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of Gulf Coast Healthy Living, we share how our team members helped others to improve their health and well-being, such as Shelby’s weight-loss journey to live a life she is able to enjoy more (Pages 4 and 5). We hear from leaders at Lakeview Center as they share healthy advice for the New Year (Pages 6 and 7). Let the top five tips from GuideWell Primary Care through Baptist Medical Group guide you into feeling your best in the coming months (Pages 10 and 11). If you or someone you love are considering a restrictive meal plan, first read “Finding a Balance in Fad Diet Trends” so you can be educated on your options (Pages 12 and 13). If an injury is hurting your ability to be active, learn what you can do to become active again with tips from Andrews Institute (Pages 8 and 9). Baptist will continue to inform, empower and support you along your journey. We are


CO N T EN TS 3 Healthy Habits 4 Shelby Enjoys Life the Way She Wants After Weight Loss Surgery

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Find Balance in Your Nutrition

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The journey has not been easy, but the life Shelby is living now is worth it.

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HEALTHY HABITS YOGA FOR THE FACE CAN RELIEVE TENSION AND TONE Benefits of yoga include increased muscle strength, flexibility and toning. Individuals who perform yoga exercises consistently see the rewards and their physical body change. What about trying it for the face to relieve muscle tension and even tone the muscles around the eyes, forehead and cheekbones? Challenge yourself to spend five minutes each day doing these three poses.

1. Make an “O”

2. Eye lift

3. Detox face

Open your mouth and drop your jaw into an “O” shape. Hold it in position for 10 seconds. Gently position your hands above the mouth and against cheeks to stay in place. Repeat it two more times.

Place hands on side of forehead and rest on head. Gently lift the upper areas of the eyelids. Breathe deeply and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat it two more times.

In the same position as the eye lift, inhale a deep breath. As you exhale, stick out your tongue and make a sound like “haaaaah!” Breathe out the tension and stress from your face. As you breathe out, hold for 10 seconds or as long as you can. Repeat it two more times. This one may seem silly, but if you laugh, then you’re also releasing stress, so it’s a win-win!

REMEMBER YOUR WHY IN 2020 With a new year here, many individuals may feel the pressure to be a better, slimmer and more successful person. We may write down goals and resolutions to jump start 2020 but experience trouble keeping that motivation long-term. Author Jon Gordon offers these tips for packing more motivation and purpose into your life:


• Be optimistic. Surround yourself with positive things. Think and act in a way that mirrors growth and prosperity so that it becomes contagious.

1 lemon, juiced

• Plan for Success. Create a plan for success and share it with others for accountability and feedback opportunities.

1 Teaspoon of honey

• Build relationships that matter. Build trust and dive deeper into the friendships and mentoring that has helped you and that helps others. • Remember that why – that purpose. What is the reason behind your goal? What is your true purpose? Write it on a poster or sticky note and keep it near you. Include it as a daily reminder on your phone calendar.

Start or end your day with removing toxins from your body. Try this simple recipe. 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar ½ cup of hot water Boil the water. Add in the lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and honey. Stir, drink and enjoy.

To learn more health and wellness tips, contact My Healthy Blueprint at 850.469.6903. GULF COAST HEALTHY LIVING


