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Miami MiamiCancer CancerInstitute Institute 2019 TITLE – 2020 Highlights

Changing the Future of Cancer Care For the Better

Miami MiamiCancer CancerInstitute Institute 2019 TITLE – 2020 Highlights


Miami VictorCancer E. Clarke Institute 2019 – 2020 Foundation Charitable Highlights 2019 IMPACT REPORT

Thank you for your philanthropic support of Miami Cancer Institute. The generosity of our donors propels our Institute forward and allows us to continue to expand upon the quality care we provide to our community each day. Philanthropy enables us to offer the latest, most innovative technology, conduct cutting-edge research, and lead the way in addressing the physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs of our patients and families. During these uncertain times, your generosity and support is making an important and meaningful difference at Miami Cancer Institute. We extend our deepest appreciation for your philanthropic spirit and the impact you are making in our community.

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Hope Amidst Uncertainty: COVID-19 Initiatives


Serving Our Patients


Philanthropy Brings Joy to Pediatric Patients


Community Health and Events


The Future of Miami Cancer Institute



Miami VictorCancer E. Clarke Institute 2019 – 2020 Foundation Charitable Highlights 2019 IMPACT REPORT

Dear Friends of Miami Cancer Institute, I’m pleased to share Miami Cancer Institute’s 2019 successes with you. Since opening in 2017, we have created an innovative academic-community cancer center with experts who are discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. Our patients, whether from South Florida or points far beyond, are always our priority. As we continue to develop sophisticated treatment plans for our patients, we are dedicated to providing an outstanding patient experience that considers each individual’s needs. In 2019, we experienced an exciting year of growth and milestones. We added new services and technologies, offered new clinical trials and, recently brought the Lynn Cancer Institute at Boca Raton Regional Hospital into our family. We cared for 33,000 patients in 2019, a 12 percent increase since 2018, and saw significant increases in the number of surgeries and procedures, as well as radiation treatments and chemotherapy infusions. In November, we celebrated our 500th patient treated in our Proton Therapy Center, one of the few cancer centers in the United States, and the first in South Florida, offering this most technologically advanced method of radiation therapy. Highlights also included the opening of our Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory and the addition of allogeneic transplants to our Blood and Marrow Transplant program. We launched our Multidisciplinary Skin Cancer Clinic, the Benign Breast Clinic, and our Cardio-Oncology Referral Service in collaboration with Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute. Our unparalleled compassion and patient services continued to provide support that allowed more patients to conquer and survive cancer. Through our Cancer Survivorship Clinic we offered a full range of services for children and adults who completed curative treatment, targeted the management of long-term cancer-related effects, as well as provided programs that promote a healthy lifestyle. Our strategic partnerships have been important to our success. As an affiliate of Memorial Sloan Kettering, we have adopted the latest standards of care and increased patient access to clinical trials. We also launched research partnerships with Florida International, ensuring we train and mentor the next generation of surgeons. We could not achieve such ambitious goals without generous philanthropic support.

Thank you for joining us in our quest to change the future of cancer care for good.

Michael J. Zinner, M.D. Chief Executive Officer & Executive Medical Director, Miami Cancer Institute 4

Miami VictorCancer E. Clarke Institute 2019 – 2020 Foundation Charitable Highlights 2019 IMPACT REPORT

Hope Amidst Uncertainty: COVID-19 Initiatives As scientists across the world race to find effective ways to prevent, diagnose and treat COVID19, Miami Cancer Institute is playing a key role, spearheading many unique projects for its patients, staff and the community to fight this virus and find a cure.

COVID-19 Testing: The FDA has granted Emergency Use Authorization to the Molecular Diagnostic Lab at Miami Cancer Institute to perform COVID-19 tests in-house. One of only 12 in-hospital labs to receive the approval, patients and employees can be tested and receive results in under 24 hours, allowing the team to make treatment decisions quickly and quarantine appropriately.

Clinical Trials: The Institute is participating in COVID-19 clinical trials that will test scientific approaches while pursuing promising treatments as they emerge. Over $695,000 has been raised for COVID-19 related trials. Studies include: • The use of convalescent plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients to treat those who are ill, in hopes that antibodies present in survivors can fight the virus and improve outcomes in infected patients. • Together with Florida International University’s Wertheim College of Medicine, the Institute is collecting blood from consented COVID-19 patients to evaluate peripheral blood lymphocyte kinetics in patients with the COVID-19 infection. • The use of mesenchymal stem cells, a type of umbilical cord blood cell known for its ability to prevent the severe lung inflammation common in very ill COVID-19 patients. This game-changing treatment reunited Ruthie Ramirez, a member of the Radiation Oncology team at Miami Cancer Institute, with her family after weeks in the hospital and in the ICU. Ruthie is one of the first COVID-19 patients in the U.S. successfully treated with umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells. The generosity of our donors has supported the needs of our healthcare staff and the community during this critical time. Polo for Life recently presented Miami Cancer Institute with a generous gift, of which a large portion has been allocated to Baptist Health Foundation's COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to immediately assist patients, families and our healthcare heroes providing expert care on the front lines. Their gift also will contribute to Miami Cancer Institute' state-of-the-art pediatric proton therapy program. 5

