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October/November 2014

TOP 7 Reasons To Get Your Eyes Checked Kidding Around Yoga With Bobbie

BACIO BACIO BRIDAL Keeping the Brides Stress Free

October/November 2014


2 October/November 2014

Harvey Montijo, M.D.

Total Joint Replacement

Garvin Yee, M.D. Sports Medicine

Mark Waeltz, M.D.

Spine Surgery Su

Veronica Pedro, M.D. Hand Surgery

Jose Ortega, M.D

Sports Medicine

Robert Lins, M.D.

Hand Surgery & Orthopedic Spine Care

Robert Rochman, M.D. Foot & Ankle Surgery

Nick Sama, M.D.

Trauma & Reconstructive Surgery

David Simpson, M.D.

Spo Medicine & General Sports Orthopedics

Dana Desser, D.O.

Total Joint Replacement

Anand P. Panchal, D.O.

Upper Extremity & Sports Medicine

James S. Starman, M.D.

Sports Medicine & General Orthopedics October/November 2014


Publisher’s Note

GET ON THE RIGHT PATH Did you know that the percentage of overweight children and adolescents in the US has nearly tripled since the early 1970’s? More than one in five children between the ages of 6 and 17 are now considered overweight. Because children spend so many hours a day in scho ol or child care settings, one of your biggest parenting challenges is to stay up-todate on what’s going on there, including how it affects your child’s health and well-being. People are finally starting to se e the light and realize the serious effects of being overweight on our young population. This awareness will hopefully make a difference in their future. Childho od obesity has be en linked to diabetes, high blo od pressure, depression, anxiety, and po or academic performance —which used to be called adult-onset diabetes because it was not se en in kids. Well, no longer are those health problems reserved for adults. Another issue is the effect on self-este em and the psychological well-being of the child. And the longer a child stays overweight, the greater the chance he will remain that way as an adult. Once he becomes an overweight parent, he often starts a similar cycle with his own children. It is important for us all to try to help break that unhealthy cycle. Many scho ols have dropped PE classes because of financial problems, while others just do not have the staff available. Some scho ols have quit requiring PE for graduation. Even the scho ols that do have such classes may not be optimal situations because many of the kids spend a large part of class time getting changed, waiting in line for their turn,

and getting dressed again. We must all do our part to stop the insanity and help our children as well as ourselves get some form of exercise. If you're worried that your child or te en may be overweight, make an appointment with Dr. G’s Medical Weight Loss in Wellington, who can assess eating, activity habits, and make suggestions on how to make positive changes. The doctor also may decide to scre en for some of the medical conditions that can be associated with obesity. The health benefits of yogurt are so impressive that many health-conscious people make it a daily habit. Your body ne eds to have a healthy amount of ''go od'' bacteria in the digestive tract, one of the words you’ll be hearing more of in relation to yogurt is ''probiotics”. Probiotic refers to living organisms that can result in a health benefit when eaten in adequate amounts. All kids and te enagers snack to some degre e; it is unrealistic to completely eliminate that aspect of their eating habits. Cups Frozen Yogurt at Wellington Gre en Commons offers healthier treat options for your family. Also check out our Around Wellington page to get a more fun alternative for your child’s exercise routine. Kidding Around Yoga is an international organization and Bobbie is already teaching at several local scho ols in their aftercare programs around Palm Beach County.

BANZAI Meric Tunca 4 October/November 2014

October/November 2014




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is this you? Anterior Head Syndrome Damaged (Denenerated) Vertebra Nerve Inpingement Syndrome Muscular/Tension Spasm Compressed (Degenerated) Disc