Shelby Enjoys Life the Way She Wants

AFTER WEIGHT-LOSS SURGERY Shelby Villatoro was vacationing in Seattle with her husband, Hugo, for their one year anniversary. This was their dream city that they looked forward to seeing and had planned the trip for months. Shelby’s body, however, could not keep up with her enthusiasm. Walking around Seattle’s hills and steep areas left her feeling tired and achy, with swollen joints. Shelby was at her heaviest during this vacation at over 400 pounds. Instead of it being a happy, romantic trip, she felt defeated and discouraged. “That was the turning point for me on that trip that I had so built up in my mind,” said Shelby. “Because there and then I could not physically do the things I wanted to do. When I returned to Pensacola from that vacation in January of 2017, I made an appointment with my primary care physician to ask for help with my weight concerns.” Shelby was 22 years old at the time. She had struggled with her weight since she was 12. Shelby said her lack of knowledge on nutrition, portions and weight-loss health prevented her from seeking help for many years. When she finally began to ask for help from others, she became more educated and empowered to take action that suited her, such as working with Kevin Schopmeyer, M.D., a boardcertified family medicine physician at GuideWell Primary Care. “Dr. Schopmeyer worked with me on a diet plan to start my weight loss. I followed his food and fitness recommendations. I did lose weight, but I quickly realized that continuing this path would take a long time, and I wanted to feel relief sooner so I could enjoy my life.”

One Week Post-Op



Dr. Schopmeyer suggested that Shelby visit The Baptist Weight Loss Center to discuss if she would be a candidate for weight-loss surgery. She met with Patrick Gatmaitan*, M.D., bariatric surgeon, Ashton Wilkins, bariatric dietician, and their team to discuss the right path for her health. Shelby had her first Dr. G, Ashton and the weightloss team at Baptist are amazing. appointment in They helped me begin with July 2017 and has small changes and attainable never looked back. goals for me so I would not get She scheduled the overwhelmed or discouraged. bariatric surgery in January 2018. “Dr. G, Ashton and the weight-loss team at Baptist are amazing. They helped me begin with small changes and attainable goals for me so I would not get overwhelmed or discouraged. For example, they suggested I start by cutting carbs out of one meal per day and walking 20 minutes three times per week. They made sure I followed good nutrition and did not gain any more weight before surgery, and I didn’t.” Shelby spent the six months prior to surgery changing her mindset and letting go of her food addiction. She documented her journey online and created an Instagram page called “Subtracting Shelby” to share her experiences. She found her new online community very supportive and encouraging. “I told myself, ‘This is it. I’m doing it!’” Shelby returned to work a week after surgery. Over time as she progressed through her post-surgery nutrition program, Shelby’s body adjusted, and she once again found her energy and determination. It’s been two years since her weight-loss surgery, and Shelby has lost more than 200 pounds and is still losing. She embraces a new, active lifestyle. Shelby and Hugo moved to Orlando in 2019, and they take advantage of the parks within walking distance near their work and home.

18 Months Post-Op

She incorporates physical activity into her everyday routine. “I love indulging in coffee, but now I make sure to walk to the coffee shop to get it.” Shelby recently completed her first 5K race. She and Hugo have plans to go ice skating as they travel north in 2020. Ice skating is an activity Shelby could not do previously, but it’s been on her to-do list since she began her weight-loss journey. When she previously traveled years ago, Shelby had to take days to recover from it. Now she can travel without building in recovery time. The mental journey has been as challenging as the physical one for Shelby, and it’s been rewarding too. “I still feel like I take up more space than I actually do. I look in the mirror and think I’m done changing and this is it, but I continue to lose weight, tone and reshape my body.” The excuses people tell themselves Shelby still calls The for not having weight-loss surgery Baptist Weight Loss cannot compare to how great you’ll Center with questions feel afterwards, when you get your even though she is living life back. I love how I live now and that I can do whatever I want. in Orlando. She said the staff continues to support her even two years after her surgery. Shelby said she could never go back to her old ways or those size 28 pants she wore. She finally threw them out last September. The journey has not been easy, but the life she’s living now is worth it. “The excuses people tell themselves for not having weight-loss surgery cannot compare to how great you’ll feel afterwards when you get your life back. I love how I live now and that I can do whatever I want.” Shelby shared her story to help with the stigma surrounding weight-loss surgeries and to pay it forward. She continues to be open and informed so she can inspire others to reach their own health goals.

*Patrick Gatmaitan, M.D., is an independent member of the medical staff of Baptist Hospital, Inc. He is not an employee or agent of Baptist Hospital, Inc.

