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Pro Tennis Lessons

Luke Stephens

(Former Touring Pro) Challenging, fun, experienced & skilled



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CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Ecem Adiloglu Jonathan Chung, D.C. Gwen Cohan

Adam K. Lax RDN/LDN Dr. Randall Laurich, D.C. Krista Martinelli

Giving kids individual athletic actives such as golf and tennis will enhance their potential of accountability later in life and fine tune their focus and work ethics. -STEPHENS TENNIS

Dr. Shelley Plumb Meroe Rabieifar, PharmD

Helen Strauss Dr. Arianne Weiss

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February 2015


3D Mammograms 1 of 10 Breakthroughs That Will Change Medicine

8 February 2015

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February 2015


Atlas Correction vs. Traditional Manipulation By Dr. Jonathan Chung This is a post that may catch some flack, so I want to preface it first with my intentions. 1. This is a question that my patients are frequently asked when they want to refer a family or friend, so first and foremost this is a guide for them. 2. I’m openly declaring my biases. I practice using Atlas Corrections as my primary intervention so it’s inescapable that I have some favoritism. However, I’m making a concerted effort to keep this strictly factual. 3. I’m not making any claims of superiority or inferiority. Different interventions for different goals, and each intervention

12 February 2015

will appeal to different people. Now that that’s been established, let’s talk about these distinct procedures. Traditional Manipulation What people have come to associate with spinal manipulation is known in the academic and professional world as a “high-velocity, low amplitude” spinal manipulation. Spinal manipulation can be performed on any of the spinal joints from the head all the way down to the pelvis and sacrum. It is what people associate with the “twisting, cracking, and popping” form of chiropractic. Spinal manipulation has been used as a healing art that dates back thousands

of years. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was even said to have used manipulation to treat his patients. It also has strong roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other eastern practices where they call it “bone setting”. A lot has changed in thousands of years. What was once a fringe therapy is now practiced by thousands of practitioners, which include chiropractors, physical therapists, and osteopathic physicians. These manipulations are used to increase joint range of motion, reduce pain input into the brain, decrease spasm, and alter the way the brain uses sensory information. It’s not as

important to see the alignment and structural position of the joint as it is to know that the joint is moving. Spinal manipulation has had a long history, but we are now starting to understand the wide ranging benefits on the neuromusculoskeletal system. We also know that despite some negative press, it has an unbelieveably strong record of safety in the right hands.

are also different in the fact that it is focused on restoring normal positioning or Normal Structure of the head and neck. By restoring normal positioning and mechanics of the head and neck, there results a normalization of perfusion (blood flow) into the head/neck, improvement in the flow of cerebral spinal fluid, and a reduction in tensile forces on the brain stem/spinal

Corrections, there have been little to no adverse events reported with hand or instrument assisted corrections through some of the most common techniques (NUCCA,



Recoil, Atlas Orthogonal, etc). So How Do I Know If I Need It? Now this is a question that I can’t really answer for you. Traditional manipulative therapies and chiropractors that use Atlas Corrections do have some overlap as far as the type of patients they see. Is one better than the other? No idea. It’s never been documented or proven in the form of a clinical trial. That means it’s up to you to decide what form of care you want for your body. In competent hands, both may be powerful tools to help you achieve your health goals. There are certainly times that I’ve sent people out for traditional spinal

Most over the counter medications would be envious of the safety track record of spinal manipulation. Atlas Corrections Atlas Corrections are an intervention used by chiropractors that focus on the the alignment of the head and neck. These chiropractors will usually classify themselves as an Upper Cervical Chiropractor. What makes this type of procedure unique is that it focuses exclusively on the top portion of the spine. What also makes it unique is the fact that this procedure is usually very gentle and precise in nature, as there is almost no discernible pressure, and none of the “cracking” associated with a traditional manipulation. As a matter of fact, when most people get an atlas correction done, they usually don’t even realize that something has happened. It’s actually rather anticlimatic. The purpose of Atlas Corrections