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October/November 2014


Top 7 Reasons to See Your Eye Doctor...Yesterday

By Amanda Weiss, Optometrist Photography by Meric Tunca 8 October/November 2014

“When it comes to your eyes, infection and changes to your sight can be really scary.” Some problems are more serious than others. When treated appropriately and promptly, most conditions can be resolved. However for some serious eye problems, one of the worst statements for an eye doctor to hear is “I was waiting to see if it would get better on its own.” The following is a list of problems that are NOT “Wait and See Problems.” You should see your eye doctor immediately should you experience any of these symptoms: 1. You’re experiencing flashes of light, floating spots, or a cobweb or curtain is blocking your vision. All are potential signs of a problem with your retina (i.e. a retinal detachment), which can be sight-threatening. A dilated eye exam is needed to ensure the health of your retina. 2. You have a red eye that is sensitive to light. This suggests acute inflammation or injury to the cornea, both of which require immediate treatment. 3. You have loss of vision. Vision that goes black or fades to grey can be the result of a serious problem with blood flow or your optic nerve. If these symptoms are combined with scalp pain, hours can make a difference in your visual outcome. 4. You have an injury to your eye. A finger to the eye in a basketball game, a soccer ball to the face leaving behind a black eye, or an airbag that hits your face in a car accident: These are all things that can cause serious injury to the eye. Infection, inflammation, and retinal detachment are all concerns with ocular trauma. 5. You have double vision. The sudden onset of double vision can suggest a serious health problem. Stroke, aneurysm, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, thyroid disease…this is the short list. Get it checked! 6. You have eye pain. If there is pain, there is a reason. Don’t just alleviate the pain with Tylenol or eye drops. Find out the cause of the pain and the specific treatment necessary to treat it to minimize any permanent effect on your vision. 7. If you are a contact lens wearer and you have mucus, lightsensitivity, pain, redness or blurred vision, you should be examined immediately. Any combination of the above symptoms suggests infection, and contact lens wearers are at a greater risk for aggressive, sight-threatening, corneal infections…especially if they are sleeping in their lenses! Note this list is not all-inclusive. If you suspect a problem with your eyes or vision, contact your doctor immediately. For more helpful information about your eyes and vision visit our blog at: or schedule an appointment at our office and let us help improve your vision and the health of your eyes!

October/November 2014


10 October/November 2014

October/November 2014


Chiropractic More than just backs two common misconceptions of chiropractic

There are many ways to adjust a person and come to the same results. It is important to us that each patient’s individual needs are addressed and treatments are designed for comfort. BY DR. ARIANNE WEISS PRESTIA

12 October/November 2014

irst, we should explain the basis of chiropractic.

more. So what can a chiropractor work

Chiropractic is the correction and maintenance

on? Everyone knows chiropractors

of three main groups: muscular system, skeletal

work on the spine, but what many

system, and most importantly the nervous system.

don’t know is we can work on so much

Your nervous system controls everything in your

more. We also work on shoulders,

entire body. Your nervous system is always

arms, hands, hips, legs, knees, and

surrounded by your musculoskeletal system. This is

feet. Yes, we are full body doctors.

why an interruption to one can directly affect the

From tendinitis, carpal tunnel, plantar

other. The nervous system is similar to electricity

fasciitis, headaches, ear infections, TMJ, and so

diagnosis, patient history, goals, and preference/

flowing through a wire. If the wire is interrupted

much more. We can help by correcting the relation

comfort level.

and electricity can’t flow properly the lights might

between your neuromuscular system and your

flicker on and off or not turn on all together. This

nervous system. In correcting this relationship you

care professional you are going to see, if you

is how your nervous system works, nerves act

should have better function and become free

have doubts or concerns, be sure to speak to

like the wire, the wire carries a message, and the

of pain, and most important allow your body to

your provider before being treated. It is their job

message is then delivered to a specific destination

function at its optimal capacity.

to explain their findings and treatment to you. It

where a function then occurs.

Another very common misconception, often from

My advice is always no matter what health

is also your body and life so be sure to always

firsthand experience or from an acquaintance:

feel comfortable and educated about your health

correctly, because there is some sort of

“I let it get this bad, because I didn’t want to be


interference? The destination the nerve signal

cracked/popped” or “I dislike the part where they

is trying to reach might not be able to perform

twist my neck or back”. Everyone practices in their

its proper function. Nerves are in charge of

own way, but chiropractors are taught a variety

The Weiss Family Chiropractic Center has been

muscle contraction, relaxation and growth, cell

of techniques and it is unnecessary to have an

in the local community for almost 30 years. We aim

production, organ function, relaying messages

adjustment that that resembles these thoughts.

to provide excellent care to our patients. We offer

to and from your brain, hormone control, and so

There are many ways to adjust a person and

many options to our patients to aid in their healing

much more. The physical sensation experienced

come to the same results. It is important to us that

including: chiropractic, acupuncture, massage

in patients is most often pain. However, other

each patient’s individual needs are addressed

therapy, nutritional advice, exercise advice, and

common symptoms are: tingling, weakness,

and treatments are designed for comfort. We

more. Feel free to contact us with any questions

numbness, fatigue, stiffness, tightness, and much

personalize every patient’s treatment using

you might have regarding chiropractic.

