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The Care Revolution

Strategy 2025

“Let us never forget that it is not in erecting splendid buildings that our real work lies, but in the giving of loving care to those who live in them.” - FJ Church, BaptistCare’s first Honorary Secretary

The Care Revolution Strategy 2025

Since we began in 1944 BaptistCare has believed in a simple idea, that being loving is the secret to true care. 75 years on, we see the new challenges our community are facing and the transformations that are taking place – both in the lives of the individuals we meet and the communities we serve. The Care Revolution is all about getting clarity on what matters most, in order for us to bring about what is needed most. Today, perhaps more than ever before, our communities need people who really care – our plan is to continue showing it. Welcome to the Care Revolution, our five year strategy to bring loving care into the lives of the individuals and communities we serve. Because when it’s done with love it’s done with care. BaptistCare, because we care.

The Care Revolution is composed of two key parts, the Compass and our Five Year Plan.

Our Compass Our Compass reminds us of our Purpose, our Aspiration, our Focus, and the fundamental strategic Approaches that will drive our success. Our Compass is intended to act as an ongoing reference to inform all the choices we make in our Five Year Plan.

Our Five Year Plan Our Five Year Plan sets out the high level initiatives we will undertake and the outcomes we will achieve.

Our Compass Our Compass is used as an ongoing reference point for all our decisions. It is structured in a logical flow.



Why do we exist?

What does success look like?



How will we succeed?

Where will we serve?

Our Purpose

Our Aspiration

Our Focus

Transforming lives by expressing the love of Christ Our purpose explains why we exist and what we are trying to achieve in the world. How will we know if we are being successful in delivering on this purpose? Our aspiration (below) sets out what long term success will look like.

Every individual living well We will know we are being successful in delivering on our purpose when we see ‘every individual living well’. To achieve this we will continue growing our reach so that more people can experience loving care. To focus our efforts, we need to define where we will serve and expand our reach to deliver on this aspiration.

We will serve in those areas where we can have the greatest impact Our focus will be on providing services in NSW & ACT and when we need to make choices because of scarce resources and other constraints we will choose to focus on areas where we can have the greatest impact on people’s lives. That means we will choose areas where there are fewer services being provided and we will prioritise areas where our capabilities can best meet the local needs. We will be open to working in partnership with other providers whose capabilities complement ours. The final part of our Compass sets out our approach to be successful.

Our Approach

Shared Values | Community-Minded Christian Heartbeat | Two-way Street We will succeed by adopting four fundamental strategic approaches. We see these approaches as principles that should underpin our decision making, and guide the way we offer services. Shared Values | Delivering ‘loving care’ means keeping our customers at the centre of all we do. What our customers value most is to be shown genuine loving care, to be respected as an individual, to be empowered to live well, and to be in the service of someone they can rely on. Community-Minded | We will provide true Christian hospitality by connecting individuals with communities, partnering with churches and encouraging all stakeholders to work with each other. This begins with housing security and safety to create strong and caring places that value personal well-being and each other. Christian Heartbeat | Driven by our purpose to express the love of Christ, everything we do is based on the belief that each person is unique, loved by God, and worthy of respect. To achieve this, our Christian faith is understood and values lived out at every level of the organisation. Two-way Street | We see our resources and services as a portfolio to achieve missional outcomes and financial sustainability. We will continue to make portfolio based decisions over the next ten years with a focus on areas where we can have the greatest impact.

Our Five Year Plan Our Five Year Plan has seven focus areas that together deliver success. Each area has a single-minded idea that drives the strategy for the next five years as we aspire to see ‘every individual living well’.

Community Services

Growing places of hope

Retirement Living Living lifeyourstyle

Our People Making a difference

Support Services Enabling success


Every individual living well

Community Housing Safe and connected communities

Residential Services Living with dignity and choice

At Home Well-Living™ at home

Making a difference. Our People

We will offer opportunities that empower our people to make a difference. •

Attraction, development and retention of suitably qualified and skilled employees and volunteers.

Promoting the view that every customer interaction is an opportunity to create a memory that leaves a lasting positive impression of an organisation that cares.

Career pathways that enable our employees to fulfil their career objectives.

Education and training to build a culture of accountability and empowerment that enhances the customer experience.

Increased visibility of the executive team across the organisation.

Leadership development and talent management programs to enable managers to build healthy and productive teams.

Create safe working environments where our people leave work each day in an equal or better state of well-being than when they arrived.

Growing places of hope. Community Services

We will strengthen and grow places of hope for people living with disadvantage and distress. •

New locations in more communities of significant disadvantage.

Additional services for existing locations.

Focusing our support in the areas of domestic violence, homelessness, affordable food, the sex industry, relationship counselling, gambling help, employment pathways and fair finance.

Leveraging technology to support effective administration and data collection.

Attracting new partners in volunteers, donors, churches and businesses.

Living lifeyourstyle. Retirement Living

We will offer quality accommodation and community living that empowers residents to live life their way. •

Offering a lifestyle that promotes the individual’s personal, spiritual, social, and overall wellbeing.

New builds and acquisitions focused on a service integrated model.

Implementing our customer experience framework to deliver on identified customer expectations.

Well-Living™ at home. At Home

We will empower individuals to live their best possible life at home. •

Embedding our Well-Living™ approach to meet our customer’s needs across health, home, community and independence.

Market competitiveness, distinctive and status as a provider of choice to achieve continued growth.

Implementing our customer experience framework to deliver on identified customer expectations.

Further geographic growth into currently un-serviced and lower socioeconomic areas.

Greater support for financially and socially disadvantaged customers.

Further refinement of our systems to simplify processes for staff and customers.

Further expansion into Retirement Living and Community and Social Housing.

Living with dignity and choice. Residential Services

We will deliver the best possible individualised care by keeping our customers at the centre of all we do, promoting their dignity and protecting their choices. •

Embedding our MyTeam™ approach founded in a relational based model of care.

Creating physical environments that support resident quality of life and preferences.

Caring for the socially and financially disadvantaged and those with unmet need.

Delivering aged care services in a fully sustainable manner.

Implementing our customer experience framework to deliver on identified customer expectations.

Safe and connected communities. Community Housing

We will offer secure housing connected to community and services that offer hope for the future. •

Easing the burden of affordable housing for seniors and young families with new builds, mergers, transfers & partnerships.

Focus on integrating services promoting the individual’s personal, spiritual, social, and overall wellbeing.

Enabling success. Support Services

We will enable and support our teams to deliver exceptional customer experiences. •

Single-view of the customer through integrated systems.

Accommodation renewal plan to maintain and grow quality services.

Customer-driven technologies to improve experience and enable customers.

Pastoral and spiritual care that supports the whole person to bring meaning and hope.

Voice of Customer program providing actionable information and driving values-aligned behaviour.

Systems delivering positive customer outcomes and operational effectiveness.

Brand positioning and promise activating our people and driving business.

Risk management framework strengthened to minimise loss and maximise opportunities.

Business optimisation and innovation through ‘change that adds value’.

“The ultimate measure of a person... is where they stand at times of challenge and controversy.� - Martin Luther King Jnr, Baptist Minister

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The Care Revolution - Strategy 2025  

The Care Revolution - Strategy 2025  

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