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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR It is a new magazine, a magazine where you will find news and news on different topics that are in fashion today and that will provide interesting and entertaining information. The journal consists of the following topics: - Music: Here you can find everything related to what is heard today, in addition to finding an interview with one of the most famous singers of the moment. In addition to various uses and information from the leading music playback app, Spotify. - News / influencers: In this section, we emphasize the role that social networks have contributed to society. Above all we highlight the youtube platform and you will find an interesting interview with a fashionable influencer, Paula Gonu. - Graphic design: You will find a very interesting interview with a current fashion designer, Sara Herranz, who will give us some very interesting ideas on how to succeed in the design sector. - Cinema: The winners of the Oscars and the most awarded films will be found in this section, giving a little explanation of each one of them and mentioning the awards they took.

Sara Comino

Sergi Rodríguez

Sara Comino, holds a degree in Audiovisual Media from the University of Toronto, Canada. Currently works in a music production company, while collaborating in magazines and newspapers writing articles.

Sergi Rodríguez is an expert in cinema and new media content. He has studied in the Scuola Nazionale di Cinema in Italy. He has been director of several shorts where he has won some awards.

Carla Dos Santos

Bárbara Ramírez

Carla Dos Santos has a career in Advertising and Marketing and a Masters in Fashion Marketing. She is an expert in fashion and has worked on catwalks with great designers. She is also the director of an advertising company. made to a famous youtuber.

Bárbara Ramírez has studied design at ESDI (School of Design) in Barcelona. She has a master’s degree in graphic design and teaches at the University of Barcelona. In addition, she has made some exhibitions demonstrating its artistic creation.


Paula Gonu Paula is a beauty and fashion guru in youtube. She has studied advertising and public relations, but now has became an icon around social networks, which is called being an “influencer”, with fresh, funny, stylish and cool content. We had the pleasure to ask her some questions. -Hello Paula, thanks for giving us the chance to talk to you, it’s such a pleasure. -Hello! Good morning -So, you have become a famous on social media. How did you do that ? -Well… I started writting a fashion blog and posting some random stuff every week and then I turned to uploading videos on Youtube. In one of them I decided to talk about make-up keys. After uploading it, suddenly, it became viral. -Wow, that’s impressive. Then, correct me if Paula Gonu in a photoshoot

I’m wrong, you joined instagram.













-How was it? -Yes, that’s right. With my boyfriend we decided to take it higher and with some promotions on my website and youtube account, it all came fast. -That’s astonishing, I think you can’t complain. Currently you have more than 600K followers on Instagram.

Paula Gonu’s channel screenshot

How do you feel knowing everything you do is seen by everybody?

-At the begining I felt a little bit uncomfortable, but then I got used to it.

-We have watched some of your videos and they are really well-made. Your ed-

iting skills have improved over the years. Tell us your key, do you edit them by

yourself or is there anybody who helps you with that?

-At first, it was only me who made the videos because I got used to Imovie, the

main and easiest program which is included in the Mac. But as I started becom-

ing famous I changed to Final Cut and then, to Premiere. In this second period

of editing my boyfriend helped me.

-So Paula, it’s been really nice to get to know you a little bit more! Thank you for

everything Paula! We hope to see you soon.

-Well, thank you for having me! It’s been a pleasure!


The awards you’v


Sean Paul - no lie ft. Dua Lipa The Weeknd - I feel it coming ft. Daft Punk

ve been always waiting for


Steve Aoki - Just Hold on ft. Louis Tomlinson

Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee


SPOTIFY ICON New ALBUMS and SINGLES Here we present the new success of Meghan Trainor that is raging in Spotify

h This is a album with the 18 best latin songs of Prince Royce

You haven’t heard GENIE yet? Now is the time!



- Today, in SocialMediaSite, we have a spe- - Well, getting back to the song.. How was the cial guest who will talk about his new success: idea of Despacito born? “Despacito”: Welcome to Luis Fonsi ! - The truth is that we didn’t plan anything specif- Hello! ically. We both wanted to make a song together and we decided to have a deep conversation. It - Well, don’t be afraid of this interview, we will was those, that brilliant phrases and rhymes for go “DES-PA-CI-TO” this song which began to be born. - ja ja ja … I’m proud that everyone knows this - How would you define this song? song - Also, you’re proud to publish a song which has become the most heard song in spotify this year. How did you feel when they told you that the song was that succesful?

