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Three common mistakes banks make

Blockchain’s still waiting for its web

New blogger Mike Moebs brings the eye of a skeptic to community bank management. He questions assumptions of what works in pricing and product design. You will always find challenges to what you know. Read more at

You may keep up with today’s pace of change, but do you draw the wrong conclusions … and act on them? Celent’s Bob Meara cites three ways banks err, such as failing to appreciate the half-life of facts. Read more at

“The blockchain landscape is still very technical. ... it is hardly comprehensible to the masses, and it will continue to be that way, unless it breaks out of its technical shell.” So says blockchain blogger William Mougayar. Read more at









Weekend Think: Matters that call for reflection What issues lie ahead that you should be considering outside the daily fray? Each weekend we pick an article or two of special long-term significance and highlight it on Saturday and Sunday with the “Weekend Think” label on the homepage. Try out “Where will your next problem loans originate?”, a recent choice. Read it at

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February/March 2017

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February/March 2017 Banking Exchange  

February/March 2017 Banking Exchange