cord. Because of the way the head and neck affect the over all health of the body, the direction of the force, and alignment of the structure of the spine is VERY important when using Atlas Corrections. Doctors that use Atlas Corrections as their primary intervention usually see a myriad of complex neurological cases in addition to some of the more common chiropractic cases (neck pain, back pain, sciatica, etc). Some of these Secondary Conditions include: Fibromyalgia Post-Concussion Syndrome Temporomandibular Dysfunction Migraine Headache Movement Disorders Vertigo Tinnitis Although many people have reservations about having their head and neck examined, because of the very precise and gentle nature of Atlas

manipulations, and there have been times where traditional chiros or PT’s have referred to me. This is not a contest on who is better, it’s about appropriately addressing the needs of the patient.

I hope this helps clear up the questions. If you have any questions or comments, make sure to find me on Twitter at @drjonathanchung. February 2015


Ask the Docs

Year Long CommitmentBy Health Randall Laurich, Chiropractor Recently, I have been speaking with my patients regarding their commitment to year long health and wellness. As a new year begins, we always get our mindset on a New Year, a new you, but why can’t we commit to our health all year long? Many people get bored with diets, working out, seeing their chiropractor, getting massages, or just staying active. Coming from the north I have seen how the climate plays a big roll in how people become stagnant, but here in sunny south Florida our climate gives us the ability to stay committed all year. We have the ability to exercise outside year round without being stuck in the house. We are less likely to reach for food if we are out and about. Let’s stick to our exercise this year, find the right place for you, that gives you what you need and use this beautiful weather to your advantage. Find the right nutritionist or weight loss system and make a commitment instead of that up and down weight loss and weight gain. 14 February 2015

Some people have fear of the seasonal allergies or illnesses, if you are under regular chiropractic care, your nervous system functions better and in turn all the systems in the body function better. Pediatric visits to the chiropractor can help boost the immune system, especially during seasonal illness. If certain patients have spinal issues that are acute or chronic, spinal correction may take a considerable amount of time. After correction has been made, a maintenance spinal health program weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maybe recommended. Ongoing exercise, proper eating, consistent sleep, a positive outlook, and a properly functioning nervous system can keep you healthier all year long. So basically, keep your health a lifestyle and not just a New Year’s Resolution. Look to The Experienced providers at The Wellness Experience of Wellington to lead you to the healthy lifestyle all year long. Did you know if you have a medical or chiropractic referral for a mattress you may have the ability to reduce the sales tax? Please contact Dr. Laurich if you have questions about your mattress today.

(561) 333-5351. Dr. Randall Laurich is owner of The Wellness Experience of Wellington, Inc., President of The Wellington Chamber of Commerce, a Chiropractic Coach for Chiropractic Adventures, serves on the Healthcare Advisory Board for MCI and is a Community Liaison for ACS Relay for Life.

February 2015


By Helen Strauss

MEET NCOGNITO FITNESS Like a breath of fresh air, this fitness center is more than just a gym. It’s a place one can go to improve one’s entire lifestyle. With comprehensive plans catered to an individual’s physical goals, Ncognito is a unique business that is personal. It is all about you. The idea for Ncognito was born years ago when owner Marcus Nisbett lived in New York. After a bad car accident in which he suffered serious multiple injuries, Nisbett had to undergo rehabilitation. Throughout his recovery, however, he became increas-

