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DECEMBER 2003 Volume 12 - Number 12 ANGELA WHITE 26



SCORE Xtra #9 stars Minka, Nikki Diamond and others.


A natural newcomer who came all the way from Australia.


Our Cool Hand Luke fantasy comes true as Kayla gets wet. RICKI RAXXX 91



This pretty Brit gets a lot more naked than most Bond girls.


The beautiful get more beautiful. Ines is simply impossible.


A fond look back at one of our favorite busty, pretty blondes.


Brains, beauty and big, natural breasts. The total package.


You’ve already seen her fuck. Now have her to yourself.


Ricki gets kinky in an out-there, futuristic outfit.




Nothing could stop these mega-busted football vixens.



An open forum for readers’ letters and comments.


Artist Otis Sweat draws SCORE Girls getting nasty.


Boobs in the news by columnist Elliot James.


News, jokes and other nonsense from the world of big tits. JOSEPHINE XTRA 25



This month, mega-tit-an Plenty UpTopp pops her top.





This new girl on the scene gets fucked in all holes.


Voluptuous Xtra #7 stars six hot, natural newcomers.

Vol. 12 No. 12 (December 2003). Copyright © 1992-2003 by The SCORE Group. All rights reserved. Reprinting in whole or in part is expressly forbidden except with the written permission of SCORE and The SCORE Group. Voluptuous ®, SCORE ®, Naughty Neighbors ® and Leg Sex ® are registered trademarks of Quad Int’l., Incorporated and The SCORE Group. The Records required by 18 U.S. Code 2257 (a) through (c) and the pertinent Regulations 28 C.F.R. Ch. 1, Part 75 with respect to this publication [SCORE] and all materials associated with such records are maintained at the office of the publisher, John C. Fox, 1629 N.W. 84 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33126, and are available for inspection and review by the Attorney General at all reasonable times. All models in this issue were 18 or over at the same the photos were taken. SUBSCRIPTIONS: $59.95 per year in U.S. and $89.95 (U.S. funds only) in Canada. Remit all subscription and international inquiries to: SCORE, 1629 N.W. 84 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33126. Price: $8.99–U.S.A.; $9.99–Canada; £4.50–U.K. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Please submit any change of address to: Change of Address, 1629 N.W. 84 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33126. SUBMISSIONS: All editorial and photographic submissions should be directed to SCORE, 1629 N.W. 84 Avenue, Miami, FL 33126. Publisher disclaims all responsibility to return unsolicited material, and all rights in portions published vest in The SCORE Group and SCORE. Letters to SCORE may be edited at the editors’ discretion, are assumed to be intended for publication, unless indicated to the contrary, and may be used for such purposes. Any similarity between an individual person or people depicted in the fiction, semi-fiction and artwork in this magazine and any real person or people is purely coincidental. This magazine is intended for adults only and should not be sold to minors. PRINTED IN CANADA


A blonde with huge tits carries on the anal tradition.


She’s Brit. She loves sex. And, of course, she does anal, too.

SCORE (ISSN #1073-2438) is published 13 times a year, monthly, plus an additional issue in December for $59.95 per year in the USA and $89.95 (U.S. funds only) in Canada, by The SCORE Group, 1629 N.W. 84 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33126. Periodicals Postage Paid at Miami, FL and Additional Mailing Offices. POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to SCORE, 1629 N.W. 84 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33126.


models ever featured in SCORE. Some of your readers have been griping about the number of references to jacking in your magazine. I say sour grapes to them. Jacking is one of the joys of getting SCORE every month. –M.V., address withheld


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BREASTS BEYOND COMPARE VANESSA’S PREVIEW Dear SCORE, August’s bra shot of Vanessa Montagne: Oh my God! When do we get to see more of this beautiful creature?–J.Q., Spring Valley, New York Dear J.Q.: By the time you read this, you should have already seen her. Vanessa, who had a brief spread in the March ’99 issue, got the full-blown treatment in the October ’03 issue, of which she was the cover girl. If you haven’t seen it, you can order it from the back-issues ad on page 11. Unfortunately, however, the March ’99 issue is sold out.

Dear SCORE, What a great job you did with the Cindy Cupps and Crystal Gunns feature (August ’03). It sure is hard to differentiate between the two, but my favorite is still Crystal. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Holly Halston in the Xtra section, nor could I quit jacking off to her pictures. She has to be nominated for Newcomer of the Year and featured again. I had the fortune of writing to her online, and she responded quite quickly. Her response was real personal, as was Kayla Kleavage’s. Others just ignore you. Casey James in a bikini is tops. This lady continues to be one of the best

Dear SCORE, Minka was the dominant force of Buxotica #2 (SCORE Special #80, available on page 11 of this issue). Her long, slender legs and athletic form places additional emphasis on her colossal chest. When stacked up against the best of the biggest, she earned the coveted cover photo of Buxotica. Kayla Kleavage’s Buxotica layout is one of her best ever, and the fulllength photos of her fantastic form and wondrous whoppers makes her continued success easy to understand. I hope she doesn’t retire soon.–D.T., Boulder, Colorado

FIRST-CLASS NEWCOMER Dear SCORE, Josie Hernandez (August ’03) is a first-class babe! She’s got everything: a pretty face, great tits, an inviting

The bra shot of Vanessa Montagne (below left) in the August issue was a preview of her extreme bikini spread in October. Cindy Cupps and Crystal Gunns (center) compared assets in August, while Josie Hernandez made a smashing debut.


All new and current subscribers to SCORE will automatically save 15% off all merchandise (except magazine subscriptions) available in SCORE. This discount applies to SCORE Group products only, to be deducted prior to the addition of any shipping and handling charges where applicable. This discount program is non-transferable and is applicable as long as your SCORE subscription remains current. Discount cannot be combined with any other discount offers and may be revoked at the sole discretion of The SCORE Group.







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SEND YOUR LETTERS! If you have comments, criticisms or suggestions for our editorial staff, send them to: SCORECARD, 1629 N.W. 84 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33126. Or email us at: 4 SCORE


pussy and an ass to die for. I can’t wait to see more pictures of her. Put her on the cover!–Ben, Wales, England


Is Hana Cekova (above) the Czech Annie Swanson (below)?

Dear SCORE, Three highlights of the August ’03 issue of SCORE: 1. Otis Sweat’s Dream SCORE of Windy Leigh getting fucked “from here to eternity” on the beach. Look at the way she squeezes those balls! Bravo, Master Sweat! 2. Hana Cekova who, I agree, is a dead ringer for Annie Swanson. Hey, we can never have enough Annies, right? 3. That photo on page three of the Xtra section in which Kiki Daire is sucking cock while looking straight into the camera. Yeah, Kiki, I’m watching!–J.H., Windsor, Ontario Dear J.H.: Keep watching, because Kiki is one of the stars of our new XXX-rated video/DVD, SCORE Xtra #9. It contains plenty of eyes-open blow jobs. Check out our preview of the vid on page 12.

HOLLY HALSTON VS. S.J.P. Dear SCORE, If Sarah Jessica Parker could suck dick like Holly Halston does (August ’03), there’d be more men than women watching Sex And The City. What a little package of sexual dynamite! Love the centerfold shot in which she’s got one finger stuffed deep inside her pussy while the cock pummels her pretty little ass.–M.U., Green Bay, Wisconsin

ONE FROM A BUSTY LADY Holly Halston (Aug.): Sex & The Titties.

Dear SCORE, Howdy fellas! I’m a 22-year-old African-American female with DD naturals who, before reading SCORE, was always ashamed of them. I’d never seen tits like mine except on me. In fact, I had a “Bra-Stays-On” rule with every man I’d slept with. I was so embarrassed that they’d be disappointed with how my pliable boobs hang. That is, until I met my current boyfriend. He was (and is) an avid SCORE reader. When he moved in with me, I caught a glimpse of his stash, so I peeked. And wow! Here were all of these gorgeous girls with tits like mine! And the readers adored them, not in spite of their tits, but because of them. I love the fact that my man reads SCORE because I know that my tits are the kind he is after. I even bought him


DAVE ROSEN editor J.P. ROBINSON art director ELLIOT JAMES associate editor HANSEN SINCLAIR assistant editor BRUCE ARTHUR SCORECARD editor ALYSSA ALPS ON THE ROAD columnist P R O D U C T I O N

BRUCE SMITH distribution coordinator JERRY THOMAS I.T. manager MICHAEL FEDERICI prepress manager F A N T A S Y


For reservations or information on future events, please write to: SCORE Fantasy Cruise, 1629 N.W. 84 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33126; or call 305-662-5959; Fax 305-662-5952 Email: C U S T O M E R S E R V I C E A N D S U B S C R I P T I O N S

For inquiries regarding existing SCORE subscriptions, please write to: SCORE Customer Service: U.S., Canada & Int’l. Subscriptions – Customer Service, 1629 N.W. 84 Ave., Miami, FL 33126. Telephone: 305-662-5959; Fax: 305-662-5952; Email: For United Kingdom Subscriptions – Units 161-167, Block F, Riverside Business Centre, Haldane Place, London SW18 4UQ England Telephone: 0208-877-9666; Fax: 0208-877-9643 C I R C U L A T I O N

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JOHN ROMANO AND LISA BRACELIN, SLG MEDIA, INC. Greenwich Office Park, Building #2 Greenwich, Connecticut 06831-5115 U.S.A. Telephone: 203-622-6669; Fax: 203-622-8885

a subscription for his birthday. I love my tits, and I have the fine writers, models, editors, photographers and readers to thank. Now, every time I hear a big-titted girl complain about the shape of her tits, I just put a copy of SCORE in her hand and watch her face light up. –Danielle, Seattle, Washington


A TREASURE CHEST OF TITS Dear SCORE, The cover of the August issue might have been the highlight of the entire issue. I mean, all those busty chicks! It was better than one of those lineups you’re so famous for. I could see why you had a hard time picking one covergirl and settled for the whole bunch. Why shouldn’t you flaunt your bounty?–M.N., Tucson, Arizona


CLAUDIA: PANTYHOSE DREAM Dear SCORE, I loved the pictorial of Claudia in the August issue and have been jacking to it ever since it arrived in my mailbox. For me, the highlight was those pantyhose she’s wearing. What I wouldn’t give to tear them off her and give her the fucking of her life. The only bad point about the spread was that you didn’t show her tearing her hose apart.–Name and address withheld

Starring Cassitty, Lisa Sparxxx, Meagan Roberts, Sunshine, Daphne Rosen and Nikki Perez in hardcore action in which the emphasis is always on big tits!

ON BOOB PREJUDICE Dear SCORE, Your article “Boob Prejudice” (“Boob Beat,” September ’03) was excellent. I think it’s criminal that such gorgeous, well-endowed girls are the targets of such grief during their teen years. Even worse, breast reduction surgeries are covered by family healthinsurance policies. How many potentially gorgeous and incredibly sexy future breasts never make it into womanhood because the parents of these girls are too anxious to help their daughters fit in with what much of society perceives to be a preferable, coat-hanger figure? Health aspects aside, let’s hope that more parents will support their daughters through their developing years by letting them know that many men prefer busty women, and plenty of other women will always be envious of them. To make matters worse, we have to put up with the fashion industry’s preference for the flat-chested model,

RINTERNET ORDERS RU.S. & CANADA 1-800-421-0760 RINTERNATIONAL +1-305-662-5959 R24-HOUR FAX 305-662-5952 ORDER NOW! RMAIL TO: The SCORE Group (Dept. SC1203A), 1629 N.W. 84 Avenue, Miami, FL 33126 ❏ VOLUPTUOUS XTRA #7 VHS (#PIX152) $39.95 plus $7.00 S&H . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TOTAL: $46.95 ❏ VOLUPTUOUS XTRA #7 DVD (#PIX152D) $39.95 plus $7.00 S&H . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TOTAL: $46.95 ❏ SCORE SUBSCRIBERS SAVE 15% Voluptuous Xtra #7 is XXX-Rated. Shipping & Handling: US, Canada and Mexico: $7 for first video, $2 for each additional. Hawaii & Puerto Rico: $10 for first video, $2 each additional. All other countries (shipped airmail): $10 for the first video, $5 for each additional. FL residents add 7% sales tax. Make checks and money orders payable to: The SCORE Group. Sorry, no foreign checks. We accept int’l. money orders in US funds ONLY. By ordering, you certify that you are at least 18 years old. Videos shipped in sturdy, discreet packaging to protect your privacy. All sales are final. Damaged videos will only be exchanged for one of the same title if returned within 30 days of receipt. The SCORE Group cannot be held responsible for Customs seizures.

