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COZZE MARINARA $23.00 Spencer Gulf mussels in tomato, chilli, garlic and pane di casa GAMBERI ALLA SICILIANA (GC) $25.00 Traditional Sicilian-style garlic prawns in tomato, garlic and chilli GAMBERI AL COGNAC (GC) $26.00 Shelled prawns in a spicy cognac, shallots and spicy cream sauce


INSALATA MISTA (V, GC) $17.50 Mixed Italian salad INSALATA CAPRESE (V, GC) $21.00 Tomato, basil and bocconcini, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and pesto CAESAR SALAD $21.00 Made the traditional way with croutons, bacon, shaved parmesan and Caesar dressing CHICKEN CAESAR $24.00 Made the traditional way with croutons, bacon, shaved parmesan and Caeser dressing with chicken



GARLIC BREAD (V) $7.50 BRUSCHETTA (V) $9.50 CHIPS (V) $10.50 FETA BRUSCHETTA (V) $12.00 OLIVE ASCOLANI (V) $20.00 Crumbed and fried Sicilian olives filled with feta, served with truffle aioli POPOLO PIZZA (V) $16.50 Garlic and herb pizza drizzled with extra virgin olive oil OYSTERS Sydney Rock Oysters (Pambula Lake South Coast) NATURALE (GC) Natural on ice with eschallot vinaigrette


KILPATRICK (GC) 1/2 DOZEN Bacon and Worcestershire sauce 1 DOZEN

$24.00 $41.00 $24.00 $43.00


FUNGHI TRIFOLATI (V) (GC) $20.00 Fresh mushrooms tossed in garlic, olive oil, spices and chilli

ROCKET AND PARMESAN SALAD $16.00 Garden rocket, shaved Italian parmesan with balsamic and extra virgin olive oil

POLLO MARINAIO $41.00 Chicken breast fillets topped with king prawns in a creamy peppercorn sauce

VITELLO AI FUNGHI PORCINI $39.50 Thin slices of veal in a white wine and northern Italian porcini mushroom sauce

ARANCINI ALLA MESSINESE $21.00 Italian risotto balls filled with bolognese, peas and mozzarella

250G LITTLE JOE’S PORTERHOUSE STEAK (GC) (H) $44.00 An all natural grass fed cattle from South Australia offers a marble score of 4+ raised without antibiotics and no added hormones. Little Joe meets our high standards of animal welfare, social responsibility and environmental stewardship to future proof our pristine farming country.

POLPETTE AL SUGO $20.00 Traditional Nonna’s recipe! Sicilian meatballs in a rich tomato sugo CALAMARI FRITTI $22.00 Salt and pepper squid, served with aioli and lemon $ 23.00 MISTO ALLA GRIGLIA


All steaks and main meals are served with your choice of chips and salad, or seasonal vegetables. All steaks are served with your choice of peppercorn or mushroom sauce.

COTOLETTA MILANESE $36.00 Traditional Italian-style veal schnitzel

HALLOUMI (V) $21.00 Grilled traditional halloumi cheese drizzled with honey and hazelnuts


POLLO AI FUNGHI (H) $33.00 Chicken breast fillets in a creamy mushroom sauce

FRITTO VENEZIANO $26.00 Flash fried combination of salt & pepper calamari, white bait and prawns

POLPI ALLA PIASTRA (GC) Our signature BBQ marinated baby octopus


400G PINNACLE RIB EYE CUTLET (GC) Area: Southern N.S.W Breed: British bred cattle Feed: 100% grass fed Grading: MSA Marbling: MB 2+




All seafood mains are served with chips & salad PESCE DEL GIORNO (GC) MP Market fresh catch of the day from our display. Please ask staff for today’s selection MISTO ALLA GRIGLIA (GC) $54.00 BBQ selection of Mooloolaba king prawns, baby squid, USA scallops, octopus, Balmain bugs and our market fresh catch of the day GAMBERONI ALLA GRIGLIA $34.00 Australian king prawns char-grilled and marinated in a lemon chili dressing


RISOTTO PORCINI (GC) (V) $30.00 Risotto with wild porcini mushrooms, parmesan and truffle oil


Gluten free penne available with any sauce from the below list ADD $3




SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE Spaghetti with a rich bolognese sauce


MARGHERITA (V) $20 Mozzarella and fresh basil

PENNE ARRABIATA (V) Penne in tomato and chilli sauce


CAPRICCIOSA $23 Mozzarella, mushrooms, ham and olives

TORTELLINI ALLA BOSCAIOLA $24.00 Veal tortellini, bacon, mushrooms and parsley in a creamy sauce PENNE GENOVESE $25.00 Penne with chicken in a creamy tomato pesto sauce PENNE TARVISIO $27.00 Penne with chicken, Swiss brown mushrooms, asparagus and cherry tomatoes in a pink sauce

