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ARE YOU HAPPY? That’s a really great question. And, what exactly is happiness? It’s certainly something that we are all striving for. What is your real purpose in life? If you don’t really know, like most of us, you need to take the time for introspection. So, when you ask yourself about your happiness… try to feel or imagine the answer within yourself. It’s in there! Are you living the life you want? That’s the question that keeps my mind busy lately. A great part of happiness to me is being healthy. I think that when you feel good, you are able to thrive! I also think we need to understand that the path to happiness is a lifelong, ever-changing journey. It is not a destination or a goal to achieve, but a combination of choices most of us are capable of making. We can choose to be happy even when times are challenging. Being aware of what is intrinsically important to us is a key. I work on not dwelling in the past or living in the future. I truly attempt to live in the now, and I have made amazing strides. I realize that we need to have goals and methods that enable us to realize those goals, whether it be guided imagery, hypnosis, meditation, exercise, proper nutrition, reading, etc. Do what you love and you’ll never drag a day in your life. Just attempting to be joyful or positive or happy can improve your mood. In other words… ”Fake it ‘til you make it!” Acts of happiness multiply when they’re shared. Getting involved volunteering or with a charity takes time away from your problems and issues and the friendship, camaraderie, support and accomplishment can bring a huge amount of happiness back to you. I know that life is a journey, and I certainly want to make the most of mine! So, I am asking you. “Are you happy?” If so, good for you! Please share your thoughts and secrets. You can contact me at:

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Pink Eye: The Dreaded Condition that Keeps Kids and Parents and Bob Costas at Home By Dr. Amanda Weiss, Optometrist

In February, the 2014 Winter Olympics filled the headlines of major papers and news stations. But perhaps more memorable than the yellow tap water of Sochi Hotels or the white snow on the ski slopes, were the Pink Eyes of NBC Olympic host Bob Costas. Costas began broadcasting with one pink eye, and within 2 days, developed the same condition in his other eye. All parents know that even whispering the

treatment of viral pink eye. You may in

contagious as long as the eye is red and

words “pink eye” inside of a school will get

fact leave your eye doctor’s office without a

watering. Other infectious causes of pink

you a one-way ticket to the nurse’s office

prescription for drops if a viral infection is

eye are not as easily spread, and allergic or

and probably a cab ride home! But is pink

the cause of your pink eye, as many viruses

inflammatory contact lens causes are not at all

eye really that bad, and is it really that

(just like the common cold) must simply run


contagious? The answer is Yes AND No. It

their course and be defeated by your immune


depends on which kind of pink eye we’re

system. Behind a microscope, all pink eye

The greatest threat that conjunctivitis poses

talking about.

does not look the same, and certainly all

to us is scarring. Why? Because conjunctivitis

Anatomy 101: Pink Eye

symptoms are not the same. Your primary

that goes untreated leads to inflammation and

The technical name for Pink Eye is

care doctor or pediatrician can prescribe

scarring of the cornea, and scarring of the

Conjunctivitis, and it means Inflammation

drops, but a magnified examination of the eye

cornea (the clear window of the eye) leads

of the Conjunctiva. The firm outer wall of

really tells the true story as to the cause of the

to permanent vision loss. It’s important to

the eyeball that appears white is called the

inflammation and the appropriate treatment.

receive the appropriate treatment for pink

sclera. The sclera is covered with a thin, clear

Your eye doctor has the equipment to

eye as soon as possible, to lessen the risk

membrane called the conjunctiva. There are

closely examine the eye and make the proper

for sight-threatening complications. If you

several things that can cause the conjunctiva


have symptoms that include reduced vision,

to become inflamed, swollen, or red. Bacteria,

How Contagious is it?

light sensitivity, or eye pain, it’s critical that

Viruses, Fungi, Parasites, Contact Lens over-

The most dreaded and contagious cause of

you schedule an appointment with your eye

wear, Allergy and Autoimmune conditions

pink eye is a virus. It is a specific strain of the

doctor as soon as possible, as these symptoms

are the most commonly mentioned causes

Adenovirus, the virus that causes the common

could indicate a greater likelihood of corneal

of inflammation. The treatment for each of

cold, which rapidly spreads from one eye to


these causes varies widely, making the correct

the other, and from one person to another.

diagnosis critical.

It can travel on water droplets in the air, but

The bottom line is that pink eye is a problem

Who Done it?

most commonly spreads by touch via tears

that eye doctors solve best, and the sooner the

You might be surprised to hear that

and mucus. Hand washing is critical! For

proper diagnosis is made, the lower the risk

approximately 60% of cases of pink eye

women wearing cosmetics, discontinuing the

for serious complications, and the lower the

are caused by a virus. This means that the

use of cosmetics and discarding any wet eye

number of people in your house walking

strongest antibiotic in the world (designed

makeup (liquid eyeliner, mascara, foundation

around with pink eyes!

to kill bacteria) is completely useless in the

sponges) is required. The condition is

10 March 2014

GOOD HEALTH BEGINS IN THE BEDROOM By Meroe Rabieifar, PharmD - My Community Pharmacy I would like to take a little time to discuss something

patient to get a full picture of the individual prior

instant gratification. So when we are faced with

that is on everyone’s mind and most of us don’t get

to making an assessment. I make sure I always ask

sleep issues, most doctors and patients turn to

enough of it: SLEEP. What? What did you think this

about the patient’s sleep habits. The number of

prescription or OTC sleep medications.

article was about? Tsst tsst!

people suffering from one type of sleep disturbance

This is probably the single worst thing you can do for

How often do you get a good night’s sleep? I mean

or another is astounding. In fact, only one in four

sleep. These medications

the kind that when you lay your head down at night,

Americans get the recommended 8 hours of sleep

basically put you in a stupor during which your body

you don’t know what hit you until you open your eyes

per night. Most people don’t even realize how

isn’t actually sleeping. Your

in the morning? (Ahem… without pharmaceutical

badly this lack of sleep is affecting them!