For more information on weight-loss help and options, visit eBaptistHealthCare.org/weightloss or call 850.437.TRIM (8746).



YOUR BEST YEAR YET! Experts from Lakeview Center, an affiliate of Baptist Health Care, have relied on a few words of advice that have proven beneficial in their lives. They share the most useful tips they’ve ever received to inspire and energize you in the year ahead.

GROWTH “When you get to a place where you think you know everything, you’ve probably learned nothing. That piece of advice from years ago has motivated me to be a perennial student of life learning and growing from the situations and people around me. Echoing in my mind, that statement has reminded me to be open to new things and to hold myself accountable for doing the hard work associated with growth.” – Amy Gokey, LMHC, Executive Director of The Friary

STRENGTH “I was always inspired by my grandmother who lived a life of self-reliance, tireless service to others and financial responsibility. Her husband died just before she gave birth to their second daughter. Suddenly a single parent, with the support of her sisters, she sent both of her daughters to college and then retired by the age of 42 with two homes! I traveled with her during the summer months and she always encouraged me to take opportunities. Her situation was born out of necessity, but she taught me that we all possess strength and the ability to not only survive, but to excel. She even enjoyed the arduous journey.” – Carolyn Shearman, M.Ed., Director of Emergency Services

TENACITY “As a track athlete in high school, I always seemed to come from behind in a race and do well, with a little help from Coach Jackson. He’d say, ‘Walk them down Neal,’ which meant to pass up one opponent at a time. Those same words pushed me to return to grad school, to earn licensure and to lead a team at the agency where I’ve now worked for almost 27 years.” – Nealofier Lewis-Rhodes, M.S., LMHC, Director of DUI Programs and Services



PATIENCE “The answer is not ‘no.’ The answer is ’not yet.’ Early in my career I received this response after applying for a promotion. The phrase stuck with me throughout the years reminding me to embrace growth and curiosity, and to evolve both personally and professionally. It also reminds me to be patient, allow space and give grace to others as they grow and learn.” – Lynne Whittington, M.S., CCPP, Director of Quality and Program Development at FamiliesFirst Network

CHANGE “These three pieces of advice came from a good friend and horse trainer who helped me make the move from my New York farm to sunny Pensacola, Florida – a place where I knew no one and would start a new job. ‘1) If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten. 2) Admit your weaknesses; it shows your strengths. 3) Make changes – stop talking about it.’ Her words are serving me well.” – Lori Kain, Director of Community and Government Relations, Global Connections to Employment

PERSISTENCE “My brother Lee shaped my character by coaching me in sports and mentoring me during my difficult teenage years. His words of encouragement still guide me. He once shared a poem with me, which in large part is the reason I smile as much as I do today! An oversimplified portion of the poem reads: ‘He buckled right in with the trace of a grin. He tackled the thing and he did it!’ The title is ‘It Couldn’t Be Done’ and it was written by Edgar Albert Guest. I hope you look it up and enjoy the full poem as I have over the years.” – Scott Smales, Director of The Meridian, a Statewide Inpatient Psychiatric Program (SIPP) for Children

FAMILY “Growing up, my parents emphasized the importance of family, so naturally, when I started my career, having a healthy work-life balance was important to me. Fortunately, I had a mentor who shared this value and advised me to take time for my family. I truly believe this one piece of advice contributed to my overall work satisfaction and made me a better employee. It’s also like Mother Teresa said: ‘If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.’” – Tammy Moore, Director of Adult Outpatient Services

COMPASSION “My dad still reminds me to this day: ‘Before making a decision or taking action on something, stop and consider all the people who will be impacted by your decision. Always be fair and honest. It shouldn’t take extra effort to be nice and treat people the way you would want to be treated.’ I try to keep his words in mind every time I make a decision, especially the tough ones.” – Dr. Jeff Fletcher, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy These messages give you a glimpse into the values that Lakeview Center team members live by, and we hope you will reach out to us if you need help along your life journey. It’s our mission to help you navigate the tough times and celebrate the great ones. Happy New Year!

