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Vindon CO.UK

More than 2.0 million cubic litres of environmentally controlled storage space

-196ยบ 5% RH upto 95% RH and pharmaceutical biological,stem cells ICH stability cryogenic Vindon provide ICH and unique conditions for

HTA licensed, Vindon Cryobank is fully equipped with state of the art

stability storage in environmentally controlled

cryogenic freezers. These use dry storage technology to minimise the


risk of sample contamination.






accelerated testing whatever the size of product We partner a wide range of bio clients with storage solutions tailored to 2 million cubic litres of space is dedicated to the

their specific requirements both in terms of volume and time for which

storage of pharmaceutical products, clinical trial

the samples are held.

material, tablets, capsules - and pharmaceutical bulk chemical in temperature and humidity controlled conditions

Stability rooms are fully validated and temperature mapped, monitored 24/7/365 and

Services include but are not limited to:

have backup emergency generator systems in

`` Storage of cells and tissues `` Working and master cell banks `` Second site storage minimising

place to protect the integrity of your samples.

the risk of sample loss

storage services

`` Disaster recovery planning `` Contingency planning for unforeseen events including insolvency

Vindon CO.UK

C -80º C -2º C 5º C upto 80º C virtually any other unique condition vaccines, cells low & ultra-low temperature

care of collections, heritage Designed with the help and guidance of leading preservation experts and entrusted with the British Library’s master film archive, Vindon’s heritage Bespoke Ultra-low temperature storage solutions from Vindon range from shared units to complete freezers dedicated to individual customers use. We provide primary and secondary storage in GMP compliant conditions, storing vaccines, tissues and other clinical materials as well as laboratory research material for phase I-IV trials.

conservation storage facility is ideally suited to the storage of special collections, historic artefacts and vulnerable film-based media. Comprehensive preservation solutions can be custom designed to meet the needs of major movie studios, museums, libraries, recording labels, television production companies and advertising agencies. We offer specialised services and expertise to safeguard collections while facilitating continued and easy access to them with custom software solutions.

Comprehensive disaster recovery plans are in place minimising any risk to stored samples.

Cert No. GB91/0615-01 first registered in 1991

setting standards aro for more For more than 40 years Vindon Scientific have been manufacturing controlled environment equipment that combines the highest standards in design, manufacturing and quality assurance with a flexibility that ensures our products can suit any customer’s requirements. Designed primarily for climatic simulation, our environmental rooms and cabinets provide rigidly controlled temperature and humidity conditions. From small bench top cabinets to walk in rooms, from chest freezers to blood transportation bags, the Vindon brand is respected as a sign of quality around the world.

Stability Storage Rooms & Cabinets Humidity Chambers / Photostabil Data Loggers / Chart Recorders

product range

Vindon CO.UK

und the world than 40 years

putting you in control of your environment Vindon control systems include accurate electronic temperature and humidity controllers and indicators. These systems allow almost unlimited programming of temperature and humidity profiles and offer configurable solutions for the secure monitoring of all kinds of laboratory refrigerators, freezers, cold rooms and other temperature and humidity controlled applications.

/ Incubators / Plant Growth Chambers ity Cabinets / Stress Testing Chambers / Fridges & Freezers / Blood & Plasma

Cert No. GB91/0615-01 first registered in 1991

USA Vindonwestech provide Vindon storage services across the USA. The storage facility in Kennesaw near Atlanta offers stability and biological storage along with validation and calibration services to the same high levels currently enjoyed by Vindon’s European customers.

Vindonwestech COM

p h a r m a & b i o p h arm storage expertise

Vindonwestech Vindon COM


pharma & biophar m s t o r a g e e x p e r t i s e

Vindonwestech also distribute Vindon’s controlled environment rooms, cabinets and other equipment to the pharmaceutical research, manufacturing and healthcare markets in the US.

Temperature and humidity controlled storage services, ultra-low temperature storage and onsite service and validation engineers mean that Vindon offer a full and comprehensive service to the pharmaceutical, biological and heritage sectors in Ireland. The facility provides local access to Vindon customers for stability testing whether for active pharmaceutical ingredients or clinical trial materials and is ideal for primary or secondary storage and disaster recovery.



Vindon CO.UK

service & maintenance

IQ, OQ, CQ, PQ validation & calibration

Vindon’s validation department offers full on-site validation and calibration services for environmental rooms/chambers, incubators, refrigerators, freezers and all associated monitoring equipment such as data logging systems, chart recorders, etc. Service and maintenance from Vindon is designed from the ground up to each customer’s individual requirements. With over 40 years experience providing service to pharmaceutical and related industries, Vindon engineers offer extensive knowledge of almost every type of controlled environment equipment. 24/7/365, Vindon engineers are there to provide unrivalled levels of service and technical support offering immediate and continuous assistance.

Vindon have provided validation and calibration services to the pharmaceutical industry for over twenty years. We work with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in both the UK and Ireland, providing excellent service whilst building long-standing relationships.

Our Validation department offers comprehensive training on all aspects of the operation and monitoring of environmental rooms and cabinets. This training is tailored to suit each client’s requirements and is available either as part of the installation process of a new room or chamber or ongoing for new personnel.


Vindon CO.UK

Vindonwestech Inc. 300 Townpark Drive, Building 1, Suite 130, Kennesaw, GA 30144 USA Tel: +1 770 988 3095 email: www.

Vindon Scientific (Ireland) Ltd. Riverstown 5 Complex, Riverstown Ind. Estate, Tramore, Co. Waterford, Eire. tel: +353 (0)51 338435 email: www.

Vindon Cryobank Limited John Boyd Dunlop Drive, Kingsway Business Park, Rochdale, OL16 4NG Tel: +44 (0)1706 716710 Fax: +44 (0)1706 716740 Email:

Vindon Scientific Limited is part of the Vindon Healthcare group. Based in Lancashire at the heart of the motorway network, we’re conveniently located on the Kingsway Business Park, at junction 21 of the M62.

Just 30 minutes from Manchester and Leeds airports, Vindon is ideally placed for the efficient transportation of equipment and samples to and from any global destination.

Vindon Scientific Limited John Boyd Dunlop Drive, Kingsway Business Park, Rochdale, OL16 4NG Tel: +44 (0)1706 716710 Fax: +44 (0)1706 716740 Email:

Vindon CO.UK

More than 2.0 million cubic litres of environmentally controlled storage space

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