immune system is compromised, leaving you open to

persuasion?) Not too often? Never? If you’re

Let me take a brief moment to explain why we NEED

infections and other diseases

one of the few who answered “all the time,” this

sleep. To put it in simple terms, many of the body’s

such as cancer. In addition, you aren’t getting any of

article will not be of value to you. The

crucial processes occur during sleep. The body

the other benefits of natural sleep.

title is probably as exciting as this will get for you.

repairs, regenerates and heals itself. This is also the

The first thing I recommend for sleep disturbances is

However, if you are like most of my

time your body flushes out toxins. Human growth

lifestyle changes. Increasing exercise and reducing

patients and good sleep seems like a luxury meant

hormone (HGH), responsible for tissue repair,

sugar intake will automatically improve sleep health.

for others and not for you, you will

muscle health, etc, is produced while you sleep.

Also, I suggest avoiding caffeine past morning hours.

likely find this a helpful article.

Furthermore, many hormones, such as testosterone,

I found I was so sensitive to caffeine that I had to

As a pharmacist, I come across many types of

are secreted during sleep. I could go on and on, but

stop drinking it altogether and my sleep improved

people with many different types of problems. I

I think you probably get my point.


have a list of questions I always ask every

It’s VERY important.In the U.S., we are all about

Caffeine is a component of many foods,

12 March 2014

including coffee, tea (black, green, white), chocolate, and many energy bars/drinks. Also, turn off those electronics a couple of hours before bedtime. This will allow your brain to wind down and ease into sleep. Perhaps the best change one can make, however, is to practice some kind of yoga and meditation daily. As you can imagine, this helps to reduce stress levels, which will in turn improve sleep. Once healthy habits are incorporated, if sleep is still a problem, one may turn to natural supplements. A well-known sleep aid that’s been tried and true is tryptophan. Tryptophan is naturally occurring in many foods such as sesame and sunflower seeds, turkey, milk, spinach and seaweed. Having these foods at dinner time may help improve sleep for many people. Additionally, calming herbs such as chamomile, valerian root and passion flower extract can help reduce stress and promote slumber. In adults over age 40, chances are melatonin levels have begun dwindling. In patients who have tried everything else with no relief and generally have no other reason for their sleep issues, I recommend supplementing with melatonin. For these individuals, I recommend 5mg of controlled-release melatonin taken nightly an hour before bedtime. Furthermore, there are several formulations, specifically from Xymogen nutraceuticals, that are designed for different sleep disturbance issues. Please come see me if you would like a recommendation. Our bodies are miraculous machines that require little to survive. However, if we want optimal function, we must provide optimal care. Giving your body the perfect conditions to insure an appropriate amount of sleep is an essential way to age gracefully. So remember, sleep is not a luxury‌ it’s your ticket to a long healthy life. 13 March 2014

Chiropractic More than just backs two common misconceptions of chiropractic

There are many ways to adjust a person and come to the same results. It is important to us that each patient’s individual needs are addressed and treatments are designed for comfort. BY DR. ARIANNE WEISS PRESTIA

irst, we should explain the basis of chiropractic.

more. So what can a chiropractor work

Chiropractic is the correction and maintenance

on? Everyone knows chiropractors

of three main groups: muscular system, skeletal

work on the spine, but what many

system, and most importantly the nervous system.

don’t know is we can work on so much

Your nervous system controls everything in your

more. We also work on shoulders,

entire body. Your nervous system is always

arms, hands, hips, legs, knees, and

surrounded by your musculoskeletal system. This is

feet. Yes, we are full body doctors.

why an interruption to one can directly affect the

From tendinitis, carpal tunnel, plantar

other. The nervous system is similar to electricity

fasciitis, headaches, ear infections, TMJ, and so

diagnosis, patient history, goals, and preference/

flowing through a wire. If the wire is interrupted

much more. We can help by correcting the relation

comfort level.

and electricity can’t flow properly the lights might

between your neuromuscular system and your

flicker on and off or not turn on all together. This

nervous system. In correcting this relationship you

care professional you are going to see, if you

is how your nervous system works, nerves act

should have better function and become free

have doubts or concerns, be sure to speak to

like the wire, the wire carries a message, and the

of pain, and most important allow your body to

your provider before being treated. It is their job

message is then delivered to a specific destination

function at its optimal capacity.

to explain their findings and treatment to you. It

where a function then occurs.

Another very common misconception, often from

My advice is always no matter what health

is also your body and life so be sure to always

firsthand experience or from an acquaintance:

feel comfortable and educated about your health

correctly, because there is some sort of

“I let it get this bad, because I didn’t want to be


interference? The destination the nerve signal

cracked/popped” or “I dislike the part where they

is trying to reach might not be able to perform

twist my neck or back”. Everyone practices in their

its proper function. Nerves are in charge of

own way, but chiropractors are taught a variety

The Weiss Family Chiropractic Center has been

muscle contraction, relaxation and growth, cell

of techniques and it is unnecessary to have an

in the local community for almost 30 years. We aim

production, organ function, relaying messages

adjustment that that resembles these thoughts.

to provide excellent care to our patients. We offer

to and from your brain, hormone control, and so

There are many ways to adjust a person and

many options to our patients to aid in their healing

much more. The physical sensation experienced

come to the same results. It is important to us that

including: chiropractic, acupuncture, massage

in patients is most often pain. However, other

each patient’s individual needs are addressed

therapy, nutritional advice, exercise advice, and

common symptoms are: tingling, weakness,

and treatments are designed for comfort. We

more. Feel free to contact us with any questions

numbness, fatigue, stiffness, tightness, and much

personalize every patient’s treatment using

you might have regarding chiropractic.

