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Haute Humanitarian

Banleigh Hope Johnson

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Haute Humanitarian where Fashion meets Philanthropy Haute Humanitarian is the new fashion meets philanthropy brand. Our mission is not only to help improve your style, but to help women around the world living in poverty. The brands sold in our boutiques all donate items to the local homeless shelters, raise money for our fashion philanthropy fund, &/or help give jobs to the women producing these garments both locally and globally. H.H. is a brand, boutique, blog, and philanthropy. Read more by visiting our websites below. Dress Beautifully, Help Diligently, Chaneg the Globe. xo Banleigh Hope


founder of HauteHumanitarian

Philanthropic & Ph-abulous

I remeber that my mother told me that when I was younger she would always have to buy me an abundance of socks, mittens, and hats. She had no idea where they’d dissappear to, but they would always turn up missing at the end of each week. One day she asked me about it on the car ride home from school. She said I replied with a simple, “I give them to the outdoors people by the bridge at reccess.” Not sure what I was talking about, she asked me to show her. I lead her down to this small neighborhood bridge. We climbed down the path and there was a family, living under that bridge. My mom said her face lit up when the mother of the bunch hugged me and told her, “We’re so sorry, she saw my daughter one day and said she looked cold so she’s been bringing us warm items all month.” My mom still beams about that day because she knew I was going to try and chancge the world. And the fact that I began at age 6

meant there was no stopping me. Haute Humanitarian started as a fashion blog I kept for myself as sort of a portfolio of my writtings and exerpts. Magazines required evidence that you are in fact a qualified writer so I figured i’d keep all of my samples in one easy to locate spot. That was really all it was. It wasn’t until the summer of 2013 that I realized I wanted to make a brand to make a difference. Growing up in a christian home, my parents preached of giving back, being appreciative, and using/searching for the specific talents God gifted to us. I knew from my first trip to Barney’s New York at age 10 that I wanted to be in fashion. The glamourous world of delicate fabrics, daring heels, and spunky colors excited me and felt like second nature to me. In fashion, nothing could be wrong. You decided the trends, the look, the level of risk you wanted to take. No one else.

It also helped that my grandmother owned a boutique and was very creative so I inherited all of her genes. But I also knew I wanted more. I just didn’t know exactly what that meant. Back to the summer of 2013, I was in Los Angeles and San Fransisco for a course that was apart of my major. We had interviews, meetings with big companies, and time to explore the cities. When in L.A I felt in my element. The risks and daring narture of the women and men their was uncanning. I also noticed a bad quality in L.A. Although the people exceeded all of my fashion dreams, they lacked that sense of genuine kindness. No one shoved me in the street or cursed at me for walking too slow, but it definitely wasn’t the “Southern Hospitality” that I was used to in Texas.

to be in fashion, and give items to the local homeless is a win. So first I have the website. Haute Humanitarian will be a website blog that houses information about philanthropies, our organization, and ways to get involved, #ootd, style/hair/beauty section, humor stories, and links to apparel and brands that give back and help the globe. This will be officially launching on New Years day! After graduating, I’m planning on trying to start up a boutique. Haute Humanitarian will be a phyical store that carries all of the brands that give back whether that means when you buy an brand of accessory, a hat and gloves are donated to the local homeless shelter or the item you are purchasing was made by women who sew and prodcue fabrics in other countries and part of

One night I noticed a pack of homeless people gathered at a bus stop outside of our hotel. When the bus pulled up I saw that one older man dressed in rags was begging for a man in a suit to help him pay for the bus ride. The man simply ignored him as if he was not relevant to his life. I hurried my pace toward the older man and handed him a $5. He grinned and told me it was only one dollar but I just smiled back and said “Have a blessed night.” On my walk to my room I thought about the man just ignoring this poor mans problem. I realized that this world is not getting better because people aren’t recognizing the needs of others. If we could just show people that there is a need and a hurt for good samaritains. There are people starving, freezing, and dying because we are acting like a problem does not exist. That’s when I decided I wanted to combine fashion with philanthropy and create a brand off of Haute Humanitarian. Going green and being globally helpful is luckily catching on in my generation of students so creating this brand that not only allows you to shop and look fabulous and trendy, but also allows you to contribute to the economic growth of families in poverty, college funds for students who want

the proceeds go back to them. I have a 10 year plan of hopefully exploring the textile and design world myself. Traveling has always been a must for me and i’m hopeful that H.H. (Haute Humanitarian) will blossom into a philanthropic fahsion brand. Selecting textiles and fabrics from the women creating them in other countries, hiring women in need to sew the garments so they have a way to make money for their familes will be the basis of the brand. This is something I have always wanted to do, mix my two passions together. And I think that is why it will prosper. When you seek out your God given talents, you can only succeed. Changing the world begins with you. It’s love with it’s work boots on, it’s recognizing the needs around you. I do believe the quote, “Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can take on the world.” Cause that is exactly what my generation of women are doing. Instead of lacing up our work boots we’re strapping on our heels and carrying the world to a better tomorrow.

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can take on the world”

For more info visit: tumblr/


You need to be complimented on your energy! Much is made of the explosiveness your sign is associated with but you are not often enough praised for the quality of initiation it brings, and which our planet could not survive without. You have the capacity to spark acts of initiation in others, and if approached with the right intention this can in effect change the world!


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Commit your work to the


and your plans will succeed

proverbs 16:3






i Banleigh Hope Johnson



Haute Humanitarian--Creator/Fashion Blogger

Experience Haute Humanitarian- Creator/Fashion Blogger August 2013-Present (Launch January 1, 2014)

Joey Showroom-L.A/Dallas Fall ‘13 Market Intern March 2013(Dallas) & May 2013(LosAngeles)

RSC Production-Show Production Intern September 2009-May2011

Interests & Skills Fashion Blogging. Trend Research. Styling. Producing/Calling Fashion Show. Fashion Public Relations. Social Media. Fashion Editing. Men’s Apparel Trend forecasting. Photography. Editorial Writing. Fashion Philanthropy.


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University of Arkansas--Apparel Studies Apparel Studies Student Association. Alpha Delta Pi Sorority.

Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2014

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising--San Fransisco Campus 2 semester extended knowledge course. Focus on “Branding and Visual Merchandising

August 2010-May2011

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