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Collaborative Opportunities to Benefit Our Patients & Communities

Collaborating to Benefit Our Patients & Communities

On November 4, Baptist Health President and CEO Hugh Greene joined the CEOs of Flagler Hospital in St. Augustine and Southeast Georgia Health System, headquartered in Brunswick, to announce that the three health systems have signed an initial letter of intent to explore a potential affiliation. While the specifics of the affiliation are yet to be defined, it is clear that it will not be a merger nor an acquisition. A key principle in the Letter of Intent, which has been approved by each of the health system’s Board of Directors, is that each health system will retain its own community mission, local governance, organizational structure and branding identity. The ultimate goal is to enhance patient care and manage costs by sharing best practices and exploring efficiencies of scale.

Gary R. Colberg, president and CEO, Southeast Georgia Health System; Joe Gordy, president and CEO, Flagler Hospital; and Hugh Greene, president and CEO, Baptist Health

One model under consideration is the creation of a contiguous health network spanning from St. Augustine to Jacksonville to Brunswick. At the press conference, Mr. Greene said, “We are looking for meaningful and substantive things we can do together. Our systems serve contiguous geographic areas yet operate in distinct markets. We see this as an opportunity to protect and strengthen what we’ve each always done, while positioning ourselves to thrive in the future as a network of community-based, locally governed organizations. That community focus is our common core.”

“We will be better working together than we would be separately,” said Flagler Hospital President and CEO Joe Gordy, who explained that many hospitals see collaboration as one of the best ways to improve quality and control costs. Gary R. Colberg, president and CEO, Southeast Georgia Health System, explained, “We are three healthy organizations and that puts us in an enviable position. We are each coming from a place of strength and focusing on sustaining our community-based models for the long term. We remain independent and autonomous, but we grow together.” As an example of collaboration, Mr. Colberg points to the new Wolfson Children’s at Southeast Georgia Health System, which gives families in Southeast Georgia access to physicians affiliated with Wolfson Children’s Hospital and Nemours Children’s Clinic, Jacksonville, without having to travel to Jacksonville.

2 CareConnection

Baptist Health Hospitals: 5 Beds: 1,101 Employees: 9,100 ER visits (2012): 242,026 Babies born (2012): 6,727

Flagler Hosptial Hospitals: 1 Beds: 335 Employees: 1,880 ER visits (2012): 51,000 Babies born (2012): 1,185

Southeast Georgia Health System Hospitals: 2 Beds: 356 Employees: 2,300 ER visits (2012): 84,698 Babies born (2012): 2,094

Employee Q&A How does this affect me as a staff member, now and in the future? You will not likely notice any changes at all during this exploration process. Should we formalize our alliance, we envision our staff members would share best practices with their counterparts at the other health systems to improve quality, achieve cost-savings, and add value for our communities. What benefits do you anticipate? We will look for ways to enhance access to high-quality care, opportunities for physician and staff education, equipment purchasing power, and service improvements to benefit patients. What happens next? It will take several months for the three health systems to explore and refine the potential model for affiliation. As that exploration continues and decisions are made, we will communicate them to staff members, as well as our other constituents. Click here for more information, including frequently asked questions.



Driving Change

for Good with United Way

Baptist Health Employees Race Through the Finish Line and Exceed our $850,000 Goal for the 2013 United Way Campaign Employees throughout Baptist Health embraced this year’s theme and had fun participating in many different campaign activities, from a Derby Race and Car Show at Baptist Beaches to “Kiss the Pig” contests at Baptist Jacksonville, Baptist Nassau, Baptist South, and Wolfson Children’s Hospital. “I have been truly amazed by the creativity, the enthusiasm, and most of all, by the generosity of our employees,” said Christine Johnson, chair of the Baptist Health United Way Campaign and assistant administrator, Human Resources, Community Relations and Volunteers, Baptist South. Phillipa Jones has fun “We have truly embraced United Way, made this campaign come to life with the United Way and we are positively impacting our community with our generous gifts of cut-out at Wolfson time and money. We certainly demonstrated our theme, ‘Driving Change Children’s Hospital. for Good,’ and have officially met, and in most cases, exceeded our goals for participation, leadership giving, corporate engagement, and monetary contributions. Thank you for your participation!” Jarret Dreicer, campaign co-chair and director of Operational Performance Improvement, says, “This year’s United Way campaign illustrates how Baptist is both Changing Health Care for Good and ‘Driving Change for Good’ in our community. Employees have been so enthusiastic in demonstrating our Core Value of Community Advocacy, not just with financial contributions, but also by volunteering more than 2,900 hours of service to United Way!” Look for final participation results and the total dollar amount raised in the December CareConnection. Barbara Gingher won the ‘Kiss the Pig’ contest at Baptist Nassau, by raising the most money.

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Christine Johnson won the “Kiss the Pig” contest at Baptist South by raising the most money.

Nancy Simon thanks Vikram Gapal, MD, for his generous donation.

Michael Mayo won the “Kiss the Pig” contest at Baptist Jacksonville by raising the most money for United Way.

Baptist Beaches employees watch the Derby Car Race and Show.

The Tricycle Relay Race at the Data Center

The Data Center hosted a Tailgate Party and Tricycle Relay Race.

Physician Services poster display

Baptist Clay’s race car display

Veronica Scott-Fulton is still smiling even though she won the “Kiss the Pig” contest at Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

At Baptist Beaches, race cars were created by different departments for the Derby Car Race and Show.



Kristin Vondrak and Peggy McCartt co-presented at the Magnet conference. See related article on page 16.