So what if the nervous system isn’t flowing

16 March 2014


change that can happen for patients. You see the look in their eyes after coming out of treatment with a deep relaxation response clearly evident, even feeling joyous from the release of serotonin and endorphins. Which are the bodies own feel-good and pain relieving neurotransmitters. The clinic walls are covered with framed “Thank You’s” from celebrities of all sorts. Musicians, sports figures and patients from all over the world have nothing but praise for Dr. Tony. Here are just a few of those notes:

Dr. Tony – Thanks for the Acupuncture, it makes all the difference! Scottie Upshall, #19 Florida Panthers (NHL)

If you are looking for an alternative to modern medicine, Acupuncture Zen and Dr. Tony Willcox may be the answer. Located two blocks from the beach in downtown Delray Beach, Acupuncture Zen is the epitome of tranquility. As you enter suite Number 11, 900 East Atlantic Avenue, the scents of aromatherapy and exquisite incense begin to transform your senses into a place of transcendence. The serene, deeply calming music permeates your nervous system reducing stress and increasing your level of relaxation. Your experience is about to begin… Dr. Tony Willcox is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician. His list of qualifications is quite impressive. He earned a Masters Degree of Oriental Medicine, a Bachelor of Health Science degree and is Nationally Double Board Certified in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. He is an Advanced Craniosacral Therapist and a Reiki Master among other certifications in the specialty realm of healing energies. Blending the benefits of painless Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern therapeutic laser treatments, such as K-Laser (as used by NY Yankees) and THOR Laser (as used by British Olympic Team) allows Dr. Tony to treat the symptoms of so 18 March 2014

many more conditions that amplify the results due to the modern technology. This results in patient satisfaction. Just ask the NHL Florida Panthers Hockey Team. Dr. Tony has been on their Medical Staff as the Sports Medicine Acupuncture Physician since 2007. As soon as you meet Dr. Tony, you feel comfortable. He puts you at ease with his peaceful and therapeutic demeanor and you know your in good hands. He has many certifications and awards, such as the Academic Excellence Award from Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine, and certifications for Acupuncture training at YueYang and Shuguang Hospitals in Shanghai, China. The Acupuncture Zen clinic has seven treatment rooms that cater to patients with a wide range of conditions. From back, neck and shoulder pain as the most common ailments that patients have to headaches, insomnia, depression and anxiety which are also high on the list of treatments. Stress reduction made easy: Dr. Tony’s 25 years of experience in the healing arts makes for a welcomed plethora of experience into the world of Acupuncture and the various therapies that can take you from a tight bundle of stress to a relaxed, chilled out person. It really is mind boggling the

Dr. Tony – Thank you for the Best Acupuncture of my Life! Hasan Salihamidzic, Juventus Football Club, Italy I had been suffering with post hepatic neuralgic pain from shingles for 3 years! I thought I tried everything until a friend told me about Dr. Tony at Acupuncture Zen in Delray. She said he had cured her of shingles and the pain that came from that condition. I decided I would try, I had relief after the first treatment… really, I was shocked. Finally, I have no pain after 6 treatments. I sleep better and feel better overall. I do not have the skin sensitivity I had as well. I wish I had done this 3 years ago. I was as skeptical as they come about acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in general. Dr. Tony, you made a believer out of me! Thank you!!!! Carol B., Delray Beach, FL. Among the sports figures that Dr. Willcox treats are two UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighters, Sean Soriano and Abel Trujillo. Sean is a UFC Featherweight competitor with an 8 and 1 record. This year Soriano made his UFC debut against Tatsuya Kawajiri on January 4th, at Marina

Bay Sands in Marina Bay, Singapore. Abel Trujillo is a more seasoned veteran with a record of 12 and 5. As a UFC Lightweight, his last fight was in Newark, New Jersey on February 1st, against Jamie Varner. Their bout kicked off pay-per-view’s Superbowl Saturday main card and provided a round-and-a-half of pure entertainment. Trujillo pulled off a victory and attributes Acupuncture and Dr. Tony for helping him find some Zen moments of relaxation and recovery both pre-and-post fights. These athletes use acupuncture to benefit everything from performance to better sleeping patterns. As you can imagine these two are pretty beat-up after a bout in this strenuous sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Their praise for Dr. Tony was amazing. They both said that within a couple of minutes they would feel some relief and release from pain. They found it immediately calming and energizing the day after treatment. Abel added that acupuncture also helps with his sinuses. He can finally breathe through his nose. One of the biggest questions? Does Acupuncture hurt? The answer is in the technique of a skilled practitioner. The needles are hair-thin and the fine placement of the needle to the acupuncture point is part of the process. The real story is finding the

root cause of the condition you are seeking to help alleviate symptoms. This can be achieved according to the ancient technique of tongue diagnosis and pulse diagnosis. This is the diagnostic system of the energy centers of the body. This system can determine if the different systems are running too fast or too slow. Both ways will cause some type

about the health benefits of Acupuncture, more patients are being referred for treatment. Dr. Tony has a strong referral source and a respect for his skills from Spinal Surgeons, Neurologists and Medical Doctors that continually refer to his speciality of Acupuncture. The WHO or World Health Organization accredits Acupuncture to be a validated treatment for over forty diseases or chronic conditions and recognizes Acupuncture as a part of Traditional Medicine that is the oldest practiced Medicine in the world. He has a Needle Free option for those patients who can’t stand the idea of a needle, no matter how small. We have a solution for you - Laser Therapy. The use of Laser is utilized for pain relief and allergies but also smoking cessation and managing symptoms of detoxification from substance abuse. You do not feel any sensation with the Laser, yet the therapeutic effects have been clinically researched for many common conditions with great results. For those patients interested in Chakra Balancing, we offer a Crystal Table that has been Custom Made to the specifications of Acupuncture Zen. Thirty-five Vogel cut crystals have been infused with 100’s of gems, minerals and homeopathic essence that are impregnated into each individual

