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Bret Pinson      

Education: ⇒ Will  finish  in  May  with  a  B.B.A.,  Business  Management  Abilene  Christian  University,  2011    

Professional Experience:     January  2011-­‐Current   First  Financial  Bank,  First  Technology  Services,  Abilene,  TX     Rated  by  Bank  Director  magazine  as  the  number  one  bank  in  the  nation  in  the  $3  billion-­plus    

publicly traded  category.   Providing  maintenance  to  internal  reports  and  customer  information  files  as  an  Account   Services  Specialist.  

April 2004-­‐Current        

Home Again  Consignment  Furniture,  Abilene,  TX  

Quality pre-­owned  &  new  furniture  &  accessories,  carefully  selected  consignments,  antique  to   contemporary.   An  experienced,  6th  year,  part-­‐time  independent  contractor  of  Home  Again  Consignment  (a   small  furniture  consignment  business).  Learned  customer  service  and  planning   responsibilities.  

2010 Spring  

Political involvement,  Abilene,  TX  

Volunteer project  manager  of  a  political  event  held  on  April  26th,  2010.  Set  up  the  planning,   communication,  and  delegation  among  other  volunteers  and  had  over  100  in  attendance.  

2008 Summer  

Isom Fencing  Co.,  Abilene,  TX  


In operation  since  1977.   Built  fences  for  Isom  Fencing  Co.  in  2008.  Used  fencing  knowledge  to  build  some  fences   independently,  and  gained  insights  into  planning  and  budgeting.  

2006 Holiday  Season   Copper  Creek  Restaurant,  Abilene,  TX        

Copper Creek  offers  Fine  Texas  Dining  with  an  up-­scale  rustic  atmosphere.   Wait-­‐staff  at  Copper  Creek  Restaurant  &  catering  services  for  part  of  2006  and  2007.  

2006 Fall    

Walmart, Abilene,  TX  


2006 Summer      

Walmart ranked  first  among  retailers  in  Fortune  Magazine’s  2009  Most  Admired  Companies   survey.   Sales  associate  in  charge  of  daytime  operations  in  the  dairy  department  in  2006.    

University Directories,  Chapel  Hill,  NC  

The #1  campus  media  and  marketing  company  in  the  U.S.  since  1974.   Sales  Representative  for  University  Directories  (a  campus  phonebook,  known  at  ACU  as   the  “Hello  Book”)  in  2006.  An  educational  experience  in  marketing  and  sales.  

2005 Holiday  Season   United  Parcel  Service,  Abilene,  TX      

$49.7 billion  corporation  which  focuses  on  the  goal  of  enabling  commerce  around  the  globe.     Received  hourly  wages  for  package  delivery  during  the  busy  Christmas  season  of  2005.   Even  though  they  needed  seasonal  help,  UPS  offered  to  continue  employment  for  the   spring  of  2006,  which  was  declined  to  pursue  further  education.  

1990 Fulwiler  Road,  Abilene,  TX  79603   (325)  695-­‐6810    E-­‐mail:  


Bret's 2011 Resume