❏ ADD $5 FOR PAL (UK) VIDEO FORMAT. TOTAL COST OF VIDEO WITH SHIPPING AND HANDLING IS $54.95. INDICATE PAYMENT METHOD: ❏ Check ❏ Money Order ❏ MasterCard ❏ VISA Age Card # Name Telephone Number City Signature

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With well over a year on the Top 10 list, this DVD is our all-time bestseller. Features Linsey’s only boy-girl XXX.

probably because it’s easier to fit clothes on coat-hanger women than voluptuous women. If flat chests were so popular, there would be a lot of men’s magazines devoted to them. But there aren’t. Big breasts are what men like to see. The SCORE Group and all of its models need to get the word out. We need more articles, like Annie Swanson’s interview, in which models tell young women to ignore Madison Avenue and the fashion industry. Tell them to show their voluptuous figures in public with pride. I would like to see a series of guest articles from your models, something like, “The Joy of Having Big Breasts,” in which they relate all the benefits, pleasures and happiness that having big breasts has brought them. Maybe even something G-rated could be photocopied and shown to women considering reduction surgery so they’ll reconsider.–T.D., Ventura, California





ON LOCATION COSTA DEL SOL Kerry Marie, Ines Cudna and Nicole Peters have gotten raunchier from Cassandra’s lessons. See them here.


Sloppy blow jobs with plenty of eye contact and even some anal. Annie Swanson and Denise Davies are the big stars.

Cassitty Harmon (Aug. ’03) is more than just tits. She does XXX, too.


When we first met her, we never would’ve guessed that Kelly Madison would do such red-hot XXX. Thankfully, we were wrong.


BLACK & STACKED #2 Cassitty sucks on both her tits at the same time. Anja plugs her hole with a dildo. Plus, Amanda, Coco and Chaka T.


Number seven and climbing. Stars Brittany Love, Haley Hills, Plenty UpTopp, Heather Michaels, Adina and XXXena in boy-girl.


Loaded with huge tits: Minka, Angelique, Colt 45, Mary Carey, Harmony Bliss and Michelle Bond play with themselves.


You’ll never see a beautiful, big-breasted chick getting hotter and hornier over getting fucked. A true collector’s item.


Considered by many to be the best on-location video of its kind, this one stars Chloe, Kerry Marie, Lorna Morgan and Chaz.


Sierra and Orsolya take cock up their asses. Annie Swanson makes her XXX debut. Anja has huge floppers. All hardcore, all natural.

All videos may be purchased at or by calling 1-800-421-0760 (U.S. & Canada) or +1-305-662-5959 (international). VIDEO NOTES: Voluptuous Xtra #5, featuring Annie Swanson’s hardcore debut, Sierra and Orsolya in anal action, Lilith and Paige Plenty, recently became our first DVD to surpass its video sales. Is the VHS cassette age over? We’d like to hear your opinions about DVD vs. VHS. 8 SCORE

Newcomer Chesty Sweet (Aug. ’03) is worth going to great heights for.

Dear SCORE, Cassitty Harmon (August ’03)! Totally awesome! Big, smothering tits! Sweet thighs and pussy! Let’s see more! Even hardcore!–Name and email address withheld Dear Reader: More? You want more? And hardcore, too? Getting a little greedy, aren’t we? Well, not exactly. Cassitty returns in print in the November ’03 issue of Voluptuous (available at in a scorching, tit-oriented spread. And she’s just as hot in the new hardcore video Voluptuous Xtra #7, available on page seven of this issue. You’ve never seen a chick play with her tits so much while getting fucked.

PINING & MINING FOR CHESTY Dear SCORE, I’d climb any mountain to be with Chesty Sweet (August ’03). The spread of this amazingly sexy, busty blonde proves SCORE will go to any heights and lengths to bring its readers the best in big-tit entertainment. Can you imagine getting to the top of that mountain and being greeted by her beautiful tits and wide-open pussy? Just tell me where I have to go. I’ll be there.–Name and address withheld by request Dear Reader: Chesty’s pics were shot at the Mountain Top Mine in Basin, Colorado, 12,000-feet above sea level.




FEB. 2001–The debut of Germany’s newest star makes the Feb. 2001 SCORE a must for any big-tit lover! Plus, there’s more insertion and anal in this issue than we’ve ever shown!

MAY 2001–Starring SCORE’s newcomer of the year, Julia Miles, plus runners-up Jessica Justice and Ariana! And introducing so many new models, you have to see this issue to believe it!

JULY 2001–Starring SCORE superstar SaRenna Lee in her comeback pictorial. Plus, covergirl Exotica and her perfect swimsuit body. Loaded with new models–seven in all!



AUG. 2002–Covergirl Crystal Gunns returns! Kayla Kleevage interview and pictorial! Cassandra double-fucks herself! More Julia Miles! Sierra proves she’s the world’s hottest big bust star!















NOV. 2002–Some of the most beautiful busty girls ever! Sophia, Rebecca Pauline, Africa, Rocki Roads, Lizzie Mills, newcomer Annie Swanson and an interview with SaRenna. Plus, XXX anal!

NEW! MAMAZON #71–Naturally stacked beauties in the great outdoors. New pictorials of Sharday, Kerry Marie, Chloe, Via Paxton, Sylvia Panda, Autumn, Sammie, Lorna Morgan, Jessica Turner and more!

BUXOTICA #80–This one’s for you, SCORE Men. Nothing but pictorials of your faves, including Crystal Gunns, Minka, SaRenna, Plenty UpTopp, Casey James, Julia Miles, Maxi Mounds, Kayla Kleevage and more!




AUG. 2001–Nurse Linsey Dawn in a blood-pumping pictorial! Plus, Charlotte, the amazing Lacey Legends, Lisa Marie Greener, Kellei G., Nikki Diamond, Nadia and the girls of Nudes-A-Poppin’!


OCT. 2001–Four newcomers, including beautiful 36F natural Desirae, HH-Cup Kristy, Audra Mitchell and Madison. Also, Kayla Kleevage, Susie Wilden and Laura Sands. Plus, Charlotte in XXX !

FEB. 2002–Autumn Jade, bigger and better than ever, plus an interview with the natural wonder. Loaded with the huge tits of Maxi Mounds, Sharday, Haley Hills and Kristy. Plus, 32 pages of XXX!

APRIL 2002–Behind the scenes at the Mega-Boob Olympics! SaRenna & Minka tit-to-tit! Plus, Jessica Justice, Sylvia Panda, Lana Lotts, Plenty UpTopp interview, Chloe and Susie and Haley XXX.


JAN. 2003–Orsolya takes it up the ass, Cindy Cupps’ first girl-girl, SCORE Hardcore Awards, Ricki Raxxx’ encore, newcomer Melanie and Tawny Peaks. ♦ DIAMONDS SUIT OF PLAYING CARDS.

FEB. 2003–SCORE Men, this one’s for you! Sierra does XXX anal, and can she ever take a big one! Then, Linsey Dawn and Susie Wilden satisfy each other with dildos. Plus, Sophia and Ivy.



MARCH 2003–Ines Cudna makes her VMag debut, and she’s all oiled up for you. Plus, SCORE favorite Jezhabelle, an interview with Chaka T. and XXX with a more voluptuous Heather Michaels.



FEB. 2003–Loaded with specials! Lisa Lipps talks dirty in an exclusive interview, plus pictorial. Kayla Kleevage at home. Vixen’s debut. Asian natural Jade. ♣ CLUBS SUIT OF PLAYING CARDS.






MAY 2002–Full-length pictorials of Newcomer of the Year Sharday, plus runners-up Harmony and Inesse. Plus, Autumn’s XXX boy-girl debut, and ultrahardcore fucking with Sara and Ashley.




MARCH 2003–Julia Miles rides cock again in her XXX encore, Lovette gets boned hard and Brittany Love rides the fucking machine. Plus, EE-cup teen Ines, Colt 45 returns, Inesse and lots more.

APRIL 2003–Overflowing with huge tits. Nicole Peters makes her stunning debut, Diane Poppos returns, Melonie Charms has mega-mams and Angelique busts out. Lana Lotts does Kelly Madison!




SEPT. 2001–SCORE’S 20 Greatest Naturals! Linsey Dawn, Chloe, Danni Ashe, Devon Daniels, Lisa Phillips, Diane Poppos, Nilli, Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie, Alexis Love, Carrie Lynn and more!

HOLIDAY 2002–Sharday returns with a full-length layout that’ll pop your buttons. Plus, Minka, Exotica, Harmony Bliss and Autumn-Jade’s XXX encore. ♠ SPADES SUIT OF PLAYING CARDS.

JAN. 2003–Cassandra does XXX again, and it’s downright dirty! Plus, Blondie’s V-Mag debut, amazing-busted Lenka’s best pictorial ever, Cilla, Kim Hines and the 2002 video roundup.



DEC. 2002–A seven-year retrospective of Linsey Dawn McKenzie, featuring new explicit photos. Plus, Crystal Gunns, Donita Dunes, Lana Lotts and XXX anal. ♥ HEARTS SUIT OF PLAYING CARDS.





















MAY 2003–The best of the best! Sharday, Nadine Jansen, Crystal Gunns, Ricki Raxxx, Linsey Dawn, C.J., Alyssa Alps and Annie Swanson. Plus, Kelly Madison’s first XXX and Kayla Kleevage.





JULY 2003–Minka, who has some of the biggest tits we’ve ever seen, takes on one of the biggest cocks of her life. Maxi Mounds & SaRenna go tit-to-tit. Lizzie Mills, Devon Daniels and more.

AUG. 2003–Our interview with Mary Carey has to be our most unusual ever, and the pics are damn good, too. You’ll also get to see bosom buddies Crystal Gunns and Cindy Cupps and anal XXX.

SEPT. 2003–Our annual naturals issue stars Nicole Peters, Sharday, Kerry Marie, Diane Poppos and newcomer Izabella. Autumn and Annie go tit-to-tit. Anita Agni gets anally fucked.


OCT. 2003–Slim ‘n’ stacked Vanessa Montagne is back in SCORE, and you’ve never seen her look better. Plus, Ariana, Sammie Black, Harmony Bliss, newcomers and the hottest XXX section ever.

Make all checks and money orders payable to: The SCORE Group. Sorry, no foreign checks. ❑ I AM A SCORE SUBSCRIBER and save 15% on all issues ordered. DISCOUNTS: Order 6 or more issues for only $8 each. Order 12 or more for only $6 each. Add $1 for each issue in Canada and Mexico.





APRIL 2003–SCORE Men, here’s your chance to catch Nicole Peters’ V-Mag debut. Hurry, because supplies are limited. Also, Denise Davies does XXX for the first time and Zuzanna.

MAY 2003–It’s the annual awards issue, with brand-new pictorials of Model of the Year Sharday and Newcomer of the Year Nadine Jansen. Susie Wilden & Anita Agni, too.

JUNE 2003–Check out Brandy’s V-Mag debut. Cherry Brady, a top contender for Newcomer of the Year, gets interviewed and dildo-ized. Plus, Blondie and Linsey Ward for all you SCORE Men.




JULY 2003–For the first time, Kerry Marie, one of SCORE’s 20 Greatest Naturals, stuffs herself with a dildo. Interview, too. Plus, Lola Lane, Sapphire, Jade Feng and newcomers.



AUG. 2003–Nicole Peters bursts out of a purple bra. Autumn-Jade gets fingered by Gyno Man. Desirae shows her tits on the beach. Talya Faust gets naked in a playground. And lots of XXX action.

