Miami Cancer Institute Philanthropy Impact Report 2021

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“Ring this bell Three times well Its toll to clearly say My treatment’s done This course is run And I am on my way.”

Bell of Hope When patients complete their last day of treatment, the care team marks the occasion in a celebration that includes ringing a bell and reciting a traditional poem.



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Miami Cancer Institute 2021 Philanthropy Impact Report

$12.6 Million Baptist Health Foundation fiscal year 2021 gifts and pledges directed to Miami Cancer Institute

$2.2 Million Baptist Health Foundation fiscal year 2021 investment in the Institute With your support, Miami Cancer Institute continues to make an impact on cancer care.

NATIONAL RECOGNITION Baptist Health was once again recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best healthcare facilities in the nation for cancer care. Miami Cancer Institute was recognized in the Top 10% of high-performing cancer centers in America, receiving high-performing ratings in colon cancer surgery. The Eugene M. & Christine Lynn Cancer Institute received high-performing ratings in lung and colon cancer care. Press Ganey honored Miami Cancer Institute with the Guardian of Excellence Award for its 2020 performance in delivering an outstanding patient experience. 3

Miami Cancer Institute 2021 Philanthropy Impact Report

Manmeet Ahluwalia, M.D., FACP, M.B.A

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Miami Cancer Institute 2021 Philanthropy Impact Report

Alex Villoch

Since its opening five years ago, Miami Cancer Institute has been providing world-renowned cancer treatment to over 1,000 patients daily. Despite COVID’s demands on staff, in 2021 we experienced record increases in patient volumes. The number of surgeries and procedures, as well as radiation treatments and chemotherapy infusions, continued to rise. The array of patient services and educational programs delivered through our cancer patient support center continued to grow, and in March 2021 we reached a major milestone when we treated our 1,000th Proton Therapy patient. From the beginning, philanthropy has been an important part of Miami Cancer Institute’s growth. The generosity of our donors made it possible to enhance treatment options for patients by using the latest in cancer care technology, and funding equipment that allows us to better accommodate more patient treatments without delays to their care. With your support, we continue to implement innovative ways to create the best possible experience for our patients. Our new patients now receive nurse navigation support and personalized guidance. We also launched the Arts in Medicine program to help our patients explore this creative outlet as a way to cope with pain and stress.

Dr. Michael Zinner

We have attracted the best and brightest minds to our Institute and offered fellowship opportunities for those seeking to learn from the unique expertise available here. Your investment in our growth has made it possible to initiate new clinical trials and advance groundbreaking research that fuels the mission of Miami Cancer Institute: to build a world without cancer. None of these achievements would be possible without the loyalty and dedication of our physicians, nurses, staff and generous supporters. Gifts to the Institute via Baptist Health Foundation totaled an unprecedented $12.6 million this fiscal year – a resounding vote of the community’s confidence that we will continue to rise to meet the challenges that lie ahead. Our commitment to delivering patient- and family-focused care is enhanced by the generosity of our donors who make it possible to bring our vision to life. We would not be where we are today without your partnership and philanthropic support. With gratitude,

Alex Villoch

Michael J. Zinner, M.D. , FACS

Chief Executive Officer Baptist Health Foundation

Chief Executive Officer & Executive Medical Director Miami Cancer Institute 5

Miami Cancer Institute 2021 Philanthropy Impact Report

Research & Clinical Trials Clinical trials are at the heart of all advances in cancer treatment. Philanthropy is currently supporting 28 cancer trials at Miami Cancer Institute, furthering research efforts in various areas including gynecologic oncology, thoracic cancer, urologic cancer and radiation oncology studies for lung and breast cancers. In addition, we’ve launched opportunities for 10 research associates, helping to accelerate research that directly impacts patient care. The generosity of our donors has allowed us to implement smart tools that enhance our clinical trial capabilities, such as the Florence eBinder system – the standard for electronic investigator files. The system allows for electronic storage of regulatory documents and drives efficiency by streamlining submission and review processes. It also facilitates multi-site research. Miami Cancer Institute has begun developing the resources to serve as a lead site and coordinating center for multi-site research projects, further establishing its credentials as an academic research center. The Institute’s collaboration with Florida International University’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine provides a bridge for translational research. Research scientists at FIU conduct basic investigations, which is then continued by clinical investigators at Miami Cancer Institute. These collaborations provide opportunities to discuss ideas and design new methods that lead to innovative projects, new grant applications, fresh directions for existing projects and faster publication rates. Clinical trials allow us to gain insight into even more ways to prevent, detect, treat and cure cancer. Philanthropy plays an important role in furthering the efforts of our research team by funding translation and publication fees that allow our physicians and their work to be featured in prestigious journals. This not only positions Miami Cancer Institute as a leader, but also helps influence the field of cancer care and treatment.


