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Canopy design

First: build up the prototype. To define the boundary by three assistant walls.

Design canopis for each of the assistant walls.

The shadow test in the ecotect shows the canopy works.

Screen design

Start with one floor design

May 1th Optimized style shading

May 1th Surrounding shade

Combine Two Styles

Save those short ones

Depending on the Daily Radiation data I got from ecotect, define the radius of holes, hence to control the value of sunshine penetrating into room. I defined a coefficient in the script to control the maximal and minimal value.

The bi-layer screen was given up, due to it is too complex to be controlled. And it will be improved in the following design Shadow pattern shows the single-layer screen works great, generally. Inner view is not bad, espically the view from west side. Sizes of the holes was defined exactly. Section picture shows the screen works in the Dec 21th

But the screen has its own problem. Although the screen works very well, the scale of the whole screen is still too big. But just for the assignment which is to design a screen to respond to the sun, I think it works.

Holiday House design

In order to reduce the wind load, I designed the house in minimized length of the cross section. And optimize the house from the simplest shape, test it as well to get helpful data.

Depending on the experiment of gillboard, the gill-board will rotate relaying on a vertical axis.

Bend the side facing the main wind direction, and give the connection a shape angle, to reduce the wind load.

Give the roof a fold to prevent the roof from being absorded up

To cover the shade from the veranda, i have to entend the roof.

In order to cover the shade from veranda, I have to extend the roof too much, so, I have to bend the roof down, and finally bend it down totally.

Process of Optimization

This part shows the general design direction.

Depending on the data collected from ecotect, the functions were deploied into the design.

Depending on the topstrucutre, the rough structure design was improved.

Ideal density for the roof


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