of dysfunction. This will in turn affect the whole. All the organs communicate with each other. We are one living organism that is a part of the Natural Laws of the Universe. You can’t escape it. So why not use a skilled practitioner in the Art of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to evaluate your tongue and pulse to see what your energy system is doing? How it is working. How it is affecting the whole. From there you can adjust the energy system and open pathways (meridians) to promote the smooth flow of energy throughout your system. When this energy or Chi (pronounced - CHEE) flows effectively, you feel great. When it doesn’t flow, you don’t feel optimal. If you haven’t done this therapy before, I suggest going to a qualified acupuncture practitioner with over 4 years of schooling in acupuncture. There are variants with Chiropractors and MD’s who do 14 days of training and can call themselves an Acupuncturist in the State of Florida. As medical research continues to be published

crystal and with the use of magnets and LED light pulsate into the energy field. While on the table, many patients experience deep relaxation. Some describe a sensation of going to another world. Originally the John of God table was considered for the clinic but after research Acupuncture Zen found that thirty-five custom made crystals were more effective than seven. Come and see for yourself. A 30 minute session costs $50.00. At Acupuncture Zen, Dr. Tony Willcox offers many services including acupuncture, energy healing, herbal medicine, fire cupping, Thor & K-Laser and massage. His specialties include back and neck pain, tennis elbow, headaches, stress, anxiety, depression, infertility and sciatica. Located in the heart of Delray Beach, at 900 East Atlantic Avenue, Suite #11 the Acupuncture Zen Clinic for Pain Relief is just minutes from Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and Wellington. Visit www. or call 19 March 2014

You flirt with death, but you want to live. You are afraid to keep using, but you are afraid to stop. You may not know what life is without drugs, but you might be willing to try. You fool yourself into thinking recovery is unattainable for you, but maybe you’re wrong. Maybe you think you know everything about recovery. Chances are, you are unaware to some degree even if you have been in recovery and relapsed several times. And while a lasting recovery is attainable, truth is, it can be tricky. By Ariene J. Sherman Addiction Recovery Coach at Angel’s Recovery

Introduction to the Addict There are triggers so subtle they go unnoticed consciously, but that does not mean they have gone unnoticed by the subconscious. There really are times when your mind has a mind of its own. Do you know that one of the big things that addiction took from you was choice? Suppose you were convinced you could regain choice. A lasting recovery would be easier, attainable, wouldn’t it? A walk in the parkcertainly not, but doable. Why not, indeed. Why not, with a heart full of renewed hope, begin to put into practice the control that is required to take back choice? Why not just begin? Without developing your awareness to recognize and take control of subtleties, you are unknowingly on the path to relapse. Therefore, it is critical that you not only think about how you think, but you must also pay attention to how you feel even if you do not know why you are feeling a certain way. There is a reason, but perhaps it has simply bypassed your conscious awareness. The part of your mind that is affected by addiction not only recognizes these subconscious subtleties, but also immediately goes into action to get you to use. This is what craving is. It is an automatic response to a trigger known as conditioned behavior. We, humans are creatures of habit. A habit is a matter of repetition. It doesn’t matter what the repetition is about; we are programming ourselves.

Understand a trigger can be a multitude of things, real or imagined. It can be subtle or come at you like a tornado. For our purposes, let’s just call all triggers stress. When stress occurs, whether you are aware of the stressor or not, you have awakened a sleeping giant. The giant is conditioned by the stressor to sit up and take notice and await its expected habitual reward. Remember, it matters not if you are aware of this or not; your subconscious, which I call the tape recorder, has perceived an event or a situation, which it automatically interprets as to what it means or recalls or wants. This interpretation can create a feeling, and the feeling creates a physical event. It matters not if the feeling is a good feeling or bad feeling. Either way, you have created a reminder. If you are addicted, you remind yourself to crave. You crave because you have turned on the conditioned response that wakes up the sleeping giant. This is a big, hungry giant, and it wants what it wants right now. If you do not have a plan in place to fight this giant, you will use/lose. Remember, relapse does not come out of the blue. And, if you have been in recovery for a while and you choose/decide to relapse, it does not mean you go back to the beginning usage doses. No, you pick up where you left off, and usually your starved appetite demands more. This is dangerous because your body

may have gone back into balance to whatever degree and it cannot tolerate the amount that you think you can handle. Have you heard the term overdose? If you’ve been in recovery and have relapsed, take heart. A single defeat is not a final defeat. Maybe the first or the second or the third is not the charm, but never, ever give up. This has been done. Why not by you? Again, why not, indeed. You know you are scared to keep using, but you are also scared to stop. Maybe you were shocked to find yourself putting a needle in your arm. This is what addiction is: progression. You use more now or more often. Progression. Some of you are not ready to stop using. You haven’t had enough. You’ve described using heroin, as just like being in love, wishing you could use forever, but still knowing you had to stop. Maybe you have not suffered enough yet. Maybe the consequences have not yet been horrific. Not yet. If only one idea, one light bulb illuminated in one person’s head, can help someone to heal, to recover, to have hope, to save their life, then truly a blessing will be bestowed. Just remember, you do not have to do this alone. There is an army of us out here waiting to help you. Come to us. To learn more visit our site Call now for a FREE DETOX by referral: 877-634-8488