Lakeview Center has more than 60 programs and services available. Call 850.469.3500 to learn more.




Weekend warriors, leisure sports enthusiasts and lifelong athletes all face the potential risk of an injury. Recovering from an injury can be discouraging and not the way you hope to start off New Year’s goals in 2020. Whether you have a shoulder dislocation, a hamstring strain or shin splints, Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine can help you return to that active lifestyle you want. Here are three tips on how to stay positive after a sports injury:

Focus on things you can do now. The injury you experience may be out of your control. You may be limited in your range of motion or activity level. For a few weeks, you have to simply drive the golf cart while your friend scores a birdie on a par 3. Instead of letting the temporary setback cause you to feel blue, focus on what you can do now to help you return to that activity. James C. Presley, M.D., non-surgical sports medicine specialist with Andrews Institute, is board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and sports medicine. He INSTEAD OF LETTING THE specializes in ultrasound guided procedures, TEMPORARY SETBACK CAUSE regenerative medicine treatment options and musculoskeletal and sports-related injuries. YOU TO FEEL BLUE, FOCUS ON “Each patient’s injury is unique,” said Dr. Presley. “I listen to the individual concerns, assess them and make recommendations based on the condition the person is faced with and what they hope to achieve.”


Musculoskeletal ultrasound is an imaging study that is available in Dr. Presley’s office and is used, in many cases, in place of an MRI to look at an injury in more detail. The machine allows him to see the tissues around the injury so that Dr. Presley can quickly and accurately make the diagnosis to treat the patient. “The musculoskeletal ultrasound gives me an immediate, clear picture of the affected area and how severe the injury is so I can work with the patient to create a care plan,” said Dr. Presley. Patients overcoming an injury can then take time to rest and discuss physical therapy or other treatment options.



I recommend that my patients set short-term and long-term goals. Together we set goals that a person can work toward and do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, as well as longer periods as appropriate. James C. Presley, M.D. Non-Surgical Sports Medicine Andrews Institute

Try alternatives. Your injury may limit what you can do physically, but you can explore alternatives and continue moving. For example, if you sprain an ankle, you can still focus on core exercises and upperbody fitness. If the upper body is hurt, then lower body movements and exercises TURN FOCUS AWAY may be performed such as walking, doing squats and lunges. Swimming is often a great way to be gentler on the muscles and joints and still receive desired fitness. FROM JUST EXERCISE, Turn focus away from just exercise, and consider learning a new skill. Think about a hobby that you’ve wanted to try and consider doing that until your injury heals.


Dr. Presley can recommend alternative fitness options for the patient dealing with an injury. In addition, he can provide or recommend customized physical therapy for people of all ages and stages, from minor to more severe pain. He and his team strive to help every person feel better and stronger, both physically and mentally.

Make current and long-term goals. After you experience an injury, you should set recovery goals. This helps with the physical and mental healing process. Dr. Presley’s residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at the Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education in Rochester, Minnesota and his fellowship in sports medicine at Mayo Clinic taught him the importance of mental and physical collaboration. He brings that training and collaborative medicine and healing approach to Andrews Institute and Baptist Health Care to AFTER YOU EXPERIENCE serve the northwest Florida community. “I recommend that my patients set short-term and long-term goals,” said Dr. Presley. “Together we set goals that a person can work toward and do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, as well as longer periods as appropriate.” Through hard work and goal-setting, you may be able to get back to your physical activity quicker than expected.


Don’t let an injury keep you down. Andrews Institute physicians like Dr. Presley can help you return to the court, field, gym and general path to healthy living.

