Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report

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Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report


Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report Miami Cancer Institute’s vision of a world without cancer is supported by many donors whose gifts fund groundbreaking research, therapeutic programs and patient support services. Thank you for your partnership and philanthropic support. In this report:


Message from Leadership


Research and Discovery


Innovative Clinical Care and Impact


Whole-Patient Experience


Community Partnerships


Pediatric Cancer Care


Future of Cancer Care


Fiscal Year 2020 Total Giving to Miami Cancer Institute:

$7,683,659 Total Number of Gifts:



Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report

Message from Leadership “Unprecedented” and “uncertain” are terms we’ve heard used over and over throughout 2020. Indeed, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted day-to-day life in countless ways. Despite the challenges we’ve faced, Miami Cancer Institute has emerged stronger than ever. The highlights featured in this report demonstrate the important role philanthropy plays on furthering research and improving patient care at Miami Cancer Institute. Alex Villoch

Dr. Michael Zinner

In 2020, grateful patients, community leaders and organizations committed time and funding — more than $7.6 million — in support of our Institute and the patients we serve. This generosity helps us to continue delivering compassionate cancer care using the mostadvanced cancer-fighting technology and personalized treatment plans. As a result, Miami Cancer Institute expanded services to patients throughout our region; upgraded, optimized and enhanced digital tools to improve the patient and provider experience; dedicated efforts toward cost-saving initiatives; enhanced our partnerships with other Baptist Health South Florida hospitals and regional and international collaborators; and intensified our focus on enhancing our culture.

Miami Cancer Institute opened a Blood and Marrow Transplant unit within the new Hope Tower at Baptist Hospital, with 39 dedicated rooms for the treatment of patients with hematologic malignancies and the administration of immunotherapies. We also transformed our Research program, which served us well as we led system-wide efforts to find answers about COVID-19 and the novel virus that causes this disease. Philanthropic giving boosted these efforts, raising nearly $750,000 in support of COVID-19 research. We can’t thank you enough for your support of Miami Cancer Institute. Together, we are paving the way for better cancer care that is truly making a difference in our community. With gratitude,

Alex Villoch Chief Executive Officer Baptist Health Foundation

Michael J. Zinner, M.D. , FACS Chief Executive Officer & Executive Medical Director Miami Cancer Institute IMPACT REPORT 3

Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report

Research and Discovery Clinical research allows us to continue improving cancer care and delivery. Through research we gain insight into new ways to prevent and detect cancer and learn about the safety and efficacy of new therapies. Philanthropy is playing an increasingly critical role in helping expand clinical research at Miami Cancer Institute. The generosity of our donors allows us to increase our research trials, achieve greater outcomes for our patients, and make an impact on cancer care nationally and internationally. Organized around nine cancer-specific research groups, Miami Cancer Institute’s Clinical Research Program is designed to focus on breakthrough research, discoveries and therapies. The recent reorganization of Miami Cancer Institute’s research program has led to improvements in our research portfolio, putting us in a position to increase the number of research studies we offer and shifting our focus to early-phase (phase I and II) and investigator-initiated studies. By doing so, Miami Cancer Institute can offer even more therapeutic options — some not available elsewhere in the country — to the patients we serve. Philanthropy is paving the way for several novel investigations at Miami Cancer Institute that are helping improve and inform cancer treatment, and enabling the development of more effective, safer, precise and less toxic ways of attacking cancer. The generosity of our donors has helped further the research team’s efforts in various areas including thoracic, breast and prostate cancer.

