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Bangla Times Year 03  Issue 08

06 - 12 July 2012  22 - 28 Avlvp 1419 evsjv  16- 22 kvevb 1433 wnRix  56 c„ôv

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y 2012

anti-terror London operation

150,000 case s right to stay of migrants denied in UK are ‘m issing’

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Bangladesh ne ed for climate ad s global support aptation: PM

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06 - 12 Jul

Five men and of terrorism a woman suspected arrested in offences have been an intellige London as part of nceImmigrati involving MI5 led investigation on inspecto disclosed rs have One of the . for the existen the first time between 18 six, who are aged of more thace of a backlog by police. and 30, was Tasered n 150,000 Eight homes invo cases lving peo east and nort in west, ple who bee h Lond n have on refu business are and one to stay in sed permission It is und being searched. Brit erstood the whereabout ain but whose relate to a arrests poss the author s are unknown to Islamist extr ible plot involving ities. emists, with The chief insp UK targets. potential ector of immigrati The arrests on, which mea are he discove John Vine, said Olympics or not linked to the “strong possns a terrorist attack is red the exis a other of the UK Paralympics, ibilit men, aged added. Border Agetence police higher levels y”. There are two 18, 24 nati ncy’s Security sour an attack - “severe”, meaning were detained in New and 26, poo onal “migration is ces refusal ham Lond “hig l” during are describin hly likely”, , east on, during the arrests g “critical”, and invo the operati of a local his first inspection be removed, or in lving there is no as “significant”, but “expecte meaning an attack immigrati on setti clear per on team. is The 24-y armed officers. d The only formance ng out finding moment of suggestion at the Some - if imminently”. guidanc earto in targets not all - of thos any imminen Tasered duri old man who was given for dea e staff were the manage and report whi his inspection BBC home t on e att arre ling reduce ng ack, susp se case ch sho sted his with icion aff arrest in this 150 need hosp of the com Danny Shaw airs correspondent preparati ,000-strong cases manner.” s in an organised while absconder ws that ital treatme did not was on or instigati mission, said. s who group nt, police disappeared that the It is und says. on of acts of terroris off the UKBhad erst pool should total size of the In his inspection All six have rad ar involved in ood that police our corr m are British nationa A’s wer published not be allo been taken ls, station espondent the long-run wed to on Thursda report was clea e not ignored, “it to a police increase. add operation in s. The sout chie r tha ning y, the y inclu h-east f inspecto deci Vine said a high prio t they were not r says Thursday on ded to act on man and de a 21-year-old The London arrests London. his greatest rep rity orte staff d for the grounds are during his a con it safety. of public who were 30-year-old woman, to a “police-led incid not linked inspection cern to know whebeing impossible immigration team the local ”. detained at ent” which Hampshire has closed The 150,000 ther the 150 The UK terr addresses and Isle of the were still the M6 Toll separate ,000 cases in orism thre this at level is A 29-year- in Ealing, west London. near Birmingham motorway immigration team of Wight voluntar in Britain or had left previously unchanged was over ily. the “15 from “sub old undisclosed backlog are 0,00 stantial”, in an Ealin man was arrested directions, BBC corr in both Officials a separat at g street, whil espondents nationally tha 0-plus cases say. Agency adm the UK Border from those who e group e three t are sitti migration However, poli Britain itted that entered refusal poo ng in a 40% of illegally about tho l”. were looking ce told the BBC they He added: “I pool” had se in the “refusal overstayed their visaor who could not at the poss any clear that the are not fi nd ibilit faile eve strategy for y d asylum sees, or who formally incid n been dea serv passenger seen ent, involving a with these cases, eith ling documents ed with the The shadow home kers. secretary, on a coach, acting suspiciously determining er in tha Yvette Coo informing Prime the coul Minister t the per, the d pro m y had to leav be terroris of this gro portion said the related. Hasina on Sheikh me Britain inspector’s people who wing number of within 28 days. “damning conclusion” Bangladesh Thursday said The wer Source: BBC governmen found that the level of inte deserves high Website UK illegally and e still in the refu lack of action over peo t was sed per who should ple technologicarnational support, is underlin mission to stay very low priority giving a to ed by a assistance l and financial separate and removing people finding for its climate permission adaptation refused change to stay mitigation and implementing > > page in Britain. initiatives. 34 She said this Dutch Am when outgoing bas Hennekens sador Alphons New World met her at her office (PM Yong Kim Bank President Jim O). has said the Replying to The Dutch lender’s Envoy und a journali global dec the need ersc the Padma ision to cancel on Monday, the new st’s query for strength ored WB chief regional appropriate bridge loan was said, “I do think cooperation ening sustainable delta it [the WB . decision] was sharing of managemen financer of and integrated Kim experience mad t, appropr e the water reso the adverse s to face manage would dec the project, said it urces roundtable remark at a media “I’ve been following theiate.” ide in clos climate cha impacts of global manage ment, Was situati funding aft on the project’s ely, and Mr hing disaster Monday, nge. ment and er Zoellick and on his first day ton DC on senior After the the Japanese consultation with ada to the staff have ptation The WB on the job. climate cha meeting, PM info on nge. secretary The finan government. $1.2 billion June 29 cancelled fully about the dec rmed me Abul Kala ’s press The Press Secreta cred ision was briefed repo m Azad prime Monday saidce minister on minister also ry said the claiming to it for the project, tran quoted as saying ,” Kim rter s. Hennekens have proo in a WB mentioned corrupti immediate in parliament that script. various step f of told the past WB Minister Zoellick had Prime governmen s taken by her Banglad on conspiracy invo a “The Bank has president that his lving in eshi officials t to ensure will continue country basic fighting corr a sterling record cognisance never taken into people’ , exec of a any of Ban to Banglad its cooperation shelter rights, including foods indi Canadian firm and utives was the first uption. The Bank prop gladesh’s osals to priv to rais ate of corr sectors, incl esh in different During health and education. , camviduals. The canc over the Pad end the stalemate uption in the e the issue ellati udin e the on ma on g the meeting, bridge proj Bangladesh and Delta Plan “Probably Hasina immediate last working day of has a no-toleranc 1990s and abo ect. Hen -201 in e an ut past WB poli corr programme. 2 and training various nekens also discusse att the well-be cy for settle the emp uption. The president d Robert Zoellick issue in hast t to ing of the bilateral the governm discussions with poorest people Hasina said . his term e during includin issues, In an inst in Banglad ent of Ban but wha ant reac star esh, presiden , the outgoing WB between thea MoU was signed trade g the expansion glad and t of decision, Finance tion to the WB tow ted in September. esh Bank’s t I must stress is Bangladesh two countries on Ambas business. the this imp Robert Zoellick took position is ard the very Even Minister AM Muhith said that rude sad Delt end or we nt tole A a , there wer decision whi do not has rate corrupti Plan-2012 Ziau extensions at-Large as a new he thought e stat ddin shattered ch on.” give for a stra vision document was pres g was, among oth M was ement cancelling the the would be wha n so that there Following the Bangladesh’ image,” Muh tegic part WB’s ers, s not of the t loan of ent on the nership in bank’s but as an app we would think Asian Developmen decision, The ministe ith told the House. outgoing Source: thed occasion. ropr of t Bank, a new manager urged the bank’s and that president Zoellick its and not seeing iate response; co-financer of the one, we canc $2.9 billion ’s, the brid it was unaccep decision, andment to review the elled project, said that it ge project. table. was to said finance the unable reop “Now, we’ en our dial , “We hope to project. re very con Japa ogu n Inte e cerned new with rnati Agency (Jica onal Cooperation this WB leadership sho the rtly on issue.” ), another coSource:thed

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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 03

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Rvbve| cª‡qvR‡b AvB‡bi Avkªq †be|Õ G ai‡bi cªwZ‡e`b cªKv‡k †`‡ki wKQy gvbevwaKvi msMVb mnvqZv K‡i‡Q e‡j wZwb Awf‡hvM K‡ib| Zvi fvl¨, Ô‡`‡ki fveg~wZ© ÿyYœ Ki‡Z Ges Acivax I Rw½ev` DrmvwnZ Ki‡Z †`‡ki wKQy gvbevwaKvi msMV‡bi mnvqZvq wnDg¨vb ivBUm IqvP G ai‡bi D‡Ïk¨g~jK cªwZ‡e`b cªKvk K‡i‡Q|Õ ‡mvnv‡qj e‡jb, Ôi¨ve‡K KyL¨vZ e‡j wnDg¨vb ivBUm IqvP wb‡R‡KB KyL¨vZ wn‡m‡e cªgvY K‡i‡Q|Õ i¨v‡ei mvd‡j¨ we‡kl gn‡ji Cl©vi Kvi‡Y GB cªwZ‡e`b cªKvk n‡Z cv‡i e‡j wZwb gšÍe¨ K‡ib †mvnv‡qj|

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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 04

gvj‡qwkqvq Av¸‡b `g eÜ n‡q cvuP evsjv‡`wki g„Zy¨

XvKv, 04 RyjvB : gvj‡qwkqvq Av¸‡b `g eÜ n‡q cvuP evsjv‡`wki g…Zy¨ n‡q‡Q| †mvgevi ga¨iv‡Z gvj‡qwkqvi †mjvbMi iv‡R¨i Zvgvb cyPs cvi`vbv GjvKvq G NUbv N‡U| ˆe`y¨wZK kU©mvwK©U †_‡K GB Av¸‡bi m~ÎcvZ nq| wbnZ e¨w³iv n‡jb: †Mvjvg mv‡ivqvi Ii‡d evey, Gg †ivgvb, Ave`yjøvn Avj dinv`, †gvnv¤§` ekxi I Zvui fvB †gvnv¤§` dviæK| Zvu‡`i mevi eqm 24 †_‡K 40 eQi| `yN©Ubvq wejøvj †nv‡mb I †gvnv¤§` iæ‡ej bv‡gi AviI `yB evsjv‡`wk AvnZ nb| nZvnZ e¨w³‡`i mevi evwo eªvþYevwoqv †Rjvq| G NUbvq AvnZ †gvnv¤§` iæ‡ej Rvbvb, †`vZjv GKwU evwo‡Z Zvuiv mvZRb _v‡Kb| evwoi †`vZjvq `ywU K‡ÿ cvuPRb Ges wbPZjvq wZwb I wejøvj evm K‡ib| Ab¨ w`‡bi g‡ZvB KvR †kl K‡i ‡mvgevi iv‡Z Zvuiv Nygv‡Z hvb| ivZ wZbUvi w`‡K wPrKvi ï‡b Zvui Nyg †f‡O hvq| †`‡Lb, Pvicv‡k ïay Av¸b Avi †avuqv| Avkcv‡ki †jvKRb `iRv †f‡O Zvu‡K I wejøvj‡K †ei K‡ib| Kxfv‡e Av¸b †j‡M‡Q Rvb‡Z PvB‡j iæ‡ej Rvbvb, dvqvi mvwf©‡mi †jvKRb e‡j‡Qb, ˆe`y¨wZK kU©mvwK©U †_‡K Av¸b jv‡M| evwowU wQj Kv‡Vi ˆZwi| Av¸‡b KvV †f‡O †f‡O c‡o| mevB gviv hvb `g eÜ n‡q| iæ‡ej Rvbvb, Zvu‡`i mevi

evwo eªvþYevwoqvi bexbM‡i| 2007 mv‡j Zvuiv Kwjs wfmvq gvj‡qwkqvq Av‡mb| Gici Zvuiv A‰ea n‡q c‡ob| Gici ˆea nIqvi Rb¨ KvMRcÎ Rgv w`‡q‡Qb| gvj‡qwkqvi Bs‡iwR ˆ`wbK ÷vi AbjvB‡b cÖKvwkZ Le‡i ejv nq, Zvgvb cyPs cvi`vbv GjvKvi †`vZjv GKwU fe‡b ivZ wZbUvi w`‡K IB Av¸b jv‡M| cÖKvwkZ msev‡` †mjvbMi dvqvi mvwf©‡mi cÖavb †gvnv¤§` mvwb nviD‡ji D×… wZ w`‡q ejv nq, ˆe`y¨wZK kU©mvwK©U †_‡K IB Av¸b †j‡M‡Q e‡j aviYv Kiv n‡”Q| gvj‡qwkqvq evsjv‡`k nvBKwgk‡bi kªg KvDwÝji g›Uy Kygvi wek¦vm Av¸‡b cvuP evsjv‡`wki g…Zy¨i welqwU wbwðZ K‡i‡Qb| wZwb Rvbvb, `yN©Ubvi Lei †c‡q `~Zvev‡mi GKwU cÖwZwbwa`j †mLv‡b cvVv‡bv nq| wbnZ e¨w³‡`i jvk eZ©gv‡b nvmcvZv‡j ivLv Av‡Q| cÖm½Z, MZ 27 †g evnivB‡b GKBfv‡e Av¸‡b cy‡o 10 evsjv‡`wk gviv †M‡Qb|

Avgv‡`i cwievi `ybx©wZ †bB, Avgiv Kwgkb LvB bv -†kL nvwmbv

Avgv‡`i cwiev‡ii Kv‡iv bv‡g †Kv‡bv `ybx©wZi Awf‡hvM _vK‡j Avgvi †gvevBj b¤^i 01711520000 †dvb Kiæb, Avwg m‡½ m‡½ e¨e¯’v †b‡ev XvKv, 05 RyjvB : cÖavbgš¿x I msm` †bZv †kL nvwmbv e‡j‡Qb, Avgv‡`i cwiev‡ii bvg fvwO‡q †KD hw` wKQy Ki‡Z Pvq Zvn‡j Avgv‡K Rvbvb| Avwg m‡½ m‡½ e¨e¯’v †be| Avgvi cwievi ej‡Z Avwg, Avgvi †QvU †evb Ges cuvP †Q‡j‡g‡q| Gi evB‡i Avgv‡`i †Kvb cwievi †bB| Avgv‡`i cwievi †Kvb ai‡bi `ybx©wZi m‡½ m¤ú„³ bq| Avgiv Kwgkb LvB bv| cÙv †mZz wb‡q wek¦e¨vs‡Ki Awbqg I `ybx©wZi Awf‡hvM cÖZ¨vL¨vb K‡i cÖavbgš¿x †kL nvwmbv AviI e‡jb, †h †mZz‡Z wek¦e¨vsK GK cqmvI Qvo †`qwb, †mLv‡b `ybx©wZi Awf‡hvM wfwËnxb| Zv‡`i `ybx©wZ †K †`L‡e| cÙv †mZz wbg©v‡Yi †NvlYv w`‡q wZwb AviI e‡jb, wek¦e¨vsK A_©vqb bv Ki‡jI cÙv †mZz wbg©v‡Yi Rb¨ †`‡ki 16 †KvwU gvbyl i‡q‡Q|

Zv‡`i wb‡q Avgiv GB †mZz wbg©vY Ki‡evB| wek¦e¨vs‡Ki `ybx©wZi †bc‡_¨ Kviv i‡q‡Q †mUvI Avgiv Luy‡R †ei Kie| eyaevi RvZxq msm‡` †gvnv¤§` dRjyj AvwR‡gi GK m¤ú~iK cÖ‡kœi Rev‡e msm` †bZv †kL nvwmbv Gme K_v e‡jb| G mgq †kL nvwmbv Zvi cwiev‡ii bvg fvwO‡q †KD hv‡Z †Kvb myweav †bqvi †Póv K‡i mdj bv nq, †m Rb¨ Zvi B-†gBj Ges †gvevBj bv¤^viI †`kevmx‡K Rvwb‡q

Lv‡j`v wRqvi wb‡`©kbvq ÔbvRvZÕ †P‡q LZ‡g †KviAvb

XvKv, 05 RyjvB : gnvb AvjøvnZvÕqvjvi Kv‡Q Ryjyg n‡Z ÔbvRvZÕ †P‡q Uvbv GK gvm weGbwc †Pqvicvm©b †eMg Lv‡j`v wRqvi wb‡`©kbvq mviv‡`‡k LZ‡g †KviAvb I we‡kl †gvbvRvZ n‡q‡Q| ¸jkv‡b †eMg wRqvi `dZi †_‡K ïiæ K‡i wewfbœ GwZgLvbv,gv`ªvmv Ges gmwR‡` cªwZw`b ev` AvQi LZ‡g †KviAv‡bi ci †ivbvRvwi K‡i †gvbvRv‡Z GB miKv‡ii Kej †_‡K ÔbvRvZÕ Kvgbv Kiv n‡q‡Q| Avjøvni gnvb `iev‡i GB miKv‡ii

ÔwebvkÕ PvIqv n‡q‡Q| eyaevi GK gvm c~Y© Kivi w`‡b ev` AvQi †_‡K gvMwie- ¸jkv‡bi `dZ‡i LZ‡gi ci we‡kl †gvbvRv‡Z Ask †bb †eMg Lv‡j`v wRqvmn `‡ji wewfbœ ¯Í‡ii †bZviv| †eMg Lv‡j`v wRqv MZ gv‡m cweÎ Igivn cvj‡b †mŠw` Avi‡e Mg‡bi c~‡e© 4 Ryb †_‡K miKv‡ii Ryjyg wbcxob Ges evjv-gywmeZ †_‡K cwiÎvY Kvgbv K‡i mviv‡`‡k cªwZw`b cweÎ †KviAvb LZ‡gi wb‡`©kbv †`b|

†`b Ges B-†gB‡j I †gvevB‡j GmGgG‡mi gva¨‡g Rvbv‡bvi Aby‡iva K‡ib| †`kevmx, me miKvwi Kg©KZ©v-Kg©Pvixi D‡Ï‡k †kL nvwmbv e‡jb, Avgvi cwievi ej‡Z wK †evSvq Zv Rvb‡Z n‡e| Ab¨ †KD hw` Avgvi cwiev‡ii cwiPq †`q Zvn‡j m‡½ m‡½ Zviv Zv †hb Avgv‡K Rvbvb| KviY Avgiv †Kvb ai‡bi `ybx©wZi m‡½ m¤ú„³ bB| Avgiv Kwgkb LvB bv| Avgiv †`kevmxi Rb¨ KvR Kwi| `ybx©wZ Kwi bv| Avgvi B-†gBj b¤^i n‡”Q Avi †gvevBj b¤^i 01711520000 Ges 01819260371| †gvnv¤§` dRjyj AvwR‡gi GK m¤ú~iK cÖ‡kœi Rev‡e wZwb e‡jb, Avgiv miKvi MVb K‡i †`Ljvg, weGbwci Avg‡j `ybx©wZi Kvi‡Y wek¦e¨vsK we`y¨r, R¡vjvwb I †hvMv‡hvM Lv‡Z me A_©vqb eÜ †i‡L‡Q| d‡j evsjv‡`‡ki A‡bK DbœqbKvRI

nqwb| Gi g‡a¨ XvKv-gqgbwmsn moK Pvi †jb Kivi KvRI eÜ i‡q‡Q| Avgiv ÿgZvq wM‡q wb‡R‡`i A_©vq‡b XvKv-gqgbwmsn Pvi †jb Kivi KvR ïiæ K‡iwQ| cÙv †mZz wbg©v‡Yi BwZnvm Zz‡j a‡i wZwb e‡jb, Õ96 mv‡j miKv‡i G‡m Avwg Rvcvb md‡i wM‡q cÙv I iƒcmv †mZz wbg©v‡Y mn‡hvwMZvi Avk¦vm wb‡q Avwm| wKš‘ 2001 mv‡j weGbwc ÿgZvq wM‡q cÙv †mZzi KvR eÜ K‡i †`q| Zviv 5 eQi ÿgZvq wQj| Zv‡`i `ybx©wZi Kvi‡Y cÙv †mZz wbg©v‡Yi KvR m¤¢e nj bv| Gevi Avgiv ÿgZvq G‡m Avevi cÙv †mZz wbg©v‡Yi D‡`¨vM wbjvg| wek¦e¨vsK cÙv †mZz cÖK‡í A_©vqb Kivi m¤§wZ w`j| nVvr K‡i wek¦e¨vsK ejj cÙv †mZz‡Z `ybx©wZ n‡”Q| †hLv‡b Zviv GKwU cvB cqmvI Qvo †`qwb, †mLv‡b `ybx©wZ wKfv‡e nj? Avgiv †`o nvRvi †KvwU UvKv LiP K‡i f‚wg AwaMÖnY K‡iwQ| wek¦e¨vsK evievi cÖwZwbwa cvwV‡q †`‡L‡Q †mLv‡b †Kvb `ybx©wZ nqwb| i †kL nvwmbv e‡jb, wek¦e¨vsK GKUv cqmvI Qvo †`qwb| wek¦e¨vs‡Ki civg‡k© civgk©K wb‡qvM †`qv n‡q‡Q| Zvi ciI Zviv `ybx©wZi K_v wb‡q G‡jv| Gi †cQ‡b †K Av‡Q Zv LwZ‡q †`Lv DwPZ|

Whitechapel College USA

�Well Known colleges & universities �No English Language qualifications necessary (IELTS, TOEFL etc) �1 year flexible programmes �Optional practical training available after course completion (up to 18 months) whereby students can work full-time �H1 Work permits (2 years) readily available upon successfully finding employment �The opportunity to apply for Green Card later


�One and two years Top-up degrees available �Candidates must have a Level 5 or Level 7 Edexcel qualification �Opportunity to apply for three(3) years work permit under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Scheme of Canada


� Opportunity to study at reputed European institutions from 25 different countries � Available to INTERNATIONAL students living in the UK � No English language qualifications necessary � Low cost of study and living � Students can work up-to twenty (20) hours per week � Opportunity to apply for work and/or business visa upon successful completion of the course � Students can apply for permanent residence after 5 years of continual residence

‡mB 2005 mvj †_‡K GLb ch©šÍ Av‡Mi g‡ZvB Avcbv‡`i †mev w`‡q hv‡”Q|Õ MZ eQi †_‡K Av‡iv eo cwim‡i ÷ªvU‡dvW© K¨v¤úvm †_‡K

ESOL with Citizenship †Kvm© Kwi‡q _vwK|

cixÿvi gvÎ 10 w`‡bi g‡a¨ mvwU©wd‡KU cvevi wbðqZv

GQvovI A1, B1, B2, C1 English Test Gi Approved Centre

Admissions going on in many reputed Colleges & Universities of the USA, Canada and EU countries!!!

079 6143 4456

Contact: Whitechapel College 67 Maryland Square, Stratford London E15 1HF Tel: 0208 555 3355

Email: Web:


†` †k i m s ev `

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 05

†Kgb Av‡Qb Avwgbx

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Avgiv AvBbMZ welq¸wj LyeB mn‡R mgvavb Kivi †Póv Kwi... Avgiv GUv eywS †h AvbBMZ e¨vcvi Rxe‡bi cÖwZwU †ÿ‡Î ¸iæZ¡c~Y©| Avi GB R‡b¨B eø¨vKI‡qj mwjwmUi Avcbv‡K me‡P‡q DbœZgv‡bi mvwf©m cÖ`v‡b Ges wjM¨vj mgm¨v mgvav‡b †Póvi †Kv‡bv ÎæwU iv‡L bv| Avgv‡`i m¤§vwbZ I LyeB AwfÁ AvBbRxexMY Avcbvi e¨w³MZ wKsev e¨emv msµvšÍ †h †Kv‡bv wel‡q mnR mgvav‡b me mgq Avcbvi cv‡k Av‡Qb| 0208 5224400 GB bv¤^v‡i Kj Kiæb Ges wd« wjM¨vj GWfvB‡Ri Rb¨ Gc‡q›U‡g›U eywKs w`b| A_ev Avgv‡`i ÷ªvU©‡dvW© Awd‡mi mivmwi †hvMv‡hvM Ki‡Z cv‡ib A: Blakewells, 65 Broadway, Stratford, London E15 4BQ T: 0208 5224400 I E: W: SH40C

cv‡m©vbvj jÕ

■ wmwfj ■ d¨vwgwj GÛ wW‡fvm© ■ Bwg‡MÖkb ■ cv‡m©vbvj BbRywi ■ AvevwmK gvwjKvbv cwieZ©b ■ AvevwmK gvwjKvbv / fvovwUqv ■ DBjm&

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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 06

cÖavbgš¿x Rvbv‡jb eb¨v Avkxe©v` KyL¨vZ WvKvZ knx` e›`yKhy‡× wbnZ

XvKv, 04 RyjvB : cÖavbgš¿x †kL nvwmbv Rvwb‡q‡Qb, eb¨v Avkxe©v`| wZwb e‡j‡Qb, eb¨v cwjgvwU e‡q Av‡b, hv dm‡ji Rb¨ cÖ‡qvRb| G Qvov †ev‡iv Pv‡l †mP cÖ‡qvRb| †m‡Pi Rb¨ wWc wUDeI‡qj e¨envi

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gwš¿mfv Ôg~j¨ ms‡hvRb Ki AvBb, 2012Õ Ges ÔcwimsL¨vb AvBb-2012Õ Gi Lmovi P~ovšÍ Aby‡gv`b w`‡q‡Q| G Qvov evsjv‡`k I wdwjcvB‡bi g‡a¨ wfmv Ae¨vnwZ Pyw³ ¯^v‡ii cÖ¯Íve I RvZxq b`xiv Kwgkb AvB‡bi

Lmov cÖ¯Íve Aby‡gv`b K‡i‡Q gwš¿mfv| gwš¿cwil` wefv‡M AbywôZ G ˆeV‡K cÖavbgš¿x †kL nvwmbv mfvcwZZ¡ K‡ib| ‰eVK †k‡l gwš¿cwil` mwPe †gvkviivd †nvmvBb f~uBqv mvsevw`K‡`i Rvbvb, g~j¨ ms‡hvRb Ki AvBb 2012 Ges cwimsL¨vb AvBb 2012-Gi Lmovq gwš¿mfv P~ovšÍ Aby‡gv`b w`‡q‡Q| G `yÕwU cÖ¯Íve hvPvB-evQvB †k‡l Aby‡gv`‡bi Rb¨ RvZxq msm‡` †Zvjv n‡e| wZwb Rvbvb, g~j¨ ms‡hvRb Ki AvBb cÖYq‡b

wek¦e¨vsK I AvBGgG‡di Pvc i‡q‡Q| AvBGgG‡di KvQ †_‡K †bqv 100 wgwjqb Wjv‡ii ÔG·‡U‡ÛU †µwWU †dwmwjwURÕ F‡Yi Pyw³ Abyhvqx G AvBb cÖYqb Ki‡Z n‡”Q| wZwb Rvbvb, 20 eQi Av‡M cÖYxZ eZ©gvb f¨vU

AvBbwU mgwš^Z I nvjbvMv` wQj bv| 2011 mv‡ji g‡a¨ AvBbwU Aby‡gv`‡bi Rb¨ RvZxq msm‡` Dc¯’vc‡bi wm×všÍ _vK‡jI Zv nqwb| AvMvgx 3 eQ‡ii g‡a¨ bZyb G AvBb ch©vqµ‡g ev¯Íevqb Kiv n‡e| mwPe Rvbvb, we`¨gvb AvB‡bi AvIZvq Av‡M †dŠR`vwi gvgjv Ki‡Z ivR¯^ †ev‡W©i Aby‡gv`‡bi cÖ‡qvRb n‡Zv| bZyb AvB‡b Kwgk‡bi Aby‡gv`‡bB gvgjv Kiv hv‡e| bZyb AvB‡b miKvwi Kg©KZ©v I e¨emvqx‡`i Kg©Kv‡Ð ¯^”QZv Avm‡e|

XvKv, 04 RyjvB : K‡qKevi dvuwmi `Ðv‡`kcÖvß cyivb XvKvi KyL¨vZ mš¿vmx WvKvZ knx` GK mn‡hvMxmn wbnZ n‡q‡Q| g½jevi ivZ †cŠ‡b 12Uvi w`‡K m`iNvUmsjMœ j²xevRvi GjvKvq e›`yKhy‡× Zvi g…Zy¨ nq e‡j Rvwb‡q‡Q i¨ve| NUbv¯’j †_‡K i¨ve K‡qKwU A¯¿ D×vi K‡i‡Q| i¨v‡ei wgwWqv DBs‡qi cwiPvjK KgvÛvi Gg †mvnv‡qj Rvbvb, iv‡Z †Mvcb msev‡`i wfwˇZ j²xevRvi GjvKvq mš¿vmx‡`i Ae¯’vb Rvb‡Z †c‡i Awfhvb Pvjvq i¨v‡ei PviwU wUg| G mgq nVvr mš¿vmx‡`i gy‡LvgywL nq i¨ve| i¨v‡ei Dcw¯’wZ †Ui †c‡q mš¿vmxiv ¸wj †Qv‡o| G mgq i¨veI cvëv ¸wj Pvjvq| cÖvq 15 wgwbU †Mvjv¸wji ci NUbv¯’j †_‡K WvKvZ knx`mn Zvi mn‡hvMxi jvk D×vi Kiv nq| wZwb Av‡iv Rvbvb, i¨ve Rvb‡Z cv‡i- wZb w`b Av‡M WvKvZ knx` Zvi mn‡hvMx‡`i wb‡q fviZ †_‡K evsjv‡`‡k Av‡m| Gi ci †_‡K i¨v‡ei GKvwaK wUg WvKvZ knx` I Zvi mn‡hvMx‡`i aivi †Póv KiwQj| cyivb XvKvi evwm›`viv Rvbvq, cÖvq `yB `kK a‡i WvKvZ knx` cyivb XvKv I †KivbxMÄmn ivRavbxi wewfbœ GjvKvq mš¿vmx Kg©KvÐ Pvwj‡q‡Q| Zvi evwnbx‡K Pvu`v w`‡Z A¯^xKvi Ki‡j wbwðZ ¸wji gy‡LvgywL n‡Z n‡Zv mevB‡K| †ckv`vi WvKvZ

I Lywb wn‡m‡e WvKvZ knx‡`i bvg Qwo‡q co‡j †m AvZ¥‡Mvc‡b P‡j hvq| MZ 10 eQ‡i IqvW© Kwgkbvi webq K…òmn cÖvq †`o WRb Av‡jvwPZ nZ¨v gvgjvi Avmvwg wQj WvKvZ knx`| Gi g‡a¨ K‡qKwU gvgjvq BwZg‡a¨ Zvi dvuwmi ivq n‡q‡Q| cjvZK Ae¯’vq cyivb XvKv I ivRavbxi wewfbœ GjvKvq Zvi mš¿vmx evwnbx w`‡q ZvÐe PvjvZ| G-msµvšÍ kZvwaK wRwWI i‡q‡Q| †Mv‡q›`v m~Î Rvbvq, cyi¯‹vi †NvwlZ kxl© mš¿vmx Kvjv Rvnv½x‡ii c…ô‡cvlK wn‡m‡e WvKvZ knx` cwiwPZ wQj| Zvi evwnbx‡Z Aa©kZvwaK †ckv`vi wKjvi i‡q‡Q| †mB m‡½ fvix A¯¿mn kZvwaK

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University/Public College Admission Any Problem To Get Admission ?

£2000-£2500 for University CAS, visa with work right for 3 and half years (Without IELTS/B2) £1500-£2000 for CAS of Highly trusted & public funded colleges MBA with guaranteed work placement to multinational organisations (16 months)



Assistance for Experience Solicitor Service

IELTS/PTE/TOEFL ACCA £2750 for 2 Years

SFS Consultancy

T/A solutions for success consultancy Ltd. Company house reg no -7850545

2 weeks class £149, 4 weeks Class £249 with free CD & BOOKS

Special offer

Successful applicant will get 500 min/month international talktime for 12 months.

07912891016 II 07875171931 II 0207 474 7564 Whitechapel Office: 8-10 Greatorex St. ( Ground Floor) London E1 5NF ( Behind Islamic Bank of Britain) Branch Office: 408A Barking Road, Plaistow, London, E13 8HJ SH/CO

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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 07

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A Centre for UKBA Approved English Tests

Why choose us ? We offer : ♦ A1, B1, B2 & C1 English Tests ♦ ESOL for Spouse/Partner/ILR/Work Permit ♦ ESOL for Life in the UK/Naturalization /British Passport/Citizenship ♦ General English Course ♦ Business English Course ♦ Health and Social Care Course ♦ Child Care Course

♦ Affordable fees ♦ Exam every week ♦ Result within short time

Tel : 0207 0017676

Northern and Shell Tower, 4 Selsdon Way, Crossharbour, London E14 9GL Tel : 0207 0017676 II Email: II SH/40-52

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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 08

cÙv ‡mZz : `wÐZ evsjv‡`k Avgiv e¨wZµg

Bangla Times n Year 03 Issue 08 Friday, 06 - 12 July 2012 Chairman and Editor in Chief A. T. U. Taj Rahman Acting Editor M Enam Uddin Managing Director Ahmed Nashir Adviser M A Hoque (Accountant) Executive Editor Saiyem Chowdhury Special Correspondent Muhammad Abdul Hye Ibne Safi Desk Reporter Md. Imran Ahmed Community Reporter Abdul Kader Murad Sports Correspondent Syed Mahfuz Ahmed


Greater Manchester, Mary Street dukin field: Mizanur Rahman (Mizan), Oldham, Milne Street: Abidul Islam Arzu Birmingham: Syed Nasir Ahmed Luton, Biscot House: Shipon Rahman Newcastle: M A Zaman Arif Sunderland: Syed Musaddique Ahmed Surrey, Molesley Road: Mahbubul Hoque Surrey, Worplesdon Road, Gilgford: Mashuk Miah Ipswich, Colchester Road: Shetu Chowdhury US Correspodant: John Uddin Dhaka Correspondant: Monjur Ahmed Dhaka Office: House: 54 (4th Fl), Block: F, Road: 11, Banani, Dhaka Bangladesh,Tel: +8802 9891826, 9891837

Publish: Weekly Bangla Times

117 New Road (1st Floor), London E1 1HJ United Kingdom, Telephone : 0207 377 6553 Fax : 0207 377 0471 E-mail :

MvBevÜvi †Mvwe›`M‡Ä Avgv‡`i M«v‡gi evwo| Av‡M IB GjvKvq KvwZ©K gv‡m AvKvj coZ, IB M«v‡gi eû †jvK Abvnv‡i-Aa©vnv‡i _vKZ| GLb KvwZ©‡Ki †mB g½v Avi Avgv‡`i M«v‡g †bB| Gi GKUv KviY n‡jv, Avgv‡`i M«v‡g GLb Kjvi Pvl nq| KvwZ©K gv‡m Kjv I‡V, †mUv †e‡P GjvKvevmx Abœ †RvMvo Ki‡Z cv‡i| Av‡M †Kb Zvn‡j Kjvi Pvl n‡Zv bv? GLb †Kb nq? KviY, hgybv †mZy| Avgv‡`i M«v‡g L‡oi Ni¸‡jv wU‡bi Ni n‡q †M‡Q| GKUv †mZy GKUv Rbc‡`i †Pnviv cv‡ë w`‡Z cv‡i, GUv Avgiv †Pv‡Li mvg‡b NU‡Z †`Ljvg| cÙv †mZy †h Avgv‡`i LyeB `iKvi, GUv mevB Rv‡b| 2010 mv‡jI Gkxq Dbœqb e¨vsK e‡j‡Q, cÙv †mZy evsjv‡`‡ki wRwWwc 1 `kwgK 2 fvM evwo‡q †`‡e| `wÿY-cwðgv‡ji Rb¨ cÙv †mZy wRwWwc evov‡e 3

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evsjv‡`‡ki ¯^‡cœi cÙv †mZz wb‡q MZ 14 gvm a‡i F‡Yi gy‡jv Sywj‡q ‡i‡LwQj wek¦e¨vsK| AvPgKv ‡m Pyw³ evwZj K‡i Zviv miKvi bq, cy‡iv ‡`k‡KB Kvh©Z `wÐZ K‡i‡Q| wek¦e¨vs‡Ki GB m‡i hvIqvi Kvi‡Y cÙv ‡mZy c«K‡í Gkxq Dbœqb e¨vsK, RvBKv Ges Bmjvgx AvšÍR©vwZK e¨vs‡Ki FYPyw³I AwbwðZ n‡q coj| Avi Gi d‡j evsjv‡`‡ki `w¶Y-cwðgv‡ji mv‡o wZb ‡KvwU gvby‡li wbZ¨ weo¤^bv‡K `xN©vwqZ Kiv n‡jv| ‡mZy c«K‡íi `yb©xwZ Z`‡šÍ miKv‡ii AvšÍwiKZv bv _vKvi Awf‡hvM Zy‡j AvšÍR©vwZK `vZvms¯’v wek¦e¨vsK ‡`‡ki BwZnv‡mi e…nËg c«Kí ‡_‡K wb‡R‡K c«Z¨vnvi K‡i ‡bq| wek¦e¨vs‡Ki Gfv‡e m‡i hvIqvq †`‡ki wewfbœ gnj bvbv cÖwZwµqv e¨³ K‡i‡Q| weÁR‡biv Zv‡`i cÖwZwµqvq e‡j‡Qb, cÙv †mZz cÖKí †_‡K wek¦e¨vs‡Ki P‡j hvIqvi NUbvq evsjv‡`‡ki fveg~wZ© gvivZ¥Kfv‡e ¤øvb n‡q‡Q| G‡Z wek¦ `iev‡i evsjv‡`k A‡bK Lv‡Uv n‡q †M‡Q| G NUbvq evsjv‡`‡ki mvwe©K Dbœqb evavMÖ¯Í n‡q co‡e| AvšÍR©vwZK cwigЇj fveg~wZ© ÿyYœ nIqv QvovI G‡`‡ki Dbœqb cÖKí¸‡jvi Ici fwel¨‡Z Gi wekvj cÖfve co‡e e‡jB a‡i †bqv hvq| GLb miKv‡ii DwPZ n‡e Zvi Ae¯’vb e¨vL¨v ïay bq, mycÖwZwôZ Kiv| cÙv †mZz cÖKí wb‡q we‡kl e¨w³ ev gnj `ybx©wZ Kivi †Póv K‡i _vK‡j Zv evsjv‡`k miKv‡ii gva¨‡gB D`NvUb nIqv DwPZ| ïay ZvB bq, mwZ¨ mwZ¨ `ybx©wZ n‡q _vK‡j †`vlx e¨w³ ev cÖwZôv‡bi cÖwZ e¨e¯’v †bqvUvI Riæwi|

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ivwR Kiv‡bv, evwZj‡K evwZj K‡i cÖKí Avevi mPj Kiv| `yB. weKí Drm †_‡K UvKv †RvMvo Kiv| Avgiv Rvwb, weKí Drm Avm‡j †bB, †`‡k GZ ˆe‡`wkK gy`ªvi mÂq †bB, Avi wek¦e¨vs‡Ki g‡Zv bvggvÎ my‡` I eû eQ‡ii †gqv‡` Avi †Kv‡bv Drm †_‡K Znwej †RvMvo Kiv hv‡e bv| cÖkœ n‡jv, evsjv‡`k †h ej‡Q, †Kv‡bv iK‡gi `yb©xwZ nqwb ev `yb©xwZi †Kv‡bv mvÿx †bB, G K_vUv wK †`‡ki gvbyl wek¦vm K‡i? Avgvi wb‡Ri aviYv, `yb©xwZ‡Z †ek K‡qKevi P¨vw¤úq‡bi KÈKgyKyU‡kvfv hvi gv_vq, ÔAvgiv †Kv‡bv iK‡gi `yb©xwZ Kwi bvB, Ki‡Z PvBI bvBÕ Zvi G iKg `vwe mZ¨ n‡jI †KD wek¦vm Ki‡e bv| Ny‡iwd‡i wKš‘ mv‡eK †hvMv‡hvMgš¿x

16 †KvwU gvby‡li Kx †`vl ? Avwbmyj nK Aveyj †nv‡m‡bi K_vB Av‡m| wek¦e¨vsK bvwK Zvui cvm‡cvU© Avi e¨vsK wnmve Rã Ki‡Z e‡jwQj| Iw`‡K †LvjvLywj bv n‡jI Ny‡iwd‡i Bwb‡q-wewb‡q, msev` m‡¤§j‡b mvsevw`‡Ki DÌvwcZ cÖ‡kœi g‡a¨ K_vUv G‡m hv‡”Q, W. gynv¤§` BDb~m‡K †nb¯’v bv Kivi †h Aby‡iva Av‡gwiKvi cÿ †_‡K Kiv n‡qwQj evsjv‡`k miKv‡ii Kv‡Q, Zv‡Z KY©cvZ bv Kivi †Kv‡bv cÖfve cÙv †mZy cÖK‡íi wel‡q wek¦e¨vs‡Ki c`‡ÿ‡ci m‡½ hy³ wK bv! A_©gš¿x e‡j‡Qb, Zvui Rvbv †bB| GB Ae¯’vq evsjv‡`k miKvi, evsjv‡`‡ki †bZ…Z¡ wel‡q Avgvi e³e¨ `y‡Uv| GK. Avgiv wK Lye GK¸u‡qwg w`‡q PvwjZ nw”Q? moK `yN©Ubvq Zv‡iK gvmy` I wgïK gybx‡ii g…Zy¨i mgq GKUv †Rvi AvIqvR D‡VwQj †hvMv‡hvMgš¿xi c`Z¨v‡Mi| IB mgq, C‡`i cÖv°v‡j †`Lv †Mj, Avgv‡`i gnvmoK¸‡jv LvbvL›`gq| XvKv-gqgbwmsn iæ‡U evmgvwj‡Kiv evm PjvPj eÜ K‡i w`‡Z eva¨ n‡jb| †mUvB wQj ˆmq` Aveyj †nv‡m‡bi c`Z¨v‡Mi Av`k© mgq| †Uªb `yN©Ubv NU‡j fvi‡Zi †ijgš¿x c`Z¨vM K‡ib, wbðqB wZwb wb‡Ri †ijMvwo Pvjvw”Q‡jb bv, wmMb¨vjI wZwb IVvb-bvgvb bv, Zey wZwb c`Z¨vM K‡ib, GUv †evSv‡Z †h miKvi †R‡M Av‡Q, Zv‡`i we‡eK wµqvkxj Av‡Q| Avgv‡`i †`‡k g‡b nq, MÛv‡ii Pvgov Avgv‡`i, e‡Kv Avi S‡Kv, Kv‡b w`‡qwQ Zy‡jv, gv‡iv Avi

