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Homeowners float while interest low For a current listing of banking jobs, please visit float while interest low Mortgage Brokers Association interim chairman Shaun Riley said most people were choosing floating rates for new mortgages because of the certainty that rates would stay low. "There are always people that like to fix, almost no matter what, because they … See all stories on this topic » Mortgage Rates: Low Mortgage Rates Sit Still After Jobless Claims Fall Short Those looking to purchase a home will find that home prices are still low and when combined with low mortgage rates, the mortgage payment is very affordable. Today's 30 year fixed mortgage interest rates are at 3.750%, 15 year fixed mortgage rates are … See all stories on this topic » The Benefits of a 15 Year Mortgage Refinance Any time a mortgage refinance is done, there should be some form of advantage to the homeowner since refinancing is a serious financial decision. For homeowner's who have been paying a 30 year mortgage for several years, the benefits of a 15 year … See all stories on this topic » From For more information click here.

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Homeowners float while interest low