Research Year in Review

Number of research studies open: 224 Number of research patient visits: 5,273


Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report

Research and Discovery Research and clinical trials are critical to understanding COVID-19 and developing effective treatments. With nearly $750,000 raised in support of COVID-19 research, Miami Cancer Institute and Baptist Health South Florida have emerged as leaders in COVID-19-related research, including:  Expanded access to convalescent plasma for the treatment of patients with COVID-19.  An evaluation of systemic umbilical cord cells to ease severe lung inflammation associated with COVID-19.  An evaluation of peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets in patients with COVID-19 infection in collaboration with Florida International University’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. For this study, blood is collected from consenting COVID-19 patients to study the correlation of the movement of lymphocytes to clinical outcomes, helping to predict patient outcomes based on an individual’s infection.  An evaluation of treatment with a single low dose of thoracic radiotherapy to reduce the inflammatory response associated with SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia, a life-threatening complication some COVID-19 patients experience. This low-dose radiotherapy has previously been shown to improve inflammation in a host of conditions, including degenerative joint disorders, autoimmune disorders, and bacterial and viral pneumonia. Miami Cancer Institute’s Research Department has served as the administrator for all COVID-19 clinical trials opened on behalf of the Institute and the Baptist Health South Florida system. “The ability to quickly offer these clinical trials is a result of the Institute having an existing robust clinical trials program, Baptist Health’s prioritization of treatment and interventions for COVID-19, and the Food and Drug Administration’s emphasis on moving promising COVID-19 treatments forward.” – Scott Lipkin, DPM Chief Research Officer, Miami Cancer Institute IMPACT REPORT 5

Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report

Innovative Clinical Care and Impact Miami Cancer Institute is the only cancer center in the U.S. to offer patients the most comprehensive array of advanced radiological treatment options, including proton therapy – a sophisticated form of radiation that destroys cancer cells with great precision while avoiding damage to healthy tissue. In 2017, Miami Cancer Institute was the first center in South Florida to offer proton therapy. Within two years, by November 2019, the Institute had completed treatments for over 500 patients – nearly 100 of which were pediatric cancer cases. Joined by their families and physicians, over 300 patients past and present were invited to celebrate this major milestone with a special luncheon held at Miami Cancer Institute, made possible through the generosity of our donors.

Olga Alarcon 500th Proton Therapy Patient and Breast Cancer Survivor

“Now that I completed my treatment I feel new. I feel like I can give a second chance not only to my children and my husband but also to myself.” – Olga Alarcon

Miami Cancer Institute’s Proton Therapy Center continues to improve its capabilities. Over the past year, the center began using a new dose-calculation algorithm known as the Monte Carlo method. This new algorithm allows us to expand proton therapy treatment to other disease sites and sets us up to treat tumors in locations where movement inside the body impacts tumor position. An example of this includes the lungs, where tumor location changes as the lungs expand and contract. In addition to proton therapy, Miami Cancer Institute offers radiation therapy technologies including TrueBeam STx, Tomotherapy, Cyberknife, MR-Linac and Gamma Knife, making it one of the only facilities in the world to offer every form of leading-edge radiation technologies under one roof. IMPACT REPORT 6

Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report

Innovative Clinical Care and Impact Teresa Gutierrez, a Founder within Baptist Health Foundation’s Giving Society and mother of two in Miami, has a condition known as fibrocystic breasts – a non-cancerous condition in which breasts develop thickened tissue that makes them feel lumpy. Staying on top of her health is important to her, and she has received an annual mammogram and ultrasound for close to 30 years. In March 2020, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Teresa felt a lump, but instinctively knew this one felt different. Upon completing further imaging during her appointment at Miami Cancer Institute, she received devastating news: she was diagnosed with Stage 2 HER2 Triple Positive cancer, one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer. On April 14, the 17th birthday of her twin sons, Teresa underwent her first chemotherapy treatment. She recalls the symbolism of starting treatment on her sons’ birthday, saying, “I went in there to fight the fight for them as a mother, for myself of course, but I kept my eyes on the prize, which was my boys.” Her team of physicians at the Institute put together a clear plan for Teresa. Medically speaking, she knew she was going to be in terrific hands, but Teresa was also seeking a level of compassionate care during her cancer journey. She knew she would receive it at Baptist Health. “I find that Baptist is a family. I found that there are some brilliant doctors out there, but beyond a brilliant doctor, at least for me, I needed some compassion sprinkled in with that and I wanted a community to help me during this challenging year,” she says. Teresa recalls how difficult it was to not have any family or friends near her side because of the COVID-19 restrictions prohibiting visitors from entering the Institute. But at no point during her journey did she feel alone thanks to the extraordinary care and attention she received from the caregivers and staff at Miami Cancer Institute. She describes her experience at the Institute as a perfect blend of Western and Eastern medicine – taking the best of modern advances and cuttingedge technology and combining it with a therapeutic mind-body environment as part of the Patient Support Center. The Center, like other programs at the Institute, is supported by philanthropy. Stories like Teresa’s remind us of the power of philanthropy and the importance of giving back to help improve the outcomes of those we serve. “Giving is something I’ve always done,” she says. “I hope I’ve instilled that moral compass in my children to let them know that life is precious, life is a gift. And each day, you can just put a smile on someone’s face, offer words of encouragement and then extend it to a broader platform and give – give to your community.”


Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report

Whole-Patient Experience The generosity of our donors has been instrumental in providing innovative therapeutic programs and key support services that help alleviate the burden cancer places on patients and their families. Miami Cancer Institute has always recognized that a cancer diagnosis and its treatment can take a tremendous toll on the physical and emotional well-being of patients and their caregiver. Taking care of the “whole patient” is therefore a key component of providing patient-centric cancer care. The Cancer Patient Support Center provides extensive programs and services for patients and their loved ones, with an emphasis on healing, recovery, wellness and disease prevention.

Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMARTTM): In the Fall of 2019, Miami Cancer Institute became the second cancer center in the U.S. to be certified to offer the nationally renowned Benson-Henry Institute SMART workshop for cancer patients and their caregivers. In an effort to regain control and build resilience through a variety of mind body principles and self-care interventions, SMART can lead to reduced medical symptoms and enhanced quality of life. Fully funded by philanthropy, this eight-week workshop is offered quarterly, with a virtual workshop launched in June 2020 in response to COVID-19.

Brain Fitness Lab: Individuals living with cancer may experience

Over 80 patients participated in SMARTTM during FY 2020

The Brain Fitness Lab served 362 new patients, a 30% increase from 2019

cognitive changes, such as memory loss, difficulty concentrating or trouble multitasking (also known as “chemo-brain”). The Brain Fitness lab offers assessment, diagnosis and treatment of cognitive deficits.

Oncology Nutrition: Miami Cancer Institute’s Nutrition team works with patients and their caregivers to ensure they receive the nutrients necessary to maintain body weight and strength, fight infection and feel better and stronger from diagnosis to treatment and recovery. The team provided over 1,600 nutrition encounters in fiscal year 2020.

Cancer Survivorship Program: One of only a few in the nation, this program offers expanded medical services to address the full spectrum of survivorship care to help transition survivors to life beyond cancer. Over 1,500 cancer survivors have been seen in the survivorship program to date. IMPACT REPORT 8

Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report

Whole-Patient Experience The Patient Navigation Program was developed to streamline care delivery, eliminate barriers to care and enhance the patient experience. Funded by philanthropy, the program, which impacted over 5,800 patients in 2020, ensures that a highly-skilled nurse navigator is dedicated to a patient and their caregiver, serving as a liaison and advocate from the time of diagnosis through the entire course of one's cancer journey. In 2020, the Navigation team: • Increased Navigation reporting and launched TapCloud – providing real-time communication between patients and care teams, and valuable insights that can help improve patient outcomes, optimize resource allocation and increase patient satisfaction. • Coordinated COVID-19 testing and clearance for 773 patients and employees through TapCloud, providing individualized care plans, guidance and over 2,255 test results. As a part of the Navigation Program, patients receive a New Patient Folder, generously funded by an anonymous family foundation. These bilingual patient information folders launched September 2019 and are available for both adults and pediatric cancer patients. Included in the folders is information that orients patients to the facility, explains processes, provides resources and tools, and organizes appointments, test results and treatment plans throughout their continuum of care. In response to COVID-19 and increased telehealth volumes, digital patient folders were introduced by nurse navigators during follow-up phone calls with patients. Philanthropy has also made possible the creation of a Patient Orientation Video that will be added to the Institute’s website. This video will help patients and their caregivers get oriented with Miami Cancer Institute and specific specialty information prior to their first visit.