RISOTTO PESCATORE (GC) $32.00 Prawns, pipis, mussels, baby squid, garlic, olive oil and tomato

LINGUINE PIAZZA $28 Our most famous dish! Linguine with prawn in a tomato, pesto and cream sauce

RISOTTO DI OSTIA (GC) $32.00 Traditional Roman style risotto with prawns in a spicy tomato, brandy and cream sauce

SPAGHETTI PESCATORE $31.00 Spaghetti with prawns, squid, pipis, and mussels in Napolitana sauce


Gluten free bases available

ADD $3


NAVONA $25 Mozzarella, potato, Italian sausage, rosemary and oregano PIZZA CASALINGA $26 Mozzarella, cimi di rapa , italian sausage, olive oil and a hint of chilli SAN MARCO $26 Mozzarella, pesto, olive oil, garlic, prawns and chilli TARTUFATA $26 Mozzarella, ricotta, truffle porcini cream and Italian sausage


BORGIA $23 Mozzarella and pepperoni HAWAIIAN Mozzarella, ham and pineapple


RAPALLO $23 Mozzarella, chicken, BBQ sauce, onions and capsicum

12 years and under 1 scoop of gelato included with every kids meal purchased SPAGHETTI BOLOGNESE OR NAPOLITANA (V)



NUTELLA PIZZA $28.50 Served with vanilla ice cream and your choice of fresh strawberries or banana Please speak to your waiter for additional dessert options

PORTOGHESE $24 Mozzarella, chicken, capsicum, onion and jalapenos, topped with peri peri sauce SAN CARLO $25 Mozzarella, parmesan, mushrooms and Galloni prosciutto BBQ MEAT LOVERS $26 Mozzarella, BBQ sauce, cabanossi, pepperoni, salami and ham BENEVENTO $26 Bocconcini, oregano, Galloni prosciutto and shaved parmesan FARNESE $26 Mozzarella, garlic, prawns and chilli PIZZA INFERNO $27 Mozzarella, hot salami, capsicum, onions, olives and hot chilli


PIZZA SUPREMA $26 Mozzarella, onions, mushrooms, olives, capsicum, pepperoni, ham and cabanossi DANTE $27 Mozzarella, Italian sausage, mild salami, ham and cabanossi BELLUCCI $28 Mozzarella, garlic, calamari, prawns and octopus





BEVERAGES CHAMPAGNE & SPARKLING WINES Garfish Prosecco Calabria Prosecco (Italy) $8.50 Tempus Two Blanc De Blanc 200mL (Hunter Valley, NSW) $12.00 Wicked Secrets Sparkling Pink Moscato (McLaren Vale, SA) Stonefish Brut Cuvee (Appellation, SA) Tempus Two Blanc De Blanc (Hunter Valley, NSW) Stonefish Platinum Label Chardonnay Pinot Noir (Adelaide Hills, SA) Moet Chandon NV Brut Imperial (Epernay, France) Veuve Cliquot (Reims, France)

$36.00 $37.00 $32.00 $37.00 $39.00 $47.00 $130.00 $143.00

MERLOT Stonefish Merlot (Great Southern, WA) Tempus Two Cabernet Merlot (Hunter Valley, NSW)

$8.00 $10.00

$37.00 $43.00

CABERNET SAUVIGNON Stonefish Cabernet Sauvignon (Margaret River, WA) $8.00 D’Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (Adelaide Hills, SA) Jacobs Creek Double Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon (Coonawarra, SA) $10.00 Stonefish Nero Cabernet Sauvignon (Margaret River, WA)

$37.00 $40.00 $43.00 $69.00

SHIRAZ Stonefish Shiraz (Margaret River, WA) $8.00 D’Reserve Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon, Adelaide Hills, SA Jacobs Creek Double Barrel Shiraz (Barossa Valley, SA) $10.00 Teusner Bilmore Shiraz (Barossa Valley, SA) $12.00 Scarpantoni Block 3 Shiraz (McLaren Vale, SA) Stonefish Nero Shiraz (Barossa Valley, SA)

$37.00 $40.00 $43.00 $53.00 $72.00 $99.00 $48.00 $52.00 $75.00

SAUVIGNON BLANC Stonefish Sauvignon Blanc (Margaret River, WA) $8.00 Lost Turtle Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, NZ) $9.50 Cullen Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (Margaret River, WA) Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough, NZ) $16.50

$37.00 $46.00 $72.00 $75.00

PINOT GRIS/GRIGIO Sensi “Collezione” Pinot Grigio IGT (Veneto, Italy) $9.50 Starborough Pinot Gris (Marlborough, NZ) Villa Teresa Pinot Grigio (Veneto, Italy) $11.50