21 March 2014

The Chiropractor that DOESN’T want to adjust you DR. JONATHAN CHUNG When someone walks into my office, they may notice that it’s different most chiropractic offices they’ve visited. What they won’t find are massage tables, physical therapy suites, supplements, or footbaths. In fact, the only pieces of equipment you will see are my chiropractic adjustment tables and my upper cervical x-ray unit. Precision chiropractic adjustments are in essence, the only daily service that I provide. So why would a chiropractor that only does adjustments NOT want to adjust you? This may sound like blasphemy in parts of the chiropractic world, but in my world not everyone that steps into my office needs an adjustment. As a matter of fact, the goal that I have for each and every person that begins care with me is to get them to the point where they DON”T need an adjustment. While the goal for most chiropractors is to adjust people to prevent or get rid of someone’s ache or pain, my goal is completely different. My goal is to restore the spine into a state called Normal Structure. Just like there’s normal ideal values for things like body temperature (98.6), blood pressure (120/80), and vision (20/20), there’re an ideal structural alignment for a healthy spine. This doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect, if your blood pressure is off for moments at a time or off by less than 10 points 24 March 2014

it’s nothing to worry about. The Truth is this : Normal Structure = Normal Function Normal Structure is dictated by your spine and Normal Function is dictated by your nervous system. The nervous system is responsible for the function of every system in the body. When the nervous system has a hiccup, then muscles, organs, or glands may overreact or under react leading to a wide variety of problems called Secondary Conditions. The best thing about someone with Normal Structure is that it allows their spine to be stable. When the structural alignment of someone’s spine goes back to normal and it is stable, they are in a position of “Holding” their correction. When someone is holding their correction, then they are in a great place called neurologically clear and there is no reason to adjust. I love it when people come into the office and they are clear. Whether someone is in pain or they’re feeling great, if I check their spine for Structural Shifts/Subluxations and they’re holding and clear, then I know that they are on a path towards healing and greater function. What does all of this mean? With my style of care, if I were adjusting someone every single visit, I’d have a pit in my stomach because I know that I’m not getting the job done. An adjustment is such a powerful

procedure when done correctly, but can delay someone’s healing if not done properly or is done too often. The body is strong enough and intelligent enough to maintain a proper Structural Alignment. The biggest misconception in chiropractic is the concept that adjustments heal people. Adjustments DO NOT heal people. It is the time between adjustment where the body heals and recovers. When the normal structural alignment of the spine is maintained, the nervous system operates normally, and the inborn intelligence of the body is coordinating all of your body’s healing processes that health and healing happen. How Do I Choose the Right Chiropractor? When choosing your next chiropractor, make sure you are able to talk to someone that helps you reach your goals. You have the ability to select someone that moves bones to treat your pain, or you can choose one that helps correct what caused the problem to begin with. That’s why I never charge to just sit down and talk about their problem in a Consultation. That’s also why I always advise people to select a doctor that you can just talk to before making a commitment. When the doctor and patient are on the same page, long term results are usually the outcome.

A Precise and Gentle Approach to Structural Correction Comes to the Palm Beaches For years, chiropractic has been a great source of relief for people suffering with back pain. It has come a long way from the days where it was considered unscientific quackery. It has even evolved to the point where chiropractors have developed different areas of focus. Most chiropractors practice what is known as traditional chiropractic. These are the ones most people think about when they have neck pain and back pain from an accident or fall, and they do a great job in getting people relief of their pain. I should know, I was one at one point. While I was helping a lot of people get out of acute pain, I had a heart for people who suffered with chronic problems. I wanted to find a way to help more who had been having problems for months and years with no real long term solution. That’s when I decided to focus my practice on Structural Correction of the head and neck using the NUCCA Protocol. What is NUCCA? NUCCA is an extremely gentle and precise corrective procedure that takes the popping, twisting, and cracking out of the equation. While many chiropractic approaches focus primarily on increasing motion to the spine, a doctor who does NUCCA is focused on restoring the normal structural position of the spine so that it can stay in place. The reason it works is because the way the head and neck affect the brainstem. When the

top part of the neck shifts out of place, it starts to put stress on the muscles and ligaments of the spine, as well as the blood vessels, and nerves that go in and out of the spinal cord. While it can certainly cause neck pain, when the brainstem and spinal cord are affected, it can cause Secondary Conditions like chronic pain, migraines, vertigo, and TMJ/facial pain. This small shift is known as the Atlas Displacement Complex (ADC) also known as the Atlas Subluxation Complex. ADC is usually caused by things like falls, sports injuries, bad lifting technique or even accidents as slow as 15 mph. However, ADC can happen and last without

I Never Knew orThe Problem symptoms for months, even years.

thermographic and myographic technology to assess the condition of the nervous system. These tools allow us to create substantial changes in a short amount of time while being very gentle with our care. No matter what the condition is, Structural Chiropractic is looking to build long term stability to the mechanics of the spine. We do this by taking Post X-rays and reassessment scans to verify that we have changed the spine and achieved our end goal. Once you’re there, we’ll teach you the best ways to keep it there. We aren’t here to make people dependent or addicted to adjustments, but to get you to the point where you can get your spine tuned up near the same frequency as a dentist.


in my Head and Neck In order to identify the presence of ADC, a full Structural Chiropractic Examination is necessary. Rather than relying just on our hands, we use a laser aligned upper cervical X-ray set up to get precision views of the upper neck. We also use

25 March 2014

From Artisan to Artist, Norman Gitzen’s Evolution By Sandy Axelrod Norman Gitzen was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He grew up knowing he would follow the family tradition of being in the construction business. So in high school he took electives that would help him in his planned career. He excelled in ceramics, wood shop and metal shop. Even before that he showed that he artistic ability. Norm received and award in middle school for being the “Most Artistic Student” in the school. Unfortunately he wasn’t encouraged or mentored to follow a career path as an artist. Instead of going to school for art he went right to work as a carpenter and cabinet maker, following in his father’s footsteps. Norm moved to Florida in 1980, as he puts it, chasing a girl. Once here he decided to stay. Why not? The work was good and the weather better. When it was 30F up north it was 80F here. In 1990 he started building his home and studio “Casa Capricorn” amid a lush garden of plants and native wildlife. It was here that he found his artistic inspiration. After two years of constructing a temporary structure that is now his studio it was livable enough to be shelter but with no amenities. He had no water and showered outside! In fact he was working off a temporary power pole for electricity until two years ago. It was while working on his home that he began sculpting. He couldn’t find architectural elements that he liked and since he was already an expert woodworker he began creating his own corbels (a structural piece of stone, wood or metal jutting from a wall to carry a superincumbent weight). 26 March 2014