Pvq bv? GB inm¨ AvRI Aby˜NvwUZB i‡q †Mj, †Kb GKRb gvÎ gvbyl‡K gš¿x K‡i ivLvUv GZ Riæwi n‡q coj| myiwÄZ †mb¸ß hw` Z`‡šÍi ¯^v‡_©i K_v e‡j c`Z¨vM Ki‡Z cv‡ib, Zvn‡j Aveyj †nv‡mb Ô‡h‡nZy weZK© D‡V‡Q, ZvB Z`‡šÍi ¯^v‡_© Avwg gwš¿mfv †_‡K c`Z¨vM KiwQÕ e‡j †Kb m‡i `vuov‡jb bv| Zvici Z`‡šÍ hw` cÖgvwYZ n‡Zv, wZwb A‡nZyK Awf‡hv‡M Awfhy³ n‡qwQ‡jb, Avgiv wM‡q Zvu‡K dy‡ji gvjv w`‡q Avm‡Z cviZvg| A‡bK mgq g‡b nq, miKvi wb‡R‡K LyeB kw³kvjx g‡b K‡i| wnjvwi wK¬bU‡bi md‡ii ciciB Zvui mgv‡jvPbv Ggb Zxeªfv‡e Avgv‡`i `vwqZ¡kxj gš¿xiv Ki‡Z jvM‡jb, g‡b n‡Z jvMj, Av‡gwiKv cÖwZeQi evsjv‡`‡ki Kv‡Q wfÿvi _‡j wb‡q G‡m nvwRi nq| †hb evsjv‡`k c…w_exi GKUv mycvi cvIqvi, Avi Av‡gwiKv GKUv Z…Zxq we‡k¦i †`k| G-RvZxq K_vgvjvi †h †Kv‡bv gv‡b nq bv, †mUv Avgiv mevB Rvwb| GLb g‡b n‡”Q, †ek GKUv †R`v‡Rw`i g‡a¨ c‡o †M‡Q cÙv †mZy| Zvi wkKvi n‡”Q †`‡ki 16 †KvwU gvbyl| wek¦e¨vs‡Ki D‡Ï‡k ejv hvq, wZbRb gvÎ †jv‡Ki Rb¨ †Zv GKUv †`‡ki 16 †KvwU gvbyl `y‡f©vM †cvnv‡Z cv‡i bv| wek¦e¨vs‡Ki jÿ¨ nIqv DwPZ gvby‡li DcKv‡i Av‡m Ggb cÖKí m¤úbœ n‡Z mvnvh¨ Kiv, K‡qKRb gvÎ gvby‡li Rb¨ †KvwU gvby‡li cÖKí †_‡K Ô‡Ljjvg

bvÕ e‡j P‡j hvIqv bq| wek¦e¨vsKI fyj K‡i| wek¦e¨vs‡Ki myweav n‡jv, evsjv‡`‡k Zviv AvBb cÖYqb Kwi‡q wb‡Z †c‡i‡Q, Zv‡`i †Kv‡bv AvPi‡Yi Rb¨ evsjv‡`‡ki AvB‡b Zv‡`i aiv hv‡e bv| evsjv‡`‡ki †bZv-Kg©xAvgjv-‡ckvRxex Kv‡iviB †Zv †mB Xvj †bB| Avi miKvi‡K eje, Aveyj †nv‡mb Kx K‡i‡Qb, Kx K‡ibwb ev cÖKí cwiPvjK Kx K‡i‡Qb, Kx K‡ibwb, Zvi `vq †Zv RbM‡Yi bq| †`‡ki 16 †KvwU gvby‡li Ic‡i †Kb Avcwb D”P nv‡i my‡`i FY Pvwc‡q †`‡eb? Avcbvi †jvK‡`i fveg~wZ© Lvivc, Zvi `vwqZ¡ †Zv 16 †KvwU gvbyl enb Ki‡Z cv‡i bv| Avi †`‡ki mvwe©K fveg~wZ© †Kv_vq wM‡q `vuovj? ïay GB GK cÖK‡í bq, RvBKv, GwWwc Ab¨ cÖK‡íI UvKv Qvo †`Iqv ¯’wMZ K‡i †i‡L‡Q| ïay UvKvi A‡¼B ev †Kb ÿwZ we‡ePbv Kie, Avgv‡`i m¤§v‡bi †h ÿwZ n‡q‡Q, Zvi `vq †Zv †bZv‡`i wb‡ZB n‡e| cwjwUKm BR w` AvU© Ae K‡¤úÖvgvBR| wR` a‡i e‡m _vKv †Kv‡bv Kv‡Ri K_v bq| †Pv‡ii Ic‡i ivM K‡i gvwU‡Z fvZ LvIqvi gv‡b nq bv| wZbRb gvbyl‡K ewm‡q w`‡j ev mwi‡q w`‡j hw` cÙv †mZy nq, †mUv KivB wK ivR‰bwZK wePÿYZvi cwiPq wQj bv? GLb †Zv cy‡iv e¨vcviUv †ek †j‡R‡Mve‡i n‡q †M‡Q| GLb wePvwiK Z`šÍ KwgwUi gva¨‡g cy•Lvbycy•L Z`šÍ †Zv Acwinvh©| †`vlx KvD‡K cvIqv †M‡j Zv‡K kvw¯ÍI w`‡Z n‡e| Avi bv cvIqv †M‡j †Zv †Kv‡bv K_vB †bB| A_©gš¿x mvsevw`K‡`i ¯§iY Kwi‡q w`‡q‡Qb †`‡ki m¤§vb iÿvi K_v| A_©gš¿x wbwðZ †h, Ô`yb©xwZ wel‡q wek¦e¨vs‡Ki cÿ †_‡K †h K_v¸‡jv ejv n‡q‡Q, †Kv‡bvg‡ZB †m¸‡jv mwVK bq|Õ A_©gš¿x †h‡nZy wbwðZ, †m †ÿ‡Î Lye wbi‡cÿ I ¯^”Q Z`šÍ nIqv Riæwi| A_©gš¿x Av‡iKUv Lye g~j¨evb K_v e‡j‡Qb| ÔAvkv Kie, †`‡ki m¤§vb iÿvi e¨vcv‡i mRvM _vK‡eb|Õ †`‡ki m¤§vb iÿv Kiv Avgv‡`i KZ©e¨| Avgv‡K GKRb wk‡ív‡`¨v³v, hvi wekvj GK wk‡ív‡`¨v‡Mi Znwej GKB Kvi‡Y AvU‡K Av‡Q, `ytL K‡i e‡jwQ‡jb, mviv c…w_ex‡Z eyw×Rxex I bvMwiK mgvR wek¦e¨vs‡Ki mgv‡jvPbvq gyLi Avi evsjv‡`‡k K‡qKUv †jv‡Ki Kw_Z `yb©xwZi AwfcÖv‡qi Kvi‡Y 16 †KvwU †jv‡Ki cÖKí wek¦e¨vsK AvU‡K w`‡”Q, Avcbviv Zvi cÖwZev` Ki‡Qb bv †Kb? Avwbmyj nK: mvwnwZ¨K I mvsevw`K|

†` †k i m s ev `

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 09

wek¦e¨vsK‡K cybwe©‡ePbvi AvnŸvb Gikv‡`i ˆmq` Aveyj †nv‡mb‡K c`Z¨vM civgk©

XvKv, 04 RyjvB : cÙv †mZz‡Z A_©vq‡bi welqwU cybwe©‡ePbvi Rb¨ wek¦e¨vs‡Ki cÖwZ D`vË AvnŸvb Rvwb‡q‡Qb RvZxq cvwU©i †Pqvig¨vb mv‡eK ivóªcwZ û‡mBb gyn¤§` Gikv`| wZwb e‡jb, cÙv †mZz‡Z A_©vq‡bi welq wek¦e¨vs‡Ki m‡½ †h weZK© I Abwf‡cÖZ NUbvi m„wó n‡q‡Q Zv AZ¨šÍ `ytLRbK Ges Avgv‡`i †MvUv RvwZi Rb¨ `yf©vM¨RbK| G weZ‡K©i NUbvq gš¿x ˆmq` Aveyj †nv‡mb‡K c`Z¨vM Kivi civgk© w`‡q‡Qb mv‡eK GB ivóªcwZ| g½jevi cÙv †mZz wb‡q wek¦e¨vs‡Ki m‡½ m„ó RwUjZvq GK wee„wZ‡Z wZwb G me K_v e‡jb| mv‡eK ivóªcwZ Gikv` e‡jb, †`‡ki `wÿYv‡ji m‡½ †hvMv‡hvM ¯’vc‡b cÙv †mZz wbg©v‡Yi Avi †Kv‡bv weKí c_ †bB| †h‡Kv‡bv g~‡j¨ GB †mZz wbg©v‡Y miKvi Ges †`kevmx‡K D‡`¨vM MÖnY Ki‡ZB n‡e| wZwb e‡jb, †`‡ki A_©‰bwZK Dbœqb Ges RbM‡Yi fv‡M¨vbœq‡b wek¦e¨vs‡Ki mnvqZv cÖ‡qvRb i‡q‡Q| wek¦e¨vs‡Ki F‡Yi my‡`i nvi gvÎ `kwgK 75 kZvsk| GZ Aí my‡`i nv‡i Avi †Kv_vI FY MÖn‡Yi my‡hvM †bB| GB e¨vs‡Ki FY cwi‡kv‡ai mgqmxgvI 40

†_‡K 50 eQi| Avgiv GKvšÍfv‡e wek¦e¨vs‡Ki mn‡hvwMZv cÖZ¨vkv Kwi| GB wek¦e¨vsK †hLv‡b fvi‡Zi g‡Zv †`‡k 40 wewjqb Wjvi FY mvnvh¨ w`‡”Q, †mLv‡b Avgv‡`i 16 †KvwU gvbyl Aay¨wlZ Dbœqbkxj †`‡k AšÍZ 20 wewjqb Wjvi FY mvnvh¨ cÖ`vb Kiv DwPZ| cÙv †mZzi FYPzw³ wb‡q †h RwUjZv m„wó n‡q‡Q †m cÖm‡½ `yb©xwZ `gb Kwgk‡bi †Kv‡bv gšÍe¨ Kiv wVK nqwb D‡jøL K‡i wZwb e‡jb, Zv‡`i gšÍe¨ cÿcvZ`yó n‡q‡Q| Avwg g‡b Kwi, Avgv‡`i †`‡ki e„nËi ¯^v‡_© `vZv‡Mvwôi kZ© †gvZv‡eK GB cÖKí ev¯Íevq‡b Zv‡`i GKRb ch©‡eÿK ivLvi cÖ¯Íve miKv‡ii †g‡b †bIqv DwPZ wQj| 16 †KvwU gvby‡li ¯^v‡_© miKv‡ii bgbxq nIqvi g‡a¨ A‡MŠi‡ei wKQz wQj bv e‡j

● PBS Tier -1, 2 and 4 ● GmvBjvg ● Bwg‡MÖkb Avwcj ● wnDg¨vb ivBUm Gwcø‡Kkb

Ggcøq‡g›U jÕ ● ¯úÝiÕm jvB‡mÝ ● di IqvK© cviwgU ● wmwU‡Rbwkc ● BbwWwdwbU wjf Uz wi‡gBb ● bvg cwieZ©b

g‡b K‡ib wZwb| RvZxq cvwU©i †Pqvig¨vb e‡jb, gš¿x Aveyj †nv‡mb‡K wb‡q †h weZK© m„wó n‡q‡Q Zvi Rb¨ †`‡ki ¯^v‡_©B Zvi c`Z¨vM Kiv DwPZ| GB c`Z¨v‡M Zvi Agh©v`v wKQz n‡e bv eis RbM‡Yi ¯^v‡_©i we‡ePbvq BwZnvm Zv‡K ¯§iY Ki‡e| Õ

cÙv †mZz

Gevi Pzw³ evwZj Kij GwWwe

XvKv, 03 RyjvB : cÙv †mZz cÖKí †_‡K wek¦e¨vs‡Ki FYPzw³ evwZ‡ji gvÎ wZb w`‡bi gv_vq GB cÖK‡íiB A_©vqbKvix Ab¨Zg ms¯’v Gkxq Dbœqb e¨vsK (GwWwe) GKB c‡_ nuvU‡Q| †mvgevi GK msev` weÁw߇Z Zviv GB Bw½Z w`‡q‡Q| GLb evwK i‡q‡Q `ywU `vZv ms¯’v| GKwU n‡”Q Rvcvb B›Uvib¨vkbvj K‡c©v‡ikb G‡RwÝ| AciwU n‡”Q BmjvwgK Dbœqb e¨vsK| G `ywU ms¯’v GLb ch©šÍ †Kvb cÖKvi gyL bv Lyj‡jI RvBKv `y-GKw`‡bi g‡a¨ Zv‡`i Ae¯’vb m¤ú‡K© wm×všÍ †b‡e e‡j mswkøó m~‡Î Avfvm cvIqv †M‡Q| cÙv †mZz cÖK‡í `ybx©wZi Awf‡hvM Z`‡šÍi †ÿ‡Î evsjv‡`k miKvi mn‡hvwMZv bv Kivq wek¦e¨vsK FYPzw³ evwZj Kivi wm×všÍ †bq 30 Ryb| GKB m‡½ wm×v‡šÍi ¯^c‡ÿ †ek wKQy hyw³ Zz‡j a‡i wee„wZ †`q| †h wee„wZ‡Z wek¦e¨vsK ¯úó fvlvq `ybx©wZi GB Awf‡hvM c~Y©v½fv‡e Z`šÍ K‡i `vqx e¨w³‡`i kvw¯Í w`‡Z evsjv‡`k miKv‡ii Kv‡Q AvnŸvb Rvwb‡qwQj| wek¦e¨vsK †f‡ewQj evsjv‡`k miKvi welqwU h‡_ó ¸iæZ¡ †`‡e| wKš‘ ev¯Í‡e Zv nqwb e‡j wek¦e¨vsK Av‡ÿc K‡i| wek¦e¨vs‡Ki cÙv †mZz cÖKí †_‡K m‡i hvIqvi gvÎ wZb w`‡bi e¨eav‡b GwWwe m‡i hvIqvi Bw½Z w`‡q †mvgevi msev` weÁwß w`‡q‡Q| †h weÁw߇Z ms¯’vwU e‡j‡Q,

cwiPvjbvi †ÿ‡Î GwWwe I wek¦e¨vsK GKB ai‡bi wbqg-bxwZ Ges c×wZ AbymiY Kiv| †h Kvi‡Y wek¦e¨vsK cÖKí †_‡K m‡i Avmvi wm×všÍ wb‡q‡Q, GwWwe Zv Abyaveb Ki‡Z †c‡i‡Q| GKB m‡½ Zviv G wm×všÍ‡K m¤§vb K‡i| Z‡e Dfq cÿ A_©vr wek¦e¨vsK I evsjv‡`k G wel‡q Kvh©Ki g‰Z‡K¨ †cuŠQv‡Z e¨_© nIqvq I G A‡ji Rb¨ cÙv cÖK‡íi ¸iæZ¡ we‡ePbv K‡i GwWwe gg©vnZ| Z‡e GwWwe AviI D‡jøL K‡i‡Q, evsjv‡`‡ki RbMY I miKv‡ii m‡½ `xN©w`‡bi m¤ú‡K©i K_v g‡b †i‡L AvMvgx‡ZI GwWwe evsjv‡`‡ki cv‡k _vK‡Z cÖwZkÖæwZe×| GwWwe msev` weÁw߇Z m‡i hvIqvi welqwU mivmwi ¯úó K‡i bv ej‡jI, Zv‡`iB GKwU `vwqZ¡kxj m~Î Rvwb‡q‡Q, evsjv‡`k miKv‡ii m‡½ Pzw³i †h aib Zv‡Z g~j A_©`vZv ms¯’v m‡i †M‡j Ab¨‡`i A_©vqbI AvcbvAvcwb AvU‡K hvIqvi K_v| d‡j GwWwe †_‡K Av‡Mi Pzw³ Abyhvqx A_© cvIqvi m¤¢vebv †bB| G e¨vcv‡i A_©‰bwZK m¤úK© wefv‡Mi GwWweÕi `vwqZ¡cÖvß hyM¥ mwPe mvBdzwÏb Avn‡g` e‡jb, GwWwe GLbI AvbyôvwbKfv‡e miKv‡ii Kv‡Q †Kvb wKQy Rvbvqwb| Z‡e Avgiv GiB g‡a¨ Avfvm †c‡qwQ Zviv GKwU msev` weÁwß cÖKvk K‡i‡Q| hvi gva¨‡g Zv‡`i A_©vq‡bi welqwU †Lvjvmv bv Ki‡jI, Bw½Z w`‡q‡Q|

weGmG‡di nv‡Z Ggwc wWwm AvUK : c‡i gy³

XvKv, 03 RyjvB : KywoM«v‡gi mxgvšÍeZ©x GjvKvq eb¨vZ©‡`i g‡a¨ ÎvY weZiY Kivi mgq ¯’vbxq msm` m`m¨ †gv. Rvdi Avjx, †Rjv cÖkvmK nvweeyi ingvb I wewUwfi K¨v‡givg¨vb bvRgyj †nv‡mbmn mvZRb‡K AvUK K‡i fviZxq mxgvšÍiÿx evwnbx weGmGd| c‡i Aek¨ Zv‡`i †Q‡o †`qv nq| †mvgevi `ycyi †`oUvi w`‡K KywoM«vg †Rjvi bvivqYcyi mxgvšÍ GjvKvq fvi‡Zi gmjvevox K¨v‡¤úi weGmGd †Rvqvbiv Zv‡`i AvUK K‡i| c‡i wewRwei cÿ

†_‡K weGmG‡di D”Pch©v‡q †hvMv‡hvM Kiv n‡j `ycyi †mvqv 2Uvi w`‡K Zv‡`i †Q‡o †`qv nq| m~Î Rvbvq, KywoM«vg-2 Avm‡bi mvsm` †gv. Rvdi Avjx, †Rjv cÖkvmK nvweeyi ingvb I wewUwfi K¨v‡givg¨vb bvRgyj †nv‡mbmn mvZ m`‡m¨i GKwU `j eb¨vZ©‡`i g‡a¨ ÎvY mnvqZv †`qvi Rb¨ †mvgevi mKv‡j w¯úW †ev‡U K‡i mxgvšÍeZ©x IB eb¨v`yM©Z GjvKvq hvb| GKch©v‡q bvivqYcyi mxgvšÍ GjvKvq †M‡j w¯úW †ev‡Ui PvjK fyj K‡i fviZxq

As‡k Xy‡K co‡j gmjvevox weGmG‡di Un‡j _vKv m`m¨iv Zv‡`i AvUK K‡i| KywoM«vg wewRwe e¨vUvwjq‡bi fvicÖvß KgvÛvi †gRi BKevj Rvbvb, eb¨vi Kvi‡Y c_ fyj K‡i fviZxq As‡k Xy‡K covq G AbvKvwOÿZ NUbv N‡U| `ªæZ Zv‡`i gy³ Kivi Rb¨ fvi‡Zi weGmG‡di 22 e¨vUvwjq‡bi KgvÛv‡ii m‡½ †hvMv‡hvM K‡i wewRwe| c‡i `ycyi †mvqv 2Uvi w`‡K AvUK‡`i cwiPq Rvbvi ci weGmGd Zv‡`i †Q‡o †`q|

CITY LAW ASSOCIATES Expert Immigration Lawyers

♦ VISIT VISA ♦ HUSBAND/WIFE SETTLEMENT ♦ 14 YEARS RESIDENCE RULE 9B RyjvB 2012 nB‡Z Immigration Law KwVbZg n‡”Q| ZvB mgq _vK‡ZB my‡hvM MÖnY Kiæb| mnR c×wZ‡Z Husband/Wife Gi Settlement Visa 14 ermi Long time resident rule MÖnb Kiæb|


Our experienced lawyers undertake all types of Immigration work. Immigration inspection reports arranged at short notice.

M. Fazlul Haque Mob:07931 521 209

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Mob: 07958 511 221

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Tel : 020 7790 8057

Fax: 0871 918 3723

†` †k i m s ev `

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 10

cÙv †mZz‡Z A_©vqb evwZj Ki‡jv wek¦e¨vsK wm×všÍ cybwe©‡ePbv Kiv DwPZ wek¦e¨vs‡Ki

XvKv, 01 RyjvB : cÙv †mZy wbg©vY cÖK‡í civgk©K wb‡qv‡M `yb©xwZi Awf‡hvM Z`‡šÍi †ÿ‡Î evsjv‡`k miKvi mn‡hvwMZv bv Kivq FYPyw³wU evwZ‡ji wm×všÍ

Kwgk‡bi (`y`K) Kv‡Q †`qv n‡q‡Q| 2011 mv‡ji †m‡Þ¤^i gv‡m I 2012 mv‡ji GwcÖj gv‡m Gme Z_¨-cÖgvY †`qv nq| wek¦e¨vsK ej‡Q, `yb©xwZi G

wb‡q‡Q wek¦e¨vsK| ïµevi ms¯’vwUi I‡qemvB‡U GK wee… wZ‡Z G K_v Rvbv‡bv nq| kwbevi wewewm AbjvB‡bi Le‡i Gme Z_¨ cÖKvwkZ n‡q‡Q| cÙv †mZy wbg©v‡Yi Rb¨ wek¦e¨vsK 120 †KvwU Wjvi FY w`‡Z †P‡qwQj| wek¦e¨vsK ej‡Q, †mZy wbg©v‡Yi †ÿ‡Î evsjv‡`k miKv‡ii Kg©KZ©v, KvbvWvi civgk©K cÖwZôvb Ges †emiKvwi e¨w³‡`i †hvMmvR‡k wewfbœ m~Î †_‡K `yb©xwZi wek¦vm‡hvM¨ Z_¨cÖgvY Zv‡`i nv‡Z G‡m‡Q| Gme Z_¨-cÖgvY evsjv‡`‡ki cÖavbgš¿x †kL nvwmbv, A_©gš¿x Aveyj gvj Ave`yj gywnZ I `yb©xwZ `gb

Awf‡hvM c~Y©v½fv‡e Z`šÍ K‡i `vqx e¨w³‡`i kvw¯Í w`‡Z Zviv evsjv‡`k miKv‡ii Kv‡Q AvnŸvb Rvwb‡qwQj| wek¦e¨vsK †f‡ewQj, evsjv‡`k miKvi welqwU‡Z h‡_ó ¸iæZ¡ †`‡e wKš‘ ev¯Í‡e Zv nqwb| `yb©xwZi †h Z_¨-cÖgvY wek¦e¨vsK †c‡q‡Q, †m †ÿ‡Î Zviv wKQy c`‡ÿc †bqvi `vwe K‡iwQj| wek¦e¨vs‡Ki cÖ_g `vwe wQj†hme miKvwi Kg©KZ©vi weiæ‡× `yb©xwZi Awf‡hvM i‡q‡Q, Z`šÍ †kl bv nIqv ch©šÍ Zv‡`i mwi‡q †`qv| wØZxqZ, G Awf‡hvM Z`‡šÍi Rb¨ `y`‡K GKwU we‡kl Z`šÍ `j wb‡qvM Kiv| wek¦e¨vsK

ej‡Q, Ggb †cÖÿvc‡U ms¯’vwUi Ae¯’vb e¨vL¨v Kiv I evsjv‡`k miKv‡ii KvQ †_‡K DËi Rvbvi Rb¨ GKwU D”Pch©v‡qi `j XvKvq cvVv‡bv n‡qwQj| wKš‘ miKv‡ii cÖwZwµqv ev DËi m‡šÍvlRbK wQj bv| Ggb cwiw¯’wZ‡Z `yb©xwZi cÖgvY _vKv m‡Ë¡I wek¦e¨vsK welqwU wb‡q †PvL eyu‡R _vK‡Z cv‡i bv| wek¦e¨vsK e‡j‡Q, Zviv GKwU cÖK‡í ZLbB A_©vqb Ki‡Z cv‡i, hLb Zviv †mB cÖK‡íi m”QZv Ges Kvh©µ‡gi cwi”QbœZv m¤ú‡K© wbwðZ nq| KviY wek¦e¨vs‡Ki `vZv †`k¸‡jvi Kv‡Q Zv‡`i GKwU ˆbwZK `vwqZ¡ Av‡Q| cÙv †mZy wbg©vYcÖwµqvi ïiæ‡ZB wek¦e¨vsK `yb©xwZi Awf‡hvM Zy‡j A_©vqb ¯’wMZ iv‡L| Z‡e evsjv‡`k miKvi eiveiB †m Awf‡hvM A¯^xKvi K‡i Avm‡Q| G Qvov weKí A_©vq‡bi c_I LyuRwQj evsjv‡`k| Ggb †cÖÿvc‡U K‡qK w`b Av‡M gvj‡qwkqvi cÿ †_‡K A_©vqb cÖ‡kœ P~ovšÍ Pyw³i Lmov cÖ¯Íve †`qv n‡q‡Q| †hvMv‡hvMgš¿x Ievq`yj Kv‡`i K‡qK w`b Av‡M e‡j‡Qb, A_© gš¿Yvjq wek¦e¨vs‡Ki m‡½ m¤§vbRbK mgvav‡bi †Póv Ki‡Q| wek¦e¨vs‡Ki m‡½ GL‡bv mg‡SvZvi c_ eÜ nqwb e‡j ZLb wZwb D‡jøL K‡ib|

XvKv, 02 RyjvB : cÙv †mZy cªK‡í A_©vq‡bi wel‡q FYPyw³ evwZ‡ji wm×všÍ AbvKvwOÿZ gšÍe¨ K‡i Zv cybwe©‡ePbvi Rb¨ wek¦e¨vs‡Ki cªwZ AvnŸvb Rvwb‡q‡Qb A_©gš¿x Aveyj gvj Ave`yj gywnZ| Pyw³ evwZ‡ji GKw`b ci 1 RyjvB mܨvq A_© gš¿Yvj‡qi m‡¤§jb K‡ÿ Av‡qvwRZ GK msev` m‡¤§j‡b G AvnŸvb Rvwb‡q A_©gš¿x e‡jb, GLbI Av‡jvPbvi my‡hvM Av‡Q| myôy mgvav‡bi Rb¨ Av‡jvPbv Pvwj‡q hv‡eb Zviv| ZvB welqwU cybwe©‡ePbv Kiv DwPZ wek¦e¨vs‡Ki| civgk©K wb‡qv‡M `yb©xwZi Awf‡hvM Z`‡šÍ miKvi mvov †`qwbÐ wek¦e¨vs‡Ki Ggb e³e¨ bvKP K‡i w`‡q A_©gš¿x e‡jb, GwU G‡Kev‡iB Amvi `vwe| Zviv mwVK e‡jwb, G gšÍe¨ K‡i A_©gš¿x e‡jb, Zv‡`i e³e¨ A‡bK †ÿ‡Î AmZ¨| A_©gš¿x e‡jb, cÙv †mZy cªK‡í `yb©xwZi wek¦vm‡hvM¨ cªgvY Zy‡j a‡i‡Q Ges †m m¤ú‡K© Avgiv †Kv‡bv c`‡ÿc wbBwb, wek¦e¨vs‡Ki G K_vI wVK bq| Pyw³ evwZ‡ji Av‡M ch©šÍ wek¦e¨vs‡Ki m‡½ m¤úÖwZ †hme wPwV PvjvPvwj n‡q‡Q †m¸‡jv msev` m‡¤§j‡b mvsevw`K‡`i g‡a¨ wewj Kiv nq| Gme wPwV wewj K‡i A_©gš¿x e‡jb, me©‡Zvfv‡e †Póv Kiv n‡q‡Q `yb©xwZ hv‡Z bv nq| ZvB

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msev` m‡¤§j‡b A_©gš¿x wek¦e¨vs‡Ki †cªm †bv‡Ui `vwe G‡Kev‡iB M«nY‡hvM¨ bq| Zv m‡Ë¡I wek¦e¨vs‡Ki m‡½ Av‡jvPbv envj ivLv n‡q‡Q, KviY Avgiv PvB welqwUi mgvavb †nvK| eû cªZxwÿZ cÙv †mZy cªKí †_‡K

w`‡Z miKv‡ii Ae¯’vb e¨vL¨v Kivi Rb¨ A_©gš¿x‡K wb‡`©k †`Iqv nq| GiciB mܨvq A_© gš¿Yvj‡qi m‡¤§jb K‡ÿ Av‡qvwRZ msev` m‡¤§j‡b `yB c…ôvi wjwLZ e³e¨ Zy‡j a‡ib A_©gš¿x| A_©gš¿x

wek¦e¨vsK m‡i hvIqvi ci welqwU wb‡q mviv‡`‡k e¨vcK Av‡jvPbvi So I‡V| G wel‡q msm‡` e³e¨ †`Iqvi K_v _vK‡jI AvKw¯§Kfv‡e 1 RyjvB mܨvq msev` m‡¤§j‡bi Av‡qvRb Kiv nq| wbf©i‡hvM¨ m~‡Î Rvbv †M‡Q, wek¦e¨vs‡Ki Pyw³ evwZ‡ji ci `ycy‡i A_©gš¿x‡K †W‡K cvVvb cªavbgš¿x| cÙv †mZy wel‡q cªavbgš¿x me©‡kl Ae¯’vb Rvb‡Z Pvb A_©gš¿xi Kv‡Q| wek¦e¨vs‡Ki e³e¨ †h mwVK bq, Zvi Reve

e‡jb, cÙv †mZyi Pyw³ evwZj cªm‡½ wek¦e¨vs‡Ki weÁwßi d‡j msev`gva¨‡g bvbv ai‡bi Aa©mZ¨ Lei cªKvk Kiv n‡q‡Q| wZwb g‡b K‡ib, wek¦e¨vs‡Ki e³e¨ mwVK bq| msev` m‡¤§j‡b cªavbgš¿xi ciivóªwelqK Dc‡`óv W. MIni wiRfx, A_©‰bwZK m¤úK© wefv‡Mi wmwbqi mwPe BKevj gvngy`, †mZy wefv‡Mi fvicªvß mwPe Av‡bvqviæj Bmjvg, A_©‰bwZK m¤úK© wefv‡Mi AwZwi³ mwPe Avi¯Íy Lvb, KvRx kwdKyj Bmjvg cªgyL Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb|

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†` †k i m s ev `

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 11

weGbwc gv‡bB mš¿vm Rw½ev` I `ybx©wZ -cÖavbgš¿x †mcwUK U¨vs‡K k¦vmiæ×

XvKv, 1 RyjvB : cÖavbgš¿x †kL nvwmbv e‡j‡Qb, AvIqvgx jxM gv‡bB Dbœqb Avi weGbwc gv‡bB mš¿vm, Rw½ev`, `ybx©wZ I A_©cvPvi| wZwb e‡jb, Avi †Kvb Rw½ev`x

gvbyl‡K Lv`¨ wbivcËv w`‡qwQ| D”Pwkÿvi Rb¨ dvÛ K‡iwQ| †`‡ki 482wU BDwbq‡b Z_¨‡K›` K‡iwQ| hgybvi †WªwRs ïiæ n‡q‡Q, ch©vqµ‡g †`‡ki me b`x †WªwRs Kiv

I `ybx©wZevR miKvi †hb ÿgZvq Avm‡Z bv cv‡i Zvi Rb¨ Avcbv‡`i mRvM _vK‡Z n‡e| weMZ weGbwc miKvi Avg‡j nZ¨v, Lyb, jyUcvU, wbh©vZb I `ybx©wZ n‡q‡Q| Zviv Avgv‡`i †bZvKgx©‡`i wg_¨v gvgjv w`‡q nqivwb K‡i‡Q| Avgiv Zvi †Kvb cÖwZ‡kva wbBwb| Zviv †`k‡K Rw½ev` I evsjv fvB‡K Dcnvi w`‡qwQj| wZwb kwbevi Rvgvjcyi †Rjvi mwilvevox Dc‡Rjvi MYgq`v‡b AvIqvgx jxM Av‡qvwRZ GK Rbmfvq cÖavb AwZw_i e³…Zvq Gme K_v e‡jb| Gi Av‡M wZwb ZvivKvw›`-e½eÜz hgybv †mZz wjsK †ijc_ I A¨vW‡fv‡KU gwZqi ingvb ZvjyK`vi †ij‡÷kb D‡Øvab K‡ib| Rbmfvq cÖavbgš¿x e‡jb, weGbwc jv‡ki ivRbxwZ K‡i| AvIqvgx jxM jv‡ki ivRbxwZ K‡i bv| gvby‡li Rb¨ KvR K‡i| AvZ¥wbf©ikxj RvwZ wn‡m‡e M‡o Zzj‡Z AvIqvgx jxM KvR K‡i hv‡”Q| cÖavbgš¿x e‡jb, Avgiv hLb ÿgZv wb‡qwQ ZLb †`‡k Lv`¨ NvUwZ wQj 30 jvL †gwUªK Ub| †mB NvUwZ c~iY K‡i Avgiv

n‡e| Avgiv iƒcKí-2021 †NvlYv K‡iwQ| Avgiv †mB myeY© RqšÍx cvjb Ki‡Z PvB| Avgiv K…lK‡`i K…wl DcKi‡Yi fZz©wK w`w”Q| cvUwkí‡K weGbwc aŸsm K‡i †i‡L wM‡qwQj| Avgiv †mB cvUwk‡íi cybR©vMiY NwU‡qwQ| Avgiv BwZg‡a¨ 34kÕ †gMvIqvU

we`y¨r Drcv`b K‡iwQ| Av‡M †hLv‡b 43 fvM gvbyl we`y¨r †cZ GLb †mLv‡b 53 fvM gvbyl we`y¨r cv‡”Q| Avgiv `vwi‡`ª¨i nvi 41 fv‡Mi ¯’‡j 31 fv‡M bvwg‡q Avb‡Z †c‡iwQ| AvkÖqY cÖK‡íi gva¨‡g M„nnviv‡`i Rb¨ evwo wbg©v‡Yi KvR Pvwj‡q hvw”Q| Õ96 mv‡j ÿgZvq G‡m Avgiv gvby‡li ¯^v¯’¨‡mev wbwðZ Ki‡Z Avgiv KwgDwbwU wK¬wbK Pvjy K‡iwQjvgÐ weGbwc Zv eÜ K‡i w`‡qwQj| Avgiv mviv‡`‡k †mB KwgDwbwU wK¬wbK¸‡jv Avevi Pvjy Ki‡Z ïiæ K‡iwQ| Avgiv mgy`ªmxgv Av`vq Kivi Rb¨ fvi‡Zi weiæ‡× gvgjv K‡iwQ| 2014 mv‡j †mB gvgjvi ivq n‡e| Dc‡Rjv AvIqvgx jxM mfvcwZ Ave`yj gv‡j‡Ki mfvcwZ‡Z¡ Rbmfvq AviI e³… Zv K‡ib K…wlgš¿x gwZqv †PŠayix, ¯’vbxq miKvigš¿x ˆmq` Avkivdzj Bmjvg, f‚wggš¿x †iRvDj Kixg nxiv, Z_¨gš¿x Aveyj Kvjvg AvRv`, Lv`¨gš¿x Ave`yi iv¾vK cÖgyL|

‡gqi †jvKgvb nZ¨v

g~j cwiKíbvKvix‡`i ev` w`‡q PvR©wkU XvKv, 02 RyjvB : `xN© 8 gvm ci biwms`x †cŠi †gqi †jvKgvb †nv‡mb nZ¨v gvgjvi 14 Avmvwgi g‡a¨ WvK I †Uwj‡hvMv‡hvMgš¿xi fvB ev”Py I 1bs ûKy‡gi Avmvwgmn 11 Rb‡K ev` w`‡q Av`vj‡Z PvR©wkU `vwLj Kiv n‡q‡Q Avi Gi cÖwZev‡` we‡ÿvf wgwQj K‡i‡Q biwms`x †cŠievmx| wgwQjKvixiv gš¿x ivRy, Zvi fvB I Lywb‡`i weiæ‡× bvbv †¯øvMvb w`‡Z _v‡Kb| GKch©v‡q ivRy‡K Lywb I Lywb‡`i Avkªq-cÖkªq`vZv wn‡m‡e D‡jøL K‡i gwš¿cwil` †_‡K Acmvi‡Yi `vwe Rvbv‡bv nq| c‡i wgwQjwU kn‡ii †gqi fe‡b hvq|

G mgq GK Av‡eKNb cwi‡e‡ki m…wó nq| G mgq †gqi †gv. Kvgiæ¾vgvb e‡jb, G PvR©wkU †jvKgvb †nv‡mb nZ¨v gvgjvi wePv‡ii Rb¨ bq, WvK I †Uwj‡hvMv‡hvMgš¿x ivwRDwÏb Avn‡g` ivRyi fvB Lywb mvjvDwÏb Avn‡g` ev”Pymn 11 Rb‡K evuPv‡bvi Rb¨ GKwU bxjbKkv gvÎ| wKš‘ gš¿xi G D‡Ïk¨ ev¯Íevqb n‡e bv| AveviI Awej‡¤^ gš¿xi AcmviY `vwe K‡i wZwb mvRv‡bv I cwiKwíZ G PvR©wkU evwZj K‡i myôy Z`‡šÍi gva¨‡g cÖK…Z Lywb‡`i AšÍf©y³ K‡i †di PvR©wkU `vwLj Kivi Aby‡iva Rvbvb|

n‡q 5 kÖwg‡Ki g„Zz¨

XvKv, 01 RyjvB : Uv½vB‡ji wgR©vcy‡i Kz‡qZ cÖevmxi bewbwg©Z fe‡bi †mcwUK U¨vs‡K Aw·‡R‡bi Afv‡e k¦vmiæ× n‡q cuvP kÖwg‡Ki g„Zz¨ I `yÕRb Amy¯’ n‡q‡Qb| Amy¯’‡`i ¯’vbxq wK¬wb‡K wPwKrmv †`qv n‡q‡Q| NUbvwU N‡U‡Q kwbevi mKv‡j Dc‡Rjvi fv`MÖvg BDwbq‡bi BPvBj MÖv‡g| mKvj 10Uvq Uv½vBj dvqvi mvwf©‡mi m`m¨iv NUbv¯’‡j †cuŠQ‡jI Zv‡`i Kv‡Q cÖ‡qvRbxq M¨vm bv _vKvi Kvi‡Y D×vi KvR Pvjv‡Z cv‡iwb| G mgq D‡ËwRZ GjvKvevmx dvqvi mvwf©m Kg©x‡`i cÖvq GK NÈv Ae‡iva K‡i iv‡L| c‡i wgR©vcyi _vbvi Dc-cwi`k©K (GmAvB) k¨vgj `Ëi †bZ…‡Z¡ cywjk `j GjvKvevmxi m‡½ K_v e‡j Zv‡`i D×vi K‡i| GjvKvevmx I cÖZ¨ÿ`k©xiv Rvbvq, BPvBj MÖv‡gi evwm›`v Bw`ªm wgqvi `yB †Q‡j Kz‡qZ cÖevmx eRjyi ingvb eveyj I dRjyi ingvb Aveyj wZb gvm Av‡M MÖv‡g GKwU PviZjv fe‡bi wbg©vY KvR ïiæ K‡ib| K‡qK w`b Av‡M fe‡bi wbP Zjvq †mcwUK U¨vs‡Ki Qv` XvjvB †kl Kiv nq| kwbevi mKvj 8Uvi w`‡K cÖ_‡g mv¾v` †nv‡mb GKwU gB w`‡q U¨vswKi wb‡P bv‡gb| wKQyÿY ci Zvi †Kvb mvov-kã bv †c‡q iæ‡ej wgqvI

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Avgiv wgwói RM‡Z `ÿ

we‡q, Iqvwjgv, wPwbcvb (cvbwPwb) I Rb¥w`b mn me ai‡Yi Abyôv‡b Avgiv Pvwn`v Abyhvqx wgwó †Wwjfvix w`‡q _vwK|

● imgvjvB ● im‡Mvjøv ● ‡Mvjve Rvg ● Kvjv Rvg ● Mig wRjvex

Free Delivary Available on orders over £100.00 within 5 mile radius

200ARipple Road, Barking IG11 7PR Tel : 02085070200 W :

Call us for more information

020 8507 0200

†` †k i m s ev ` msm‡` cÖ‡kœvËi

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 12

cÖavbgš¿xi cÖwZ 17 gvwK©b bvix wm‡bUi

1200 wm‡bgv n‡ji g‡a¨ 750wU eÜ n‡q †M‡Q

XvKv, 30 Ryb : ‡`‡k wbewÜZ GK nvRvi 200wU wm‡bgv n‡ji g‡a¨ 750wU eÜ n‡q †M‡Q e‡j Rvwb‡q‡Qb Z_¨gš¿x Aveyj Kvjvg AvRv`| wZwb Rvbvb, wm‡bgv njgvwj‡Kiv Kg gybvdvi G e¨emv †Q‡o GLb Ab¨ jvfRbK e¨emvi w`‡K Syu‡K c‡o‡Qb| RvZxq msm‡` G †K Gg gvB`yj Bmjv‡gi cÖ‡kœi Rev‡e Z_¨gš¿x Gme K_v Rvbvb| Z_¨gš¿x Rvbvb, eZ©gv‡b wm‡bgv nj¸‡jvi mvwe©K cwi‡ek, †RvU miKv‡ii Avg‡j Akøxj Pjw”P‡Îi c…ô‡cvlKZv I AvKvk ms¯‹…wZi we¯Ív‡i †Uwjwfk‡b Qwe †`Lvi my‡hvM m…wó nIqvq `k©‡Kiv wm‡bgv njwegyL n‡q‡Q| weGbwci G we Gg Avkivd DwÏb wbRv‡bi cÖ‡kœi Rev‡e wZwb Rvbvb, wewUwf‡Z cwi‡ewkZ msev‡`i e¯ÍywbôZv m¤ú‡K© Rbg‡b †Kv‡bv cÖkœ †bB| wewUwfi msev` miKvwi cÖwZôvb wn‡m‡e ¯^vfvweK Kvi‡YB e¯Íywbô| KviY, wewUwf‡K cÖwZwU Abyôv‡bi Rb¨ RbM‡Yi Kv‡Q Revew`wn Ki‡Z nq|

MÖvgxY e¨vsK ÿwZMÖ¯Í nq, Ggb c`‡ÿc †b‡eb bv

XvKv, 30 Ryb : M«vgxY e¨vs‡Ki M«nY‡hvM¨Zv I FYM«nxZv‡`i cÖwZ Gi A½xKvi ÿwZM«¯Í nq, Ggb †Kv‡bv c`‡ÿc bv wb‡Z cÖavbgš¿x †kL nvwmbvi cÖwZ AvnŸvb Rvwb‡q‡Qb hy³ivóª Ks‡M«‡mi 17 Rb bvix wm‡bUi| 27 Ryb †`Iqv GK wee…wZ‡Z Zvuiv GB AvnŸvb Rvbvb| BwZg‡a¨ 17 bvix wm‡bU‡ii wee…wZ wPwV AvKv‡i cÖavbgš¿x †kL nvwmbvi Kv‡Q cvVv‡bv n‡q‡Q| wee…wZ‡Z 17 wm‡bUi D‡ØM cÖKvk K‡i e‡jb, M«vgxY e¨vs‡Ki g‡Zv GKwU Av`k© cÖwZôvb ÿwZM«¯Í nq, Ggb

†h‡Kv‡bv c`‡ÿc evsjv‡`k, `wi`ª gvbyl, we‡kl K‡i bvix FYM«nxZv‡`i mvsNvwZKfv‡e ÿwZM«¯Í Ki‡e| bvix wm‡bUiiv M«vgxY e¨vsK‡K Zvi Afxó j‡ÿ¨ GwM‡q †bIqvi ¯^v‡_©

mvMi-iæwb nZ¨vmn PvÂj¨Ki wZb gvgjv gwbUwis †m‡j

XvKv, 02 RyjvB : mvsevw`K `¤úwZ mvMi miIqvi I †g‡niæb iæwb nZ¨v gvgjvmn PvÂj¨Ki wZbwU gvgjv ¯^ivóª gš¿Yvj‡qi gwbUwis †m‡j †bqv n‡q‡Q| Aci gvgjv `ywU nj-‡mŠw` `~Zvev‡mi Kg©KZ©v Lvjvd Avj Avjx Ges kªwgK †bZv Avwgbyj Bmjvg nZ¨v gvgjv| ¯^ivóªgš¿x A¨vW‡fv‡KU mvnviv LvZy‡bi mfvcwZ‡Z¡ ¯^ivóª gš¿Yvj‡qi mfvK‡ÿ AbywôZ PvÂj¨Ki gvgjv gwbUwis †m‡ji mfvq iweevi GB wm×všÍ †bqv n‡q‡Q| mfv †k‡l ¯^ivóªgš¿x mvsevw`K‡`i e‡jb, mfvq †gvU 11wU gvgjv

wb‡q ch©v‡jvPbv Kiv nq| Gi g‡a¨ wZbwUi Z`šÍ †kl nIqvq GK mßv‡ni g‡a¨ G¸‡jvi Awf‡hvMcÎ w`‡Z ejv n‡q‡Q| GB wZbwU gvgjv n‡jv- mvfv‡ii

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`¤úwZ mvMi-iæwb, †mŠw` K~UbxwZK Lvjvd I Avwgbyj nZ¨v gvgjv gwbUwis †m‡j †bqv n‡q‡Q D‡jøL K‡i gš¿x e‡jb, †mj GB gvgjv¸‡jvi Z`viwK Ki‡jI Z`šÍ Kg©KZ©v (AvBI) wVKB _vK‡eb| G wZbwU gvgjv Z`‡šÍi Rb¨ †Kv‡bv mgqmxgv wbw`©ó K‡i †`qv n‡q‡Q wKbv Rvb‡Z PvB‡j wZwb e‡jb, gwbUwis †m‡j AšÍf©y³ †Kv‡bv gvgjv‡ZB mgq †eu‡a †`qv nq bv| G‡ÿ‡ÎI mgq †eu‡a †`qv nqwb| Z‡e `ªæZZg mg‡qi g‡a¨ gvgjvi Z`šÍ †kl Kivi wb‡`©kbv †`qv n‡q‡Q|

e¨e¯’vcbv cwiPvjK c‡` GKRb †hvM¨ e¨w³ wbe©vP‡bi cÖwµqv wb®‹ÈK Kivi AvnŸvb Rvwb‡q e‡jb, MZ eQ‡ii †g gvm †_‡K M«vgxY e¨vs‡K †Kv‡bv ¯’vqx e¨e¯’vcbv cwiPvjK †bB| bqRb bvixmn M«vgxY e¨vs‡Ki cwiPvjbv cl©‡`i m`m¨ I FYM«nxZv †kqvi‡nvìviiv hv‡Z GKRb †hvM¨ e¨w³‡K G c‡` ¯’vqxfv‡e wb‡qvM w`‡Z cv‡ib, Zv wbwðZ Kiv GLb ¸iæZ¡c~Y©| cÖavbgš¿x‡K D‡Ïk K‡i gvwK©b bvix wm‡bUiiv e‡jb, Ôevsjv‡`‡k bvixi Dbœq‡b Avcbvi A½xKvi cÖksmbxq| G Rb¨ M«vgxY e¨vs‡Ki w¯’wZkxjZv I cÖwZôvwbK M«nY‡hvM¨Zv a‡i ivLvi Rb¨ †h‡Kv‡bv D‡`¨v‡M Avgv‡`i mn‡hvwMZv Ae¨vnZ _vK‡e|Õ gvwK©b Ks‡M«‡mi D”PKÿ wm‡b‡Ui m`m¨msL¨v 100| Gi g‡a¨ 17 Rb bvix| bvix wm‡bUi‡`i mevB M«vgxY‡K mg_©b K‡i GB wPwV‡Z ¯^vÿi K‡ib| wee…wZ‡Z ¯^vÿi`vZv‡`i g‡a¨ i‡q‡Qb wm‡bUi evieviv e·vi, wjmv gyiKIqvw¯‹, Wvqvb wdb÷vBb, †Rwb kvnxb, evieviv G wgKyjvw¯‹, c¨vwU gywi, wµw÷b B wMwjeªvÛ, †Wwe †÷‡ev‡bv, †gwi Gj jvwÛD, myRvb Gg KwjÝ, †K Avi †nMvb, Gwg K¬yevDPvi, †K †ewj nvwPmÝ, K¬vwi g¨v·wKj, Awjw¤úqv †R †mœv, gvwiqv Kv›UI‡qj I †Kwj A¨v‡qvwU|

