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Some kind of High School Musical...

Goal, goal, goal! Designing Wings to fly our future RED BULL GIVES AWAY FREE ENERGY DRINKS ON GET-TOGETHER EVENT

Everybody clap your hands! In brilliant sunshine all BALMUN participants met in the inner courtyard of the Innerstädtisches Gymnasium Rostock. There was a pretty good and amusing atmosphere, not at least because of the amazing BALMUN Dance Group, that performed “Cha Cha Slide” with every imaginable effort and a lot of fun. With pleasure we recognized all the delegates who were courageous enough to join the performance because they did a great job as well. Not even the sudden change in the weather made the event worse because in the cafeteria all participants were provided with delicious rolls and energy drinks that we will definitely need during the next exhausting days. All in all the „Gettogether“ was a really inspiring start that got everybody in the right mood for a successful fourth BALMUN.

JohannaKatharina Möller

EDITOR‘S NOTE It‘s the fourth BALMUN Conference – but for me it is the second time to serve as this year‘s Head of Press. “Designing Future Development Goals” is the task of all the delegates. The Press Team‘s task is called “Designing a well developed newspaper”, but believe me, it is not an easier job. We are sitting here in room 2.23, the Walkie-Talkie in our hands (or, once we are annoyed by it too much, we put it on the outside of the window) and now, at 12 am, we are under great pressure. In less than an hour we have to print the first Baltic Herald of this year‘s conference – that means we will have to work even harder throughout the next hour; hopefully we will not be dead by the end of it because of too much time pressure and get the opportunity to enjoy lunch. Our growling stomachs will be happy.

Heads of Press Team Johanna-Katharina Möller, Matthias Bannert Editor-in-chief Johanna-Katharina Möller Layout Matthias Bannert Team Alexey Matushkin (Editor), Alina Drexler, Alina Ulrich, Franziska van Heiden, Helene Nozon, Marie-Luisa Wahn, Nicole Mager, Katharina Stephan, Tom Schwelp

Neuer Markt (tip 5) Already from some distance you can see it: the pink town hall of Rostock. The tourist attraction number one is really worth a trip. Throughout the year lots of big events take place there.

4 5


Universitätsplatz (tip 1) The ultimative place for chilling and unwinding. Every day it’s a meeting point for hundreds of people different ages in front of the about 600 years old main building of the University Rostock.

to see 1 in Rostock before you leave TEXT BY MARIE-LUISA WAHN

For the fourth time BALMUN takes place in Rostock – the biggest and probably most beautiful city of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. For you we looked for the five top places for relaxing, shopping and having fun outside the conferences.

KTC (tip 2) Shopping - some guys biggest hobby. But if it’s rainy, windy and cloudy? No problem! Just go to the “Kröpeliner-Tor-Center” and have fun rummaging three floors full of typical, large shops, cool stores and a big food court to rest at after spending money for hours.

City harbour (tip 4) Eating, relaxing, having fun and everything with a breath-taking view to the Warnowthat’s the Stadthafen. Apart from the newly designed storehouses nothing else reminds us of the old times when sailboats brought cereals to Rostock. Convince yourself of the incomparable atmosphere before the Balmun Dance in the much frequented Bacio Lounge - it’s an unforgettable experience.




Warnemünde (tip 3) A beautiful, seemingly neverending long beach, a sun-kissed sky, tasty ice cream melting at the sight of hot boys running around with their surfboards can you image anything better in life? Cute little gourmet temple and traditional fisher houses complete the unique atmosphere. But pay attention: the voracious sea gulls could snatch your meal right from your hands.

Johanna-K. Möller

Claus Lucas Letsch

Job: Head of Press What should be invented in the future? Tasty chocolate without calories.

Job: Conference manager What is your personal ‘millenium goal’? That everyone stops calling me Clausi-Mausi.

Therese Schulz

Laura Klettke

Job: Head of Staff Who is your BALMUN checker? Yannick Pißarreck.

Job: Catering Who is your BALMUN checker? Lukas Möller.

Lukas Möller

Job: Head of Technical Staff What is your personal ‘millenium goal’? To survive BALMUN.

Oliver Hartwich

Job: Secretary General What should be invented in the future? A homework machine.

Julia Schulz

Job: Catering Who is your BALMUN checker? Malte Höppner.

Shu-Yi Ngee

Job: Head of Staff What is your personal ‘millenium goal’? To graduate successfully.