Philanthropy has supported 28 clinical trials and 10 research associates


Miami Cancer Institute 2021 Philanthropy Impact Report

Guenther Koehne, M.D. Deputy Director and Chief of Blood & Marrow Transplant and Hematologic Oncology

The Bone and Marrow Transplantation program marked its 100th patient in February 2021 – a remarkable milestone considering the program launched just 18 months prior, during the extremely challenging coronavirus pandemic. From its inception to the end of fiscal year 2021, the program achieved 120 transplanted patients.


Miami Cancer Institute 2021 Philanthropy Impact Report

Cancer Patient Support Services Taking care of the “whole patient” is a key component to providing patient-centric cancer care. Philanthropy is funding key programs and services for patients and their loved ones, with an emphasis on healing, recovery, wellness and disease prevention.

Impact by the Numbers: 564 community events and programs, engaging more than 15,904 patients, families and community members on issues around prevention, early detection and screenings during the pandemic 584 Arts in Medicine programs and encounters engaging more than 11,367 patients, caregivers and staff 400+ comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations 2,612 psychiatric oncology consultations 1,825+ social work interventions 3,390 nutrition interventions 1,000+ individual exercise training sessions through the survivorship exercise program 2,500+ acupuncture and massage treatments 2,912 patient visits for cancer rehabilitation 1,792 survivorship visits 8

Miami Cancer Institute 2021 Philanthropy Impact Report

Cancer Patient Support Services Enjoying the arts and participating in creative activities are known to support mental health and lower stress. Miami Cancer Institute’s new Arts in Medicine program has brought these benefits to over 10,000 patients and caregivers since its launch in April 2021. Arts in Medicine features seven accomplished Artists in Residence – five professional musicians and two visual artists. These artists participate in active and passive creative interactions with interested patients and their caregivers in the open lobbies, chemotherapy infusion suites, radiation lobby, clinic waiting areas, pediatric clinic and designated classrooms and conference rooms for group and individual artistic endeavors. The program also includes clinical artists (art and music therapists), as well as researchers who study the impact of the creative arts on the physical and emotional symptoms of patients during cancer treatment. Artistic collaborations have included a musical performance and art engagement for World Music Day on June 21, a special performance for the 20th Anniversary of 9/11 and the first art installation for Spanish Heritage Month featuring contributions from patients, caregivers, staff and volunteers.

The Grand Piano, generously funded by philanthropy, helps lift the spirts of patients and families.


Miami Cancer Institute 2021 Philanthropy Impact Report

Pediatric Oncology Philanthropy is making a significant impact on our youngest cancer patients, funding initiatives that highlight our commitment to compassionate patient- and family-centered care.

Reimagine Well kits, a virtual reality tool, help educate pediatric and adult patients on the expectations of a brain MRI prior to the diagnostic test.

With your support, pediatric patients and their siblings enjoyed a special event series featuring cooking demos, art activities and unique experiences with community partners including Zoo Miami and Miami Children’s Museum; in addition to special programming during the month of September in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Philanthropy continues to fund end-of-treatment gifts for all pediatric cancer patients. Reimagine Well kits were purchased to educate pediatric and adult patients on the expectations of a brain MRI prior to the diagnostic test. The virtual reality tool helps reduce patient anxiety and decrease movement during these exams. An in-house psychologist continues to provide emotional support to pediatric oncology patients and their families, bringing a sense of trust, consistency and a level of comfort to patients and their families. The Community Relations team, in collaboration with the Psychosocial Oncology team, developed a new Adolescent and Young Adult resource guide that includes support services, special programs and a new support group for patients ranging 15-39 years of age.