Norman Gitzen is not a fan of abstract art. What he admires most is the work of the great masters such as Michelangello and Leonardo DaVinci. Although his favorite piece of his own work, the Siren, he refers to as “recognizable abstract”. He sculpts in wood, stone, blacksmithing steel, stainless steel and bronze. The metals are permanent and practical whereas wood is not as lasting because

it is affected by weather conditions. But what he loves about working with wood is its feel and smell. His distinctive style of decorative metal, stone and wood sculpture can be found in private collections and public displays around the world. As an expert woodworker he is known for his spectacular custom fireplace surrounds and mantles. Locally he did the wood work and cabinetry of the library and media room at the Polo Museum in Lake Worth. But his best sellers are his heart necklaces. In fact, Norm also wants you to know that if you forgot to get your loved one a Valentine’s Day heart, it’s never too late! Other than his jewelry his work is heavy and demands a lot from his body. He addresses this by keeping fit. He eats “clean”. Eating healthy and keeping strong helps him to be able to lift his heavy materials. He even makes his own wheat grass juice in an old fashioned mechanical juicer which slowly extracts every drop of the healthful juice. Casa Capricorn is an ongoing project. It is appointed beautifully and has all of the real necessities. But it does not have real closets in the bedroom or even base cabinets in the kitchen yet. His cockateel Chester, who lives inside with Norm, doesn’t seem to mind. Nor do his three Cockatoos that guard the entrance outside. They are happy to greet visitors and say a word a two. Living in his own secluded paradise he finds infinite inspiration from all that surrounds him. Norman Gitzen can be reached for commissions through his website www . NormanGitzen . com or by phone at 561-965-2879.

Your Vision... Our Artistry... Endless Possiblities... The Wellington Equestrian Gallery & Mall is

"Right from the beginning, the Gallery was very

Located at 13889 Wellington Trace in the

a unique marketplace that offers a distinctive

well received in the community last year and

Wellington Marketplace Shopping Center (next

collection of art, antiques, jewelry and equestrian-

it soon acquired a distinct, loyal clientele that

to the old Tackeria and next to Wellington Florist),

related gifts. Whether guests are looking for

appreciated the variety and quality of the store's

on the corner of Wellington Trace and Greenview

items to use in decorating their home, looking for

unusual, equestrian focused offerings," explains

Shores, the Gallery is open 7 days a week to

a unique gift, or are a collector of fine art and

Robin Carr, the gallery manager. "So, we decided

furnishings, this 6000 square foot Mall is sure to

to expand the physical space of the gallery for

have something to meet their needs.

2014, and this has enabled us to include an even more diverse selection of merchandise."

accommodate the busy schedule of Wellington equestrians and residents. Stop in and see the ever changing array of art, antiques and boutique items.

27 March 2014

Beware of Pet Foods Purchased in the Supermarket! “When comparing pet foods, you cannot simply compare quantity and price. You must take into consideration the nutritional value inside the bag.”

There are so many options for pet owners in today’s society. Everywhere we turn, we hear about the “best” dog or cat food on the market! We are pelted by commercials and promise of “New and Improved”, Grain Free, Raw and advertisers claims of superiority of their product. Most pet owners don’t know what to believe and how to choose the right direction for their own pet. We hope that the information that follows can help guide you on what to feed or what not to feed your pet. Pet owners will do best by their pets by purchasing their pet food at a pet specialty store. Most pet foods found in your neighborhood supermarket are on the Top 10 Worst Pet Foods in the Country List! Every pet food must list their ingredients right on the package. The first step to assuring you are feeding your pet a healthy diet is to simply read the ingredient panel on the package. We don’t need a degree in nutrition to understand these listings, they are all pretty straight forward. All ingredients are listed in their order of content. We mean, if corn is the first listing, then you can be assured that the primary ingredient in that food is corn. Its first place listing means that the food you are feeding contains more corn than anything else! If your pet food ingredient panel lists: Chicken, Chicken Liver, Chicken Heart, Organic Blueberry, Organic Cranberry, etc. you can be assured that your pet is eating a healthy, protein-based diet. If pure protein (Chicken, Beef, Fish, Rabbit, Duck, Goose, Venison, Bison, etc.) is listed far down on the list, or not at all, you can be assured that you are not feeding your pet a suitable diet. Dogs and cats are carnivores, by their ancestral nature. ALL four of the top selling 28 March 2014

pet foods in the country today lists their primary ingredient as corn. Corn has NO REDEEMABLE nutritious value and any dog food listing this as their first ingredient is not a nutritious meal for your pet. Corn is useless filler and is a known cause of allergies and is extremely difficult for dogs to digest. The following list is ingredients to avoid when reading the package: Meat By-Product-Pet grade meat by-products consist of organs and parts either not desired or condemned for human consumption. This can include bones, blood, intestines, lungs, ligaments, heads, feet and feathers. Animal parts can be used from any source, so there is no control…..Animals

used can include goats, pigs, horses, rats, road-kill or animals euthanized in shelters. It can include cancerous tissue and spoiled tissue. Any meat not named, is meat you know nothing about. You cannot assume it is something you would want to feed your pet! Animal Fat-Most often made up of rendered animal fat, restaurant grease or other oils too rancid or deemed inedible for humans. Look for a named fat, such as poultry or chicken fat. Corn or Wheat Gluten –This is the remainder of