16 February 2015

ingly fascinated with the process of rehabilitation and the way the body works. He realized that fitness doesn’t have to be only cardio and strength training. He experienced first-hand how flexibility, stretching, and massage lend a major hand in helping

the body to recover. He wanted to learn more and decided to go to massage school. Motivated by all he had gone through, Nisbett subsequently created a business plan for a new type of fitness center, which would have the essential high-quality exer

cise equipment, but would also incorporate massage and nutrition in a minimized space. After moving to South Florida to be closer to family, Ncognito was founded in Wellington in 2007. Since last reading about Ncognito two years ago, a lot has happened for Marcus Nisbett, founder of this unique health experience. Ncognito is now offering their unique experience to the downtown West Palm Beach area. This new facility, located on Clematis, opened this past summer to rave reviews. West Palm Beach offers exposure and flexibility to the doctors from nearby hospitals, public defenders from the courthouse and other professionals that have spread the word to their peers and family members. Marcus also expanded his massage therapy packages while still offering nutrition, meal plan ning, cooking classes and of course personal training. Members can choose from either a class environment or one-on-one sessions, depending on what they feel will benefit them the most. Marcus is extremely thankful to his clients and attributes his success to their positive word of mouth experiences. His dream to expand to other locations within South Florida has now become a reality. So, how does it all work? When a new client signs up at Ncognito, he or she receives a 30-minute fitness evaluation. The evaluation tests the individual’s muscular strength, cardio endurance, flexibility, and balance. Fitness goals are discussed and then a plan is designed based on the profile. They can then work out as many times a week as the plan suggests with a personal trainer. A typical session includes cardio and flexibility training. Afterwards, each client is treated to a few minutes of stretching in a private room with a licensed massage therapist. Clients also receive complimentary water, fresh fruit, and a towel for their workout session. There is also the option to meet with a registered dietician and create a nutritional plan, which ranges from a basic weekly meal plan to having meals prepared and delivered at home. Their success can be attributed to the fact that they have proven that personalized service makes all the difference when it comes to health and fitness.

“Ncognito is not your typical facility. Some people call us a gym, some call us a massage spa. We’re not like anything else that’s out there.” February 2015


“Everyone’s path to health is a matter of asking the right questions,” Nisbett says. And Ncognito has just the answer.

Master Your Own Destiny.. .

Best said in his brochure, “Living Ncognito is a journey, a daily dose of camaraderie, a sanctuary in your busy world – Ncognito is a lifestyle. We are a boutique health studio that believes in using fitness, massage and nutrition as the foundation of a healthy, happy life. Whether you are looking to embark on a transformational journey, escape the stresses of everyday life or learn how to make smarter food choices – we have something for you.”t

To schedule your fitness evaluation call Wellington (561) 389- 5635 or Downtown WPB (561) 318- 7943

18 February 2015

February 2015


TIPS FOR SUCCESS: For a lot of people starting to exercise seems as easy as trying to tame a fire breathing dragon. If you are concerned about any current health conditions be sure to consult a physician, to make the best plan for you. Gym costs concerns? You don’t need a gym. With the right knowledge, you can get a very satisfying full body workout at home. When starting your exercise plan or making any alterations to your current plan, be sure to consider AGE, current lifestyle/ physical activity, and health conditions. Buddy system! Some people will stick to a workout plan better with a workout partner, which builds accountability! Start a diary, noting how you are feeling physically, and mentally. This will help you increase your plan when it’s needed, as well as show you improvements and what works best for you.

Live Healthy

Get UP and MOVE IT


Why Is Exercise So Important To This Chiropractor? BY DR. ARIANNE WEISS PRESTIA


n a Hollywood driven society we often associate exercise with weight loss. There is usually some image we desire to portray. However, when you look at all the benefits of exercise, appearance doesn’t rank #1. Truthfully most have heard that exercising is important to your health, but most don’t understand how important it really is. In my practice I see the relationship between exercise and quality of life every single day. This list could be MUCH longer, but here are a few reasons to start getting in that morning walk every day: Bone Density: Ever heard of osteoporosis? Weight bearing exercises promotes healthy bone density and could be a significant factor in preventing bone loss and/or help regain bone density once lost. Type 2 Diabetes is one of this nation’s most common diseases, studies show regular exercise decreases your probabilities of developing diabetes by 50-70%.... WOW! It also helps increase the effect of insulin in your body. Love Your HEART: Exercise decreases the risk of heart disease, AND stroke. Exercise Helps lower cholesterol and studies show people who are regularly active have better sleep habits

