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Please contact us if you require further information or any queries: Baquelite Liz, SA Leiria - Portugal Tel: +351 244 860 250 email:

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Baquelite Liz is a portuguese company created in 1946, with the goal of providing its customers with plastics solutions that fulfill their needs. The careful selection of raw materials, the quality, the diversity of its products has allowed Baquelite Liz to keep pace with the market's evolution. Baquelite Liz has gained recognition in both the national and international markets. The current strong presence of Baquelite Liz in sectors like Industry, Distribution, Logistic Retail and Services is the result of a constant effort in research and development to create and commercialize new products to satisfy the needs of our clients. Baquelite Liz offers a very broad range of plastic made handling products, including euro containers, crates and trays. We also supply floor slabs, laundry articles, officearticles, construction articles and garden articles. Our processing and trading of products are recognized through certification by the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

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Serie 1000. stackable Containers A range line of containers available in multiple sizes and configurations. Modular sizes ensure optimum pallet utilisation. (Dimensions in mm)

Stackable Containers

The plastic containers are designed to stack on one another when filled, for efficient storage. The empty boxes can be rested by rotting one of them by 180ยบ.

Serie 2000. Nestable Containers

When nested for return or storage, the empty plastic storage boxes take up to 80% less space for reduced transport and storage costs.

A complete storage system for efficient handling of small parts in industry and trade.

Serie 1500. Storage Containers

Serie 800. Storage Bins

A range of containers to preserve the quality of your produce from the field to the supermarket.

Stackable Containers . Horticulture : fruits & vegetables

Floor slabs 500x500 mm . The slabs can be combined and interlocked at your choice. They withstand most chemical, oils and weak acid, as well as temperatures from -18º to +40ºC.

Beverage Crates . The bottle crate – whether used for beer, soft drinks or other beverages – provides efficient storage and transportation of your products Bottle crates are fully returnable making them environmentally friendly with a life span of more than 5 years.

Trays Rack & accessories

Tray Rack ref. 9100 500x500x100 mm

Simple Rack Extender ref. 9200 500x500x40 mm

Plate Tray Rack ref. 9101 500x500x102mm

16 Compartment Glass Rack ref. 9116 500x500x102 mm

25 Compartment Glass Rack ref. 9125 500x500x100 mm

36 Compartment Glass Rack ref. 9136 500x500x100 mm

16 Compartment Extender Rack ref. 9216 500x500x50 mm

25 Compartment Extender Rack ref. 9225 500x500x50 mm

36 Compartment Extender Rack ref. 9236 500x500x50 mm

Dollie Rack Ref.20003 R 515x515mm

49 Compartment Glass Rack ref. 9149 500x500x100 mm

49 Compartment Extender Rack ref. 9249 500x500x50 mm

Self Service Tray


Plastic Bowls

Self Service Tray

Circular Tray

Self Service Tray


Household Articles

WC Articles


Ref. 888 | 60 Lts 485x540

Construction Gear

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