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april 5th

Anniversar “I’d rather be dead than cool” T -Kurt Cobain. Today we remember the death of one of the greatest musicians of our time, Kurt Cobain. April 5th is the day that he succumbed to the medical pains that he carried throughout his life, after attempting to numb it with heroine, he was found dead; After having overdosed three times with a shotgun blast to the face, and a note by his side. Now thats the way to go. We realize the floating conspiracy theories but those won’t be mentioned. This edition is dedicated solely to the memory of Kurt, and our choices reflect that. He hated the mainstream media, popular music and the like. He hated fame and all that came with it. Without him, I don’t know what music would be like. So for being amazing, and awesome: Thanks Kurt. ~ The Editor.



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10 : King of Limbs

Track List 1. Bloom 2. Morning Mr. Magpie 3. Little By Little 4. Feral 5. Lotus Flower 6. Codex 7. Give Up Ghosts 8. Separator

King of Limbs is a strange little album, it is one of the only two Radiohead albums to not reach number 1 on the charts, regardless, this lists takes more than that into account. Yorke hasn’t changed the bands classic ‘Anti-Major’ vibe, many will enjoy this. But if you are like us, then some change would have been welcome.

Rating: 8.7

I admit to you all, that I am no huge fan of Whitesnake. In the past it would have been just - perhaps an understatement, to call their music corny. However, you can’t deny talent. And the band has really aged. Sort of. Give it a few more years and a new outlook and we could have something really special here.

Rating: 8.8

Track List 1. Steal your heart away 2. All Out of Luck 3. Love Will Set You Free 4. Easier Said Than Done 5. Tell Me How 6. I Need You 7. One of These Days 8. Love and Treat Me Right 9. Dogs in the Street 10. Fare thee Well 11. Whipping Boy Blues 12. My Evil Ways 13. Forevermore

9 : Forevermore

8 : Mylo Xyloto

Track List

We all knew this one was coming. Like the last album, I am no fan of the band, I do recall a time when their music meant something, and was original. But Coldplay’s newfound commercialism (the likes of which are found in this album) has made some fans shy away, while reaching out to newer, more juvenile audiences.

Rating: 8.5

1. Mylo Xyloto 2. Hurts Like Heaven 3. Paradise 4. Charlie Brown 5. Us Agasint the World 6. M.M.I.X 7. Every Teardrop Is a -Waterfall 8. Major Minus 9. U.F.O 10. Princess of China 11. Up In Flames 12. Hopeful Transmission 13. Don’t Let It Break Your -Heart 14. Up With Birds

Trivium have been making metal since Matt Heafy was only 17 years old, and his performance thrilled thousands, they’ve come a long way, and it shows. The album isn’t as heavy as it’s predecessors, but it still earns a spot on this list.

Rating: 8.9

Track List 1. Capsizing the Sea 2. In Waves 3. Inception of the End 4. Dusk Dismanted 5. Watch the World Burn 6. Black 7. A Skyline’s Severance 8. Built to Fall 9. Caustic are the Ties That -Bind 10. Forsake Not the Dream 11. Chaos Reigns 12. Of All These Yesterdays 13. Leaving This World -Behind

7 : In Waves

6 : Watch The Throne Track List 1. No Church in the Wild 2. Lift Off 3. Niggas in Paris 4. Otis 5. Gotta Have It 6. New Day 7. That’s My Bitch 8. Welcome to the Jungle 9. Who Gon’ Stop Me 10. Murder to Excellence 11. Made in America 12. Why I Love You

The only rap album you’ll find on this list, and for a good reason. Jay-Z is a truly talented individual, his partner, however, I can’t say the same for. WTT draws themes from religious conflicts, common African American strife, and drugs. Shame Kanye has to ruin songs with the latter.

Rating: 8.9

The Keys are back with ‘El Camino’. The album is named after the car they had used to tour the states back in the early days. Charming, but the music is anything but... And that’s a good thing. Make sure to check this out if you want to get into some real music.

Rating: 9.2

Track List 1. Lonely Boy 2. Dead and Gone 3. Gold on the Ceiling 4. Little Black Submarines 5. Money Maker 6. Run Right Back 7. Sister 8. Hell of a Season 9. Stop Stop 10. Nova Baby 11. Mind Eraser

5 : El Camino

4 : EvanEscence

Track List 1. What You Want 2. Made of Stone 3. The Change 4. My Heart is Broken 5. The Other Side 6. Erase This 7. Lost in Paradise 8. Sick 9. End of the Dream 10. Oceans 11. Never Go Back 12. Swimming Home

You seldom find anyone in the music industry like Amy Lee, a true talent. At the age of 16 she was already composing orchestral and choir pieces, and you can tell from the music in this. Ranging from heavy to melodic, this album trumps that of most other female singers when it comes to musical integrity, and then some.

Rating: 9.3


e i

Arguably one of the best rock bands of all time, Wasting Light was a huge hit in that community. I definately though it was awesome, and it’s not just because Dave Grohl is god, I swear.

Rating: 9.3

Track List 1. Bridge Burning 2. Rope 3. Dear Rosemary 4. White Limo 5. Arlandria 6. These Days 7. Back and Forth 8. A Matter of Time 9. Miss the Misery 10. I Should Have Known 11. Walk

2 : Wasting Light


e i

Some people sing about sex, others drugs, most of them sing about breakups. Rise Against don’t trifle themselves with that crap, excuse my french, though i don’t think anyone under age stuck around after not seeing a pop band here. Tim Mcilrath is a fantastic songwriter, one of the best of this generation, and provs it yet again in this album.

Rating: 9.45

Track List 1. Architects 2. Help Is on the Way 3. Make It Stops (September’s Children) 4. Disparity by Design 5. Satellite 6. Midnight Hands 7. Survivor guilt 8. Broken Mirrors 9. Wait for Me 10. A Gentlemen’s Coup 11. This Is Letting Go 12. Endgame

2 : Endgame

Best album 2011: 1 : The Locust Track List 1. I Am Hell, Sonata C# 2. Be Still And Know 3. Locust 4. This is the End 5. Darkness Within 6. Pearls Before the Swine 7. Who We Are

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the greatest musical achievement of 2011. This is the band’s seventh album (including live performances), and is their third consecutive album to have sales increase over 20% from the previous, a feat achieved by nearly no other band, the physical music industry in the state that it is in. Give the album a listen, it is more than worth it.

Rating: 9.75

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Best Albums, 2011  
Best Albums, 2011  

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