the corn after the best parts of the corn have been removed. No nutritional value, difficult to digest and is used as a cheap binder. Wheat Flour- Fine particles of wheat bran, wheat germ and the offal from the “the tail of the mill” means the floor sweepings of leftovers in the mill after everything has been processed from the wheat. A leading cause of allergies in dogs, absolutely useless with no nutritional value whatsoever. Sugar, Cane molasses, corn syrup in any form, sorbitol, sucrose, fructose, glucose, propylene glycol: Useless, uneccessary and adds empty calories. Usually used to make food more palatable to the animals if the ingredients themselves aren’t enough to make the dog or cat actually want to eat it. Coloring (blue 2, Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Titanium Dioxide): Any coloring is completely unnecessary and should be avoided. Your dog doesn’t care about the pretty colored shapes and artificial dyes and coloring agents are known cancer causing agents, and also causes allergies. Used in Junk Dog Food! Propylene Glycol: Used in antifreeze solutions, in hydraulic fluids, and as a solvent. May be toxic if consumed in large amounts, and should definitely not be an ingredient in a food an animal will eat daily for weeks, months or years. Hydrochloric Acid: Used in Kibbles n Bits - It is a caustic chemical agent used in the production of chlorides, fertilizers, and dyes. The top selling dog foods in the country today are Pedigree, Ol Roy, Purina and Beneful. All of these foods list corn as their number one ingredient.

will require less quantity to give your pet their

knowledgeable employees that have experience

required nutrition. A lesser quality of food may

with the needs of pets. I think it fair to say, no matter

require you to feed 2 cups of food at each meal;

the size of your pet, you can feed a higher quality,

however, a higher quality of food will necessitate

grain free food for your pet for mere pennies more

perhaps only ¾ of one cup to provide adequate

per day. For less than a cup of coffee, your pet can

nutrition. Therefore, a 5lb bag of a higher quality When comparing pet foods, you cannot simply compare quantity and price. You must take into consideration the nutritional value inside the bag. If

food will take you further, thus giving you more for your dollar.

have the best opportunity to live a healthier life. There is a direct correlation between the food they eat, and the health of a pet.

We highly recommend going to a pet specialty

Living in Florida, our pets have specific challenges,

you are feeding a food that is mainly corn, wheat,

store to purchase your pet food.

Wheat Flour, potatoes and rice, then you must feed

necessarily have to spend more money, just be an

a higher quantity in order to give your pet more

educated consumer. It is most common to see higher

useable nutrition.

What goes in, usually comes

quality pet foods in a pet specialty store than in your

out. I mean by that, most of these fillers and grains

supermarket. I think it fairly safe to say that most

will not be utilized by your pet’s body and will be

foods for pets that are sold in human supermarkets

simply passed through in large amounts of feces.

should be passed over for something more nutritious.

once our pet’s skin become inflamed, develop sores

When feeding a higher quality of food, your pet’s

Today, most towns have pet specialty stores within

or have on-going dermatitis, the foods we feed can

body will absorb the nutrients, and the amount of

a short drive from your home, perhaps even closer

take a bad situation and make them worse. For

feces will be significantly less, as your pet will use

than your supermarket. You can also gain a wealth

more information visit

most of what goes in. A higher quality of pet food

of information from your pet specialty store and the

You do not

more than any other state.

Local Veterinarians

have a continuous battle with seasonal and environmental allergies. Some of these allergies are caused by or exacerbated by the foods we feed. Our environment initially causes some allergies, but

29 March 2014

Independent Imaging Participates in ACR Dose Index Registry Independent Imaging is now participating in the American College of Radiology (ACR) Dose Index Registry® (DIR®). Participation in the registry is voluntary and allows our imaging facility to compare its computed tomography (CT) dose indices to regional and national values. The registry also provides regular feedback so our facility can gauge how any dose reduction measures may be working over time. This allows our facility to make appropriate adjustments to its protocols, and ultimately better enable our facility to optimize the radiation dose patients receive from CT scans. With the DIR, information related to dose indices for all CT exams is collected, anonymized and stored in a database. Registry participants are then provided with periodic feedback reports comparing their results by body part and exam type to aggregate results. Data collected from the registry will be used to establish national benchmarks for CT dose indices. The DIR is part of the ACR National Radiology Data Registry (NRDR™), which leads the effort in developing benchmarks and comparisons to help imaging facilities improve quality of patient care. The ACR is a national professional organization serving more than 36,000 diagnostic/interventional radiologists, radiation oncologists, nuclear medicine physicians and medical physicists with programs focusing on the practice of medical imaging and radiation oncology and the delivery of comprehensive health care services.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment with Independent Imaging, a spokesperson, please contact us att 561.-795-5558 or visit 3347 State Road 7 – Suite 100 – Wellington 5051 South Congress Avenue – Lake Worth 701 Main Street – Belle Glade 3385 Burns Road – Palm Beach Gardens 31 March 2014

The Benefits of Colon Cleansing By Cheryl Martin

Colon Hydrotherapy, also known as colonics

Colon cleansing is a gentle process of

can help improve your body’s overall health and

flushing the colon with warm purified water.

wellness, and may even reduce your risks for colon

The therapy is performed by a licensed colon

cancer. The accumulation of toxins in our body

hydro-therapist and takes approximately one

creates pollution of our cells that can interfere with

hour. Most clients come in on their lunch hour

their function and cause disease.

and head back to work feeling lighter and

Due to poor diet and lifestyle habits, mucus and

experiencing relief of their symptoms even

plaque become compacted inside the colon

after the first visit. Due to the amount of waste

creating a muck called, ‘Mucoid Plaque”. This

accumulated in the colon of an average

plaque can block the absorption of vitamins and

adult, it generally takes 5-6 treatments to

minerals that your body needs to repair cells and

reach your optimal result. This is because

stay healthy. The buildup of mucous and toxins in

your colon easily has the ability to store 8-10

your colon can keep your body from getting what

pounds of waste! It is recommended that you

it needs to function, even if you eat a consistently

get a follow up treatment every few months

healthy diet.

to maintain optimal health.