So what if the nervous system isn’t flowing

October/November 2014


14 October/November 2014

October/November 2014


Back-to-School Brain Health for Florida Students In today’s world children and students have so many social distractions and electronic stimuli that it is incredibly difficult for them to stay calm or focused on the task at hand. Simple tasks are especially trying for kids suffering from ADD & ADHD. Some school districts have started encouraging that ADD & ADHD children, who have difficulty focusing or staying in their seats, be medicated to the point that they are unnaturally meek and become virtual zombies. Several Independent Florida health food retailers in regions from Tampa, Orlando, East Coast, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami have banded together with NuAxon (the producers of NuroLight™) to help parents and teachers find natural alternatives for ADD & ADHD, as opposed to potentially harmful drugs like; Ritalin, Adderol, Concerta, and other prescription medications that can have extremely negative effects on the child’s development; neurologically, physically to the liver and kidneys, and social maturity. My Community Pharmacy in Wellington has taken the awareness campaign to an inventive insure











displays, and







discounts of



and/or adults suffering from ADD & ADHD at the beginning of the school year. The critically extracted herbs in the patented NuroLight™ formula have been used around the world for thousands of years to promote healthy brain function, improve memory, and encourage calm focus in our daily lives. NuroFocus™ is recommended by treatment professionals for children and adults who are displaying obvious symptoms along the ADD & ADHD, Aspergers, Tourette’s and other chronic cognitive ailments on the spectrum. While we all know how a disruptive child can affect other students from getting the proper attention and class time they deserve, the responsibility for the child’s potentially disruptive behavior can’t be laid entirely on their small shoulders. School diets, home diets, food allergies, genetics, and toxins in our environment, have all contributed to an estimated 1 in 10 American children falling somewhere along the ADD & ADHD spectrum. Back-to-School doesn’t need to be a stressed out drama scene anymore, but it doesn’t mean we have to turn our children into zombies either. See your caringhealth food store like My Community Pharmacy for alternative solutions to ADD & ADHD that are designed to complement the body’s natural process and help stimulate neurological function. Nuaxon is a US production company dedicated to the use and study of herbal and nutrient blends that have health benefits for modern society. It is closely affiliated with Nisarga Herbs in India.

16 October/November 2014



October/November 2014


Classic Indian Cuisine Southern & Northern Specialties Specializing in Catering Events


Best Practices To Avoid Insurance Fraud By Thomas M. Prestia, Esq & Scott Harrison Holtz, Esq.

7750 Okeechobee Blvd. Suite 11 West Palm Beach


18 October/November 2014

Concerns about insurance fraud have risen over the past few years. The number of suspicious insurance claims has increased so dramatically that authorities have taken drastic measures to aggressively fight fraudulent claims. The numbers regarding insurance fraud, especially Personal Injury Protection (PIP) fraud, are astounding. According to the Florida Department of Financial Services, 15,447 suspected fraud referrals were provided to the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Insurance Fraud (DIF) from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013. Of the aforementioned 15,447 referrals, nearly half were solely for PIP fraud. Yet the number of Personal Injury Protection fraud convictions over that same period stands at merely 442 convictions. The question then must be posed, “Why is there such a difference in the numbers?” The simplest answer is that the Government is facing an uphill battle from the inception of the investigation. As with any criminal matter, the Government is required to prove all elements of the case beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt. Proof beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt is a heavy burden that challenges prosecutors especially in situations where the bulk of the evidence rests with “cooperating witnesses.” These initial cooperating witnesses usually come some combination of the individuals involved in a staged crash (if there is one in the PIP fraud scheme) and lower level employees of the clinic. The government will grant

these individuals incentive, likely immunity from prosecution, in exchange for testimony incriminating clinic owners and/or other clinic employees. However, when using cooperating witnesses, the Government must live by the sword and can die by the sword. A well-crafted cross-examination can reveal inconsistencies with the witness’ story, efforts on the part of the witness to minimize his or her involvement in the scheme, personal biases against the clinic and its representatives, as well as the immunity deal that was reached with the government. Even though there is little doubt that proving the existence of a insurance fraud scheme at a clinic is a time consuming and difficult task, there is equally little doubt that getting caught up in such an investigation costs time, money, and can cause serious damage to the reputation of a clinic and the practitioners who work there. Luckily there are measures that can be taken by the by you to ensure that fraud has no place in your office or clinic. Here are a couple of ideas to avoid potential involvement: 1) Know who you are in business with. This may sound elementary, however, knowing the people who are rendering care to your patients, as well as acting as ambassadors of your facility to the general public is essential. Whether you are the owner of the facility, medical director, doctor, or staff member your reputation is only as strong as your weakest employee. While costs are always an integral part of the decision making