- It is a song with a very cheerful lyrics and with a contagious and sensual melody. You can listen to it at any time of the day and you’ll always want to dance it.

- In a few hours they called me saying: “ “Despaci- - What are your next projects? to” has become number one in Spain” so I went with Daddy Yankee to celebrate this achieve- - During this year we will do a world tour (dates ment. We were very happy! will be published in 2 weeks) and then I’m planning to release another hit, but I can’t say any- That’s what we wanted to ask you: Did you like thing in advance. I’m sure you will love it. working with Daddy Yankee?

Spotify premium advertisement

- Okay, we’ll be waiting for it! Thank you very - Of course! In fact I’ve worked with him before and it’s always a luxury to do it. We try to make much Luis Fonsi and we wish you to continue songs that people like. I love working with him, with your success. Thank you! he is very funny.


The Swedish company that revolutionized the world of streaming music: is it really worth paying for the premium rate? Spotify is still the preference of most users, even though not everyone enjoys this platform in the same way. Let’s focus more on it. As we all know, Spotify comes in 2 versions, the free version, which is characterized by the use of advertisements, and for a regular sound quality, and then the Spotify Premium version, which allows to enjoy music without restrictions. Now we are going to tell you some of the advantages of being Premium if you don’t know them yet: you can still choose the song you want to listen with no limit, also shuffle is still able. Then the plus comes in the Spotify Connect option, being able to listen all the music without internet, high quality streaming and the most precious advantage: no advertising. It is true that there are many more advantages being Premium, especially because of the annoying ads that interrupt the passage from one song to another. Even so, how many people are really willing to pay 9.99 euros a month for it? Many people are totally against paying for premium services, and one of those reasons comes as a result of the controversy in which it was stated that Spotify took advantage of the users and the revenue sharing to the artists was not quite right. Even so, Spotify claims that 70% of revenue goes to copyright owners, of which artists are part. The remaining 30% goes to Spotify. Anyway, many people find it really excessive to pay almost 10 euros per month, which would entail a total of 120 euros per year. Are you paying for this application? Are you one that is flatly denied? What are your reasons? Share your opinion on twitter through the hashtag #PayingForSpotify! we want to know what you think!

NEVER GIVE UP Tutto Duran grew up in a humble family in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias. One day he was hired to play on a second division football team and he accepted. After a while he realized that the only thing he liked was the world of music and he left everything to sing. But unfortunately it didn’t have any commercial success because of not having the resources to be able to be promoted. He, his girlfriend and his son were going through a very tough time when she proposed him to introduce himself to Big Brother, a wellknown TV show. He took it a joke didn’t accept his proposal. Tutto’s son, listening to his mother’s proposal, didn’t think twice and registered his father in the program without anyone knowing.

Picture about new CD of Tutto Duran One day while they were having lunch, the phone rang, and they told Tutto that he was accepted to participate in the program. He couldn’t believe it and he thought that he wouldn’t get through the interviews. But everything was great and in 3 weeks he was already on TV. Tutto spent only 3 weeks in the program but the TV channel is so successful and thanks to that, he relaunched his music career. He had a lot of copies and a lot of people talked and listened to him, because of the TV reality show. In 2 weeks he got his first hit in Spotify and in a month he already had his first album on sale.

What Tutto likes most is being able to sing with many famous singers like DCS, a well-known singer in Spotify and in the world. So far, he and his family are able to live without any economic problems and very happy. Never give up. You don’t know what can happen in the future and all the good things you’re going


After graduating in Audiovisual Communication, Sara Herranz suffered a bad step in her life and decided to dedicate her time to one of her passions: drawing. She created her tumblr page, a space where she uploaded her artwork and their thoughts as in a diary. This is how Sara started succeeding


You can buy the book of Sara Herranz for only $16,99 in the Book House

We are accompanied by an illustrator, who lastly we have not stopped listening her name. She is Sara Herranz Hello!! We want to know more about the world of illustration. How did you get into this profession? At first, I became an illustrator because it was a way of rebelling against myself. Then I opened accounts on the internet with some illustrations of mine and there everything started. How would you define your work? Sweet and sour illustrations: anyone can give you a personal interpretation. In your opinion, what does a good illustrator need? A good illustrator has lots of personality and a strong character, but above all the capability to work really hard.

