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Save the Planet - Plant A Tree Environmental Committee takes part at United Nations campaign By KAROLIN DARMÜNTZEL and KRISTIN GRAMSE The delegates from the Environmental Committee (EC) were probably hoping for some relaxing spare time when they were told to move to the schoolyard on Friday morning. But they were wrong! Biology teacher Mrs. Rieck was waiting for them with spades and watering cans and a big mission: Saving the planet by planting a tree, well, or at least an herb garden. Mrs. Rieck told us that this idea was based on an UN project. Besides, she emphasized that she wanted young people to learn something about sustainability. “I‟m shocked, how clueless some of them are as sustainability is concerned. By the way, this is a great chance for them to get to know each other in the context

The Secretaries General Torge Schwandt and Wencke Lubojanski helped the Environmental Committee with teacher Mrs Rieck at the UN campaign "Plant A Tree". Photos: Karoline Darmüntzel of practical work.” The Baltic Herald Press Team had a lot of fun watching the delegates from the EC, that had dutifully obeyed to the dress code, while doing their garden work. Though she was wearing an amazing dress, Chair Eugenia Andrejuk admitted ironically: “I love this job. I‟d rather be a gardener than a Chair.” She had even replaced her business

shoes with a bright, colourful pair of sneakers. The honourable delegates from Denmark and Russia, Robert Reifeld and Ludwig Boddin, told us frankly: “We hate garden work.” Probably that was why they were spending a remarkable amount of time on adjusting their tie. After arranging the herb garden situated next to the students kitchen our hard-

And she said YES! By MATTHIAS BANNERT Surprise ! In an Innercircle meeting yesterday, Deputy Headmaster and BALMUN Supervisor Mrs. Regine Koch

said, that there will be a next BALMUN conference in 2009. Till that point of time it was not really sure, if there will be a next BALMUN. Mrs. Koch was glad to announce

some members of the next BALMUN team. The conference will start on June 11th, 2009. Will you be there? Mrs. Regine Koch yesterday.

working delegates finally received a recompense. The teachers had prepared self-made bread and curd cheese with herbs which gave an example of a sustainable breakfast. When all the dirty work was done, Deputy SecretaryGeneral Wencke Lubojanski and Secretary-General Torge Schwandt, posed in the bed. Guys, we have seen through your façade!


EDITOR„S NOTE Wow. It„s done. I can„t believe BALMUN is over. It has been full-time stress over (more than) four days. But I„m also sad that this is over now. What should I do with my freetime now? :-) Some of the Inner circle members cried. Because of sadness and because of losing lots of weight that they carried on their shoulders. I feel nearly the same. BALMUN and the work on The Baltic Herald was one of my most important life experiences. I will miss the time. But I„m looking forward to the next BALMUN conference. Perhaps with me? Who know. Thank you guys ! Lovely greetings


IMPRINT "The Baltic Herald" is the official newspaper of the "Baltic Model United Nations". Responsible for its content is Matthias Bannert, Annemarie Nack and Tanja Schmidt. Head of Press Team Matthias Bannert Press Team Karoline Darmüntzel, Stella Maria Frei, Lisa Godomski, Kristin Gramse, Kate Ilyina, Sophie Kampf, Antonia Ludwig, Jonas Ludwig, Christine Ruppert, Eric Thiem, Thomas Wegener Contact e-mail: Mobile phone number: +49 (0)1 60 - 90 29 58 70 Use also for mms photos! © 2008 by BALMUN / The Baltic Herald