process, the old saying “you get what you pay for” is something that most certainly should be considered. Knowing your business partner’s and/or employee’s background not only enables you to foresee what business relationship may either succeed or fail but it also enables you to retain control of your subordinates. Ensuring that the doctors and staff running the clinic are honest and dependable can be the determining factor to avoiding a lengthy and costly criminal investigation. 2) Supervision requirements The supervision requirements set forth by the Florida Statutes and the Department of Health can be thought of as relaxed. For example, if a clinic is exempt from licensure under Part X, Chapter 400, F.S., and wholly owned by one or more chiropractic physicians, the chiropractic physcicain merely needs to provide “indirect supervision” over a certified


Results or Excuses.. the choice is yours.

chiropractic physician’s assistant when that individual performs case histories, diagnostic testing, physical examinations, and therapeutic procedures. Indirect supervision merely requires “easy availability” for consultation and direction of the actions of the certified chiropractic physician’s assistant. “Easy availability” means the supervising physician must be in a location to enable him to be physically present with the certified chiropractic physician’s assistant within at least thirty minutes and must be available to the certified chiropractic physician’s assistant when needed for consultation and advice either in person or by communication devices, such as telephone, two-way radio, medical beeper or other electronic means.” While it may sound beneficial to not require a doctor to be onsite during patient care, this is when your practice maybe most vulnerable. Similar to the old saying “when the cats away the mice will play,” an untrustworthy staff member left

Tae Kwon Do Cardio Kickboxing Conditioning Weights Boxing Weight Loss Self-Defense Boot Camp Body Sculpting

unsupervised could lead to disasterious leagal mess. 3) No Kickbacks for referrals Patient brokering is a common and serious charge that many clinics can face. “Florida’s Patient Brokering Act of 1996 (the “Brokering Act”) is a criminal statute which makes it unlawful for any person to offer, pay, solicit or receive any commission, bonus, rebate, kickback or bribe, directly or indirectly, in cash or in kind, or engage in any split-fee arrangement, in any form whatsoever, in exchange for patient referrals to a health care provider or health care facility.” This statute is very broad and can apply to many “harmless gestures of thanks.” Providing items such as gift cards, concert/sporting event tickets, or even taking someone to lunch can be construed as patient brokering, if the actions are intended to obtain referrals. The statute does provide certain exceptions to this blanket rule, however, it is best to speak with an Attorney regarding your specific situation to ensure compliance with the rules. These are just a few elementary ways to ensure your facility does not get caught up in a criminal investigation; however, as you can imagine many other precautions can and should be taken to ensure compliance with all rules and regulations. If you would like more information on insurance fraud prosecution and how to avoid pitfalls that can place you in the crosshairs of an investigation, the attorneys of Prestia|Holtz

Call us today! 561-644-5020 10101 Lantana Road, Suite M Lake Worth, Fl 33449

P.A. can help. Please visit us online at or contact us directly at (561) 360-3785.

October/November 2014


I am

living proof. Seven months into my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with preeclampsia. Suddenly, my baby and I were both in trouble and she had to be induced. Within moments of birth, Kaylee stopped breathing and had to be rushed to the NICU. I was terrified, but the doctors and nurses were wonderful. They let my husband stay with her and kept me informed. Because she was born so early, she had to stay in the hospital for a while, even after they sent me home. Leaving without her was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but the NICU nurses helped. They comforted me and provided Kaylee updates any time I called, day or night. They were so kind. And whenever I came to visit, they let me take care of her… They let me be “the mom”. Today, Kaylee’s the most spirited, happy and healthy one-year-old I know! I am living proof that everyone should choose Wellington Regional for childbirth.