To learn more about Dr. Presley or to schedule an appointment, please visit AndrewsInstitute.com or call 850.916.8700. GULF COAST HEALTHY LIVING


GuideWell Clinic

Guides You Into a

Healthy New Year

Good health is a lifestyle, and it happens one step at a time. Individuals make everyday choices that lead to being proactive about wellbeing. The team at GuideWell Primary Care through Baptist Medical Group (BMG) offers this guide to put you on the right path to a healthier you in 2020 and beyond. Kevin Schopmeyer, M.D. Family Medicine

Jodilyn Holz, APRN-C Family Medicine

Eric D. Allen, DNP, APRN Family Medicine

GuideWell Primary Care provides quality family medicine services through Baptist Medical Group exclusively for Blue Cross and Blue Shield members age 2 and older. The team includes a board-certified family medicine physician, two nurse practitioners and medical support team dedicated to providing patient care that includes medical visits, wellness and support programs, plus on-site lab services. The clinic is located at the Florida Blue Center in Cordova Commons at 1678 Airport Blvd., Pensacola.


You don’t have to face health concerns or aspirations alone. Your doctor is here to help you and wants to see you succeed. Kevin Schopmeyer, M.D., board-certified family medicine physician at GuideWell, recommends that at the start of a new year, you schedule a visit with your doctor to discuss health goals. Instead of just writing down a resolution, seek help from a medical professional who can offer resources and tools to make that health goal a reality. “I enjoy helping patients improve their lives through health promotion,” said Dr. Schopmeyer. “I spend time listening to those I see to ensure I gain a sense of what my patient wants to achieve. Together we make a plan for success.”


Tracking current food intake is a good way to see if any nutrition is lacking or should be added. The team at GuideWell recommends that patients with concerns about their weight (overweight or underweight) write down the foods and amounts eaten for several days prior to a doctor visit. Tracking feelings and reactions to food after consumed is another way to determine if a particular food is causing an unwanted response, such as inflammation or upset stomach. Jodilyn Holz, APRN-C, a board-certified family medicine nurse practitioner at GuideWell Primary Care says that journaling is a good habit to ensure a patient can see the important connection of nutrition to health. “Nutrition is key to our overall health” said Holz. “Use of a journal or nutrition app can increase awareness of needs as well as encourage dietary compliance.”




Physical activity is important for people at any age and stage in life. Exercise enhances heart health and reduces risk for heart disease. Performing exercise consistently several times per week keeps weight under control, improves cholesterol levels, boosts energy, manages blood pressure and improves bone density. “There are physical options for everyone,” said Eric Allen, DNP, APRN-C, family medicine nurse practitioner at GuideWell Primary Care. “Our team can talk with patients about a variety of options that interests them and best suits their current lifestyle, such as swimming, walking or weight lifting and more.” Even individuals with an injury can still find some way to remain physically active with guidance and monitoring. Find what you like and build that into an exercise program that you can commit to daily.



The way we think, feel and behave is a part of our mental health and affects how we enjoy life and achieve balance. We often need to look beyond our physical ailments and concerns. Things happening in our mind can impact our bodies. “I ask questions of my patients that help me get to know their mental and spiritual health goals,” said Dr. Schopmeyer. “I work with my patients to help them manage stress and achieve quality throughout their lives according to their personal beliefs.” The GuideWell team recommends obtaining plenty of daily rest, at least seven hours of regular sleep to feel your best mentally. In addition, they suggest having a plan in place for when stress and anxiety develop and finding ways to cope such as going for short walks or taking deep, focused breaths for several minutes. Good mental and spiritual health leads to better physical health.

GuideWell’s team strongly suggests not waiting until you’re sick to see a doctor. Instead, take a proactive approach to health and have an annual wellness exam. In addition, they want patients to follow the recommended screenings and immunizations, based on age, medical history and needs. “Early detection helps identify any conditions or potential problems so that prompt treatment can be done,” said Allen.

