mary students identify as having diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds Campus Features: 80 acres, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, two Starbucks Cafes Student to Faculty Ratio: 13:1 Athletics: Mount Mary’s Blue Angels participate in NCAA Division III volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, tennis and cross country.

At Southern Illinois University Carbondale, we know that hands-on, real-world experience in college will give our students the edge after they graduate. That’s why our students have opportunities to gain experience through our Center for Service-Learning and Volunteerism. That’s why our students can conduct research guided by faculty mentors as early as their freshman year. That’s why our students can translate big ideas into viable businesses through the Student Innovation Incubator program. That’s why our students can gain leadership and other skills in more than 450 registered student organizations. That’s why our students are on stage, in the orchestra, publishing newspapers, delivering newscasts, managing investments and much, much more. SIU’s faculty members are accessible and dedicated to helping our students achieve success within and beyond the lecture hall, providing real-world experiences that deliver critical thinking skills and translate to competitive career opportunities. At SIU, we give students all of the advantages of a small college plus the brains – and experiences – of a major research university.

Gain experience. Experience SIU.


College prep: Start early, be prepared, and stay organized when it comes to the college admission process. | BRANDPOINT


With tuitions at an all-time high, the cost of college and the increasingly competitive job market have become major considerations for aspiring college students and their parents. Students are not only focusing on where they can get in, but where they can get the best education that will set them up for a desirable career.The most challenging part of the journey to success is oftentimes the first step — gaining admissions. Where it was once considered common practice to only apply to three or four colleges, today’s students apply to 10-15. So how should today’s students tackle the daunting college admissions process? There is a lot that aspiring college students and parents can do to prepare, according to Dr. Katherine Cohen, LinkedIn Higher Ed expert and Founder and CEO of IvyWise. As one of the nation’s top college admissions consultants, Dr. Cohen offers tips on maximizing college preparation, including leveraging your network, to get you onto the path towards acceptance into college, and ultimately your dream job: Make the most of your college prep — start early, be prepared, and stay organized:The key is to start early and think ahead.Take the most rigorous courses available at your high school, particularly in the field of your intended major or in something that might interest you. If you think you might be interested in going into social work, take a psychology class.The same applies to extracurricular activities, select a few that are of interest and engage deeply. Admissions teams consider fit as well, and want to attract students who they feel will thrive and contribute to the campus

community. Perhaps the most important way to prepare is by doing careful and extensive research. A college should be a great fit for your career aspirations, as well as your academic, social, and financial goals. Don’t limit yourself to just a short list of name recognition universities. Leverage available resources: There are a number of new online resources available to help guide you and your family as you tackle the college decision-making process. LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional online network, offers a range of new higher education tools that provide aspiring students and young professionals with the opportunity to make informed decisions on which universities, majors and skills will help them achieve personal and professional success in years ahead. University Rankings helps students identify and rank universities that are launching graduates into their desirable jobs in key industries, based on career outcomes of alumni from the more than 332 million LinkedIn members. Say you are interested in Advertising; did you realize that the University of Pennsylvania is one of the top schools for you? Decision Boards is a great new tool that helps prospective students organize their school search in one place. It also helps students make well informed decisions by enabling friends, family, alumni, and current students to provide advice and insight on a school that might interest you. For more information, visit LinkedIn University pages:


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EIU CONTINUES TO RECEIVE HIGH MARKS FROM U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT You may have heard Eastern Illinois University is the No. 4 public regional university in the Midwest, according to the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings. The faculty and staff at Eastern Illinois University is proud to receive this kind of recognition from such a well-respected publication — also note that U.S. News bumped the university up five spots to a No. 31 ranking among hundreds of Midwestern regional universities offering master’s degree programs — but it’s no surprise to see EIU ranked as high as it is compared to its peers in Illinois and the 12-state Midwest region. After all, the combination of academic excellence, student life opportunities and superior value offered at EIU isn’t easily matched.