Regine Koch Job: Mother of BALMUN When the commitment and potential reached its top in 2008, Mrs. Koch acted on the wish of the graduation classes to found her own MUN. After years of hesitation she realized by the incredible response that this project will last forever. Always motivated to do a good job and to help where she is able to Mrs. Koch supports BALMUN and hopes for many young professionals to participate because she believes it is a great opportunity to get to know people, talk about globally important topics and most of all to have fun.

Job: Housing What is your personal ‘millennium goal’? Peace for everyone.

Florentine Urbach

Job: Catering Who is your BALMUN checker? Shu-Yi Ngee – best Head of Staff ever.

Annemarie Nack

Job: First BALMUN generation …one of the most known faces of BALMUN is participating at the forth Conference again.


Johannes Kuhlmey

Job: Head of Staff What is your personal ‘millenium goal’? Be able to answer all the questions of the press team.

Josephina Wenke

Job: Head of Sponsoring What should be invented in the future? Jelly bear tree.

Paul Nack

Malte Höppner

Job: Head of Technical Staff What should be invented in the future? Guitarstrings that don’t tear.



Franziska Weigt Job: Conference manager Miss Weigt, when did you start participating at BALMUN? In 2009 I joined BALMUN, organizing the catering. In the following year I was PR-manager and now I am the Confe-

rence Manager next to Mr. Letsch. How would you describe your work at BALMUN and what do you like about it? I am bathed in sweat – enough said? Well, it is very stressful and everyone seems to need and want something from me all the time, but still I love my job here. I like to arrange everything before the Conference starts and to see how it actually develops – the work in the Committees as well as the character of the participants. And what do you like to do in your free time? I spend a lot of time with my friends and my gorgeous boyfriend Johannes.

1 whole shopping trolley full of fruits 1.6 kg crisps 1.8 kg sugar cubes 2.7 kg assorted sausage 3 The Baltic Herald issues during Balmun IV 5 kg pudding 11 Press team members 12 Student officers 14 teachers 15.1 kg cookies



20.25 l alcohol 39 Housing families 40 Staffies 98 delegates 108 l water 150 glasses 252 roles for Friday 1,000 fun 8,000 Mark 1,000,000 things to do

Millennium Development Goals at the UN


This year‘s conference is all about designing goals and solutions for existing problems to make this world a better place for humanity. While the delegates are trying to come up with ideas, one might wonder what the United Nations are doing to improve the social and economic conditions around the world. Taking this into consideration, we decided to inform you about the so-called „Millennium Development Goals“ (MDG), a program established by the UN in the year 2000. So what are the MDG? Basically, the UN designed a set of goals they aspire to achieve until 2015. The agreement was the consequence of the Millennium Summit and included eight goals with 21 targets, aimed towards improving the living standards in all of the 192 UN states. The goals are fairly widespread and address a lot of today‘s prominent social and economic issues – action is being taken to combat extreme poverty, the lack of primary education, gender inequality and other problems such as environmental damage and the HIV epidemic. While the progress has been fairly uneven across the board, the effort some countries have been raising to steer towards those goals simply deserves respect – generous funding for healthcare and public schools, major efforts to achieve faster economic growth and new programs to reduce

poverty are just a few of the measures UN states resort to in order to meet the goals by 2015. China, for example, has reduced its the poverty population from roughly 450 million to 250 million and drastically reduced the child mortality rates inside the country. However, not all of the UN states have been making such impressive progress – the Sub-Saharan Africa for example is yet to meet any of the goals, while their advancements are barely noticeable at all. Due to the increasing global difficulties arising during the recent years (economic crisis, global warming), it has been proposed to rethink the concept of the MDG or to change the focus of the goals, however, there was no mutual agreement so far considering this issue. Based on this, what kind of improvements might we see in the future? In Germany probably none, since Germany already has pretty much achieved all of the goals proposed by this program. However, we might expect radical advancements in development countries, improving the living conditions of the people there and providing them with a better future. Let us hope for the best.

All cucumbers have been dismissed from rolls that where presented for Gettogether meal yesterday