SCORE: ❑ FEB. ’01 ❑ MAY ’01 ❑ JULY ’01 ❑ AUG. ’01 ❑ SEPT. ’01 ❑ OCT. ’01 ❑ FEB. ’02 ❑ APRIL ’02 ❑ MAY ’02 ❑ JULY ’02 ❑ AUG. ’02 ❑ NOV. ’02 ❑ DEC. ’02 ❑ HOL. ’02 ❑ JAN. ’03 ❑ FEB. ’03 ❑ MARCH ’03 ❑ APRIL ’03 ❑ MAY ’03 ❑ JUNE ’03 ❑ JULY ’03 ❑ AUG. ’03 ❑ SEPT. ’03 ❑ OCT. ’03 ❑ NOV. ’03 SPECIALS: ❑ No. 71 (Mamazon) ❑ No. 80 (Buxotica) VOLUPTUOUS: ❑ JAN. ’03 ❑ FEB. ’03 ❑ MARCH ’03 ❑ APRIL ’03 ❑ MAY ’03 ❑ JUNE ’03 ❑ JULY ’03 ❑ AUG. ’03 In case of sellout, please list alternate choice(s): PLEASE INDICATE METHOD OF PAYMENT: ❑ Check ❑ Money Order ❑ MasterCard ❑ VISA ❑ American Express ❑ Discover Credit Card # ($25 Minimum)



City Signature: Credit Card Orders Cannot Be Processed Without Signature

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NOV. 2003–Cathy Barry, the U.K.’s No. 1 XXX star, makes her SCORE debut with a scorching pictorial and interview. Colt 45, Kelly Madison, Lovette, Daizie Kellogg and Linsey, plus lots of XXX!

ORDER 24 HOURS: 1-800-421-0760

per back issue ordered. $25 minimum for credit card orders. By ordering, I certify that I am at least 18 years old. For orders going to a P.O. box, add $1 for each issue. Canadian Orders: Add $1.00 for additional postage per magazine. All orders outside U.S./Canada/Mexico: $15 for first issue, $10 for additional issues. U.S. funds only. FL residents add 7% state sales tax.


JUNE 2003–Never say never. Mistress Rhiannon, the girl who was too far out there for SCORE, gets her month in the sun. Plus, Ines Cudna, Melanie Addison, newcomer Brandy and XXX anal.



MAIL TO: The SCORE Group, (Dept. SC1203B) 1629 N.W. 84 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33126 SEND ME THE FOLLOWING BACK ISSUES. My check or money order is enclosed for $9.00 (postage included)


JULY 2002–Scorching XXX sex with super SCORE Girls Lisa Lipps (you gotta see the centerfold!) and Brandy Dean. Plus, the return of Cindy Cupps, Kelly Madison interview and Melonie hits 50!

Zip Code SC1203B



SIX BUSTY, BEAUTIFUL, HORNY LADIES IN SIX COCKTEASING SCENES. In SCORE Xtra #8, we gave you Kayla Kleavage taking cock up her ass and showing how a super-titter likes to fuck. And now, here’s SCORE Xtra #9, the newest XXX-rated DVD and video from The SCORE Group, featuring Kayla’s bosom buddy, Minka. Yeah, she’s so horny, as usual, and you’ll be horny as hell, too, watching Minka and her five mega-chested pals fucking their way through another Xtravaganza. Newcomer Debbie Leigh does some daredevil-type fucking. Kayla Cam, another newcomer, works that ass like no one else can. Latia Lopez,who has the pinkest pussy in porn, lives la vida loca with a hard dick. Kiki Daire dares you to take a wild ride with her, and Nikki Diamond is a gem of a fuck. Damn right! SCORE 13


Watch Kayla Cam work her man into submission and damn near into a limpbiscuit state of being. You know pussy is powerful when it has you begging for mercy, but it’s worth every minute of pleasurable pain. She takes it in her ass, too. Then there’s Latia Lopez. Look into those eyes and what do you see? Horniness. Watch this video, and you’ll see Latia’s vacuum-powered mouth and famous pussy penetrated with a gigantic cock. She gets happy.



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Linsey Dawn McKenzie

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Ines Cudna

They’re a sextit of the world’s most amazing girls. They’re fantastic, not plastic. Several are new to the SCORE galaxy. Others are well-established superstars. They satisfy us week after week at their personal websites. Visit them! The original Alabama Slamma has been a SCORE favorite since 1998. Autumn dropped out of sight after modeling for SCORE in London. When we found her again, she had made huge gains in her boobage, to our great joy. And she’s since done XXX in Ultimate Autumn and SCORE Xtra #7. Sometimes, a SCORE Man’s dreams do come true. Autumn proved it. She’s an angel. Or sometimes, like on the cover of the January ’02 issue, she’s a devil. Either way, with Linsey Dawn, you get the greatest slim ‘n’ stacked all-natural in history. “My boobs still shock me,” LDM said on her most recent visit to SCORE. The Polish teen has one of the most beautiful faces ever photographed for SCORE. Her first DVD/ VHS, On Location Costa Del Sol, is a must have for titty movie collectors. This Florida babe has an extensive collection of bra-bursting pictorials on-line. We’ve popped truckloads of guy-goo watching her movie, Desirae: All The Way, but her sex scene in Voluptuous Xtra #3 was hornier. The new kid on the boob block, 20-year-old Nicole wears a 32J bra. That alone brings tears to the eyes. Her first movie tit-fest, On Location Costa Del Sol, teamed her with Ines Cudna, Cassandra and Kerry Marie. The supersite for all things Kerry, from her early SCORE shoots in 1999 to brand-new pictorials and videos captured in London, Spain and Miami. Kerry’s bustier than ever today, and this is the place to really worship her like the goddess she is. There you have them. A sampling of the Supernatual Six. The web is packed with thousands of girls these days. None of them come even close to this clan!

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Annie Swanson


The answer is no, of course, but Hana Cekova (August ’03), Annie Swanson (May ’03) and Brandy (June ’03) could pass for short ‘n’ stacked sisters. A letter in Scorecard this month pointed out the resemblance between Annie and Hana, but Brandy belongs in there, too. Hana is 21, 5’1”, 126 lbs., 42-28-38 and wears a 36E bra. Annie is 22, 4’11”, 130 lbs., 42-28-36 and wears a 36DDD. Brandy is 21, 5’2”, 130 lbs., 40-29-36 and hooks a 36DD. Although Hana lives over in the Czech Republic, perhaps all three girls had ancestors who were separated a hundred years ago. Speaking of voluptuous Annie, visit and see Ms. Swanson’s boobs shot through our glass table in a special 23-minute web video. Shooting up through glass lets us see the female anatomy in a totally unique way. The lighting is tricky, and the cameraman has to be flexible, but the results can be fantastic. Don’t try this at home with your girlfriend on your coffee table. Our glass is specially constructed and specifically calibrated to hold the weight of a largebreasted naked woman. Annie was so good and so supersexy that your SCORE editors have screened this video over and over again. They think you will, too. Annie’s boob-and-pussy play fogged up the glass pretty good. “I’d like to thank all the guys who voted for me in the SCORE and Voluptuous contests,” said Annie, sweetness personified. “I really appreciate all of you thinking of me. I never thought that I would place second in the SCORE Newcomer contest! Well, I hope to try again next year." Brandy wants to rub people the right way. She wants to be a massage therapist. “It’s a good career,” she said. “I want to relocate to a resort area, maybe Hawaii.” Hey, sign us up, Brandy. .A hairdresser by trade, Hana said, “I’m not sure I want to continue to be model. I make good money in my job. I meet many interesting people.”ow, we’re 030


SHE’S A RARE BIG-TITTED GIFT FROM DOWN UNDER. She bounded into our Miami studio, after a twoday journey from Australia, with all the energy and enthusiasm teenagers normally reserve for their favorite rock stars. But Angela White is no ordinary 18-tear-old, as we quickly found out. Firstly, she has natural Gcup breasts. Secondly, her idols aren’t rock stars. They’re big-titted models.


ANGELA WHITE BIRTHDAY: March 4, 1985 AGE: 18 HEIGHT: 5’3” WEIGHT: 130 lbs. MEASUREMENTS: 42-31-36 BRA SIZE: 36G LIVES: Sydney, Australia OCCUPATION: Student HOBBIES: “Collecting pulp magazines, doing up my hotrod, listening to music and shopping.” SCORE 29

We have no doubt that Angela, who is still attending high school back in Sydney, will become a major star in Voluptuous magazine. As for SCORE, we expect 90% of you to love her and 10% to complain, “She’s too voluptuous for SCORE.” Whatever. Whether Angela becomes as popular as her idol, Linsey Dawn, is up to you. But the quality of her breasts is undeniable. SCORE is a boob mag. And Angela is Australian for boobs.

Dropping into a three-point stance over the football, her big body teetered like a seesaw with lopsided weights: huge caramel haunches rising high, mammoth cocoa tits sinking low. “Come on,” she said. “Let’s try again.” Heather crouched behind the center and positioned her trembling hands between Tyana’s thighs, jumping when her fingers brushed Tyana’s soft pubes. “Don’t be shy,” Tyana said. “Jam your hands in there!” Heather did her best to mix up long, hard counts with short ones, but every time Tyana hiked the ball to her, Heather would bobble it, or else drop back in the lane they’d set up between their beds and plant the wrong foot. The WFL’s



t wasn’t until she was standing behind Tyana Haleakala that Heather appreciated the sheer size of her roommate’s ass. It was enormous! Still, it was nothing compared to the Hawaiian girl’s big, brown tits, mammoth swells tipped by large cocoa nipples nestled on a pair of discus-sized areolae. Twenty-one-year-old Heather Lacey was a slender Midwestern blonde who’d always been proud of her perky but huge tits. They looked as good in sweaters as they did in bikinis, but after getting a load of Tyana’s heavy hangers, Heather felt oddly inadequate. She ran her hands between the 25-year-old’s thighs to await the snap under Tyana’s right hand. Tyana, veteran center on the Sioux Falls Sirens’ offensive line, had been the rookie kicker’s roommate since the top of the Women’s Football League season. Heather had often seen Tyana naked, but tonight, instead of hopping into bed in the buff like she always did, Tyana had announced they would practice snaps. It gave Heather a funny feeling south of her stomach. Everything about Tyana was alluring: her big brown eyes, her long black hair, and her bountiful form, a firm hourglass with generous hips, big butt and a mountainous chest. “Don’t you want some sweats or something?” Heather had asked. “Next best thing to suiting up is stripping down, Heather,” Tyana said. “You 32 SCORE


should, too.” Heather, who’d changed into comfy flannel pajamas, knew Tyana was right. The uniforms of all 16 WFL teams consisted of little more than tiny pads connected by strips of material. Heather had signed on with the Sirens before the eighth season of the WFL had begun. She hadn’t realized the Sirens would take the game so seriously, fighting long odds over their 10-week season to make it to the first-ever MegaCup Showdown, the WFL’s answer to the Super Bowl. Nor had it occurred to