Sara Herranz

What would you say that are the best, worst and hardest parts of your creative process? The best thing is when you manage to create a work from an idea that’s been buzzing inside your head for days; the worst is when you can’t think of anything, and the hardest is when you have a delivery the next day and you are blocked. What tips would you give someone thinking of taking up a career in illustration? I’d tell them to work hard to make a living from something they love, to remain true to themselves and to keep drawing every single day.

La La Land Best actress: Emma Watson

Best director: Damien Chazelle

Best Original Music: Justin Hurwitz

Best Cinematography: Linus Sandgren

Best Production Design: Sandy Reynolds Wasco David Wasco

Moonlight Best PICTURE: Adele Romanski, Dede Gardner Jeremy Kleiner

Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali

Best Adapted Screenplay: Barry Jenkins

Tarell Alvin McCraney

critica s pelic ulas/cin e

The 89th Oscars Gala was hosted by the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles. The film that more statuettes opted for was “La La Land”, since it was nominated in different categories. Although ultimately, the most important award that is the best film was won by “Moonlight”, who celebrated it after a blunderer error of the presenter, who named Oscar winner to the movie “La La Land” by mistake. Here we present you the movies:

Divided into the three vital periods of the protagonist: Divided three vital protagonist: Little, Chironinto andthe Black, the filmperiods shows of thethe childhood, adLittle, Chiron and Black, the film shows the childhood, adolescence and maturity of an African American who tries olescence and maturityMiami of an African American who tries to survive in a troubled neighborhood devastated to survive in a troubled Miami neighborhood devastated by drug trafficking, violence and harassment School while by drug trafficking, violence harassment while discovering his and attraction to oneSchool of his peers. discovering his attraction to one of his peers. The originality of the proposal comes given that despite The the proposal comes given despite itsoriginality precariousofsituation, the focus is not, asthat is often the its precarious situation, the focus is not, as is often the custom, on the social drama but on the personal drama custom, on the social drama theispersonal of an individual. In this planebut theon tape not at alldrama effecof an individual. In this plane the tape is not at all effective. However, this division into three chapters forces us to tive. lose Moonlight cover However, this division into three chapters forces us to lose some characters along the way, that others do not develop enough and that the only some characters along the way, that others do not develop enough and vertex that stretches the plot is the personal story of the protagonist. that the only vertex that stretches the plot is the personal story of the protagonist. The chemistry that emanates from them on screen is fundamental to show, thanks to an The chemistry that emanates from them on screen is fundamental to excellent management of actors, Mahershala Ali (House of Cards) was nominated for the show,taking thanksinto to an excellent of actors, Ali role of secondary actor account the management brevity of its role and itsMahershala low relevance (House of Cards) was nominated for thefor role of secondary actor taking The development of history. into account the brevity of its role and its low relevance for The development Moonlight’s photography and soundtrack have also deservedly stood out;ofit history. is not a question of stigmatizing homosexuality, nor of defending it, but of showing a different Moonlight’s where photography soundtrack also deservedly stood sensitivity in an environment it wouldand have been easyhave to slip into sordidness but out; it is not a question of stigmatizing homosexuality, nor of defendin which naturalness reigns And also a subtle poetic treatment of betrayal, infatuation, ing it, but of showing a different sensitivity in ancontent environment it desire where and sex. would have been easy to slip into sordidness but in which naturalness reigns And also a subtle poetic treatment of betrayal, infatuation, content desire and sex.