Eva Lim, Baptist South (right), gets a book signed by Dr. Jean Watson, founder and director of the Watson Caring Science Institute and International Caritas Consortium.

Nurses Celebrate Magnet at Annual Conference “The Magic of Magnet” was the theme for the National Magnet™ Conference in Orlando, where a team of Baptist Health employees joined more than 7,500 nurses from around the country to celebrate Magnet Recognition and share evidence-based practices. The annual conference, hosted by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), took place October 2-4, and our nurses have much to share about their experiences. “Being in an atmosphere focused on exemplary healthcare delivery was so energizing. Expanding our knowledge by attending the inspirational sessions, visiting the different innovative booths and mingling with others who are on the same journey was beyond awesome.”

nursing with more than 7,000 nurses from all over the world. I learned about best nursing practices, Magnet, and celebrated the amazing accomplishments of fellow nurses. I am inspired and energized to bring back to the organization what I have learned.”

Amadae Arevalo, RN, BSN, CCRN Baptist Beaches

“I enjoyed the Magnet Conference and felt honored to represent our hospital. I learned that Baptist excels in patient care and what we have to offer to the community. I left the conference extremely proud of where I work.”

Ashley Beck, RN Baptist Beaches

“The energy level was very high because everyone there loves being a nurse and working toward improving themselves and their work environment. I came away with lots of thoughts about what we are already doing really well, and what we might be able to do better.”

Sheryl Gerhardt, RN, MS, CTTS Baptist Nassau

“I was very blessed to attend the Magnet Conference. It was sublime to celebrate

6 CareConnection

Denise Lego, MSN, RN, MPA Baptist Jacksonville

“This was my first time attending and it made quite an impression on me. Not only were the sessions extremely informative but they were enjoyable. I intend to share what I have learned and continue to help find ways to sustain Magnet designation.”

Eva Lim, RN, BSN Baptist South

“The Magnet Conference was truly magical. I enjoyed the opening session with Barry Posner, author of ’The Leadership Challenge’, who posed the question, ‘Am I making the difference I want to make?’ I also liked Noel Holdsworth’s presentation, ‘Helplessness, Hopelessness, Unconsciousness and Death of Compassion.’”

Dana Moser, RN, BSN Baptist Home Health Care

Front row: Kip Deckerhoff, Pamela Turner, Nancy Ewing and Veronica Scott-Fulton. Back row: Emily Rineberg, Laurie Webster and Becki Morgan

Front Row: Amadae Arevalo, Donna Suddarth, Ashley Beck, Dana Moser, Peggy McCartt and Denise Lego. Back Row: Jessica DeGuzman, Barbara Gingher, Kathy Murray, Larry Peterson, Sheryl Gerhardt, Rebecca Edgy and Jenna Rowe

“The Magnet Conference was a lot of fun, but it was much more than that. It was a time to learn, be inspired, and rededicate your energy to the worthiness of being a Magnet facility. I came away with a sense that the Magnet Journey is not the same for everyone but like all journeys, it is its own reward.”

Jenna Rowe, RN, BSN Baptist Nassau

“It was a great experience to be part of an assembly with so much experience, qualifications, energy, enthusiasm, professionalism, and most important, passion to provide the highest level of patient care and safety. There was so much sharing of information and learning.”

Laurie Webster, RN Wolfson Children’s Hospital

“Having the opportunity to attend the Magnet Conference gave me a much better understanding of the importance of being a Magnet-designated health system. As a nonclinical team member, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the Magic of Magnet could be felt in every presentation I attended. I quickly realized how important non-clinical support is to the role of nursing, and in turn, the well-being of our patients.”

Larry Peterson, Director of Plant Facilities Baptist South

Baptist South Art Displayed in Magnet Gallery The Magnet Conference included an Art Gallery featuring artwork created by Patty Magee, RN, resident artist and Caritas HeartMath coach, Baptist South. “The Fan Project” incorporates symbols that represent the personality of each caregiver working on the Progressive Care Unit. The harmony of air movement begins when the blades of the fan are connected and opened as one entity.



Healthy For Life

Health Insurance Discount Screenings

Thank you to each employee participating in Healthy For Life’s 2014 Health Insurance Discount Screenings. By the end of October, more than 5,000 employees had been screened. There’s still time to get your discount. You have until November 25 to complete your personal health assessment (PHA) online, participate in a screening, receive your flu shot and certify that you are smoke-free or trying to quit. Visit Healthy For Life on the intranet for details.

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

The holidays are just around the corner. While this can be an easy time to indulge in high-calorie foods and get out of the exercise routine, it is important to keep your health in mind. Use these helpful hints to make sure you maintain and don’t gain this holiday season. • Focus on enjoying time with friends and family, not on how great the food is. • It is okay to have a few holiday treats. Just remember to spend your calories wisely. •D  on’t arrive to dinner on an empty stomach! Snack on fresh fruit, whole grain cereal or a handful of nuts. • Bring a healthy dish. • Avoid excess alcohol and snacks. Try not to sit within arm’s length of tempting snacks. • Select small portions. Moderation is the key. Enjoy your favorite foods, just in small portions. • Eat slowly. It usually takes about 20 minutes for your brain to recognize that your stomach is full. • Leave the table when you’re finished so that you won’t be tempted to keep nibbling, even if you’re not hungry. • Stay active. Make exercise a part of your holiday schedule whenever you can. Even 10 minutes here and there can help. • Encourage family members to go for a walk after dinner. This will allow time for your stomach to feel full before dessert and can help you avoid over-indulging in sweets.

• Make the most out of your holiday shopping by choosing a parking spot that is far away and power walking through the mall.