Miami Cancer Institute 2021 Philanthropy Impact Report

Pediatric Oncology Miami Cancer Institute Marks 1,000th Patient Treated with Proton Therapy. In March 2021, teen cancer patient Emma-Jane Hinton rang the bell at Miami Cancer Institute, signifying the end of treatment for her brain tumor, the return to life – and a cure. It was a significant day for another reason as well. Emma-Jean was the Institute’s 1,000th proton therapy patient, making it the most experienced proton center in the region. With the addition of the proton therapy program in 2017, the Institute also became the only cancer center in the world with every type of radiation therapy available under one roof. Some 15 percent of the Institute’s 1,000 proton patients are children, while 85 percent are adults. The advantage of proton therapy is that with its advanced form of pencil beam scanning, Miami Cancer Institute experts can precisely target tumors and reduce radiation to nearby organs. X-rays used in traditional radiation therapy pass through tissue and organs on the way in and out of the body.

Most common diseases treated with proton therapy Prostate cancer Breast cancer Head and neck tumors Gastrointestinal tumors Sarcomas Lymphomas Gynecological malignancies Tumors of the central nervous system 11

Miami Cancer Institute 2021 Philanthropy Impact Report

Patient Experience As part of our Patient Navigation program, Nurse Navigators help facilitate patients by coordinating care, treatment and communication among the patient's medical team. Funded by philanthropy, our Nurse Navigators recently expanded services to meet every patient as soon as possible – even before their treatment begins. The patient navigation team partnered with our breast imaging care coaches to establish a more seamless process from screening mammogram to cancer diagnosis. We now support high-risk and newly diagnosed breast cancer patients from biopsy to treatment, providing comprehensive support throughout their cancer journey. In April, the team reached a crucial benchmark by providing nurse navigation support to 100 percent of new cancer patients. In previous years, approximately 80 percent of patients were navigated, and in many cancer centers, navigation services are provided by referral or request only. In addition, new patient folders help orient patients with the facility, provide resources and tools, and organize appointments, test results and treatment plans throughout their continuum of care. These folders were recently updated and supplemented by an orientation video now available on the Institute’s website to help patients prepare for their first visit.

100% of new cancer patients receive navigation support


Nearly 8,000 patients navigated FY 2021


Miami Cancer Institute 2021 Philanthropy Impact Report

HEAT.HELP.CURE. HEAT.HELP.CURE., a unique partnership between the Miami HEAT and Baptist Health, raises critical funds that support research and clinical trials at Miami Cancer Institute. Bounce Back from Cancer™, the program’s signature fundraising event, raised $1,072,000 in 2021, thanks to the generous support of our donors and community partners. On March 14, 2014, Baptist Health Foundation Board Member Ernesto Aviño’s world changed. After his seven year old son, EJ, endured days of a persistent fever, Ernesto took him to the emergency room at Baptist Hospital, where he underwent scans to determine what was happening. The scans revealed a tumor in EJ’s chest and he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic lymphoma. The very next morning, the Aviño family met with pediatric hematology and oncology specialist Doured Daghistani, M.D. As EJ began treatment, it became apparent to Ernesto that the compassionate care offered by Dr. Daghistani and other Baptist Hospital clinical staff was the same as if they were treating a member of their own family. To them, EJ wasn’t just another patient – he wasn’t just a number – he was family. After a two-and-a-half-year journey, EJ concluded his treatment. In 2019, Ernesto and EJ became involved with HEAT.HELP.CURE., forming their own team to participate in the main event – Bounce Back from Cancer™. Due to the pandemic, the event was held virtually and participants were encouraged to take part from their “home court,” raising funds by dribbling a basketball while tracking their distance with a smartphone or fitness tracker. EJ and his two cousins joined the youth advisory council, helping with efforts behind the scenes and promoting the event via their social media channels.

I think it gives him a sense of inclusion just knowing that he was not only treated as a patient, but knowing that he can be involved in advancing the causes for future patients – I don’t want him to feel like being a cancer survivor is his first and foremost identify,” says Ernesto. “He’s aware he is a survivor and is aware that others are going through this and keeping him involved with Miami Cancer Institute, HEAT.HELP.CURE. and Baptist Health has helped form him into a young man as he continues to grow”. 13

Miami Cancer Institute 2021 Philanthropy Impact Report

On behalf of the patients, families and dedicated team at Miami Cancer Institute, thank you for your philanthropic investment in our mission. Your generosity ensures the sustainability of key programs and services that enhance the patient experience and care provided. We extend our deepest appreciation for your partnership. You are truly making a meaningful impact in our community.


Together we will continue to IMPACT the lives of our patients, INNOVATE for the future, and INSPIRE our community to make a difference each day.


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