Heather, or anyone else, that after making it to the Mega-Cup, the Sirens would cut half their team to free enough money to lure away quarterback Tina “T&A” Torres and her favorite receiver, Joy “Boy-toy” Joyner, from the playoff-eliminated Miami Vix-ens. Many starters and every backup had been cut a week before the big game, while superstars Torres and Joyner, the “Miami Connection,” were getting paid more for their one-game appearance than the rest of the Sirens were getting for the entire season. Gutting the roster destroyed the Sirens’ depth, and Heather found herself taking over punting duties and also being listed as the Sirens’ only backup quarterback, though she had yet to take a snap in either a game or practice. “If Goldfish thought there was any chance I’d go in,” Heather had protested, “she’d have me doing this, right?” Goldfish was the nickname of Sirens Coach Nancy Harrington, granddaughter of coaching legend Cyrus “Red” Harrington. This was Goldfish’s first year coaching, and her only credential beyond her bloodline came in the form of Red’s old playbook. It supposedly contained every play he’d ever drawn up. “Maybe, maybe not,” Tyana replied. ILLUSTRATIONS BY OTIS SWEAT

regulation football was smaller than the NFL’s, yet Tyana might as well as have been pushing a beach ball though her legs the way Heather kept muffing it. Heather was a horny wreck. She wanted to get down on her knees and run her tongue over every inch of Tyana’s big ass, or, better still, pull up her own top, grab her tits and rub her nipples over Tyana’s ass. Tyana peered upside down through her tremendous cleavage and looked into Heather’s big, blue eyes. Her udders swayed as she said, “You gotta get this right!” Heather got behind Tyana and took the snap. This time, Tyana didn’t let go. She kept the ball mashed against her

cunt while a confused Heather yanked it along the folds of Tyana’s pussy, leaving a wet streak on it. Tyana moaned as she and Heather began playing tug-of-war across her soaked twat. Heather straightened, using her free hand to slide down her pajama bottoms. Nestling the football against her blonde patch, she glided it between Tyana’s legs. Tyana dropped to her hands and knees, surrendering her big body to the ample-titted blonde. Cradling the football in one hand, Heather spanked the center’s ass with the other until Tyana was screaming with ecstasy and her musky juices had drenched the football. Tyana resisted cumming and walked



over to the bed. She sprawled out on the suspected the ex-Vixens, but she turned mattress, fingering herself until Heather out the light and went to bed. Heather finished pulling off her pajamas and tossed and turned all night, formulating crawled between her legs, kneeling over conspiracy theories about the WFL, Tyana to fondle her tan tits. After run- fighting her nerves over the Sirens’ ning her tongue across Tyana’s mouth, looming championship game against Heather scooped up her big breasts and the Los Angeles Lost Angels. pressed them to Tyana’s massive ones, brushing her yearning pink peaks across hen the Mega-Cup ShowTyana’s brown nipples. down’s eight o’clock kickoff Tyana looped Heather’s legs around time rolled around, Miami’s her own hips, then sandwiched the foot- blue skies had faded into a scorched ball between both their pussies at once. peach-and-purple twilight. Because Heather rocked her pelvis and watched GGM, the WFL’s marketing company, Tyana release the ball, lean back and had made good on its promise to fill the gyrate her hips on Heather’s nose, stadium with rowdy college kids, Pay-2which was now pressed to her cunt. See-TV’s director had a field day aiming Tyana and Heather were getting them- his cameras at hordes of co-eds showing selves and each other off without laying off their summer-vacation tan lines. a hand on the ball. Tyana’s big, brown eyes watched Heather come so hard, her entire body shook. Then Tyana was getting off along with her. Each girl fondled her own, huge breasts as they came and rode out their orgasms. Finally, Heather went slack, panting as she watched Tyana climb off the bed and contort her sweat-streaked body into a threepoint stance. “Let’s try this again,” Tyana said. Heather jumped off THE GIRLS CALLED THE CUPS “TITTY the bed and got behind the center. Her big, tawny tits Although ticket sales were brisk splayed across Tyana’s bountiful back- among loyal fans and brought locals side. Although it surprised Heather, it eager to cheer on hometown-girl T&A didn’t surprise Tyana when Heather’s Torres, GGM had waited until a week graceful hands now performed the before the Showdown to launch its local snaps flawlessly. promotional blitz. It dumped a fortune “That’s how it’s done,” Tyana said. of ad dollars into Miami media and She stood up. withheld the stadium’s best seats for Heather narrowed her eyes. “That’s contests and giveaways. Armed with why we’re doing these snaps, why free tickets, GGM hit beaches and bars, you’re constantly quizzing me on the clubs and malls, going wherever vacacraziest plays in the book,” she said. tioning collegians could be found to ”You know I’m going into the game push the Mega-Cup’s wild tailgate tomorrow night.” party, which had been designed to get Tyana tossed Heather the ball. “No the guys horny and the co-eds wild one on the offensive line trusts Torres or before they took their premium seats. Joyner. If we think T&A’s throwing the Meanwhile, GGM had bribed, bulgame, Torres will find she’s got no pro- lied, and blackmailed the mainstream tection up front. Now get some sleep.” media into covering the Mega-Cup. AlHeather wanted to know why Tyana though Pay-2-See-TV’s WFL games



ruled their Friday night slot–the first time any pay-per-view program had accomplished that–sports desks still called the WFL the XXXFL and refused to treat it like a real sports league. To them, it was a Friday-night wankfest, an excuse to dress up hot, young women in tight, little uniforms that couldn’t possibly stay on their curvy bodies through four quarters of cat-fighting. So, while organizing the pre-game party, GGM execs were also coaxing sportswriters by swearing the WFL was transitioning from its over-the-top sex appeal and becoming a bland, if wholesome, sport. It was a bait-and-switch game that GGM excelled at. As late as kickoff, some reporters were still ignorant of the wall-to-wall advertising touting the Mega-Cup Showdown as the “Ultimate X Game.” To the Sirens, the crowds and the noise were overwhelming. Most of the fans in the stands didn’t know the players, and as they were introduced, only ex-Vixen “T&A” Torres received cheers on a par with the L.A. players, who outnumbered the Sirens and looked unbeatable in their skimpy black-on-black uniforms. Even their numbers were a varnished ebony that CLAMPS” gleamed like wet ink on their half-jerseys. On one side of their helmets was the Lost Angels’ logo: a feather-winged angel, complete with a halo and gigantic tits. On the other side was the Lost Angels’ alter-ego logo: a leather-winged she-devil complete with horns and even larger tits. Compared to the Lost Angels outfits, the Sirens’ skintight, red uniforms seemed like throwbacks, a combination of an old Kansas City Chiefs’ uniform and a Chiefs’ cheerleaders outfit. Flaring red skirts that didn’t come close to covering their panty-sized shorts gave a false impression that the Sirens were accidentally showing off their hips and asses. Even their logo was nostalgic: a chesty redhead holding up the bottom of her cleavage-popping red dress to Continued on page 42

MS. KLEEVAGE GOES RUB-A-DUB-DUB! In our favorite scene from one of our favorite movies, Cool Hand Luke, a hot blonde wearing cut-off shorts uses her body to wash a car while a gang of convicts watch. And that was the inspiration for this spread.


We don’t need gimmicks to make Kayla look awesome, but a little extra inspiration never hurt anyone. So imagine. A hot day. A pink Ford Mustang. A hose and a pail of soap and water. No sponge necessary, although she has one at hand. She just uses her H-cup breasts to rub-a-dub-dub. “I actually do wash my own car,” Kayla said. “I love to have neighbors stare at me, and I like giving a free peep show. I know I have a lot of admirers passing by looking, and possibly tons too embarrassed to ogle me, but I feel them watching from their houses through binoculars. It turns me on and gets me off.”

KAYLA KLEEVAGE HEIGHT: 5’7” WEIGHT: 128 lbs. MEASUREMENTS: 50-26-36 BRA SIZE: 40H LIVES: Las Vegas, Nevada PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: May ’03, Feb. ’03, Oct. ’02, Aug. ’02, April ’02, March ’02, Oct. ’01, Feb. ’99 VIDEOS: SCORE Xtra #8 (XXX-Rated) and Mega-Boob Olympics (X-Rated), DVDs and videos available on page 98 of this issue; SCORE Xtra #5 (XXX-Rated) and Busty Dildo Lovers #3 (X-Rated), both available at FAN CLUB:

A spread pussy on the hood and titties on the windshield is a sight every guy has to experience at least once in his lifetime. And when the tits and pussy belong to Kayla, dream turns into ultimate fantasy. By the way, did you notice that Kayla, for a change, isn’t filling her pussy with anything in this spread? And do you care? This time, it’s all about her tits.

BIG-TIT FOOTBALL Continued from page 34

show off her curvy legs. Losing the coin toss was the least of the Sirens’ problems. On the first play of the game, L.A. returned its kickoff for a touchdown. The next L.A. possession had the Lost Angels going long for another score. After a field goal by the Sirens, L.A. responded with another touchdown. One of the few bright spots for the Sirens came when Heather set a WFL record with a 54-yard field goal, but the Los Angels led 21-6 at halftime. In the Sirens’ locker room, Heather sat in her pristine uniform while exhausted teammates slipped off shredded jerseys and replaced missing pads. The Sirens were so strapped for players that they had linebackers and defensive ends filling out big sets on offense while cornerbacks and safeties were lining up as receivers. They had no time for onfield equipment changes. Heather watched identical twins Sheniqua and Keniqua Jones try to help each other maneuver their massive breasts–two pairs of 44Fs–into the breast-cups hinged to their shoulder pads. The players called the cups “tittyclamps.” Like all WFL pads, the tittyclamps were transparent. They routinely popped off on their own, so players would toss them aside and line up for

the next play bare-breasted. Sheniqua, a defensive tackle who was also filling in at left guard on offense, squeezed her vast, coffee-brown tits into her cups while Keniqua struggled to swing them shut. Keniqua, a right guard lining up alongside her twin as a tackle on the defensive line, looked perplexed as she scooped up Sheniqua’s dark melons for another try. With the exception of Tyana’s colossal 48J-cups, the twins’ tits far surpassed the other girls’ on the O-line. Hennessey Copper, the caramel-skinned, 6’4” right tackle, came in at 42E, while left tackle/SaintPauli-Girl-look-a-like Lisa Kawalski sported a 44D. The Sirens’ number two receiver, Kelly Lefebvre, appeared before Heather. Both of Kelly’s pink nipples were standing firm on her creamy breasts. She hadn’t put on her snug halfjersey yet, and her titty-clamps were swung wide open. “Clamp me?” she said. Heather smiled and nodded. Kelly looked over her shoulder and watched the twins’ attempts at squashing their tits into their pads. Heather snuggled Kelly’s boobs in place and then snapped the cups together. “Think we should help them?” Heather asked. Kelly shook her head. “More fun watching.” At 34, Kelly, an auburnhaired knockout with legendary legs,

was the WFL’s oldest player. “Think we can come back and win this?” Heather said. Kelly shook her head somberly. “We’re gonna lose this one. There’s nothing we can do about it.” “What, like it’s predestined or something that we lose?” “Predestined by the WFL. They wanted a New York Nymphs/Lost Angels match-up. They would’ve settled for L.A./Houston Hotties, Pittsburgh Pussycats/Miami Vixens game or Frisco Gold Diggers/Vegas Showgirls. Being from South Dakota, we’re considered a soft market. If we win, the WFL makes less money and has fewer viewers next year. Pay-2-See-TV wants to see an upward trend, and we can’t give them that. So if Los Angeles loses, this’ll probably be the WFL’s final game.” “So the WFL’s fixed?” “It’s business now,” Kelly said bitterly. “Everything’s fixed.” Heather leaned back and closed her eyes. Outside, the halftime show was in full-swing. A “Halftime Flash Wave” had been organized by GGM, and Senior Executive Evelyn Tranh herded the mainstream VIPs out of the sky box before this variation on the wave got going. Entire sections of screaming coeds jumped to their feet, hitched their tops up for a tit-flash, then sat down. The next section did the same thing. Tits and more tits. When the VIPS were out, Evelyn made her escape down the corridor to find a quiet place where she could pump some relief into herself with her dildo, something she’d been doing more frequently as the WFL’s scheme heated up. She required the tension-breaker that only her orgasms could bring.


ou cows had better start protecting me!” T&A Torres screamed at her teammates in the huddle early in the third quarter. “Maybe you should throw the fucking ball!” Sheniqua snarled. The entire offensive line was worn ragged. The Lost Angels were predicting the Sirens’ plays, and Sioux Falls’ situation got even worse when Joyner got hurt. Torres had set the dubious league record for times getting sacked in a

”This is Vince Johnson, honey. We used to fuck in high school.“ 42 SCORE

Continued on page 58

UNLIKE THE OTHERS, THIS BOND GIRL DOESN’T JUST BARE HER SOUL. Like 007 likes his martinis, we like Michelle Bond’s breasts a little shaken, not stirred. Actually, we like everything about her, especially her tits, ass and definitely her pussy. Michelle is her own type of Bond Girl, but don’t let her sweet, little, white outfit fool you. Michelle is far from being an angel. At the same time, she’s no devil. And that makes her just right for SCORE. SCORE 43

“I WANT MEN TO LOOK AT ME. I FEEL INSECURE WHEN THEY DON’T.” “I can’t speak for anyone else, but I love my body,” said Michelle, who splits her time between going to college and working as a hotel receptionist back home in England. “I love having men stare at me, but I like it more when they are touching me. If a guy knows how to work my clit and suck my breasts, I would do anything for him. You rarely find a guy who knows how to make you cum using only his tongue, so when you do, you hold on to him. But if I can’t find a guy to please me, I’ll do it myself or find a woman to do it.” Hey, Michelle, stop with the threats! We’ll do what you want!