The Healthy For Life and Employee Health offices will be closed Thursday and Friday, November 28-29.

8 CareConnection

November is Family Caregiver Month

Introducing the AgeWell Family Caregiver Connection New Caregiver Resources Especially for Our Employees Are you a caregiver to a senior family member? To help our employees in this role, Baptist Health introduces a new resource on the intranet called the AgeWell Family Caregiver Connection. Caregiver Support Get started by browsing the Caregiver Support Group page, where you will find many resources available to you as an employee. These are grouped under five categories of caregiving activities that support healthy aging: Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness and Friends. Click here to find the Caregiver Support Page in the Employee Experience section of the intranet. Caregiver Discussion Board The Caregiver Discussion Board, moderated by AgeWell Institute staff, is a place where you can share your concerns and experiences with other caregivers and receive feedback and guidance from our own Baptist aging experts. To participate in the Discussion Board, you must first complete the Ageless Wisdom sensitivity class. All newly hired nurses take this class as part of Nursing Orientation. For others, upcoming class dates are listed on the AgeWell Caregiver Connection page. To register for the Ageless Wisdom class, call 202.4AGE (4243) or email . Comments posted to the Discussion Board are anonymous unless you choose to include your name and identifying information. To request entry into the Discussion Board, email and provide your Baptist Health user ID and the approximate date you completed the Ageless Wisdom class. For more information about the AgeWell Family Caregiver Connection Program, call 202.4AGE (4243).

New Backup Elder Care Benefit for Employees Beginning November 1, benefits-eligible employees have access to a new benefit provided through called Backup Elder Care. It provides in-home backup adult care for employees who have experienced an abrupt and temporary loss of elder care coverage. This benefit pays for up to 10 days of in-home elder care per year anywhere in the country for a co-pay of just $2 an hour. Click here for more information.



Caring Communication Video Now Available in eLearning Caring Communication is a new video series, produced by the System Patient Experience Steering Committee, to share communication strategies and techniques that can help reduce patient anxiety, as well as stress levels for staff. The first Caring Communication video is now available for viewing in eLearning. All employees are encouraged to watch the video. Managers will facilitate team discussions during regularly scheduled staff meetings between now and December 20.

Tips for Viewing the Caring Communication Video • If the email link you receive does not work, please log in to eLearning and search for the course using the keywords, “Caring Communication.” • If you see a black window when attempting to play the video, it is probably a problem with your Flash player application. Please call the Help Desk to see if an updated version of the Flash player can be installed on your computer. • If you do not have speakers or you prefer to use the Closed Caption feature, turn it on by waving the cursor over the top-left corner of the video and clicking the “CC” button when it appears.

Name the Actors Contest Enter for a chance to win a $25 Publix gift card by emailing with the names of all Baptist Health employees who are in the video. (Hint: There are 18 employees in the video.) 10 CareConnection

Wear in the World is Baptist Blue?

Congratulations to the latest weekly winner of the “Wear in the World is Baptist Blue?” Employee Photo Contest: Sheryl Gerhardt, Tina Caraway, Tammy Morrissey and Evangelina Rogers. The contest will continue until December 31, 2013.

Sheryl Gerhardt, RN, Baptist Nassau, wears her “Changing Health Care for Good” T-shirt at the national Magnet Conference in October.

Tina Caraway, nurse manager, Baptist Clay Emergency Center submitted this photo taken at The Amazing Crop Maze in Green Cove Springs.

Evangelina Rogers, a Patient Access representative at the Call Center, stands in front of a mural at a body shop in Atlantic Beach.

Tammy Morrissey, office manager, Baptist Neurology, submitted this photo of the Baptist Neurology team.

“Changing Health Care for Good” T-Shirts Still Available If you haven’t ordered your “Changing Health Care for Good” T-shirt or if you are a new employee, you can still place your order for your free shirt. New employees are added to the database on the 15th of each month. Shirts ordered by midnight on the third Friday of each month will be delivered to your facility the following month. Click here to place your order . This offer will end at midnight on December 15, 2013. Additional T-shirts are also available in the Baptist Pavilion Pharmacy for $5.



Baptist Goes Pink with Jacksonville Jaguars The Jaguars Foundation and Baptist Health teamed up for Breast Cancer Awareness Day during the Jacksonville Jaguars game on October 20. Activities included a 50/50 drawing, with half of the net proceeds going to one winner and the other half benefiting the Jaguars Foundation and Hill Breast Center. Volunteers from Baptist Health sold the tickets to fans. Breast cancer survivors participated in a special field experience just prior to the start of the game.

Baptist Health C a l e n d a r

December 4 and 19

Caritas HeartMath Workshop 8 am - 12:30 pm Pavilion 5, Class 2, Baptist Jacksonville

Workshop includes two half-day sessions. Registration required. Visit eLearning and search for Caritas HeartMath. To learn more, call Debbie Jones at 202.4325 or Jamie Chiles at 202.9450.

December 5

Baptist Health Game Day

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans

12 CareConnection

December 6-8

2013 Art & Antiques Show Prime F. Osborn III Convention Center, Jacksonville

Presented by The Women’s Board of Wolfson Children’s Hospital. Features art, furniture, jewelry, glassware and textiles from more than 40 notable dealers from throughout the U.S.; lectures by leading lifestyle experts and two handson workshops conducted by James Farmer, Southern Living magazine editor-at-large. Learn more at

January 16, 2014

The 2013-2014 Florida Forum Speakers Series Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush Times-Union Center for the Performing Arts 7 pm

Presented by the Women’s Board and benefiting Wolfson Children’s Hospital. Learn more at

Baptist Health Welcomes Southeast Gynecologic Oncology Associates to Our Family of Physician Practices Southeast Gynecologic Oncology Associates (SEGO) and its three physicians, Stephen Buckley, MD, Paul Nowicki, MD, and Jenny Whitworth, MD, became affiliated with Baptist Health on November 1. This highly regarded practice, which has served women throughout North Florida, South Georgia and beyond for more than a decade, will retain its name and its main offices in downtown Jacksonville’s LaVilla.