XvKv, 30 Ryb : †mvgvwj Rj`my¨iv Gevi Igv‡bi Rjmxgv †_‡K cÖevmx wZb evsjv‡`wk †R‡j‡K AcniY K‡i‡Q| evsjv‡`wk‡`i wb‡qvMKvix cÖwZôv‡bi cÖav‡bi D×…wZ w`‡q MZ †mvgevi Igv‡bi UvBgm Ae Igvb cwÎKvq cÖKvwkZ GK cÖwZ‡e`‡b G K_v ejv n‡q‡Q| Igv‡b evsjv‡`k `~Zvevm †_‡K G e¨vcv‡i †LvuR †bIqv n‡”Q e‡j XvKvi K~U‰bwZK m~θ‡jv Rvwb‡q‡Q| D‡jøL¨, †mvgvjxq Rj`my¨iv 18 gvm a‡i mvZ evsjv‡`wk‡K wRw¤§ K‡i †i‡L‡Q| Gi Av‡M evsjv‡`wk cZvKvevnx RvnvR Ggwf Rvnvb gwbi bvweKiv †mvgvjxq Rj`my¨‡`i nv‡Z 100 w`b wRw¤§ _vKvi ci gyw³ cvb| Rvnv‡Ri gvwjK mvC` iwk` web Ave`yjøvn Avj Rvdwi‡K D×…Z K‡i Igvb UvBgm cwÎKvq ejv n‡q‡Q, 20 Ryb mܨv 6Uvq GK †R‡j †dv‡b Rj`my¨‡`i nv‡Z mvZRb AcüZ nIqvi Lei Rvbvb| Zvu‡`i g‡a¨ wZbRb evsjv‡`wk, evwKiv fviZxq| XvKvq K~U‰bwZK m~θ‡jv Rvwb‡q‡Q, Igv‡b evsjv‡`k `~Zvevm AcüZ‡`i e¨vcv‡i KvR Ki‡Q| Rj`my¨‡`i gyw³cY `vwei †Kv‡bv Lei Rvbv †bB e‡j Zviv Rvbvq|

JM BUILDERS NEWHAM LIMITED wbDnvg wjwg‡UW ‡RGg weìvm© A complete Building Services

Avgiv BD‡K †iwR÷vW© †Kv¤úvbx, M¨vivw›U mnKv‡i Avcbvi wewìs Gi KvR m¤úbœ K‡i _vwK| Registered no:

1. Extensions 2. Loft conversions 3. Damp Repairing 4. Plastering 5. Doors and windows installations 6. Electrical installations 7. Plumbing and Heating 8. Wooden Floor and Laminate installations 9. Tiles and Marvel stone installations 10. Fitted Kitchens 11. Electric Showers, Baths, Basins, Toilets installations. 12. Roof replacing Flat, Tiles and Slates. 13. Driveway, Patio, Garden slabs installations 14. Conservatoire 15. Painting and Decorating 16. Chimneys off Please Contact :


T: 07939620645 Email :

gvwb UªvÝdvi †Uª‡fjm& mvwf©m Kv‡M©v Ges DHL Re †m›Uvi

♦ Avcwb N‡i e‡m 24 N›Uvi g‡a¨ †`‡k UvKv cvVv‡Z cv‡ib| ♦ Avgiv AwZ Kg g~‡j¨ we‡k¦i †h‡Kvb ‡`‡k Gqvi jvB‡Ýi wU‡KU w`‡Z cvwi| GQvovI Avgiv Uªv‡fj mswkøó Ab¨vb¨ cÖ‡mwms K‡i _vwK| ♦ Avgiv Zzjbvg~jK Kg Li‡P we‡k¦i †h †h‡Kvb ¯’v‡b Avcbvi gvjvgvj Kv‡M©v K‡i _vwK| ♦ Avcbvi Riæix WKz‡g›U `yB w`‡bi g‡a¨ evsjv‡`‡k †cŠuwQ‡q w`‡Z cvwi| ♦ GLvb †_‡K evsjv‡`‡ki ‡h †Kvb †gvevB‡j †d¬w· †jvW K‡i _vwK| ( mvwf©m PvR© †bB)


jÛb-XvKv wiUvb© £490 wW‡m¤^i ‡¯úkvj Advi

£525 (KvZvi Gqvi jvBÝ)

Avcwb wK Re LuyR‡Qb? Avgiv †i÷z‡i›U mn wewfbœ cÖwZóv‡b wewfbœ †m±‡i Re w`‡q _vwK|

wet `ªt n¾¡ Ges Dgivni Rb¨ †¯úkvj eywKs Pwj‡Z‡Q| eywKs Ges we¯ÍvwiZ Rvbvi Rb¨ AvRB †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb| AvjnvR¡ nvwdR gvIjvbv Rvwgj Avng` ‡dvb - 02036092148 †gvev- 07725401596

‡h †Kvb ai‡Yi Riæix Ae¯’vq `ªæZ mvwf©m w`‡q _vwK| Bgv‡RÝx Kj : Rvgvj-07939620645

Free Estimate and work will be carried out according to British Standard. (Building Regulations)


245 Whitechaple Road(1st Floor) Room-1, London E1 1DB. ‡nvqvBP¨vcj AvÛvi MÖvDÛ Gi wbK‡U

kvgxg Avng`

Tel: 0203 6092148 Mob: 07983771979 / 07588661131

AvjnvR¡ nvwdR gvIjvbv Rvwgj Avng`

†` †k i m s ev `

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 13

XvKvq 6 gv‡m 400 †eIqvwik jvk

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XvKv, 02 RyjvB : `yb©xwZi `v‡q cÙv †mZy‡Z A_©vqb Pyw³ evwZj Ki‡jI Av‡Mi †P‡q Kg Li‡P wba©vwiZ mg‡q cÙv †mZyi g~j AeKvVv‡gv wbg©v‡Yi KvR ïiæ n‡e e‡j Rvwb‡q‡Qb †hvMv‡hvMgš¿x Ievq`yj Kv‡`i| wZwb Rvbvb, wek¦e¨vs‡Ki wm×všÍ AvM †_‡K AvuP K‡iB weKí cÖ¯ÍywZ wb‡q‡Q miKvi| mwPevj‡q wbR K‡ÿ wZwb Gme K_v e‡jb| Gi Av‡M AvMvgx †deªyqvwi gv‡mi g‡a¨ cÙv †mZyi wbg©vY KvR ïiæi †NvlYv †`b †hvMv‡hvMgš¿x| IB mg‡qi g‡a¨ KvR ïiæ Ki‡Z bv cvi‡j c`Z¨v‡MiI Bw½Z w`‡qwQ‡jb wZwb| ‡hvMv‡hvMgš¿x Ievq`yj Kv‡`i e‡jb, cÙv †mZyi g~j AeKvVv‡gv wbg©vY ïiæ wb‡q †h mgqmxgvi K_v e‡jwQ Zv †_‡K Avgiv wcwQ‡q †bB| †NvwlZ mgqmxgvi g‡a¨B wbg©vY KvR ïiæ Kivi e¨vcv‡i Avgiv `…pfv‡e Avkvev`x| cÙv †mZy cÖK‡í wek¦e¨vs‡Ki A_©vqb evwZ‡ji wm×všÍ AvKw¯§K n‡jI AcÖZ¨vwkZ bq gšÍe¨ K‡i gš¿x e‡jb, miKvi Av‡MB AvuP Ki‡Z †c‡i G †mZy wbg©v‡Y weKí A_©vq‡bi cÖ¯ÍywZ wb‡q‡Q| cÙv †mZy wbg©v‡Y gvj‡qwkqv cÖ¯Íve w`‡q‡Q Ges AviI `ywU †`k AvM«n †`wL‡q‡Q| weKí A_©vq‡b

cÙv †mZy wbg©vY KvR ïiæ Ki‡j LiP Kg‡e Rvwb‡q wZwb e‡jb, gvj‡qwkqvi cÖ¯Íve we‡ePbv Kiv n‡”Q Ges Rb¯^v_©, A_©‰bwZK ¯^v_© I †`‡ki ¯^v_© we‡ePbvq †i‡LB G cÖ¯Íve P~ovšÍ Kiv n‡e| wZwb e‡jb, weKí A_©vq‡b cÙv †mZy n‡j LiP KgI n‡Z cv‡i| G‡Z RbM‡Yi Ici Avw_©K

Pvc mnbxq ch©v‡q _vK‡e, hv n‡e mvicÖvBR| A_©vq‡bi Rb¨ wek¦e¨vs‡Ki Kv‡Q cybwe©‡ePbvi Av‡e`b Rvbv‡bv n‡e wKbv G cÖ‡kœi Rev‡e gš¿x e‡jb, G wel‡q A_©gš¿x e³e¨ †`‡eb| wek¦e¨vsK wb‡R‡`i `iRv wb‡RivB eÜ K‡i‡Q| Avgiv wb‡R‡`i `iRv wb‡Riv eÜ Kwiwb|

XvKv, 30 Ryb : ivRavbx‡Z MZ 6 gv‡m cÖvq 400 †eIqvwik jvk `vdb Kiv n‡q‡Q| Gi g‡a¨ AímsL¨K jv‡ki cwiPq cvIqv †M‡jI †ewki fvM jv‡ki cwiPq †g‡jwb| XvKv †gwW‡Kj K‡jR nvmcvZvj g‡M©i m~Î Abyhvqx MZ 6 gv‡m 221wU †eIqvwik jv‡ki gqbvZ`šÍ Kiv n‡q‡Q| G Qvov wgU‡dvW© nvmcvZvj gM© m~Î Abyhvqx 72wU jv‡ki gqbvZ`šÍ Kiv n‡q‡Q| Gw`‡K AvÄygvb gywd`yj Bmjvg Rvwb‡q‡Q, PjwZ eQ‡ii ïiæ †_‡K ïµevi ch©šÍ 383wU †eIqvwik jvk `vdb Kiv n‡q‡Q| AÁvZ cwiP‡qi jvk D×v‡ii NUbv evo‡jI Gme NUbvi cywjwk Z`šÍ mvg‡b G‡Mvq bv| jvk kbv‡³ bgybv msMÖn K‡i Gme gvgjvi P‚ovšÍ cÖwZ‡e`b †`Iqv nq ZwiZMwZ‡Z| A_P †h‡Kv‡bv nZ¨vgvgjvi P‚ovšÍ

cÖwZ‡e`b wkMwMi †`Iqv nq bv| cywj‡ki Kg©KZ©viv ej‡Qb, Acg„Zz¨ gvgjvi †ÿ‡Î mywbw`©ó Awf‡hvM bv _vKvq gvgjvi Z`šÍ Kvh©µg `ªæZ †kl Kiv nq| MZ eQ‡ii Zzjbvq PjwZ eQ‡i cÖvq †`o¸Y †eIqvwik jvk `vdb Kiv n‡q‡Q| AímsL¨K jv‡ki cwiPq cvIqv †M‡jI †ewki fvM jv‡ki bvg-cwiPq cvIqv hvqwb| †h Kvi‡Y G-mµvšÍ †Kv‡bv gvgjv n‡jI `xN©w`b a‡i Z`šÍ †k‡l nZ¨vi inm¨ D`&NvU‡b e¨_© nq cywjk| Avi G Kvi‡YB Gme gvgjv P‡j hvq wngvMv‡i| wWGgwc m~Î Rvbvq, PjwZ eQ‡ii 6 gv‡m ivRavbxmn mviv †`‡k cÖvq 2 nvRv‡ii g‡Zv nZ¨vKvÐ N‡U‡Q| Gi g‡a¨ MZ 5 gv‡m nZ¨vKv‡Ð N‡U‡Q 1 nvRvi 697wU| ïay ivRavbx‡ZB MZ 5 gv‡m 1kiI †ewk nZ¨vKvÐ msNwUZ n‡q‡Q|

Gi g‡a¨ kZvwaK g„‡Zi cwiPq cvIqv hvqwb| `xN©w`b XvKv †gwW‡Kj K‡jR nvmcvZv‡ji g‡M© ivLvi ci Zv‡`i AvÄygvb gywd`yj Bmjv‡g cvwV‡q †`Iqv nq| AvÄygvb gywd`yj KZ…©cÿ c‡i jv‡ki `vdb m¤úbœ K‡i _v‡K| XvKv †gwW‡Kj K‡jR nvmcvZv‡ji gM© m~Î Rvbvq, ivRavbx ev Avkcv‡ki †Kv‡bv GjvKvq AÁvZ cwiP‡qi †Kv‡bv jvk cvIqv †M‡j cwÎKvi gva¨‡g Zv weÁvcb AvKv‡i cÖKvk K‡i bv cywjk| Z‡e cwÎKvq †Kv‡bv wi‡cvU© Qvcv n‡j IB m~Î a‡i wewfbœ nvmvcvZv‡ji g‡M© †LuvR wb‡q jvk kbv³ K‡i Zv‡`i ¯^Rbiv| Z‡e G msL¨v LyeB Kg| cywj‡ki wbR¯^ D‡`¨v‡M jvk kbv‡³i †Kv‡bv e¨e¯’v bv Kivq g‡M© cÖvq me mgqB †eIqvwik jvk c‡o _v‡K|

cÖevmx‡`i Rb¨ wKQyB K‡iwb miKvi -we ‡PŠayix

XvKv, 04 RyjvB : weKíaviv evsjv‡`‡ki ‡c«wm‡W›U mv‡eK ivó«cwZ Aa¨vcK G wKD Gg e`iæ‡ÏvRv ‡PŠayix e‡j‡Qb, `yb©xwZevR miKvi c«evmx‡`i cvVv‡bv KóvwR©Z ‰e‡`wkK gy`«v ‡Kv_vq LiP Ki‡Q, ‡`kevmx Zv Rv‡b bv| GK K_vq GB miKvi c«evmx‡`i Kj¨v‡Y wKQyB K‡iwb| wZwb eyaevi ivRavbxi evwiavivi weKíavivi ‡c«wmwWqvg Kvh©vj‡q `‡ji c«evmx ‡bZv‡`i m‡½ Av‡jvPbvi mgq Gme K_v e‡jb| c«evmx ‡bZv‡`i g‡a¨ wQ‡jb jÛb c«evmx weKíaviv hy³ivR¨ kvLvi mfvcwZ AvjnvR¡ ‡gv. Awn`DwÏb I weKíavivi c«evmx welqK m¤úv`K wbDBqK© c«evmx gywbiæj Bmjvg|

we ‡PŠayix e‡jb, GB miKvi ‡`k cwiPvjbvq e¨_© n‡q‡Q| RvZxq Av‡qi wekvj GKwU Ask Av‡m c«evmx‡`i KóvwR©Z ‰e‡`wkK gy`«vi gva¨‡g| wKš‘ miKvi Zv‡`i cvVv‡bv A_© w`‡q wK Ki‡Q, ‡`kevmx Zv Rv‡b bv| c«evmx‡`i Kj¨v‡Y miKvi ‡Kv‡bv c`‡¶cB ‡bqwb Awf‡hvM K‡i wZwb e‡jb, GB miKvi w`b w`b ‡`k‡K aŸs‡mi w`‡K ‡V‡j w`‡”Q| wek¦e¨vs‡Ki FYPyw³ evwZjB GB miKv‡ii mxgvnxb `yb©xwZi GKwU RjšÍ D`vniY| AvMvgx wbe©vPb wb`©jxq ZË¡veavqK miKv‡ii Aax‡b Abyôv‡bi `vwe cybe¨©³ K‡i wZwb G wel‡q RbgZ MV‡bi Rb¨ c«evmx‡`i c«wZ AvnŸvb Rvbvb|

Free Students Service SPECIAL OFFER FOR

College suspended / Revoked!!! No worry.



We have wide range of Institutions / Cheapest fees University / Govt. Funded College

BA / B Sc (Hon’s) 3 years Degree £4000 P/A. ACCA 3 years + MBA Total Fees £6150. B Sc in health & Social Care from £4000 per year MBA start from £3950 Deposit from £2000-£2500.

Highly Trusted:

Bachelor Degree /ACCA / Level 4/5/6 start from £2000.

‘A’ Trusted : CAS from £700-£1200 Glyndwr University We are currently 1. 2. University of Ulster working with 3. Anglia Ruskin University

Office Hours: 10am - 5pm

Global Enterprise & Company Ltd (GEC) 39 Burdett Road (Near Mile End Station) Mile End London E3 4TN Phone- 02089 800 888, Fax- 02089 812 155, Mob- 07838417207; 07921020441 Email : 0r 4. University of Sunderland 5. BPP University College 6. Harriot Watts University

●Special Discount Undergraduate / Post Graduate, Yearly £3200 (with attractive discount) ●Scholarship for BSc / BA (Hons) Yearly Fee £5400 (after scholarship intake ) ●May/July 2012 with 20hours work permit

7. Win Cheister University 8. Huge Range of Highly Trusted /

Public Funded / A-Trusted Colleges.

†` †k i m s ev `

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 14

wmwU Ki‡cv‡ikb n‡jv iscyi

XvKv, 02 RyjvB : iscyi‡K †`‡ki `kg wmwU Ki‡cv‡ikb †NvlYv K‡i cªÁvcb Rvwi K‡i‡Q miKvi| †iveevi bZyb A_©eQ‡ii cª_g w`b †_‡KB G wmwU Ki‡cv‡ik‡bi hvÎv ïiæ n‡q‡Q| ¯’vbxq miKvi wefv‡Mi mwPe Avey Avjg †gv. knx` Lvb Rvbvb, MZ 28 Ryb G wel‡q cªÁvcb Rvwi Kiv n‡q‡Q| AvBb Abyhvqx, cªÁvcb Rvwii 180 w`‡bi g‡a¨ bZyb G wmwU Ki‡cv‡ik‡b wbe©vPb w`‡Z n‡e| G j‡ÿ¨ wkMwMiB iscyi wmwU Ki‡cv‡ik‡b cªkvmK wb‡qvM Kiv n‡e e‡j Rvbvb mwPe| iscyi‡K wmwU Ki‡cv‡ikb †NvlYvi `vwe‡Z ¯’vbxq RbMY `xN© w`b a‡i Av‡›`vjb Pvwj‡q AvmwQ‡jb| bZyb A_©eQi †_‡KB G Ki‡cv‡ik‡bi Rb¨ eivÏ ivLviI `vwe Rvwb‡q AvmwQ‡jb Zviv| iscyi †cŠimfvi eZ©gvb GjvKv QvovI m`i Dc‡Rjvi iv‡R›`ªcyi, nwi‡`ecyi, `k©bv, cïivg, mvZMvov, ZvgcvU, DËg BDwbqb Ges cvk¦©eZ©x cxiMvQv, wgVvcyKyi, e`iMÄ, M½vPov I ZvivMÄ Dc‡Rjvi K‡qKwU BDwbqb iscyi wmwU Ki‡cv‡ik‡bi AšÍf©y³ nq| BwZg‡a¨ 205 eM© wK‡jvwgUvi GjvKv wb‡q wmwU Ki‡cv‡ik‡bi mxgvbv wba©viY Kiv n‡q‡Q| Gi RbmsL¨v n‡”Q 10 jv‡LiI ‡ewk| Gw`‡K iscyi‡K wmwU Ki‡cv‡ikb †NvlYv Kivq me©ÎB Avb‡›`i †Rvqvi eB‡Q| †NvlYvi m‡½ m‡½B †Rjvmn Dc‡Rjvi Avbv‡P- Kvbv‡P ivR‰bwZK msMVbmn wewfbœ mvgvwRK-mvs¯‹…wZK msMV‡bi D‡`¨v‡M Avb›` wgwQj †ei Kiv n‡q‡Q| G mgq Avb‡›` gyLwiZ n‡q I‡V bMi| Av‡e‡M AvcøyZ n‡q G‡K Aci‡K wgwógyL Kwi‡q ey‡K Rwo‡q Avb‡›`i ewncª©Kvk NUvb|

j¾v _vK‡j c`Z¨vM Kiæb †kL nvwmbv‡K Lv‡j`v wRqv

XvKv, 02 RyjvB : cÖavbgš¿x †kL nvwmbv‡K D‡Ïk K‡i weGbwc †Pqvicvimb I we‡ivax`jxq †bZv Lv‡j`v wRqv e‡j‡Qb, cÙv †mZy Bmy¨‡K †K›`ª K‡i †`‡ki ci AvšÍR©vwZK ch©v‡qi `yb©xwZevR wn‡m‡e cwiwPwZ †c‡q‡Q gnv‡RvU miKvi| ZvB b~¨bZg j¾v _vK‡j `yb©xwZi `vq ¯^xKvi K‡i GB gyn~‡Z© miKv‡ii c`Z¨vM Kiv DwPZ| `yb©xwZ avgvPvcv w`‡ZB miKvi mvsevw`K `¤úwZ mvMi-iæwb‡K nZ¨v K‡i‡Q e‡jI Awf‡hvM K‡ib wZwb| wb`©jxq wbi‡cÿ ZË¡veavqK miKv‡ii Aax‡b wbe©vP‡bi e¨e¯’v Ki‡Z Ges †gqv` †kl nIqvi m‡½ m‡½ msm` †f‡O †`qvi `vwe Rvwb‡q Lv‡j`v wRqv e‡jb, bB‡j C‡`i ci Av‡›`vj‡bi K‡Vvi Kg©m~wP w`‡q `yb©xwZevR miKv‡ii cZb wbwðZ Kiv n‡e| †iveevi wbR †Rjv †dbxi wZbwU Dc‡Rjvq eb¨v`yM©Z‡`i gv‡S ÎvYmvgM«x weZiYKv‡j c_mfvq Lv‡j`v wRqv G K_v e‡jb| wZwb `ycyi 2Uvi w`‡K PÆM«vg †_‡K moKc‡_ †dbx n‡q dyjMvRx Dc‡Rjvq G‡m †cuŠ‡Qb| Lv‡j`v wRqv‡K eiY K‡i wb‡Z †dbx kni †_‡K dyjMvRx I ciïivg ch©šÍ mo‡K Aa©kZvwaK †ZviY wbg©vY Kiv nq| Lv‡j`v wRqv‡K †`L‡Z mKvj †_‡KB iv¯Ívi `yÕcv‡k nvRvi nvRvi †bZvKg©x Ges gwnjv A‡cÿv Ki‡Z _v‡Kb| Zviv †eMg wRqv‡K dyj w`‡q ï‡f”Qv Rvbvb| G mgq †eMg wRqvI nvZ †b‡o Zv‡`i ï‡f”Qvi Reve †`b| Zvi AvMgb Dcj‡ÿ Lv‡j`v wRqvi wbe©vPbx GB GjvKvq Drm‡ei Av‡gR †`Lv †`q|

weGbwc †Pqvicvimb eb¨v`yM©Z‡`i gv‡S bM` UvKvmn Ab¨vb¨ ÎvYmvgM«x weZiY K‡ib| ÎvYmvgM«x weZiYc~e© c_mfvq wZwb e‡jb, GLv‡b wZwb †Kv‡bv mfv Ki‡Z ev

mgq AwZµg Ki‡Q| gvby‡li Rvbgv‡ji †Kv‡bv wbivcËv †bB| cÖwZwbqZB gvbyl ¸g n‡”Q| Lv‡j`v wRqv e‡jb, ÔAvIqvgx jxM GKwU e¨_© miKvi| evi evi Zviv GUv

e³e¨ w`‡Z Av‡mbwb| †dbxmn wewfbœ ¯’v‡b eb¨v n‡q‡Q| G‡m‡Qb eb¨vKewjZ gvby‡li †LvuR-Lei wb‡Z| GB `y‡h©vMgq gyn~‡Z© miKv‡ii `vwqZ¡ wQj Zv‡`i cv‡k `vuov‡bv| wKšÍ miKvi Zv K‡iwb| KviY, Zviv n‡”Q jy‡Uiv miKvi| Zviv RbM‡Yi K_v fy‡j wM‡q jyUcv‡U e¨¯Í i‡q‡Q| Zviv †`k‡K †kl K‡i w`‡q‡Q| RbM‡Yi cÖwZ Zv‡`i †Kv‡bv `vwqZ¡ †bB| †`‡ki eZ©gvb cwiw¯’wZ Zy‡j a‡i †dbxevmx‡K wZwb e‡jb, †hLv‡b XvKv kn‡ii gvbyl we`y¨r cvq bv, †mLv‡b Avcbviv †Zv cvb bv ej‡jB P‡j| †`‡k GLb †Kv‡bv KvR †bB| wkÿv cÖwZôv‡b wek…•Ljv Pj‡Q| Pviw`‡K ïay `Lj Avi wkÿv cÖwZôv‡b fwZ©evwYR¨| QvÎjxM Ges hyejxMmn me jx‡Mi AZ¨vPv‡i †`‡ki gvbyl AvR KwVb

cÖgvY K‡i‡Q| hviv AvIqvgx jxM K‡ib, Zv‡`iI wPšÍv Ki‡Z n‡e, GB `j Avcbviv Ki‡eb wKbv| KviY, Avcbviv †`‡ki Rb¨ ivRbxwZ K‡ib| wKš‘ hviv jyUcvU K‡i, Avwg Zv‡`i KvQ †_‡K `~‡i _vK‡Z eje|Õ weGbwc †Pqvicvimb e‡jb, ÔAvgiv wZ¯Ív b`xi cvwb cvB bv| A_P miKvi fviZ‡K mewKQy DRvo K‡i w`‡q w`‡”Q| G m¤ú‡K© msm‡` †Kv‡bv Av‡jvPbvi my‡hvM †`qv nqwb| Ggwciv A‡bK †bvwUk w`‡q‡Qb, wKš‘ miKvi †m¸‡jv‡K Avg‡j †bqwb|Õ wZwb Av‡iv e‡jb, Ô‡Q‡j‡g‡qiv we`y¨‡Zi Afv‡e AvR †jLvcov Ki‡Z cvi‡Q bv| A‡bK wkíKviLvbv eÜ n‡q hv‡”Q| Avgiv Mwie nw”Q, Avi we‡`wkiv eo‡jvK n‡”Q| GB miKvi MZ mv‡o wZb eQ‡i GKwU

Holy Makkah Tours Ltd.



● Lowest Umrah Paceges Available for .......

Ramadan Now ● We are Hajj Booking with Discounts Now! T : 020 8552 4666 F : 020 8552 1600

548a Coventry Road, Smallheath Birmingham B10 0UN

T : 012 1773 4999 F : 0121 773 7717

Booking for Umrah Now All Airlines with Lowest Fare to your home countries.

Kari Md. Obaedullah Amini - 07946008570 Subah Bin-Nazir - 07760884773 II


UK Company. 91252615 VAT Rgister. 849166460

wbe©vPbx Iqv`vI ev¯Íevqb Ki‡Z cv‡iwb|Õ Lv‡j`v e‡jb, wmGbwR WªvBfviiv M¨vm cv‡”Q bv| we`y¨‡Zi †envj Ae¯’v| mv‡eK GB cÖavbgš¿x e‡jb, ÔAvgiv hgybv †mZy K‡iwQ| ˆfie, `vD`Kvw›` I eywoM½vmn A‡bK eo eo †mZy K‡iwQ| wKš‘ †Kv‡bv Awbqg nqwb, `yb©xwZ nqwb| XvKvq Dovj †mZy Avgiv K‡iwQ| †`‡ki me iv¯ÍvNvU Avgiv K‡iwQ| wKš‘ GB miKvi wKQyB K‡iwb| AvIqvgx jxM ïay bvg e`j Ki‡Z cv‡i, wb‡Riv †Kv‡bv KvR Ki‡Z cv‡i bv|Õ wZwb e‡jb, GB miKvi mv‡o wZb eQ‡i †Kv‡bv Dbœqb K‡iwb| Dbœq‡bi UvKv `jxq †jv‡Kiv fvM-fv‡Uvqviv K‡i wb‡q hv‡”Q| †`k `yb©xwZ‡Z †Q‡q †M‡Q| GB miKvi AvR AvšÍR©vwZK `yb©xwZevR wn‡m‡e cÖgvwYZ n‡q‡Q| ZvB wek¦e¨vsK cÙv †mZy‡Z UvKv †`qv eÜ K‡i w`‡q‡Q| Ab¨vb¨ `vZv †`kI Zv‡`i UvKv †`qv eÜ K‡i w`‡q‡Q| weGbwc †Pqvicvimb e‡jb, cÙv †mZyi `yb©xwZi m‡½ cÖavbgš¿xmn Zvi cwiev‡ii m`m¨iv RwoZ| GB miKvi `yb©xwZevR miKvi| we‡`wkiv Avi GB miKvi‡K FY †`‡e bv| Zviv ey‡S †M‡Q, G‡`i UvKv w`‡j me UvKv fvM-fv‡Uvqviv K‡i wb‡q hv‡e| wZwb e‡jb, G‡`i‡K Avi mgq †`qv wVK n‡e bv| G‡`i we`vq Ki‡Z n‡e| Lv‡j`v wRqv e‡jb, GB miKvi gBbywÏb-dLiæÏxb‡`i m‡½ AvuZvZ K‡i ÿgZvq G‡m‡Q| Zviv Rv‡b, myôy wbe©vPb n‡j ÿgZvq Avm‡Z cvi‡e bv| ZvB Zviv ZË¡veavqK miKvi c×wZ evwZj K‡i‡Q|

student3services Official Representative


(20 hours work)

Sunderland Uni.

Support and easy to achieve B1/B2/C1/ESOL Life in the UK & English Certificates for Spouse/Partner Hassel free admission to HTS Colleges/Universities and CAS issues within 2/3 days. UKBA immigration applications by our advisor/Lawyer.

ADMISSION MASTER Happy to voluntarily help and UKBA latest information given by Advocate Khan.


Please contact : Ahsan- 07983806642 AN45C

†` †k i m s ev `

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 15

Lv‡j`v‡K ivRbxwZ nygvq~b Avn‡g‡`i †_‡K Aemi †bIqvi kvixwiK Ae¯’vi DbœwZ 04 RyjvB : RbwcÖq civgk© nvQvb gvngy‡`i XvKv, Jcb¨vwmK nygvq~b Avn‡g‡`i

XvKv, 03 RyjvB : we‡ivax`jxq †bZv I weGbwc †Pqvicvimb †eMg Lv‡j`v wRqv‡K ivRbxwZ †_‡K Aemi †bIqvi civgk© w`‡q cwi‡ek I ebgš¿x W. nvQvb gvngy` e‡j‡Qb, Lv‡j`v wRqv I Zvi cwievi `yb©xwZMÖ¯Í, †m Rb¨B ivRbxwZ †_‡K

Zvi Aemi †bIqv DwPZ| †mvgevi mwPevj‡q cwi‡ek I eb gš¿Yvj‡q mvsevw`K‡`i wZwb Gme K_v e‡jb| mvsevw`K‡`i gva¨‡g Lv‡j`v wRqv‡K G civgk© †`b W. nvQvb gvngy`| Gi Av‡Mi w`b †iveevi Lv‡j`v wRqv cÙv †mZz cÖK‡í `yb©xwZi Awf‡hv‡M wek¦e¨vs‡Ki A_©vqb evwZj Kivq gnv‡RvU miKv‡ii c`Z¨vM `vwe K‡ib| miKv‡ii c`Z¨vM `vwei cwi‡cÖwÿ‡Z cwi‡ek I ebgš¿x nvQvb gvngy` e‡jb, ÿgZvq _vK‡Z Lv‡j`v wRqvi cwievi Kv‡jvUvKv mv`v K‡i ÿgZvi Ace¨envi K‡i‡Qb| mvsevw`K‡`i GK cÖ‡kœi Rev‡e nvQvb gvngy` e‡jb, Lv‡j`v wRqv hLb G miKv‡ii `yb©xwZi K_v e‡jb, cÖavbgš¿x‡KI Rov‡bvi †Póv K‡i wb‡Ri `yb©xwZ XvKvi AccÖqvm Pvjvb, †m Rb¨B G cÖm½ Avm‡Q (Lv‡j`v wRqv‡K Aemi †bIqvi civgk©)| GQvov PÆMÖv‡g cÖavbgš¿xi cwievi m¤ú‡K© Lv‡j`v wRqv †hme Awf‡hvM K‡i‡Qb †mm‡ei †Kv‡bv wfwË †bB e‡jI `vwe K‡ib cwi‡ek I ebgš¿x|

kvixwiK Ae¯’v GLb Av‡Mi †P‡q A‡bKUv fv‡jv e‡j Rvwb‡q‡Qb Zvi wPwKrmK W. wgjvi| wbDBqK© mgq †mvgevi †jL‡Ki kvixwiK Ae¯’vi DbœwZ‡Z m‡šÍvl cÖKvk K‡i W. wgjvi e‡jb, nygvq~b Avn‡g‡`i dzmdz‡m R‡g _vKv cvwb †ei Kiv n‡q‡Q| †hme mgm¨v n‡”Q, †m¸‡jv A‡¯¿vcPvi cieZ©x mg‡qi Rb¨ ¯^vfvweK NUbv| wZwb e‡jb, nygvq~b Avn‡g‡`i GLb †h Ae¯’v, Zv‡Z DwØMœ nIqvi wKQy †bB| Ab¨cÖKv‡ki KY©avi gvRnviæj Bmjvg e‡jb, nygvq~b Avn‡g` fv‡jv Av‡Qb| Avkv KiwQ, mwVK cwiPh©vi ga¨ w`‡q wZwb my¯’ n‡q DV‡eb| Gw`‡K nygvq~b Avn‡g`‡K †`L‡Z Zvi fvB K_vmvwnwZ¨K wkÿK gyn¤§` Rvdi BKevj g½jevi wbDBqK© †cuŠ‡Qb| Aciw`‡K nygvq~b Avn‡g` wba©vwiZ mg‡qi Av‡MB nvmcvZvj †_‡K evmvq wd‡i‡Qb| g½jevi wbDBqK© mgq mKvj 11Uvq nvmcvZvj †_‡K wZwb evmvq †d‡ib| G mgq Zvi 2 †Q‡j wblv` I wbwbZ Zv‡K †c‡q Avb‡›` Rwo‡q a‡i| wPwKrmK Wv. RR© wgjvi Rvbvb, †jL‡Ki kvixwiK Ae¯’vi `ªæZ DbœwZ nIqvq AcÖZ¨vwkZfv‡e Zv‡K evmvq †divi AbygwZ †`Iqv n‡q‡Q| 25 RyjvB Zv‡K AveviI cixÿv Kiv n‡e| wPwKrmKiv 2 mßvn Zv‡K evmvq c~Y© wekÖv‡g _vKvi civgk© w`‡q‡Qb e‡jI wZwb Rvbvb| MZ 12 Ryb A‡¯¿vcPv‡ii ci 5 w`b wbweo cwiPh©v †K‡›`Ö (AvBwmBD) Ges 2 w`b †Kwe‡b _vKvi ci g½jevi evmvq wdi‡jb RbwcÖq G K_vmvwnwZ¨K| D‡jøL¨, wbDBq‡K©i †ejwfD nvmcvZv‡j nygvq~b Avn‡g‡`i †Kvj‡b `xN© mv‡o 6 NÈv mgq wb‡q mdj A‡¯¿vcPvi nq| Gi gva¨‡g K¨vÝvi Qov‡bv wjfv‡ii wZbwU wUDgvi‡KB Ô†jvKvjvBRW A¨v¤^yjvB‡RkbÕ Gi gva¨‡g aŸsm Kiv n‡q‡Q| A‡¯¿vcPv‡i nvmcvZv‡ji mvwR©K¨vj Ab‡KvjwR wefv‡Mi †R¨ô mvR©b W. RR© wgjvi‡K mn‡hvwMZv K‡ib W. W¨vwb‡qj I W. DBwjqvg|

evsjv‡`k gvwb UªvÝdvi

Bangladesh Money Transfer (UK) Limited evsjv‡`‡k UvKv cvVv‡bvi wek¦¯’ I wbf©i‡hvM¨ cÖwZôvb| Avgiv GK hyM a‡i ‰eac‡_ evsjv‡`‡ki Bmjvgx e¨vsK, DËiv e¨vsK I mvD_ B÷ e¨vs‡Ki †h †Kvb kvLvq Next Day Collection mn †h‡Kvb e¨vs‡K Avcbvi KóvwR©Z A_© wbivc‡` wek¦¯ÍZvi mwnZ cvwV‡q _vwK|

PIN- no. G Next Day Collection

Bmjvgx e¨vsK, DËiv e¨vsK I mvD_ Bó e¨vsK, Avj Avivdvn Bmjvgx e¨vsK -Gi gva¨‡g Avgiv UvKv cvwV‡q _vwK|

BMTBank BankDetails: Details: BMT SortCode: Code:20 2072 7291 91 Sort AccountNumber: Number:40226564 40226564 Account

We Provide the best Possible Service London to Dhaka Return £340 + tax London to Sylhet Return £380 + tax


‡`‡k †h‡Z n‡j myjf g~‡j¨ wegvbmn †h‡Kvb GqvijvB‡Ý wU‡KU cv‡eb GLv‡b

evsjv‡`k wegvb, KvZvi GqviI‡qR, Kz‡qZ Gqvi jvBÝ, mvDw`qv Gqvi jvBÝ, GwgivUm& mn Ab¨vb¨ Gqvi jvBÝ wU‡KU †c‡Z AvRB †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb|

World Wide Cargo Service DHL Service provided

GQvovI nR¡ Ges Dgiv cvj‡b Avgv‡`i †mev wbwð‡šÍ MÖnY Kiæb

nR¡ I Igivn eywKs Pj‡Q

* 4 star ‡nv‡Uj e¨e¯’v From 2900/= mvD`x Gqvi jvBÝ †hv‡M

UvKv cvVv‡Z, Gqvi wU‡KU †c‡Z A_ev Kv‡M©v ‡hv‡M gvjvgvj cvVv‡bvi Rb¨ AvRB †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb|

166 Cannon Street Road, London E1 2LH, UK T: 0207 702 8810, F: 0207 702 8860 E: JY19C

webvg~‡j¨ evsjv‡`‡ki DcK‚‡j †bŠ PjvP‡ji my‡hvM cv‡”Q fviZ

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Visit EUROPE !

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Visit EUROPE !!

Visit EUROPE !!!

SCHENGEN VISA We help process VISIT VISA for any country in EUROPE through our RELIABLE & FAST TRACK service plan !!!

We also help You process :►Student Visa (UK & Overseas) ►Entrepreneur Visa ►Canada Immigration Visa

We provide tuition for :►English Language Course ►IELTS Preparation Course ►TOEFL Preparation Course For additional information please do not hesitate to contact:-


Office 1: 405, E1 Business Centre, 7 Whitechapel Road, London-E1 1DU Office 2: 124 Whitechapel Road, London- E1 1JE


Tel Mob

: 020 3176 5260 : 077 3086 9667


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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 16

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nity for Students !!! u t r o p p O t n e m ce Work Pla (Earn while you Learn) Offer of the Month PGD (Level 7) in Strategic Leadership and Excutive Management in RETAIL & HOSPITALITY with paid work placement (Duration-21 month, limited place)

XvKv, 04 RyjvB : PÆM«vg wmwU Ki‡cv‡ik‡bi ‡gqi Gg gbRyi Avjg weGbwc ‡Pqvicvim‡bi Dc‡`óv cwil‡`i m`m¨ g‡bvbxZ n‡q‡Qb| `‡ji MVbZ‡š¿i ¶gZve‡j Lv‡j`v wRqv GB g‡bvbqb ‡`b e‡j Rvwb‡q‡Qb weGbwci hyM¥ gnvmwPe iyûj Kwei wiRfx| GB wb‡qv‡Mi d‡j weGbwc ‡Pqvicvim‡bi Dc‡`óvi msL¨v `vuovj 36| PÆM«vg wmwU K‡c©v‡ik‡bi mv‡e K KvDwÝji gbRyi GK mgq AvIqvgx jxM ‡bZv I mv‡eK ‡gqi GweGg gwnDwÏb ‡PŠayixi Kv‡Qi ‡jvK wn‡m‡m cwiwPZ wQ‡jb| MZ wmwU Ki‡cv‡ikb wbe©vP‡bi Av‡M gbRyi Avjg weGbwc ‡Pqvicvim‡bi m‡½ ‡`Lv K‡i Zvi ‡bZ…‡Z¡i c«wZ AvbyMZ¨ c«Kvk K‡ib| IB mgq wbe©vP‡b Pvi `jxq ‡RvU Zv‡K mg_©bI ‡`q| 2010 mv‡j AbywôZ wbe©vP‡b gwnDwÏb ‡PŠayix‡K wecyj ‡fv‡U nvwi‡q ‡gqi wbe©vwPZ nb gbRyi| Dc‡`óv cwil‡`i m`m¨ g‡bvbxZ Kivq Lv‡j`v wRqvi c«wZ K…ZÁZv Rvwb‡q‡Qb ‡gqi gbRyi|

New Course Degree Foundation Program BSc (Hons) in IT/Computing Systems BSc (Hons) in Nursing/Health & Social Care English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Course for Extended Student visitor visa (11 months)

Top Offers


Level 4/5 course with permission to work from £2500/year Level 6 course (2years) with permission to work from £3000/year. ACCA course at University from £3000/year.


MBA course at University from £3975/year.

For Scholarship and Bursaries contact us

T : 020 3167 4428 M: 075 9039 6484

Foundation Diploma in Law, LLB (Hons), LLM, GDL, BPTC, LPC

MPhil / PhD Program


Unit - 106, E1 Business Centre 7 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1DU (Nearest tube Aldgate East)



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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 17

Rwgq‡Z Djvgv iP‡Wj kvLvi cÖevmx wek¦bv_ Bwjqvm gyw³ msMÖvg wmivZzbœex m‡¤§jb m¤úbœ cwil‡`i mfv AbywôZ

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evsjv G·‡cÖm jÛb †¯úkvj Advi jÛb-XvKv-jÛb


Please call us before you buy a ticket

Avgv‡`i †mevmg~n    

Gqvi wU‡KU  n¾ I Dgivn c¨v‡KR †bv wfmv/ cvm‡cvU© wiwbD/ j÷ cvm‡cvU© Kv‡M©v mvwf©m evsjv‡`k mn mviv we‡k¦ cv‡m©j (DHL Guaranteed 4 Days)

Tel: 02077390057 295 Bethnal Green Road London E2 6AH. Mob : 07412 508 587 07950 830 122

E: W:


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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 18

Puv`cyi †Rjv mwgwZ BD‡Ki AvZ¥cÖKvk

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Travel Club Hajj Group

fvi‡Zi gymjgvb‡`i me©e„nr, Bmjvgx msMVb Rwq‡Z Djvgv wn‡›`i †m‡µUvix †Rbv‡ij I fvi‡Zi ivR¨ mfvi m`m¨ gvIjvbv gvngy` gv`vbxi mv‡_ MZ 22 Ryb Bó jÛ‡b Rwgq‡Z Djvgv BD‡iv‡ci ‡bZ„e„›` GK gZ wewbgq mfvq wgwjZ nb| gZwewbgq mfvq gvIjvbv gvngy` gv`vbx Ggwc e‡jb, evsjv‡`k I fvi‡Zi g‡a¨ eÜzZ¡c~Y© m¤úK© eRvq ivL‡Z Dfq †`k‡K f~wgKv ivL‡Z n‡e| fviZ evsjv‡`k‡K GKwU cÖwZ‡ewk †`k wn‡m‡e cvwbmn mKj b¨vh¨ AwaKvi Aek¨B w`‡Z n‡e| eo †`k wn‡m‡e eo fvB myjf AvPib bq evsjv‡`k‡K Zvi cÖvc¨ AwaKv‡ii †P‡q †ewk w`‡Z n‡e| wZwb Rwgq‡Z Djvgvi Kvh©µg I Kg©ZrciZv wb‡q Dcw¯’Z

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1 20



Under Licence No. moh1525



• A Valid Passport with Minimum 6 months from date of departure. • Meningitis (ACWY) Certificate. • 4 Recent Passport size Photographs.