GuideWell Primary Clinic can provide the following: • Adult immunizations

• MMR vaccine

• B12 shot

• Pneumonia vaccine

• Cryotherapy

• Tdap vaccine

• Disease management

• Weight loss coaching

• Flu shot

• Wellness and physical exams

• Incision and drainage procedure

• Women’s health – Pap smear

• Joint injections

Accepting new patients. Any Blue Cross Blue Shield member from any state can receive care and benefit from the expertise of the qualified team at GuideWell Primary Care at BMG. Book your next appointment at EasySchedule.com.

For more information about Baptist Medical Group’s GuideWell Primary Clinic, call 850.479.3790. GULF COAST HEALTHY LIVING


Finding Balance in

FAD Diets Keto

Following a popular trend may work

This way of eating is high in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrates. Keto was originally used to treat epilepsy in children when other diets were not working. It works by putting the body in a metabolic (fasting) state because of the limited carb intake, but it still supplies enough energy to support most needs. The body goes into ketosis and begins to burn fat for fuel.

well for choosing clothes, home

PROS: Keto offers accelerated weight loss and helps with

decorations and hair styles. Yet when it comes to nutrition, following a fad diet for the long-term may not be best for your body or your lifestyle. Fad diets are the stylish weight-loss plans that often promise dramatic

blood sugar management. Research shows that it has been helpful in some athletic training, cancer treatments and neurologic conditions.

CONS: Keto has been known to possibly cause some kidney damage, digestive discomfort, nutrient deficiency and social isolation from the lack of eating out options.

Paleo/Whole 30

groups. Here are five of the most

The diet is set up as a modern eating style to imitate the hunter and gatherer ancestors and whole food way of eating. It reduces processed foods (chemically altered foods), has lower sodium, little or no sugar, no beans and legumes, has little to no alcohol and no dairy.

popular fad diets and what you should

PROS: Paleo/Whole 30 has been helpful in weight loss,

results. Many of them involve eliminating foods or entire food

know about them as you consider nutrition and your food options.

blood sugar regulation, improvement in digestion, reduction in inflammation, improvement in chronic health conditions and better sleep.

CONS: Paleo/Whole 30 way of eating can be costly. Vegetarians and athletes may find it hard to stick to this diet.



Intermittent Fasting This is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting (not eating) and eating. It doesn’t specify foods that are allowed or not allowed but rather when you should eat them. It can reduce calories and create a metabolic shift to use fat for energy. Participants in this diet fast for 16 to 24 hours, two times per week.

PROS: Intermittent fasting has no food specifics. Therefore, any desired foods can be eaten in the allowed time fame.

CONS: Intermittent fasting is hard to manage long-term. It does

WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU TRY ANY DIET: • Talk to your doctor before you begin a drastic, new way of eating. Your physician may want to monitor your health progress. • If you’re taking medication, you should consider how that medication could affect or be affected by dietary changes.

not support metabolic and hormone systems. Some people may not lose weight because they are overeating or eating processed foods in their allowed eating period.

• Track your energy, blood sugar levels and other vital signs to ensure you are staying well.

Gluten Free

• If you want a boost to your weight loss or have other health reasons, then try these fad diets on a short-term basis, no more than three months at a time.

The diet is free of proteins found in wheat, barley, rye and many oat products. This was introduced for celiac disease patients and individuals with other autoimmune conditions. Omitting gluten completely can let the intestines heal or reduce inflammation.

PROS: Gluten free helps reduce processed foods in the diet and can help with weight loss. It reduces inflammation and aids in digestion, both needed to treat celiac disease.

CONS: Gluten free can be hard to commit to long-term. Products can be challenging to find and costly when available. Reducing or removing all gluten can lead to possible nutrient deficiencies.

Mediterranean This way of eating is primarily plant based foods with whole grains, legumes and nuts. It replaces saturated fats like butter with unsaturated fats like olive oil. The diet recommends using herbs and spices to flavor foods rather than salt. It suggests people limit red meat to no more than a few times per week and recommends fish and poultry at least twice per week. Optional red wine in moderation is allowed. This diet is often recommended to prevent and treat heart disease.