“We have a long, collaborative relationship with SEGO, and this will continue that relationship and bring patients the benefits of our comprehensive Baptist Health system,” says Baptist Health President and CEO Hugh Greene. “This group of surgeons is well respected and known for taking on complex cases, as well as being innovators when it comes to the latest surgical technology.” The physicians specialize in treating women with gynecological malignancies such as ovarian, cervical or vulvar cancer. They are local leaders in robot-assisted surgery to improve patient outcomes and shorten hospital stays and recovery times. Dr. Buckley and Dr. Nowicki have performed nearly 2,000 surgeries using the da Vinci Robotic-Assisted Surgical System, and Dr. Whitworth, who joined the practice earlier this year, is also trained and certified in minimally invasive, robot-assisted surgeries using the da Vinci system. “Baptist is among the healthcare leaders in investing in cutting-edge technology, and this is a natural evolution in our partnership that will only benefit our patients going forward,” Dr. Buckley says. In addition to minimally invasive surgeries, the SEGO surgeons and staff also provide: • Advanced pelvic surgery for benign and malignant gynecologic conditions • Chemotherapy for gynecologic malignancies • Ultrasound • Risk assessment, including genetic counseling and testing • Pelvic reconstructive surgery • Urinary incontinence evaluation • Evaluation of abnormal PAP smears See page 18 to learn more about SEGO’s physicians. Kirstin Giudice, PA-C; Stephen Buckley, MD; Jenny Whitworth, MD; Paul Nowicki, MD; Debra Motycka, PA-C



Baptist Center for Bariatric Surgery Receives Accreditation The Baptist Center for Bariatric Surgery is now accredited by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program, a joint program of the American College of Surgeons and the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery. The accreditation means the center has

Stephen Hodgett, MD, FACS

met stringent standards for quality and safety. Requirements include performing at least 125 surgeries in a calendar year, having a dedicated medical director, offering support groups, and providing long-term follow-up to ensure patients are staying on the right track for a healthy lifestyle.

The board-certified general surgeons Craig Morgenthal, MD, practicing at the Baptist FACS Center for Bariatric Surgery are Craig Morgenthal, MD, FACS, medical director, and Stephen Hodgett, MD, FACS. “We’re treating the weight, but most importantly, we’re treating the medical problems people have or will have if they don’t address their obesity,” said Dr. Morgenthal.

14 CareConnection


Many patients who have a bariatric surgery at Baptist are able to stop taking or reduce their dose of medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol once their weight is in check, according to Dr. Morgenthal. When a person is considering bariatric surgery at Baptist Health, the patient has a one-on-one meeting with a counselor to discuss weight and other health issues. In some cases, a concerted effort on a healthy diet and an exercise plan can alleviate the need for surgery. Other patients, with input from Baptist Health surgeons and counselors, opt for one of three weight loss surgical procedures. The accreditation also reflects Baptist Health’s commitment to being open and attentive to patients and family members of patients who are obese and may need special accommodations. For example, the hospital invested more than $25,000 in special furniture in common areas and in patient rooms, including chairs that support patients who are up to 500 pounds and do not have arms on the sides. “We are focused on providing high-quality, compassionate care to residents of Northeast Florida, and giving them the tools to take control of their own health,” says Baptist Jacksonville Hospital President Michael Mayo. “We are honored to receive this recognition of our quality standards and are looking forward to providing this life-altering procedure to people who may not have been able to receive it before.”

HealthStream Recognizes Baptist Health with Award of Excellence

Darrin Hayes (left), system eLearning administrator/consultant, provided leadership for the HealthStream administration of the EMR training rollout and accepted the award on behalf of Baptist Health from Robert A. Frist Jr., HealthStream CEO.

Baptist Health was recognized with an “Excellence through Innovation” award from HealthStream during the company’s annual awards ceremony on October 17 in Nashville, Tenn. The award was given for our innovative use of the HealthStream Learning Center to train employees during system-wide implementation of the SHIELD EMR in 2011-12. The Baptist SHIELD education team configured and managed more than 113 courses and 1,028 EMR role-specific, instructor-led classes, resulting in 13,854 individual learning completions and 63% of our employees receiving EMR training that was managed and tracked through HealthStream.

Baptist Health Named a Company With Heart Baptist Health was recognized on the 2013 Honor Roll for the “Companies with Heart” awards in the November issue of 904 Magazine. Baptist was cited for its focus on increasing access to care for medically underserved people; preventing and managing chronic diseases; mentoring disadvantaged adolescents and teens; and helping senior citizens transition from hospital to home. Among Baptist Health’s many community initiatives is the Student Vision Initiative, which provides glasses to children from low-income families.


Make Saving for Retirement One of Your New Year’s Resolutions As you start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions, it may be a good time to consider enrolling in the Valic Retirement Plan and setting goals for the upcoming year. Every Baptist Health employee has the option of saving for retirement by contributing pre-tax salary deferrals. In addition, most employees are eligible for a matching contribution from Baptist. The current matching contribution is $0.35 for every dollar you contribute (up to 5%) of your gross annual wages. The Valic Office can provide free financial planning assistance to all employees. Call 202.2812 to start planning your financial future.