EHEC is an illness caused by the bacteria Escherichia Coli. Humans can come into contact with the bacteria by consuming contaminated meat, water or vegetables. While the illness caused by it usually isn’t lethal, it can lead to massive complications like kidney failure, severe diarrhea, dehydration and death. In northern Germany the number of the infections recently reached its peak: there were about 400 reported cases of severe EHEC-infections, at least 2 of them ended with the death of the patients. To prevent contamination by this dangerous bacteria, the BALMUN staff decided to make sure that the infection wouldn‘t be able to spread inside the ISG through meals. After realising that nobody really knew where the vegetables originated from or whether they

could possibly carry the bacteria, they resorted to radical measures. All pickles and tomatoes – possibly from spain and possibly carrying the virus - were banned from the food supply meant for the delegates. A small scandal ensued since someone insisted that the vegetables were not contaminated, however, they weren‘t even sure about the origin of the food themselves. After a bit of back-andforth arguing, Oliver Hartwich and Florentine Urbach drew a conclusion: sure, vegetables might be healthy, however, in this case the staff shouldn‘t take any chances and just dump them in the trash – pretty reasonable in this case, after all, we don‘t want this years BALMUN to turn into an epidemic. Or as Conference Manager ClausLucas Letsch said: “We don’t want this year’s BALMUN to end in a hospital.”

No worries: BALMUN‘s food is free of EHEC PHOTO CREDITS TOM SCHWELP

Ladies and Gentlemen, Do you know our Dress Code?


Everybody knows that during the BALMUN Conferences, a special dress code is announced. But that doesn’t mean that everybody has to wear a shirt and a suit. Be creative! How about wearing a tie? And for the people who don’t know how to bind a tie, here is a little guide: 1. Put the collar of the shirt up, open the first button and put the tie around your neck. 2. put the broad end of the tie under the collar over the slim end. 3. place the broad end behind the slim end. 4. pull the broad end towards neck and chin, put your finger in the noose you built and the broad end from above through the noose, during you pull away your finger.

5. hold the slim end and pull the broad end, to tie up the noose. Push the knot to the first button of your shirt. When the knot is done, the slim end must not be visible and the broad end should be located at your belt. Some of the clothes you are wearing everyday should stay at home. For example your sweatpants, your sneakers or your washed out jeans. Instead, skirts and blouses have priority here.

So: Try to be the king or queen of Fashion and look for the best outfit! And a little tip: Don’t wear high-heels the whole day long, even if you are very small or you want to appear handsome. In the evening you think your feet will die, and you wish that you’d never worn this shoes. By the way, this is told after from one’s own experience, so you should consult this little clue. But if you want to dress up really

trendy, you have to come to the BALMUN-Dance on Saturday evening in the Bacio Lounge. It’s an opportunity to dress up in a really glamorous and chic, not the usual clothes you wear these days and dance far into the night. Collectively, you should consider your clothing and above all, respect the BALMUN Dresscode.

Free space for phone numbers and mail addresses... ;-)


Impressions from the First Day of BALMUN 2011 TEXT BY ALEXEY MATUSHKIN

1 pm: The first wave of guests arrived at the front doors of our school, mostly people from Berlin. They told us they were tired from the long ride and would rather take a nap than jump into the event. The primary concerns so far seem to be the prices for tram tickets and opportunities to buy Kebab nearby. 2 pm: Everyone is working. The staff is doing their preparations, the press team is already typing like mad, the TV crew is setting up their stuff. The BALMUN is under construction. 3 pm: Everyone is expecting more delegates

to arrive, however, everything seems to take longer than expected. Most of the staff is either getting lunch or smoking infront of the school. 4 pm: The delegates slowly start pouring in, looking tired and annoyed after the long travel. Not many questions could be asked at this point, guess we‘ll have to give them a break. The press crew finally got their badges. 5 pm: Everyone’s getting ready for the BALMUN Dance Workshop. 6 pm: Most people are in the inner courtyard, everyone’s excited about the upcoming Get-together.

Herald seeks the next (best)


BALMUN So if you want to become the first Miss or Mister BALMUN, send your photo to our team. (Alternatively, send a photo of your neighbor to us.) We will chose the hottest photo to be released in our Sunday issue.


They‘re young, they‘re hot - they‘re a part of this year‘s BALMUN. The Baltic Heralds wants to crown Miss and a Mister BALMUN this year. WHO WILL IT BE? MUNs are always the place for diplomacy, the place of policy, the place for urgent topics. But all MUN schools are also a good place for flirting, chatting, getting together. BALMUN is a place for romance, a place for sexiness.

Big Brother is watching you During this year‘s conference some guys run around with a professional camera. It‘s the BALMUN TV team. They release daily clips on BALMUN‘s brand new Facebook page.

How to get in touch with us: Send an e-mail to Send a MMS to +49 176 811 20 211 visit us in room 2.23 or post to our Facebook page

The secret about the naked feet of Clausi-Mausi Letsch Are you wondering why Conf Manager Claus Lucas Letsch wasn‘t wearing any footwear yesterday? Frankly, his feet were sweating!

The Baltic Herald 1/2011  
The Baltic Herald 1/2011  

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