• 24 Hours Guide, Return air Ticket, Hajj Visa, Hajj Draft. • Food Makkah ,Madina & Mina (Lunch & Dinner) • Accommodation in Makkah & Madina. • Mattress in Mina. • Qurbani Is Not Included on above Packages


gvIjvbv gvngy` gv`vbx Ggwci mv‡_ Rwgq‡Z Djvgvi gZwewbgq

JOB VACANCY We are a leading Bengali Newsweekly looking for

Office Manager/ Accountant

The incumbent must have proficient knowledge of office administration, ability to maintain a high level of accuracy in preparing and entering accounting information. And should be experienced, Self motivated with strong communication skills.

Graphics Designer

Candidate should be experienced, creative, able to read and write Bangla keyboard, must have attention to accuracy & detail.

First 10 days Package

£555 + Tkt

Middle 10 days Package

£595 + Tkt

Candidate should be experienced, innovative, self motivated with strong communications skills.

£1050 + Tkt

If you think you are the right candidate then email or post your CV to.

Last 10 Days Package

Call us on 020 7613 3848 Contact : TRAVEL CLUB LTD, 245 BETHNAL GREEN ROAD, LONDON E2 6AB. Tel: 020 7613 3848 Mobile: 07894 987 536 (Enam), 07956 132 636 ( Nasim) E-Mail:,,

Receptionist or post to the below address: Editor, Bangla Times 117 New Road (1st Floor), London E1 1HJ UK

K wg D wb wU m s ev `

B÷ jÛb gmwR` dyUej Uyb©v‡g›U AbywôZ

MZ 30 Ryb kwbevi AbywôZ n‡jv B÷ jÛb gmwR` dyUej Uyb©v‡g›U| c~e© jÛ‡bi gvBj GÛ dvBf-G-mvBW dyUej wc‡m AbywôZ G Uyb©v‡g‡›U 32wU wUg AskM«nb K‡i| mKvj 10Uv ‡_‡K we‡Kj 4Uv ch©šÍ Uyb©v‡g›U AbywôZ nq| Uyb©v‡g‡›Ui dvBbvj ivDÛ AbywôZ nq gvwiqvg ‡m›Uvi wUg I IqvK© nvDR wU‡gi g‡a¨| G‡Z weRqx nq IqvK© nvDR wUg Ges ivbvi Avc nq gvwiqvg ‡m›Uvi| we‡K‡j AbywôZ cyi¯‹vi weZibx Abyôv‡b AskM«nb K‡ib B÷ jÛb g¯‹ I jÛb gymwjg ‡m›Uv‡ii fvBm ‡Pqvig¨vb AvBqye Lvb, wbe©vnx cwiPvjK ‡`jIqvi ‡nv‡mBb Lvb,

‡U«Rvivi wmivRyj Bmjvg, U«vwó gywne ingvbx I KwgDwb‡Kkb Awdmvi mvjgvb dvwm©| Uyb©v‡g›U Av‡qvR‡bi `vwq‡Z¡ wQ‡jb gmwR‡`i dvÛ‡iBwRs Awdmvi ZR¤§yj Avjx| Zvu‡K mn‡hvwMZv K‡ib gmwR‡`i fjw›Uqvi mvbv wgqv I ‡gvnv¤§` w``vi| cyi¯‹vi weZibx c‡e© msw¶ß e³‡e¨ ‡`jIqvi Lvb Uyb©v‡g‡›U AskM«nbKvix mKj wUg‡K ab¨ev` Rvbvb Ges GB Uyb©v‡g‡›Ui gva¨‡g wec~j msL¨K ZiæY gmwR‡`i mv‡_ m¤ú…³ n‡q‡Qb| Avwg Avkvev`x Zv‡`i GB m¤ú…³Zv gmwR‡`i Dbœq‡b BwZevPK fywgKv ivL‡e| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 19

weªwUk miKv‡ii cÖwZ Bwjqvm gyw³ msMÖvg cwil‡`i Avnevb

MZ 3 RyjvB g½jevi c~e© jÛ‡b eygyb wgwWqv †m›Uv‡i weGbwci ‡K›`«xq mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K, wm‡jU ‡Rjv weGbwci mfvcwZ I mv‡eK msm` m`m¨ Gg Bwjqvm Avjxi mÜv‡bi `vex‡Z Bwjqvm gyw³ msMÖvg cwil` hy³iv‡R¨i D‡`¨v‡M Av‡qvwRZ wekvj cÖwZev` mgv‡e‡k cÖavb AwZw_i e³‡e¨ hy³ivR¨ weGbwci AvnevqK Gg G gv‡jK e‡j‡Qb, Gg Bwjqvm Avjx ¸‡gi NUbvi mv‡_ miKvi mivmwi RwoZ| cÖwZev` mfvq e³viv e‡jb, miKvi †`‡k we‡ivax `jxq †bZv Kg©xi ¸g, nZ¨v, wbh©vZb, wg_¨v gvgjv w`‡q Pig gvbevwaKvi jsNb K‡i hv‡”Q| Zv‡`i `yb©xwZi Kvi‡b wek¦ e¨vsK Aby`vb wdwi‡q wb‡q‡Q| Kv‡RB Bwjqvm Avjx ¸‡gi MVbvmn `yb©xwZi Kvi‡b †kL nvwmbvi Avmbœ hy³ivR¨ md‡ii wfmv evwZ‡ji `vex Rvwb‡q‡Qb msMV‡bi †bZviv| msMV‡bi mfvcwZ AvjnvR¡ iBQ Avjxi mfvcwZ‡Z¡ AbywôZ cÖwZev` mfv †hŠ_fv‡e cwiPvjbv K‡ib hy³ivR¨ hye`j mvaviY m¤úv`K Avãyj evwQZ ev`kv, hy³ivR¨ QvÎ`‡ji mfvcwZ Rwmg DwÏb †mwjg, wek¦bv_ _vbv QvÎ`j hye`j mgbœq cwil` hy³iv‡R¨i mvaviY m¤úv`K †meyj wgqv| mfvq cÖavb AwZw_ wn‡m‡e e³e¨ iv‡Lb hy³ivR¨ weGbwci AvnevqK Gg G gv‡jK, we‡kl AwZw_ wn‡m‡e e³e¨ iv‡Lb hy³ivR¨ weGbwci mv‡eK mfvcwZ gywn`yi ingvb, Bwjqvm gyw³ msMÖvg cwil` hy³iv‡R¨i mvaviY m¤úv`K I hy³ivR¨ weGbwci mv‡eK mn-mfvcwZ AvjnvR¡ ˆZgyQ Avjx, †K›`ªxq hye`‡ji mv‡eK mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K AvwkKzi ingvb AvwkK, wm‡jU gnvbMi weGbwci mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K Kwgkbvi K‡qm †jv`x, hy³ivR¨ weGbwci AvnevqK KwgwUi m`m¨ AvLZvi †nv‡mb UzUzj, Avãyj nvwg` †PŠayix, kvgxg Avng`, LQiæ¾vgvb Lmiæ, weGbwc †bZv AvLZvi †nv‡mb, nvRx bwQi wgqv, nvRx Avãyi ie, wek¦bv_ Dc‡Rjv cwil‡`i fvBm †Pqvig¨vb †MŠQ Lvub, hy³ivR¨ hye`‡ji mv‡eK

mfvcwZ g`wiQ Avjx ev`kv, UvIqvi n¨vg‡jUm weGbwci mfvcwZ RvKx BKevj †nv‡mb w`‡jvqvi, hy³ivR¨ hye`‡ji mv‡eK mvaviY m¤úv`K gqyi wgqv, wek¦bv_ _vbv QvÎ`j hye`j mgbœq cwil‡`i mfvcwZ AvKjyQ wgqv, weGbwc †bZv Gg`v` †nv‡mb †PŠayix, b_©I‡qó weGbwci mn mfvcwZ gywReyi ingvb, Avãym

ingvb wjUb, dqRyj Bmjvg, mwdK DwÏb cÖgyL| mfvq e³vi e‡jb, MZ 17 Gwc«j iv‡Z XvKvi ivRc_ ‡_‡K ‡K›`«xq weGbwci mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K Gg Bwjqvm Avjx‡K miKv‡ii G‡RÝxi ‡jvKRb AcniY K‡i ¸g K‡i ‡i‡L‡Q| Bwjqvm Avjxi mÜvb I Zv‡K ‡diZ ‡`qvi `vex‡Z wek¦bv_mn e…nËi wm‡j‡Ui gvbyl hLb

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Av‡›`vjbiZ, we¶yä, ZLbB miKvi cwiKwíZfv‡e Bwjqvm Avjxi mÜv‡bi Av‡›`vjb evbPvj Kivi Rb¨ loh‡š¿i c_ ‡e‡Q wb‡q‡Q| hvi avivevwnKZvq wek¦bv‡_ cywj‡ki ¸wj‡Z 3 Rb‡K kvnv`Z eiY Ki‡Z n‡q‡Q| nvRvi nvRvi wek¦bv_evmxmn weGbwc I A½ msMV‡bi ‡bZvKg©x‡`i bv‡g wg_¨v I lohš¿g~jK gvgjv `v‡qi K‡i nqivbx Kiv n‡”Q| Bwjqvm Avjxi mÜv‡bi Av‡›`vjb‡K wfbœLv‡Z c«evwnZ Ki‡Z miKvi D‡Ïk¨g~jKfv‡e 7Rb ‡Pqvig¨vb‡K mvgwqK eiLv¯Í K‡i‡Q| hv AMYZvwš¿K, ‰bwZKZv weewR©Z| mfvq ‡bZ…e…›` e‡jb, Av`vjZ KZ©…K P~ovšÍfv‡e ‡`vlx mve¨¯’ bv nIqv ch©šÍ KvD‡K eiLv¯Í Kiv m¤ú~Y© AbywPZ Ges AMYZvwš¿K| mfvi ïiæ‡Z cweÎ †KviAvb †ZjvIqvZ K‡ib Rqbvj Av‡ew`b| mfv ‡k‡l †`vqv cwiPvjbv K‡ib gv`vwbqv I‡qj‡dqvi Uªv‡ói mvaviY m¤úv`K nvwdR †nvmvBb Avng`| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß



We provide the following legal services:


4Immigration 4Criminal Law 4Housing Law 4Civil Litigation 4 Divorce 4Citizenship 4 Welfare Rights 4 Entrepreneur 4 Civil Penalty for employers

GLb †e_bvj MÖx‡b 339 Bethnal Green Road, London E2 6IG Tel : 020 7613 1444

Head of Practice

KmPvw hOKÓ IJTwte

KnK\a KnxJ S ¸JCx ßxPauPo≤ KnxJr mqJkT kKrmftj IJxPZ pgJâPo - 1uJ \MuJA, 9 A \MuJA 2012 AÄ ßgPTÇ jfáj S TPbJr Kj~Por ^JPouJ FzJPf FUjA IJPmhj TrJr CkpMÜ xo~Ç IJxMj IJoJPhr IJAjL ßxmJxoNy pJYJA TPr ßhUMjÇ ßmAu, KyCoqJj rJAax, KuPVKx, ˆáPc≤ FZJzJ IJAjL ßp ßTJj KmwP~ 4 IJorJ KnxJ/IJKku Fr mqJkJPr hãÇ IJoJPhr xJPg ßpJVJPpJV TrPf kJPrjÇ 4 IJorJ FTKhPjr oPiq ßyJo IKlx ßgPT KnxJ

108A Whitechapel Road First Floor, London E1 1JE T: 020 7375 0062, F: 020 7247 9541 E-mail: Emergency : 07951 363 998

TKrP~ IJKj, ßyJo IKlPxr Same Day Service Fr \jq IJorJ FTKa ßrK\ˆct k´KfÔJjÇ

4 IJorJ FjnJ~rjPo≤ ßyug KrPkJPatr mqJkJPr xyJ~fJ TrPf kJKrÇ

IJkjJrJ mJÄuJ / KxPuKa nJwJ~ IJoJPhr IKnù IJAjùPhr krJovt KjjÇ

This firm is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

K wg D wb wU m s ev `

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 20

w`ivB _vbv ‡W‡fjvc‡g›U A‡M©bvB‡Rkb Bd‡ZLvi ‡nv‡mb kvgxg ¯§i‡Y BD‡Ki evwl©K mvaviY mfv AbywôZ ‡mvqvbmx AvIqvgx jx‡Mi ‡kvK mfv

MZ 24 Ryb c~e© jÛ‡bi ¯’vbxq GKwU n‡j w`ivB _vbv ‡W‡fjvc‡g›U A‡M©bvB‡Rkb BD‡Ki evwl©K mvaviY mfv AbywôZ nq| msMV‡bi mfvcwZ KvBqyg wgqvi mfvcwZ‡Z¡ Ges mvaviY m¤úv`K wbqvRyj Bmjvg ‡PŠayixi cwiPvjbvq I kwn`yj Bmjvg bRiæj Gi ‡KviAvb ‡ZjvIqv‡Zi gva¨‡g AbywôZ mfvi c«avb AwZw_ wn‡m‡e Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb UvIqvi n¨vg‡jUm Gi ¯úxKvi KvDwÝji ivwRe Avn‡g` Ges we‡kl AwZw_ wn‡m‡e Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb UvIqvi n¨vg‡jU‡mi mv‡eK ‡gqi msMV‡bi Dc‡`óv gÛjxi m`m¨ Avãyj AvwRR m`©vi, Dc‡`óv GgG jwZd ‡Rwc, bvRgyj ûmvBb ‡PŠayix, GgG gbvd Ges mn mfvcwZ kvnvbyi ‡PŠayix| msMV‡bi evwl©K wnmve ‡ck K‡ib

‡Kvlva¨¶ Avwgiæj nK| Ab¨vb¨‡`i g‡a¨ Dcw¯’Z ‡_‡K e³e¨ iv‡Lb BKevj ûmvBb, kvgmyj nK ‡PŠayix, nviæb wgqv, Lv‡j` ‡iRv Lvub, ‡mwjg m`©vi, Aveyj nvmbvZ, AvKZvi ûmvBb, kvnRvnvb wgqv, ‡gvt Rvnvb wgqv, Avãyj Kvnvi, Avãyj Avjx, gvmyK Avn‡g`, wecøe m`©vi Ges evsjv‡`k ‡_‡K AvMZ AvwZKyi ingvb c«gyL| Ab¨vb¨‡`i g‡a¨ Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb msMV‡bi c«wZôvZv mvaviY m¤úv`K gvneye ûmvBb, e¨vwi÷vi kvgxg ‡PŠayix, Avãyj Kvw`i, wmwRj wgqv, Lmiæ wgqv, AvwmK wgqv, Avik Avjx, RMjy wgqv, Avãyj Mddvi, gwR` wgqv, Bmjvg DwÏb, dLi DwÏb, Avwgiæj nK wdiæR, nvRx gbZvR wgqv c«gyL| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

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†mvmvBwU Ad c‡qwÆ GÛ BwÛqvb wgDwRK Gi cwi‡ekbvq Dcgnv‡`‡ki MRj wKse`šÍx m`¨ cÖqvZ †gn`x nvmvb I RMwRZ wms ¯§i‡Y GK †gŠb weayi aªæc`x MRj mܨvi Av‡qvRb Kiv n‡q‡Q| P¨v‡bj AvB n‡j AbywôZe¨ GB †gvgevwZ mܨvq MRj MvB‡eb KjKvZvi cÖL¨vZ kv¯¿xq m½xZ wkíx P›`ªv PµeZ©x, cvwK¯Ív‡bi weL¨vZ MRj wkíx Rv‡f` evwki, †gn`x nvmv‡bi Nwbô mnPi wkíx gyLZvi gxi Ges cvwK¯Ívb †_‡K AvMZ weL¨vZ MRj wkíxe„›`| wKse`šÍxZzj¨ Kwe

wgR©v Mvwje iwPZ MR‡ji Bs‡iRx ms¯‹iY †_‡K Ave„wË Ki‡eb Kwe I cvðvZ¨ K¬vwmK¨vj m½xZ

wkíx GwiK wkwjÛvi| AvMvgx 8 RyjvB iweevi mܨv mv‡o mvZUv †_‡K ïiæ n‡q Abyôvb ivZ mv‡o `kUv ch©šÍ Pj‡e| MRj mܨvi MY-gva¨g mn‡hvwMZvq i‡q‡Qb P¨v‡bj AvB BD‡ivc, bvix g¨vMvwRb Ges mvßvwnK cwÎKv| we¯ÍvwiZ Z‡_¨i Rb¨ †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb Agj †cvÏvi-07718662890, ‰mq`v bvRbxb myjZvbv wkLv-07956141916, Kwe kvnbvR myjZvbv-079402454546| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

Avj&-nvivgvBb BD‡K Uªv‡fjm wjt (nR¡ I Igivn †¯úkvwj÷) Avgv‡`i mvwf©m mg~n t ► wbR¯^ ZË¡veav‡b nR¡ I Igivi my‡hvM myweav ► g°v I gw`bv kix‡d DbœZgv‡bi _vKvi e¨e¯’v ► GKvšÍ wbR¯^ MvBW KZ©„K nR¡ I Igivn cvjb

Kivi e¨e¯’v| ► Avgv‡`i i‡q‡Q 10 erm‡ii cÖZ¨ÿ¨ AwfÁZv| ► ‡h †Kvb Gqvi jvB‡Ýi wU‡K‡Ui e¨e¯’v|

c¨v‡KR- £3200 we¯ÍvwiZ Rvbvi Rb¨ †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb‰mq` Avgvbyj nK- 07944779988 gvIjvbv Avßve DwÏb - 07762879137 ‡gvt Avneve †nv‡mb - 07988641407

eZ©gv‡b n‡R¡i eywKs Pwj‡Z‡Q|

Avgv‡`i mvwf©m GKevi hvPvB Kiæb|

193A Whitechapel Rd (1st floor), London E1 1DN Phone No. 0207

‡mvqvbmx AvIqvgxjxM mvaviY m¤úv`K ‡Mvjvg Avey mv‡jn my‡qe, nvweeyi ingvb gKeyj, Avãyi ingvb gbv, kvgxg Avng`, ‡mwjg Avng`, gyywneyi ingvb gywne, iwKeyi ingvb, Aveyj Kvjvg gywgb, dLiæj Bmjvg, evnvDwÏb cvcjy, wknve DwÏb, gywReyi ingvb, cvi‡fR Avng`, wmZve Avjx, iæûj Avgxb, GgG iDd, gbni Avjx, Kvgvj Avng`, dyjix wgqv c«gyL| mfvq e³viv e‡jb, Bd‡ZLvi ‡nv‡mb kvgx‡gi g…Zy¨‡Z GKRb ‡`k ‡c«wgK msM«vgx gvbyl I wm‡j‡Ui gvwU I gvby‡li ‡bZv wQ‡jb| Zvui g…Zy¨‡Z ïay AvIqvgx jx‡Mi bq gyw³‡hv‡×i ¯^c‡¶i Ac~ibxq ¶wZ n‡q‡Q| mfvq ‡mvqvbmx QvovI KvwW©d, wbD‡cvU© Gi c«evmx ev½vjxiv Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb| ‡cÖm weÁwß


m¯Ív I wbwðZ åg‡Yi Rb¨ Avgv‡`i mv‡_ †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb|

AL-Haramain UK Ltd.


nq| ‡mvqvbmx AvIqvgxjx‡Mi mfvcwZ iwKe wgqvi mfvcwZ‡Z¡ I hyejxM m¤úv`K ‡di‡`Šm ingvb Gi cwiPvjbvq AbywôZ ‡kvK mfvq c«avb AwZw_ wn‡m‡e Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb evjvMÄ Dc‡Rjv AvIqvgxjx‡Mi mvaviY m¤úv`K, mv‡eK ‡Pqvig¨vb ‡gvt Avbnvi wgqv I we‡kl AwZw_ wn‡m‡e Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb hy³ivR¨ AvIqvgxjx‡Mi ‡K›`«xq m`m¨ Rvw÷m di evsjv‡`k ‡R‡bvmvBW 1971Bb BD‡Ki Kb‡fbvi mv‡eK Qv·bZv gbmyi Avng` gwKm| mfvi ïiæ‡ZB giû‡gi we`vqx AvZ¥vi gvM‡divZ Kvgbvmn ‡`vqv I cweÎ ‡KviAvb ‡_‡K ‡ZjvIqvZ K‡ib wbD‡cvU© hyejxM mn mvaviY m¤úv`K Avbnvi Avjx| giû‡gi eY©vX¨ ivR‰bwZK Kg©gq Rxe‡bi Dci Av‡jvPbvq Ask ‡bb gyw³‡hv×v gy¯ÍvwdRyi ingvb gvwbK,

247 2535

Book for Umrah 2012 Agents, please contact for your block Booking

Avgiv evsjv‡`kmn c„w_evi †h †Kvb †`‡k åg‡Yi Rb¨ m¯Ívq wU‡K‡Ui e¨e¯’v K‡i _vwK| Gwkqv, wgWjB÷, Avwd«Kv, BD‡ivc,dviB÷, Av‡gwiKv Ges KvbvWv åg‡Yi Rb¨ m¯Ívq wU‡KU w`‡q _vwK|

Avgiv 24 N›Uv †mev cÖ`vb K‡i _vwK

For information please call on our 24 hour Hotline

020 8552 2033

Hillside Travels (Worldwide Travel Service)

388 Green Street, Upton Park, London T: 020 8552 2033 Fax: 020 8552 7538 Email:

394A Green Street, (Next to Tube Station) Upton park,London, E13 9AP T: 0208 552 9888 Fax: 0208 552 7538 Email:


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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 21

e„wUk Gwkqvb Avwd«Kv B›Uvib¨vkbvj †W‡fjvc‡g›U †mvmvBwUi wbev©Pb m¤úbœ

MZ 1 RyjvB I‡qó jÛ‡bi †ióz‡i‡›U BD‡K Gi e„wUk Gwkqvb Avwd«Kv B›Uvib¨vkbvj †W‡fjvc‡g›U †mvmvBwU weGGAvBwWGm- Gi GwRGg I wbev©Pb AbywôZ nq| mfvi ïiæ‡Z cweÎ †KviAvb †ZjvIqv‡Zi gva¨‡g mv‡eK evsjv‡`‡ki KvbvwWqvb GbwRI-Gi wUg wjWvi wgiv eo––qvi mfvcwZ‡Z¡ I wgRvbyi ingvb wgRv‡bi cwiPvjbvq cÖavb AwZw_ I wbev©Pb Kwgkbvi wn‡m‡e Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb

mv‡eK mfvcwZ GGdGg gwZDi ingvb, we‡kl AwZw_ wn‡m‡e wQ‡jb e¨vwióvi Gm jv‡i| e³e¨ iv‡Lb be wbhy³ mnmfvcwZ wgbvi ZvjyK`vi, weGGAvBwWGm dvD‡Ûk‡bi cÖwZôvZv †Pqvig¨vb ivwKe GBP iæ‡nj| cÖavb AwZw_ e‡jb, e„wUk Gwkqvb Avwd«Kv B›Uvib¨vkbvj †W‡fjvc‡g›U †mvmvBwU mwZ¨B gvby‡li Kj¨v‡b †h KvR Ki‡Q Zv cÖkskvi

`vex`vi| Avgiv mK‡j wg‡j weGGAvBwWGmGi AMÖhvÎv Av‡iv GK avc GwM‡q wb‡q †h‡Z n‡e| wZwb weGGAvBwWGm-Gi mvdj¨ Kvgbv K‡i mevB‡K ab¨ev` Rvbvb| e„wUk Gwkqvb Avwd«Kv B›Uvib¨vkbvj †W‡fjvc‡g›U †mvmvBwU dvD‡Ûk‡bi cÖwZôvZv †Pqvig¨vb ivwKe GBP iæ‡nj Zvi e³e¨ e‡jb, weGGAvBwWGm-Gi BwZK_v I e„ËvšÍ †Zv‡j a‡i e‡jb, weGGAvBwWGm

GKwU AivR‰bwZK, AjvfRbK ms¯’v, GB ms¯’vwU ïiæ nq 1995 mv‡j wbDwRj¨vÛ †_‡K| Zvi †eZ‡bi GKwU Ask Ges e¨emvi jf¨sk Kvógv‡ii wUcm †_‡K ïiæ K‡ib evsjv‡`‡ki wewfbœ cÖ‡R‡±| wZwb Av‡iv e‡jb, Avwg hLb jÛ‡b Avwm 1997 mv‡j ZLb wb‡Ri e¨emv ïiæ K‡ib Ges cÖ_g GK gv‡mi †eZb w`‡q ïiæ nq Zvi jÛ‡bi weGGAvBwWGm-Gi hvÎv| wZwb


er for Special off ndon -Lo London-Dhaka


Av‡iv e‡jb, Avgvi ¯¿x jvebx †nv‡mb Gi Rgv‡bv UvKv I Zvnvi †g‡qi wUwcb bv †L‡q ‡ek K‡qK eQ‡ii UvKv e„wUk Gwkqvb Avwd«Kv B›Uvib¨vkbvj †W‡fjvc‡g›U †mvmvBwU-Gi dv‡Û w`‡q †`b Rb¯^v‡_©| wZwb Av‡iv e‡jb, ms¯’vi mevB‡K ab¨ev` AvR‡Ki Abyôv‡bi mdj Kivi Rb¨ I ms¯’vi mvwe©K mn‡hvMxZvi Ges AMÖMwZi Rb¨ Aby‡iva Rvbvb| weGGAvBwWGmGi KwgwUi †UªRvivi mv‡Ki Avjg mfvi mKj‡K ab¨ev` I weMZ mg‡qi Avq e¨‡qi wnmv‡e †ck K‡ib| cÖavb AwZw_ I wbev©Pb Kwgkbvi D³ Abyôv‡b me©m¤§wZ µ‡g cyivZb KwgwU †f‡½ bZzb Kvh©Kwi KwgwU †Nvlbv K‡ib| KwgwU‡Z mfvcwZ wbev©wPZ nb ivwKe GBP iæ‡nj, mn mfvcwZ wgbvi ZvjyK`vi, mvavib m¤úv`K wgRvbyi ingvb wgRvb, mn mvavib m¤úv`K ˆmq` mv¾v` †nv‡mb, mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K j¶b m~Î ai, †Kvlva¨¶ mv‡Ki Avjg, gwnjv welqK I mvwnZ¨ welqK m¤úv`K wgiv eo–qv, cÖPvi m¤úv`K †gvkviid †nv‡mb wicb, mn cÖPvi m¤úv`K iæûj Avwgb iæ‡nj Ges Kvh©Kwi m`m¨/m`m¨viv n‡jb, gy‡k©` Avng` wjUb, ˆmq`v ‡Kvwnbyi ZvjyK`vi, jvebx †nv‡mb,cvifxb †nv‡mb, mvwR` iæwg, iæwe ingvb| KwgwU †Nvlbvi ci Dcw¯’Z mK‡j beMwVZ KwgwUi mvwe©K Dbœq‡b GKvZ¡Zv †Nvlbv I GwM‡q hvIqvi Avkvev` e¨³ K‡ib| c‡i GK ga¨vý ‡fv‡Ri Av‡qvRb Kiv nq Ges mK‡j weGGAvBwWGm-Gi weMZ w`‡bi KvR¸wji GKUv cÖvgvb¨ wPÎ cÖ`k©bx nq| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

Special discount for Students

Worldwide Air Ticket Passport Renew No Visa Bank Transfer Next Day service (PIN NO.) Worldwide Courier (72 hours service) University admission in UK College transfer with in UK

wRGmwm dzUej Uzb©v‡g›U m¤úbœ

MZ 1 RyjvB iweevi we‡j‡Zi Ziæb cÖRb¥‡K †MÖUvi wm‡jU KvDw݇ji mv‡_ m¤ú„³ Ki‡Z avivevwnK Kg©m~wPi Ask wn‡m‡e ‡MÖUvi wm‡jU KvDwÝj mvD_Bó wiwRI‡bi D‡`¨v‡M Av‡qvwRZ dzUej Uzb©v‡g›U k¨vWy‡qj cv‡K© AbywôZ nq| Uzb©v‡g‡›U 4wU `j Ask MÖnb K‡i| AskMÖnb Kvix `j ¸wj n‡”Q mvD_ Bó UvBMvi, Bó

wn‡m‡e Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb wRGmwmi †cUªb wewkó KwgDwbwU †bZv †KGg Avey Zv‡ni †PŠayix| cyi¯‹vi weZibx Abyôv‡b ¯^vMZ e³e¨ iv‡Lb ‡¯úvU©m †m‡µUvix wgR©v AvdRi †eM| Abyôv‡b Ziæb cÖRb¥‡K †Ljvayjvq Av‡iv †ewk m¤c„³ nIqvi Avnevb Rvwb‡q e³e¨ iv‡Lb wRGmwm †K›`ªxq †bZv GgG gvbœvb, W: †ivqve

jÛb kvLv, G‡m· kvLv I wRGmwm †m›Uªvj| dvBbv‡j Zxeª cÖwZØwÜZv c~Y© †Ljvq 3-1 †Mv‡j wRGmwm †m›Uªvj‡K civwRZ K‡i P¨vw¤úqvb nq Bó jÛb kvLv| Uzb©v‡g‡›U wecyj msL¨K Ziæb- hyeK‡`i Dcw¯’wZ Uzb©v‡g›U‡K ‡ek AvKl©bxq K‡i Zz‡j| dvBbvj †Ljv †k‡l cyi¯‹vi weZibx Abyôv‡b mfvcwZZ¡ K‡ib mvD_ Bó wiwRI‡bi †Pqvi byiæj Bmjvg gvneye Ges AbyôvbwU cwiPvjbv K‡ib mvaviY m¤úv`K W: gywReyi ingvb| Abyôv‡b cÖavb AwZw_ wn‡m‡e Dcw¯’Z ‡_‡K P¨vw¤úqvb‡`i nv‡Z Uªwd Zz‡j ‡`b wRGmwmi †K›`ªxq †Pqvicvm©b e¨vwióvi AvZvDi ingvb| we‡kl AwZw_

DwÏb, Avkivdyj nK, mvD_ Bó wiwRI‡bi †UªRvivi †gv: mvgQyj nK, G‡m· kvLvi mfvcwZ dqRyi ingvb, mvaviY m¤úv`K dRjyi Kwig †PŠayix, †UªRvivi Avãyj nK Avey, Bó jÛb kvLvi mfvcwZ Gg G Mdzi, mvaviY m¤úv`K Avãyj gvwjK KzwU, dviæK Avng` cÖgyL| Uzb©v‡g‡›U †c¬qvi Ae `¨v Uzb©v‡g›U wbe©vwPZ nb iæûj Avwgb Ges m‡e©v”P ‡Mvj`vZv nb mv‡ivqvi †nv‡mb| †Ljvq †icvwii `vwqZ¡ cvjb K‡ib GgG Lv‡jK I Avãyj Kv‡`i| Uzb©v‡g›UwU ¯úÝi K‡i ‡RGgwR GqviKv‡M©v, jwjcc Wvqbvi, †e½j Gqvi Uªv‡f©jm I wmwU wcÖ›U GÛ wWRvBb| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß



ŗ ŗ



Email: 180 Mile End Road London, E1 4LJ, UK

college london college london

college germany

college dhaka

Duru House, 101 Commercial Road, London, E1 1RD T: +44 (0) 20 7426 0704 E:

K wg D wb wU m s ev `

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 22

evsjv KvM‡Ri D‡`¨v‡M cweÎ igRv‡bi Zvrch© I Avgv‡`i ‡ndvR‡Z Bmjv‡gi evwl©K IqvR gvnwdj AbywôZ KwgDwbwUi `vwqZ¡‡eva kxl©K Av‡jvPbv mfv AbywôZ

igRv‡bi cweÎZv i¶v Ges wmqvg mvabvi gv‡m mKj ai‡bi Lvivc Af¨vm †_‡K weiZ _vKvi Avnevb Rvwb‡q evwg©snv‡g ÔÔcweÎ igRv‡bi Zvrch© I Avgv‡`i KwgDwbwUi `vwqZ¡‡evaÕÕ

kxl©K GK Av‡jvPbv AbywôZ n‡q‡Q| Bsj¨vÛ †¯úb I evsjv‡`k †_‡K cÖKvwkZ msev`cÎ evsjv KvM‡Ri D‡`¨v‡M igRvb‡K mvg‡b †i‡L MZ 3 RyjvB g½jevi evwg©snv‡gi wm·I‡q weR‡bm †m›Uv‡i GK Av‡jvPbv AbywôZ nq| evsjv KvM‡Ri †Pqvig¨vb AvRv` Aveyj Kvjv‡gi mfvcwZ‡Z¡ I ‡m‡µUvix AvjnvR¡ Lmiæ Lv‡bi cwiPvjbvq Av‡jvPbvq Ask †bb evsjv‡`kx weR‡bm †dviv‡gi mfvcwZ AvjnvR¡ dqRyi ingvb †PŠayix GgweB, evwg©snvg evsjv †cÖmK¬v‡ei mfvcwZ I †iwWI G‡·‡ji evsjv wefv‡Mi cÖavb †gv¯Ídv †PŠayix hyeivR, evwg©snvg evsjv‡`kx weR‡bm G‡mvwm‡qk‡bi mfvcwZ Avjnv&R¡ Avãyj gv‡jK cvi‡fR, I‡qó wgWj¨vÛm weGbwci mvaviY m¤úv`K mv‡`K myjZvb gmy`, evsjv KvM‡Ri Dc‡`óvgÛjxi

mfvcwZ Avãyj †gvËvwje †PŠayix †key, evsjv KvM‡Ri WvB‡i±i Avãyj Kvw`i Aveyj, ˆmq` Kexi Avn‡g`, Dc‡`óv kvwKKzi ingvb †PŠayix kvwnb, Avey Gm Gg Iqvwn`, Avãyj nvwg`,K wgDwbwU

e¨w³Z¡ ‡gvnv¤§` nvmvb, mgyR wgqv, wbRvg DwÏb, Avãyi iv¾vK, Avmv` DwÏb, gydZx ZvRyj Bmjvg, †mev †Kqv‡ii †gvt Avãyj gywnZ, Kjvwgó Avjx CmgvBj, evsjv KvM‡Ri wbe©vnx m¤úv`K wiqv` Avnv`, P¨v‡bj Gm I mvßvwnK evsjv †cv‡÷i evwg©snvg cÖwZwbwa GBPGg Avkivd Av‡ng`, P¨v‡bj AvB evwg©snvg cÖwZwbwa Avãyj Avnv` mygb, GwUGb evsjv evwg©snvg cÖwZwbwa AvwRRyi ingvb wniY cÖg~L| e³viv igRv‡bi mgq a~gcvb cwiZ¨vM Kivi †gv¶g mgq e‡j D‡jøL K‡i e‡jb, igRvb gv‡mi wmqvg mvabvq GKRb gvby‡li bvbv e`Af¨vm cwic~Y©fv‡e cwiZ¨vM Kiv‡Z AZ¨šÍ mn‡hvwMZv K‡i| Av‡jvPbvq igRvb gv‡m Wvq‡ewUm wbqš¿‡Y ivLvi wel‡q ¯^-¯^ Wv³v‡ii civgk© †bevi wel‡qI Aby‡iva Kiv nq| Av‡jvPbvi ïiæ‡Z e„‡Ub mdiiZ

evsjv‡`‡ki cÖavbgš¿x KZ…©K GIqvW©cÖvß Lvgvix ˆmq` Bw`ªm Avjx‡K KwgDwbwUi c¶ †_‡K dz‡ji †Zvov I bvbv Dcnvi w`‡q ¯^vMZ Rvbvb evsjv KvM‡Ri WvB‡i±i Aveyj gCb †PŠayix mygb I

P¨v‡bj AvB evwg©snvg cÖwZwbwa Avãyj Avnv` mygb| igRvb wb‡q GB Av‡jvPbvq evwg©snv‡gi evsjv‡`kx KwgDwbwUi wewfbœ †bZ…e„›` Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb|

MZ 25, 26 I 27 Ryb weKvj 5Uv †_‡K Gkv ch©šÍ evwK©s †ivW¯’ ‡ndvR‡Z Bmjvg †m›Uv‡i †ndvR‡Z Bmjvg BD‡Ki evwl©K IqvR I †`vqv gvnwdj AbywôZ nq| gvIjvbv Avãyi ingv‡bi mfvcwZ‡Z¡ Ges gvIjvbv nvwdR Av³vi †nv‡mb, gvIjvbv †kL e`iæj Avjg nvwg`x, gvIjvbv nvwdR gywbi DwÏb Ges gvIjvbv kvgxg Avng` Lv‡bi †hŠ_ cwiPvjbvq cÖavb AwZw_ wn‡m‡e Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb eiæbvi gydZx mve ûRyi| cÖavb AwZw_ Zuvi e³‡e¨ e‡jb, kvq‡L eiæbx (int) Gi nv‡Z Mov †ndvR‡Z Bmjvg GKwU m¤ú~Y© AivR‰bwZK, Øxwb wk¶vg~jK, mgvR †mev I AvZ¥ïw×i Rb¨ †`‡k we‡`‡k KvR K‡i hv‡”Q| Avcbvi hviv GLjv‡mi mv‡_ KvR K‡i hv‡”Qb Avwg †`vqv Kwi AvjøvncvK Avcbv‡`i BnKvjxb Kj¨vY I ciKvjxb gyw³ `vb Kiæb| mKj gZ-cv_©K¨ f~‡j wM‡q HK¨e×fv‡e GB wgkb‡K GwM‡q †bIqvi Rb¨ Aby‡iva K‡ib| e„‡U‡bi wewfbœ kni †_‡K AvMZ ag©cÖvb fvB-‡evb‡`i Ask MÖn‡b †MvUv gvnwdj †hb AvjøvnIqvjv‡`i GK wgjb †K‡›`ª cwibZ nq| evsjv‡`k †_‡K AvMZ †gngvb‡`i g‡a¨ Av‡jvPbv K‡ib gvIjvbv gydZx iwk`yi ingvb dviæK, gvIjvbv gyLwjQzi ingvb, gvIjvbv byiæj Bmjvg, gvIjvbv gydwZ gywReyi ingvb, gvIjvbv nvwdR Ryev‡qi Avng` Avbmvix, gvIjvbv Rybv‡q` Avj nvwee, gvIjvbv nvwdR IwjDi ingvb, gvIjvbv nvwdR kvgmyj nK, gvIjvbv gywReyi ingvb gyRvwn`, gvIjvbv bRgywÏb, gvIjvbv gydwZ gwRi DwÏb cÖgyL| e„‡U‡bi kxl©¯’vbxq Djvgv‡q †Kivg‡`i g‡a¨ Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb gvIjvbv ZwiK

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AvMvgx 8 RyjvB iweevi iv‡Z c~e© jÛ‡bi Gm e¨vsKz‡qwUs n‡j b¨vkbvj nvU© dvD‡Ûkb wm‡jU-Gi dvÛ †iBwRs wWbv‡ii Av‡qvRb Kiv n‡q‡Q| D‡`¨v³viv 75 jvL UvKv msMÖ‡ni Uv‡M©U wb‡q‡Qb e‡j Rvwb‡q‡Qb| wm‡jU b¨vkbvj nvU© dvD‡Ûkb hy³ivR¨ kvLvi Kg©KZ©viv cÖevmx mevB‡K wm‡j‡Ui GB cÖK‡í mn‡hvwMZvi nvZ evov‡bvi Avnevb Rvwb‡q‡Qb| G m¤ú‡K© we¯ÍvwiZ Rvbvi Rb¨ wgmevn Rvgv‡ji mv‡_ 07957124487 Ges kvgmyj Bmjvg †mwj‡gi mv‡_ 07958412650 bv¤^v‡i †hvMv‡hvM Kivi Rb¨ Aby‡iva Rvwb‡q‡Qb| †cÖm weÁwß

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welqK Kg©Kv‡Ûi eY©bv Zy‡j aiv nq| Gi g‡a¨ gmwR‡`i eZ©gvb c«‡R± ‡dB_ Bb

`¨v ‡nj_ D‡jL‡hvM¨| ‡h c«‡R±wU gymwjg KwgDwbwU‡Z ¯^v¯’¨ wel‡q m‡PZbZv m…wói j‡¶¨ GbGBPGm-Gi mv‡_ cvU©bvikx‡c KvR Ki‡Q| m¤cÖwZ GB c«‡R‡±i D‡`¨v‡M GjGgwm‡Z wKwcs ‡njw_ Bb ivgvØvb K¨v‡¤úB‡bi AvbyôvwbK D‡Øvab Kiv nq| W. gynv¤§` Avãyj evix I ‡`jIqvi ‡nv‡mBb Lvb nvmcvZv‡ji AZ¨vaywbK myweav`x ‡`‡L Awff~Z nb Ges GB nvmcvZvj ‡_‡K ¯’vbxq KwgDwbwU DbœZZi wPwKrmv ‡mev cv‡e e‡j Avkvev` e¨³ K‡ib| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

Admission Going on ..... • UK and Canada Universities • UK Highly Trusted Colleges • TOP ‘A’ Rated College



• Entrepreneur Visa Application • Canada Student Visa • Canada High Skill work permit visa

• CAS from £ 1600 to £3000 for Universities • CAS from £650 to £1500 for Colleges • Students loan process (UK & Bangladesh) • Tuition Fees can pay by Installment.