Employees Make Presentations at National Conferences Kudos to Baptist Health leaders who shared their expertise at national conferences in September and October. Louis Penrod, MD, chief medical information officer, and Peggy McCartt, PhD, ARNP, senior consultant, Clinical Practice and Adult Nursing Research, presented at the Cerner Health Conference in Kansas City on “Medication Reconciliation Process Improvement.” During the

session, they presented on a multi-disciplinary approach to improving the Medication Reconciliation process, including identifying sources of error, redesigning the clinical workflow, optimizing system build and using metrics to enforce performance standards.

Beth Mehaffey, senior vice president and chief human resources officer, presented with Heather Owen, a labor attorney with Constangy, Brooks & Smith, on “The Art of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)” at the American Society of Healthcare Human Resources Conference held in Washington, DC. Kristin Vondrak, DNP, ARNPBC, NE, CPHQ, vice president and chief quality officer, and Peggy McCartt, PhD, ARNP, senior consultant, Clinical Practice and Adult Nursing Research, presented on the topic, “Medication Recon: No Meds Left Behind: A Multidisciplinary Approach” at the Magnet Conference in Orlando. See photo on page 6.

Florida Hospital Association Honors Hugh Greene for Advocacy Efforts During its annual meeting in October, the Florida Hospital Association (FHA) honored Baptist Health President and CEO Hugh Greene with the “Ralph Glatfelter Spirit of Advocacy Award” for his leadership in advocating for hospitals at both the state and national levels.

2013 FHA Board Chair Steven Sonenreich, Baptist Health President and CEO Hugh Greene and FHA President Bruce Rueben

In 2012, he served as FHA board chair and led the association’s statewide grassroots campaign that focused on how cuts would impact access to care for all Floridians. The campaign was successful and hospitals averted more than $1 billion in potential reductions. He was also honored by the American Hospital Association as Florida’s Grassroots Champion in 2009.

16 CareConnection

Leadership Rounding on Staff Provides Another Opportunity to Be Heard Since July, Baptist Health leadership has been rounding on staff at each campus to connect with employees, open communication and build relationships. The purpose of these rounds is to see what is going right in your work area and if there is anything leadership can do to make Baptist an even better place to work. At Baptist South, Leadership Rounds are bringing about positive change and are appreciated by staff. Elta Wright, a unit clerk on 6D, said, “Leaders ask us about our concerns and what they can do to help our days go better. They listen to what we say and follow up. They have helped us with staffing when we have been short-staffed.” Tammy Daniel, RN, assistant administrator at Baptist South, explains, “Leadership Rounds give us the opportunity to answer specific questions that staff members have and address their fears or concerns. I often take the opportunity to tell people about the additional advanced care providers that are being hired and trained. I also find that having the chance to eliminate rumors, share information, and address questions one-onone is extremely valuable.”

Ben Wilson, RN, Interventional Radiology says, “Tammy rounded in my area about a month ago. She asked me what was working in my department; what tools I needed to do my job; and if I am happy in my job. I really enjoy my job and I like the people I work with. However, there are some things that could be better, which is true everywhere. She was very interested and gave me a plan for what leadership could do to help with the issues we discussed. It was a very positive experience.” Leadership Rounds are your opportunity to voice your opinions and concerns about how things are going in your area. It’s also a great way to lift up individual employees whom you would like to see recognized, so if you have someone in your department you think deserves praise and recognition, please let a leader know when they round. If you have questions about Leadership Rounding on staff, please share them with your supervisor or administrative leadership. Also, feel free to contact Amy Lisenby, our system-wide patient experience officer, at 202.1175 or .



PhysicianIntegration Integration Welcome SEGO Physicians We welcome the following physicians of Southeast Gynecologic Oncology Associates (SEGO) to the Baptist Health family of physician practices. SEGO specializes in treating women with gynecological malignancies such as ovarian, cervical or vulvar cancer. Stephen L. Buckley, MD Dr. Buckley founded SEGO in Jacksonville in 1995. He holds board certifications in both Obstetrics and Gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology. Dr. Buckley earned his medical degree from the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in Lexington. He completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee, and his Clinical Oncology fellowship at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington. Paul W. Nowicki, MD Dr. Nowicki joined SEGO in 2008. He holds board certifications in both Obstetrics and Gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology. Dr. Nowicki earned his medical degree from the University of South Florida College of Medicine in Tampa. He completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, and his Gynecologic Oncology fellowship at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City.

18 CareConnection

Jenny M. Whitworth, MD Dr. Whitworth joined SEGO earlier this year. She earned her medical degree from the University of Alabama School of Medicine in Birmingham. Dr. Whitworth completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology and her clinical fellowship in Gynecologic Oncology at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Welcome New Physicians

April Brenes, MD Baptist Pediatrics Dr. Brenes is board certified in Pediatrics and has worked in inpatient and outpatient care at several locations throughout Florida, most recently in the Florida Keys. She earned her medical degree from University of Virginia Medical School in Charlottesville and completed her residency in Pediatrics at the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville. Dr. Brenes is working at the San Jose and Ponte Vedra Beach locations. For an appointment, call 731.3530. Jamie Kibler, DO Baptist Primary Care Dr. Kibler joins the office of Don Levine, MD, in Julington Creek. She is board certified in Family Medicine and has worked in several outpatient practices in Florida. She earned her medical degree from the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, PA, and completed her family medicine residency at Wellington Regional Medical Center. For an appointment, call 287.2794.