Miami VictorCancer E. Clarke Institute 2019 – 2020 Foundation Charitable Highlights 2019 IMPACT REPORT

Serving Our Patients One of the hallmarks of Miami Cancer Institute is providing high-tech, high-touch care to patients and families. This is accomplished by balancing state-of-the-art technology with the fine art of compassionate care. Our multidisciplinary clinic model makes it possible for patients to see all their specialists on the same day. To sustain the Institute's healing mission, many programs were expanded and new ones were created in 2019:

Laboratory and Enhanced Clinical Pharmacy Services: Patients and their families rely on Miami Cancer Institute’s clinical laboratories to provide accurate and quick results. The Institute’s laboratories service about 400 patients daily in six locations across two counties. Clinical pharmacy specialists now work alongside healthcare professionals to make clinical recommendations, improve patient care and safety, and educate patients and families on medications and support services available for those living with cancer.

Blood and Marrow Transplant: Transplant patients now have the convenience of staying close to home and receiving care from a highly skilled and professional team of caregivers. In 2019, a five-bed inpatient unit opened at Baptist Hospital with daily multidisciplinary rounds. In the Fall, together with Clinical Research, the Blood and Marrow team launched its first outpatient CAR TCell Clinical Trial for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. This promising cancer immunotherapy has the potential to work with a patient’s immune system by reprogramming their T cells (or fighter cells).

Clinical Trials: 39 new studies opened in the areas of medical oncology, pediatric oncology and radiation oncology. To date, the Clinical Trials team has managed 170 studies and over 300 patients in therapeutic trials, providing new and innovative approaches to cancer treatments.

Patient Information Folders: Through the generosity of an anonymous family foundation, Miami Cancer Institute developed bilingual patient information folders for both adults and pediatric patients, and began distributing them in September 2019. These folders include information that orients patients to the facility, explains processes, provides resources and tools, and organizes appointments, test results and treatment plans throughout the continuum of care. 6

Miami VictorCancer E. Clarke Institute 2019 – 2020 Foundation Charitable Highlights 2019 IMPACT REPORT

Serving Our Patients Cancer Survivorship Clinic: The clinic provides comprehensive and expanded medical services to children and adults who have completed curative treatment at Miami Cancer Institute. A customized treatment report and tips on how to manage long-term, cancer-related effects help patients transition to a life beyond cancer. The clinic also coordinates cancer surveillance care and promotes healthy lifestyle behaviors, including stress management and nutritional counseling, designed exclusively for cancer survivors.

The clinic supported 1,073 patients in 2019 – a 37% increase

Integrative Medicine: The Integrative Medicine Program promotes lifestyle changes that work together with traditional medical treatments to enhance patient health and wellness. In June 2019, the program launched its acupuncture service line. To date, 77 patients have been treated. In addition, 1,236 therapeutic oncology massage visits were provided, a 147 percent growth rate; and the nutrition team provided 3,748 patient visits, a 26 percent growth rate.

Brain Fitness Lab: The brain fitness lab assesses and treats cancer-related cognitive dysfunction (also known as “chemo-brain”). Tools include computerized neurocognitive remediation training protocols and customized neuropsychological interventions to restore and enhance adult and pediatric cancer survivors’ cognitive and functional outcomes.

The lab has assessed and treated 222 new patients to date

Cancer Rehabilitation: This multidisciplinary program helps patients adapt to physical changes during and after cancer treatment so they can regain control over as many aspects of their lives and remain as independent and productive as possible. Conditions, such as fatigue, muscle weakness, decreased range of motion in joints, nerve pain, speech and swallowing disorders, are addressed, as well as assessment for orthotics and prosthetics. The program has grown 140 percent since 2018.

Symptom Management and Palliative Medicine: Symptom Management and Palliative Medicine provides patient and family-centered care that improves quality of life by anticipating, preventing and treating suffering for patients facing a life-limiting illness. The team is dedicated to empowering patients and families to play an active role in choosing a personalized medical plan of care. Palliative medicine specialists spend time discovering what is important to patients on a personal level, and helping them understand how to achieve their goals throughout their cancer journey.