Tracy Bartow Grateful Mom

To read more of Tracy’s story, visit Level III NICU Program

are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Wellington Regional Medical Center. The hospital shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians. 20 Physicians October/November 2014

October/November 2014


Gown Shopping-Wedding Planning-Effects of Stress

Could Putting the Pieces Together Be Killing You? By Erica Nicole

According to the American Institute of Stress, stress in daily life: puts Marriage at the top of the list. Although marriage is considered a positive connotation of stress, nonetheless, it is stress! 22 October/November 2014

At Bacio Bacio Bridal & Formal Wear Boutique, not only will we take stress out of the bridal gown shopping experience but we have a team of trusted professionals who will make your wedding day stress free! Remember, when you look beautiful - you feel better. When you are healthy and happy, you are even more beautiful…a beautiful cycle, a beautiful bride you shall be! From your first experience, whether by phone or email, we strive to gather as much information to help move the process in a positive and helpful direction. When you make your appointment, don’t be shy to share your concerns or fears. We have a team of caring women who provide strong emotional and professional support - a powerful stress buster from the start! For instance, we hear “I want to hide my arms,” or “I hate my hips.” We will work together to get to the root of those feelings and find solutions. Once you identify the sources of stress, we try our best to reduce their impact. There is a procedure we like to follow. As you know, when we have a plan of attack and trust our assistants, they reduce feelings of helplessness and provide a sense of control over the problem.

60 minute Facial + 50 minute

Hot Stones Massage for $99*, Reg. $289

60 minute Facial + 50 minute

Slimming Pressotherapy/ Body Wrap for $99*, Reg. $289

Photograph By Jenny Schartner

3 Smoothshapes Fat & Cellulite Treatments for $299*, Reg.$660


*License MM32154

October/November 2014


24 October/November 2014

“Before you begin shopping for a gown, try to decide on a “feel” or style for your wedding.” When the Bacio Bacio Bridal team is planning a styled photo shoot for a magazine or editorial purposes, we look for inspiration. We seek out new unique ideas, classic traditions, trend setters’ suggestions and mix those with our own vision. From there we develop an “inspiration board.” If you have never created one, it’s simply a cut & paste of photos of things you love – flowers, dresses or the dream setting. Sometimes, seeing the smallest details, we can help you figure out your own style. Also try to incorporate things that reflect you and your future husbands own personality and passions. After all your wedding is a celebration of your love to each other and show casing what makes your relationship unique is not only a sentimental gesture to each other but really allows family and guests to enjoy a more involved personal experience. When you are ready to begin shopping for your dream gown it is helpful to bring photos or maybe your inspirational ideas to the appointment. That is where our consultants develop an insight of your style and personality. Please remember to keep an open mind. Sometimes what appeals to us happens to be very different than our own body types. Each person has a unique physique where a certain silhouette will complement and enhance. Our job is to find that gown and match it to the vision of your wedding day. When involving friends and family in on your dress shopping experience it is beneficial to aim to keep your group towards the smaller side. Include only those whose thoughts and opinions you truly value. Large parties can be fun but at the same time the feedback from many different viewpoints and personalities can clash, adding stress to the experience. Remember that this is YOUR special time and it is only important that YOU feel like a bride without having to worry about people pleasing or anyone else’s vision for your day. Armed with the right attitude, an open mind and a little additional insight (perhaps from this article) We are certain you can fulfill your dream wedding involving as minimal stress as possible.

3D Mammograms 1 of 10 Breakthroughs That Will Change Medicine

October/November 2014



Cups Frozen Yogurt at Wellington Green Commons (Whole Foods Plaza next to Moe’s) is the first Florida location of the hottest new franchise in the frozen yogurt industry. With more than 25 locations opened since launching in 2010, the Clifton NJ based franchise is one of the fastest growing Frozen Yogurt chains in the country. “We look forward with great anticipation to opening our second location at the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton by the middle of October” says the store’s proprietors Ed and Dana Alvarez. Looking back on the Wellington store’s first year of operation, the Alvarez’s are proud to have established a strong buzz and a loyal customer base who appreciate the friendly energetic staff, the nostalgic beach themed retro atmosphere and upbeat contemporary

26 October/November 2014

music that complement its great tasting products. The whole package is rapidly helping to turn Cups into one of Wellington’s favorite healthy treat stops. The store’s frozen yogurts are created using a process that results in exceptionally high levels of live and active cultures (over 100 million per gram) which help support healthy digestive function. In addition, they are formulated with a flavor and texture profile that is closer to Ice Cream than the traditional acidic tart profile of many other yogurt brands. As many of its loyal customers will heartily agree, Cups frozen treats are as good as any they have ever tasted which keeps them coming back for more when the mood for a frozen indulgence strikes. A delicious and constantly changing variety of Non-Fat, Low-Fat, No Sugar

