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CONCAST ELECTRODE PRODUCTION FOR TRUCK BATTERIES During the manufacture of the new SHD PROfessional commercial vehicle battery, for the first time Banner is using the innovative, continuous “ConCast” process for the production of negative electrodes. SHD PROfessional. For this new commercial vehicle battery, which has emanated from the first fitting sector, the Austrian battery producer is employing pure calcium alloys on both the positive and the negative electrode in a move that provides absolute zero maintenance and increased storage capacity. During the summer of 2011, three battery types in the 145Ah, 180Ah and 225Ah categories were launched onto the market. For details please see the Banner website

ConCast electrode production. Banner is using the new “Continuous Casting” (ConCast) process for the production of the negative mesh. This process combines the advantages of a cast mesh (fixed, stable frame) with narrow production tolerances and higher process stability. In the SHD PROfessional, the new calcium alloy ConCast electrodes replace the book cast plates utilised to date. Investments of around EUR 3m. In 2009 and 2010, Banner invested around EUR 3 million in plate manufacture in the form of an in-house mesh production line in the form of an endless strip (ConCast) and a separate pasting line (ConPast).

Guaranteed cold start power. The mesh and plate design has been modified, in order to ensure optimum current conduction. This is possible due to the fact that the mesh structure is more precise than that resulting from other processes. Consequently, cold start performance is guaranteed in the widest variety of operating conditions. ConCast line for mesh production. The starting-point for production is the melting of the calcium-lead alloy. This is then transferred to a rotating, roll casting mould in liquid form. During continuous cooling the metal hardens in the form of an endless strip with double meshes. Following a quality check, 30,000 meshes are rolled into so-called coils and at present, Banner is producing roughly 400,000 meshes daily.

ConPast line for plate production. Plates are subsequently manufactured in a second production phase. Output in this area has been markedly increased by means of new, high precision continuous steel strip pasting with automatic plate separation. 500,000 plates per day are currently produced using this process and in a parallel move, lead oxide output has also been expanded. Know-how from joint venture partner East Penn/USA. This production process, which has been thoroughly tested, has also recently become operational at Banner’s joint venture partner East Penn in the USA.

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Banner’s specialists were therefore able to refer to the experience gathered during the test phase and start-up, as well as the know-how of the company’s long-term partner.

The advantages at a glance  Improved current conduction  Mechanical mesh stability  Narrow production tolerances  High process stability levels Other operational possibilities. With immediate effect, ConCast electrodes are also to be used for the familiar Buffalo Bull SHD product line. Moreover, additional application possibilities include car batteries with electrodes subject to high current loads, e.g. the AGM Running Bull.