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Media Info Banner Power Bull wins the Stiftung Warentest and ADAC 2012 conventional starter battery test In the latest 2012 battery study carried out by Stiftung Warentest in conjunction with ADAC, the German Automobile Club, the Banner Power Bull P7209 battery was awarded a top “very good” rating (1.4) and was thus the winner of the conventional starter battery category. This is the first occasion in this millennium that the test panel has given a “very good” to a starter battery. Moreover, the Austrian starter battery specialist also subjected its Running Bull EFB and AGM start/stop batteries to what is Europe’s toughest and most independent battery test and emerged with two “goods”.

Linz-Leonding, November 22, 2012. As a delighted Andreas Bawart, the Banner Group’s commercial CEO, explains: “Stiftung Warentest last scrutinised starter batteries in 2007 and therefore it is all the more important for us that our Power Bull quality battery was allocated the highest “very good” grade, especially as up to now such a rating had not been awarded in this millennium.” Three conventional starter batteries from Banner, Bosch and Exide in the 72 Ah capacity class were tested and the Banner Power Bull P7209 not only triumphed overall, but was also ahead on points in the individual categories comprised by durability, performance characteristics and performance specification fulfilment.

Banner Power Bull – for the strictest demands The Banner Power Bull battery was designed in accordance with the European EN 50.342-1 standard and it also meets the strictest requirements of leading automotive manufacturers. With its Power Bull technology, Banner has long been a first fitter for top producers such as BMW, Volkswagen and Skoda. Moreover, at the end of 2010, Banner launched a more advanced Power Bull onto the market, which had been created specifically for the demands made by modern cars. These relate to the marked increase in the cyclical loads on starter batteries emanating from the massive rise in on-board power consumption derived from a diversity of control devices.

Contact: Günther Lemmerer, Marketing and PR Banner GmbH Banner Strasse 1;4021 Linz-Leonding (A) Tel. +43/(0)732/38 88 – 21550; Fax Ext. 61550 Mobile +43/(0)676/873 81 550 E-mail:

Media Info In view of the outstanding performance of Banner batteries during the 2012 Stiftung Warentest assessment, Andreas Bawart is convinced that: “The test results prove clearly that with the Power Bull, Banner has THE premium replacement battery for modern cars without start/stop systems.”

Start/stop batteries make their test debut Batteries were also tested for the first time with regard to their suitability for vehicles using start/stop technology. Cycle-resistant starter batteries, so-called enhanced flooded batteries (EFB) from Banner, Exide, Moll and Varta/JCI were examined along with valve-regulated, absorbent glass mat (AGM) batteries from Banner, Exide and Varta/JCI were subjected to a specially created testing procedure. Both the Banner Running Bull EFB 570 00 and its Running Bull AGM 570 01, were subsequently awarded a “good” rating.

EFB batteries are used primarily for vehicles in the small car category fitted with simple start/stop systems. By contrast, AGM batteries are currently employed for vehicles in the medium and premium class range that use start/stop systems in combination with braking energy recuperation (e.g. BMW efficient dynamics).

At present, Banner supplies AGM batteries as a first fitter to leading car makers such as BMW, Porsche and Volkswagen and with its overall “good” rating, the Banner Running Bull 570 01 AGM showed no weaknesses during testing and received top marks in the overcharging resistance and performance specification fulfilment categories. A “very good” was not allocated in this test.

Andreas Bawart: “We are very happy that the first, independent suitability test for start/stop batteries in Europe has taken place and that this confirmed the ability of our batteries to very largely meet the demands made on this product. The immediate future belongs to EFB and AGM batteries and we estimate that by 2015 up to 90 per cent of all the new vehicles manufactured in Europe will be equipped with this technology and thus make a significant contribution to a reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.”

Contact: Günther Lemmerer, Marketing and PR Banner GmbH Banner Strasse 1;4021 Linz-Leonding (A) Tel. +43/(0)732/38 88 – 21550; Fax Ext. 61550 Mobile +43/(0)676/873 81 550 E-mail:

Media Info In view of the increasing complexity of battery technology, Andreas Bawart went on to add that the selection of the correct replacement battery nonetheless represents a major challenge for the retrofitting market: “If a vehicle producer first installs an AGM battery, then an AGM battery must also be fitted as a replacement. Only then is the scheduled battery service life guaranteed.”

Captions: Photo 1: Top rating. The Banner Power Bull battery received a top “very good” grading in the 2012 Stiftung Warentest survey. Photo 2: Top performance. The Running Bull AGM is the most powerful battery available for start/stop applications. All photos Banner GmbH, reprints free of charge. Specimen copies are r quested. Banner at a glance Banner GmbH is an innovative, steadily expanding producer of top quality starter batteries. The company, which is based in Linz-Leonding, Austria, has been manufacturing batteries for all types of vehicles since 1937. The family-owned firm, which is headed by Andreas Bawart and Thomas Bawart, employs a workforce of around 760 across Europe. Banner produces and sells over 4.0 million starter batteries annually and thus numbers among the oldest, most experienced and important brands in the battery production field. Banner batteries are used for the first fitting of numerous models from Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Skoda, Volvo, VW, Kässbohrer, Liebherr, Caterpillar und Jungheinrich. In Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark, Poland, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey dealers are served via Group sales companies with a total of 28 branches. Moreover, Banner products are sold in more than 40 European, African and Asian states via direct importers. Future-oriented technology and outstanding quality underline the international reputation of these exemplary products with “buffalo power”, which are also characterised by the Banner logo. Further information is available under:

Contact: Günther Lemmerer, Marketing and PR Banner GmbH Banner Strasse 1;4021 Linz-Leonding (A) Tel. +43/(0)732/38 88 – 21550; Fax Ext. 61550 Mobile +43/(0)676/873 81 550 E-mail:


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