The team saw 3,266 visits in 2019 – a 9% increase


Miami VictorCancer E. Clarke Institute 2019 – 2020 Foundation Charitable Highlights 2019 IMPACT REPORT

Philanthropy Brings Joy to Pediatric Patients Miami Cancer Institute has two primary goals: to provide patients and their families with quality patient care and services; and to offer encouragement, inspiration and hope. Nowhere is that more essential than with our most vulnerable patients. This is why everything from the Infusionarium to the “Just for Fun” program focuses on healing, improving quality of life and providing entertaining distractions for pediatric patients. In 2019, Baptist Health employees raised $500,000 to fully fund a new Infusionarium for pediatric patients. The Infusionarium combines immersive video technology with lifesaving infusion therapy, such as chemotherapy. As part of the new “Just for Fun” program, Miami Children’s Museum, Actor’s Playhouse, and many other local businesses have partnered with Miami Cancer Institute to help bring a smile to our youngest cancer patients. Wildlife expert Ron Magill delighted pediatric patients with his visit to the Infusionarium. Spanish music artist Maluma also visited for a laughter-filled afternoon and had the honor of receiving a haircut from stylists-to-be patients as he stood in solidarity with them celebrating World Cancer Day.

Together with the Baptist Health Foundation, Miami Cancer Institute hosted a pediatric holiday celebration for patients, siblings and caregivers. Through the generosity of our community, 50 patients and their siblings received gifts chosen just for them. The Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health (YPBH) joined together to support Miami Cancer Institute’s Better Caring for Pediatric Patients project. This initiative is geared towards improving the experience for our pediatric patients by creating unique ways to help minimize stress and anxiety, while also celebrating those who have completed their radiation treatments. Because of YPBH, over 40 end-oftreatment celebrations have been fully funded at Miami Cancer Institute. Pediatric patients are now able to celebrate completing their cancer treatment by ringing the pediatric gong. The display lights up to the patient’s favorite color. 8

Miami VictorCancer E. Clarke Institute 2019 – 2020 Foundation Charitable Highlights 2019 IMPACT REPORT

Community Health and Events Approximately 5,900 patients and families participated in educational programs, support groups, expert speaking engagements and exercise programming throughout 2019. Highlights include:

Inspire You Series The Institute’s Inspire You series featured inspirational and celebrity speakers who shared important stories of hope and healing with patients, caregivers and the community. 2019 speakers included: • Olympian track athlete and breast cancer survivor Novlene Williams-Mills • New World Symphony Fellow and pediatric cancer survivor Stephanie Block • Baptist Health and Miami Cancer Institute Board member and Christ Journey Church Senior Pastor Reverend Dr. Bill White

HEAT.HELP.CURE. Miami HEAT fans, cancer survivors, novice and experienced dribblers and others who want to make a difference in the fight against cancer took to the streets of Miami in November 2019 in the first-ever community-wide “Dribble Drive Against Cancer.” The event marked the culmination of the 2019 HEAT.HELP.CURE. initiative, representing “Join the HEAT. You can HELP. Find a CURE.” — a unique philanthropic partnership among the Miami HEAT, Baptist Health South Florida, and Entercom radio to raise critical funds to help Miami Cancer Institute achieve its vision of a world without cancer.

The combined HEAT.HELP.CURE. events raised $576,881

Dribblers raised funds by dribbling a basketball on three different routes. Earlier, five of South Florida’s most popular radio stations participated in HEAT.HELP.CURE. by interviewing HEAT stars, cancer patients and the physicians who provide expert care to those patients.


Miami VictorCancer E. Clarke Institute 2019 – 2020 Foundation Charitable Highlights 2019 IMPACT REPORT

The Future of Miami Cancer Institute Expanded Services in Broward Miami Cancer Institute has expanded its services into Broward County in its continued efforts to provide high-quality and innovative cancer care to South Florida. The current breast medical oncology office located in Plantation was recently renovated to accommodate a larger infusion suite. Services at the Broward location will include an on-site infusion pharmacy, survivorship planning and genetic counseling. In partnership with Boca Raton Regional Hospital. Miami Cancer Institute is proud to welcome a sister cancer facility, Lynn Cancer Institute, ensuring both entities will continue to meet mutual missions and commitments to elevate and expand cancer care services, programs and expertise.

Benign Breast Clinic This comprehensive clinic is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of patients who have experienced breast changes, pain and other benign (noncancerous) breast concerns. The clinic provides patients with expert clinical care by a team of Board-certified breast surgeons, breast imagers and advanced practice providers with experience in breast health.

Skin Cancer Clinic The Multidisciplinary Skin Cancer Clinic was launched with a focus on early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers and cutaneous manifestations of cancer treatment, and includes surgery, radiation oncology and medical oncology specialties. One of only five in the United States and 10 in the world with state-of-the-art technology, the Clinic currently has these three innovative imaging systems as an adjunct to aid dermatologists in early detection of skin cancer: Vectra 3D whole body photoimaging, optical coherence tomography and reflectance confocal microscopy.


Miami Cancer Institute Victor E. Clarke 2019 – 2020 Charitable Highlights


2019 IMPACT REPORT THANK YOU! On behalf of patients, families, nurses and physicians we are grateful for your philanthropic support. Your generosity paves the way for excellence, innovation, community wellness and global leadership in healthcare at Baptist Health South Florida. Thank you for the meaningful impact you have made towards improving the lives of cancer patients.


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