Tel : 0207 458 4122 Mob : 0741 472 0088

BOOST EDUCATION SERVICE (Next Door of Bangla Times)

117 New Road (3rd floor), London E1 1JE

K wg D wb wU m s ev `

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 23

‡MÖUvi gqgbwmsn G‡mvwm‡qkb MwVZ

MZ 27 Ryb eyaevi mÜv 6Uvq jÛ‡bi Ameb© †ivW¯’ †ióz‡i‡›U AbywôZ n‡jv ‡MÖUvi gqgbwmsn G‡mvwm‡qkb BD‡Ki RvKRgKc~b© mvavib mfv I m`m¨

mn‡hvwMZv e„w×, †`‡k we‡`‡k e„nËi gqgbwmsnevwm‡`i Kj¨v‡b, hy³iv‡R¨ emevmiZ e„nËi gqgbwmsnevwm‡`i GKwU ¯^Zš¿ kw³kvjx KwgDwbwU wewìsB

K‡ib Ges Zvi m‡šÍvlRbK Reve †`b †di‡`Šm ingvb I AviAvB Zid`vi| mvavib wbe©vPb c‡e© AvwRR gxR©v 15 m`m¨ wewkó Kvh©Kix cwil` MV‡bi cÖ¯Íve

m‡¤§jb| hy³iv‡R¨ emevmiZ gqgbwmsevwm‡`i eûeQ‡ii cÖZ¨vwkZ I cÖwZw¶Z, AeavwiZ, AvKvswLZ, `xN©w`b a‡i eûevi wgwUs K‡i Ae‡k‡l cÖwZwôZ n‡jv ‡MÖUvi gqgbwmsn G‡mvwm‡qkb BD‡K| IqvwK©s KwgwUi Wv‡K GB mfv I m‡¤§j‡bi g~j AvKl©b wQj ‡MÖUvi gqgbwmsn G‡mvwm‡qkb BD‡Ki mvavib wbe©vPb| mfvq mfvcwZZ¡ K‡ib †di‡`Šm ingvb| AviAvB Zid`v‡ii ¯^vMZ e³‡e¨i c‡iB ïiæ nq m`m¨ cwiwPwZ ce©| †di‡`Šm ingvb ‡MÖUvi gqgbwmsn G‡mvwm‡qk‡b j¶¨ I D‡Ï¨k¨ Ges fwel¨r cwiKíbvi wewfbœ w`K e¨vL¨v K‡ib| wZwb e‡jb, hy³iv‡R¨ emevmiZ e„nËi gqgbwmsnevmx‡`i g‡a¨ e„nËi gqgbwms‡ni ¯^vZš¿ ms¯‹… wZ avib, weKvk, cvi¯úwiK

‡MÖUvi gqgbwmsn G‡mvwm‡qkb BD‡Ki j‡¶¨ I D‡Ïk¨| weMZ w`‡bi IqvwK©s KwgwUi wewfbœ Kg©KvÛ Zz‡j a‡i c~‡e©Kvi mfv ¸‡jvi Kvh©weibx mvavib mfvq Dc¯’vcb Ki‡j KÚ †fv‡U me© m¤§wZµ‡g Zv M„nxZ nq| AviAvB Zid`vi m`m¨‡`i‡K Zv‡`i m¶gZv Ab~hvqx wewfbœ AvBwWqv, mv‡Rkb Ges fjvw›Uqvi wnmv‡e GKkb †cÖvMÖvg Gi gva¨‡g Dbœqbg~jK KvR Ki‡Z Ges eÜz‡`i‡K DrmvwnZ Ki‡Z we‡klfv‡e Avnevb Rvbvb| m¤ú~b© m„Rbkxj cÖvq c‡biwU ‡cÖvMÖvg Gi K_v D‡jøL K‡i Zv ‡`‡k ev we‡`‡k ev¯Íevq‡bi wewfbœ †KŠkj e¨vL¨v K‡ib| Gici †gv¯ÍvwdRyi ingvb mfvq A_©weeib †ck Ki‡j KÚ †fv‡U me©m¤§wZµ‡g Zv M„nxZ nq| Gici cÖ‡kœËi c‡e© msMV‡bi wewfbœ w`K wb‡q m`m¨Mb cÖkœ

Ki‡j mK‡jB mw¤§wjZfv‡e mg¯^‡i Zv mg_©b Kivq D³ mvavib mfvq Zv me©m¤§wZµ‡g M„nxZ nq| ˆmq` kvgxg Rvgvb †Pqvicvimb wnmv‡e †di‡`Šm ingv‡bi bvg cÖ¯Íve Ki‡j mK‡jB mw¤§wjZfv‡e mg¯^‡i mg_©b Kivq Ges Avi †Kvb †Pqvicvimb c`cÖv_©x bv _vKvq Zv‡K weRqx †Nvlbv Kiv nq| Gici GmGg Ievq`yjøvn mvavib m¤úv`K c‡`i Rb¨ AviAvB Zid`v‡ii bvg cÖ¯Íve K‡ib Ges mK‡jB mw¤§wjZfv‡e mg¯^‡i Zv mg_©b Kivq Ges Avi †Kvb mvavib m¤úv`K c`cÖv_©x bv _vKvq Avi AvB Zid`vi‡K mvavib m¤úv`K wnmv‡e weRqx †Nvlbv Kiv nq| e¨vwióvi gI`~` Avn‡g` Lvb hyM¥ mvavib m¤úv`K c‡`i Rb¨ ˆmq` kvgxg Rvgvb Gi bvg cÖ¯Íve K‡ib Ges Gi AvB Zid`vi Zv‡K mg_©‡bi ci

mK‡jB mw¤§wjZfv‡e mg¯^‡i Zv mg_©b Kivq Ges Avi †Kvb hyM¥ mvavib m¤úv`K c`cÖv_©x bv _vKvq ˆmq` kvgxg Rvgvb hyM¥ mvavib m¤úv`K wnmv‡e weRqx †Nvlbv Kiv nq| †gv¯ÍvwdRyi ingvb †UªRvivi Ges e¨vwióvi gI`y` Avn‡g` Lvb fvBm ‡Pqvicvimb wbe©wPZ nb| `kRb wbe©vwPZ m`m¨iv n‡jb Gm Gg Ievq`yjøvn, Gg`v` gxR©v, †Mvjvg g~Z©Rv dvBg, evmy‡`e mvnv, nvmvb~j nK dviæKx, W. RqšÍ Kzgvi mvnv, W. gvneyeyj Bmjvg, gvmy`v iwng, AvwRR gxRv©, gvneyev dviæKx Ges mykxj P›`ª mvnv ch©vqµ‡g 6wU †Rjvi 6 Rb †Rjv mgš^qKix wbev©nx ev mvavib m`m¨‡`i ga¨ †_‡K KvR Ges †hvM¨Zvi wfwˇZ †Rjv m`m¨Mb KZ…©K wbe©vwPZ n‡eb| G wR Gg †gv‡k©` m`m¨‡`i evwl©K Pv`v 20 cvDÛ wKš‘ óz‡W›U‡`i Rb¨ 10 cvDÛ cÖ¯Íve Ki‡j me©m¤§wZµ‡g Zv Aby‡gvw`Z nq|wK¬dUb †nv‡U‡ji gvwjK wmivR nK me©m¤§wZµ‡g †c‡Uªvb I `vZv m`m¨ Kiv nq| c~b©v½ KwgwU †Nvlbvi ci AvbyôvwbKfv‡e bZzb KwgwU `vwqZ¡ MÖnb K‡ib Ges bZzb KwgwU AvMvgx 15 RyjvB iweevi `ycyi 12Uvq evwl©K eb‡fvR‡bi ZvwiL I mgq †Nvlbv K‡ib| ¯’vb: MÖxbDBP †gwiUvBg cvK©| Avc¨vqb †k‡l †di‡`Šm ingv‡bi g‡bv gy»Ki ¯^iwPZ KweZv Ave„wËi gva¨‡g mevB‡K ab¨ev` Rvwb‡q mfvi mgvwß †Nvlbv Kiv Kiv nq| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

i‡qj e¨vWwg›Ub cÖwZ‡hvMxZvq ZwQi-gBbyj RywU P¨vw¤úqvb

MZ 1 RyjvB †iveevi †ejv 1Uvq mvD_ B÷ jÛ‡bi wmUKvd ‡jBRv ‡m›Uv‡i i‡qj e¨vWwg›Ub

Uzb©v‡g‡›U 3q ¯’vb AR©b K‡i Rvdi-gvmyK RywU| UzY©v‡g›U cwiPvjbv K‡ib †iv‡jK I Zv‡K mn‡hvMxZv

cÖwZ‡hvMxZv AbywôZ n‡q‡Q| †gvU 20wU `‡ji Ask MÖn‡Y GKw`‡bi cÖwZØw›`Zvc~Y© G Uyb©v‡g‡›Ui dvBbv‡j ZwQi-gBbyj RywU RvgvjIqvwn` RywU‡K civwRZ K‡i P¨vw¤úqb nIqvi †MŠie AR©b K‡i| i‡qj e¨vWwg›Ub K¬ve Av‡qvwRZ G

K‡ib eyjeyj| UzY©v‡g›UwUi Av‡qvRb K‡ib KvBqyg| Uzb©v‡g›U †k‡l cyi¯‹vi weZiYx Abyôv‡bi gva¨‡g P¨vw¤úqb `j¸‡jvi g‡a¨ Uªwd weZib Kiv nq| G‡Z Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb ‡iv‡jU, eyjeyj, KvBqyg I K¬v‡ei Kg©KZ©ve„›`| ‡cÖm weÁwß

eø¨vK wnw÷« gv‡š’i cÖ¯ÍywZ mfv 9 RyjvB

K…òv½ Rb‡Mvóxi wkí-ms¯‹… wZ-K…wó‡K Zy‡j ai‡Z c«wZev‡ii g‡Zv GeviI bvbv AvbyôvwbKZvi ga¨ w`‡q cvwjZ n‡e gvme¨vwc eø¨vK wnw÷« gvš’| c«wZ eQ‡ii A‡±vei gvm‡K ‡MvUv e…‡U‡bi me©Î eø¨vK wnw÷« gvš’ wn‡m‡e D`hvcb Kiv nq| GB gvm wKfv‡e D`hvcb Kiv



Estate Agent


Avcbvi †h †Kvb †`‡k åg‡Yi Rb¨ Kg `v‡g Gqvi wU‡K‡Ui Rb¨ Avgv‡`i mv‡_ †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb

Landlords: If you are thinking of selling or letting your property in this area look no Further

We also provide STUDENT consultancy

� Life in the UK / ESOL � A1/B1/B2

� Worldwide Cheap Ticket � Hajj & Umrah Package � No Visa / Visa � Visit Visa � Passport New & Renew � Cargo Service � Power of Atorny

Special Umrah, Easter Holiday and Ramadan 2012 Offer

Free Valuation

London Dhaka London

Guaranteed rent Scheme 1-3 years


Full Management Service

London Sylhet London

Sell your House/Flats for free

Instant cash service provider & Money transfer in the UK

Hot Line:

Avcwb wK Nievox wewµ wKsev fvov w`‡eb? Avgiv wek¦¯’Zvi mv‡_

d«x ‡fjy‡qkb †i›U †Miv›UxW 2-3 eQ‡ii Rb¨ dzj †g‡bR‡g›U mvwf©m Nievox †ePv †Kbv d«x K‡i _vwK


020 8552 8496 / 07961433230

130A Green Street, London E7 8JQ Tel: 020 8552 8609







n‡e, Zv wb‡q Av‡jvPbvi Rb¨ UvIqvi n¨vg‡jUm& KvDw݇ji D‡`¨v‡M AvMvgx 9 RyjvB ‡mvgevi GK Av‡jvPbv mfv AbywôZ n‡e| ‡nvqvBUP¨vc‡ji n¨vbevwi w÷«‡Ui e«vwW AvU©m& ‡m›Uv‡i AbywôZe¨ GB mfvq Dcw¯’Z _vK‡Z mKj‡K Aby‡iva Kiv n‡q‡Q| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

119 Globe Road, London E1 4LB. Tel/Fax: 020 7791 2221 Mob: 07985 467 184(Nanu) 07984 143 966(Fazlu) Email: JY25C

K wg D wb wU m s ev `

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 24

jvDqvB G‡mvwm‡qk‡bi 4_© mvgvi ‡dw÷f¨vj AbywôZ hvbevnb PjvP‡j e¨emvqx‡`i AvMvg cwiKíbvi Avnevb MZ 1 RyjvB 4_© mvgvi ‡dw÷f¨vj ‡÷cwb wM«‡b Aew¯’Z n¨vbevwi ‡m›Uv‡i hy³iv‡R¨i Ab¨Zg ¯^bvgab¨ msMVb jvDqvB G‡mvwm‡qk‡bi D‡`¨v‡M AZ¨šÍ RvuKRgKc~Y© cwi‡e‡k m¤úbœ nq| UvIqvi n¨vg‡jUm-Gi w¯úKvi KvDwÝjvi ivwRe Avng` Abyôv‡bi D‡Øvab K‡ib| mfvi ïiæ‡Z cweÎ ‡KviAvb ‡_‡K ‡ZjvIqvZ K‡ib mvwd b~i| `yB c‡e© wef³ D³ Abyôv‡b c«evmx

Gi w¯úKvi KvDwÝjvi ivwRe Avng`, we‡kl AwZw_ wQ‡jb evsjv‡`k ‡_‡K AvMZ wewkó mgvR‡mex I jvDqvB Rv‡g gmwR‡`i ‡gvZqvjøx ‡Mvjvg ‡mvenvbx Iwj wgqv, wm‡jU ‡Rjv AvIqvgx jx‡Mi mv‡eK mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K wRqvDwÏb Avng` jvjv, Ggwm K‡j‡Ri mv‡eK wfwc wk¶K BKevj ‡nv‡mb, Kwe I Kjvwgó wknvey¾vgvb Kvgvj, c«wZôvZv ‡m‡µUvwi Avey ‡nv‡mb, nvwR mywd wgqv,

AviI mvdj¨ Kvgbv K‡ib| me‡k‡l c«avb AwZw_ msMV‡bi D¾j fwel¨Z Kvgbv K‡ib| Abyôv‡b Ab¨v‡b¨i g‡a¨ Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb Rvjvj DwÏb, nvRx gvgyb jwZd, kvn gvjb wgqv, KqQi Avng`, ‡Zvnv ‡gv¯Ídv, eRjyi ingvb, Avãyj nvbœvb, dwi` Avng`, bRgyj ‡nv‡mb, Zvjnv b~i, gvB‡Kj, kvnv`Z, Kvjvg, gybœv, Lv‡j` Avng`, D¯ÍvK ‡nv‡mb, Avey mywdqvb, d‡qR DwÏb c«gyL| cwi‡k‡l

Awjw¤úK †MBg PjvKvwjb mgq hvbevnb PjvP‡j UvIqvi n¨vg‡jU‡m †h cwieZ©b Avm‡e Zv †gvKv‡ejv Kivi j‡¶¨ e¨emv cÖwZôvb¸‡jv‡K AvMvg cwiKíbv Kivi Rb¨ Uªv݇cvU© di jÛb Avnevb Rvwb‡q‡Qb| jÛb Ges UvIqvi n¨vg‡jU‡m UªvwdK g¨v‡bRg¨v›U †hme e¨e¯’v MÖnY Ki‡e Zv e¨emv cÖwZôvb¸‡v †Kvb cwieZ©b Ki‡Z cvi‡e bv Z‡e Zviv Av‡M †h fv‡e KvR Ki‡Zb Zv wKQzUv cwieZ©b Kivi D‡`¨vM wb‡Z cvi‡eb| Awjw¤úK iæU †bUIqvK© evivi Af¨šÍ‡i cÖavb cÖavb iv¯Ív¸‡jv‡K wPwýZ K‡i‡Q| 25 RyjvB †_‡K mKvj 6Uv †_‡K ga¨ivZ ch©šÍ wewa wb‡la Rvwi _vK‡e| cvwK©s I †jvwW©s wewa-wb‡laI ejeZ _vK‡e| kZ© f½Kvix‡K †cbvw›Uª w`‡Z n‡e| Awjw¤úK cv‡K©i wbKUeZ©x GjvKvq wbqwš¿Z cvwK©s GjvKv _vK‡e| e¨emv cÖwZôvb¸‡jv‡K †Wwjfvix iæUm¸‡jv‡K mZK©fv‡e bRi w`‡Z n‡e †hgb mieivn n«vm Kiv A_ev †hŠ_fv‡e

mieivn Avbv gRy` Av‡M †_‡K Avbv| wewfbœ mieivnKvix cÖwZôvb †_‡K GKB mv‡_ gvjvgvj Avbvi e¨e¯’v Kiv Ges †Kvb GK RvqMvq Wªc Kiv| †Wwjfvix cÖ`vb Kivi mgq cÖwZ‡ekx‡`i hv‡Z Amyweav bv nq †mw`‡K bRi ivLviI Avnevb Rvbvb n‡q‡Q| b‡qR by¨‡mÝ cÖwZ‡iva Kivi R‡b¨ KvDwÝj e¨e¯’v MÖnY Ki‡e hviv kZ© f½ Ki‡e Zv‡`i weiæ‡× AvBb cÖ‡qvM Kiv n‡e| Av‡M fv‡M cwiKíbv Kiæb †Wwjfvix I Kv‡jKkb m¤ú‡K© Rvb‡Z n‡j www. GB I‡qfmvBU wfwRU Kiæb cvwbs I jvB‡mwÝs cwiw¯’wZ m¤ú‡K© Rvb‡Z n‡j uk GB I‡qfmvBU wfwRU Kiæb A_ev B-‡gBj Kiæb| Uªv݇cvU© Ad jÛ‡bi †KvW Ad cÖvKwUm m¤ú‡K© Rvb‡Z n‡j GB I‡qfmvBU wfwRU Kiæb| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

G‡m· AvIqvgx jx‡Mi m‡¤§jb m¤úbœ

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g‡b ivL‡eb: `ÿ Kgvwk©qvj M¨vm †mdwU †iwR÷vW© BwÄwbqv‡ii Kv‡Ri Dci Avcbvi e¨vemv wbf©i K‡i!

Avcbvi ‡ióy‡i›U, ‡UKI‡q I K¨vUvwis weR‡bm Gi Rb¨ wK †Kvb wek¦vm‡hvM¨ M¨vm B‡KvBc‡g›U mvcøvBqvi cÖ‡qvRb?  BwÛqvb †ióy‡i›U Ges dv÷ dzW †UªW Gi K¨vUvwis hš¿cvwZi Rb¨ Avgiv †¯úkvjvBR| Avgiv fv‡jv `v‡g Kgvwk©qvj KzwKs mvcøvB Ges ¯’vcb Kwi|  Avgiv M¨vm †mBd †iwR÷vW© Kgvwk©qvj BwÄwbqvi Ges Avcbvi weR‡bm Ges Bmy¨ Kgvwk©qvj M¨vm ‡mdwU wi‡cvU© mnKv‡i mvwU©dvB Kwi|  BÛvw÷ª †iRy‡jk‡bi AvIZvq Avgiv Wv±IqvK©, M¨vm cvBc Ges M¨vm B›UvijK I cwieZ©b Ki‡Z cvwi|  Avgiv †P÷vi KyKvi I Zv›`yix I‡fb mn K¨vUvwis hš¿cvwZ †givgZ Kwi|  AvRB Avgv‡`i IqvBUP¨v‡cj †kv-iyg wfwRU Kiæb Ges ‡`Lyb jvBf wK‡Pb Bb Icv‡ikb!

we¯ÍvwiZ Z‡_¨i Rb¨ †hvMv‡hvM Kiyb:

we¯ÍvwiZ Z‡_¨i Rb¨ AvRB ‡hvMv‡hvM Kiæb:

25 Greatorex Street London E1 5NP 0207 247 8822 | 07586 40 40 40

25 Greatorex Street, London E1 5NP 020 7247 8822 | 07586 40 40 40

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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 25

QvZK Dc‡Rjv GWz‡Kkb U«v÷ cÖwZôvi Avãyj Kwig I mvBdzj Av‡gi Rvmv‡m †hvM`vb j‡¶¨ gZwewbgq mfv AbywôZ

MZ 1 RyjvB ‡iveevi c~e© jÛ‡bi gvB‡µv weR‡bm ‡m›Uv‡i hy³ivR¨¯’ QvZK Dc‡Rjv c«evmx‡`i D‡`¨v‡M QvZK Dc‡Rjvi wk¶vi mvwe©K Dbœq‡bi j‡¶¨ c«evm ‡_‡K mn‡hvMxZv e…w×i D‡Ïk¨ wb‡q QvZK Dc‡Rjv GWy‡Kkb U«v÷ c«wZôvq GK mfv AbywôZ nq|

Avjx, wgRvbyi ingvb wniæ, Avng` Avey ‡jBQ, Avwbmy¾vgvb AvRv`, Avkivd wgqv, Avãyj gQweŸi, Avãyb b~i ûgvq~b cÖgyL| Dcw¯’wZ‡`i g‡a¨ wbR¯^ gZvgZ c«Kvk K‡ib ‡PivM Avjx, mv‡q` wgqv, ‡mwjg Avng`, Avãym QvËvi, gvngy` Avjx, Avãyj nvbœvb, Rv‡f` wgqv, Gg

gbwRjv DwÏb, e¨emvqx wMqvm wgqv, Avãyj Inve GgweB, e¨vwi÷vi gvneye wRjvbx cvejy, MqvQyi ingvb MqvQ, e¨vwi÷vi dRjyj nK, Avãym ‡mvenvb, g`wim Avjx I Gbvg Avng`| Zviv QvZK Dc‡Rjvq wk¶vi Dbœq‡b QvZK Dc‡Rjv GWy‡Kkb U«v÷ c«wZôvq mKj

evsjv‡`k RvZxqZvev`x mvgvwRK mvs¯‹…wZK ms¯’v Rvmvm hy³ivR¨ kvLvi Kvh©Kix KwgwUi MwZkxj Kvh©µg Ae‡jvKb K‡i Rvmv‡mi cÖwZ kª×vkxj n‡q Avãyj Kwig I mvBdzj Avjg hy³ivR¨ Rvmv‡m †hvM`vb K‡ib| hy³ivR¨ Rvmv‡mi mfvcwZ GgG mvjvg Zv‡`i‡K dzj w`‡q eiY K‡ib| Zv‡`i †hvM`v‡b hy³ivR¨ Rvmvm wewkó KwgDwbwU ‡bZv Rvgvj DwÏb gKÏym Gi mfvcwZ‡Z¡ Ges AvjZvdyi ingvb gyRvwn` I byiæj Bmjvg GgweB Gi ‡hŠ_ cwiPvjbvq nvRx gwbi Dwχbi cweÎ ‡KviAvb ‡ZjvIqv‡Zi gva¨‡g AbywôZ mfvq c«avb AwZw_ wn‡m‡e Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb hy³ivR¨ mdiiZ ‡Mvwe›`MÄ GjvKvi wewkó ivR‰bwZK e¨w³Z¡ I mgvR‡mex AvwkKyj Bmjvg AvwkK| we‡kl AwZw_ wn‡m‡e Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb e…nËi QvZK c«evmx mwgwZi mfvcwZ dRj DwÏb, cywj‡ki c«v³b Gmwc Avneve wgqv, ‰mq`iMvuI BDwbq‡bi mv‡eK ‡Pqvig¨vb gbQi Avn‡g`, QvZK Dc‡Rjv mwgwZi mvavib m¤úv`K myiæR wgqv, QvZK hye ms¯’vi mfvcwZ gvóvi ‡gvkvwn` Avjx, wewkó mgvR‡mex I e¨emvqx iwdK nvq`vi| gZwewbgq mfvq Ab¨v‡b¨i g‡a¨ e³e¨ iv‡Lb dRj DwÏb, mvKyi

wR wKewiqv, kvn Avjg, Aveyj Kvjvg, LvwjQyi ingvb, myiZ wgqv, MqvQ wgqv, mvwg nK, mvC`, Kvqmvi Avjx, kwidyj evwi gvLb, byiæ¾vgvb Rvgvj, RvwKi ‡nv‡mb ‡mwjg, wMqvmywÏb, Avãyj nvwdR, Wvt mv‡q` kvwnbyi ingvb, dRiæwÏb mvËvi, Kwei Avng`, `yjvj Avng` c«gyL| e³viv e‡jb, QvZK Dc‡Rjv GKwU wkí GjvKv| GLv‡b PviwU wWM«x K‡jR I GKwU BmjvwgK K‡jR gv`«vmv Av‡Q| wKš‘ ch©vß my‡hvM myweavi Afv‡e Mixe ‡gavexiv D”P wk¶v ‡_‡K ewÂZ n‡”Q| QvZK Dc‡Rjv GWy‡Kkb U«v÷ c«wZôv n‡j Gi gva¨‡g Mixe ‡gavex‡`i g‡a¨ mvnvh¨ mn‡hvMxZv c«`vb K‡i mevi Rb¨ D”P wk¶v wbwðZ m¤¢e n‡e| mfvi ïiæ‡Z QvZ‡Ki K…wZ mšÍvb‡`i g‡a¨ ‡Uwj‡dv‡b QvZK Dc‡Rjv GWy‡Kkb U«v÷ c«wZôvi ïf Kvgbv Rvwb‡q‡Qb e¨v‡iv‡bm cjv

c«Kvi mn‡hvMxZvi Avk¦vm c«`vb K‡ib| mfvq Avmbœ igRv‡bi ‡ivhvi ci U«v‡÷i P~ovšÍ bvg wbavi©b, msweavb c«Yqb I `jgZ wbwe©‡k‡l e…nËi QvZK c«evmx‡`i Rgv‡qZ K‡i GKwU e…nËi mgv‡ek Av‡qvRb Kiv n‡e e‡j Rvbv‡bv nq| GRb¨ Dcw¯’Z mK‡ji m¤§wZµ‡g c«wZôvi AvM ch©šÍ QvZK Dc‡Rjv GWy‡Kkb U«v÷ bv‡g Kvh©µg cwiPvwjZ n‡e| mfvq Dcw¯’wZ‡`i mg_©bµ‡g A¯’vqxfv‡e hv‡`i msweavb cÖYqb I `jgZ wbwe©‡k‡l e„nËi QvZK cÖevmx‡`i Rgv‡qZ Kivi `vwqZ¡ cÖ`vb Kiv nq Zviv n‡”Qb, iwdK nvq`vi, dRj DwÏb, myiæR wgqv, mvKzi Avjx, wgRvbyi ingvb wniæ, Avng` Avey †jBQ, Avneve wgqv, Avwbmy¾vgvb AvRv`, Avkivd wgqv, Avãyj gQweŸi, Avãyb b~i ûgvq~b I gvneye Avjg gvgyb| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

CROSSWORLD (UK) LTD. Our Services : ● University / Public Funded College, Visa with work permit (assistance for admission) ● Highly Trusted College (admission support) ● B1,B2, A1, C1 & ESOL with citizenship assistance guidance for exam/test. ● Quality support & proof read for Assignment Proposal & Dissertation. ● Assistance for experience & expert, Solicitors/Barristers. ● Immigration & study support to CANADA/NORWAY/SWEDEN/HUNGARY OR DENMARK. ● Job, full time/part time (please e-mail your cv for next opening)

evsjv‡`‡k ¯ú݇i mn‡hvwMZv Kiv n‡e|

Av‡iv MwZkxj I kw³kvjx n‡e e‡j GgG mvjvg AwfgZ e¨³ K‡ib| Zv‡`i‡K ï‡f”Qv Rvbvb hy³ivR¨ Rvmv‡mi mn-mfvcwZ †kL wgRvbyi ingvb, †mwjg Avng`, mn-A_© m¤úv`K gvneyeyj nK, mn-mvs¯‹…wZK m¤úv`K Zv‡iK KvRj, gvnx Avjg, iv‡mj †PŠayix cÖgyL| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

wnReyZ Zvnwii weª‡Ub Gi m‡¤§jb m¤úbœ

wnReyZ Zvnwii weª‡U‡bi Av‡qvR‡b MZ 30 Ryb c~e© jÛ‡bi IqvUvi wjwj‡Z ÔAvcivBwRs cwieZ©‡bi GKgvÎ †gwb‡d÷ wLjvdvnÕ bvgK AvšÍR©vwZK m‡¤§jb AbywôZ nq| m‡¤§j‡b †WbgvK©, nj¨vÛ, †ejwRqvg, hy³iv‡R¨i gymwjg KwgDwbwU †_‡K AvMZ cÖvq †`o mn¯ªvwaK gvby‡li mgvMg nq| D³ mfvq e³e¨ iv‡Lb, W. Bgivb Iqvwn`, W. Avãyj Iqvwn`, I¯Ív` Kvgvj Avey Rvniv, ZvwR †gv¯Ídv IRvgvj nviDW| Zviv wLjvdvn wm‡÷‡gi A_©‰bwZK, mvgvwRK I ivR‰bwZK mgvavb¸‡jv mwe¯Ív‡i D‡jøL K‡ib| ‡bZ…e„›` e‡jb, cÖK…Z I †gŠwjK

cwieZ©‡bi gva¨‡g gymwjg we‡k¦i RbM‡bi fv‡M¨I DbœwZ Ki‡Z G

Dci bq eis cywÄfyZ m¤ú‡`i Dci U¨v· Av‡ivc K‡i RbM‡Yi µq

ai‡Yi my`yi cÖmvwi ivR‰bwZK e¨e¯’vi weKí †bB| RbMY †_‡K †bqv wewjqb wewjqb A_©Kwo wdwi‡q Avbvi gva¨‡g †Zj I A_© m¤ú` ivwRi mge›U‡bi RbM‡Yi Dci Av‡ivwcZ AwbqwgZ U¨v‡·i wejywß K‡i, Av‡qi

¶gZv‡K MwZkxj K‡i gymwjg we‡k¦i A_©bxwZ‡K Pv½v K‡i RvwZi fv‡M¨i PvKv mPj Kivi †h Bmjvwg bxwZgvjv i‡q‡Q †mB Bmjvwg A_©‰bwZK my²wPšÍv cÖm~Z mgvavb †ck K‡ib| B‡gBj †cÖwiZ †cÖm weÁwß

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cieZ©x‡Z wK Ki‡eb fve‡Qb? ‡WbgvK ©Gi MÖxb KvW©, KvbvWv ¯‹xj gvB‡MÖkb †c‡Z mn‡hvwMZv Kiv n‡e|

 All sort of advise on Events (i.e Birthday/Wedding/Meeting & Seminars)  Marketing (Print Electronic Media)- Any Product or Service (leave with us)  Business Plan  JOB ADVICE

Call us: 0203 5830494 07877100328, 07961425358

1st Floor, 112-116 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1JE (Just above the East-West cash & carry)



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Bangla Times p  06 - 12 July 2012 p  Page 26

weªwUk cvj©v‡g›U nvD‡Ri mvg‡b hy³ivR¨ weGbwci we‡¶vf I cÖwZev` mgv‡ek AbywôZ

weGbwci †Pqvicvm©b †eMg Lv‡j`v wRqv I wmwbqi mn-mfvcwZ Zv‡iK ingvbmn weGbwci †bZv‡`i weiæ‡× Awej‡¤^ mKj wg_¨v gvgjv cÖZ¨vnvi, ZËv¡eavqK miKvi e¨e¯’vi cybtcÖeZ©‡bi `vex, cÙv‡mZy mn mKj cÖwZôv‡b miKvix `~bx©wZi cÖwZev‡` Ges Gg Bwjqvm Avjxi mÜv‡bi `vex‡Z hy³ivR¨ weGbwc weªwUk cvj©v‡g›U nvD‡Ri mvg‡b MZ 3 RyjvB g½jevi GK we‡¶vf mgv‡ek AbywôZ nq| hy³ivR¨ weGbwci AvnevqK GgG gv‡j‡Ki mfvcwZ‡Z¡ Ges hyM¥-AvnevqK e¨vwi÷vi GgG mvjv‡gi cwiPvjbvq we‡¶vf mgv‡e‡k e³e¨ iv‡Lb weGbwci mv‡eK AvšÍRv©wZK welqK m¤úv`K gywn`yi ingvb, weGbwc †bZv wgTv gwbiæj Avjg, kv‡q¯Ív †PŠayix KzÏym, kvn Av³vi †nv‡mb UzUzj, Aveyj Kvjvg AvRv`, Av³vi †nvmvBb, ‰ZgyQ Avjx, Avãyj nvwg` ‡PŠayix, cÖ‡dmi †gvt dwi` DwÏb, jyrdyi ingvb, Av‡e` ivRv, Kvgvj DwÏb, iwng DwÏb, Lmiæ¾vgvb Lmiæ, bvwmg Avn‡g` †PŠayix, †gvkvwn` Avjx, Av‡bvqvi †nv‡mb †LvKb, e¨vwi÷vi Avey mv‡qg, GgG Kvw`i, †kL mvgmywÏb kvgxg, gywReyi ingvb, †K Avi Rwmg DwÏb, gywd` Avn‡g`, Kwig DwÏb| mfvq AviI e³e¨ iv‡Lb hy³ivR¨ mdiiZ wm‡jU gnvbMi weGbwci mvsMVwbK m¤úv`K K‡qQ †jv`x I mybvgMÄ †Rjv weGbwci mn-mfvcwZ AvwkKzi ingvb AvwkK| we‡¶vf mgv‡e‡k e³e¨ Kv‡j hy³ivR¨ weGbwci AvnevqK GgG gv‡jK e‡jb, evKkv‡ji ‡cÖZvZ¥v, `~bx©wZi jvjbKvix, i³-jv‡ki ivRbxwZ‡Z wek¦vmx I we‡`kx Ackw³i G‡R›U AvIqvgxjxM †`k cwiPvjbvq mew`K †_‡K Pig e¨_©Zvi cwiPq w`‡”Q| †`‡k evK¯^vaxbZv †bB| `jxq I miKvix evwnbxi AZ¨vPv‡i RbMb Pig wbivcËvnxbZvq w`bvwZcvZ Ki‡Q| †`kwe‡ivax Kg©Kv‡Ûi Ask wnmv‡e evsjv‡`‡ki ¯^vaxbZv I mve©‡fŠg‡Z¡i

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GBP Gg †PŠayix, ‡kL Avjx, Gg Zviæ wgqv, Gg my‡nj Avn‡g`, AvRb DwÏb, †Mvjvg g‡bvqvi, I‡qQ Avn‡g` I Avjx AvmKi, gbRyi Avn‡g`

ivqnvb Avjx gwbi, iRe Avjx, nviæb~i ikx`, Gm ‡K gvwbK wgqv, wgQevn †PŠayix, bvR nK, Avkivd Avjx, kvgxg Avng`, Avãym knx`, wkcy,

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kvnevR, kvnxb Avng`, kvgy Avn‡g`, †LvKb DwÏb kv‡Ki Avng`, Rvgvj DwÏb, kvn eveyj, Igi Avjx, mvC` wgqv, e¨vwi÷vi ZwgR DwÏb, e¨vwi÷vi Avwjgyj nK wjUb, e¨vwi÷vi nvwg`yj nK Avwdw›` wjUb, e¨vwi÷vi gI`y` Avn‡g`, Gbvgyj nK wjUb, Avãyj evwmZ ev`kv, Avjx Avn‡g`, †mvqv‡jnxb Kwig ‡PŠayix, Gg wgbnvRyi ingvb, †`Iqvb Avãyj evwmZ, kvnwiqvi ingvb Ry‡b`, †gvdv¾j Kwig gvmyg, we`Iqvb Avng` †iRb, Avmnve Avjx, KbK

Lvb, AvdRvj †nv‡mb, bvwn` nvmvb wfwK, bvwn` Cfvb, iv‡g`yi ingvb iv‡k`, civM ingvb, †ZŠwn`yj Av‡e`xb mvRy, Lqiæj nvmvb, AvwRg DwÏb AvwRi, †kL mv‡jK Avng`, †n‡fb Lvb, Lwjjyi ingvb Lwjj, AvwRR wgqv, kgQzj nK, Ievq`yj nK †PŠayix Ggv`, Av`g †gv¯Ídv jv‡qK, jy‡eK Avng` †PŠayix, Rv‡e` †nv‡mb, jvwnb Lvb, wkcb Lvb, gvngy` gnwmb, ˆmq` kvgxg, iæûj Avgxb, †gv¯ÍvwdRyi ingvb Lvb wgbvi, gvmy` gvbœvb, AvjgMxi †nv‡mb, iæ‡gj Avn‡g`, Avãyj Kvjvg Kvgvj, dqvR Avn‡g`, †Mvjvg †gv¯Ídv wjgb, ‡ivgvb Avn‡g`, iv‡mj Avng`, †keyj Avng`, Lwjjyi ingvb, iwdK Avng`, †mvnvM Avng`, †mwjg Avng`, Kvgvj †nv‡mb, †gvt iwdK, KvImvi Avng`, †gvt nvwg`, g~mv Lvb, gvneye Avjg jvwnb, †gvt gywgb, ¸jRvi Avn‡g` dqmvj, KvImvi Avjx kvwnb, eLwZqvi Lvb wjgb, mdi Avjx mveyj, †evinvb DwÏb, AvwZKzi ingvb wjUb, †Zvdv‡qj Avn‡g` mv‡qK, Ggv`yi ingvb Ggv`, nvweeyi ingvb, ZvRwei †PŠayix wkgyj, gwnDwÏb, BKevj †nvmvBb, wU Avi †PŠayix, wjgb DwÏb, Avjx †nv‡mb, mvBdyj Bmjvg wgivR, kwdKzj Bmjvg wiejy, BgwZqvR Avbvg Zvwbg, Avey bv‡mi †kL, Gm GBP †mvnvM, gvmy`yi ingvb, kwn`yi ingvb evey, gvmy` ivbv PÂj, Avj mvevweb ivbv, †gvt iæ‡ej, ZvRyj Bmjvg, ivwRe Avng`, ivbv cÖgyL|

M¨vm Av`vq msMÖvg cwil‡`i mfv 15 RyjvB AvMvgx 15 RyjvB cÖevmx Aay¨wlZ wm‡j‡Ui weqvbxevRvi-‡MvjvcMÄ Dc‡Rjvi Pvi BDwbq‡b M¨vm mieiv‡ni `vex‡Z M¨vm Av`vq msMÖvg cwil` BD‡Ki mfv c~e© jÛ‡bi gvB‡µv weR‡bm †m›Uv‡i AbywôZ n‡e| mfvq †MvjvcMÄ I weqvbxevRvi

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cwieZ©b Kivi mv‡_ mv‡_ jvBd Bb `¨v BD‡K †U‡÷ cwieZ©b Avm‡e wK-bv Zv †Kvb m~Î †_‡K wbwðZ nIqv hvqwb| wewfbœ m~‡Î Rvbv †M‡Q, G †U‡÷ cÖvq mevB DËxY© nq e‡j miKvwi gn‡ji aviYv i‡q‡Q| Gw`‡K, weª‡Ub‡K ag© e‡Y©i mevi Rb¨ Db¥y³ ivLvi K_v ejv n‡jI G‡`‡ki AvBb Kvbyb †g‡b Pjv‡K gyL¨ PvIqv wnmv‡e Zz‡j aivi K_v ejv n‡q‡Q| msev` gva¨‡gi fvlvq, Ggb wKQz mshy³ Kiv n‡Z cv‡i hv Ab¨ †`‡k AvBbwm× n‡jI weª‡U‡b AvBbMZ MÖnY Kivi my‡hvM _vK‡e bv| Gme AvBb hviv Abymi‡b e¨_© n‡e Zv‡`i Rb¨ weª‡U‡b ¯’vwq nIqv m¤¢e n‡e bv GgbUvB Avfvm w`‡”Q msev` gva¨g¸‡jv| Rvbv †M‡Q, wmwU‡Rbkxc †U‡÷i Kvi‡Y wecyj msL¨K e¨w³i weª‡U‡b emev‡mi my‡hvM KwVb n‡q DV‡Z cv‡i| D‡jøL¨, 2012 mv‡ji gvP© ch©šÍ me©‡kl 12 gv‡m weª‡U‡b ¯’vwq nIqvi my‡hvM †`qv n‡q‡Q cÖvq 1jvL 48 nvRvi 144 Rb‡K hv c~‡e©i eQ‡i wQj 2 jvL 26 nvRvi 4k 78 Rb| A_©vr gvÎ 12 gv‡mB ¯’vwq nIqvi my‡hvM cvIqvi msL¨v K‡g‡Q 35 kZvsk| msev` gva¨‡gi †`qv Z_¨ Abyhvwq weª‡U‡b bvMwiK ev ¯’vwq n‡Z AvMÖnx AšÍZ 80 nvRvi e¨w³ BD‡K wmwU‡Rb †U÷ G Ask wb‡q _v‡K| BwZc~‡e©, wewewmÔi GÛyª gvm© †kvÔ‡Z mvÿvrKvi †`qvi mgq weª‡U‡b mgvR e¨e¯’vi mv‡_ GwKf~Z Kivi gvcKvwV wba©viY Ki‡Z bZzb †U÷ e¨e¯’v cwiKíbvi K_v †NvlYv K‡iwQ‡jb †nvg †m‡µUvix †U‡imv †g| eZ©gvb wbqgvbymv‡i weª‡U‡bi bvMwiK nIqvi Rb¨ jvBd Bb `¨v BD‡K †U÷ DËxY© nIqv eva¨Zvg~jK| bZyb wbq‡g 2013 mv‡ji A‡±vei †_‡K weª‡U‡b ¯’vwq n‡Z n‡jI jvBd Bb `¨v BD‡K †U÷ eva¨Zvg~jK Kiv n‡”Q| GKB mv‡_ Bs‡iRx‡Z K_v ej‡Z cviv Ges ïb‡Z eyS‡Z cvivi †ÿ‡Î we-1 ev Z‡Zva© ch©v‡qi Bs‡iwR Rvbv eva¨Zvg~jKfv‡eB _vK‡Q| jvB Bb `¨v BD‡K †U‡÷i gva¨‡gi g~jZ ¯’vqx n‡Z AvMÖnx e¨w³ weª‡U‡bi mgvR e¨ve¯’v m¤§‡Ü h_vh_fv‡e Rv‡bb GUv hvPvB Kiv nq| BwZc~‡e© weª‡Ub †_‡K cÖKvwkZ wewfbœ msev` gva¨g m~‡Î Rvbv wM‡qwQj, weª‡U‡b ¯’vwq n‡Z ev bvMwiK n‡Z AvMÖnx e¨vw³i †`kwUi cÖwZ c~Y© AvbyMZ¨ Av‡Q wK-bv Zv hvPvB evQvB Kivi Rb¨ K¤^vBÛ GUvP‡g›U †U÷ Pvjy Kiv n‡e| weª‡U‡bi w` †WBwj †gBj

Rvwb‡qwQj, weª‡U‡bi bvMwiK n‡Z AvMÖnx e¨w³iv wfbœ †Kvb †`k bq eis hy³iv‡R¨i cÖwZ c~Y© AvbyMZ¨ cÖKvk Ki‡Q wK-bv Zv ‡ei Kiv n‡e G †U‡÷i gva¨‡g| weª‡U‡bi GKwU msev` gva¨g G cixÿv e¨e¯’v‡K weªwUk‡bm †U÷ wnmv‡e AvL¨vwqZ K‡iwQj| Avevi †KD †KD G cixÿv c×wZ‡K I‡q Ad jvBd cixÿv wnmv‡eI AvL¨vwqZ K‡iwQj| Gw`‡K, mvgvwRK GwKf‚ZKib ev †mvk¨vj Bw›U‡MÖkb‡K g~j jÿ¨ AR©‡bi D‡Ï‡k¨ miKvi G‡Ki ci ci Bwg‡MÖkb AvB‡bi bvbvwea cwieZ©b Ki‡jI m¤úªwZ GK M‡elYv wi‡cv‡U©i djv&dj miKv‡ii e³e¨‡K cÖkœwe× K‡i Zz‡j‡Q e‡j AwfÁgnj Awf‡hvM Ki‡Q| wi‡cv‡U© ejv n‡q‡Q, weª‡U‡b emevmiZ bb-weªwUkiv G‡`‡ki mwZ¨Kv‡ii weªwUk‡`i PvB‡ZI mvgvwRKfv‡e †ekx GwKf~Z| mv‡m¯‹ BDwbfvwm©wUi GK wi‡cv‡U©i DØ„wZ w`‡q msev` gva¨g¸‡jv ej‡Q, bb-weªwUkiv GKRb eskMZ (AwiwRbvj) weªwUk Gi PvB‡ZI mvgvwRKfv‡e †ekx GwKf~Z (‡mvk¨vj Bw›U‡MÖ‡UW)| w` MvwW©qv‡bi GKwU msev` we‡køl‡b gymwjg‡`i mvgvwRKfv‡e GwKfzZ _vKvi welqwU we‡klfv‡e Zz‡j aiv n‡q‡Q| hw`I weª‡U‡b †Kvb GjvKvq GKwU gmwR` M‡o DV‡j D³ GjvKvi A‡a©‡Ki †ekx gvbyl DwØMœ _v‡K e‡j we‡køl‡b D‡jøL Kiv n‡q‡Q| mv‡m· BDwbfvwm©wUi wi‡cvU© Zz‡j a‡i w` MvwW©qvb D‡jøL K‡i‡Q weª‡U‡bi 83 kZvsk gymjgvb weªwUk bvMwiK n‡Z ‡c‡i Mwe©Z| hv mvaviYfv‡e 79 kZvsk gvby‡li g‡a¨ GKB iK‡gi Me©‡eva i‡q‡Q| 85.9 kZvsk L„óvb weª‡U‡bi Ask g‡b Ki‡jI gymjgvb‡`i g‡a¨ GmsL¨v 86.4 kZvsk| wi‡cvU© Abymv‡i, 82 kZvsk gymjgvb wewfbœ ag© e‡Y©i cÖwZ‡ekxi mv‡_ emevm Ki‡Z PvB‡jI weª‡U‡b emevmKvix 63 kZvsk Agymwjg wewfbœ RvwZ a‡g©i cÖwZ‡ekxi mv‡_ emev‡m AvMÖnx| GZwKQzi ciI 47 kZvsk weªwUk RbZv gymjgvb‡`i‡K ûgwK wnmv‡e †`L‡Q| gvÎ 28 kZvsk weªwUk g‡b K‡i gymjgvbiv mwZ¨Kvi A‡_© weªwU‡bi mgv‡Ri mv‡_ GwKf~Z n‡Z Pvq| Gw`‡K, weª‡U‡b wfmv cÖZ¨vL¨vZ n‡q‡Q GiKg AšÍZ 1 jvL 50 nvRvi Av‡e`bKvix ‡Kvb Lei Rv‡b bv †nvg Awdm| msev` gva¨‡gi G ai‡Yi Lei cÖKv‡ki ci ‡Zvjcvo Pj‡Q| Z‡e, †`k †_‡K we`v‡qi e¨vcv‡i h_vh_ †KŠk‡ji Afve‡KB ‡`vlviƒc Ki‡Q Bwg‡MÖkb mswkøó e¨w³iv|

wm ‡j ‡U i m s ev `

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 27

wm‡j‡U eb¨v †k‡l Wvqwiqvi cÖ‡Kvc

wm‡jU, 03 RyjvB : wm‡j‡U eb¨v †k‡l Wvqwiqvi cÖ‡Kvc fqven cÖ‡Kvc †`Lv w`‡q‡Q| cvwbew›` gvby‡li g‡a¨ e¨vcK nv‡i Wvqwiqv Qwo‡q co‡Q| BwZg‡a¨ 250 Rb wm‡j‡U Wvqwiqvq AvµvšÍ n‡q‡Q| eb¨vi cvwb‡Z Zwj‡q †M‡Q nvRvi nvRvi wUDeI‡qj| d‡j weï× cvwbi Zxeª m¼U Pj‡Q wm‡j‡Ui eb¨vKewjZ GjvKvq| mxgvšÍeZ©x 5wU Dc‡Rjv †_‡K cvwb bvg‡Z ïiæ K‡i‡Q| K‡g Avm‡Q X‡ji †Zvo| GiB m‡½ Gme GjvKvq Wvqwiqvq AvµvšÍ †ivMxi msL¨v evo‡Q| Z‡e Wvqwiqvi cÖ¯ÍywZ‡Z KgwZ †bB wm‡j‡U| †Rjv wmwfj mvR©‡bi cÿ †_‡K †`o kZvwaK †gwW‡Kj wUg MVb Kiv n‡q‡Q| Uvbv K‡qK w`‡bi el©Y I cvnvwo X‡j wm‡j‡Ui me KÕwU Dc‡RjvB cøvweZ| ïay cøvweZB bq we‡kl K‡i mxgvšÍeZ©x RwKMÄ, KvbvBNvU, ˆRšÍvcyi, †MvqvBbNvU I †Kv¤úvbxM‡Ä Xj AvNvZ nvbvq Wy‡e

hvq Nievwo| IB mgq 5wU Dc‡Rjvi me KÕwU bjK~c I cyKyi cvwb‡Z Zwj‡q hvq| `yÕw`b a‡i wm‡j‡U e… wó †bB| cÖPÐ †iv`| Mi‡g †e‡o‡Q ZvcI| †mB m‡½ eb¨vi cvwbI bvg‡Z ïiæ K‡i‡Q| G Kvi‡YB wm‡j‡U Wvqwiqv wb‡q k¼v ïiæ n‡q‡Q| AvµvšÍ n‡Z ïiæ K‡i‡Q gvbyl| Wvqwiqvi Rb¨ MwVZ †gwW‡Kj wU‡gi m`m¨iv cÖv_wgKfv‡e mvwi‡q w`‡”Qb Wvqwiqv| m‡PZb Kiv n‡”Q mvaviY gvbyl‡`i| Z‡e †Lv` wPwKrmKiv Rvwb‡q‡Qb, weï× cvwbi m¼U †`Lv w`‡j Wvqwiqv cÖKU AvKvi aviY Ki‡e| wm‡j‡Ui wmwfj mvR©b Kvgiæj Bmjvg Rvwb‡q‡Qb, eb¨vi cieZ©x ¯^v¯’¨‡mev wbwðZ Ki‡Q BwZg‡a¨ 157wU †gwW‡Kj wUg MVb Kiv n‡q‡Q| Gi g‡a¨ eZ©gv‡b gv‡V KvR Ki‡Q 77wU wUg| cÖwZwU wU‡g wmwbqi Wv³viiv i‡q‡Qb| wZwb

e‡jb, weï× cvwbi m¼‡Ui Kvi‡Y Wvqwiqvi cÖ‡Kvc †ewk| Avi welqwU Av‡M †_‡KB aviYvq _vKvq BwZg‡a¨ 70 †_‡K 80 nvRvi cvwb weï×KiY U¨vej‡qW weZiY Kiv n‡q‡Q| Iw`‡K wm‡j‡Ui wewfbœ Dc‡Rjvq eb¨vi cvwb bvgvi m‡½ m‡½B Wvqwiqvmn cÖv_wgK †ivM m¤ú‡K© gvBwKs K‡i mZ©K evZ©v Rvbvq cÖkvmb| G mgq DRv‡b X‡ji cvwb cvb bv Kivi AvnŸvb Rvbv‡bv nq| GKB m‡½ e…wói cvwb msM«‡ni gva¨‡g Lvevi cvwb e¨envi KiviI Avnevb Rvbv‡bv nq| wm‡j‡Ui †MvqvBbNvU, ˆRšÍvcyi, †Kv¤úvbxMÄmn †ek K‡qKwU Dc‡Rjvq GiK gvBwKs Kiv nq| Avi gvBwKs‡qi ciciB cÖkvmb †_‡K †`qv Îv‡Yi m‡½ `yM©Z GjvKvi gvbyl‡`i g‡a¨ cvwb weï×KiY Lvevi U¨vej‡qW I Iim¨vjvBb weZiY Kiv n‡q‡Q| G‡Z K‡i ïiæ †_‡K gvby‡li g‡a¨ mZ©KKZv i‡q‡Q|

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Education & Migration UK & CANADA

...........Global Solution

UK & C ANADA UK -All kind of Services for Student Tier-4 students admission. Free Student Consultancy.

