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ABA Education Foundation

Improving Your Community Through

Financial Education

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Partnering with Bankers to Promote Financial Literacy In 1925, the American Bankers Association created a Foundation for Education in Economics to commemorate its 50th anniversary. In 1992, after refining our mission, we became the American Bankers Association Education Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) affiliate of ABA. Our dual mission is to help bankers become personally involved in providing financial education to the communities they serve, and to develop resources that enable them to do this. Foundation programs empower banks to fill the need for financial education while giving bankers at all levels an opportunity to shine. By involving bankers in financial education delivery, more young people have been introduced to banking even though their families may be unbanked. Our partnership helps make banking more accessible to consumers of all ages, creates a natural bridge between education and action, and encourages youth and their families to open children’s savings accounts. l 1-800-BANKERS

I’ve always believed the greatest consumer protection is financial literacy‌ Teach Children to Save provides authentic, in-person experiences that produce lasting memories for both the bankers and students. Stephen P. Wilson, Chairman and CEO, LCNB National Bank, Lebanon, Ohio

Helping Children Build Their Financial Futures The ABA Education Foundation is the only entity

Each year, more than 1,300 banks connect with hundreds

founded and funded by bankers that promotes banker-

of thousands of young people through our national

delivered financial education. Our programs engage banks

programs, Teach Children to Save and Get Smart About

of all sizes, from large multinational and regional banks

Credit. To date, more than 130,000 banker volunteers

to single-branch community banks. Results driven, we

from financial institutions of all asset sizes have introduced

measure our programs’ successes against annual goals

some 5.9 million young people to the money management

for increased bank and youth participation.

skills they will need to realize their dreams. l 1-800-BANKERS

Bankers play an important role in creating financially healthy individuals and families. We understand money and banking, and we’re a trusted resource in our communities.

Stacey Hoskins Beeler, President and SEO, Casey County Market of Monticello Bank, Liberty, Kentucky

Designing National Programs with Local Impact The Foundation’s programs are anchored by annual awareness days, but teaching occurs throughout the year. Bankers are encouraged to customize their participation to the local needs of their communities. Teach Children to Save

Get Smart About Credit

Held each April, Teach Children to Save Day promotes

Get Smart About Credit Day is held annually on the third

the importance of saving early and often. Banker

Thursday of October. Bankers visit high schools, colleges

volunteers teach lessons in classrooms and in youth

and youth groups to help young adults understand the

centers that focus on how, why and where to save. Since

importance of using credit wisely. Lessons also touch

its inception, the program has recruited some 108,000

on issues that go hand in hand with credit use, such as

banker volunteers and reached more than 5 million young

preventing identity theft, credit reports and scores, and

people. New features are added to the program each

budgeting. Since 2010, the Foundation has partnered

year to keep the message fresh. Recent initiatives have

with the National Foundation for Credit Counseling’s

included a TCTS Million Child Challenge, which recorded

Protect Your Identity Week program to encourage

1,008,874 children in 2009, the Race to Save campaign

outreach to adults as well as youth. To date, 22,000

that opened 61,302 new children’s savings accounts in

volunteer bankers have taught more than 840,000 young

2011, and an ongoing video contest, Lights, Camera,

adults. Visit for more information.

Save! Visit for more information.

Personal Finance 101 Kits For adult learners, the Foundation offers Personal Finance 101 kits, which cover basic banking skills: budgeting, checking accounts, credit, mortgages and saving. Each kit comes with 50 student workbooks, a teacher’s guide, worksheets and a Power Point presentation. This resource is perfect for an in-branch lesson or a joint initiative with a community development organization. l 1-800-BANKERS

Helping Raise Your Bank’s Financial Education Profile in the Community Designed for banks of all asset sizes,

Take advantage of the opportunities we offer to broaden

our turnkey resources help you implement the financial

your bank’s image in the community while bringing

education outreach strategy that is right for your bank.

youth into the formal financial system and promoting

Participating banks enjoy access to these benefits:

responsible money management. Participation in


One-on-one consultations with Foundation staff experts


Nationally recognized programs customizable for the markets you serve


Program resource kits that include financial education lesson plans developed in partnership with curriculum and banking experts, with step-by-step directions for reaching out to schools and youth groups


Free training, to make program participation easy

Foundation programs is a great way to demonstrate corporate social responsibility to the community, civic leaders and the media—your efforts may also qualify for CRA credit. To get involved, contact the American Bankers Association Education Foundation at or 1-800-BANKERS.

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