20 February 2015

RULE OF THUMB: it’s much better to start slow and gradually build up. Physical activity isn’t a magic pill, give yourself time to improve and see results. Make a 3-6 month plan and STICK to it. A lot of people start with an extreme plan in mind, then: pull, twist, sprain, strain, or just exhaust themselves, which they then have to recover from and never get back on the exercise wagon. Example: for a person who is not physically active, a workout plan might be a 15- 20 minute walk daily, where someone who is looking for improvement to a current exercise routine might add weight resistance exercises or interval training.

Attitude and positive outlook: People who exercise have a more optimistic outlook on life, groups that are physically active also have a decreased probability of developing symptoms of depression Lung Function: Regular exercise increases lung strength and capacity Increases muscle strength: Not just in the sense of top athletes and “macho men”, moderate exercise- increases blood flow, and stimulates cell strength and production, allowing the actual fibers to become stronger, this then aids in decreasing chances of muscle injuries Blood Flow: it might seem obvious when you exercise and your face turns a bit pink, however, this increase in blood flow can aid in overall physical function, from your brain, to ridding your body of inflammation

At Weiss Family Chiropractic Center we aim for optimal whole body holistic health care. For any questions please feel free to call us and visit us at either of our 2 locations.

February 2015


22 February 2015

“My Mission Is To Teach People how to prepare and eat high quality food. I want to see families eating together again, and not out of a box. Appreciate food, love life and each other. It is not just what we eat that counts but what we surround ourselves with and how we think as well. Eat like your life depends on it, because it actually does!”

-Sherri Mraz Cooking Yogi

Are you short on time? Are you struggling with weight? Do you have enough energy to get though the day? Do you suffer from cravings? Have you tried every diet? Has your doctor told you to change your diet but you don’t know how? Contact Sherri to start putting together your own unique plan, based on bio-individuality and lifestyle.

561-791-6455 February 2015


Welcomes New Doctor Jonathan S. Criss, M.D. to the Practice By Gwen Cohan

Jonathan Criss, MD is a board-certified ophthalmologist who is excited to join Florida Eye Microsurgical Institute after several successful years in private practice in Manhattan. As a comprehensive eye physician and surgeon, Dr. Criss provides complete medical and surgical ophthalmologic care. He has a particular interest in small-incision, “no-shot” cataract surgery including the full range of high technology lenses, laser procedures for “after-cataract” and glaucoma, correction of eyelid abnormalities, and evaluation

24 February 2015

of systemic diseases which affect the eye, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. A native of New York City, Dr. Criss graduated Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Yale University. He attended medical school at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine where he was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society and was also a recipient of the Walter and Anne Gamble, Walter Lewis Croll, and Bertha Dagan Berman scholarships. He completed his internship in Internal Medicine in the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Dr. Criss performed his ophthalmology residency at Stanford University Medical Center, and served as chief resident during the final year of his training. As a resident, his cataract and oculoplastic surgical volume was in the top 10% nationwide. He developed a thriving practice in the Union Square / Gramercy Park neighborhood of New York, quickly becoming one of the most sought-out surgeons in Manhattan and attracting patients from all five boroughs. Dr. Criss was named a New York Super Doctors Rising Star for 2013 and 2014, for which he was featured in New York Magazine. He has been an invited speaker at the American Academy of Ophthalmology and other meetings and was awarded the Starr E. Shulman Fellowship by the California Academy of Eye Physicians and Surgeons. He has authored several papers, book chapters, and presentations on topics as varied as eye trauma, ocular tumors, and resident surgical training. Dr. Criss loves ophthalmology because it allows him to care for a broad range of patients, men and women, young and old. He finds improving and protecting patients’ vision to be extremely gratifying and strives to provide quality care that is both comprehensive and personalized. Patient education, and involving those he treats in their own health care decisions is very important to him.