Admission @ Ulster University/ London Metropolitan University @ LSBF/ Anglia Ruskin University@ LCA/Glyndwr University@ LSMS/ Sunderland University@ EthamesGS/LSC/LSBF/LCA and

Admission @ Public Funded College (Level 3 to Level 7)

m any m ore U ni and H TS Colleges.

( Business Management, Health and Social Care, ICT, Tourism and Hospitaly, Accounting and Finance)

200*Discount from FBA (UK) LTD for any courses FBA (UK) LTD. Is an approved agency for CANADA Admission going on for study permit in Canada with 17 well-known college and universities

Special Offer London Metropolitan University @ LSBF Honours 3 years -£5000/year, initial deposit £3000/= Masters-£ 6000/year, initial deposit £ 3000/=

Glyndwr University


(Class Start at 18 June)

Anglia Ruskin University @ LCA (July Intake, Start date 2nd July)

* initial deposit £4000/= Honours 3 years - £4950/year, Masters-£6500/year, initial deposit £ 4000/=

English test will be arranged by Anglia Ruskin University Honours 3 years - £4000/year, initial deposit £3000/= Masters-£6500/year, initial deposit £ 3300/= *T's&C's apply (We are open Saterday and Sunday as well) Your satisfaction, our achievement

112-116, Whitechapel Road , London E1 1JE. Email: skype: fbaukltd ,, Contact No:02035811996,07894985746 SH09C


e¨vsK A¨vKvD›U Rãmn K‡qK Kg©KZ©v‡K †M«dZvi K‡i| m~Î g‡Z, wm‡j‡Ui M«vnKiv me©wbgœ 20 nvRvi UvKv †_‡K ïiæ K‡i m‡e©v”P 50 jvL UvKv ch©šÍ wewb‡qvM K‡i‡Qb| D‡jêL‡hvM¨ wewb‡qvMKvixi g‡a¨ wkÿK Avwgbyj nK I Zvi ¯^Rb‡`i cªvq 96 jvL UvKv, ZvuwZcvovi †Mvjvg mviIqv‡ii 46 jvL 59 nvRvi 9kÕ UvKv, evMevoxi AwRZ Kygvi `vm I Zvi AvZ¥xq-¯^Rb‡`i 22 jvL 18 nvRvi UvKv, RwKM‡Äi gnwmb Avng` †PŠayix I Zvi AvZ¥xq-¯^R‡bi 41 jvL 76 nvRvi 4kÕ UvKv, †gRiwUjvi wbwLj m~Îai I Zvi AvZ¥xq¯^R‡bi 1 †KvwU 32 jvL 40 nvRvi 5kÕ UvKv, RvwKi †nv‡mb I Zvi AvZ¥xq-¯^R‡bi 54 jvL 26 nvRvi 4kÕ UvKv, iv‡gk iÄb fÆvPvh© I Zvi AvZ¥xq¯^R‡bi 59 jvL 13 nvRvi 6kÕ UvKv, †mvenvbxNvU GjvKvi Wv. Av‡bvqvi †nv‡m‡bi cªvq 50 jvL UvKv| BDwb‡cUyBDi Kvh©µg eÜ n‡q covq MZ wZb gv‡m †h 6wU gvgjv n‡q‡Q| Zv‡Z 16 †KvwU UvKv cªZviYvi Awf‡hvM Kiv nq| cªZvwiZ e¨w³iv eZ©gv‡b †Pv‡L AÜKvi †`L‡Qb| we‡kl K‡i hviv AvZ¥xq-¯^R‡bi KvQ †_‡K UvKv G‡b ev Zv‡`i wewb‡qv‡M eva¨ K‡iwQ‡jb, Zviv c‡o‡Qb †eKvq`vq|

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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 28

G‡Ki ci GK Ly‡b DwØMœ wm‡jUevmx AÜKv‡i AvBb-k„•Ljv iÿvKvix evwnbx

wm‡jU, 03 RyjvB : wm‡j‡U evmvevwo, ¯‹yj, K‡jR, gv`ªvmv me RvqMv‡ZB Lyb-AvZ¼| †_‡g †bB WvKvwZI| WvKvZ‡`i nv‡ZI NU‡Q Ly‡bi NUbv| cªvqB bMix I bMixi evB‡i †jvgnl©K Ly‡bi NUbv NU‡jI cªwZwU NUbvq Acivaxiv aiv‡Qvuqvi evB‡i _vK‡Q| MZ wZb gv‡m wm‡j‡U Aa©kZvwaK Ly‡bi NUbv N‡U‡Q e‡j †g‡UªvcwjUb cywjk I wWAvBwR Awd‡mi mswkøó m~‡Î Rvbv †M‡Q| NUbvi ci Avmvwg ai‡Z Ges K¬y †ei Ki‡Z bv cvivq Acivaxiv Aciva Kvh©µg Pvjv‡Z wØav‡eva Ki‡Q bv e‡j m‡PZb gn‡ji aviYv| G e¨vcv‡i wm‡jU †g‡UªvcwjUb cywj‡ki (GmGgwc) Kwgkbvi Ag~j¨ f~lY eo~qv e‡jb, cywj‡ki mdjZve¨_©Zv `ywUB Av‡Q| Z‡e †ek wKQy nZ¨vKv‡Ði ci Avmvwg‡`i †M«dZvi Kiv n‡q‡Q| Ab¨ NUbv¸‡jvi Z`šÍ Ae¨vnZ i‡q‡Q| me©‡kl 25 Ryb wm‡j‡Ui nRiZ kvnRvjvj (in.) `iMvn gv`ªvmvi QvÎ Avwgi AveŸvm‡K RevB K‡i nZ¨v Kiv nq| GLb ch©šÍ G NUbvi ci Lywb‡K †M«dZvi Ki‡Z cv‡iwb cywjk| Kx Kvi‡Y

Zv‡K Lyb Kiv n‡q‡Q †mwUI GLb ch©šÍ i‡q‡Q ARvbv| GKB w`b wm‡j‡Ui KvbvBNv‡U ¯‹yjwkÿK I bMixi g`b‡gvnb K‡j‡Ri wnmveweÁvb wefv‡Mi PZy_© e‡l©i wkÿv_©x eLwZqvi Avng` †gvwgb‡K Lyb Kiv nq| †gvwgb‡K Kx Kvi‡Y Lyb Kiv n‡q‡Q, ZvI ARvbv| Rwg msµvšÍ we‡iv‡ai †R‡i Zv‡K Lyb Kiv n‡q _vK‡Z cv‡i e‡j cywj‡ki aviYv| wKš‘ GLb ch©šÍ IB Ly‡bi NUbvq cywjk KvD‡K †M«dZvi Ki‡Z cv‡iwb| MZ 9 Ryb kniZwji Lvw`gcvov BDwbq‡bi c~e© `jBcvovq wbR evwo‡Z Lyb nq ¯‹yjQvÎx mvwenv Av³vi I Zvi `vw` †gvwgbv LvZyb| 30 †g `vmcvov GjvKvq Lyb nb kvn civb GjvKvi `Ëcvov M«v‡gi Kveyj Avng`| Lywbiv Dch©ycwi QywiKvNv‡Z Zv‡K Lyb K‡i| cywjk NUbv¯’j †_‡K Kvey‡ji eÜy kvgxg‡K AvUK K‡i| wKš‘ AvRI Rvbv hvqwb †K ev Kviv Zv‡K nZ¨v K‡i‡Q| 25 †g kniZwji wk‡ei evRvi bqvMvuI M«v‡g WvKvZ‡`i ¸wj‡Z ewki wgqv Lyb nb| G NUbvq cywjk m‡›`nfvRb K‡qKRb‡K AvUK Ki‡jI g~j WvKvZiv i‡q‡Q GLbI aiv‡Qvuqvi

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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 29

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eKOTA print





193a Whitechapel Road London E1 1DN Tel: 020 7247 2400 Mob: 07506 989 277

Printing offer With free delivery (UK mainland)


Business Cards

£90 Printed on 400gsm Board and Matt Laminated

Wedding Invitation Wedding cards from 80p

£99 Printed on 130 gsm gloss

10000 A4 Menu


Printed on 130 gsm gloss & folded

er Diss

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Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors Registered by The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants to carry out Company Audit Work.

Our Services –


A5 Leaflets

Rvqbvgv‡RB e‡m _v‡Kb m~h©evb wewe




Colour 25p B & W 5p

● Start-up-Advice ● Book Keeping ● Audit ● Payroll & CIS ● VAT consultancy ● Company Formations ● IT consultancy ● Payroll Training

● Business Plan ● Accounts ● Self Assessment ● Company Taxation ● Business Development ● Company Secretarials ● Accountancy Tax &

EHK Consulting Ltd.

434 Finchley Road, London NW2 2HY

T: 02077945045 M: 07916120280 F: 02076812544 E : W :

EHK Consulting is the trading name of EHK Consulting Ltd. No. 5427244

Note: Design charge not included. Limited period only, T & C apply. JY17E.O.W





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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 30

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wbDR †W¯‹ : divwm cywjk g½jevi A‰ea A_© msM«n welqK GK gvgjvi Z`‡šÍ mv‡eK ‡c«wm‡W›U wb‡Kvjv mvi‡KvwRi Kvh©vjq I evwo‡Z Zjøvwk Pvwj‡q‡Q| wewewm AbjvB‡b c«KvwkZ GK Le‡i ejv n‡q‡Q, mvi‡KvwRi ‡h AvBwb mnvqZv c«wZôv‡bi Askx`vi ‡mLv‡bI Zjøvwk Pvjv‡bv nq| 2007 mv‡j ‡c«wm‡W›U wbe©vP‡bi mg‡q c«Pvivwfhv‡bi LiP ‡hvMv‡Z mvi‡KvwR d«v‡Ýi me‡P‡q abx bvix wj‡jb ‡e‡Ub‡Kv‡U©i Kv‡Q Pvu`v wb‡qwQ‡jb G Awf‡hv‡Mi Z`‡šÍi c«‡qvR‡b cywjk G Awfhvb Pvjvq| Gi Av‡M mvi‡KvwR G wel‡q me Awf‡hvM A¯^xKvi K‡iwQ‡jb| mvi‡KvwRi AvBbRxex w_‡qwi nvR©M msev` ms¯’v GGdwc‡K e‡jb, eZ©gv‡b mvi‡KvwR cwievi wb‡q KvbvWvq QywU KvUv‡”Qb| MZ

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wbDR †W¯‹ : ‡gw·‡Kvi RvZxq wbe©vP‡b bZyb †cÖwm‡W›U wnmv‡e wbe©vwPZ n‡q‡Qb Bbw÷wUDkbvj †ify¨wjDkbvwi `‡ji (wcAviAvB) cÖv_©x GbwiK †cbv wb‡qv‡Uv| †mvgevi G Lei cÖKvk Kiv nq| †cbv wb‡q‡Uv (45) kZKiv 38 fvM †fvU cvb| Zvi wbKUZg cÖwZØ›Øx Av‡Ûm g¨vby‡qj †jv‡cR IeivWi †c‡q‡Qb 31 kZvsk †fvU| wb‡q‡Uv e‡jb, ÔGB Rq mevi Rq, cy‡iv †gw·‡Kv RvwZi Rq, †gw·‡Kvi †gvU RbmsL¨vi cÖvq A‡a©KB `wi`ª| ZvB wbe©vPbx A½xKvi Abyhvqx Kg©ms¯’vb m…wó AeKvVv‡gv I A_©‰bwZK Dbœq‡bi K_v e‡jb wZwb| †mB mv‡_ gv`‡Ki weiæ‡× hy× †NvlYv Kivi, A½xKv‡ii K_v Rvbvb wb‡q‡Uv| 2000 mv‡j civwRZ nIqvi Av‡M `xN© 71 eQi `jwU †gw·‡Kvi kvmb ÿgZvq wQj|

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†mbv cwil`| Gi Av‡M Qq `kK wgmi kvmb K‡i‡Qb mv‡eK †mbv Kg©KZ©viv| Avevi Gi A‡a©K mgqB kvmb K‡i‡Qb gvÎ GKRb mv‡eK †mbv Kg©KZ©v, †nvmwb gyeviK|

gymwjg eªv`viû‡Wi ivR‰bwZK kvLv wd«Wg A¨vÛ Rvw÷R cvwU©i cÖv_x© W. †gvnv¤§` gyiwm| Avi †gvnv¤§` gyiwmi ÿgZv MÖn‡Yi m‡½ m‡½B cv‡ë †M‡Q †`kwUi ÿgZvi QK| kwbevi †Rbv‡ij‡`i Dcw¯’wZ‡Z †mbvc¨v‡i‡Wi ga¨ w`‡q gyiwmi Kv‡Q wgm‡ii ÿgZv n¯ÍvšÍi K‡i m‡e©v”P

mv‡eK wegvb evwnbx cÖavb gyeviK Zvi wÎk eQ‡ii kvmbvg‡j gymwjg eªv`viûW‡K wbwl× K‡i †i‡LwQ‡jb| msMVbwUi †bZvKg©x‡`i e¨vcK aicvKo K‡i Kvivew›` K‡i †i‡LwQ‡jb| wKš‘ GLb cwiw¯’wZ cy‡iv D‡ë †M‡Q| ÿgZv nšÍvšÍi Abyôv‡b gyiwm‡K Ôwg. †cÖwm‡W›UÕ wn‡m‡e

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wbDR †W¯‹ : Zv‡jevb, Avj Kvq`v ev ¯’vbxq Rw½ msMVb¸‡jv bq eis fviZ‡KB me‡P‡q eo ûgwK e‡j g‡b K‡i cvwK¯Ív‡bi mvaviY RbMY| hy³ivóªwfwËK wcD wimvP© †m›Uv‡ii †Møvevj A¨vwUPzW cÖ‡R‡±i AvIZvq cvwK¯Ív‡b cwiPvwjZ GK mv¤úÖwZK Rwi‡c Ggb ch©‡eÿY cvIqv †M‡Q| Rwi‡c †`Lv †M‡Q, cÖwZ cuvPR‡b GKRb cvwK¯Ívwb fvi‡Zi e¨vcv‡i BwZevPK g‡bvfve †cvlY K‡i| wKš‘ GKB m‡½ 10 R‡b 6 Rb cvwK¯ÍvwbB g‡b K‡i cÖwZ‡ekx fviZB Zv‡`i me‡P‡q eo ûgwK| Lei UvBgm

Ae BwÛqvi| Z‡e eZ©gv‡b †gvU RbmsL¨vi 22 kZvsk gvbyl fvi‡Zi e¨vcv‡i BwZevPK g‡bvfve †cvlY K‡iÐ G AbycvZ‡K D‡jøL‡hvM¨ AMÖMwZ e‡jB we‡ePbv Kiv n‡”Q| KviY MZ eQiB G nvi wQj gvÎ 14 kZvsk| cÖwZ‡e`‡b ejv n‡q‡Q, 2009 mv‡j Rwic ïiæi ci †_‡KB †`Lv †M‡Q, cvwK¯Ív‡bi mvaviY gvbyl Zv‡`i Af¨šÍixY wbivcËv I Dbœq‡bi c‡_ me‡P‡q eo ûgwK wn‡m‡e we‡ePbv K‡i fviZ‡K| Avi G AbycvZ w`‡b w`‡b evo‡Q e‡j g‡b n‡”Q| Rwi‡c †`Lv hv‡”Q, †hLv‡b 2009

mv‡ji Zzjbvq G nvi 11 kZvsk †e‡o `uvwo‡q‡Q 59 kZvs‡k| Z‡e GKB mgq Zv‡jev‡bi e¨vcv‡i Zv‡`i wbivcËv fxwZ 9 kZvsk K‡g †M‡Q| Z‡e Gme †bwZevPK cwimsL¨vb m‡Ë¡I GLb 62 kZvsk cvwK¯Ívwb g‡b K‡i, cÖwZ‡ekx G †`kwUi m‡½ m¤úK© Dbœqb Riæwi| Avi wØcvwÿK evwYR¨ ïiæ Ges `yB †`‡ki g‡a¨ D‡ËRbv cÖkg‡b AviI Av‡jvPbv cÖ‡qvRb e‡j g‡b K‡i `yB-Z…Zxqvsk gvbyl| wKš‘ ZviciI cvwK¯Ív‡bi e¨vcv‡i GLbI wecyj msL¨K fviZxq †bwZevPK aviYv †cvlY K‡ib|

cwiPq Kwi‡q w`‡q m‡e©v”P ÿgZvmxb †mbv cwil‡`i cÖavb †Rbv‡ij ZvbZvwe e‡jb, Avgiv Avjøvn I RbM‡Yi Kv‡Q Kiv Avgv‡`i cÖwZÁv iÿv K‡iwQ| mivmwi I Aeva wbe©vP‡bi gva¨‡g Avgiv wgmi kvmb Kivi Rb¨ GKRb wbe©vwPZ †cÖwm‡W›U †c‡qwQ| Gi Av‡M ÿgZv n¯ÍvšÍi Abyôv‡bi Rb¨ giæf‚wg‡Z †mbvevwnbxi NuvwU‡Z Av‡mb †cÖwm‡W›U gyiwm| Kv‡jv GKwU †mWvb Mvwo †_‡K bZzb †cÖwm‡W›U gvwU‡Z cv †djv gvÎB ZwoNwo m¨vjyU K‡ib †Rbv‡ij ZvbZvwe, Zvici nvZ †gjvb| GB ZvbZvweB m‡e©v”P †mbv cwil‡`i cÖavb wn‡m‡e gyeviK cieZ©x wgm‡ii m‡e©me©v wQ‡jb| wZwb gyevi‡Ki cÖwZiÿvgš¿x wn‡m‡e `xN© 20 eQi `vwqZ¡ cvjb K‡ib| mvgwiK †Rbv‡ij †Kvb †emvgwiK bvMwiK‡K m¨vjyU Ki‡Q, †`o eQi Av‡MI wgm‡i G ai‡bi `„k¨ AKíbxq wQj| ÔHwZnvwmK `„k¨ : †mbvevwnbxi gv‡S GKRb †emvgwiK †cÖwm‡W›UÕ, UzBUv‡i wj‡L‡Qb w`gv LwZe bv‡gi GK wgmixq| GmeB m¤¢e n‡q‡Q ÔAvie emšÍÕ bv‡g cwiwPZ MYRvMi‡Yi d‡j| cy‡iv Avie AÂj‡K bvwo‡q †`qv GB Av‡›`vj‡bB wgm‡ii `xN© 60 eQ‡ii †mbv kvm‡bi Aemvb nq| gvÎ 18 w`‡bi Av‡›`vj‡b 2011 mv‡ji 11 †deªæqvwi ÿgZv Qvo‡Z eva¨ nb cÖZvckvjx †mbvkvmK †nvmwb gyeviK|

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weevn, Mv‡q njy`, Kbdv‡iÝ Ges ‡h †Kvb Abyôv‡b Avcbv‡`i †mevq Lvevi, KvUjvix, †W‡Kv‡ikbmn m¤ú~Y© mvwf©m w`‡q _vwK 96 Mile End Road, London E1 4UN

T: 020 7791 2730, M: 07939 260 058, 07985 129 452


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FOX Training Academy is a trading style of ASK RT Consultants Ltd, Registered in England and Wales Co Reg. 07722180



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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 31

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wbDR †W¯‹ : wmwiqvi Pjgvb mwnsmZv wbim‡b RvwZmsN I Avie wj‡Mi cÖ¯ÍvweZ AšÍe©Z©xKvjxb miKvi MVb cwiKíbv cÖZ¨vL¨vb K‡i‡Q †`kwUi miKvi I we‡ivaxiv| kwbevi myBRvij¨v‡Ûi †R‡bfvq AbywôZ wmwiqv welqK ˆeV‡K hy³ivóª, ivwkqv I Pxbmn wek¦ kw³¸‡jv G e¨vcv‡i wb‡R‡`i m¤§wZi K_v Rvbvq| G wel‡q wmwiqvq Avmv`cš’x Ges we‡ivax‡`i mgš^‡q MwVZ cÖ¯ÍvweZ AšÍe©Z©x miKvi fwel¨‡Z †`kwU‡Z GKwU wbi‡cÿ wbe©vPb Ki‡Z mg_© n‡e e‡jI Avkvev` e¨³ K‡ib RvwZmsN kvwšÍ`~Z Kwd Avbvb| Ab¨w`‡K GB Av‡jvPbvi g‡a¨I MZ iweevi ch©šÍ wmwiqvq miKvwi I we‡`ªvnx evwnbxi g‡a¨ msN‡l©i NUbvq Kgc‡ÿ 140 Rb wbnZ

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nIqvi Lei cvIqv †M‡Q| ivRavbx `v‡g‡¯‹ kwbevi gU©vi nvgjvq 30 Rb wbnZ nq| Gw`‡K Dfq‡`‡ki D‡ËRbvi gy‡L wmwiqv mxgv‡šÍ kw³ e… w× K‡i‡Q Zyi¯‹| †R‡bfvq wek¦ †bZviv wmwiqvq AšÍe©Z©xKvjxb miKv‡ii iƒc‡iLv wb‡q Av‡jvPbv Ki‡jI †cÖwm‡W›U evkvi Avj Avmv` mvd Rvwb‡q w`‡q‡Qb †h cwðgv‡`i †Kv‡bv ai‡bi civgk© wb‡q wZwb †`k Pvjv‡eb bv| wZwb wmwiqvq Pjgvb mgm¨v‡K †`‡ki Af¨šÍixY welq e‡j AvL¨vwqZ K‡ib| Gw`‡K bZyb GB cÖ¯Ív‡ei cÖwZ GKB g‡bvfve †`wL‡q‡Q we‡ivaxivI| miKvi we‡ivax †jvKvj †KvAwW©‡bkb KwgwU (Gjwmwm) e‡j‡Q, †bZ…e…›` cybivq GKwU Awfbœ Ae¯’v‡b †cŠuQy‡Z e¨_© n‡q‡Qb| GLv‡b hv wKQy n‡q‡Q ivwkqvi g‡ZB n‡q‡Q, hvivB evkvi miKvi‡K bvbv AvšÍR©vwZK Pvc †_‡K iÿv Ki‡Q| we‡ivax wmwiqvb b¨vkbvj KvDw݇ji (GmGbwm)

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GK †m‡K‡Ûi cÖvq wZb-PZz_©vsk †hvM K‡i mgq wnmve K‡i| AvšÍR©vwZK gvb mgq wba©vi‡Yi Rb¨ cÖ‡qvRbg‡Zv mgq †hvM Kiv nq| hv‡Z K‡i `ycy‡i m~‡h©i Ae¯’vb c„w_exi m‡½ wVK 90 wWwMÖ‡Z _v‡K| 2009 mv‡ji Rvbyqvwii ci kwbevi GK †m‡KÛ †hvM Kiv nj| Avi GUv mgq †hv‡Mi 25Zg NUbv| 2015 mv‡ji Av‡M Avi Ggb mgq †hv‡Mi cÖ‡qvRb co‡e bv e‡j Rvbvb Mvw¤^m| Aek¨ Gi Rb¨ Kw¤úDUvi ev cÖhyw³i Ab¨vb¨ h‡š¿ †Kvb mgm¨v nIqvi K_v bq e‡j Rvbvb Mvw¤^m| ïay m~² mgq MYbvi Rb¨B G mgš^q Kiv nq e‡j wZwb Rvbvb|

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wbDR †W¯‹ : hy³iv‡óªi Rb¨ Ryb gvm‡K wech©‡qi gvmB ejv P‡j| K‡jviv‡Wvi `vevb‡ji ci Gev‡i fqven eRªcvZ Ges S‡ov nvIqvi Ke‡j c‡o wech©¯Í n‡q c‡o‡Q †`kwUi RbRxeb| IqvwksUbmn hy³iv‡óªi ga¨-cwðgvÂjxq GjvKvq MZ kwbevi †iKW© ZvcgvÎvi ci cÖPÐ S‡oi Kvi‡Y cÖvq 40 jvL gvbyl we`y¨rnxb Ae¯’vq i‡q‡Q e‡j Rvbv †M‡Q| we`y¨r bv _vKvq Mi‡g ivRavbx IqvwksUb wWwmi gvby‡li cÖvY cÖvq IôvMZ| wewfbœ GjvKvq So I eRªcv‡Zi Ke‡j c‡o gviv †M‡Q 13 Rb| Gw`‡K `vevb‡j

wech©¯Í K‡jviv‡Wv md‡i †M‡Qb †cÖwm‡W›U evivK Ievgv| Rvbv †M‡Q, I‡q÷ fvwR©wbqv, fvwR©wbqv, IqvwksUb I †gwij¨vÛ A½iv‡R¨i Ici w`‡q N›Uvq cÖvq 120 wK.wg. MwZ‡e‡M GKvwaK So e‡q hvq| hy³iv‡óªi AvenvIqv KZ©…cÿ Rvwb‡q‡Q, S‡ov nvIqvwU I‡q÷ fvwR©wbqvq AvNvZ nvbvi ci Iwn‡qvi †fZi w`‡q BwÛqvbv †_‡K c~e©v‡j wM‡q AvNvZ nv‡b| I‡q÷ fvwR©wbqvq 5 jv‡Li †ewk gvbyl we`y¨r wew”Qbœ nIqvq †mLv‡b Riæwi Ae¯’v †NvlYv Kiv n‡q‡Q| Gw`‡K `vevb‡j wech©¯Í K‡jviv‡Wv mdi

ïiæ K‡i‡Qb †`kwUi †cÖwm‡W›U evivK Ievgv| ïµevi K‡jviv‡Wv‡K miKv‡ii cÿ †_‡K `y‡h©vMKewjZ AÂj †NvlYvi ci Ievgv kwbevi Zvi GB mdi ïiæ Ki‡jb| Rvbv hvq, `vevb‡j GLb ch©šÍ K‡jviv‡Wvi cÖvq GK jvL 60 nvRvi GKi eb m¤ú~Y© cy‡o †M‡Q| Iq?vj‡Wv K¨vwbq‡bi `vevb‡ji Kvi‡Y iv‡R¨i wØZxq e…nËg kni K‡jviv‡Wv w¯ús ûgwKi gy‡L c‡o‡Q| Av¸b wbqš¿‡Y Avb‡Z BwZg‡a¨B iv‡R¨i `vevbj Dc`ªæZ GjvKvq hy³iv‡óªi A‡a©K AwMœwbe©vcK hš¿cvwZ I miÄvg †gvZv‡qb Kiv n‡q‡Q|

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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 32

fzj Ki‡j wek¦ gvbwPÎ †_‡K gy‡Q hv‡e BmivBj -Bivb

wbDR †W¯‹ : BmivBj hw` Biv‡bi weiæ‡× †KvbiKg mvgwiK nvgjvi g‡Zv fzj c`‡ÿc †bq Zvn‡j ivóªwU we‡k¦i gvbwPÎ †_‡K gy‡Q hv‡e e‡j ûgwK w`‡q‡Q †Znivb| Bmjvgx wecøex MvW© evwnbxi (AvBAviwRwm) wmwbqi KgvÛvi weª‡MwWqvi †Rbv‡ij Avwgi Avwj nvwRRv‡`n ivóªxq evZ©v ms¯’v Bibvq †`qv GK mvÿvrKv‡i †iveevi GK_v e‡jb| †mvgevi iqUvm©, Avj Avivweqv I Wb G msµvšÍ GKwU cÖwZ‡e`b cÖKvk K‡i‡Q| cÖwZ‡e`‡b ejv nq, AvBAviwRwmÕi wegvb I AvKvk cÖwZiÿv wefv‡Mi G Kg©KZ©v AviI e‡j‡Qb, Ôhw` BmivBj fzj K‡i Biv‡bi Ici nvgjv Pvjv‡bvi `ytmvnm †`Lvq Zvn‡j wek¦ †_‡K G †`kwU‡K gy‡Q †`qvi †ÿ‡Î Zv Avgv‡`i Rb¨ my‡hvM

e‡j MY¨ n‡e|Õ †Rbv‡ij nvwRRv‡`n e‡jb, ÔBmivBj fv‡jv K‡iB Rv‡b Biv‡bi mvgwiK ÿgZvi Kv‡Q Zviv wUK‡Z cvi‡e bv| bB‡j A‡bK Av‡MB Zviv Biv‡bi Ici nvgjv Pvjv‡Zv| wZwb mevi Kv‡Q cÖkœ †i‡L e‡jb, Ô†hLv‡b †jevb‡bi wnReyjøvni g‡Zv †QvU GKwU msMV‡bi Kv‡Q 33 w`‡bi hy‡× BmivBj †n‡i †M‡Q †mLv‡b Biv‡bi g‡Zv GKwU kw³kvjx †`‡ki Ici nvgjvi mvnm †`Lvq wKfv‡e?Õ nvwRRv‡`n BmivB‡ji wgÎ kw³ Av‡gwiKv‡KI mZK© K‡i e‡jb, ÔBmivBj hw` Biv‡bi Ici nvgjv Pvjv‡Z Pvq Zvn‡j Zviv Av‡gwiKvi mn‡hvwMZv PvB‡e| wKš‘ Av‡gwiKvbiv G †ÿ‡Î Zv‡`i mn‡hvwMZv Ki‡e bv| KviY

IqvwksUb Rv‡b G A‡j Zv‡`i me mvgwiK NuvwU Bivwb †ÿcYv‡¯¿i AvIZvq i‡q‡Q|Õ nvwRRv‡`n AvMvgx K‡qK mßv‡n wZb w`‡bi †ÿcYv¯¿ cixÿvi Kg©m~wP †NvlYv K‡ib| wZwb e‡jb, ÒBmjvwgK wicvewjK Ae Bivb AcZrciZv K‡Vvifv‡e iæ‡L `uvov‡Z cv‡i Ges †KvbiKg Aïf kw³i weiæ‡× `uvZfvOv Reve w`‡Z cv‡i Zv G gnovi ga¨ w`‡q Rvbvb †`qv n‡e|Ó K‡qKwU QÙ wegvb NuvwU‡Z †ÿcYv¯¿ nvgjvi ga¨ w`‡q G gnov Pj‡e e‡j Rvbvb wZwb| Biv‡bi Ici BD‡ivcxq BDwbq‡bi (BBD) †Zj wb‡lavÁvmn Ab¨vb¨ K‡Vvi evavwb‡la Kvh©Ki nIqvi ciciB Bivb bZzb K‡i G †ÿcYv¯¿ cixÿvi gnov Pvjv‡bv Ges Bmiv‡qj‡K wbwðý Kivi ûgwK w`j|

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wkïi LZbv Kiv‡bv GKwU wbh©vZb wbDR †W¯‹ : ag©xq Kvi‡Y wkïi mybœ‡Z LZbv eo ai‡bi wbh©vZb e‡j Av‡`k w`‡q‡Q Rvg©vwbi GKwU Av`vjZ| Rvg©vwbi †Kvjb kn‡ii IB Av`vjZ g½jevi e‡j‡Q, mybœ‡Z LZbvi Rb¨ wkï‡K Pig ˆ`wnK ÿwZi gy‡L co‡Z nq| Av`vj‡Zi Av‡`‡k ejv nq †h, kvixwiKfv‡e AÿZ _vKvi wkïi †h AwaKvi Zv evev-gv‡qi AwaKvi‡K Qvwo‡q hvq| LZœv wel‡q mšÍv‡bi wm×všÍ M«n‡Yi mgq ch©šÍ A‡cÿv Ki‡j evev-gv mn‡RB mšÍv‡bi Ici Zv‡`i G ag©xq AwaKvi cª‡qvM Ki‡Z cvi‡e bv| eyaevi Avj-

RvwRivi GK cªwZ‡e`‡b ejv nq, GK gymwjg `¤úwZi Aby‡iv‡a Zv‡`i Pvi eQ‡ii †Q‡j‡K LZœv Kiv‡bv †Kvj‡bi GK wPwKrm‡Ki weiæ‡× gvgjvi Av‡`‡k G K_v e‡j Av`vjZ| A‡¯¿vcPv‡ii K‡qK w`b ci IB wkïi ÿZ¯’vb †_‡K †ewk gvÎvq i³cvZ ïiæ n‡j Zv‡K nvmcvZv‡j †bqv nq| ZLb IB wPwKrm‡Ki weiæ‡× Pig ˆ`wnK ÿwZ Kivi Awf‡hvM †Zvjv nq| Z‡e evev-gv‡qi B”Qvq wkï‡K LZœv Kiv‡bvi Rb¨ IB wPwKrmK‡K wb‡`©vl e‡j ivq †`q Av`vjZ|

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wbDR †W¯‹ : gvwji DËivÂjxq kni MvI‡q PjwZ mßv‡n Bmjvgcwš’ I Zyqv‡iM we‡`ªvnx‡`i g‡a¨ mwnsmZvq Kgc‡ÿ 35 Rb wbnZ n‡q‡Q| kwbevi GK wPwKrmK MvI †_‡K ivRavbx evgv‡Kvq wd‡i G‡m e‡jb, ÔkniwU‡Z Kgc‡ÿ 35 Rb wbnZ n‡q‡Q|Õ Zyqv‡iM we‡`ªvnx‡`i m‡½ Zygyj jovB‡qi ci Bmjvgcwš’iv eyaevi gvwji DËivÂjxq cÖavb kniwUi wbqš¿Y M«nY K‡i‡Q e‡j `vwe Kivi ci cÖv_wgKfv‡e Kgc‡ÿ 20 Rb wbn‡Zi Lei Rvbv‡bv n‡qwQj| IB wPwKrmK Av‡iv e‡jb, ÔGB MYbvq bvBRvi b`x‡Z wbnZ I AvnZ n‡q hviv c‡o gviv †M‡Q Zv‡`i‡KI †hvM Kiv n‡q‡Q|Õ Avj-Kv‡q`via gvwj kvLv gyf‡g›U di Iqvb‡bm A¨vÛ wRnv` Bb I‡q÷ Avwd«Kv (gyRvI) Ges Zyqv‡iM b¨vkbvj gyf‡g›U di wjev‡ikb Ae AvRvIqv` (GgGbGjG)Õi g‡a¨ eyaevi Zygyj jovB ïiæ nq| gvP© gv‡m msMVb `ywU kniwU `Lj K‡i| †iWµ‡mi AvšÍR©vwZK KwgwU Rvwb‡q‡Q, MvI‡q g½j I eyaevi mk¯¿ msMVb¸‡jvi g‡a¨ jovB‡qi ci 41 Rb‡K ¸wjwe× Ae¯’vq nvmcvZv‡j fwZ© Kiv n‡q‡Q| ïµevi GgGbGjG GK wee… wZ‡Z `vwe K‡i‡Q †h msMVbwUi 4 m`m¨ wbnZ I Aci 10 Rb AvnZ n‡q‡Q|

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TO LET 200sqft - 5000sqft 7-8 Davenant Street, London, E1 5NB Very Close to East London Mosque To view or enquiry please call:

0783 804 2633 0751 585 1694 TH33C

issue: 03/08 -11

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 33

Bangla Times Year 03 n Issue 08


06 - 12 July 2012

Six arrested in London anti-terror operation Five men and a woman suspected of terrorism offences have been arrested in London as part of an intelligence-led investigation involving MI5. One of the six, who are aged between 18 and 30, was Tasered by police. Eight homes in west, east and north London and one business are being searched. It is understood the arrests relate to a possible plot involving Islamist extremists, with potential UK targets. The arrests are not linked to the Olympics or Paralympics, police added. Security sources are describing the arrests as “significant”, but there is no suggestion at the moment of any imminent attack, BBC home affairs correspondent Danny Shaw says. It is understood that police involved in the long-running operation decided to act on Thursday on the grounds of public safety. The UK terrorism threat level is unchanged from “substantial”,

which means a terrorist attack is a “strong possibility”. There are two higher levels - “severe”, meaning an attack is “highly likely”, and “critical”, meaning an attack is “expected imminently”. Some - if not all - of those arrested on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism are British nationals, our correspondent adds. They include a 21-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman, who were detained at separate addresses in Ealing, west London. A 29-year-old man was arrested in an Ealing street, while three

Bangladesh needs global support for climate adaptation: PM Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday said Bangladesh deserves high level of international support, technological and financial assistance for its climate change adaptation and implementing mitigation initiatives. She said this when outgoing Dutch Ambassador Alphons Hennekens met her at her office (PMO). The Dutch Envoy underscored the need for strengthening regional cooperation and sharing of experiences to face the adverse impacts of global climate change. After the meeting, PM’s press secretary Abul Kalam Azad briefed reporters. Hennekens told the Prime Minister that his country will continue its cooperation to Bangladesh in different sectors, including Bangladesh Delta Plan-2012 and training programme. Hasina said a MoU was signed between the two countries on Bangladesh Delta Plan-2012 as a new vision document for a strategic partnership in

other men, aged 18, 24 and 26, were detained in Newham, east London, during the operation involving armed officers. The 24-year-old man who was Tasered during his arrest did not need hospital treatment, police said. All six have been taken to a police station in south-east London. The London arrests are not linked to a “police-led incident” which has closed the M6 Toll motorway near Birmingham in both directions, BBC correspondents say. However, police told the BBC they were looking at the possibility that the incident, involving a passenger seen acting suspiciously on a coach, could be terrorismrelated. Source: BBC Website

150,000 cases of migrants denied right to stay in UK are ‘missing’

Immigration inspectors have disclosed for the first time the existence of a backlog of more than 150,000 cases involving people who have been refused permission to stay in Britain but whose whereabouts are unknown to the authorities. The chief inspector of immigration, John Vine, said he discovered the existence of the UK Border Agency’s national “migration refusal pool” during his first inspection of a local immigration team. The only guidance staff were given for dealing with cases in this 150,000-strong group was that the total size of the pool should not be allowed to increase. Vine said his greatest concern during his inspection of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight immigration team was over the “150,000-plus cases nationally that are sitting in a migration refusal pool”. He added: “I could not find any clear strategy for dealing with these cases, either in determining the proportion of this growing number of people who were still in the UK illegally and who should

be removed, or in setting out clear performance targets to manage and reduce these cases in an organised manner.” In his inspection report published on Thursday, the chief inspector says staff reported it being impossible to know whether the 150,000 were still in Britain or had left voluntarily. Officials at the UK Border Agency admitted that about 40% of those in the “refusal pool” had not even been formally served with the documents informing them that they had to leave Britain within 28 days. The lack of action over people refused permission to stay is underlined by a separate

finding in his inspection report which shows that while absconders who had disappeared off the UKBA’s radar were not ignored, “it was clear that they were not a high priority for the local immigration team”. The 150,000 cases in this previously undisclosed backlog are a separate group from those who entered Britain illegally or who overstayed their visas, or who are failed asylum seekers. The shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, said the inspector’s “damning conclusion” found that the government was giving a very low priority to finding and removing people refused permission to stay in Britain.

> > page 34

Padma loan cancellation appropriate, Asserts new WB chief

sustainable delta management, integrated water resources management, disaster management and adaptation to climate change. The Press Secretary said the prime minister also mentioned various steps taken by her government to ensure people’s basic rights, including food, shelter health and education. During the meeting, Hasina and Hennekens also discussed various bilateral issues, including the expansion of trade and business. Ambassador at-Large M Ziaudding was, among others, was present on the occasion. Source:

New World Bank President Jim Yong Kim has said the global lender’s decision to cancel the Padma bridge loan was appropriate. Kim made the remark at a media roundtable in Washington DC on Monday, his first day on the job. The WB on June 29 cancelled $1.2 billion credit for the project, claiming to have proof of a corruption conspiracy involving Bangladeshi officials, executives of a Canadian firm and private individuals. The cancellation came on the last working day of immediate past WB president Robert Zoellick. In an instant reaction to the WB decision, Finance Minister AMA Muhith said he thought the statement cancelling the loan was not of the bank’s but of its outgoing president Zoellick’s, and that it was unacceptable.