Shariq Refai, MD Baptist Behavioral Health Dr. Refai completed his residency in General Psychiatry in June 2013 at the JPS Health Network in Fort Worth, Texas, and also worked as a resident physician at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu. He earned his medical

Pumpkin-Decorating Contest Baptist Primary Care Ponte Vedra Beach held a Pumpkin-Decorating Contest in October. Patients voted on their favorite pumpkin at check out.

degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada, and graduated from the University of North Florida with bachelor’s degrees in Biology, Economics and Health Sciences.

New Business Development Manager Amanda Iannone has been promoted to manager, Business Development, a new role at Baptist Physician Enterprise dedicated to leading the Business Development team in their work to build physician relationships and support system growth objectives. In addition to assuming the manager position, Amanda will continue to support Baptist Heart Specialists through the end of the calendar year.

Halloween Costume Fun at Baptist Primary Care

Disney characters at St. Johns Forest

Celebrating the 80s at Fleming Island


BaptistJacksonville Jacksonville Retirements Linda Huntley, Director Oncology Services Huntley retired on November 1 after more than 40 years of service. She began working at Baptist Medical Center in January 1972 during the earliest days of our radiation therapy program when it was located in the basement of the hospital. Along with six other employees, Linda received her initial training from the physicians who started the radiation therapy program, G. Ray Riding, MD, and B.T. Paryani, MD. Throughout the years, she continued to update her knowledge and skills in the field of radiation oncology. In 1991, Linda and her staff moved to the Baptist Cancer Institute in San Marco, which more than doubled their space, providing additional room for new technology as well as a more comfortable and pleasing environment for patients and staff. Linda helped with the design and organization of the Radiation Oncology Department at Baptist South in 2005. She also has managed the Baptist Cancer Institute Research & Education and Tumor Registry since 2005. “I have enjoyed being part of a great team,” Linda says. “I practically grew up at Baptist. I started working here when I was 20, and I have seen so many changes. Back in the early days of radiation therapy, most of our treatment was palliative, but now there are so many advancements and changes in technology and we are curing a lot of cancer. I have really enjoyed my time here.” Best wishes in retirement, Linda.

20 CareConnection

Genethel Reeves, Patient Care Technician Surgical Services Reeves retired from Baptist in October after 38 years of dedicated service. She joined Baptist Medical Center in November 1975 and worked as a patient care technician in the adult Surgical Services Department for most of her career. Genethel provided excellent service to our patients and her smile will certainly be missed. The Surgical Services Department would like to wish you an awesome retirement as you begin your new journey.

Thetis Ricks, Sleep Technologist Sleep Disorders Center Ricks retired from Baptist on November 15 after almost 30 years of service. She joined Baptist Medical Center in January 1984, in the Pulmonary Department as a certified respiratory therapist (CRT). Later, she became registered as a sleep technologist (RPSGT). She is well-known throughout the system for her unique name, which comes from Greek mythology. Like her name, Thetis has a unique personality. If you meet her, you like her. Thetis has been a vital part of the Sleep Disorders Center and has brought much grace and maturity to the Sleep Disorders team. Thank you for your devotion, dedication and leadership. You will be greatly missed.

Nursing Certifications Congratulations to the following nurses from Baptist Heart Hospital who recently received nursing certifications: Carlisa Brown earned her Medical-Surgical Nurse Board-Certified (RNBC) designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

Pumpkin Decorating Contest at Baptist Cancer Institute Staff from Radiation Oncology, the Hill Breast Center, Adult Surgery, Pediatric Surgery and Cancer Specialists of North Florida decorated pumpkins, and patients and visitors voted on their favorites. There were 753 total votes and $331 was raised for the United Way Campaign.

Kyle Thrift earned his Certified Critical Care Nursing (CCRN) designation from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses.

Halloween at Metro Square The Patient Financial Services Department dressed up as pirates for Halloween.



BaptistBeaches Beaches Beaches Nursing Unit Launches Progressive Care Integrity Bin Project The Progressive Care Unit at Baptist Beaches is piloting a program that helps nurses properly dispose of patients’ protected health information. Additional integrity bins have been installed on the unit so nurses have more options for properly disposing of paperwork that identifies patients. Ashley Beck, a nurse on the unit, thought of the idea after she noticed nurses were walking long distances to find proper bins. She took the idea to her Unit Council, which helped her develop the idea and take the next steps of adding the bins. The extra integrity bins are conveniently located near the nurses’ work stations. “This project helps our nurses quickly dispose of patient materials and ensures that we continue to protect our patients’ private information,” said Ashley (pictured above). Integrity bins help protect patient privacy by preventing patient information from going into the regular trash receptacles. The bins are located in designated cabinets on each hall. Feedback from staff has been very positive.

22 CareConnection

Introducing New Faces Roxanne Miller, LCSW, Cancer Care Coordinator

Baptist Beaches is pleased to welcome Roxanne Miller as our new cancer care coordinator at the Wilson Cancer Care Center. Roxanne received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from State University of New York at Buffalo, and completed her Masters of Social Work at Florida State University. She is a licensed clinical social worker and a licensed massage therapist. Roxanne has an extensive background in cancer care coordination, counseling and grief support. She is available most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to assist cancer patients and their families with concerns about their care, treatment or recovery. Her services are offered at no charge. Many patients are referred by their physician, but self-referrals also are accepted. The Wilson Cancer Care Center is named for donors Pat and Tylee Wilson. Pat shares, “Tylee and I are excited about the selection of Roxanne. She has the perfect mix of credentials commensurate with the challenges of our multidisciplinary cancer care coordinator. Our patients and their families will be very wellserved.” You can contact Roxanne at 627.1370 or email .

