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Families like Michael’s are so thankful for the love of generous supporters like you!

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Newsletter December 2019

Friend… thank you for your support this year!

Thank you for being part of another amazing year of impact for families living in poverty. Thank you particularly for your faithful and generous giving. Your donations translate to important, poverty-ending work for families and communities overseas… which helps to create real and lasting change! It has been another huge year for our Baptist World Aid community and a special one for celebrating your incredible contribution as a supporter… because 2019 marks a very significant anniversary!

60 years ago, in a garage in the northern suburbs of Sydney, Baptist World Aid was birthed by a group of passionate volunteers. You helped us start our celebrations with a bang at our End Poverty launches at the beginning of the year, which took place in 5 states and territories across the nation. This was followed by the launch of our new End Poverty app on The Appstore and Google play, which was downloaded by more than 6,500 people. In March, 963 of you used the End Poverty app to take part in

The 60/40 Challenge – 60 simple ways to end poverty across 40 days. It was wonderful to see the creative and unique ways that our challenge-takers raised funds during this event. From plant sales, to writing music, to cooking delicious food! Thank you for raising more than $88,000 for communities living in poverty. April saw the launch of your 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide, which (at the time of writing this report) has been ordered by 34,460 people. Thank you for ... continued on page 2.

Thank you... Your generous donations is helping families like Michael and Immaculate!

My prayer for you… Hello, my friend, Here it is! Your final edition of Be Love Newsletter for 2019… and what a year it’s been! From celebrating 60 years, to your impact for families living in poverty in Kenya, Uganda, and right across the world… read your personalised reflection on what your generosity has achieved this year! You’ll also hear from Michael, a loving dad from Uganda who has a beautiful hope for his children. And whether it’s penning a prayer of hope, or choosing ethical, last-minute Christmas gifts, you’ll find practical ways to be salt and light in our broken world. My own prayer for you is that your Christmas be joyous and safe. May your time with loved ones be blessed. And may God continue to use your faithful generosity to spark hope… in even the darkest of places. Thank you for another wonderful year! John Hickey CEO, Baptist World Aid

your commitment to making more ethical shopping choices. Thank you for doing what’s within your power to effect change for the vulnerable workers who make your clothes. In June, you met a mum named Sharon from Kenya and your amazing generosity helped to make the 2019 Matching Grant Appeal the most successful one yet. “I would say great thanks to the Lord… for the people in Australia,” Sharon says. In July, more than 1,100 of you responded to our annual Supporter Survey. To help us better understand why responding to the issue of poverty is important to you.

And now the 2019 Be Hope Christmas Appeal is underway (read more on page 3 or the enclosed coupon). Throughout the year, your generous giving has also helped Baptist World Aid to respond to disasters such as Cyclone Idai in Mozambique, the Rohingya refugee crisis in Bangladesh, and the ongoing Syrian Crisis. Thank you for remembering survivors of disaster and for supporting them in times of dire need.

In all of this, we are immensely grateful for your loving and prayerful support. And your generosity “We are which has helped immensely to directly grateful for impact the lives of 250,409** your loving and people through prayerful our International support” Programs this year.

August brought with it Be Love Sponsorship Sunday and the story of a loving big brother called Johnson*, who lives in Uganda. So far, 2019 has seen 343 families take up new sponsorships… and that’s incredible! In September, the 2019 Big Hearted Gifts catalogue was released. Over 170 of you volunteered to host gift stalls during the Christmas season and share your passion for ending poverty with others.

We hope you are greatly encouraged by this important work you’ve been part of this year – it would not have been possible without you! And we look forward to continuing our partnership with you in the year ahead. *Name has been changed for child protection purposes. **Number based on data received from partners at the time of writing. A full report of your impact in 2019 will be released early in the new year.

Your message of hope will encourage families living in poverty.

Have you sent your

message of hope? Your chance to personally encourage families living in poverty. When we met Michael in Uganda last year, he shared this prayer of hope for his family: “I am Michael. I want the people of Australia to help me to get a good house and a good future. And my son also wants to be a doctor. That is my prayer.” Your gifts to the Be Hope Christmas Appeal mean new livelihoods, so dads like Michael can give their precious children everything they deserve… from a strong house, to a good education, to hope for a bright future as a doctor. Thank you so much for your generous, Be Hope Christmas gift. God is using your generosity to greatly bless precious families living in poverty.

And don’t forget, about your unique opportunity to further encourage families like Michael’s … by writing them a message of hope. In October, we mailed you Michael’s story, along with two Hearts of Hope – one for you to hang on your tree and the other for you to send to families like Michael’s. Simply write your message of hope on the back, pop it in the encolosed replypaid envelope with your Be Hope Christmas gift, and send it back to us. We’ll make sure that it’s delivered to the field, to encourage a family like Michael’s!

Be Prayerful “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5:16b This Christmas season, please remember families like Michael and Immaculate’s whose lives have been devastated by conflict and poverty. Thank God for being present and at work, even in the darkest of times. Ask Him to use your generosity now, to bring fresh hope.

Your life is an example I’m 80 years old and I believe, wholeheartedly, that the Lord puts us here for a purpose. As a child, I was encouraged to find simple ways of helping others. It’s something that has stayed with me my whole life. I’m passionate about doing what I can to help people in need. And I’ve learned you don’t need to be wealthy in order to do so. Over the years, I’ve supported Baptist World Aid. I’m confident that each donation has made an impact, because Baptist World Aid knows (better than I!) where the greatest needs are and where my donations are best used. When I look at what I have today, I feel so blessed. I think,

by Trish Nicholson

“Lord, I am so grateful… I just want to share it!” And that’s why I’ve chosen to leave a gift in my Will to Baptist World Aid. Yes, I want my family to be looked after, but I want the same for other families, too. I want to make sure that the work I have been so passionate about, continues. And I want my two girls – who do not know the Lord – to come to understand why this was so important to me.

Your faith in action

I pray now, that they’ll see my life as an example… because it’s like a footprint, isn’t it?


We each walk through life and leave a footprint – an impression of how a life lived has touched those around it. Something for others to hold on to, and learn from, when we’re gone. Considering leaving a gift in your Will? Call 1300 789 991 or email

Be Life A gift in your Will means fullness of life for future generations.

If you are considering including Baptist World Aid in your Will, call 1300 789 991 or email to receive your information pack.

Practical ways for you to be salt and light in this broken world. Hang your Hearts of Hope. In 2017, Baptist World Aid invited you to begin a new Christmas tradition to help your family focus on the hope we have in Jesus. If you haven’t done so already, reflect on your Hearts of Hope from the last two years and be encouraged by God’s faithfulness. And don’t forget to write another prayer of hope for the year to come!


Are your last-minute Christmas gifts ethical? Download your 2019 Ethical Fashion Guide to be sure: au/2019-ethical-fashionguide. (Or download your End Poverty mobile app from Google Play or The App Store.)


Give a gift that means more! There’s still time to choose a print your own or eCard Big Hearted Gift for your loved ones this Christmas. Go to: big-hearted-gifts

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Be Love - Newsletter Issue 6 - December 2019  

Stories of God's love in action - THANKS TO YOU!

Be Love - Newsletter Issue 6 - December 2019  

Stories of God's love in action - THANKS TO YOU!