Replying to a journalist’s query on Monday, the new WB chief said, “I do think it [the WB decision] was appropriate.” “I’ve been following the situation closely, and Mr Zoellick and the senior staff have informed me fully about the decision,” Kim was quoted as saying in a WB transcript. “The Bank has a sterling record in fighting corruption. The Bank was the first to raise the issue of corruption in the 1990s and has a no-tolerance policy for corruption. The discussions with the government of Bangladesh started in September. Even toward the very end, there were extensions given so that there would be what we would think of as an appropriate response; and not seeing one, we cancelled the bridge project. “Now, we’re very concerned

about the well-being of the poorest people in Bangladesh, but what I must stress is the Bank’s position is that we do not tolerate corruption.” Following the WB’s decision, Asian Development Bank, a co-financer of the $2.9 billion project, said that it was unable to finance the project. Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica), another co-

financer of the project, said it would decide on the project’s funding after consultation with the Japanese government. The finance minister on Monday said in parliament that immediate past WB president Zoellick had never taken into cognisance any of Bangladesh’s proposals to end the stalemate over the Padma bridge project. “Probably in an attempt to settle the issue in haste during his term, the outgoing WB president Robert Zoellick took this imprudent decision which has shattered Bangladesh’s image,” Muhith told the House. The minister urged the bank’s new management to review the decision, and said, “We hope to reopen our dialogue with the new WB leadership shortly on this issue.”


Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 34

£800,000 revamp of St George’s Leisure Centre

A much loved leisure centre in Tower Hamlets has been given a new lease of life after an £800,000 refurbishment. St George’s Leisure Centre in Shadwell has been given the makeover thanks to works funded by Tower Hamlets Council and leisure partner Better. A structural survey highlighted the swimming pool was nearing the end of its operational life, and the council chose to invest in the pool to ensure residents would have access to a good quality swimming pool for the future. Mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman said: “We

have listened to the views of residents and pool users and decided to invest in this important community facility. “I want to give residents more options to develop healthy lifestyles and enjoy their free time. That is why I am investing in St George’s Leisure Centre.” The refurbishment has resulted in new windows, replacement of the pool plant systems, improvements to the customer journey at reception, as well as major interior and exterior repair works. With the support of the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), the council has also replaced the diving boards,

In a parliamentary democracy the party (or parties if in coalition) which wins the general [national] election forms the government. Its leader becomes the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister selects his/her Cabinet choosing his/her most able and loyal supporters from Parliament. The whole Cabinet holds its Office during the pleasure of the Prime Minister who can ask any Minister to resign or can ask the President to terminate his/her appointment if he/she fails to resign. This is the conventional norms of a parliamentary democracy, although Minister’s resignation or termination rarely happens in our country, for the government of the day feels weakness in such approach (the recent incidents of Suranjit Sen Gupta and Suhel Taj are live examples). The President is the constitutional (and, to a great extent, a ceremonial) head of the State. Constitutionally in our country the President appoints as Prime Minister the Member of Parliament (MP) who appears to him to command the support of the majority of Members of Parliament (MPs), [Art 56(3)]. The President also appoints such other Ministers, State Ministers and Deputy Ministers as may be determined by the Prime Minister on the advice of the Prime Minister, [Art. 56(1) & (2)]. Under Article 56 of the Constitution, no one can be appointed as Minister, State Minister or Deputy Minister unless he/she is qualified to be elected as an MP and at least nine-tenths of their number shall have to be appointed from among the MPs. Therefore, Article 56 plainly confirms that nine-tenths of the Cabinet would have to be from the MPs and one-tenths of the Cabinet may be technocrat Ministers. Although the technocrat Ministers are not from MPs, they have to be qualified to be elected as MPs. There is no provision in our Constitution for appointing Advisers in the place of Ministers with a view to cover the tasks of Ministers. As such, it is unconstitutional to appoint the Advisers and then let them deal with the tasks of Ministers. In the current Cabinet of our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, there are quite a few Advisers with full Ministers’ rank and status (not less than seven) in different important Ministries, such as Foreign, Defence, Health, Education etc. Advisers in the place of or in addition to Ministers can be found, in a limited extent, more or less in all tenures of our democratic governments. For

allowing the centre to develop a diving programme. As well as benefiting from the major centre investments users can take advantage of programmed activities including gymnastics and group exercise classes in the new studio. Councillors were invited to have a tour of the new facility this week which included meeting school children from St Paul’s Primary School who put on a dazzling display of gymnastics and watching youngsters from Harry Gosling School Primary School trying out water polo in the improved pool. Source: Tower Hamlets Council press release

150,000 cases of migrants denied right to stay in UK are ‘missing’ > > Continued from page 33 “Out of 150,000 people refused leave to remain, the government seems not to know or care how many are still here,” she said. The immigration minister, Damian Green, responded to the report by saying the UKBA had now started working through “a group of potential overstayers to identify those who had not left ”. That operation included checking against passenger records held in the e-borders database, which covers details of all flights outside Europe to and from Britain. “This summer the UKBA launched a UK-wide operation to remove overstayers and we have already seen 1,800 removals since the campaign started,” Green said. “We are also working closely with other government departments to create a hostile environment which makes it much harder for migrants to live in the UK illegally.” Vine says in his report that the “migration refusal pool” concerns cases where applications, for instance from students, have been made in the UK to remain and have been refused. “Applicants are given notice that they must leave the UK within 28 days.” The cases are officially described as work in progress, but the inspectors say that this list includes people who have failed to leave Britain, those who have applied to stay under another category, those who have outstanding legal appeals, and those who have already left the country but by a route not covered by the e-borders computer database. Vine reveals that local immigration staff were confused about how many cases in the pool they were supposed to be chasing. The Hampshire and Isle of Wight team

Advisers in the place of or in addition to Ministers: Constitutional quest for their appointment Barrister Nazir Ahmed

example, the last four party alliance government led by the BNP had Energy Adviser and Foreign Adviser with the rank and status of a State Minister. However, the role, manoeuvres and visibility of Advisers in different important and powerful Ministries under the present government has reached to the unprecedented level. The political analysts often say that the current government is Advisers dependent while the sharp critics of the government frequently say that the current government is run by the Advisers! The Ministers, State Ministers and Deputy Ministers are oath bound. That means they carry out their duties and responsibilities under oath. While they are appointed as Minister, State Minister and Deputy Minister, they take Oath of Office by uttering “I ........................, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the Office of ...... Minister (or as the case may be) according to law: That I will bear true faith and allegiance to Bangladesh; That I will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution; And That I will do right to all manner of people according to law, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will.” [THIRD SCHEDULE: Article 148, OATHS AND AFFIRMATIONS, 2(a)]. Not only this, they are also required to take Oath of Secrecy by saying “I, ........................, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will not directly or indirectly communicate or reveal to any person any matter which shall be brought under my consideration or shall become known to me as ......... Minister (or as the case may be) except as may be required for the due discharge of my duty as ............ Minister (or as the case may be).” [THIRD SCHEDULE: Article 148, OATHS AND AFFIRMATIONS, 2(b)]. The Advisers neither take the Oath of Office nor do they take the Oath of Secrecy. That means they can carry out their tasks and deal with the State’s sensitive and confidential files without having to take any oath. Can this or should this be allowed in a democratic country

run by the constitutional government? As mentioned above, although the technocrat Ministers are not MPs, they have to be qualified to be elected as MPs. In relation to the eligibility to become an MP, Article 66 of the Constitution clearly says, inter alia, 1) A person shall subject to the provisions of clause (2), be qualified to be elected as, and to be, a Member of Parliament if he is a citizen of Bangladesh and has attained the age of twenty-five years. (2) A person shall be disqualified for election as, or for being, a Member of Parliament who - (a) is declared by a competent court to be of unsound mind; (b) is an undercharged insolvent; (c) acquires the citizenship of, or affirms or acknowledges allegiance to, a foreign state; (d) has been, on conviction for a criminal offence involving moral turpitude, sentenced to imprisonment for a term of not less than two years unless a period of five years has elapsed since his release; (dd) holds any office of profit in this service of the Republic other than an office which is declared by law not to disqualify its holders; or (g) is disqualified for such election by or under any law. It is widely believed that the current Foreign Affairs Adviser Dr Gowher Rizvi acquired the citizenship of a foreign country which does not allow or recognise dual nationality. In fact, Dr Rezvi was neither seen nor his name was heard in Bangladesh until the military backed government headed by Dr Fakhruddin Ahmed came into power after the 1/11 in 2007. He was a renowned academic living abroad for a long period of time. Therefore, it would not be unusual for him to have acquired the citizenship of that foreign country. But the question is: is it prudent and constitutional for the government to appoint an Adviser who cannot even qualify to be an MP to become a technocrat Minister and thereby allow him to deal with the State’s sensitive and confidential files? More importantly, the Foreign Affairs Adviser deals with and negotiates on behalf of our relatively weak and volatile

estimated the number they were responsible for was between 400 and 600; they were unsure as to how many might have left already. Official UKBA figures showed there were 1,893 such cases in their area in December, said Vine. Detailed UKBA figures disclosed in the report show that the size of the pool increased steadily from 153,821 on 17 October 2011, to 159,313 on 12 December. A detailed analysis of 44 case files by the inspectors found that fewer than half had actually left Britain. The chairman of the home affairs select committee said that senior UKBA officials should be banned from getting bonuses until the organisation makes serious improvements. Labour’s Keith Vaz said the airport queues and the row over the relaxation of immigration controls showed the UKBA was not “worthy” of paying bonuses to senior staff. Last year the UKBA paid a total of £3.5m in bonuses to senior staff. David Cameron told the liaison committee of senior MPs: “If agencies don’t perform, just like if companies don’t perform, there shouldn’t be bonuses.” Mr Vaz seized on the comment to demand that no senior UKBA officials were given a bonus payment this year. During a Commons debate Vaz said: “The £3.5m that was given last year to senior officials of the UKBA, in defiance of the recommendation of the select committee and, in my view, the views of the prime minister and senior ministers who have no control over these bonuses, was wrong.” Source: country with big neighbour and some powerful States in the world, such as India, USA. How can the nation be assured that the best interests of our country will be served by such a person who is neither an elected representative, nor working under oath, nor even qualify to be an elected representative? The head of State and the head of government should think about it. Otherwise, the history will never forgive them if any disastrous thing ever happens to our country. The Constitution is considered to be the supreme law of Bangladesh [Art. 7(2)]. The current government is of constitutional one, no matter how disagreement one may have with its ongoing activities. All important Ministries have its’ own Ministers duly appointed under the Constitution and they carry out their duties under oath. They are accountable to Parliament and to the electorates. Why does the Prime Minister then need Advisers, in the place of or in addition to Ministers, whose appointments are not backed by the Constitution? Does the Prime Minister feel that those Ministers are incompetent? If so, what is the necessity of keeping them in those important positions? Why does she not replace them with the competent ones? If the Prime Minister still needs the service of those Advisers, she can make them technocrat Ministers if they qualify under the Constitution. At least they would work under oath in dealing with the State’s secrecy and sensitivity. The nation would thereby be assured on their allegiance, commitment and belongings. If the Adviser (or Advisers) does not even meet the constitutional provision to be an MP to become a technocrat Minister, does the State really need his service in it’s secretive and sensitive arena? It is better to realise for the greater interest of the nation as well as keeping the constitutional provisions supreme, for the Prime Minister is, after all, under oath bound, among others, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. *Nazir Ahmed FRSA FCMI FRSPH FCIArb LLB Hons (London), LLM (London), Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln’s Inn), Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh E-mail: (The opinion in Weekly Bangla Times’ Opinion section is those of the author and is no reflection of the views of the newspaper or its owners.)


Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 35

Britain’s AAA rating at risk, M&G warns Jim Leaviss of M&G said that the failure, coupled with a weak outlook for growth, posed a key risk. “Failing to both get government spending down, and to grow the economy means that the debt/GDP ratio will continue to grow, and it becomes increasingly likely that the UK will lose its prized AAA ratings,” he said. The weak economy was reflected in the latest business survey, which showed the manufacturing sector shrank for a second consecutive month in June, raising fears the sector dragged the economy down in the second quarter. The slowdown in the sector eased slightly in June, according to the Markit/CIPS manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), which measures output and orders. It recorded a reading of 48.6, from a three-year low of 45.9 in May. Anything reading below 50 indicates a contraction in activity. It was better than the 46.5 expected by economists, but Nida Ali, at the Ernst & Young Item Club, said the slowing pace of contraction in June provided “little relief”. “These figures imply that

manufacturing was a drag on overall growth in the second quarter and we expect gross domestic product to decline for the third consecutive quarter.” That would leave Britain in the double-dip recession which began in the first quarter of 2012, after the economy shrank for two successive quarters. The first estimate for third-quarter GDP will be published on July 25. The PMI survey reinforced expectations that the Bank of England will announce fresh stimulus for the ailing economy on Thursday. Economists are forecasting a £50bn expansion

of quantitative easing. The eurozone debt crisis continued to weigh on foreign demand for British goods, with new exports falling for the third month in a row. Source: 000000000 PPI still dominates complaints, says ombudsman Complaints to the financial ombudsman dipped in April to June but were still dominated by claims of payment protection insurance (PPI) misselling, figures show. Some 56% of new complaints during the quarter were about PPI.

The next biggest gripes were about current accounts and credit card accounts, but these accounted for just 6% of complaints each. There were 57,790 complaints during the three months, the ombudsman said. This was a lower than the previous three months, when there were 76,522 new cases, and the same period a year earlier, when there were 80,711 cases. The ombudsman found in favour of the complainants in a half of all new cases in April to June. Source: BBC Website

Taxman targets selfassessment defaulters

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is chasing people who have failed to submit their self-assessment tax returns for 2009-10 or earlier. HMRC does not know how many people are involved, partly because it wants people to come forward voluntarily, but have kept quiet. Examples are people who started earning investment or rental income. Those who pay by 2 October 2012 may avoid the normal penalty of up to 100% of the tax owed. “By taking part in the campaign, people will receive the best terms on offer and HMRC expects that most will not have to pay this penalty,” HMRC said. However, they will still have to pay: • any tax owed • the accumulated interest on it • the fixed penalties for the late submission of self-assessment returns, and • the surcharges for the late payment of the tax owed, if they are already within the selfassessment system. Someone who still owes money for 2009-10 should have sent in their returns and paid any tax owed by January 2011. “Many people will be surprised that HMRC have to launch a campaign on these ‘missing’ selfassessment returns,” said Gary

Ashford of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. However, he said the HMRC campaign was not just aimed at deliberate tax evaders. “Some will have calculated that they are paying roughly the right amount of tax and thought they didn’t need to complete a return,” he said. “Others may be happy to pay HMRC’s estimated determination of their tax liability. Many will simply be lost in the system.” In the past few years, HMRC has launched a flurry of campaigns aimed at particular groups of people thought to be dodging their tax. Examples have been people with offshore bank accounts, restaurant staff, doctors, dentists, electricians, plumbers, internet traders and self-employed tutors. In the case of this latest campaign, tax experts think some defaulters may be people who find the selfassessment system so off-putting that they have simply been putting their heads in the sand, hoping their tax bill will go away. “If you have not completed your returns and paid your tax, you should put your hand up,” said Chas Roy-Chowdhury of the ACCA tax body. “This is as good as it is going to get.” Source: BBC Website

Mortgage approvals Manchester United targets fall as market slows fans with new credit card

Mortgage approval rates fell less than expected in the month of May according to figures from the Bank of England However, the overall environment for consumer credit remains weak as the economy struggles with tight credit conditions and its second recession in four years, and net mortgage lending grew at its weakest pace since September last year. These figures are therefore unlikely to shift economists’ expectations that the BoE will restart its programme of gilt purchases to stimulate the economy at its policy meeting on Thursday. Britain’s consumers have been

reluctant to take on more credit for major purchases as bank lending conditions are tight and uncertainty over jobs is weighing on sentiment, making weak consumption a major drag on the fragile economy. Consumer credit rose by £732m in May, stronger than the £200m increase forecast by economists and bouncing back from growth of just £379m in April. And mortgage approvals for house purchase fell to 51,098 from 51,627, a smaller decline than economists had forecast. But net mortgage lending, which lags approvals, rose by only £563m, the smallest increase since September 2011 and below

the £800m rise forecast. The figures tally with the muted performance of Britain’s housing market, where prices have been broadly flat over the past 12 months, and which many economists predict will drift slightly lower over the coming year. Before the 2008 financial crisis, monthly mortgage approvals ran at around 90,000, but the number of home sales has slumped since then and the property market has ceased to be a major driver of consumer spending. Last week similar data from the British Bankers’ Association showed the number of mortgage approvals for house purchase fell to its lowest level in over a year in May. The BoE’s preferred gauge of money supply, M4 excluding intermediate other financial corporations, fell 0.1pc on the month after a 0.4pc rise in April. The central bank says money supply would have fallen much more sharply if it had not engaged in £325bn of gilt purchases, funded with newly created money, since March 2009. Source:

The Premiership runners-up hope that fans will ignore the high 16.9pc interest rate it will charge on purchases made on the card and look to discounts and competition offers to win them over. For every £50 they spend on the card, cardholders will be entered into a monthly prize draw offering them the chance to win signed Manchester United shirts and pennants as well as limited edition action prints of members of the first team. Fans can also benefit from a range of club discounts, including ten per cent off purchases in the UK Megastore dining at the Red Café and the Club’s online Megastore, plus 20pc off museum and stadium tours. The credit card also offers 0pc on balance transfers for 12 months (3pc handling fee applies) as long as it is made in the first 90 days of the account opening. Andrew Hagger at Moneynet admitted the card was “not bad” with the interest rate below the average of 18.3pc. He added: “With a huge fan

base spread across the UK there is likely to be decent demand for this card as it offers a 10pc discount in the club shop, 20pc off stadium tours, plus you have the chance of winning signed shirts and limited edition merchandise. “Hard core football followers

support their clubs in many ways and you can see plenty of Manchester United fans having one of these in their wallet, maybe as a secondary card alongside their existing plastic.” Source:


Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 36

Health Q&A: Faith in Health and NHS North East London and the City launches keeping healthy in Ramadan campaign frozen shoulder On Tuesday 26 June 2012 at the London Muslim Centre, Faith in Health (FiH) and NHS North East London and the City (NELC) launched a campaign to raise awareness of health during Ramadan. The launch saw 73 imams, religious community leaders, GPs and public health officials, and community organisations in attendance. The imams and religious leaders were provided with health information by Shakti Dookeran, Public Health Locality Manager – Tower Hamlets and imam Abdur Rahman Madani, principal of Darool Ummah School. The imams made a commitment to disseminate the health information to their congregations. During this month, fasting Muslims who suffer from chronic illnesses, who are pregnant, or are on medication, may face irregularities in their health such as dehydration, dizziness or other medical complications. If they do not take appropriate precautions some may face difficulty in administrating their medication, for example abandoning daytime medication or taking multiple doses of medication together. As a result, some NHS services can see an increase in demand from some patients during Ramadan.

Dr Sam Everington, a GP in Tower Hamlets said: “Ramadan is a very special month for our patients. We want our patients to observe it in a healthy way. If you need help with this, please speak to your midwife, nurse or GP. This is particularly important if you are pregnant or have diabetes. If the fasting makes you feel ill, please seek advice as soon as possible.” A ‘Keeping Healthy in Ramadan’ booklet has been produced to help provide information on fasting safely during the long summer hours. The guide gives the following key messages: • How to observe Ramadan safely and healthily • Advice on what to do if you feel unwell or dehydrated • The importance of fasting safely

while on medication • Advice on travelling safely during Ramadan as it falls within the Olympic period 40,000 copies of the guide have been distributed throughout north east London and the City to all major mosques, hospitals, GP practices, pharmacies and local institutions. Shaynul Khan, Assistant Director of the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre said: “We initiated Faith in Health with the view of improving partnership working between public authorities and grass root communities. Today’s launch is an exceptional celebration of our joint successes over the years.” Somen Banerjee, Interim Public Health Director in Tower Hamlets for NHS North East London and

the City and the Council said: “The work we do for and with the community at this time leads not only to a healthier Ramadan but also a better understanding of health issues within the community throughout the year. “This innovative piece of work has been running in Tower Hamlets for the past four years and through multi-agency partnerships, messages on fasting safely during Ramadan have been widely delivered across the borough. This campaign has been publicised by both local and national media.” Source: NHS North East London and the City press release

What is the best way to deal with a frozen shoulder? This is the second attack I’ve had in a year and I can’t move my right arm above waist height and am finding sleeping difficult as I usually lie on my side. Is it better to keep trying to get some movement or leave it alone? THE GP Rupal Shah It is certainly better to try some gentle movements, as resting your shoulder will just make the stiffness worse. Your GP may be able to suggest some simple exercises for you to try at home, such as moving your arm in progressively larger circles. The GP may also decide to refer you for physiotherapy or offer you a corticosteroid injection and/or a trial of some anti-inflammatory medication. Most cases resolve within a year, but recovery may take longer.

THE PHYSIOTHERAPIST Will Pressley The shoulder is surrounded by a clingfilm-like capsule, which improves its stability. Sometimes it thickens, for unknown reasons, resulting in pain and increasing loss of movement. Eventually it recovers. The whole process tends to take about 18 months, though this varies. Keep the shoulder moving to prevent further loss of range. Clasp your hands together and raise them above your head, pushing gently into the pain. THE YOGA and PILATES EXPERT Angie Newson It is better to keep mobile. Holding a 1-2kg dumb-bell in the hand of the frozen shoulder, stand with you feet hip-width apart, one leg slightly forward, and hinge your torso to a 45-degree angle. Pull your abdominal muscles in and up. Allow the weight to hang heavy and make small circles with the dumb-bell, 12 times clockwise, then 12 anti-clockwise. Repeat three times a day. Massaging of the pectoral muscles often helps, too. Always consult a medical practitioner if your symptoms persist.

NHS charging and rationing ‘may be needed’ Stomach bugs to rise during Olympics: scientists

The Health Protection Agency has predicted that infectious diseases will rise with the influx of visitors and has launched new rapid tests to help health services cope. Although the HPA expects a “slight” increased risk of illnesses such as stomach bugs and chest infections during the Games, it does not anticipate any serious infectious outbreaks at Olympic and Paralympic events. The HPA plans to introduce quicker laboratory testing to help diagnose bugs more rapidly. Infections such as Salmonella will be diagnosed within a day – compared to the standard 48 hours. It will also monitor calls to NHS direct and out of hours GPs and data from accident and emergency departments and NHS walk-in centres. Experts will look at symptom patterns and be able to determine whether there have been any infection outbreaks. Doctors have also been told to report any symptoms which point to emerging infections or exotic diseases. Dr Brian McCloskey, HPA Olympics lead and director for

London, said: “In preparation for London 2012 we have put in place world class systems to monitor and respond rapidly to any outbreaks of infectious diseases or environmental hazards. “These new and enhanced systems will provide the first indication of emerging infections in the community and hospitals if they are to occur. “Our experts will analyse surveillance data daily to identify issues of public health significance that could have implications for the Games. We will be providing expert advice to clinicians, the Olympic organisers and Government

on how to respond to and limit any threat to public health. “It’s important to note that our risk assessments indicate that there is only a slight increased risk of infectious disease during the Games, such as gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses, and the reality is that serious outbreaks at Olympic and Paralympic events are rare. “We are however taking all precautions, and are writing to healthcare professionals across the UK reminding them to be alert for unusual presentations and report symptoms of infectious diseases promptly.” Source:

More rationing of care and charging for services in the NHS need to be considered as it faces at least a decade of austerity, experts say. The Institute for Fiscal Studies says the coming years will be the toughest since the early 1950s when dental and prescription fees were introduced. Other measures, including tax rises, could also form part of the solution. And the review says decisions on the NHS - and social care - will have an impact on other public services too. This is because of the huge amount of the public purse they consume. The NHS alone accounts for nearly a quarter of public spending. But the money it needs to keep going is increasing each year because of factors such as the ageing population. The IFS, which carried out the review on behalf of the Nuffield Trust think tank, looked at a variety of funding scenarios beyond the current spending settlement, which will see the NHS getting 0.1% extra each year in real terms until 2015. The review suggested the most likely outcome was that the NHS would get settlements from 2015 until 2022 of somewhere between 0% and 2.4% a year, which would ensure health spending as a

proportion of national income stays the same. It said this would mean there would be only an extra 0.6% to 1.4% a year for other public services. These figures would be even lower if social care ended up being reformed as ministers have promised. But even if there were rises of 2.4% a year that would not be enough to keep pace with the demands being placed on the service because of the ageing population, the IFS said. It means that as well as continuing to look for efficiency savings, ministers need to consider more radical steps. The IFS said this could include charging for services in the way it does for dentistry and prescriptions, stopping doing some care considered less of a priority or raising taxes. Report co-author Carl Emmerson said “serious consideration” should be given to the options. “The last decade saw the NHS

receive large increases in its funding, but the outlook for the 2010s is in sharp contrast to this,” he added. The review did not go into detail about how these measures could be implemented. But Nick Seddon, of the thinktank Reform, said international evidence suggested imposing charges for services such as seeing a GP could be extremely effective. And Anita Charlesworth, chief economist at the Nuffield Trust, said if these options proved “too difficult politically or too damaging to vulnerable groups” health spending would have to fall in real terms. A Department of Health spokesman said there was room for more efficiency savings in the NHS to meet the growing demands from the ageing population. But he said charging for services was not an option, while rationing should not be done on the “basis of cost alone”. Source: BBC Website


Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 37

Ignoring well-founded public concern on an issue is rarely a smart move for government. The voices of over 200,000 people supporting Richard O’Dwyer have today been summarily dismissed by a home office spokesperson. But why? During last week’s prime minister’s questions, David Cameron was confronted by Caroline Lucas MP on why the government had done nothing to change our rotten extradition laws, despite a clear call from two separate parliamentary committees, a Commons motion in December last year and wellsupported public petitions to do just that. The prime minister’s answer was a study in opacity, hiding once again behind the findings of the Scott Baker Review which reported last September that our extradition arrangements were, in broad terms, just fine – a view that was met with outright astonishment by parliamentarians, lawyers and human rights groups alike. Lucas, with support from Dominic Raab, Sadiq Khan, John McDonnell and countless others, has been at the forefront of a growing call for immediate change, polarised around four individual cases which share one common theme: British citizens on the verge of being extradited to America on allegations unsupported by evidence that they have used computers to commit crimes. In none of these cases has the defendant been in the US when the crime is alleged to have been committed, and all of the cases

could be prosecuted here if not for the refusal of the British prosecuting agencies to consider this course of action. Why? Of those four cases, two are well known - Gary McKinnon & Richard O’Dwyer, thanks to media campaigns. Yet the others, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan are less so. These two men have been incarcerated in the

UK for years without charge, and it has recently come to light that the Crown Prosecution Service was never given the vast majority of the supposed evidence against them. Instead this evidence was sent directly by the Metropolitan Police to the FBI. One hundred and forty thousand people signed a petition in support of prosecuting Babar in the UK – these voices, like those of Richard O’Dwyer’s supporters, were also ignored by government. Despite the obvious unfairness, the stream of contentious US extradition cases over the past eight years continues unabated. This is in the face of huge parliamentary pressure since 2005 to change the law to stop British citizens being hauled off to America for crimes alleged to have

been committed in the UK. In 2006, then-attorney general Lord Goldsmith bought the agreement of the Tories and Lib Dems to step away from their demands for legal change by signing a protocol with

Melanie Riley his US counterpart that would supposedly lead to far fewer such cases in the future. This agreement was supposed to oblige prosecutors to discuss and agree between them where the case might most obviously be tried. The protocol worked—at least for the US. Home office statistics reveal that since the start of 2004, not one single US citizen has been extradited to the UK for crimes alleged to have been committed on US soil. The traffic is very much one way, however. Politicians know exactly what is wrong with the law, but successive governments won’t fix it. In 2006, every single MP in the government voted in favour of MRP the Advert exact

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committed in this country. Even Lithuania has negotiated a better treaty with the US for its citizens than we have. Yet the Home Office continues to refuse to listen to the will of an informed public. The tail is wagging the dog. Unelected mandarins are advising ministers to simply bolster Lord Goldsmith’s guidelines. This will not reverse the public’s lost confidence in our extradition regime. Our message is clear: stop prevaricating and hiding behind a special relationship; stop sacrificing the plight of British citizens as collateral for political expediency. Lives are being needlessly and cruelly ruined as a result of this ill-founded extradition regime. Extradition should be the last, not first, resort in the UK’s fight against crime. Introduce a right to independent, transparent and challengeable judicial consideration of the correct forum for trial and insist that prosecutors are required to demonstrate a prima facie case against the defendant before subjecting British citizens to the very harsh constraints caused by extradition on a whim. Melanie Riley is the coordinator of Friends Extradited (Source: Posted on Tuesday, 3 July 2012 1:30 PM) (The comments in Weekly Bangla Times’ Comment section are those of the author and are no reflection of the views of the newspaper or its owners.)

One more injustice in our extradition battle with America


amendments that are once again being called for: that the United States should have to produce evidence in support of its extradition requests - as it is happy to do for almost every other country on the


planet - and that a judge here should be able to take a view on whether a trial might best be heard here or in the US. The omens for change aren’t good, however. In parliament on Wednesday, Mr Cameron finished his response to Caroline Lucas MP thus: “We continue to look at this issue. We will ensure that we do the right thing for our country, but people should not think that it is a very simple issue, because it is not.” Actually, prime minister, it is. As things currently stand, we have an extradition system that allows British citizens to be hauled off without trial to America for crimes which, if committed at all, have been newspaper 2012:Layout 1 8/2/12


Page 1



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Seasonal Fresh . .a .main vegetables stir sour with lentils Veg / Mushroom – hot sweet and sour sauce cucumber Prawn on Puree vegetables are lightly spiced stir tomato fried .5.25and then herbs sweet and . . . . . . . . . . mix make it in showbusiness’ feature, where talent agent Dhansak BREADS . . . . . . . .3.50 Pathia – hot rich Prawn TikkaMixed Vegetables . . . . Mushroom . . .3.65 Chatt in a tandoor with fruitoven • Paratha – Flamed Nan - Baked in charcoal fried prawns cooked CURRY Chicken / Lamb sliced and stir Lightly spiced 8.95 Seasonal Colin Evans uses the restaurant as his office base. In and grilled in ghee • Roti - Thin bread baked in . . . . . . .3.95 Mushrooms VINDALOO cucumber . . .vegetables . . . . . .7.95 /Vegetarian, herbs tomato Chicken Tikka Dhansak . . . oven .• Puree .2.85and deep fried • cubed and. mariFishare&very hot with potato . . . -. Flamed Bombay . . . . . .spices . .3.65 charcoal These curries . flamed breast filletsPotato . . . .- A. thin Colin’s own words “you might think this is just a curry Chicken / Lamb Tikka Non bread. Some of these Supreme chicken Kofta Chapati spiced and grilled / Lamb then lightly / 9.95Vegeta Chicken Ponir . . .garnish . . . . . . .Aloo . .3.70 deep fried nated overnight Aloo rian Indian or vegetables. Any with salad Spiced potato breads are stuffed with .3.50 .meat oven Served house”...... but it’s where he looks for the next big namesDhansak . . . . . . . . .8.95Cuisin . . . . . . . . . .5.95/6.95 . . be. .cooked in a charcoal Potato and Indian cheese of our breads. can with cheese. / Pathia . .9.50 e atVindaloo Garlic Mushrooms in a spiced garlic it’s Vindaloo . . . . . . . .7.95 and mint sauce Mushroom. Bhajee . . . . . Selected . .3.65fresh mushrooms . . . . . . .3.95 in show business! And where better than the East End of Prawn Dhansak Nan fresh . . .herbs . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2.50 PrawnBest! / herbs Chicken Shammi Tikka sprinkled with Prawn Dhansak rounded with .5.25 Onion Bhajee . . . . . . . . sauce . .2.85 of chicken . . . vegetables) Veggie . .2.75 . . . .(mixed /8.10 . . Nan Succulent pieces garnish London, which has produced many of the UK’s biggest King . . . . . . . . . .13.50 Chicken/Lamb Deepwith friedsalad shredded onion, potato, lentils, . . . . . . . . .7.10 Garlic Prawns with garlic & herbs Pathia . . . . stir friedNan & pan fried Served Peshwari . . . . . . . . . .2.85 prawns . . . . . . . .3.95 Dhansak .6.95 Vindaloo flour and . .coriander Lightly spiced . . . . . . .5.50 names in film and TV. . . . - .4.25 Coconut, sweet. Chicken Chat chicken tikka stir fried with Veg / Mushroom . . . . .raisins / Mushroom . . . . almond, of Cauliflower Bhajee .3.70Tikka Pathia 7.95 / 8.95 Veg and . . . . .Ponir Succulent pieces cheese Garlic Nan . . . . ..3.95 . . . . . . .2.85 Chicken/Lamb Allergy: Nuts, Dairy Products, Fish, Wheat tomato cucumber grilled indian fruit spices herbs ... Saggarnish Ponir . . . . . . . . . . .Char .3.70 Palak Chops salad Lamb If you suffer from any food allergies please inform us when ordering for alternative ingredients with Nan (spinach) . . . . . . .2.85 served Spinach and Indian cheese . . . .3.50 Tandoori Owner and head chef Shah Ahmed is delighted to open . . . . .£5.25 Chicken . . . marinated . . . .(hot) . . Nan Chilli . . . . . . . . ..2.85 Tandoori Mottor chicken . . . . . . . . . . Veg .3.70Platter of springPonir . . . .£5.95 . . .(mince his doors for filming: “we’re well known in the area both House rules: A quarter piece oven and served Platter Nan Peasinand Indian cheese lamb) . . . . .2.85 a charcoal Non Veg Keema 1. I will not tolerate any rude behaviour from customers or staff. overnight grilled and mint sauce . . . . . .£5.95 for our food and as a venue and it’s a great compliment Paratha. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .2.50 Aloo Gobi .. .. .. .. .. . .5.25 . . . . . . Mixed .3.70 Platter 2. If you have any problems with deliveries or our delivery men; please tell us right away with salad garnish Potatoes and cauliflower it will not be tolerated. Salmon Shashlick Veggie Paratha (mixed veg) . . .2.85 to get approached by TV and film crews for top TV shows. Become a fan 3. There is a minimum of £13.95 per delivery. Sag Chana . . . . . . . . . . .3.70 Garlic Paratha (garlic) . . . . . .2.85 4. We reserve the right to introduce price changes without prior notice. Spinach and chick pea Our customers love it when they see their favourite Indian for our latest news and offers 5. All our prices include VAT 6. Our normal standard delivery times are 30 minutes but at busy times it could be up to Sag Aloo (spinach and potatoes) . .3.70 Palak Paratha (spinach) . . . . .2.85 like us at restaurant in ‘starring role on TV.” Chilli Paratha (hot) . . . . . . .2.85 60 minutes – we thank you for your patience at busier times. Remember good food Bhindi Bhajee . . . . . . . . . .3.70 cannot be cooked quickly - it can only be appreciated. Aloo Paratha (potato) . . . . . .2.85 Okra - an Indian vegetable 7. We do not cut corners with cooking. 8. Children and parties catered for. Sag Bhajee (spinach with garlic) . .3.70 Egg Paratha . . . . . . . . . . .2.95 9. We cater for outside functions. Tarka Dall (lentils with fried garlic) 3.70 Tandoori Roti . . . . . . . . . .2.05 13. Any offer items can be changed without prior notification. 14. The management reserve the right of admission. Brinjal Bhajee (aubergine) . . . .3.65 Chapati . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1.30 15. Most of our guests are from recommendations. Chana Masala . . . . . . . . . .3.65 Butter Chapati . . . . . . . . . .1.50 16. Most importantly, please tell Shah if you have not enjoyed your meal; if you have then Chick peas cooked in tandoori masala spices tell everyone else you know, even those you don’t like! Puree . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1.40


for only 9.95 per person


Award winning creators of fine indian cuisine


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Indian Restaurant & Take Away



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T: 020 8507 3000 | M: 07958 766 448 | Unit 4, 24 Thames Road, Barking, Essex IG11 0HZ SS08C

Local News

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 38

London’s homeless face being sent to Yorkshire

Homeless people are to be forced out of London because councils say they cannot afford to house them in the capital. They could be sent to Hull, Yorkshire or run-down seaside towns on the south coast because cuts to housing benefit will leave them unable to afford London rents. Four councils today announced “urgent” plans to buy 150 homes outside the capital in a move that echoes Boris Johnson’s warning that the cuts could lead to “Kosovo-style ethnic cleansing” of poorer people. Tory-run Croydon said it had

been forced into the move with Richmond, Kingston and Sutton councils because benefits will be capped at £500 a week from next April. This will mean about 900 families in Croydon alone will be unable to pay for their housing. The borough plans to target homeless people, saying it will save £300 a week for each one it manages to rehome in cheaper areas. Croydon says it is suffering “acute” difficulties finding emergency accommodation for homeless people, with the numbers forced into bed-andbreakfast hostels increasing by 200 per cent in a year. Some

429 families were in B&Bs last month and 698 council homes were being used as temporary accommodation. Dudley Mead, Croydon’s cabinet member for housing, said the joint venture with other councils “offers homeless households somewhere to live on a temporary basis”. Croydon overspent its temporary housing budget by £600,000 last year because of rising private sector rents, which outstrip the amount available from housing benefit. It has identified “a number of regions” as potential locations after a review of available

school places, access to jobs, rent levels and proximity to south London. Yorkshire, Hull and St Leonards-onSea are reportedly under consideration. Alison Butler, Labour opposition housing spokeswoman on Croydon council, said: “What is going to happen to nurses and street cleaners required to do those jobs that mean you have to live close to your work?” Richmond council said most boroughs were looking at where they can find affordable rents, but “no firm decision has been made”. Source:

Tower Hamlets residents urged ‘Troublemakers’ ejected to apply for free temporary from Barking mela 2012 Games parking permit

Police arrested two people for public order offences at the Barking Park mela. A small number of “troublemakers” were also thrown out of the Sunday festival for “minor disorder”. Longbridge Safer Neighbourhood Team Sgt Andy Larkin said: “When one considers that several thousand people attended the event, the handful of troublemakers represents a very small percentage of the total.” Source:

Tower Hamlets council responds to Eric Pickles ‘Pravda’ label

Tower Hamlets council has issued a robust defence of their East End Life newspaper, after communities secretary Eric Pickles promised to clamp down on council-run publications. Speaking on BBC Radio London on Monday, Mr Pickles condemned such newspapers as “town-hall Pravdas”, and vowed to introduce legislation restricting their publication. However, Tower Hamlets council have claimed that their weekly newspaper, East End Life, is an efficient use of resources. A spokesperson said: “East End Life is produced at net nil

cost to Tower Hamlets Council. The £1.2 million required to produce it annually is offset entirely by the £1.2 million it raises each year in advertising revenue. East End Life has been subject to intense scrutiny and last year we conducted a review to determine whether it was continuing to serve the interests of the local community. “We will continue to monitor the financial performance of East End Life to ensure that it continues to fulfil the needs of our local community, who we, not central government, are best placed to understand.” Source:

Residents are being urged to apply for their free temporary 2012 Games parking permit to cover the extended operating hours of controlled parking zones (CPZs) affected by the Olympic Games in the east of Tower Hamlets borough. During the Games period, which will run from 23 July to 9 September, the following mini CPZs will operate seven days a week with controls starting at 8.30am and finishing at 9pm: A4 (Globe Town), B1 (Bow), B2 (Bow/Poplar), B3 (Poplar), B4 (Fish Island), D1 and D2 (Isle of Dogs). Residents who already have a Tower Hamlets parking permit do not need to do anything as their existing permit will cover them for all the extended hours of controlled parking, they just need to make sure that it is clearly displayed. Tower Hamlets residents who currently park their vehicles after 5.30pm, when controlled parking has ended on weekdays or when there are no restrictions at the weekend, will need to apply for the free temporary parking permit to cover the extended hours of control. The parking permit will allow parking during the extended hours only; 5.30pm to 9pm, Monday to Friday and all day at weekends. John Chilton, Head of Parking Services at Tower Hamlets Council, said: “It is important that residents apply for the temporary parking permit to ensure that they can park during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. “We are concerned that application levels are low for the free permit and that residents may be liable to penalty charges if

they do not have the appropriate permit to cover parking during the Games period.” To obtain a permit, either apply online at www.towerhamlets. <http://www.> or send a copy of the V5C (vehicle registration document) showing your name and address in Tower Hamlets to: Olympic Parking Permits, Mulberry Place (AH), PO Box 62475, 5 Clove Crescent E14 1GL. Residents will receive their 2012 Games Permit within 5 working days. Residents in the mini zones affected should not leave it until the last minute to apply. Residents who continue to park in a resident’s bay after 5:30pm or any time at weekends after 23 July without a permit will be liable to receive a Penalty Charge. For more information or if you need help with your application email generalenquiries@ t o w e r h a m l e t s . g o v. u k <mailto:generalenquiries@> or call the Parking Hotline on 020 7364 5003 (Monday to Friday 8am–8pm; Saturday 8am–4pm). A map of the affected CPZs can be found at www.towerhamlets. <http://www.> . Further information about parking and the local area traffic management plans around the Olympic Park and ExCel can be found on the London 2012 website at: www.london2012. com/accessandparking <http:// w w w. l o n d o n 2 0 1 2 . c o m / accessandparking> Source: Tower Hamlets Council press release

Barking students win national debating contest

A Barking debating team beat rivals from more than 100 schools to win a national contest by making the case for diplomacy in the fight against terrorism. The six students were crowned winners just months after joining their team at Eastbury Comprehensive in Hulse Avenue. They defeated Bridge Academy in Hackney, who argued against negotiations with terrorists, in a hard-fought debate at the House of Lords. Eastbury headteacher David Dickson said: “I am absolutely delighted with this well-deserved and ground-breaking victory.” Eastbury School only joined the Debate Mate charity contest, with 115 secondary schools

taking part, this academic year. The Years 9 and 10 students won the Artemis Urban Debate League Final on June 14. Both sides in the final were randomly drawn. Eastbury student Zeyana Yussuf, 14, said: “Being in the final was a really great, exciting experience and we really didn’t expect to win. “I was a disorganised speaker before joining the debate club and now I speak more confidently.” Pupil Nuzhaat Ghani, 14, added: “I know how to use persuasive language, which ties in with my English lessons. It has also increased my spontaneous thinking.” Source:

Tower Hamlets Council and police take action on anti-social behaviour There has been a dramatic reduction in anti-social behaviour on Manchester Road, E14, after the local Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) worked in partnership with Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers (THEOs) to deal with a number of community safety complaints from residents and local councillors. A working group was set up, comprising the local SNT, the council’s THEOs and ASB team, local residents and businesses, East End Homes housing association, and a ward councillor, who all identified that the bulk of anti-social behaviour on Manchester Road was occurring as a result of alcohol and underage drinking, mainly happening around Docklands Food and Wine- a nearby off license. Intelligence information from THEOs enabled the SNT and the council’s ASB Investigations Team to conduct around thirty home visits on youths who had been found to cause disruption in the area. The anti-social behaviour was discussed with both the young people and their parents. One youth also signed and agreed an anti-social behaviour contract. In addition, the local SNT undertook extensive patrols around the vicinity of Docklands Food and Wine, resulting in a

number of arrests for public order and drug offences. On June 13, the council’s Licensing Committee agreed to impose a number of conditions on the alcohol license of Docklands Food and Wine, including the requirement of SIA approved door staff to be present from 6pm to midnight for the next 12 months; a six-week suspension of alcohol sale; and a requirement for the license holder to meet with the local SNT and housing association once a month to work together in detecting and preventing crime and anti-social behaviour in the area. Local residents have expressed gratitude to the police and council in addressing their concerns. Tony Burton, Sergeant for the Blackwall and Cubit Town SNT, said: “This was one of our best examples of partnership working and I want to thank everyone for their support. All partners were integral to the process, playing a pivotal role in gathering evidence and detecting crime and antisocial behaviour. I hope examples like this work to reassure residents that we continue to work hard in addressing their community safety concerns.” To report anti-social behaviour, call the non-emergency police number on 101. Source: Tower Hamlets Council press release

Local News

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 39

Five decades of James Bond gadgets and design go on display at Barbican

It has been 50 years since Sean Connery burst onto our screens as James Bond in the first instalment of the iconic franchise. Six actors later and as filming for the 23rd film draws to a close, the story of Britain’s favourite spy’s five decades of celebrated style and design goes on display at The Barbican Centre in Silk Street. From gadgets which were the envy of men everywhere, to the white swimming costume worn by Ursula Andress in one of cinema’s most celebrated scenes, several hundred exhibits will be showcased in Designing 007 – Fifty Years of Bond Style. Screen icons, costumes, production design, cars, gadgets, special effects, graphics, exotic locations, weapons, stunts and props – and the design process behind them – combine to showcase Bond style over its 50-year history. Golden gun The exhibition, which opens

tomorrow, is the result of the Barbican joining forces with EON Productions, which has made every one of the Bond films, fashion historian Bronwyn Cosgrave and Oscar-

skimpy blue swimshorts. With her co-curators, Ms Hemming has scoured the EON archives and the rest of the world for Bond treasures to create the most comprehensive

winning costume designer Lindy Hemming, who has worked on five films in the franchise. Ms Hemming designed all the costumes during Pierce Brosnan’s Bond tenure – including Halle Berry’s famous orange bikini – as well as those in Daniel Craig’s first film, Casino Royale, such as the famed

display of its kind to date. Ms Hemming, who recently moved to the City from her home of 40 years in Bewdley Street, Islington, said: “We are sampling something from each film. “I’m very fond of Q’s old battered briefcase which he takes around the world with him, and I really

Fukushima reactor meltdown was a man-made disaster, says official report

The crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant was “a profoundly man-made disaster”, a Japanese parliamentary panel has said in a report. The disaster “could and should have been foreseen and prevented” and its effects “mitigated by a more effective human response”, it said. The report catalogued serious

deficiencies in both the government and plant operator Tepco’s response. It also blamed cultural conventions and a reluctance to question authority. The six-reactor Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant was badly damaged after the 11 March 2011 earthquake and tsunami knocked out cooling systems to reactors, leading to meltdowns and the release of radioactivity. Tens of thousands of residents were evacuated from an exclusion zone around the plant as workers battled to bring reactors under control. Tepco declared the reactors stable in December 2011. Members of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission were appointed to examine the

handling of the crisis and make recommendations. The investigation included 900 hours of hearings and interviews with more than 1,000 people. In the panel’s final report, its chairman said a multitude of errors and wilful negligence had left the plant unprepared for the earthquake and tsunami.