Michelle has only appeared once before in SCORE, but she’s becoming a favorite with readers. Recently, we flew her down to Costa Del Sol, Spain, for a week of photo shoots with Kerry Marie, Nicole Peters and Inesse. “I had a wonderful week,” Michelle said. “For the first time, I felt like a SCORE Girl.” That’s great, Michelle. Because a SCORE Girl is what you are.

MICHELLE BOND AGE: 23 BIRTHDAY: May 7, 1980 HEIGHT: 5’4” WEIGHT: 105 lbs. MEASUREMENTS: 38-26-36 BRA SIZE: 32F BORN, RAISED & LIVES: Liverpool, England OCCUPATION: Student/hotel receptionist PREVIOUS MAGAZINE APPEARANCES: SCORE–June ’03; Voluptuous–June ’02

THE JOY OF AUTO-EROTICA Over a year ago in “The Jack Report,” Dan Ross dealt with the subject of jacking while driving. And one of our favorite photo scenarios at SCORE is big tits in cars (see Kayla Kleavage washing a Ford Mustang on page 35 of this issue). Well, obviously, we’re not the only ones with this auto-erotic fetish. According to the magazine Max Power, one in five of its readers has had sex during a long car trip, and one in two has masturbated. One in two has received oral sex from a passenger while driving. “All these activities are dangerous and possibly illegal distractions for drivers, but with our busy working and social lives, we spend more and more time in our cars, so perhaps these results are to be expected,” John Sootheran, the magazine’s editor, commented. Or, just maybe, we like the thrill of getting caught. BIG TITS? BIG MONEY! Just thought we’d pass the word along that Looker, the new men’s lifestyle magazine from The SCORE Group, is offering $10,000 to any chick whose breasts are better than Linsey Dawn McKenzie’s. Better. Meaning larger, firmer and shapelier. Of course, the winning chick has to agree to bare her breasts. And her rockets must be real. No augmentations. SCORE is ready to match that offer, and, although we don’t expect there to be a winner, we hope there will be one. After all, the past three decades alone have brought us Devon Daniels, Linsey, Chloe and Sharday. If you’re a woman and you think your tits are better than Linsey’s, or you know a woman whose tits are better than Linsey’s, send us her picture. The address is: Beat Linsey, SCORE, 1629 NW 84th Avenue, Miami, Florida, 33126. Or email Be sure to include your contact information and a photo ID. TITS: THE GREAT EQUALIZERS As all SCORE Men know, one of the primary differences between men and women is tits. Not counting man-boobs, of course. They’re gross.


Julia Miles wore this outfit when she won the 2003 Wimbledon title.

“Ever notice that staring at tits is so relaxing?”

Linsey Dawn $$$

Who could drive with Ricki Raxxx spreading in the backseat?

So, our hearts were truly touched when, once again, tits helped bring the sexes together. We’re talking about the Wimbledon tennis tournament, where, for years, there’s been a controversy over whether women should receive as much prize money as men. Well, this past summer at Wimbledon, a bra manufacturer chipped in $66,800 to pad the prize for the women’s champion and insure equality between the sexes. Thanks to Berlei, a company that makes sports bras and counts tennis babe Anna Kournikova among its spokespersons, the 2003 men’s and women’s champions each received $960,250. Of course, here at SCORE, we love putting big-breasted babes in tennis outfits and taking pictures of them. The idea of a heavily racked chick bouncing around the court gets us hard. And, we don’t think it’s a coincidence that in the year a bra company helped make the prize money equal, a girl with big tits, Serena Williams, won the women’s championships. Proof, once again, that boobs help make the world a better place. F-F-F-FUNNY J-J-J-JOKE A young woman is sitting in a bar with three men who all stutter, and it’s driving her crazy. She turns to them and says, “If one of you guys can tell me where you’re from without stuttering, I’ll give you a blow job.” Needless to say, all three guys get very excited. She says to the first guy, “Where are you from?” He concentrates and says, “Ph-Ph-Ph-Philadelphia.” “Loser,” she says. So she asks the second guy, “Where are you from?” He closes his eyes, really concentrates and gasps, “H-H-H-Houston.” “Loser,” she says. Then she asks the third guy, “Okay, where are you from?” He closes his eyes, clenches his fists, takes a few deep breathes, and blurts, “Miami!” “All right! Way to go! We have a winner!” the girl exclaims. She gets down on her knees, pulls down his pants and starts blowing him. Just as he explodes in her mouth from the greatest BJ he’s ever had, the guy yelps, “BB-B-Beach!”

ANOTHER LOOK AT INES CUDNA, WALKING WET DREAM. TWICE ISN’T ENOUGH. Is it possible that Polish teen tit dream Ines Cudna has become more beautiful since we last saw her in the June ’03 issue? Possible, but not likely. Ines was already one of the most stunning SCORE models ever. More likely, Ines, who was a mere 18 when her modeling career began, has become more comfortable in front of the camera. Now she makes love to it…and to you. 52 SCORE

“THANKS TO CASSANDRA, I FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE WITH THE CAMERA.” Ines, who’s now attending college in Poland, credits her sessions with Cassandra during the filming of the DVD/video On Location Costa Del Sol (available on page 98 of this issue)–and the many shoots she’s done for–for her more open posing style. Which means hooking up Ines with Cassandra was our second stroke of genius. Finding Ines was our first.

INES CUDNA AGE: 19 BIRTHDAY: January 25, 1984 HEIGHT: 5’6” WEIGHT: 140 lbs. MEASUREMENTS: 40-26-36 BRA SIZE: 34EE BORN, RAISED & LIVES: Poland PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCES: June ’03, March ’03 WEBSITE: VIDEO: On Location Costa Del Sol (X-Rated, available on page 98 of this issue or at

BIG-TIT FOOTBALL Continued from page 42

game. The Sirens had managed to score 13 points, six of them with Heather Lacey’s legs, the rest thanks to a kickoff that Mercedes Chaise returned for a touchdown to open the second half. Keniqua held Sheniqua back from knocking the quarterback on her ass. “Better tighten that leash,” T&A said. Then, shaking her head, she eyed the other Sirens as they lined up: Tori Tanner, the heavy-breasted, bubblebutted tight end; Kelly Lefebvre, the Sirens’ wide-out; Tabitha Drake, an exhausted cornerback now filling in at receiver for Joyner; fullback Candice Kain, a fireplug with ample tits and luscious, dark thighs; and the Sirens’ stacked back, Yolanda Pierce. T&A ignored the blitz L.A. had telegraphed and didn’t adjust for the linebacker-heavy three-four stance the defense had taken to counter the Sirens’ six-and-out. When T&A dropped back after the snap, the exhausted Sirens offensive line stood straight up and watched the entire Lost Angels defense

rush right by them. Having been sacked and grabbed so many times, Torres had little left of her uniform. Play-by-play, piece-by-piece, the defense had plucked off T&A’s pads. Thus, Torres’ bare tits, a pair of awesome 38DDs, flopped freely as she scrambled away, realizing too late that she’d run into the linebacker who’d been making her life hell. Kazandra Kleeves had also lost her breast pads but had refused to come out for an equipment change. Under her jersey, her tits were swinging as pendulously as T&A’s. Her sweat-streaked, body was a thing of beauty as she closed in on T&A and then pounced, driving the quarterback into the turf with a force that quieted the entire stadium. T&A could only stare up at the linebacker, who celebrated her sack by hiking up her jersey, grabbing her big, black tits and half-pumping, half-squeezing them as if squirting milk all over Torres’s face. No one noticed Tyana walk over to the Sirens’ prone quarterback and order, “Stay down.” On the sidelines, Goldfish Harrington looked terrified as Torres was carted off the field. She had no advice to give

Heather, her kicker/backup quarterback, other than the bleak mantra, “Kick it away! Kick it away!” Heather found herself at the back of a punt formation. When a breeze licked her damp pussy through her torn shorts, Heather realized her nervousness had turned her on. She knew cameras were zooming in for her X-rated punt, but the camera crew got a shock when the blonde instead bootlegged to the right, pump-faked to the Sirens’ fullback, Candice Kain, and then went deep for Tyana Halaekala, the center who had routinely reported as an eligible tight end on special teams. Tyana caught the ball and lumbered downfield with surprising speed. It took half of the Lost Angels’ defense to bring down the bountiful woman. Heather sprinted to the new line of scrimmage 15 yards away. With most of the Sirens playing offense and defense, they already had a workable offense on the field. L.A. had a mix that hadn’t been ready for the fake punt and no-huddle drive. Tyana, back at center, called the audible to change the play before snapping the ball into Heather’s hands. Lacey threw another perfect spiral that connected with Tori Tanner 11 yards downfield. After the play, the Lost Angels called timeout to get the right players on the field. Reporters rifled through press kits but found nothing to explain how this rookie kicker had come out cold to deliver two perfect strikes. Heather used the L.A. timeout to run to the sideline and exchange her kicker’s helmet for one of T&A’s wired backups.


hen the WFL scout had approached her during summer break, Heather was more thrilled than she’d let on. Determined to drive guys nuts by stuffing her big breasts into an itsy-bitsy bikini, she and her friends had been playing beach football with a bunch of halfdrunk, half-hard guys. Heather had been so into jiggling her huge tits and pretending her nipples were popping out accidentally that she hadn’t noticed the scout. Heather hadn’t handled a ball in years, but she was soon throwing accurate spirals. The guys, all jocks, had started paying less attention to

”I’m afraid I swallowed his sperm sample, doctor.“ 58 SCORE

Continued on page 72

DAVIA IS ONE OF EARTH’S DIVINE BEAUTIES. Davia is what most SCORE Men would consider the perfect package: beauty, brains, booty and bust. Davia hasn’t been seen around these parts since the sold-out August ’97 issue, which makes this retrospective look at her welcome. SCORE 59

“I LOVE TEASING MEN, BUT TO THEIR BENEFIT.” Ssshh!!! No talking in the library! Or screaming orgasms for that matter. But who are we kidding? If we saw Davia in our library, climbing bookshelves with her DD-cup breasts and pussy completely exposed, we’d have only one question, and it would have nothing to do with the Dewey Decimal System. It would be, “Care to find a quiet area where we can do further research on your body? Perhaps the anatomy stacks?” And Davia, kind girl, wouldn’t slap us across the face.

“SOMETIMES I WANNA SHOW OFF EVERYTHING TO THE WHOLE WORLD.” These photos provide you with rare, unobstructed views of all of Davia’s goodies. And every time she posed, she made it quite clear that she wanted people to see all of her in her natural form. “Sometimes I like for everyone to see everything, even inside my pussy,” she said. “I’m a horny girl, and I need sexual attention. I need a man who can give it to me.” When we last saw her, Davia was single, perhaps because no one man can truly satisfy her, perhaps because she has a hard time sitting still. Bottom line: The library is probably the last place you’ll find her. “When I’m in a relationship, which is rare, I expect to get cock when and where I want it,” she said. “In the elevator, in the bedroom, in the washroom, whatever. So far, I’ve had a hard time finding a man who’s up to the task.” Task? Did she say task? Davia, studying is a task. But you’re pure pleasure. 62 SCORE

DAVIA AGE: 28 BIRTHDAY: March 17, 1975 HEIGHT: 4’11” WEIGHT: 92 lbs. MEASUREMENTS: 36-22-32 BRA SIZE: 32DD BORN: Las Vegas, Nevada LIVES: Los Angeles, California PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCE: Aug. ’97

VERONICA’S GETTING OLDER AND BETTER. The sight of Veronica Vincent’s beautiful face and peerless areolae is always welcome in SCORE, especially when so much time has passed since we last saw her in the March ’02 issue. But time has been this 36-year-old’s friend.


