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Green mortgages to reduce carbon footprint Buildings currently consume 40% of all energy that is produced in the EU and contribute a similar proportion of Europe’s carbon emissions. If all of us are to make the transition to a genuinely sustainable economy, the building and maintaining of buildings need to be addressed. As well as offering green mortgages that incentives households to reduce their carbon footprint, Triodos Bank and Triodos Investment Management finances new building developments and refurbishment projects for properties to reach the highest sustainability standards. In 2015 Triodos Bank and Triodos Investment Management financed directly, and via sustainable property, approximately 4,500 homes and apartments and about 310 commercial properties comprising approximately 280,000m2 of office and other commercial space. This offering resonates with clients. By working on the sustainability of a residential or commercial property the conversation is broadened. Other than only the risk and return elements the impact is leading. The impact has in most cases also a direct shortterm consequence on the risk and return. The risks are mitigated as property has a higher long-term value, and the return is improved by lower energy costs.

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Working with partners that are experts in the new building developments opens doors to new projects in the market by which Triodos Bank was able to finance more projects. Triodos Bank finances new building developments for properties to the highest sustainability standards. The Bank also finances the renovation or redevelopment of existing properties so that they become more energy efficient. Some branches also provide mortgages to private individuals, in particular incentivizing high sustainability standards and support those seeking to improve the sustainability rating of their home. There is concrete advice given to clients, commercial and private individuals, about how to make the real estate or houses more energy-efficient. External consultants, partners of Triodos Bank, provide independent advice. The approach can be widely shared. To make the impact, SDG goals in real estate, leading in the real estate offering it enhances the conversation with clients in a fundamental way. The approach also can be an example in every market also to banks outside of the GABV, as it contributes directly to the SDG goals in a simple and effective way, without giving up on return and risk aspects.


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Where Money Moves Matters - GABV Stories of Systemic Change  

Where Money Moves Matters - GABV Stories of Systemic Change