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Awareness – Empowerment – Leadership

Business Facilitator | Trainer | Coach for international cooperation

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Companies are facing dynamic changes: rapid development of technology, collaboration across continents and time zones, and cultures seeking virtual and international organizational structures.


The requirements of the markets are significantly influenced by changing values, changing societies, globalization, new medias, and changing means of communication.


Primarily those companies who are successful will implement changes faster than their competitors. They are companies who understand both the challenges and the opportunities, and they provide a high degree of flexibility that is built on a corporate culture of learning and trust.


The key success factor is how executives and employees are able to handle changes on short notice, narrow deadlines, high cost pressures, different communication styles, cross-cultural work environments and stress. I am your partner for customized services in personal, HR and organizational development, taking local and cultural conditions into account, uniting them with the requirements for the international working environment.

KEY TOPICS Managers and employees of companies which work internationally are dealing on a daily basis with the challenge to integrate crosscultural aspects in their work. Conflicts emerge from different values, communication styles, fears, inhibitions and approaches. Concerning these situations I offer the modulator services of Business facilitation | Training | Coaching.


My key topics are:

‣ International Cooperation

‣ Diversity Management

‣ „Women & Career“

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SOLUTIONS For Business facilitation I develop with and for you individual, down to earth and lasting solutions. Appreciation, strength orientation and active integration of all people involved in the process are the key-success factor of my approach.


Many years of experience, varied skill-set and creativity are the foundation of my approach allowing me as a trainer to create sustainable concepts and results. I hardly use Power Point in trainings only when explicitly requested by the customer.


In Coaching I use innovative, appreciative and strength-based methods supporting your employees to master the organizational and individual challenges of today.


Business facilitation



• Diversity Management: Objectives of Diversity Management, International Cooperation, Women & Career

• Design and facilitation of customized workshops

• Experts and Managers of crossfunctional, cross-cultural and virtual teams

• Integration of Diversity Management in the cooperate culture | the mission statement

• Workshops for Diversity Management

• Teams, groups and single persons for mastering international challenges

• Adaptation and developement of Change Mangement Strategies where employees are involved and take over ownership

• Design and facilitation of expert meetings and conferences „Women & Career“

• Team development, groups and individuals on inter-cultural topics

• Supervision for Managers and teams who work in the international environment

• Design, facilitation and guidance of women travels combined with changesequences

• Focusing on career developement, leadership, Work-Life Management, self evaluation.

• Consulting and training for virtual teams. For this topic I work in ccoperation with effeff® | consulting for virtual business

• Coaching and supporting female expat-partners for their arrival in Germany



‣ Working international i. E. Managing virtual teams, Managing cross-cultural teams

‣ Cross-cultural and specific trainings for working in and with Germany, Italy and Austria

‣ Soft Skills for international Project Management

‣ Cultural awareness trainings

‣ MBTI® Type-Workshops

‣ Leadership development

‣ Workshops for „Woman and Career“

‣ Leadership and Management

‣ Networking for the working environment



I conduct speeches for and around the above mentioned topics. I also wrote articles in online-magazines and newspapers.

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Since 2006 I am working as a freelance business facilitator, trainer and coach focusing on international cooperation. I facilitate process changes for companies and organizations, as well as for their employees and executives. I am committed to the continued development of my management and consulting knowledge:

‣ Since 2009, professional improvement courses at the University for Work Studies, Hannover, Germany, with primary focus on HR management, team development, communication and counseling

‣ Higher Education Logistician, University of Applied Science, Friedberg/Giessen, Germany

‣ Bachelor of Arts and Media Management, International Center for Culture and Management, University Linz, Austria

‣ Extension studies: Train the Trainer, Change Management, Facilitation, Presentation, Project- and Quality-management, Large group facilitation and different Coaching Formations.


! Long-standing experience

‣ in cross-cultural work with American companies, working tenures in Europe (Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic)

‣ in overall project management in different functions, project sizes and branches

‣ as Change Manager and PMO Manager for an international SAP rollout with the World's largest distributor of IT products and services, Top Fortune 500 American multinational

‣ as Project Manager, Facilitator, Trainer, Large-Group Facilitator, Coach, Mentor, Speaker and Writer for the topic „Women & Career“



Winner of the Innovative Training Award, 2009, Hessen/Germany, for a freelance customer project


German – native language

English – fluent, with proficient writing skills

Italian – fluent, with good writing skills

French – good knowledge

Spanish – basic knowledge

!UNIVERSITY LECTURER ! ‣ „Make it“: Creating ideas and transforming them into a teamproject


‣ Certified Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator, Company of Experts, USA

‣ Certified MBTI® Practitioner and in-depth trainings: Coaching, Management, Teams, Generations, OKA-Institute, Washington DC, USA, and OPP Ltd. Europe, Milano, IT

‣ International Certified Intercultural Trainer, International Jacobs University Bremen & Intercultur, D

‣ Certified Soul Coach, International Training Institute, USA

‣ Certified Facilitator for large-group methods: Open Space, World Café, Real Time Strategic Change, Future Search Conferences, Frischer Wind, CH

‣ Certified Diversity Icebreaker® Facilitator, Human Factors, N

‣ Narrative Coaching, In Dialogue, DK

‣ Strength-based Coaching, In Dialoge, AT/NL

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PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE My clientele includes multinational as well as small-to-medium-sized enterprises and non-profit organizations.

The range of business sectors I serve encompasses engineering, logistics, media and creative industry, as well as the energy and chemical industry and retail. Other clients include the public sector, educational institutions, NGOs and NPO’s.

WORK STYLE ‣ Empathic, professional and transparent

‣ Creative, modern and humours technics

‣ Process-oriented and customized approach

‣ Innovative, creative and entrepreneurial thinking

‣ Resource-based and connected cooperation

‣ Enduring

‣ Appreciative and cross-cultural sensitive

DIGEST CUSTOMERS ‣ Assist International HR

‣ Robert Bosch AG – AT

‣ Cegos CH/D

‣ ESCP Europe – IT


‣ Intersnack GmbH & Co KG

‣ IBB GmbH – Institut für berufliche Bildung Abt. Firmentrainings Berlin

‣ Fachhochschule Frankfurt

‣ Hochschulteam Frankfurt am Main

‣ IHK Kassel-Marburg

‣ Internsnack GmbH & Co KGt

‣ Live Reply Deutschland AG

‣ SMA Solar Technology AG

‣ Tech Data Italia s.r.l. - IT

‣ Verband Chemische Industrie Nord

‣ Viking River Cruises - CH

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Barbara Valenti B. A.


Facilitation, Training and Coaching in the international environment


OďŹƒce | Coaching- and Trainingfacility:

KĂśnigstor 14, 34117 Kassel


+49 (0) 1525 394 78 41! Skype ID: b.valenti!!



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