As more plaque gets trapped over time, toxins

Gardens Wellness Center has been offering

accumulate in the body causing a self poisoning.

colon hydrotherapy in Palm Beach Gardens

Symptoms of an unhealthy colon can cause diarrhea

for many years. Our colon hydro-therapist,

or constipation depending on if the colon is spastic

Debbie Stromer has performed over ten

or still. Several pounds of waste are often trapped

thousand treatments. Come in and visit us

resulting in gas, bloating, feeling tired all the time

today and allow us to guide you on your path

and having difficulty concentrating.

to health and Wellness.

32 March 2014




When Renée and Cindy met, Cindy asked Renée “Would you ever have a facelift?” Renee replied, “I would never have surgery, because if I go to heaven I don’t want God to ask me, “Who are you?” Actress Renée Taylor is best known as Fran

puffs under the eyes and instantly smoothens skin.

Drescher’s mother, Sylvia Fine, on “The Nanny”, for

FaceLOVE™ has peptides in it, protein, which is

which she received Best Supporting Actress Emmy

healthy for the skin and works in seconds….which is

nomination has a new creation called faceLOVE™. It’s that famous face of hers whether sad or smiling that made her ask Cindy Cohen, her personal make-up artist, to develop a firming serum that

amazing. Los Angeles Times quotes: “Renée Taylor has a new face tightening Product and it works instantly.” One $59.00 dollar bottle will last for a month,and it

would immediately tighten her face and de-puff the area under her eyes before performing on stage and screen. Now Renée Taylor is becoming even more famous for creating a face tightening serum

comes with free shipping and free glamour lipstick. The name facelove came says Taylor because she wants women’s faces to feel like your grandmother

called faceLOVE™ which has received rave review

holding your face in her hands and you feel loved.

for its ability to work instantly and effectively. Which

Visit or you can call toll free at

just a few drops with this better than Botox product,



faceLOVE™ diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, de33 March 2014

Come out and join us for the Ultimate Girly Night!

Nationals Women’s History Month Event!

Brought to you by Cheeky Fitness & Banzai Wellness Magazine of the Palm Beach Friday, March 14th 6-9PM 2257 Vista Parkway #23 WPB 33411

Come join us as we celebrate YOU with a night of dancing, food, fitness, pampering and shopping!

6 February 2014

GET A HEAD START IN THE RACE TO WELL-BEING!!! Your Path To Health, Wellness, and Beauty This program is designed to help each of us achieve our maximum potential. Each one of us may have a different perspective on just what that may mean. First, let me start by saying this program is for all walks of life, all age groups, families, individuals, all those who desire and are searching for change. The program starts with you. Do you find yourself at a crossroads? Maybe you have that perfect job, the perfect relationship, your dream house, car? Or perhaps, you find yourself in an opposite situation, feeling desperate, feeling fearful, angry, resentful? For some people, they may experience life as “going through the motions”, just not connecting, thinking there has to be more to life than this!!! Through the years, I personally encountered several trials, let’s say it’s been quite a journey. Joyce Meyer has a good way of putting it, I may not be where I want to be, but Thank God, I’m not where I used to be!!! I’ve listened to numerous accounts of life stories encompassing trials, struggles, people who have “everything”, yet “nothing”. If you are reading this you are connecting with this is some way. Most of us have to agree, our world, our country, our community is in need of CHANGE. My goal is to help touch the hearts and souls of as many people, families, communities, businesses, and extend the branches outward. If we truly desire change, then it ultimately up to each of us to take a step forward each day to work towards fulfilling our soul’s purpose and experiencing the joy and peace we all long to feel inside. Through joining this initiative, as a Loyalty Partner (these are “like-minded”), businesses related to health, wellness and beauty, you are committing to helping each of the participants reach their maximum potential. This will be demonstrated through several events held throughout the year, superior customer service and care when

customers/patients frequent your location, and listening to their needs to help the program’s overall success. As a Loyalty Member, you will receive discounts/ Incentives from each participating Loyalty Partner, Invitations to EXCLUSIVE events, Prizes* awarded at events for Members “In the Race, VIP Access* to events, Opportunity to try new products/services at participating Loyalty Partners first, Keep current on the “Latest & Greatest” to help you look & feel your best, Participate in surveys to ensure we are meeting all your needs, You will be in a race that will reach its grand "Finish Line" at an event in April 2015. Please take time to review our website for upcoming events and to learn more about the program: I am truly to committed to transform YOUR LIFE from the inside-out, everyday and in every way I can be a coach, a role-model, a friend!!! I am here for YOU, so please reach out and let me know how we can make this a “life changing” experience for you!! STAY HAPPY!...STAY HEALTHY!! …STAY ON YOUR FEET!!! All My Love, Thanks & Gratitude to All Of You Who Have Touched My Life and All Of You Who Most Definitely Will Through This Program!!!

Lisa M. Butcher Event Coordinator Diversified Marketing 2615 S. State Rd 7, Suite B530 Wellington, FL 33414 Cell: 561.670.4157 37 March 2014

Relay For Life of Wellington April 12-13, 2014 Palm Beach Central High School 8499 Forest Hill Blvd. Wellington, FL Survivor Lap at 6:00 pm Luminaria Ceremony at 9:00 pm You can make a difference by... Joining us in the fight against cancer! Joining the planning Committee! Registering your team! Celebrating being a cancer survivor! Being a sponsor! Come for a fun time! For more information please contact Johnny Meier, Event Chair 954-305-0078

To register online visit

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The free Banzai Wellness magazine brings positive, valuable and fun-to-read information to Palm Beach County residents about health, wellnes...

BWM/ March2014  

The free Banzai Wellness magazine brings positive, valuable and fun-to-read information to Palm Beach County residents about health, wellnes...