“I KNOW THAT MEN ALWAYS LOOK AT MY BOOBS, BUT I’M PROUD OF MY ENTIRE BODY.” And rightly so, because as naturals go, you’re not going to find any SCORE Girl with a more perfect overall body than Veronica’s. The beautifully formed, symmetrical E-cup breasts are obvious, but then her shape tapers down to a 26-inch waist and flares back out to firm 36-inch hips that jut out just so. From any angle, this chick is a winner. “I think the whole idea of a magazine like SCORE is for the model to project sensuality and beauty,” she said. “For most guys, their dream girl has both. I’m not saying a below-average-looking girl can’t be sexy, because she can, but guys don’t want to spend their nine dollars, or whatever SCORE costs, to see that. They want to live out their fantasies. I hope I can help them do that, which is why I try to take good care of myself.” She’s doing a great job. And the proof is in the pictures.

VERONICA VINCENT AGE: 36 BIRTHDAY: Feb. 26, 1967 HEIGHT: 5’8” WEIGHT: 140 lbs. MEASUREMENTS: 40-26-36 BRA SIZE: 34E BORN & RAISED: Ohio LIVES: Atlanta, Georgia PREVIOUS MAGAZINE APPEARANCES: SCORE–March ’02, February ’01; Voluptuous–August ’01, February ’01

BIG-TIT FOOTBALL Continued from page 58

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Heather’s tits, ass and legs and more attention to defending against the passes that Heather’s friends caught in selfdefense as ball after ball sailed between their tits. Humiliated, the guys eventually stalked off. Had the scout not approached just then, Heather’s friends would have killed her for not throwing the game. “I think you pissed those boys off,” the scout said, smiling. Heather shrugged. “It’s just a game.” He laughed. “Yeah, but it’s a game you won.” The scout smiled and held out his hand. “My name’s Jack Kurtz. I’m working with the WFL. You ever thought about playing professionally?” Heather, looked at Kurtz as if he were kidding. “Seriously?” “Seriously. You know who those guys were?” When Heather shook her head, he said, “They play for Michigan. Two of them are first-team.” “Is Michigan good?” Heather asked, although she knew. She didn’t want the scout to know she knew. She suspected this meeting wasn’t so random and that Kurtz knew more about her than he’d been letting on. She’d been big news in South Dakota a few years ago for quarterbacking her high school’s varsity boys football team to the State Finals. “Michigan’s very good,” he said. “Where’re you from?” “Canton.” “Canton, Ohio, the birthplace of football. You probably got the game in your blood.” Heather shook her head. “Canton, South Dakota.” “Even better. I’m recruiting for the Sioux Falls Sirens. But I’m looking for a kicker, not a quarterback.” Heather smiled. “I’m better with my legs. I’m going to college on a soccer scholarship.” “You don’t say?” the scout said. He eyed Heather’s tan legs. They walked over to the parking lot, where Kurtz confirmed Heather’s ability to kick a fooball as he checked out her rack. Later, Kurtz put Heather’s friends up in a suite GGM kept reserved in Daytona, and Heather was whisked to Sioux Falls, where she met the Sirens’ owners and coaches.


eather rapped her knuckles against her helmet. She’d expected crosstalk between Goldfish and the coordinators, but either they were keeping quiet or the wiring had shorted. She jolted when the speaker in her helmet chirped to life. “Pat Tyana on the ass if I’m coming through all right,” Kurtz said. Heather spanked Tyana’s ass. The center winked back. “Good,” Kurtz said breathlessly. “L.A. has Red Harrington’s playbook, but we’re gonna try some plays they haven’t seen.” He paused, then Heather heard a wet smacking sound, followed by a faint, feminine moan. “Oh, God, your cock tastes so good!” the voice said. When Kurtz grunted, Heather realized he was getting a blow job. She glanced at the dwindling play-clock. “All right,” Kurtz said. “We’re going for a LEFT TIT-FLASH YANK 0-2-1 RED DOG H-CREAM. Remember that one, Heather?” They were going deep into the playbook here. When Heather recalled the play, she nodded vigorously for Kurtz to see. She repeated the play to her teammates, who moved into a Weak I-formation. Heather suddenly felt as if she were on an adrenaline/endorphin cocktail as plays blurred together. The aural sex filling her helmet was like a 1970s porn soundtrack as horny Kurtz groaned out passes and runs while some woman purred around a mouthful of his shaft. “Oh, God, ram it up my pussy now! I want that hot cock!” Heather’s nipples strained against her titty-clamps, and musky juices seeped through her torn short-shorts. She was unbearably horny, but her lust kept her focused. The rapid-fire drive toward the end zone was like foreplay. As her team neared the uprights, Heather knew she’d orgasm if they scored. She could hear a wet spanking sound over her speaker while Kurtz grunted. The desire to reach down and frig her pussy was unbearable. L.A. didn’t know what had hit them as the Sirens scored a touchdown on Heather’s short pass to Tori Tanner, then made the score 31-21 after the two-point conversion. “I’m coming so hard! Yes-yes-yesss, uhh, shoot all over my pussy! Oh, fuck yeah. Now put it back in my mouth! Hurry! Now!” Heather heard through

her headphones. But once Kurtz came, he seemed to lose his edge. The entire stadium, which had been getting behind the Sirens, booed when they didn’t go for the onside kick and repeated its disgust when the Sirens settled for a field goal on their next possession, leaving them behind 31-24. Kurtz had Heather go for the onside kick this time, and, judging from his sounds, Heather imagined that he was fucking the girl in the missionary position, pounding her on top of a table. Heather was so horny for a fuck, she was trembling. “No,” the girl screamed. “Do me from behind so I can watch!” Heather used her long legs to trick L.A. into thinking the ball was going to the hands-team the Sirens had assembled to face L.A.’s own hands-crew, but instead she chipped it straight down the field and charged after it. “It’s so big. Mmm. Slide it all the way in!” the female voice moaned. Heather put just the right amount of spin on the ball and recovered the ball 10 yards downfield. L.A. piled on top of her. At the bottom of the stack, she desperately clung to the ball as her uniform was ripped off her buxom body. “Fuck me harder, Jack! Harder! Harder!” Heather couldn’t listen to any more. Her pussy juice was dripping down her legs. Engulfed by hard bodies and soft tits, Heather felt hands on her breasts and fingers probing her pussy and ass. Kurtz’s groans and the mysterywoman’s cries filled Heather’s helmet, and Heather felt like her pussy was being drilled from behind. When Heather emerged from the stack, she found that, although her tittyclamps had disappeared, her snug halfjersey was mostly intact. The other Sirens were staring at her as she walked to the huddle. “Why are you looking at me like that?” Heather asked. Hennessey laughed and pointed at Heather’s pussy. Heather was shocked to find that her shorts were gone, leaving nothing but her little skirt: a decorative frill slung around her hips that didn’t come close to covering her blonde muff or her pussy lips. Several Lost Angels had taken Heather’s tit-cups and shorts to the stands and hurled them to the crowd. SCORE 73

Dressed in the world’s shortest micro-miniskirt, her liberated tits jutting out from under her jersey, Heather knew every camera in the stadium was on her. She placed the finger inside her naked pussy and raised it to her lips for a cheek-hollowing suck. Meanwhile, Kurtz, who was obviously cumming, said. “Look, um, we need to get this tied up, so it’s important–OHHH!” And then he was gone. The Sirens looked at Heather. Only two minutes remained in the game, and losing her connection with Kurtz made for a dire situation. Heather’s erotic euphoria dissolved into nausea. “What’re we going to do, Heather?” Sheniqua asked. “I don’t know.” She looked at Tyana. “I lost him.” “What?” “Kurtz is gone. We’re on our own.” Tyana shook her head. “Maybe he’ll come back.” “And maybe he won’t,” Heather said, looking at the clock.


lthough she was otherwise naked, Evelyn had been too ashamed of her freakish nipples to part with her bra. Kurtz, dressed from the waist up, stripped from the waist down, was groaning behind her. Evelyn was bent over the counter that ran along the windows that looked out onto the field. Kurtz had one leg on the counter and was trying to get some leverage on Evelyn’s curvy little backside as he thrust into a cunt practically custom-fitted to his big cock. With his cell phone balanced in the crook of his neck, Kurtz gripped Evelyn’s hips with both hands to steady her while he got ready to shoot off. Evelyn braced herself against the glass with both hands. She half-expected Kurtz to fuck her right through the window, and she moaned as she came again from the cock filling her pussy. She pressed her face to the cool glass as Kurtz impaled her relentlessly, stretching her pussy. Knowing Heather was waiting, Kurtz managed to croak, ““Look, um, we need to get this tied up, so it’s important–OHHH!” Kurtz growled and unleashed a blast of white-hot cum. The phone fell off his shoulder and clattered across the floor as he shot his load into Evelyn’s pussy. He looked down at the cell phone, knowing 74 SCORE

FROM $2.99

he had to get to it, but primitive instinct took over, and he kept pumping into Evelyn’s quivering body. Kurtz forced himself to pull out so he could grab the phone, but Evelyn suddenly wriggled to the floor and scooped it up. Her loose A-cup bra had slid down her scrawny shoulders, revealing her fully erect nipples. They had to be over two inches long. Kurtz stared at her in disbelief. “What’s going on?” “That was a nice fuck, Jack,” Evelyn said as some of the huge volume of cum Kurtz had creamed into her came trickling out of her cunt. She smiled darkly at Kurtz, then hurled his cell phone as hard as she could against the wall, breaking it into pieces. “But playtime’s over,” she said. “Back to work.”


A. busted up two passing plays in a row. One left Heather rolling in the turf until the twominute warning. The other was a brutal sack by Kazandra. Heather had never been hit so hard. Boys, mesmerized by her massive tits and pretty smile, had always taken it easy on her. But these girls, every one of whom had big boobs, didn’t let up. Tyana pointed at the clock. “Hurry,” she urged Heather. Heather stumbled to the line and whispered to Tyana, “I need a sec.” “We don’t have a second!” Tyana snapped. “Where are we?” “Miami. Jesus, Heather, are…?” “No, I mean what yard-line?” “Third-and-13 at our own 19.” “I can’t even see straight!” “Get into a shotgun and keep the count going,” Tyana said. “I’ll worry about the clock.” Heather stared between Tyana’s thighs, fixated on the center’s vast rack and her big brown nipples that brushed against the turf. Then, so imperceptibly as to make Heather think she’d hallucinated, one of Tyana’s gigantic breasts swayed a fraction of an inch. A Lost Angels tackle charged across the line, bringing flags and the referee’s whistle. Tyana’s swaying tit had drawn the Lost Angels offside. Heather had her wits back and stared at Yolanda Pierce. Most of the front of Yolanda’s half-jersey had been torn off Continued on page 84


CHRISTINE ALLURE IS FULL OF SURPRISES. Here’s California hair dresser Christine Allure looking sweet and sexy in a little pink dress she picked out just for her SCORE shoot. She looks so demure, doesn’t she? She’s not even naked yet. Who would’ve guessed that, just eight months ago, she made her SCORE debut by getting her mouth and pussy fucked by a big cock? And who could guess that this spread is about to get real raunchy? SCORE 77

“I had no clue you would make me the centerfold in the April issue,” Christine wrote to us after seeing her cockfilled cunt in the Xtra section. “I can’t thank you all enough. I’m so happy. I’ve wanted to be in SCORE for so long, so thank you for helping me to make a dream come true.” Our pleasure, Christine. Seriously. We jacked to your photos till our engorged cocks hurt.



CHRISTINE ALLURE AGE: 34 BIRTHDAY: December 14, 1968 HEIGHT: 5’7” WEIGHT: 140 lbs. MEASUREMENTS: 41-26-38 BRA SIZE: 36E LIVES: Los Angeles, California OCCUPATION: Hair dresser PREVIOUS SCORE APPEARANCE: April ’03 (XXX boy-girl) WEBSITE:

“It’s still hard for me to believe that I made it into SCORE,” said Christine, who shouldn’t have been surprised considering her E-cup tits, sexy look and willingness to stuff herself with real and plastic cocks. “I was at lunch with a girlfriend and told her I was the centerfold. She wanted to see it, so we stopped at a newsstand so I could get another copy. I felt funny buying a magazine that I was in. It is going to be a treasure in my SCORE collection.” Obviously, modeling means a lot to Christine, so for her encore, she grabbed the biggest dildo she could find. And away she went! “I’m a good girl gone bad,” she said, working the dildo. “And I mean that in the best way!”