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This is BALMUN„s Youngest Delegate “Preferably, I would like to be a delegate in the UN in the future”, says Alexander Cohen, delegate for Denmark. What‟s so special about him? Because the young boy is only twelve years old right now. Originally, he comes from Ottawa (Canada) and lives with his father in Berlin at the moment. “My dad is a professor for journalism and foreign affairs, actually I‟m only for one year here but I‟d love to stay longer.” “MUN is a great way to meet new people, discuss opinions and to open your mind for new aspects. This year I‟ve already attended four MUNs.” Alexander likes to read, sports magazines and even gossip, and loves to travel. He calls it “collecting countries”. In Germany he has already visited cities like Cologne, Nuremberg, Hamburg

and Dresden and he also likes the Hanseatic city of Rostock. Being the youngest delegate is no problem, “it‟s cool and I think MUN is not only for older people.” The Danish delegate is also satisfied with BALMUN. “Though it‟s their first time they did a great job and I have a pretty Alexander Cohen (12 years) Photo: Christine Ruppert pleasant impression.” meet new people and travel a The apple doesn't fall far lot.” Ladies and Gentlemen, from the tree – young Alexan- this is the new generation of der would like to become MUN managers: When he either a writer or politician, comes back to Canada he just like his father. plans to organize his own “I don‟t want to sit in an MUN there. Our future is tedious office alone but to saved.


A Spy in the Editorial Rooms


Referring to the article of yesterday„s issue about the Political Comittee the we want to correct the claim the delegate of Denmark change the committee to ECOSOC because of her friend. We got this information from the Chair of the PC Lukas Krönert. The Delegate of Denmark corrects this matter: „I wanted to leave the Political Committee, because I was asked by the chairs of the ECOSOC to represent a developing country.“

By KAROLINE DARMÜNTZEL Robert Straßburg, Chief of Administration, tried to spy out the editorial rooms of "The Baltic Herald" on Friday evening. When nearly all members of the Press Team had finished their work and left the room, he entered and went straight to a computer to have a look onto an article written by one of the editors. Straßburg criticised the con-

Mr. Robert Straßburg tent and was up to censor the independent newspaper of BALMUN 2008. All members of Press claim herewith the freedom of press!

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Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Deutsche Gesellschaft für die Vereinten Nationen

Hanseatic City of Rostock



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Herald Talks to some DC Delegates By CHRISTINE RUPPERT On Saturday morning the press team was just visiting the Disarmament Committee and followed some debates. At BALMUN 2008 the whole discussions are under the main topic “Preventing the acquisition of radioactive material sources”. After a hot and successful debate we talked to the chair and a few delegates. Erik Muttersbach (18), chair: “I‟ve been working in the DC already last year and I‟ve made fantastic experiences. It‟s a great pleasure and

honour to be the chair this year, also the main topic innervating.” So far, the discussions have been fruitful though “it‟s so hot outside”, he smiles. Philip Jorsboe (16): The delegate of the USA is proud to be a member of the Disarmament Committee. “The USA is the mightiest country in the world”, he says. “We support disarmament but all countries should work together, we don‟t want to do it alone.” Also he is very inte-

rested in the issue of dis cu ssing terrorism which is an up -t o-da te topic. Paul Funck (18): “Every state wants international safety and for this we should all work in concert. Selling atomic weapons to terrorists should be prevented.” He saw the DC as a possibility to have profound debates from Nigerian point of view.

representing, always sticks to the United States. That‟s why we also think that nuclear energy is effective and cheap.” Max has already attended MUN conferences nine times, he started in class 9. Special is also that he went to the British embassy to be well enough prepared.

M ax Wo ll fa r t (1 7) : “Honestly, the UK, that I am

Human Rights Committee gets Visit Margit Forster speaks about Winners and Losers of Global Market By KRISTIN GRAMSE, KAROLINE DARMÜNTZEL and KATE ILYINA On Saturday the Human Rights Committee (HRC) had the honour to meet Mrs. Margit Forster, a representative of the organisation “Solidarity w i th Women in Distress” (SOLWODI) from Berlin. While the UN Youth Delegate Nicolas Klein reported in front of the General Assembly, Mrs. Forster shared her experience of twelve years working in Africa and 15 years in Italy. After an introduction to the topic “Trafficking in Persons: The Winners and Losers of Global Market”, the HRC watched a film concerning this topic. It showed the

destiny of women affected by human trafficking and sexual exploitation in a shocking and moving way. A lecture and an engaged discussion followed. Mrs. Forster came not only to talk about her work, but also to learn from the delegates by whom she was very impressed: “I had a quick look on your resolutions. They sound really good!” she complimented the delegates. The work on these resolutions was shaped by diversified impressions from movies, speeches and discussions. Nevertheless it was not easy to pass a final resolution because developing and developed countries disagreed in several points. “In the end we passed the resolution by the develo-

ped nations, but actually it‟s pretty much universal” told the Danish delegate Alexander Cohen.