Added, and Sorbet flavors are served which are certified Kosher and 100% Gluten Free. In addition to serving a top rated product, Cups has been active in the community supporting many of the local public, private and charter schools as a corporate financial sponsor. It has also helped back the Wellington Ballet, the Palm Beach Central HS Bronco Players, the Wellington HS Football Team, a Wellington 9/11 Remembrance video spot and the Place of Hope among others with fund raising events. In the near future, a month long awareness campaign in support of the “Bright Pink” partnership for breast cancer research and a day event to support the “All For One Pet Rescue” are planned.

October/November 2014


28 October/November 2014

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TOP 7 Reasons To Get Your Eyes Checked Kidding Around Yoga With Bobbie

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Kidding Around Yoga with Bobbie Teaching Confidence to Kids By Krista Martinell Kidding Around Yoga is a terrific thing for kids, with many benefits to their bodies and minds. “Yoga teaches kids different ways to calm themselves,” says Bobbie Myers. “If we start them at a younger age in finding peace within themselves, they might not have to look outside themselves to find happiness.” As Bobbie explains, a lot of relationships fail because people say “that person doesn’t make me happy anymore. You should be happy with yourself.” If you ask parents what they like best about Kidding Around Yoga, they often say that it helps their kids to focus better. If you ask the kids what they like best, they frequently say that Bobbie has “cool toys. They don’t realize that these are tools for teaching,” says Bobbie. These yoga class toys include the Hoberman sphere, bubbles, feathers, pom poms, a talking stick and other helpful tools. “By the way, the talking stick is a great tool that some parents end up using at home – for example to help siblings take turns talking and to help keep the peace,” explains Bobbie. Kidding Around Yoga is an international organization with many chapters. Bobbie is teaching at several local schools in their aftercare programs around Palm Beach County. She’s also teaching at a school for autism called Amazing Abilities. With some of the aftercare programs, it’s “shoes

30 October/November 2014

on, no mats yoga,” only because of the sheer number of kids, sometimes as many as sixty. Bobbie realizes that kids bring their home issues to yoga. In their worlds, sometimes there’s domestic abuse or a divorce going on. Some of these kids will turn to drugs or to the wrong people. “Yoga is a happy, safe place, a good alternative for these kids.” Here are just a few of the many benefits of doing yoga. Strength, Better digestion, Better breathing, Improved circulation Confidence, Stretching (works well with other sports), Better focus, Improved quality of sleep. Just as some parents enroll their children in karate for the discipline it teaches, parents enroll children in yoga because it teaches respect and self-discipline. “Yoga teaches the mind self-defense,” says Bobbie. It teaches you to control your mind, and also to walk away from a situation when you need to. Bobbie Myers has been doing yoga on and off for six years, but just started her Kidding Around Yoga chapter this year. She previously sold pharmaceuticals before beginning with Kidding Around Yoga. She took a teacher training course and became a licensee and an L.L.C. She has found that when kids get to middle school, “Moms and Dads are no longer

cool.” But kids will still look up to an influential adult, and a yoga instructor can be that positive influence. Bobbie has a 2nd grade daughter and a 12th grade stepson. Her husband has worked for the city of West Palm Beach as a police officer for 14 years. She is a dog lover and has four dogs. She enjoys doing things with her family, like Fun Runs and the Amazing Race, and various other outside activitites that focus around family.

For more information about Kidding Around Yoga with Bobbie, contact her at (561) 512- 7288 or email her at bobbie@ Bobbie also does Birthday parties and Girl Scout troop sessions.

20% OFF

Present this ad for 20% off your froyo purchase. Cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount. Valid at Wellington location only. Expires 12/31/2014

frozen yogurt - that’s hot


24 Flavors and over

50 Toppings

frozen yogurt - that’s hot Wellington Green Commons (Whole Foods Plaza next to Moe’s) 2605 S. State Rd. 7 #420 • Wellington, FL 33414 (561) 333-3134 •

October/November 2014


32 October/November 2014


Long life and happiness, enthusiasm, celebration of a victory, happy occasions – these are all meanings of the Japanese word Banzai. The fre...


Long life and happiness, enthusiasm, celebration of a victory, happy occasions – these are all meanings of the Japanese word Banzai. The fre...