La Land was written by Chazelle himself in an attempt to show how to balance his relationship with his art and his relationship with other people. The Land as an expression colloquially indicates that desire to believe that the impossible is possible, denying itself a little to reality and Los Angeles has represented that: the city that transports us to dreams and fantasies. The great initial scene in the long bridges of L.A. Welcomes us to the dream of two great young dreamers: Mine (Emma Stone) and Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). She is an enthusiastic actress in search of her great role that in the meantime she works as a waiter waiting La La Land cover for the moment and performs thousands of auditions. He, a jazz musician who aspires to be famous while retaining the purism of the genre, is a difficult task in a world full of fusion music. He longs to own a classic jazz club. MĂ­a and SebastiĂĄn are two characters with high aspirations, inhabiting a common world full of responsibilities and do not understand them. Fate unites them and each other gives that force required to achieve it. But it is also a story where reality can not be hidden forever and shows us that awakening reminding us that life is not a fairy tale, which gives you but also takes away. With great skill La Land blends classic and modern. We have a production design that reminds us of the golden age of Hollywood (places, costumes, makeup, colors and lighting), with a unique and postmodern story. Emma Stone is brilliant enough to make it appear that to some extent the good Ryan Gosling is beneath her. La Land is as charming and flawless as bittersweet, a solid reminder of what life is finally about. A musical that will become a cult film. On the other hand, Damien Sayre Chazelle with only three largometrajes constitutes like one of the most important young filmmakers of the scene semi independent in Hollywood. Two films with a musical background look a lot like a director, but their ability to innovate makes us wonder why not a third. La Land is truly unforgettable.

Youtube, the job of the future? The creation of audiovisual content as a way of life.

Nowadays Youtube is one of the works most acclaimed by many of the young people. And that’s partly how easy it is to use this website. Creating content on this platform is as easy to learn as when we were 5 years old and they taught us how to tie the laces. But ... a youtube channel gives enough to live? Yes, but for that we would have to pass the barrier of about 100,000 subscribers, since otherwise we could not get enough reproductions and subscriptions to be able to collect an acceptable Youtube salary. Today, it is even normal to see a YouTube video pass 5,000,000 views, that many of these videos receive more visits than various television shows. And that’s because this platform of audio-visual products provides people with content that fits their needs. It is not the same to get home and put the television and look for some channel where they give something that can please you, to enter on YouTube and to type in the search bar what kind of content you want to see and hear.


A YouTuber that has certain subs such as “ElRubiusOMG” that nowadays has about 26,000,000 subscribers, earns a considerable amount of money. But in addition, we have to count on all the sponsors that you have, such as Desperados, the brand of beer that gives you clothes and items of the brand for them to appear in your videos, and also invites you to the most prestigious parties Which organizes in Las Vegas. Ruben, which is what is called ElRubius, is not that it covers a lot of money for what it does, that too, but the fact of being Youtuber nowadays, which is fashionable, causes all the parties to which Go be always invited, give him clothes, that can organize events around the world ... Of Youtube yes you can live, but clear as long as you are constant with your level of upload content so that you can keep many people to your channel and subscribe, which is what this work of the future consists of.

A notorious error in the history of the Oscars. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway stood on stage as they announced the biggest award of the night. In the red envelope that the actor carried in his hand the title of the ‘Best Picture’ should appear in golden letters, but one could see that there were too many letters on it for this to be right. Several different members of the media have later expanded their photographs of this moment and confirmed that what it really reads is “actress in a leading role”. A few moments later Beatty was seen opening the envelope which we now know was wrong. When he took out the card to read it, he had a moment of doubt and looked again inside the envelope, with a face of confusion. There was then more than 10 seconds of silence, which his colleague and the audience interpreted as if the actor was creating a moment of suspense. Finally, he decided to pass the envelope to Dunaway.

She then immediately announced the title of La La Land, obviating that the name Emma Stone also appeared on the card. The team from the musical celebrated their victory from the seating area, they approached the stage and the two producers, Horowitz y Platt, were given time to deliver their ‘Thank you speech’. Meanwhile, backstage, those who were in charge of controlling the Oscar ballot papers announced that the actor received the wrong envelope. And then you saw a member of staff from backstage deliverinig a new open envelope to Beatty. One of the actors realized what was happening behind his back and interrupted his speech to say:

The moment of the mistake

“We have lost” His colleague then returned to the microphone and said “Sorry guys, stop. There has been an error. Moonlight, you have won the best film award.

“This is not a joke”

With all the suprise and comments coming from the audience, the presenter Warry Beatty decided to take a step forward and offer an explanation of what had happened. “I opened the envelope and read Emma Stone, La La Land. That’s why I had a moment of pause in silence. I was not trying to be funny.” And then the Moonlight team reacted and celebrated their victory while La La Land, a film that has a double ending, turned this fiction into reality.


The process of writing a screenplay A person in a film


Is a freelance journalist The group of performers in a play, movie, etc The office where cinema tickets are sold

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