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Script 1 – Romantic Comedy Film Opening (Change in Heart)

1. INT. SHOT OF BEDROOM Cheery Peepy Music AMY Voiceover (Camera Panning) My life has been simple to be honest, surrounded by my family and friends. I thought I would never fall in love until I met him. I just knew it was more than friendship. It may sound cliché but I always knew I loved him. Well today is the day I will tell him... Phone rings Hello BANNI Hey Amy, How’s everything going? AMY Hey Banni, I’m fine. Guess What (Smiling) BANNI What? (Smiling) AMY I’m going to tell him today. BANNI Are you sure. You’ve known since you were a kid and know all of a sudden you will tell him you love him. AMY Don’t worry I’m sure it will be fine. I have to tell him someday. I think this is the perfect time. BANNI Ok as you wish. Good Luck! Love you take care AMY Love you to, take care. AMY

(Checks herself in the mirror, smiles) Bye. (Leaves to go for the park, Bumps into someone. Than meets friend. Hugs) Hey. How are you? CHARACTER 3 I’m fine how are you.(Smiling) AMY Hey umm I want to tell you something CHARCATER 3 Wait I need to tell you something first AMY Ok (Smiling) CHARCATER 3 I have a girlfriend (smiles) AMY What? CHARCATER 5 Hey I’m (says name) Amy (Voiceover) I didn’t know the worst day of my life would turn out to be the best day of my life.

Script 1 Change in Heart  
Script 1 Change in Heart  

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