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Banner Stands Can Make or Break Your Tradeshow Event The days of using a folding table with a white table cloth is over. If you want to make an impact at your tradeshows and company events you need high quality banner stands which grab attention and pull visitors into your booth. Take a look around at the next event you attend and see what your competitors are using. Banner Stands Create Interest and Tell Your Story Creative banners stands serve two purposes at your events. The first purpose is to draw people into your booth so you can visit with them. What about those attendees who may be a little interested but are not going to approach your booth? Do you want them standing 15 feet away with no idea of who you are and what you do? No, you want them to be able to learn about your company and remember your name even if they do not visit your booth. Interesting and unique banner stands can tell your story through imagery and words so everyone walking past can learn something about your company and products. You will discover with a high quality banner stand people will stop and read what is written on your booths display even if they do not approach. In the past they would have just kept walking right on by. Choosing Your Banner Stand to Meet Your Needs Banner stands should not only be eye-catching they need to be highly functional for the way you run your events. You will be surprised at all the options you can have for brochure holders, storage, and areas for displaying product. This can help make your team more efficient as they work at a tradeshow, seminar, or other event. They will always know exactly where to find their supplies and promotional items. No more hunting for the right brochure to meet a potential new clients requests because it will always be in the right place. Efficient Setup and Tear Down The other important element of well designed banner stands is convenience. High quality stands can be setup fast. This keeps all of your staff happy. They do not want to spend an entire evening on the tradeshow floor getting everything setup for the next day. They want to get the job done, relax a little while, and get a good

night of sleep before the big day starts. Tear down is equally important. Banner stands which can be disassembled quickly, pack away tightly, and are ready for travel or shipping is exactly what you need. Secure packing makes sure your banner stand stays in perfect condition whether it is being transported in the trunk of a car or flying in the cargo bay of an airliner. There are several great companies who create top quality stands for businesses. You can find over 15 of the most creative and cost efficient banner stands companies on our website. Do not let your competitors be the center of attention at the next show. Grab attention with your own dramatic eyecatching banner stand.

Banner Stands Can Make or Break Your Tradeshow  

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