$42.00 $55.00 $52.00

BLENDS/VARIETALS Tempus Two Copper Series Grenache Shiraz Mouvedre (Barossa Valley, SA) Westend Three Bridges Durif (Riverina, NSW) DiGiorgio Cabernet Franc (Coonawarra, SA)

CHARDONNAY Stonefish Chardonnay (Margaret River, WA) $8.00 First Creek Chardonnay (Hunter Valley, NSW) Cloudy Bay Chardonnay (Marlborough, NZ)

$37.00 $38.00 $75.00

BLENDS/VARIETALS Giesen Vineyard Select Riesling (Marlborough, Nz) Grant Burge Moscato $9.50

$40.00 $40.00

TAP BEERS Basement Brewhouse South Coast Pale Ale White Rabbit Dark Ale 355mL Peroni 330mL Birra Moretti 400mL Canadian Club & Dry 355mL Basement Brewhouse Birra Piazza 570mL

ROSÉ Stonefish Rosé (Margaret River, WA) $8.00 Artist Series Grenache Rose Organic (South Australia)

$37.00 $40.00

RED WINES ITALIAN Lambrusco Reggiano Dolce D.O.C. (Emilia Romagna) Chianti Poggio Al Sale (Corvina) Sensi “Collezione” Sangiovese IGT (Tuscany) $9.00 Sensi “Collezione” Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC (Abruzzo) $9.00 PINOT NOIR Starborough Pinot Noir (Marlborough, NZ) $11.50 Jimmy Wines Pinot Noir (Grampians, Victoria) $9.50 Astrolabe Wairau Valley Pinot Noir (Marlborough, NZ) Bay of Fires Pinot Noir (Pipers River, TAS)


$31.00 $51.00 $42.00 $42.00 $55.00 $48.00 $60.00 $99.00

$6.50 $8.00 $8.70 $10.00 $10.40 $9.80

LOCAL BEERS Hahn Premium Light $6.10 Cascade Premium Light $6.10 XXXX Gold Mid-Strength $6.10 Iron Jack Mid-Strength $6.30 Furphy $6.80 Tooheys New $6.80 VB $6.80 Hahn Super Dry $6.90 Pure Blonde $6.90 Crown Lager $8.00 CRAFT BEERS James Squire 150 Lashes Little Creatures Pale Ale James Squire Jack of Spades Porter

IMPORTED BEERS Heineken 3 - Mid-Strength (Holland) Heineken 0.0 (Zero Alcohol) Heineken (Holland) PERONI RED (Italy) Corona (Mexico) Kirin Megumi (Japan) Asahi (Japan) CIDER 5 Seeds Crisp 5 Seeds Cloudy Hills Cider Company Apple Hills Cider Company Pear PRE-MIXED Vodka Cruiser Lush Guava Smirnoff Ice Double Black West Coast Cooler

$8.00 $8.70 $8.00


$7.50 $4.50 $8.40 $9.00 $8.60 $8.60 $8.40 $5.80 $5.80 $9.20 $9.20 $9.20 $13.00 $6.30

COCKTAILS SOFI Spritz Blood Orange & Bitters (on tap)


CINQUE TERRE $20.00 Fresh basil and Beefeater Gin shaken with lemon juice and egg white, topped with pine nuts

ORANGE SPICY SOUTH $19.00 VENETIAN BREEZE $19.00 A spicy twist on your classic margarita. Tequila and Vodka O, Cointreau stirred with sugar syrup, lime, Cointreau shaken with fresh lemon and orange juice, pineapple, apple and cranberry juice served in a chilli rimmed glass LUSH LUCY $20.00 SICILIAN NEGRONI $19.00 Aperol, 4 Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin, Passoa Passionfruit A mix of gin, Aperol, Campari, Amaro Montenegro and Liqueur, shake with passionfruit and strawberries blood orange juice shaken and strained over ice, making the perfect southern Negroni SORRENTO $19.00 Chambord, Joseph Cartron Strawberry Liqueur, AMALFI COAST $20.00 Joseph Cartron Lychee Liqueur stirred with lychees Vodka, Limoncello and St Germain Elderflower liqueur and lime juice, topped with lemonade PASSION COLADA $20.00 STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI $19.00 Bacardi, Passoa, pineapple juice and passionfruit puree A blend of strawberries and ice with Bacardi, Strawberry blended with a dollop of cream Liqueur and sugar syrup Ask our friendly bar staff for your classic cocktails. APEROL SPRITZ $19.00 Calabria Prosecco, Aperol, soda and sliced orange RED SANGRIA Fruity red sangria mixed with blueberries, strawberries and orange, topped with soda

Glass $11.00 Caraffe $19.00 Jug $28.00