February 2015


5 Solutions Not Resolutions to Losing and Maintaining Weight Adam K. Lax RDN/LDN

Why do we make a decision to change our eating behaviors or “resolution” every January 1st? What is the definition of a resolution? One is making a decision to change the way we act. Another is to have firmness of purposes in doing an act. Finally, it can be a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem. So why does it change every year?? Why can it be consistent? They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. We are not insane!!! When we cannot make definitive decisions, it is a form of self-doubt and self-abuse. No one should ever be verbally, physically, or emotionally abused; not even from by ourselves. All we have to do is follow 5 simple things every day and we will get “predictable” results. 1. Plan our day around our meals, not our meals around our days. Proper

26 February 2015

planning prevents poor performance. I call it the “5 “p” Principle”. It is creating a road map for success for the right foods to go to the right place. Food starts with a “thought”, not with an “F”! We a have to look at the food, smell the food before it goes into the “pie hole”! Use the word , PAUSE: P-Plan A-Arrange U-Urgent S-Systems E-Excellence 2. Protein at all meals, even snacks! Be aware, everything we eat turns to sugar. Of all the macronutrients, protein is converted to sugar as energy slower than carbs, therefore providing satiation and consistent energy throughout the day. 3. Eat at the same times of the day, approximately every 3-3 ½ hours. As mentioned, since everything turns to

blood sugar, most people eat at the response of hunger. Once we establish consistent times of meal consumption, we are not eating at the response of hunger. We then we have consistent blood sugar levels and regulation of metabolism. 4. Portion Control is essential. More food turns to more sugar and therefore, if not used as energy, it is stored as fat. It takes more heat (calories) to burn fat than the other macronutrients. It goes back to the simple science of “calories in vs calories out.” 5. Repeat 1-4 daily for the rest of your life! As my coach tells me, “rinse and repeat!” When you follow these 5 simple solutions, it eliminates the reason to ever have to make another New Year’s resolution again. There are no “try”; it is either do or don’t! Make decisions and move forward without self-doubt


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February 2015


SOUTH FLORIDA SCIENCE CENTER AND AQUARIUM PLANS SWEETEST EVENT IN TOWN 10th annual “Science of Chocolate” event proves science is sweet! Science gets sweet at the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium’s 10th annual “Science of Chocolate” event. From 11 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 7, both science-lovers and chocoholics will delight at the delicious sights, sounds – and of course tastes – of science! At the day-long event, guests will experience instant chemistry with a variety of interactive chocolate experiments and activities, including liquid nitrogen chocolate, learning how to paint with M&M’S, make and take cocoa lip balm, face painting and more! New this year, “Chocolate Taste Testing” is sure to be a hit with guests, as taste tests are used to sweetly explore the solvent and solute relationship. Testing the theory that chocolate “melts in your mouth,” the chocolate will act as the solute, with saliva acting as a solvent. The experiment will test three different methods of dissolving. Additionally, a variety of tasting stations, including Hoffman’s Chocolates’ famed chocolate fountain, will offer guests the opportunity to sample the cocoa creations, while learning the history, science and health benefits of one of the world’s oldest and mostloved treats. “The annual ‘Science of Chocolate’ event continues to help us achieve our

28 February 2015

new mission to ‘open every mind to science,’” said Lew Crampton, Science Center CEO. “It is a fun and tasty reminder that science is all around us and enjoyable teaching opportunities can be created at any moment. We are grateful to Hoffman’s Chocolates for their continued sponsorship of this event, as their support allows ‘Science of Chocolate’ to be educational, unique and delicious!”