degrees 1

Management Information Systems (MIS) S A L A RY

EARLY CAREER $47,100 MID-CAREER $76,800 2

Computer Engineering (CE) S A L A RY

EARLY CAREER $40,100 MID-CAREER $76,700 3

Electrical Engineering (EE) S A L A RY

EARLY CAREER $49,300 MID-CAREER $75,200 4

Business & Information Technology (IT) S A L A RY

EARLY CAREER $37,900 MID-CAREER $74,500 5

Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) S A L A RY

EARLY CAREER $39,200 MID-CAREER $71,700 6

Construction Management S A L A RY

EARLY CAREER $42,900 MID-CAREER $70,600 7

Occupational Health and Safety S A L A RY

EARLY CAREER $49,800 MID-CAREER $68,500 8

Computer Science (CS) S A L A RY

EARLY CAREER $41,800 MID-CAREER $68,400 9

Dental Hygiene S A L A RY

EARLY CAREER $60,400 MID-CAREER $68,400 10

Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) S A L A RY


Source: PayScale Human Capital

Academic Excellence The 14:1 student-faculty ratio and average class size of 17 guarantee EIU students will always have access to the kind of personal relationships with their instructors they can’t find at just any institution. Students who choose EIU appreciate this, too, as illustrated by the fact that the university continues to tout the highest freshman retention rate (79 percent) and the highest graduation rate (60 percent) among all Illinois public universities in its class. A Living-Learning Community But, a college student’s opportunity for growth shouldn’t begin and end in a classroom or laboratory, and at Eastern, faculty and staff take that belief to heart. EIU presents myriad opportunities for growth as an individual through participation in one — or many — of the university’s hundreds of registered student organizations covering a wide variety of interests and subjects. In addition, the active Office of Student Community Service serves as a representation of the university’s commitment to volunteerism. Beginning from the first days an EIU student spends on campus, the importance and personal benefits of community are instilled upon them. The faculty and staff of EIU think this shows in the number of additional hours students put into volunteering during the remainder of their stay, which recently went over a half million. A Tremendous Value In a time when skyrocketing tuition and slashed admission standards are a reality at nearly every other similar school, EIU has done neither. The university’s already affordable tuition rates — available not only to in-state students but also residents of neighboring states — remained constant from last year to this year. At the same time, EIU managed to maintain the same standard of excellence students, faculty, and alumni have grown to expect for those entering our university. The faculty and staff of EIU truly believe you could search the entire region and not find a better value for your college dollar. Ask yourself now,“Am I EIU?” If you think you could be, begin your #FuturePanther journey by visiting us at

Provided by Eastern Illinois University

High-tech monitoring of digital information keeps America secure pendent network of information The digital age has made online information widely available technology infrastructures, includboth for good and bad purposes. ing the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems When it comes to the nation’s and embedded processors and security, monitoring, tracking, controllers. America’s Navy has securing and analyzing digital data is a key factor in defending highly technical computer scientists and computer engineers who intelligence networks. develop tools and techniques in Creating a line of cyber warfare defense is the U.S. Navy’s the information environment that ensure situational awareness, proresponsibility, which has a comvide defense against attacks and munity charged with masterdeliver tactical advantages. ing the capabilities, tools and Some of the day-to-day jobs techniques required to effectively collect, process, analyze and ap- include gathering data through sources ranging from advanced ply information. This is a growing field, and in- cyberspace operations to undividuals interested in careers in manned surveillance systems, computer science and computer converting data into actionable intelligence, and maintaining engineering will find excellent cutting-edge communications opportunities with the Navy. Enlisted sailors and naval officers networks that effectively share specialize in information-intensive and safeguard information. It’s all part of the mission for those who fields that include information serve in the professional areas management, information technology, information warfare, cyber of information and technology warfare, cryptology, intelligence, in America’s Navy — for those meteorology and oceanography. warriors who do battle within the cyberspace domain. Collaboratively, they develop and defend vital intelligence, Brandpoint networks and systems.They also manage the critical information that supports the U.S. Navy, joint and national warfighting requirements, maintaining the Navy’s essential technological edge. Cyberspace High-tech training: Enlisted sailors and naval officers is the interdespecialize in information-intensive fields. | BRANDPOINT

FEEL THE VIBE OF SUCCESS AT NMU A campus visit is one of the most important steps in selecting a college or university.Websites and brochures offer useful information and a snapshot preview, but a visit gives you a personal “feel” for whether the campus and surrounding community will be the ideal fit. At Northern Michigan University, you can take a guided campus tour, meet one on one with a professor from your intended major, talk with an admissions counselor and learn about more than 300 clubs/organizations and other aspects of student life. Drop by an NMU dining establish-

ment. Attend a university or community event.Take advantage of a lodging discount. Mention “ski free” when scheduling a winter visit and NMU will give you a one-day pass to ski or snowboard at nearby Marquette Mountain. “I recommend that high school students visit every place they’ve applied at,” said Dave Lucas, head of the NMU physics department and pre-med program, who has worked with the campus visit program for several years.“It always pays off in the end. It’s a bit of a hassle and takes time and money, but once they do it they see how important

and useful it is. I enjoy helping someone make a good decision—whether or not they enroll in my program.” You can also explore the natural wonders that surround campus — from Lake Superior beaches to forests — and the recreation options they afford. The pristine environment is complemented by a contemporary vibe and entrepreneurial spirit that make Marquette and the NMU campus so special. Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself by scheduling a visit at campusvisit.




For an application, call (516) 368-1700 or email us at Atlantic University School of Medicine Admissions ofďŹ ce 2-12 W. Park Ave. Long Beach, New York 11561

Visit our website at

Courses designed to acquire Residency & Licensure in the USA & abroad Consists of 4-semester Basic Science program in St. Lucia 5th semester completed at a U.S. teaching hospital 5th semester includes a live USMLE board review 72-week Clinical Study program in the U.S. at teaching hospitals Basic Science tuition $3,800.00/semester Clinical Science tuition $8,400.00/semester


Upcoming Spring Admission Events

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March 24, 2015 | 6-8 p.m. Get one-on-one assistance in understanding the financial aid process!

Open House

March 26, 2015 | 4:30-7 p.m. Open House is designed for adult students. Whether you’re interested in one of our nine graduate programs, looking to complete a certificate, or transferring after attending another institution, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with faculty and staff about: Graduate Programs Transferring to Mount Mary Accelerated & Certificate Programs Adult Student Options & Resources

Preview Day

April 25, 2015 | 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Designed for high school sophomores and juniors, Preview Day will help you get a head start on the college admission process. You’ll learn about scholarships, financial aid, and student activities offered at Mount Mary University! Plus, speak with current Mount Mary students and faculty about your academic and extracurricular interests, and enjoy a student-led tour of our beautiful campus.

CREO 2015: Ignite Annual Student Designer Fashion & Art Show

2900 N. Menomonee River Parkway, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53222 Register for upcoming events or schedule your individual visit online at:

Friday, May 8, 2015 | You’re invited to a live, student-designed, runway production and art show at Harley-Davidson Museum®in Milwaukee!