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MediaInfo The Banner Battery Service Tool – the indispensable device for battery exchanges Banner, which is a leading manufacturer of quality batteries for start-stop vehicles, has now launched an in-house developed service device onto the market. This will allow battery changes in modern vehicles with integrated battery management systems without the necessity of workshops investing in a comprehensive diagnosis station. Changing batteries in modern vehicles with low fuel consumption is becoming increasingly complex. Integrated battery management systems (BMS) employ sensors to permanently monitor the vehicle battery and provide data to the on-board computer concerning battery charging status, function and age. On the basis of this information, the computer then decides when the engine can be shut down (start-stop function), or the point in time and the volume of charging using available braking energy (braking energy recuperation). When a battery starts to wear, defect warnings are produced, which inform the user that a battery change is imminent. Should the battery be substituted, the vehicle system must also be informed of this fact in order that all functions can be released in the correct manner. It is precisely for this purpose that Banner has developed its Service Tool. This practical handheld device in connected to the EOBD interface and initially ascertains if a battery change in the vehicle in question will involve a special operation. Subsequently, specific manufacturer defect codes connected to the vehicle battery are read out and all the existing defect codes erased. A built-in battery means that the whole process takes place offline and functions free of downtimes without the help of a WLAN link. An integrated product finder also furnishes information concerning a suitable replacement battery, which is an important criterion for the guaranteeing of maximum battery service life. This function is also available even when the device is not connected to a vehicle. Prior to the exchange of a vehicle battery, the on-board electrical system must be supported in order to prevent a voltage interruption and hence the laborious resetting of the steering wheel and other similar features. Owing to an integrated adapter, the Service Tool can be connected to the Banner Memory Saver and following the battery change the new battery is read into the vehicle system and the service procedure thus completed. The Banner Battery Service Tool covers the main vehicle makes on Europe’s roads and during programming a focus was placed on the German Audi, BMW, Mercedes and VW brands. Moreover, when the device has been registered with Banner via a specially established website, the user receives free access to all model updates and replacement battery classification data for a year. This data can be loaded using either a removable storage card or the USB connection on the device. Following the expiry of this free period, the user will be offered a service contract. The target group for the Banner Battery Service Tool consists of vehicle component dealers, tyre retailers, quick-service companies and independent workshops that apart from battery sales also offer battery changes and do not wish to invest in a comprehensive diagnosis station for all workshop services. Contact: Günther Lemmerer, Marketing and PR Banner GmbH Banner Straße 1; 4021 Linz-Leonding (A) Tel. +43/(0)732/38 88 – 21550; Fax Ext. 61550 Mobile +43/(0)676/873 81 550 E-mail:

MediaInfo The Banner device will be available assisted by a launch promotion up from November. Banner is also to use the introduction of Service Tool for battery changes as an opportunity for the completion of a comprehensive training programme at the companies of its partners. Apart from a practical section involving the testing of the device, this will also cover specialist know-how regarding the current battery trends for start-stop vehicles.

Photo caption  The Banner Battery Service Tool – the indispensable device for battery changes Banner at a glance Banner is an innovative, steadily expanding producer of top quality starter batteries. The company, which is based in LinzLeonding, Austria, has been manufacturing batteries for all types of vehicles since 1937. The family-owned firm, which is headed by Andreas Bawart and Thomas Bawart, employs a workforce of around 760 across Europe. Banner produces and sells over 3.85 million starter batteries annually and thus numbers among the oldest, most experienced and important brands in the battery production field. Banner batteries are used for the first fitting of numerous models from Audi, BMW, Caterpillar, Jungheinrich, Kässbohrer, Liebherr, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Skoda, Volvo, and VW. In Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, the UK, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey retailer support is provided via a company network of sales companies with a total of 28 branches. Moreover, Banner products are sold in more than 50 European, African and Asian states via direct importers. Future-oriented technology and outstanding quality underline the international reputation of these exemplary products with “buffalo power”, which are also characterized by the Banner logo. Further information is available under:

Contact: Günther Lemmerer, Marketing and PR Banner GmbH Banner Straße 1; 4021 Linz-Leonding (A) Tel. +43/(0)732/38 88 – 21550; Fax Ext. 61550 Mobile +43/(0)676/873 81 550 E-mail:

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