Ginamarie Ringle, Human Resources Specialist

Baptist Beaches is pleased to welcome Ginamarie (Gina) Ringle as our new Human Resources specialist. Gina was interning in Administration when the opportunity to apply came up. “I’ve always known that I wanted to work in human resources, so I am excited to have the chance to launch my career at such a great establishment.” Gina moved here from New York in 2006 and is currently attending the University of North Florida. She will graduate on December 13 with a Bachelors of Science in Health Administration, and plans to pursue a master’s degree. She has also worked for three years as an office assistant for a local physician.








Distinguished Caregiver Remedios (Remy) Gingoyon, Environmental Services


Co-workers say that Remy has a very caring attitude and takes pride in her work. She pitches in when needed to help with timely discharges and admissions, and is a great member of the team. A co-worker shares, “I appreciate the attention to detail and how thorough Remy is.” Remy was also recognized for her quick actions when a patient was choking. She alerted the staff and performed the Heimlich maneuver. Thank you, Remy!



CCU Nurses through the Years It’s not often that you have the same three

nurses working on the same unit at the same hospital who remain good friends after 20 years. Michelle Galan, Toni Cuaresma and Myra Aviles are all nurses on the Critical Care Unit at Baptist Beaches. They were recently reminiscing about the old days when they came across some pictures of themselves from 20 years ago. They were able to create a similar photo of themselves as they are today. Michelle shared, “We have seen structural changes in the last 20 years at Baptist Beaches, with the addition of the East Pavilion and a 24-bed CCU, a heart catheterization lab, and a new front entrance and cafeteria, but the small community atmosphere has remained the same. Everyone is on a first-name basis, like a closeknit family, sharing triumphs and trials with each other. That’s why we consider Baptist Beaches our home away from home.”



BaptistClay Clay New Baptist Rheumatology Office Gary Gabor, MD, Baptist Rheumatology, is now seeing patients on Wednesdays in Suite 310 of the Medical Office Building at Baptist Clay. Patients who would like to be seen at the Baptist Clay office can call the main office at 396.8656 to schedule an appointment.

Exceptional Health Care in Clay County Baptist Clay Medical Campus opened this year, offering a complete healthcare complex for busy families that includes: 24/7 Fast-Access Emergency Care......................... page 2

Diagnostics and imaging ........................................... page 4 Heart care and testing ............................................... page 6

Primary care for the entire family ............................ page 8

Award-winning pediatric specialty care .................. page 10


Medical Campus

Baptist Clay Introduced in Local Newspapers Newspaper readers in Clay County received a special insert about the Baptist Clay Medical Campus in their newspapers during August. The full-color, 12-page brochure was distributed in select ZIP codes in the Florida Times-Union and Clay Today. It included a map and visitor guide, and articles about patient experiences and services offered on the campus.

Borland-Groover Opens Office at Baptist Clay Baptist Clay welcomes the Borland-Groover Clinic, which opened an office last month in Suite 300 of the Medical Office Building. Physicians practicing at this new location are gastroenterologist Mujtaba Butt, MD, and allergy and immunology specialist Raquel Watkins, MD, MS. Their office phone number is 375.8120.

24 CareConnection

Baptist Clay Heads to the Crop Maze Late this summer, several employees from Baptist Clay joined a local farm owner for their inaugural Amazing Crop Maze in Green Cove Springs. For seven weeks, employees provided first-aid coverage every Friday and Saturday, volunteering a total of more than 100 hours. Justin and Kelly Mosley, local farm owners, along with all of the employees and vendors, welcomed Baptist Clay as a partner in their event with open arms. Kelly said, “Our No. 1 goal is to provide a safe experience for guests. Baptist Clay played a crucial role in achieving that goal by addressing various health issues that might arise. We have heard a lot of comments about how safe guests feel and how nice it was to have Baptist Clay present at the Crop Maze.�

BaptistNassau Nassau Angela Windom Achieves ARNP/CNM Congratulations to Angela Windom, Labor and Delivery, who recently graduated from Frontier Nursing University with a Master of Science Degree in Nursing. Angela also passed the American Midwifery Certification Board exam to become an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP)/Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM). She plans to continue her education by obtaining a Post-Masters Certificate as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner (WHNP).

Marie Autry Retires Marie Autry, Food and Nutrition Services, retired on October 18 after 41 years of dedicated service. Many things have changed at Baptist Nassau during the last four decades, but one of the few that has remained constant has been Marie. She has built quite the reputation around Fernandina Beach as having the best fried chicken for miles around. She will be missed here at Baptist Nassau, but we wish her the best and hope she enjoys her retirement.

PumpkinDecorating Contest Congratulations to the winners of Baptist Nassau’s Second Annual Pumpkin Contest. Pumpkins were on display in the Café during the week of Halloween and were judged by secret ballot.

First Place Pharmacy for “Witches Brew”

Second Place Surgical Floor for “Candy Corn Pumpkin”

Third Place Human Resources and Employee Health for “Cookie Monster”

Emergency Department Renovations Begin Baptist Nassau is expanding and renovating its Emergency Department. The project, which is expected to finish next spring, will include new updates and in-room computing in every treatment room. “We are continuously looking for ways to add services and make our facilities more accessible to provide high-quality care to our community,” said Hospital President Stephen Lee. “This expansion is another example of how Baptist Nassau is changing health care for good in Nassau County.”



BaptistSouth South has been a highlight of my life in helping these moms reach their goals of breastfeeding their babies.”