Mrs. Margit Forster in the Human Rights Committee


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Where is the Russian Delegate? Russia disappered in Security Council By THOMAS WEGENER Yesterday the representing of different countrys in the Security Council was very turbulent. After the Russian delegate appeared without suit on Friday and getting trouble because of that he didn‟t show up in committee yesterday. So the President, Friedrich Leukert, and Deputy President, Perke Jacobs, had to replace Russian by an other delegate. The committee decided to choose former Cuba delegate Andre Andrade Rose from Brasilia. He wanted to replace Russia in order to pass his resolution. But not long after this

change Rose gave the post of the d e l e ga t e of Russia to the former delegate of Iran. So the ending of the story is that Russia voted for the elected member resolution and bring the Presidents‟ timetable mixed up.

UN Youth Delegate speaks in General Assembly By STELLA MARIA FREI A real important guest attended the today‟s General Assembly: Nicholas Klein – youth delegate for the UN. He told the minimized audience under the interims GA president Torge Schwandt about his work. Since February 2005 he travels with his colleague through Germany and meets “as much youth groups as possible” to stay in touch with those he is determined to represent – the juveniles of Germany. The most important and moving subjects he transmits the German Delegates which integrate those topics to the General Assembly are sup-

Even today the debates in SC were not peaceful. According to the President of the Security Council Iran, Norway and Russia want to stop o i l

Discussion about Democracy in SC China and Saudi-Arabia support the Socialists claim.“ It is „Yesterday we talked a lot also possible to establish a non and didn‟t reach anything”, -democratic system while says Cuba delegate Rodrigo respecting human rights”, says Pereira. Today it seemed like the Chinese delegate. Above this is past: especially Cuba all the British delegate cited and the United Kingdom disChurchill: “Democracy isn‟t cussed their the only extremely form of godivergent “Democracy isn‟t the vernment – perspectithe best” only form of government but v e s . to underline “Democracy his affinity – but the best” is never towards the Churchill perfect, evepopular ry country government. has the right to establish its During the debate topics like own government system”, Monitoring special agencies says the committed Cuba deleand governments were also gate. Also such countries as touched. By STELLA MARIA FREI

UN Youth delegate Nicholas Klein. Photo: Stella Maria Frei posed to be presented in the General Assembly in September in New York City.

supply for the USA and the Norway get kicked from the NATO. So we see debates in the SC are every time very interesting. I hope it will be like this again and again.


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BALMUN„s VIPs Baltic Herald Shows you all the Important People of BALMUN 2008 MUN participants but as you see we made it! And the feedback is genious and everyone They are always in a hurry said we are professionals. We and have no free time at all. also thought about next year We asked them for an interand a new team – maybe Frieview a hundred times and derike Jantzen and Karo they answered: “Later, later, Kieckhäfer will be conference later!” But we caught them at manager next year. We want BALMUN dance. So here are to teach them how to do it.” the VIPs. Kai Budde, Mister Presi“Tannemie” one of the dent: “I don‟t believe that all conference managers, the went so well, all the delegates twins of BALMUN: OLMUN were carefully arranged. I like experience, some sheets of the team very much; the whopaper and a bottle of wine was le conference would be great enough to create this BALwhen the team is okay. And I MUN. Anwish for nemarie next year "And the BALMUN Nack said: that the “No one would be better, can you t e a m here had imagine better than now?!" would be such an as great as event so we now. And sat down and wanted to do it the BALMUN would be better, for us in our own way. So we can you imagine better than thought about Baltic MUN.” now?! It is important for peoTanja Schmidt: “We were ple to get to know each other not best friends before manaso at BALMUN dance it is the ging but we became special greatest chance to get to know friends so now we are closer people from all over the than best friends. No one world! I hope to see everyone could imagine that we get all next year again… but I will be this staff straight in the head in Bolivia, like a volunteer” because we are not typical Wencke Lubojanski, "De


Secreatary General Torge Schwandt and President of the GA Kai Budde; "De Pussy" Wencke Lubojanski

Pussy" Secretary General with an empty glass in her hand: “The committee‟s have done a great job and I really enjoyed the cultural exchange between the participants. Of course there were stressful and messy moments but I learned to trust people. MUN is a big event and you have to share tasks. The chairs were without an exception grandiose. So I hope to see some delegates again. Thank you for coming and the great job of the staff, chairs, press..!!!”