BIG-TIT FOOTBALL Continued from page 76

and her titty-clamps were gone, leaving her big breasts in full view. “We need three yards,” Heather said in the huddle. The Sirens lined up. Heather shoved the ball at Yolanda. Tucking the smooth, brown oblong shape to her chest, Yolanda followed Candice Kain toward the hole in the offensive line. The Lost Angels quickly closed the gap. Sharpeyed defensive backs moved closer just in case Yolanda surged past the linewomen. Kazandra Kleeves tried to strip the thing from Yolanda and realized the big brown object was really one of the halfback’s breasts. By then, Heather, who actually had had the ball, passed the ball downfield to Kelly. Kelly caught the ball just as she was tackled, then got to her feet and limped to the huddle. “Same play as before,” Heather said. “Weak side.” “They won’t fall for it again,” Yolanda said, rubbing her sore tit.


“They’ll fall for it,” Tyana said, then she turned and looked at Keniqua and Sheniqua. “If Heather completes this one, you two do your thing. On four.” Heather’s bare tits were resting on Tyana’s voluptuous ass as she took the count to a hut-four, bringing the ball up from between Tyana’s thighs. Kelly stayed back to help Candice block for Yolanda while Tori went out for the pass. Yolanda again faked the run, allowing Tori to run downfield by herself, undefended. Heather reared back as far as she could and threw. The ball moved so fast, it made a sizzling noise as it spiraled over L.A.’s defense and struck Tori between her titty-clamps. Tori caught the ball, then plowed her way through a linebacker before charging forward. Kazandra Kleeves came out of nowhere, moving with blistering speed that made her huge breasts bounce crazily until she caught up to Tori and tackled her. Tyana called timeout. Heather cursed. They weren’t near the 50-yard line. Then she saw that both Sheniqua and Keniqua were rolling on the ground in pain and grabbing their huge chests. The trainers came out onto the field, but Tyana was more concerned with the next play than with the Jones girls. “Tit-fuck ‘em now,” Tyana said. Heather looked at Tyana as if she were crazy, then nodded. The trainers, who’d yanked off the twins’ jerseys, worked fast to get the girls back into their tops. The fans cheered as the Sirens lined up once more with both twins back in action. Heather handed off to Yolanda, who put her head down and followed Candice Kain as she had on the previous plays. This time, though, it wasn’t her tit she was holding. Sheniqua made an expert move that floored L.A.’s stunned nose tackle. Heather grinned when she realized the twins had faked their injuries and pulled a shell-game by switching jerseys and lining up in each other’s positions. L.A. had expected Sheniqua but got Keniqua and her gifted blocking. Yolanda Pierce skipped right through the hole provided by Keniqua. Thanks to the previous two fake handoffs, the Lost Angels’ linebackers were playing far off the ball. Yolanda was now in open field and gaining ground as the Lost Angels’ backs closed in on her. With seconds remaining in the fourth

quarter and no timeouts remaining, Yolanda realized she was stranded in the center of the field and wouldn’t reach the end zone before being tackled. She spun past a safety but was picked up by two more defenders, both boxing Yolanda in on either side to trap her inbounds and run out the clock. Without breaking stride, Yolanda wedged the football in her cleavage and then straight-armed both pursuers at once, allowing her to race to the sidelines and run out of bounds with the ball snuggled between her luscious mounds with four seconds left. In spite of Yolanda’s run, the Sirens were still 40 yards away from the end zone. Heather looked around the huddle until her gaze fell on Kelly Lefebvre, who was massaging her long legs. Kelly looked up. “What?” “Think you can make it?” Heather said, nodding toward the end zone. “Can you throw the ball that far?” Kelly asked. “Probably not.” “Me, neither,” Kelly said, smiling. “Still, it’d be interesting to find out, you know, just to be sure.” Tyana knew this would be the last play of the game, and she wanted to warn Heather against trusting Kelly’s

legs. This was a play the Miami Connection would’ve had trouble with. Kelly’s legs may have looked like a million bucks, but they were shot. But Tyana held her tongue as the Sirens lined up in a no-back, Hail-Mary shotgun formation. Heather gave Tyana’s ass an intimate caress as she settled behind her. Tyana snapped the ball. Kelly cut right for the sidelines. An ex-Olympian Lost Angel, 10 years Kelly’s junior, matched Kelly stride-for-stride as they sprinted upfield. Stressed tendons and throbbing ligaments punished Kelly for putting them through this torture, yet she forced her legs to move faster. It didn’t dawn on Kelly that although she’d given this defensive back a battle she wouldn’t forget, and although they’d outrun every player on the field, she didn’t have a chance to win this footrace. Kelly glanced back and saw Heather pump-fake, buying herself time to throw off one foot and clear the ball out as Kazandra leveled her. Kelly would’ve laughed if her lungs weren’t burning so badly. Heather had overestimated herself, too. She knew the ball wouldn’t reach the end zone. Stopping cold went against her sprinter’s instinct and brought crippling

”All right! Who put ‘show me your tits’ in my suggestion box?!“ SCORE 85

pain to Kelly’s limbs, and she stumbled to her knees before forcing herself up and around. Her defender overran her, giving Kelly time to streak up-field and get under the football. As soon as the ball was in her arms, Kelly moved right, as if dashing for the sidelines. The cornerback adjusted to cut off Kelly and keep her inbounds, but Kelly changed her angle and raced for the end zone, limping so badly as she passed the pylons that she didn’t even feel the hit she took as she collapsed for the touchdown that put the Sirens behind by only a point.


s the Sirens lined up for the conversion minus Kelly, Heather knew her team didn’t have enough strength to play overtime. There was no time left on the clock. They had to go for the two-point conversion and the win. Heather, bottomless under her microskirt, pretended she was going to kick. Her tits swayed back and forth under her half-jersey as she flew into motion. Mercedes Chaise, the holder, caught the ball while Heather ran up and out to throw a block for her. Mercedes bobbled the ball and scrambled to recover it. Heather was knocked on her ass by a tackle twice her size. The Lost Angels descended on Chaise, who pitched the ball back to fullback Candice Kain, who was usually a blocking back. Although she tried some fancy footwork to fool the defense, she couldn’t advance the ball a step. Once Heather was down, the Lost Angels forgot all about her. She stood up and ran for the end zone, waving her arms. Candice was about to take a painful hit and was ready to dump off the ball when she saw Heather. The sidearmed pass she managed to throw moved like a wounded turtle, but Heather caught it. Fittingly, Kazandra Kleeves came between Heather and the two-point conversion. Heather tried a juke that was even less convincing than Candice’s, giving Kazandra time to scoop up Heather’s jersey as the quarterback/kicker tried to blow past her. She gave Heather a ferocious spin toward the sideline that tore off Heather’s top. But Heather was able to stay on her feet. Her nipples were pert as she spun around to catch the full brunt of Kazandra’s second effort, yelping as the 86 SCORE



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linebacker’s hand closed over her crotch while her other hand got a grip on one of Heather’s huge tits. Heather twisted in Kazandra’s grasp, trying to back into the end zone, grunting as she was swarmed by the desperate Lost Angels players. Heather reached through the tangle of bodies to give one of Kazandra’s luscious nipples an erotic stroke that made the WFL’s most feared linebacker moan and lose her grip on Heather, who held the ball over her head as she fell and reached over the goal line for the two points. Kazandra fell on top of her. Her helmet pressed between Heather’s tits. The roar of the crowd was deafening, and four Sirens leaped into the front rows and pulled their jerseys over their luscious tits before diving into the mob. But on the field, the referee signalled that the conversion attempt had failed. Even the Lost Angels seemed confused by the call, and, after watching the replay on the Jumbotron, they waited along with the Sirens for a review of the play. But it never came. Heather’s headphones began to crackle. Then Kurtz’s voice boomed through. “The game’s fixed!” he screamed. “GGM bribed the refs and fixed the game for the WFL! It’s part of a deal to keep their contract with Pay-2-See-TV!” “Give me back my phone!” Evelyn shrieked in the background. Heather wondered whether or not it was the same woman Kurtz had his dick in just a few minutes earlier. Kelly had been right about the outcome of the game being predestined. She gathered the shapeliest and sultriest Sirens around her in a makeshift huddle. “Alright, girls,” she said, “the game’s been fixed, and we need to re-break it. That means breaking the refs. You know what to do.” The Sirens walked slowly, like cats in heat, toward the circle of refs. One ref noticed them and tapped another on the shoulder. Then the entire officiating crew turned in unison with big, but confused, smiles on their faces. The Sirens still wearing jerseys or titty-cups slowly took them off without missing a step and half-closed their eyes as they squeezed their own huge breasts and tweaked and rubbed their nipples. Those with the ability to do so eagerly sucked and lapped at their own nips. The other Sirens, watching, turned their attentions on one another, kissing, caressing and moaning as they pressed


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KAYLA CAM: PERFECT FOR STARTERS THIS NEWCOMER SETS THE TONE FOR XTRA WITH AN ANAL SLAMMING. “My perfect evening would be relaxing in a jacuzzi after hard, doggy-style sex, eating some chocolate-covered strawberries and drinking a bottle of 1996 Pierre Jouet,” said Kayla Cam, who makes her SCORE debut in the best way we know how: by fucking and sucking in the Xtra section. Like we’ve said so many times, isn’t that nice? And isn’t it even nicer that you can see Kayla in action in the new video SCORE Xtra #9, which is previewed beginning on page 12 of the main section? All of these things, plus a set of DDcup breasts, make Kayla special, but this L.A. chick who was born in Guam has a lot of other things going for her. “I lettered for my high school girls basketball team,” she said. “I volunteer in a no-kill animal shelter, meaning the animals never get harmed. I masturbate daily. I love to be watched. And I’m really into anal.”

“BEING BANGED FROM BEHIND WITH AN OCCASIONAL SPANK TURNS ME ON.” On this spread, Kayla’s pretty asshole gets banged from behind as she sets the standard for the two Xtra models who will come after her, Ava Divine and Josephine James. Can they meet the challenge set by Kayla’s anal rampage? She might not care, but we do. “I vacillate between girl-next-door and slutty,” she said. “I like to pair innocent-looking overalls with a micro tube top.”


“I LOVE QUIET DATES. CAPTIVATE MY MIND, AND YOU’LL OWN MY BODY.” Yeah, but how about owning your ass, Kayla? How do we go about doing that? “Well, a guy once asked me to dance, but I had just gotten off the dance floor, so I said, ‘No thanks,’” she recalled. “He looked at me and said, ‘I may not look like much, but I’m drinking milk, and one day I’ll be big and strong.’ We dated for a month. And, yes, he got to fuck my ass.”


KAYLA CAM BIRTHDAY: August 18, 1970 AGE: 33 HEIGHT: 5’10” WEIGHT: 150 lbs BRA SIZE: 38DD MEASUREMENTS: 42-28-36 BORN: Agana Heights, Guam LIVES: Los Angeles, Calif. WEBSITE:


newcomer to fucking on video, but there’s nothing innocent about what she does. Voluptuous Xtra #7 will make you jack more than Nicholson. Order it on page seven of the main mag. Read all about it right here.