The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium, recently named the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches’ nonprofit of the year, features more than 50 hands-on educational exhibits, an 8,000 gallon fresh and salt water aquarium- featuring both local and exotic marine life, a digital planetarium, conservation research station,

Florida exhibit hall and an interactive Everglades exhibit. Afterlife: Tombs & Treasures of Ancient Egypt, the Science Center’s newest traveling exhibit, features more than 200 ancient and authentic artifacts. All exhibits are on display during Afterlife’s special showing. In true Science Center style, the highly anticipated blockbuster exhibition has interactive components, making it feel like guests have taken a trip to Egypt to explore ancient artifacts and tombs. “Science of Chocolate” is free with paid Science Center admission. During Afterlife: Tomb & Treasures of Ancient Egypt, admission to the Science Center is $16.95 for adults, $12.95 for children ages 3 to 12, and $14.95 for seniors over the age of 60. Science Center members are free. The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium is located at 4801 Dreher Trail North, West Palm Beach and is open Monday – Friday from 9am5pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-6pm. For more information, call 561-832-1988 or visit www. Like the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @SFScienceCenter.

Make this your Pu� ART I� Y��� N�x� �AR� Y! Bo�� Y��r� Tod��! We’ve raised the bar with unique pieces, colors, techniques that are definetly for today’s artist. But one thing stays the same, pottery painting is the best way to socialize with friends, bond with family, relax and enjoy the experience. 15% OFF

BEST YEAR yet in MATH! Ramp up your math skills this fall and set up for success!

We Are Experienced Math Specialists We Teach All Levels of Math Ability Proven Results SAT & ACT Test Preparation Homework Help

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6169 S. Jog Road, Lake Worth, Fl 33467 (SW corner of Jog and Lantana)


2 convenie nt locations to serve you! Enroll by 2/28/15 and receive

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Mathnasium of Wellington At Forest Hill Blvd. and US441 Next to L.A. Fitness and Stonewood Grill.

At Forest Hill Blvd. and US441

Mathnasium of Boynton Beach Nexttoto L.A. Fitness and Stonewood Next Bed Bath & Beyond and Old Navy

Grill (561) 320–1225 Mathnasium of Boynton Beach Next to Bed Bath & Beyond and Old Navy


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An in-depth analysis of your child’s number sense, grade readiness and other math strengths and weaknesses.

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Experience The Character Developing Program In

Korea Tae Kwon Do

Jaia and Jai Naipaul-Singh started in May of 2012 as white belts having fun and enjoying their classes with anticipation for the next class. They decided that they wanted to move forward and joined the Black Belt Club. Barely kicking above their waist and fumbling with tears in their eyes but, not giving up on their goals, they forged ahead. With a long way to go and the teachings of their Instructors and Master, they learned that everything in life is not easy and they have to work for what they want. As they progressed in their training, self-discipline and patience was taught and expressed on a daily basis for them to achieve their goals. The Instructors and Masters has built relationships with them and understanding them a lot better. It’s a pleasure to see how respectful and well-mannered they are; not to their parents but also to adults around them, from the learnings from TAE KWON DO. They continue to progress from obtaining their belts 30 February 2015

and moving forward to their goals. Learning their Tae kwon Do Forms and remembering. This helps them to do much better in School. They are more focused in their work. From crying when it was tough, to smiling and asking for more to do. Korea Tae Kwon Do has helped my kids to set their goals, see what is front of them, and with hard work, they can achieved it and lots more. Today we watched our kids from being shy around others to being self-confident, well mannered, discipline and patience. It makes us as parents for making this decision for them to get involved in Tae Kwon Do. The Masters, Instructors, and their peers are all supportive and the atmosphere makes you believe that you are home because everyone treats you better than family. They say you want to go where everyone knows your name; they do. Yours Respectfully, MR. & Mrs. Naipaul-Singh

Grand Opening

6169 Jog Rd. #C-7, Lake Worth, Fl 33467 (Lantana Square Shopping Center) (561) 434 - 1117


Special 50% OFF!

8788 Boynton Beach Blvd, B-2 #113 Boynton Beach, FL 33472 (Canyon Town Center) (561) 877- 8741 February 2015


32 February 2015