Conference managers Annemarie Nack and Tanja Schmidt. Photos: Matthias Bannert

We searched for Torge Schwandt, Secretary General, but he came too late to the disco (nearly at 1 am) when the most delegates already gone, as he said us he was very “busy”, and prepared himself for a night… But still we caught him after morning photographing, and he answered on couple of our questions: “Honestly, I‟m amazed greatly; we achieved more than we planned. The conference is our truly success, we can be proud of ourselves, we are professionals! What concerns the mistakes, I suppose that we will analyze and summarize our job after several weeks. But now I‟m pleased, the job was productive and great. Hopefully we will continue in the same way!”

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"Probably the Best MUN newspaper"

The Most Interesting Place

By KRISTIN GRAMSE per. And as I already said in By MATTHIAS BANNERT my speech in the closing cereFacts, facts and nothing but I was really proud and mony: Probably the best MUN facts! This guideline should even more scared as I was told newspaper! haven been pinned at the door to lead the first BALMUN Thank you for all. Thank of room 0.13 where the Press press team. But when I you Karoline, Stella Maria, Team worked (nearly) day and got first applications I Lisa, Kristin, Kate, Sophie, night to provide you with the was really glad. It seems Antonia, Jonas, Christine, breaking BALMUN news. The to me that I got an opEric and Thomas for working Baltic Herald says thank you to portunity. An opportuwith me. Thank you Inner all those who made room 0.13 nity to work with a Circle to trust me. Thank you to one of the most interesting great team. Karoline, all readers, supporters, spon- places of the conference by Stella Maria, Lisa, Krissors. And I„d also like to reporting the latest gossip. (Of tin, Kate, Sophie, Antothank the course, we only nia, Jonas, Christine, future BALconsidered serious Head of Press Matthias Bannert holding Eric and Thomas. They MUN team news!) Especially a speech at the General Assembly are all fascinating peofor keeping we would like to ple and amazing journalists. investigative reports and some this alive! thank all our curiWe worked out the first issue gossip news. (I know you liAnd thank ous, interested and of The Baltic Herald. And all ked our last page most…). All you Mrs. critical readers. BALMUN conferences in futuin all I would say we did a Koch! We did Warning note by editor-in See you at BAL-Chief Matt on personal re will have an own newspagreat job for a MUN newspathe right! MUN 2009! belongings per, named The Baltic Herald the newspaper we created! We made a newspaper with service tips, with information about our committees,

The Daily Way of "The Baltic Herald"

Planning the next issue and writing the stories

Layouting (by the way above is the work place of editor -in-Chief Matt

"The Baltic Herald" is ready for release

Transporting newspapers back to school

Printing the pages

Folding each single issue...


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Delegates Drank Alcohol and Danced to Trashy Music BALMUN Party Last Night in the Bacio Lounge

Too much alcohol for the delegates?

Party manager Henning Wulfert

Young Alex rocks the dance floor

BBQ guys


The Chief of Staff...

Where are the suits? What about the dress code? Last night everything was leasure. Because the "leasure manager", we call him party manager, Henning Wulfert organized a BALMUN party in the club Bacio Lounge. The delegates forgot about resolutions and had fun the whole night. Many of the BALMUN guests used the opportunity to flirt with the honorable MUN members or just to drink lots of alcohol. More photos on our website

Conference manager and President of the GA in a good mood.

Hey Mr. Deejays

Womanizer Erik Muttersbach


some members of the next BALMUN team. The conference will start on June 11th, 2009. Will you be there? The Secretaries General Torge Schwand...