Sunshine is one of six newcomers who fucks and sucks in Voluptuous Xtra #7. You’ll have to buy the DVD or video to check out her incredible cock-sucking, ball-lapping skills. BY MALIK TUCKER Newcomers–girls who you’ve never seen before with big tits you’ve never jacked to before–are what SCORE and Voluptuous are all about. This is how it goes: We show them to you. You go nuts over them. Then you demand that we take pictures of them fucking and sucking other guys. Go figure, but that’s just the way of the world. And newcomers–six of them–get the hard

pipe laid to them in Voluptuous Xtra #7, the new XXX-rated video/DVD from The SCORE Group. There’s Sunshine, a redheaded VGirl who debuted in the August ’03 issue. Her name speaks for itself. Man, can this chick suck dick! Then there’s Daphne Rosen, a V-Girl with a big ass and lots of enthusiasm for fucking. There’s lovely and fuckable newcummer, Meagan Roberts, who

Cassitty’s tight pussy gets plenty of attention in Xtra #7, but the focus is always on her tits. Those babies get played with throughout.

made her SCORE debut in the Xtra section of the September issue. Lisa Sparxxx (the “XXX” isn’t there for decoration) does things with a cock you never thought possible. Cassitty, who made her SCORE debut in the August ’03 issue, gives new meaning to the term “chocolate thunder” and does a number on her big, heavy tits. And last, but definitely not least, there’s Nikki Perez. She’s a relative

Nikki’s like a girl gone wild, with the exception being that she’s worth looking at. Oh, and she fucks on camera, too. She made her XXX debut in XL Xtra #3, but she’s more voluptuous than XL with a 40-30-38 body and DDcup naturals. She’s also a damn good performer. She should win best actress in a leading role…at least by hardcore standards. Like the horny Latina that she is, Nikki handles herself–and her assigned dick–very well. She starts off playing with her breasts, which is a turn-on in and of itself. Next she goes down on one of the luckiest guys in the video. Fucking an established porn star: $1,000. Getting dick sucked: $500.

Breaking in fresh pussy: PRICELESS! What we wouldn’t do to be in his shoes tasting the ripe twat of this 20-year-old newcummer to big-tit videos. Ready for cock, she mounts him like a stallion and works his dick like a parttime job (putting in overtime, of course). The fucking proceeds as usual: girl on top, girl on back, guy hitting it doggy style. Then things get creative. Nikki takes charge and does a move which any Olympic gymnast would look at in awe. It’s the kind of move porn pros can do easily, but rookie fuckers can only aspire to. While the cock is thrusting deep inside her, Nikki turns upside down, practically on her head, and enjoys a piledriver fucking. Fuck, yeah! What a trooper. If that isn’t a sexy and dick-rising move, I don’t know what is. She finishes off by getting titty-fucked and having cum sprayed on her.

Meagan Roberts (below) likes to prime a cock by placing it between her tits. Then it’s ready to go!

SCENE TWO: DAPHNE ROSEN Ah, yes, Daphne Rosen. Nice tits. Spectacular ass, if you like ’em big (not Why is Cassitty (below) looking into the camera? ’Cause she wants to make sure you’re watching her.

Daphne Rosen (left) and Nikki Perez (above) are two of the six 2003 newcomers who get happy in Xtra #7.

huge, just big; big enough to get both hands around; big enough to bite into). Daphne, who just turned 21, is barely old enough to drink, but she’s in the prime of her fucking years. And, let’s face it, how many big-breasted chicks have come out of Israel? And how many of them have done hardcore? Daphne’s our idea of an Israel light. A bright light. As Daphne stands by herself wearing a purple bra and panties, her partner enters and looks lustfully at what’s before him. There’s some kissing. Yeech! She eats his cock. Yes! He spreads her legs and dives in like a penny in a wishing well. We’ll live with it. He munches her carpet until she’s close to climax. Personally, I’d rather watch her suck cock, but that’s a matter of personal taste. Next he mounts her chest and lays his cock between her F-cup suck puppies. She wraps her tits around his dick, and he plows away at her cleavage. Time for some pussy action! As she gets on all fours on the bed, he takes his cock and shoves it into her cunt. She squirms at first, but within a few strokes, she’s enjoying the penetration. He’s smacking against her ass cheeks, and her tits are swaying all over the place, and everybody’s having a good time. But one position isn’t enough for Daphne, so she mounts him in the reverse-cowgirl position and rides his cock like she’s on a horse. The scene ends with our guy blowing a nice load of man-juice all over Daphne’s inviting chest. Good stuff.

SCENE THREE: SUNSHINE Here we have Sunshine in all her glory. Her tits look huge and suckable, and she’s looking ready for some loving (along with some hard pussypounding fucking). Some lucky bastard gets to watch Sunshine seductively pull off her bra to expose her mammoth mammaries. Then things get steamy. Out of nowhere, a bottle of lotion appears, and while Sunshine’s kneading her titties, her male counterpart is rubbing her breasts down with lotion. It’s like he’s rubbing a bottle of cum into her tits. Only it’s not cum. After getting her funbags massaged, Sunshine slips out of her panties and Continued on page 22 12 SCORE XTRA

AVA DIVINE: “JUST WATCH & LEARN” AVA WANTS YOUR GIRLFRIEND TO DO WHAT SHE DOES. YOU DO, TOO. Ava, the second of our Xtra arrivals, shows all the experienced starlets that she can hang with the best of them. She sucks, she fucks, and of course, she takes it rectally (in the ass, for those without a dick-tionary). Here she is manhandling some lucky bastard’s cock, looking at us lustfully as if she wished she had an extra dick to play with.


No Xtra spread would be a good spread without a good old-fashioned dick-licking. Looking at her take that cock in her mouth is just about enough to make you wanna cum again…and again…and again. Maybe if you show your girl this pictorial, she’ll be inspired to be just like Ava. “That would be fine with me,” she said. “I’d like it if people’s sex lives improved because they saw me in SCORE. I mean, I know a lot of girls are afraid of giving blow jobs, but they shouldn’t be. They should look at it as fun. It’s a challenge for me to make a guy cum.” And, as for ass-fucking…And wouldn’t you like to be the one to have your dick in her ass like that son of a bitch does? “I hope this inspires girls to have anal sex with their guys, too,” Ava said. “I know they’ll love it.”

AVA DIVINE AGE: 29 BIRTHDAY: January 22, 1974 HEIGHT: 5’4” WEIGHT: 135 lbs. MEASUREMENTS: 42-25-36 BRA SIZE: 38F LIVES: Las Vegas, Nevada

There’s something about this spread that tells you Ava is good at what she does and knows exactly what she likes done to her. “I’m not shy in bed,” she said. “If I don’t like the way a guy is licking my nipples or eating my pussy, I’ll tell him. He might not like that at first, but when you think about it, honesty is good for both of us. I have a good time, and he gets invited back.” Hey, we’ll take criticism. And Ava.

Yeah, we’re a tit mag, but this all-anal edition of Xtra really is something special, isn’t it? We’ve always thought of the ass as tits at the top of legs (ass has cleavage, so to speak), and a good ass-fucking can be as good as a titty-fucking. Just ask Ava.

VIDEO REVIEW Continued from page 12

showcases her nice twat, getting her partner’s dick harder than times in 1929. He stands up, and she commences giving the blow job of blow jobs, sucking and slobbering all over his cock, massaging her saliva into his shaft slowly at first, but getting faster by the minute. She takes his entire dick in her mouth and has a look of total satisfaction on her face. Needless to say, her partner is enjoying himself almost to the point of orgasm. When Sunshine’s finished, she lies down and spreads her legs to expose her plump, pink pussy. The guy takes his cock and inserts it into her slit. He starts thrusting–gently at first–then bangs harder with every stroke until he’s just pounding away at the pussy, slapping against it as hard as he can. Her tits flop to the side and oscillate while she lies back and enjoys every push of his prick. Afterward, he fucks her titties, before cumming all over her chest and again, rubbing it in like lotion. Sunshine looks good with cum on her tits.

And, of course, they do it in every position possible. Sunshine rides the lucky cock, too, and, finally, the guy does what he’s patiently waited to do: fuck her titties and spew his cum all over her chest and face. A just reward.

SCENE FIVE: LISA SPARXXX Although Lisa is a little older than the rest of the girls in the video, age and knowledge is her advantage. She knows how to get a guy off. Plus, Lisa has no aversion whatsoever to getting her pretty asshole rammed by cock. First things first: the blow job, which live up to the standards of the preceding blow jobs in the video. Plenty of sloppy sucking noises. Her partner eats her pussy like Pac-Man eats power pellets. And she slobs his knob like a Jell-o pudding pop, taking every inch of it deep into her throat. All of the oral action is capped by a twat-tapping, good-time, doggy-style fucking, plus lots of pussy penetration in other positions. Then comes the moment we’ve been waiting for: Lisa’s partner mounts her and starts the asspounding session. She gets on top of

A lucky cock pays a visit to Lisa Sparxxx’s mouth, pussy and asshole in Voluptuous Xtra #7.

SCENE FOUR: MEAGAN ROBERTS You’ve already seen her fuck in the Xtra section. Now it’s time to see Meagan in full action. She starts off by getting her pussy sopped up like gravy on a biscuit. She squirms as she enjoys every bit of the attention. Of course, Meagan isn’t going to let this guy get away without sucking his cock, and she looks good while she’s doing it. Meagan’s the kind of girl who looks innocent with her clothes on and nasty with her clothes off. In most of this scene, she has her clothes off. And her cock-sucking skills, though only recently honed, can match those of any chick in this video. The cock’s ready. Meagan’s pussy is ready. She mounts the guy’s enormous rod and eases herself onto it. She rides this joystick till the cows come home, whatever the fuck that means. Thankfully, there are no cows in this video or any other Voluptuous Xtra video. Just hot chicks with cow-sized udders getting fucked. You can see every inch of Sunshine’s partner’s cock pierce through her delicate, pink flesh. 22 SCORE XTRA


him and enjoys a rectal reaming, too. Lisa seems to enjoy getting her ass fucked more than she enjoys getting her pussy fucked.

SCENE SIX: CASSITTY Voluptuous Xtra videos are all about big-titted girls getting fucked, but what sets them apart is the emphasis on tits. This scene, featuring EE-cup Cassitty, is all about her tits. He sucks ’em. She sucks ’em. They’re always receiving the attention they deserve. Cassitty starts of by standing alone and defying gravity by sucking her own tits. She gets one in her mouth. Then both. She’s turning herself on bigtime, and she’s ready for some cock. But will she get any? Of course she will. Her date has arrived. But why go out to dinner when you can fuck first? She offers up her tits to him, and he sucks on them gratefully. Cassitty sucks his dick like she’s trying to suck a a golf ball through a garden hose. What power she has in those anaconda-like jaws, able to fit everything in her mouth, balls and all. And she hangs her naturals around his cock, too. We also get a nice look at Cassitty’s pink pussy and open asshole. Lots of tit action. From behind. From above. Straight on. But there’s one scene you won’t want to miss: Cassitty, riding cock, stuffing both of her tits into her mouth at the same time. And, in true SCORE Group fashion, the cum shot lands on her tits. By the way, the DVD includes a 20minute bonus scene of Denise Davies getting tit-fucked. Multi-angles, too, so you can play director. And it’s the same price as the video.


JOSEPHINE JAMES: ANAL AMBITION HER TITS AND PUSSY ARE GREAT. BUT, NOW, ONLY HER ASS MATTERS. Two outs. Final pictorial of Xtra. Kayla and Ava Divine, featured in the two previous spreads, have both stepped up to the plate and taken cocks in their assholes. And now the pressure is really on as newcomer Josephine James sucks on a pair of balls and prepares for her initial vaginal intrusion. But will she complete the Anal Triple Crown?

Josephine gets the cock all wet as she takes one long suck after another. The dick slides easily into her well-lubed pussy, and she holds onto her Fcup breasts for dear life. But, compared to the two SCORE Girls who came before her, Josephine hasn’t done anything yet, and she knows it. She knows how she’ll be judged.

JOSEPHINE JAMES AGE: 35 BIRTHDAY: August 2, 1968 HEIGHT: 5’4” WEIGHT: 138 lbs. MEASUREMENTS: 42-28-38 BRA SIZE: 36F LIVES: London, England HOBBIES: “You’re seeing it right here, darlings. I live for shagging.”

Yes! The Anal Triple Crown has been completed! Josephine has completed the allanal Xtra. And her reward is a sloppy blast of cum all over her tits, a blast which she gladly laps up with her hungry tongue. By the way, have we mentioned Jo’s Cindy Cupps-caliber areolae? Or have we been too fixated on her anal cavity?


2003 - Score Magazine 12