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Audience Research Transcripts Interview 1 What is a Bollywood Film according to you? Just a movie How can you relate to it? Just watch like how we watch anything How did you start watching them? My parents use to watch it so I started watching it. As well as that my mates where hanging out with a lot of people who watched Bollywood films, another reason I got even more interested. Do you think your parents are a major influence in you watching them? Yes Do you think it keeps you connected to your country? Yes, as it makes emotional and most Bollywood films are still shot and made in India even though they are moving out of the country and setting them in other countries like USA, London.

Interview 2 What is a Bollywood film according to you? A load of rubbish, I feel most of the cinema goers money is wasted on over paid actors, they are over dramatic. The actors have no talent and are usually a copy of Hollywood cinema making them stupid cheap rip off films rather than original ideas. Therefore they are unoriginal and they go on for ever and ever. Do your parents watch Bollywood films? Yes, just my mum and grandma Why? They have grown up watching the actors in the movies. They are their heroes as there are no role models to look up to in India, as the government is corrupted. Why don’t you watch them? I can’t relate to them, again they are a load of rubbish. The films make a lot of money, helping the economy making India a developing country. However it helps the rich not the poor.

Interview 3 What is a Bollywood film according to you? Just a film with an Indian inspiration to it. An Indian aspired film. Always colourful, music and dance with a hint of romance maybe big or small. However the romance portrayed is always over dramatic. How did you get to know about Bollywood? I have an auntie who loves Bollywood films and introduced me to Bollywood films which sparked my interest. How do you view them? Some are on YouTube and some on websites online, I watch them probably once a month just for the fun of it. What do you like about them? They are so colourful, mainly musically influenced with songs to sing along with unlike Hollywood films where there are musicals. Are Bollywood songs something you listen to regularly? Yes, Oh my god! The songs are the main star attraction for me, the thing that grasps you as an audience.

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