Blood Drive Results The Blood Alliance and Baptist South would like to thank everyone who supported our October 24 blood drive. From your generous donations, 11 units of blood were collected.

Angel Tree Coming Soon Lactation Support Group Celebrates Third Year The Baptist South Lactation Support Group recently celebrated its three-year anniversary. The group meets the fourth Wednesday of every month to encourage breastfeeding by offering support and reassurance to new mothers, as well as practical advice from experienced mothers. During the last year, the group has averaged 14 moms in attendance each month. New moms can sometimes feel overwhelmed with motherhood and breastfeeding, and the support they receive from each other is priceless. The motto for the group is “Never give up on a bad day!” The Lactation Support Group has led to lifelong friendships, as well as play groups and Facebook groups. Baptist South is proud to support breastfeeding to help protect new babies from illness and infections. All moms need support in their decision to breastfeed, whether it is from a family member, friend or support group. Lisa Hays, RN, IBCLC, facilitates the group at Baptist South. She said, “The Lactation Support Group

26 CareConnection

Baptist South is continuing its annual tradition of participating in the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. The tree will be located near the stairs at the main entrance. The Angel Tree offers an opportunity to help low-income children in Jacksonville during the holiday season. To participate, select an angel tag from the tree, sign it out on the form located at the front desk of the hospital, and remember to pick up a Salvation Army bag to fill with the gifts. Return filled bags to the Human Resources office no later than Monday, December 9. If you have any questions, please contact Community Relations at 271.6081 or email .

Wolfson Wolfson Fall 2013

BEST FRIENDS Leveraging the health benefits of the humananimal bond

Healing Paws Featured in Children’s Hospitals Magazine

The Fall 2013 issue of Children’s Hospitals magazine featured an article about pet therapy, with Wolfson Children’s Hospital patient Samantha Fross and her dog Lulu on the front cover. Healing Paws, one of the first dog visitation programs at a children’s hospital, debuted in May 2013 at Wolfson Children’s Hospital, and is featured in the article, along with the Pet Therapy Program founded by our Wolfson Auxiliary nearly 20 years ago. Read more at: 10 TECH TRENDS TO WATCH

0 01





childrenshospital ASSOCIATION

Dr. Ettedgui Receives Hispanic Leadership Award Pediatric cardiologist Jose Ettedgui, MD, was one of seven local community leaders honored at the City of Jacksonville’s inaugural Hispanic Leadership Awards ceremony on September 30 as part of Hispanic Heritage Month. Dr. Ettedgui was the Health Leadership Honoree. In 2005, he and his wife, Hilda, founded Patrons of the Hearts, a program that functions under the umbrella of the Baptist Health Foundation and benefits children from around the world who need treatment for heart disease. The University of Florida Pediatric Cardiovascular

Center at Jacksonville and Wolfson Children’s Hospital donate the cost of inpatient hospitalization and physician services, while Patrons of the Hearts and other charitable organizations cover travel, the supplies, housing and incidentals for each child.

Wolfson Children’s Cited by Times-Union for Amazing Care An editorial published in the Florida TimesUnion on October 31 commended Wolfson Children’s Hospital for its amazing work with medically complex cases. The editorial cited Wolfson Children’s as among the nation’s best for providing advanced medical care for medically complex children. The article also encouraged state legislators to make changes to the Medicaid Managed Care program, to give families with these children more flexibility and knowledge, before it is fully implemented by October 2014. You can read the full editorial at

The staff of Wolfson Children’s Rehabilitation at Baptist Clay gave their patients a treat by dressing as firefighters on Halloween. The kids loved the costumes, which were made with duct tape. Wolfson Children’s employees at multiple locations wore costumes.



Here’s a Great Holiday Shopping Idea! Purchase tickets to the 2014 PLAYERS Championship for your family and friends through Baptist Health and $25 of each $45 ticket you buy will be donated back to us through the “Chip in for Youth” program.

• Tickets are good for any day of the tournament.

• Be sure to enter the code BAPTIST when purchasing tickets.

• For more information, visit

Classifieds FOR RENT


4BR/2BA home move-in ready, hardwood floors, marble counters, stainless appl, Wonderwood/Kernan area,15 min from beach. Contact Laura, 866.7874.

2007 Carolina Skiff 17DLX & Yamaha 4-Stroke 60 HP OB Motor; Hydro-Jacker; MG trolling motor 24V; trailer w/breakaway tongue. $15,000. Greg: 708.0017.

1 week Orlando Vacation rental at Westgate TownCenter, 3BR w/ full kitchen/ washer/dryer, until December 2013. Call/txt ASAP 904.887.3858

Craftsman motorcycle/ ATV jack for sale. Used only once. $75 call/text 608.2133.

2BR/2.5BA townhome, pool, workout area, gated community, Gate Parkway/ Baymeadows area, contact Laura, 866.7874 for more info, move-in ready.


Looking for RM ASAP to share a 4BR/4BA house. All utilities, cable, internet, storage room incl. Nghrhd gym/pool/comm center. Call/text 608.2133.

Multiple craft items for sale. All must go. Includes punches, cardstock, stamp sets, tables/chairs, holders, and shelves. Call/text 608.2133.

Riverfront Behavioral Health is in need of clothing. We especially need clothing for men. 202.1568 or


Townhouse, Bartram Place (across I-95 from Baptist South). 2 BR, 2.5 BA, Den, one car garage. Upgrades. 904.534.2878 or email

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CareConnection November 2013  

Baptist Health's employee newsletter for November 2013

CareConnection November 2013  

Baptist Health's employee newsletter for November 2013