As of September 2020, approximately 800 New Patient Folders have been given to patients.


Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report

Whole-Patient Experience The arts play an essential role in healing the spirit and Miami Cancer Institute has placed an important focus on incorporating Art Therapy as part of its holistic and fullcircle approach to cancer care. Facilitated by a professional art therapist, art therapy is used to improve cognitive and sensory motor functions, foster self-esteem and self-awareness, cultivate emotional resilience, promote insight, enhance social skills, and reduce conflicts and distress. Philanthropy has made it possible for the Institute to hire an arts therapist to work with both adult and pediatric patients and form an Artist in Residence program, allowing for live painting, live music, art and music history classes to be taught and hands on art making opportunities with patients. Art Therapy at Miami Cancer Institute aims to create a lively and enriching environment for our patients by:  Offering one-on-one therapy services  Facilitating bi-weekly art therapy groups, virtually and in-person  Creating take-home art and therapeutic kits for patients  Facilitating a creative renewal and wellness program for cancer survivors in our community

Funded by the generosity of our donors, harpist Katherine Honey performs for patients and caregivers twice a week in the main lobby of Miami Cancer Institute, as well as virtually.

Alexis Alleyne-Caputo Visual Artist in Residence

“It is important to create life-affirming visual aesthetics that draw the patient in, provide a sense of hope and enhances their interests in creating works of art that speak to the human condition. Arts in Medicine practitioners, doctors, nurses and healthcare providers as a whole have a significant influence on the perspective of patients.” – Alexis Alleyne-Caputo IMPACT REPORT 10

Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report

Community Partnerships HEAT.HELP.CURE. Miami Cancer Institute and the Miami HEAT came together once again in Fall 2019 for their annual event that raises funds for Miami Cancer Institute’s fight against cancer. The 2019 HEAT.HELP.CURE. introduced a new element: Dribble Drive Against Cancer, in which participants dribbled 13.8 miles from Miami Cancer Institute to the floor of the American Airlines Arena. Together, the events raised $535,449 thanks to the support of 1,343 participants.

The John and Margaret Krupa Jellyfish Tank Because of their regenerative nature, jellyfish are seen as a symbol of hope and healing. Last year, the Institute enlisted the Frost Museum of Science as its partner to provide a museum-level jellyfish exhibit for our patients and visitors. This unique three-story aquarium, featured prominently in the main lobby of the Institute, changes colors during the various cancer awareness months and is designed to both delight visitors and soothe patients as they undergo their cancer journey. We look forward to future plans to use it as an educational and artistic resource for events.


Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report

Pediatric Cancer Care A pediatric cancer diagnosis is not easy for anyone involved, but advances in clinical research and treatment options are helping improve the long-term survival and quality of life for children diagnosed with cancer. Philanthropy is playing a vital role in expanding research and educational opportunities for the pediatric team at Miami Cancer Institute, funding fellowship programs in radiation oncology for physicians, physicists, and dosimetrists. Miami Cancer Institute hired four new pediatric radiation oncology fellows this past year. Together these fellows have participated in over 31 research projects at the Institute, contributed to several book chapters and currently have six manuscripts that are in the process of being published. The generosity of our donors allows us to offer these fellowship opportunities to those that wish to pursue and learn from the technology and unique expertise available at Miami Cancer Institute. This in turn allows us not only to improve what we do for our patients locally, but to teach others how to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients around the world. As of 2020, Miami Cancer Institute’s Pediatric Radiation Oncology Clinic is the largest, most comprehensive pediatric radiation oncology program in all of Florida and one of the top ten largest in the United States – providing a warm, safe, and welcoming environment for our youngest patients and their families, coupled with the most personalized, precise and targeted care for every pediatric and young adult patient. “Through the generosity of our donors, we are able to provide the cutting-edge cancer care, psychosocial support and access to the latest clinical trials needed by our patients and their families.” – Matthew D. Hall, M.D. Lead Pediatric Radiation Oncologist Director, Live Like Bella Pediatric Radiation Oncology Program


Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report

Pediatric Cancer Care In September 2019, Miami Cancer Institute brought in psychologist Susan Rose Chalfin, PhD to begin providing psychology services to pediatric oncology patients. Made possible by philanthropy, Dr. Chalfin provides emotional support to both patients and their families. Having an in-house psychologist brings a sense of trust, consistency and a level of comfort to patients and their families - knowing they are receiving care from the same place they receive treatment. Impact of psychology services:  A decrease in anxiety and depression  Increased self-worth/confidence  Patients are learning how to be more assertive  Patients are developing more independent living skills  Patients are learning how to develop strategies to mitigate the pain they experience during procedures

Pediatric Oncology Child Life Specialists serve as advocates for our pediatric patients. They help educate children about their diagnosis and treatment, teach them positive coping techniques and support children through painful procedures and long hospitalizations. Many of our pediatric patients receive treatment for upwards of 30 days in a row and can be at the Institute for anywhere from 45 minutes to four hours each day. Philanthropy is providing resources to support the efforts of our Oncology Child Life Specialists, including teaching dolls and tools to help patients feel more at east with their procedures, paint to help radiation masks appear less intimidating, coping gifts and end of treatment celebration kits.


Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report

Future of Cancer Care Since opening its doors in 2017, Miami Cancer Institute has been providing world-renowned cancer treatment to over 1,000 patients daily. Through philanthropic support, we continue to bring the best of the world’s cancer research and treatment to South Florida. Having assembled over 110 of the world’s leading cancer physicians and researchers, Miami Cancer Institute is bringing best-in-class clinical trials to its patients and the field of cancer with the most exciting treatments possible. With the addition of Dr. Manmeet Ahluwalia, Chief of Medical Oncology, Chief Scientific Officer & Deputy Director, novel trials using the latest technology to help understand the genetic make-up of tumors and predict the evolution of cancers are within our reach. Coupled with the most exciting targeted drugs and immunotherapies to fight them, we are leading the fight against this deadly disease. Dr. Manmeet Ahluwalia

Philanthropy helps advance life-saving translational research, enabling Miami Cancer Institute to continue delivering acclaimed nonclinical patient programs and expand access to the most innovative cancer protocols available.

• Our collaboration with Florida International University and the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine positions us to influence cancer care far beyond our region. Our most recent partnership involves a federally funded grant that includes the University of Antioquia in Colombia and will strengthen institutional capacity to conduct cancer research in developing and underserved countries. • Promise to Care Study: Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women, with an estimated 325,010 new cases in 2020. When diagnosed at an early stage, it is one of the most curable cancers, with a survival of 90% and higher. Unfortunately, many women who do not have access to early detection and care ultimately end up being diagnosed at a later stage with a much lower survival rate. This study will provide women from West Palm Beach to Monroe County with equal access to contemporary cancer treatment to prove that underserved patients who are diagnosed at an earlier stage and receive contemporary treatment will have similar outcomes to those published when given equal access to care. IMPACT REPORT 14

Miami Cancer Institute 2020 Philanthropy Impact Report

Thank You Despite the challenges of 2020, Miami Cancer Institute continued its mission of delivering compassionate, patient-focused care, while supporting the emerging needs of the South Florida community. We are grateful for the caregivers and staff who work each and every day to care for our patients; and for the generosity of our donors that makes it all possible.

Philanthropy is bringing world-class cancer treatments to South Florida and changing the future of cancer care. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.


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