PROS: The Mediterranean diet offers a more diverse option of foods. It has heart health benefits and potential weight loss. This way of eating has also been known to reduce blood sugar.

CONS: The Mediterranean diet may be hard to meet the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables. This style of eating can be more costly.

• Keep in mind what you can manage for the long-term lifestyle, both personally and financially.

WHAT’S THE RIGHT WAY TO EAT? Now that we’ve covered these popular diets*, it’s important to note that there is no one right way to eat. Every individual is different and bodies may need customization when it comes to energy and the right balance. A general rule when it comes to good nutrition is to eat fresh, whole foods as often as possible. Try to eat foods with a shorter expiration date. If an item can sit on a shelf or in a cupboard for a long time, and it has a long list of ingredients, then it may not be the best for you. Before proceeding with a diet or lifestyle change, talk to your doctor or dietitian. *This information was provided by Jessica Gilkey, R.D., LD/N, a registered dietitian, licensed dietitian/nutritionist and health coach. Baptist Health Care does not recommend or endorse any particular diet and suggests speaking with a health care provider to select the best diet for the individual.

For more information on nutrition and health, visit eBaptistHealthCare.org. GULF COAST HEALTHY LIVING


Mom Shares How


Save Her Son’s Life

During a basketball practice in March 2018, Jaylen Clausell, a sophomore in high school, suddenly collapsed. His travel basketball team coaches, who were also registered first responders, performed CPR on him. Jaylen went from being a vibrant, healthy 16-year-old kid to an individual in a critcal condition experiencing cardiac arrest. Jaylen was treated at Baptist Hospital by the cardiovascular team at Baptist Heart & Vascular Institute (BHVI). As a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Baptist reached out to Mayo Clinic’s advanced heart failure and cardiac transplant team to help Jaylen gain access to the specialized heart treatment he needed. Mayo Clinic cardiologist Parag Patel, M.D., diagnosed Jaylen with a condition known as arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC). This is a disease of the heart muscle that may result in abnormal heartbeats and can result in sudden death. At Mayo Clinic, Jaylen received an automated implantable cardioverter defibrillator (AICD), an implantable device that monitors and regulates abnormal heart rates. Jaylen returned home to Pensacola in April and resumed normal activities. In July, he had an abnormal reading on his AICD and went to Baptist Hospital to be monitored. He received a new AICD, a dual chamber device that replaced his first, single-chambered one. In August, Jaylen went into cardiac arrest at a friend’s house. He spent more than three weeks in Baptist Hospital. It was a long, uncertain time for Jaylen’s family. He moved from intensive care to eventually the cardiac unit. His mother, Cielita, never lost faith. She brought Jaylen clothes from home so he’d be more comfortable and found scriptures he had marked in her Bible study book. She read those verses to him and played his favorite music. “He was giving me signs of hope, but only me, not in front of the Baptist nurses and staff,” said Cielita. “I finally said to him, son, you need to speak up in front of others so they don’t think I’m making this up. He finally spoke, ‘Mom, you’re not crazy!’ where the nurse heard him. She and the staff could not believe

he was talking and making full sentences again after everything he had been through!” Jaylen transferred back to Mayo Clinic in late August because his condition required that he have a heart transplant. In September, he was placed on the heart donor list after extensive interviews, counseling and assessments. On Oct. 25, 2018, Jaylen received a heart transplant. Three months ago he celebrated his one-year anniversary of his new heart. He recently wrote a letter to the heart donor’s family expressing gratitude for the gift he received. Cielita said she can’t thank the teams at both locations enough for their compassion and attention to her son’s needs and her own. “The team at Baptist was so compassionate and helpful – from the ER, to the cardiac team, palliative care, housekeeping and even the phlebotomy staff who came by to pray with us.” BHVI cardiologist Brent Videau, M.D., FACC, FASE, FASH, currently provides care for Jaylen in Pensacola between his appointments at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Videau collaborates with Dr. Patel to ensure both teams have Jaylen feeling his best. Because of the strong relationship between Baptist Health Care and Mayo Clinic and her faith in God, Cielita believes Jaylen received the best care possible that saved his life. Together they helped her family navigate through Jaylen’s unexpected journey of heart failure to now seeing him realize his dream of finishing high school and going to college.

