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Jenny 20 International student

Jenny is always hungry and dreamng for the delicious and juicy dim sums back home in Hong Kong. Other than having a sit-down meal of yum cha, she prefers a quick nibble of steamy hot dumplings and buns.

dream came true

authentic healthy

dim sum steaming soon

baohaus @baohauscanberra

On a sunny spring day in September, Jenny was strolling along the shops in the city and came across... baohaus... a dim sum shop opening soon!


Jumping in joy, Jenny ran home quickly, liked and followed @baohauscanberra on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Counting down to baohaus opening day, Jenny is excited to see more and more of what is happening #behindthescenes at baohaus.

menu creation

The menu is out! Well, part of it... baohaus needs one more dumpling on the menu! Which one to choose? Seems like prawn is everyone’s favourite one, but Jenny chooses shiitake mushroom dumpling.

win 2 tickets #baohausparty

A couple days later, Jenny has won 2 tickets to baohaus launch party because she is the first three to comment “i love baohaus! #baohausparty”. She can’t wait to meet food bloggers and show off her sushi dumpling in the BAO contest!

winning recipes

The night has finally come, Jenny’s sushi dumpling has made it as top 3 in the contest at the party! Her awesome recipe is shared and featured on Facebook.

baohaus opening

WAAAAA!!! Two weeks have finally passed, baohaus is officially opening!! School? Who cares? Although Jenny has class that day, she is sneaking out to get FREE dim sums!

Give a little

The fun just doesn’t stop at baohaus after the party and opening. Just by simply by eating baohaus’ dim sums can help #give a little to the community. Thanks to the opening of baohaus, Jenny will be bringing many containers, eating dumplings after dumplings, buns after buns, and living happily ever after in Canberra. the end

key learnings

Voluntary participation challenge. The effort of inviting people to participate in an academic project has a level of difficulty, especially restaurant owners and managers. They are reluctant in providing information due to competition. Food bloggers are a bit easier to approach and a couple are able to provide this project some useful insights.

key learnings

All communication is two-way dialogue. Regardless it is verbal or digital, any type of communication is two‑way engagement. First is to trigger conversation or incentive for the audience to respond back, this process is reciprocal if both parties are getting something in return.

key learnings

Social media communication objectives must align with business goals. The purpose of creating a genuine co-creative relationship with the audience is to build brand awareness. A successful outcome from creating social and participatory events is not only for the audience to engage, but them talking to their friends and bringing them along and experience the brand.

key learnings

Importance of #hastags. The neglect of hashtags usage is due to lack of social media platform knowledge. Hashtags are powerful because they unite not only the followers but everyone who is tuned in the particular conversation. Recommended

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