For more information, visit eBaptistHealthCare.org.






Baptist Health Care has partnered with Texas-based Intuitive Health to bring the first combined emergency room (ER) and urgent care clinic to Northwest Florida. Baptist Emergency Room & Urgent Care will be located at the existing Baptist Medical Park – Navarre (8888 Navarre Parkway) and is expected to open in early 2021. Baptist Emergency Room & Urgent Care will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with emergency medicine-trained physicians and nurses. This approach makes care more affordable by helping patients avoid the higher costs of unnecessary emergency care while also providing ER services for those who need it. The addition of this innovative combined emergency and urgent care center represents a $7.5 million investment in the Navarre community by Baptist and Intuitive Health.

Baptist Hospital and Gulf Breeze Hospital were selected as 2019 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Blue Distinction Centers for Knee and Hip Replacement as part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association’s Blue Distinction Specialty Care Program. The program provides meaningful quality and cost differentiation to consumers, employers and providers. The Blue Distinction Center program recognizes hospital systems who meet eligibility criteria that demonstrate a commitment to high quality care while controlling health care costs.

BAPTIST WELCOMED NURSES VISITING FROM CHINA Baptist Health Care hosted eight nurses from Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital in Changsha, China in October. The visit was the result of an International Academic Exchange agreement that Baptist formalized in 2017 with Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, a 3,000-bed hospital, to collaborate and share patient care, clinical leadership and clinical education processes. The visiting nurses toured Baptist Hospital, Andrews Institute, the University of West Florida and local areas of interest in Pensacola. They also attended a mock trauma demonstration and watched cooking demonstrations presented by Baptist dietitians.

BAPTIST HOSPITAL EARNS NATIONAL RECOGNITION FOR LOWERING C-SECTION RATES Baptist Hospital is one of only 19 hospitals in the state of Florida to achieve the federal Healthy People 2020 Maternal and Child Health goal of reducing Cesarean section (C-section) rates for first-time mothers with low-risk pregnancies. The announcement was made by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and the Florida Department of Health. According to Florida Surgeon General Scott A. Rivkees, M.D., reducing the ratio of C-sections is an important step in lowering rates of premature births and maternal deaths.


HEALTH EDUCATION EVENTS Join us at these upcoming wellness seminars to learn more about health so you can continue an active, quality life. ABCs of Weight Loss Thursday, Jan. 16, 11:30 a.m. lunch; noon to 1 p.m. seminar Baptist Medical Park – Nine Mile 9400 University Parkway Azalea Room

Living Well As You Age Friday, Jan. 24, 11:30 a.m. lunch; noon to 1 p.m. seminar Andrews Institute Athletic Performance & Research Pavilion 1020 Gulf Breeze Parkway Conference Room B

Implantable Devices to Manage Heart Rhythm Disorders Friday, Feb. 28, 11:30 a.m. lunch; noon to 1 p.m. seminar Andrews Institute Athletic Performance & Research Pavilion, 1020 Gulf Breeze Parkway, Conference Room B

Seminars fill up quickly, so reservations are required. Call 850.469.7897 and let us reserve your seat today.




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BAPTIST HEART & VASCULAR INSTITUTE’S Get backMALL to the things you l A HEART FOR LIFE EVENT AT CORDOVA Featuring fun activities and education for all ages.

Saturday, Feb. 8


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