“Although triggered by these cataclysmic events, the subsequent accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant cannot be regarded as a natural disaster,” it said. “It was a profoundly manmade disaster - that could and should have been foreseen and prevented.” After six months of investigation, the panel concluded that the disaster “was the result of collusion between the government, the regulators and Tepco” founded in the failure of regulatory systems. It said that the situation at the plant worsened in the aftermath of the earthquake because government agencies “did not function correctly”, with key roles left ambiguous. It also highlighted communication

failures between Tepco and the office of then Prime Minister Naoto Kan, whose visit to the site in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake “diverted” staff. The report said regulators should “go through an essential transformation process” to ensure nuclear safety in Japan. “Japan’s regulators need to shed the insular attitude of ignoring international safety standards and transform themselves into a globally trusted entity,” it said. The report made several recommendations including: Permanent parliamentary monitoring of the nuclear regulatory body. Reforming the crisis management system, with more government responsibility for public welfare Reforming nuclear energy laws to meet global safety standards Monitoring nuclear operators and developing a system for independent investigative bodies All of Japan’s nuclear plants were shut down in the wake of the disaster. But on Sunday the first reactor was restarted in the town of Ohi in Fukui prefecture. The restart sparked large protests in Tokyo but Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda urged support for the move, saying a return to nuclear power was essential for the economy. The government is continuing to assess whether other nuclear plants are safe to be restarted. Source:

like the very early costume drawings we found in a museum in Paris. “Grace Jones is sending over her dress from A View to A Kill and another really exciting thing is we’ve got the iconic white bikini that Ursula Andress wore in Dr No. It came from the people who bought it at an auction for something like £50,000 to £60,000. It has now arrived, very old and battered. “For the very early films, we’ve had to recreate some of the costumes and scenes, as not many of them were kept.” Her recreated items include the trunks Sean Connery wore in Thunderball and the suit he donned when he first appeared as Bond in Dr No; Goldfinger’s golden dinner jacket and Pussy Galore’s golden waistcoat. Vehicles and gadgets on display include the 1964 Aston Martin DB5 which famously returned to the screen in Goldeneye, Pierce Brosnan’s BMW motorcycle from Tomorrow Never Dies and the attaché case featured in From Russia with Love. Ms Hemming added: “I think people will learn something new. They will understand how scenes were arrived at, for example that the briefcase that character walks across the scene carrying wasn’t just bought from a shop, but how designers had to work to create it.” The exhibition is open daily from 11am to 8pm (10pm on Thursdays) until September 5, when it will go on a three-year international tour. - Standard tickets cost £12 and can be bought from www. Source:

Five Labour councillors expelled from party triggering accusations of racism

Five members of Tower Hamlets council have been expelled from the Labour Party following claims they campaigned against the Party in April’s Spitalfields by-election. Councillors Kabir Ahmed, Rofique Ahmed, Shahed Ali, Abdul Asad and Shafiqul Haque were contacted by Labour to inform them that their membership of the Party has been terminated. Labour Party rules prohibit members from campaigning for other parties or candidates in any elections. Four of the councillors were also reprimanded for their membership of Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s independent cabinet, of which Kabir Ahmed is not a member. Speaking to The Advertiser, Tower Hamlets’ Labour group leader Joshua Peck welcomed the Party’s decision. He said: “I am very pleased the party has now expelled the councillors, who have clearly broken the rules in campaigning for other candidates. This should be seen as a real signal that we are serious about applying the rules. “The five expelled councillors have consistently voted and campaigned against the Labour Party. Whilst it is sad that it has had to come to this, these five councillors made their choice and now have to deal with the consequences”, councillor Peck added. Labour claim the councillors breached the rules in the buildup to April’s Spitalfields byelection, in which independent candidate Gulam Robbani defeated Labour’s Ala Uddin by

just 43 votes. One of the expelled councillors, Shahed Ali, accused the Party of racism, and claimed he was in Bangladesh between March 22 and April 29, so could not have campaigned in the byelection. He cited the lack of action taken following Lord Sugar’s tweet urging his followers not to support Ken Livingstone in the run-up to London’s Mayoral election as evidence of differing standards set by Labour according to the race of its members. Councillor Ali said: “Obviously I am very disappointed with the decision, but what concerns me even more is the racism and discrimination taking place here. “The only reason the rules apply differently to me is because of my skin colour, and for a Party which speaks so mech of equality to then act like that is really bad. I am sure that’s not the picture Ed Miliband wants to see in his Party.” Labour dispute the allegations, and claim that Mr Ali breached the rules by appearing on the campaign leaflet of independent councillor Gulam Robbani. MP for Poplar and Limehouse, Jim Fitzpatrick, said: “The rules are the rules, and colleagues know that if they break those rules, there’s a possibility of sanctions, so the expulsion is fair and reasonable.” Mr Fitzpatrick also went on to reject the allegations of racism, describing them as “stupid nonsense.” Source:

Nationwide says UK house prices fell 0.6% in June

The price of a typical house fell 0.6% in June, the Nationwide has said. It blamed the weakness of the UK economy and the end of the stamp duty holiday in March, which provided a boost for the market early in the year. The annual decline in prices now stands at 1.5%, the sharpest decline in almost three years, the building society said. It says that there are few signs of a near-term economic rebound and the outlook for house prices remains “highly uncertain”. Robert Gardner, the Nationwide’s chief economist, said: “Economic conditions are expected to remain challenging over the next twelve months.” “However, policymakers’ efforts to bolster the supply of credit to the economy and to help lower the cost should provide support to demand.” Mark Harris, chief executive of mortgage broker

SPF Private Clients, said the market was “back down to earth with a bump”. “The Olympics and traditional summer lull mean the next few months look set to be even more challenging,” he said. “It is still too early to see what effect the emergency funding from the Bank of England will have, and whether it will mean cheaper mortgages for those with small deposits, as well as those with sizeable down payments.” The Nationwide said that the three-month on three-month measure of prices had seen a fall of 0.9% in June. This left the value of the average home at £165,738 in June, the building society said. Source: BBC Website


Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 40

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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 41

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XvKv, 1 RyjvB : Px‡bi †gvU RbmsL¨v cÖvq 133 †KvwU| †Kvb GK mgq Px‡bi AwZwi³ RbmsL¨v‡K A‡b‡K †evSv g‡b Ki‡Zb| wKš‘ A‡bK A_©bxwZwe` ej‡Zb, †`kwUi RbmsL¨v †e‡o hZB †nvK bv †Kb, GK mgq G evowZ RbmsL¨vB cwiYZ n‡e m¤ú‡`| †kl ch©šÍ Zv‡`i fwel¨ØvYxB †hb mwZ¨ nj| †`kwUi A_©bxwZwe`iv ej‡Qb, Px‡bi A_©bxwZi (kw³kvjx) g~j kw³¸‡jvi GKwU n‡”Q Rbm¤ú`| ejv n‡q‡Q, Px‡bi RbMY m¤ú‡` cwiYZ n‡q‡Q weavq Zv‡`i GLb RbMY bv e‡j Rbm¤ú` ejvB hyw³m½Z| Px‡bi A_©‰bwZK DbœwZi AviI †ÿÎ Av‡Q| †m¸‡jv njÐ mywbqwš¿Z ev kw³kvjx gy³evRvi bxwZ, weKwkZ nqwb Ggb Lv‡Zi A_©‰bwZK m¤¢vebv, †iqvi Av‡_©i (B‡jKUªwb• cY¨ Drcv`‡b AwZ cÖ‡qvRbxq KuvPvgvj Ges AwZg~j¨evb LwbR m¤ú`) e¨vcK gRy`, Af¨šÍixY wekvj evRvi Ges m‡e©vcwi `xN©‡gqvw` ivR‰bwZK w¯’wZkxjZv BZ¨vw`| Gw`‡K Px‡bi A_©bxwZwe`iv e‡j‡Qb, Px‡bi A_©bxwZ GwM‡q hvIqvi cÖavb KviY wewb‡qvM| †`kwU wRwWwci cÖvq 48 kZvsk e¨q K‡i‡Q 2011 mv‡j| e¨‡qi LvZ¸‡jv nj KjKviLvbv wbg©vY, hš¿cvwZ µq, feb I AeKvVv‡gv wbg©vY BZ¨vw`i †cQ‡b| A_©bxwZwe`iv e‡j _v‡Kb, †fv³v nj me A_©‰bwZK Kg©Kv‡Ði †kl jÿ¨| ZviciI A_©bxwZ‡Z cÖvq GK-Z…Zxqvsk nj Zv‡`i Ae`vb| mv¤úÖwZK eQi¸‡jv‡Z AeKvVv‡gv Lv‡Z cÖPzi wewb‡qvM K‡i‡Q Px‡bi ivóª wbqwš¿Z cÖwZôvb¸‡jv| cÖv‡`wkK ev bMi KZ…©c‡ÿi nv‡Z _v‡K Gm‡ei wbqš¿Y ev †`Lfv‡ji welq| Z‡e mswkøó A‡b‡K e‡j‡Qb, †`kwUi wewb‡qvM AcwiKwíZ| Avevi ejv n‡q‡Q Zv G‡jv‡g‡jv| ZviciI MZ cÖvq 5-6 eQ‡i ¯’vbxq KZ…©cÿ¸‡jv MÖvgxY f‚wg Dbœq‡bi Rb¨ Db¥y³ K‡i cÖvq 22 nvRvi eM©wK‡jvwgUvi| GLb AwZ`ªæZ m¤úÖmvwiZ n‡”Q †`kwUi bMi¸‡jv| hv A‡bK †`‡ki Kv‡Q ixwZg‡Zv Cl©Yxq| Gw`‡K `ªæZ bMivqbI †`kwUi A_©‰bwZK DbœwZi GKwU eo Ask| A‡b‡K e‡j‡Qb, Px‡bi e¨vsK e¨e¯’v †ek A`ÿ|

ZviciI Gi NvZmn ÿgZv h‡_ó †ewk| Gi KviY Av‡Q| Gi wecyjmsL¨K AvgvbZKvixi †kl fimv e¨vsK| 2007 mv‡ji ci mvivwe‡k¦ †h A_©‰bwZK msKU †`Lv †`q, hv bvbvfv‡e `ye©j K‡i †`q Av‡gwiKv, BD‡ivc I Rvcv‡bi A_©‰bwZK kw³‡K| GB `ye©jZv †hb Pxb, fviZ, eªvwRj, ivwkqv cÖf…wZ A‡ji Rb¨ Avkxe©v`| A_©vr Gme †`‡k N‡U Gi D‡ëvUv| we‡k¦i wØZxq e„nËg A_©bxwZi †`k Pxb c„w_exi e„nËg A_©bxwZi †`‡k cwiYZ n‡e wkMwMi Ggb gšÍe¨ Kiv n‡q‡Q cvi‡PwRs cvIqvi c¨vwiwU ev wcwcwc ev µq ÿgZvq mgvbycvZ wnmve †_‡K| weªwUk mvgwqKx B‡Kvbwg÷ Rvbvq, 2007 mv‡ji A_©‰bwZK g›`v †K‡U hvIqvi ci Px‡bi A_©‰bwZK `„k¨cU cv‡ë †h‡Z _v‡K| AviI aviYv Kiv n‡”Q, 2007 mv‡ji A_©‰bwZK g›`vi c~e©eZx© eQ‡ii Zzjbvq PjwZ eQ‡ii (2012) m¤¢ve¨ †h A_©‰bwZK `„k¨cU jÿ¨Yxq, Zv‡Z hy³ivR¨ I hy³ivóª msKzwPZ n‡q‡Q h_vµ‡g 5 `kwgK 3 kZvsk I 2 `kwgK 7 kZvsk| Avi d«vÝ I Rvcvb h_vµ‡g 2 `kwgK 5 kZvsk I 0 `kwgK 7 kZvsk msKzwPZ n‡q‡Q| Gw`‡K 3 `kwgK 5 kZvsk weKwkZ n‡q‡Q Rvg©vwb| Gi g~‡j i‡q‡Q wb‡R‡`i G msµvšÍ bvbv cÖ‡Póv| wecix‡Z µ‡gB kw³kvjx n‡”Q Gkxq †`k¸‡jvi A_©bxwZ| Gi g‡a¨ Ab¨Zg nj Pxb| Rvbv †M‡Q, we‡eP¨ cuvP eQ‡ii e¨eav‡b Pxb weKwkZ n‡q‡Q 51 kZvs‡ki

mvgvb¨ †ewk| G mg‡q fviZ wb‡R‡`i A_©bxwZ‡K ùxZ Ki‡Z mÿg nq 34 kZvs‡ki mvgvb¨ †ewk| GKB mg‡q ivwkqvi A_©bxwZ eo n‡q‡Q 10 kZvs‡kiI wKQy †ewk| eªvwR‡ji weKwkZ n‡q‡Q 14 kZvs‡ki mvgvb¨ †ewk| A_©bxwZi AvKvi we‡ePbvq gvwK©b hy³iv‡óªi †gvU †`kR Drcv`b (wRwWwc) me‡P‡q †ewk| Gi cwigvY 15604 wewjqb Wjvi cÖvq| µq ÿgZvi mgvbycvZ ev wcwcwcÕi wbwi‡L Gi c‡iB i‡q‡Q Px‡bi Ae¯’vb| PjwZ 2012 mv‡j Px‡bi wRwWwc †cuŠQ‡Z cv‡i 12 nvRvi wewjqb Wjv‡ii Ic‡i| GKB wnmv‡e 2015 mvj bvMv` Pxb n‡e we‡k¦i e„nËg A_©bxwZi †`k| Gi g~‡j i‡q‡Q Av‡gwiKvb A_©bxwZi bvbvgyLx `ye©jZv| hy³iv‡óªi RbM‡Yi m‡qi †P‡q †fv‡Mi gvbwmKZvB cÖej| cÖavb wKQy msL¨K UªvÝb¨vkbvj K‡c©v‡iU †Kv¤úvwbi Ici wbf©ikxj hy³iv‡óªi A_©bxwZi weKvk| †KejB jvfRbK wewb‡qv‡Mi w`‡K bRi Gme cyuwRev`x K‡c©v‡iU nvDm¸‡jvi| Zv‡Z mxwgZ n‡q Avm‡Q (hy³iv‡óª) AwaK gybvdvi my‡hvM| Gw`‡K †mevLv‡Zi Ici †ewk wbf©ikxj †`kwUi A_©bxwZ| A_P †mevLv‡Zi Drcv`b †ewkifvM †ÿ‡Î wbf©i K‡i aviYv ev Abygv‡bi Ici| G Kvi‡Y Zv ÿwZ Ki‡Q †mevLvZ¸‡jvi| Gi †bwZevPK cÖfve co‡Q mswkøó Ab¨vb¨ Lv‡ZI| †hgb aviYvi Ici wbf©ikxj nIqvq ÿwZMÖ¯Í n‡”Q nvDwms I Avw_©K LvZI| Av‡gwiKvi A_©bxwZi fv‡jv-g‡›`i w`K A‡bKvs‡kB wbf©ikxj mgiv¯¿ KviLvbvi Drcv`‡bi Ici| Gw`‡K µ‡gB †KvYVvmv n‡q co‡Q †`kwUi cÖwZiÿv mgiv¯¿ evRvi| Z‡e †ek fv‡jv Av‡Q D”P cÖhyw³i †ÿθ‡jv| D”P ev DbœZ cÖhyw³i mgiv¯¿ evRv‡i BD‡iv‡ci wKQy †`k Ges gvSvwi I wbgœ cÖhyw³ mgiv¯¿ evRv‡i Pxb-ivwkqvi Kv‡Q evRvi nviv‡”Q hy³ivóª| Z‡e ga¨cÖvP¨ wbf©i n‡q c‡o‡Q Av‡gwiKvb mgiv¯¿ e¨emvq| hy³iv‡óª wecyj gRy` i‡q‡Q R¡vjvwb †Zj ev LwbR c`v_©| Z‡e LyeB e¨qmv‡cÿ n‡q I‡V‡Q Gm‡ei D‡Ëvjb| d‡j cÖvK…wZK m¤ú` †_‡K hZUv †MBbvi ev jvfevb nIqvi K_v ZZUv m¤¢e n‡”Q

Av‡gwiKvi †cªwm‡W›U wbe©vP‡b A_©bxwZB n‡e g~j we‡eP¨

XvKv, 30 Ryb : ‡cªwm‡W›U evivK Ievgv wbR c`wU‡K Av‡iv 4 eQi a‡i ivL‡Z cvi‡eb wKbv Zv wbwðZ K‡i ej‡Z cvi‡Q bv †KDB| m¤úÖwZ Kiv GKwU Rwi‡ci djvdj ej‡Q, hy³iv‡óªi Avm‡Q †cªwm‡W›U wbe©vP‡bi jovBUv n‡e RgRgvU| e¨w³¸Yvejx, ¯’vbxq I AvšÍR©vwZK ivRbxwZ‡K Qvwc‡q wbe©vP‡bi g~j we‡eP¨ welq n‡q `vuov‡e A_©bxwZ| G‡ZB wPšÍvi fvuR c‡o‡Q Ievgvi Kcv‡j| D‡jøL‡hvM¨ msL¨K †jvK A_©bxwZ‡Z DbœwZi jÿY †`L‡Z cv‡”Qb ¯úóiƒ‡c| G‡`i †fvU g~jZ Ievgvi c‡ÿB co‡e| wKš‘ Acicÿ g‡b Ki‡Q, A_©‰bwZK cwiw¯’wZi `xN© I GK‡N‡q AbpZvi Kvi‡Y †fvUvi‡`i cªfvweZ Kivi m¤¢vebv h‡_óB| Zv‡`i g‡Z A_©‰bwZK fwe‡l¨K DbœxZ Kivi ÿgZv Ievgvi †P‡q †ivgwbB †ewk iv‡Lb| wbDBqK© UvBg‡mi wmweGm †cvj AšÍZ †miKgB ej‡Q| wbe©vPb c~e©eZ©x Rwi‡ci djvdj ej‡Q, jovB n‡e nvÇvnvwÇ| Dfq‡KB mg_©b Rvwb‡q‡Qb 46 kZvsk †jvK| evwKiv i‡q‡Qb †`v`yj¨gvb Ae¯’vq| hviv †ivgwbi c‡ÿ ivq w`‡q‡Qb Zv‡`i wek¦vm, A_©bxwZ‡Z mwVK c‡_ GwM‡q †bqvi cªK…Z ÿgZv †ivgwbi i‡q‡Q| Ievgvi c‡ÿ ivq †`qv‡`i AvZ¥wek¦vm, wZwb bv _vK‡j †`‡ki Ae¯’v Av‡iv Kvwnj n‡q co‡Zv Ges Zvi †bZ…‡Z¡B hy³iv‡óªi A_©bxwZ Avevi Av‡Mi Ae¯’v‡b wd‡i hv‡e| evivK Ievgvi †bZ…‡Z¡ hy³ivóª gnvg›`v KvwU‡q D‡V‡Q mZ¨, wKš‘

Gi `xN©¯’vqx ÿwZKi cªfv‡e AmsL¨ cwievi GL‡bv Kyj-wKbviv Lyu‡R cv‡”Q bv| Av‡gwiKvi `yB Z…Zxqvsk cwievi evwo fvov wKsev evwo

†Kbvi wKw¯Í †`qvi wel‡q DwØMœ _v‡K| eÜK †`qv cªwZ 5 R‡bi GKRbB Rvwb‡q‡Qb, Zviv A‰_B R‡j nveyWyey Lv‡”Qb| cªwZ 10 Rb wcZvgvZvi 4 RbB Zv‡`i mšÍvb‡`i co‡Z cvwV‡q‡Qb cªZ¨vkvi †P‡q wbPy gv‡bi ¯‹y‡j| DËi`vZv‡`i GK Z…Zxqvs‡ki AwfgZ, †Z‡ji D”Pg~j¨ Zv‡`i Rxeb‡K KwVb mgm¨vi g‡a¨ †d‡j w`‡q‡Q| evivK Ievgv µgvš^‡q A_©bxwZ‡K Av‡Mi Ae¯’v‡b wb‡q †h‡Z PvB‡Qb Ges wZwb Zv cvi‡eb e‡j A‡b‡Ki wek¦vm| A‡b‡Ki Rxe‡b GiB g‡a¨ cwieZ©‡bi †Qvuqv jvM‡Z ïiæ K‡i‡Q| Giv g~jZ Ievgvi KÆi mg_©K| Rwi‡c AskM«nYKvix‡`i g‡a¨ †ivgwbi c‡ÿ Ae¯’vb wb‡q‡Qb ZvivB hv‡`i Rxe‡b MZ K‡qK eQ‡i D‡jøL‡hvM¨ cwieZ©b Av‡mwb| A‡bK †fvUvi g‡b Ki‡Qb Zviv

Ievgvi †P‡q †ivgwbi Aax‡b fv‡jv _vK‡eb| A‡b‡K ej‡Qb, Ievgv cybtwbe©vwPZ n‡j Zv‡`i Ae¯’vi Av‡iv AebwZ NU‡e| Rwi‡ci

djvd‡ji wKQy w`K A‡b‡Ki Kv‡QB AevK †V‡K‡Q| wicvewjKvb †fvUvi‡`i cªwZ 3 R‡bi GKRb e‡j‡Qb, †ivgwbi cªvw_©Zv wbwðZ n‡j Drmvn mnKv‡iB Zv‡K mg_©b †hvMv‡eb| evwK‡`i AwfgZ wZwbB cªv_©x n‡j †kl ch©šÍ mg_©b Qvov Dcvq _vK‡e bv| 10 R‡bi 6 Rb e‡j‡Qb, †ivgwb ZvB e‡jb hv †jvKRb ïb‡Z Pvq| Zvi wbR¯^ wek¦v‡mi welqwU cªvavb¨ cvq bv| 46 kZvsk †jvK gšÍe¨ K‡i‡Qb, Ievgv ZvB e‡jb hv wZwb wek¦vm K‡ib| 51 kZvsk †jvK e‡j‡Qb, RbMY Kx ïb‡Z Pvq †m AbyhvqxB K_v e‡jb Ievgv| †KD †KD wgU †ivgwbi m¤ú`kvjx nIqvUv‡K BwZevPK `…wó‡Z †`L‡Qb| d‡jvAvc mvÿvrKv‡i †hgbwU ejwQ‡jb wg‡b‡cvwj‡mi 54 eQi eqmx †fvUvi I †mjmg¨vb gvB‡Kj

jv‡m©b, ÔAvgv‡`i Ggb GKRb †cªwm‡W›U cª‡qvRb hvi i‡q‡Q e¨emvwqK eª¨vKM«vDÛ| wg÷vi †ivgwbi e¨emvwqK e¨KM«vDÛ PgrKvi| AZGe wZwb †cªwm‡W›U n‡jB †`‡ki Rb¨ g½j| 4 eQ‡i Ievgv D‡jøL‡hvM¨ wKQyB †`Lv‡Z cv‡ib wb|Õ ‡ivgwbi AwaK m¤ú` Avevi KvjI n‡q `vuov‡Z cv‡i| Rwi‡c Ask †bqv cªwZ 7 R‡bi g‡a¨ gvÎ GKRb g‡b K‡ib Pvwn`v I mgm¨v wb‡q Zv‡`i g‡Zv K‡iB fv‡eb †ivgwb| cÿvšÍ‡i GK Z…Zxqvsk †jvK fv‡eb, Ievgv AvgRbZvi Pvwn`v I mgm¨v¸‡jv wb‡q wPšÍv K‡ib Zv‡`i g‡Zv K‡iB| †`ke¨vcx G RwicwU cwiPvwjZ n‡qwQ‡jv MZ Gwcª‡ji †kl g½jevi| 852 Rb †iwR÷vW© †fvUvimn 957 Rb cªvßeq¯‹ †jvK Ask wb‡qwQ‡jv G‡Z| j¨vÛ-jvBb †Uwj‡dvb I †mj‡dv‡b DËi w`‡qwQ‡jb| bgybvq‡bi ÎywUi Kvi‡Y Rwi‡ci djvdj GKUy Gw`K-Iw`K nIqvUv A¯^vfvweK bq| wbe©vPb AbywôZ n‡e b‡f¤^‡i| Gi g‡a¨ A‡bK wKQyB cv‡ë †h‡Z cv‡i| Z‡e Rwi‡c AskM«nYKvixiv GKUv wel‡q GKgZ Avm‡Q wbe©vP‡b †cªwm‡W›U evivK Ievgvi mvdj¨-e¨_©Zvi g~j¨vqb n‡e cysLvbycysLiƒ‡c| Kv‡RB GLbB nvZk nIqvi †Kvb KviY †bB| hy³iv‡óªi ivR‰bwZK †ev×v‡`i wek¦vm, †kl ch©šÍ †cªwm‡W‡›Ui c`wU a‡i avi‡Z mg_© n‡eb evivK Ievgv|

bv †`kwUi c‡ÿ| Gi wecix‡Z my`„p wfwËi Ici cÖwZwôZ Px‡bi A_©‰bwZK kw³| †`kwUi A_©bxwZ M‡o `yB As‡K weKwkZ n‡”Q cÖvq GK `kK a‡iB| eZ©gv‡b BD‡iv‡ci †ewkifvM †`‡ki A_©‰bwZK cÖe„wׇZ Pig Lvivc Ae¯’v weivR Ki‡Q| †mLv‡b Px‡bi A_©‰bwZK cÖe„w×i wnmve aiv n‡q‡Q 8 `kwgK 2 kZvsk| †`kwUi A_©‰bwZK DbœwZi †cQ‡b i‡q‡Q wKQy AšÍwb©wn©Z †UKmB Ae¯’v| hv †`kwU‡K µ‡g wb‡q hv‡”Q wek¦ A_©bxwZi Pvj‡Ki Avm‡b| MZ eQ‡ii Z…Zxq cÖvwšÍ‡K Av‡gwiKvi cÖe„w× †hLv‡b 1 `kwgK 5 kZvsk I Rvcv‡bi A_©‰bwZK cÖe„w× wQj cÖvq k~b¨, †m mg‡q Px‡bi A_©bxwZi weKvk wQj 9 `kwgK 1 kZvsk cÖvq| Rvcv‡bi A_©‰bwZK cÖe„w× GZ Lvivc nIqvi cÖavb KviY wQj MZ eQ‡ii ¯§iYKv‡ji fqven f‚wgK¤ú I mybvwg| GLb Aek¨ †`kwUi A_©bxwZ wKQyUv fv‡jvi w`‡KB hv‡”Q| Pxb µ‡g AR©b K‡i‡Q m¯Ívq ev mvkÖ‡q cY¨ Drcv`‡bi GK AmvaviY mÿgZv| †`kwUi A_©‰bwZK DbœwZi †cQ‡b GUvI GKwU KviY| Zv‡`i AMÖMwZ ev mvdj¨‡K †VKv‡bv mnR n‡e bv Ab¨ kw³¸‡jvi| cÖwZ eQi cÖvq 1400 wewjqb Wjvi avi †bqv nq Av‡gwiKvb miKvi Pvjv‡bvi Rb¨| Gi eo Ask Av‡m Pxb †_‡K| Gw`‡K Px‡bi Øvi¯’ n‡Z n‡”Q BD‡ivcxq A_©bxwZi cybiæ×v‡ii Rb¨| GgbwK Px‡bi Kv‡Q †h‡Z n‡”Q AvBGgGd, wek¦e¨vs‡Ki cybM©V‡bi Rb¨I| GK mgq Px‡bi AwZ D”Pgv‡bi cÖhyw³i h‡_ó Afve wQj| hv A_©‰bwZK AMÖMwZi †ÿ‡Î wQj eo evav| †m evav `~i Ki‡Z †`kwU Ávb-weÁvb, cÖhyw³ BZ¨vw` DrKl© mva‡b h‡_ó g‡bv‡hvMx nq| Zv‡Z AR©b K‡i‡Q KvwOÿZ mvdj¨| A_©bxwZwe`iv aviYv Ki‡Qb 2020 mv‡ji g‡a¨ G †ÿ‡Î Pxb wba©vwiZ gvb AR©‡b mÿg n‡e| Zviv AviI e‡j‡Qb, IB mgq wek¦ A_©bxwZi †h Ae¯’v n‡e, Zv‡Z mew`K we‡ePbvq Px‡bi A_©bxwZB n‡e we‡k¦i e„nËg ev GK b¤^i A_©bxwZ| Zv‡`i aviYv, A`~i fwel¨‡Z me‡P‡q †ewk cY¨ Avg`vwb I idZvwb Ki‡e †`kwU| Ab¨me †`k‡K Qvwo‡q †h‡Z cv‡i †`kwUi cÖwZiÿv ev‡RUI|

wek¦g›`vq †cvkvK wk‡í evsjv‡`‡ki idZvwb jÿ¨gvÎv AwR©Z n‡”Q bv XvKv, 2 RyjvB : wek¦g›`vi cÖfv‡e 2011-12 A_©eQ‡i †cvkvK wk‡í idZvwbi jÿ¨gvÎv AR©b n‡e bv e‡j g‡b Ki‡Qb G Lv‡Zi D‡`¨v³viv| wek¦g›`v I bvbv Kvi‡Y m„ó Aw¯’iZv G jÿ¨gvÎv AR©b bv nIqvi KviY e‡j g‡b Ki‡Qb Zviv| D‡`¨v³viv ej‡Qb, wek¦g›`vi Pv‡c AvšÍR©vwZK evRv‡i †cvkv‡Ki Pvwn`v µgk K‡g Avm‡Q| BwZg‡a¨ gvwK©b hy³iv‡óª 28 `kwgK 40 kZvsk nªvm †c‡q‡Q| BD‡iv‡Rv‡b 32 kZvsk nªvm †c‡q‡Q| Pvwn`v nªv‡mi m‡½ c‡Y¨i g~j¨ ms‡KvPb I Drcv`b LiP †e‡o‡Q Av‡Mi Zzjbvq 10 kZvsk| hvi g‡a¨ ïay we`y¨r LiPB †e‡o‡Q 28 kZvsk| G Qvov kÖwgK Av‡›`vj‡b m„ó Aw¯’iZvq Avïwjqvi KviLvbv Pvi w`b eÜ _vKvi Kvi‡Y G Lv‡Zi Drcv`b K‡g‡Q 20 wgwjqb Wjv‡ii cY¨| cvkvcvwk AW©vi bv w`‡q wegvbe›`i †_‡KB wd‡i †M‡Qb 75 Rb †µZv| evsjv‡`k ˆZwi †cvkvK cÖ¯ÍyZKviK I idZvwbKviK mwgwZi (wewRGgBG) mfvcwZ mwdDj Bmjvg gwnDwÏb e‡jb, BD‡ivcxq BDwbq‡b A_©‰bwZK g›`v I Af¨šÍixY wk‡í m„ó Aw¯’iZvi Kvi‡Y MZ gvP©, GwcÖj I †g gv‡m G wk‡íi idZvwb K‡g‡Q h_vµ‡g 6 `kwgK 39 kZvsk, 11 `kwgK 40 kZvsk I 2 `kwgK 59 kZvsk| G mgq miKv‡ii cÿ †_‡K Af¨šÍixY Aw¯’iZv Ges wek¦g›`v †gvKv‡ejvq bxwZMZ mnvqZv bv †c‡j G wk‡íi idZvwb jÿ¨gvÎv

AR©b KwVb n‡e| idZvwb Dbœqb ey¨‡iv (Bwcwe) m~‡Î Rvbv †M‡Q, PjwZ 2011-12 A_©eQ‡i RyjvB †_‡K †g ch©šÍ 11 gv‡m G Lv‡Z idZvwbi jÿ¨gvÎv aiv n‡qwQj 26 `kwgK 5 wewjqb Wjv‡ii cY¨ | wKš‘ G mg‡q AwR©Z n‡q‡Q 21 `kwgK 9 wewjqb Wjv‡ii cY¨| A_©vr jÿ¨gvÎv Abyhvqx 11 gv‡m idZvwb K‡g‡Q 4 `kwgK 6 wewjqb Wjv‡ii cY¨| cwimsL¨vb Abyhvqx, 2011-12 A_©eQ‡i cÖwZ gv‡m Mo idZvwbi jÿ¨gvÎv aiv n‡qwQj 2 `kwgK 50 wewjqb Wjvi| †mLv‡b cÖwZ gv‡m Mo idZvwb n‡q‡Q 1 `kwgK 82 wewjqb Wjv‡ii cY¨| Ab¨w`‡K 2010-11 A_©eQ‡i †gvU idZvwb n‡qwQj 22 `kwgK 92 wewjqb Wjvi| cÖwZ gv‡mi Mo wfwˇZ hvi cwigvY wQj 1 `kwgK 92 wewjqb Wjvi| G cÖm‡½ A_©bxwZwe` AvKei Avwj Lvb e‡jb, GUv mvgwMÖKfv‡e K‡g Avm‡Q bv| cÖe„w× K‡g Avm‡Q| Avgiv †cvkvK wk‡í AvšÍR©vwZK evRv‡ii GZ eo GKwU Ask `Lj K‡i AvwQ †h, GLb cÖe„w× K‡g hvIqvUvB ¯^vfvweK n‡e| mieivn, †RvMvb, Af¨šÍixY Aw¯’iZv I AvšÍR©vwZK evRv‡i weiƒc cÖfv‡eI


Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 42

Lease and Rent

Ry‡qjvix kc wewµ n‡e ‡nvqvBU P¨v‡cj †÷k‡bi cÖvY‡K‡›`ª Pvjy Ae¯’vq, gvwj‡Ki cwiPvjbvi Amyweavi Kvi‡b Bwg‡Ukb Ry‡qjvix, d¨vkb AvB‡Ug, Km‡gwU· I Ab¨vb¨ AvB‡U‡gi GKwU kc wewµ n‡e| †i›U I †iBU gv‡m 7kZ (mvZ kZ) cvDÛ| g~j¨ Av‡jvPbv mv‡cÿ¨|

New Cross, SE14 area. 10 years open lease. 5 years rent review. Please Contact : 07947561895

†hvMv‡hvM t iwdK

07534098584 (T-Mob)

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BUvwjqvb †kd Avek¨K

GLv‡b Aí mg‡q †i÷z‡i‡›Ui †md, Zv›`yix †md, KzK, wK‡Pb cUv©i , dzj I‡qUvi, wgW I‡qUvi, Kwg I‡qUvimn hveZxq Kv‡Ri e¨e¯’v K‡i _vwK| †hvMv‡hvMt

GKwU BUvwjqvb †i÷z‡i‡›Ui Rb¨ GKRb `ÿ BUvwjqvb †kd Avek¨K| Riæix wfwˇZ wb‡qvM †`Iqv n‡e| AvMÖnxiv Riæix wfwˇZ wb‡¤œv³ †gvevBj b¤^‡i †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb -

07943203205 07944898280


‡nv‡÷j †nv‡÷j †nv‡÷j

Re Re Re

1w`b 1 ivZ 10 cvDÛ| 1 mßvn 50/55 cvDÛ, 3 †ejv Lvevimn wd| wd« IqvBdvB B›Uvi‡bU Ges ¯‹vB ‡Uwjwfkb|

E1 Jobcenter

Avgiv †md, KzK, wK‡Pb ‡cvU©vi I I‡qUvi Gi Re w`‡q _vwK| Avgiv jÛ‡bi †fZ‡I R‡ei e¨e¯’v K‡i w`‡Z we‡kl mvnvh¨ Ki‡Z cvwi| GQvovI we‡qi K¨vUvwis I mvwf©‡mi †jvK wb‡qvM w`‡q _vwK| †hvMv‡hvM : 0744 629 5329

‡hvMv‡hvM : 07944 151 415

wVKvbv : Kgvwk©qvj †ivW, jvBg nvDm (wWGjAvi) I Uªw· n‡ji cv‡k| Cable Street, E1W 3HB.

e‡Uvg~j WUKg

e‡Uvg~j WUKg weª‡U‡b evOvjx‡`i GKwU GWfvU©vBwRs I‡qemvBU| GLv‡b wfwRU K‡i Avcwb †QvU-eo †h‡Kvb weÁvcb Lye mn‡RB w`‡Z Ges †`L‡Z cv‡ib| evwo fvov, µq-weµq, Re, e¨emv,†`vKvbcvU, mvwf©m, evsjv‡`k wi‡j‡UW ev †h‡Kvb ai‡Yi weÁvcY w`b/‡`Lyb| evsjv Kgy¨wbwUi Rb¨ Gai‡Yi GUvB GKgvÎ I‡qemvBU|

weÁvcY w`‡Z gvÎ K‡qK wgwbU jvM‡e

fvov †`Iqv n‡e ‡nvqvBU P¨v‡cj †iv‡W GKwU wewìs‡q cÖ_g Zjvq Awdm iæg fvov †`Iqv n‡e|

07946 597 079

wgwbK¨ve Awdm wewµ n‡e B÷ jÛ‡bi cÖvY‡K‡›`ª m¤ú~Y© Pvj~ Ae¯’vq GKwU wgwbK¨ve Awdm wewµ n‡e| ‡hvMv‡hvM: 07940 844 659

Avek¨K Avek¨K Avek¨K c~e© jÛ‡bi cÖvY‡K‡›`ª Aew¯’Z GKwU wgwbK¨ve Awd‡mi Rb¨ GKRb AwfÁZv m¤úbœ Kb‡Uªvjvi I WªvBfvi Avek¨K| †hvMv‡hvM: 07940844659 Professional and Stylish

we‡q, †g‡n`x, Rb¥w`b, mfv-†mwgbvi G d‡UvMÖvdxi Rb¨ †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb -


!"#$%&'()*+,-). !'$/"0'-)1 !"#$"%&'(&')'(*'%'+&!23 ,"-./)&!".01 !"#$"%&'(&4$55678%')9&:" (".2%&!"$34'5&!".01 5"6.,&!"%&78'9&$:&!"2-&;.,&!")3$<&)=".6&>? @!"%&AB"%+"-4&)6&C??&#"*D&!".:%&'$E:5" .F"G".F"GH&;)<%"8'%+"=)!'%""'>)?+0/+0)@A)BC4

BOTOMUL.COM is the advertising website for the Bangladeshi community in Britain where you can see and post any kinds of advertisements FREE.


bvgwU Avcbvi ‡gvevB‡j ivLyb| KL‡bv bv KL‡bv Kv‡R jvM‡eB|


Mobile: 07414957277

xNlL kLr vJyZJm

Sufi Pir Shahsab

pMÜrJP\qr xMkKrKYf mJÄuJPhvL, oJPrlJfL IJiqJK®T xNlL xJiT S mÄvVf kLrZJm jJo KbTJjJxy IJrK\ KhPu AP˜UJrJ TPr IgmJ FPx ßhUJ TrPu krLãJ TPr xPñ xPñ pJhM mJ K\Pjr ßhJw KTjJ mPu ßhjÇ

IJuyJohMKuuäJy! KmjJoNPuq krJovt ßhj, Vf ßhz pMV iPr FTA KbTJjJ ßgPT ßhJ~J S fhKmPrr oJiqPo ßhKv S KmPhvL yJ\Jr yJ\Jr ßuJPTr CkTJr TrPfPZjÇ AjvJIJuäJy KfKj jfáj-kMrJfj ßpPTJj irPjr pJhM mJj TKjúr nJPuJ yS~Jr fhKmr TPrj S K\Pjr YJuJj gJTPu TJKa~J ßhj FmÄ K\Pjr IJZr, mhj\r, ˝JoL S ˘Lr ßmmjJl KouoyæPfr, ImJiq x∂JjPhr nJPuJ yS~Jr, ßTC Wr ßgPT kuJA~J ßVPu KlPr IJxJr, Kj”x∂Jj, fJzJfJKz IJvJkMrPer, KmmJy yS~Jr, ÀK\-À\VJPrr CjúKfxy pJmfL~ mJuJoMKZmf S xoxqJ xoJiJPjr \jq UJx ßhJ~J S xmirPjr fhmLr TPrjÇ KjPÕr KbTJjJ~ IgmJ ßaKuPlJPj kLr xJPyPmr xJPg ßpJVJPpJV TÀjÇ ßaKuPlJPjr xo~ k´KfKhj xTJu 9aJ ßgPT rJf 10aJ kpt∂Ç IJorJ x¬JPy 7Khj ßUJuJ gJKTÇ ßhUJ TrPf yPu IJxJr IJPV ßlJj TPr IJxPmjÇ

IJkjJrJ pJrJ hNPr gJPTj, fJPhr IJxJr k´P~J\j y~jJ, WPr mPxA cJTPpJPV ßpPTJj fhKmr TrJAPf kJPrjÇ

T.Mob: 07778 324 064, Tel. 020 7247 9177, 020 7790 5872 259. Whitchapel Road. Second Floor. London. E1. 1DB


Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 43

Zjvwb‡Z †kqvievRvi

KvImvi Avjg bvbv D‡`¨vM †bqvi ciI hLb †kqvievRv‡ii am †VKv‡bv hvqwb ZLb cÖavbgš¿x †kL nvwmbv wb‡RB D‡`¨vM wb‡qwQ‡jb| cÖavbgš¿xi †m D‡`¨v‡Mi cwi‡cÖwÿ‡Z bvbv Av‡jvPbv †k‡l wmwKDwiwUR A¨vÛ G·‡PÄ Kwgkb (GmBwm) MZ 21 b‡f¤^i 6 gv‡m ev¯Íevqb‡hvM¨ 20 `dv cÖ‡Yv`bv c¨v‡KR †NvlYv K‡i| GKB m‡½ ÿwZM«¯Í ÿy`ª wewb‡qvMKvix‡`i ÿwZc~i‡Y †NvlYvI †`qv nq| wKš‘ 6 gvm cvi n‡q †M‡jI cÖ‡Yv`bv c¨v‡K‡Ri A‡bK wKQyB ev¯ÍevwqZ nqwb| ÿwZM«¯Í wewb‡qvMKvixI cvqwb ÿwZc~iY| d‡j evRv‡i wewb‡qvMKvix‡`i Av¯’vi m¼U AviI †e‡o‡Q| Avi G Kvi‡Y MZ A_©eQiRy‡o (2011-12) K‡g‡Q evRv‡ii m~PK, g~jab I †jb‡`‡bi cwigvY| Avi A_©eQ‡ii e¨eav‡b evRvi AviI Zjvwb‡Z wM‡q `vuwo‡q‡Q| Z_¨ ch©v‡jvPbvq †`Lv hv‡”Q, A_©eQ‡ii ïiæ‡Z †`‡ki cÖavb †kqvievRvi XvKv ÷K G·‡P‡Äi (wWGmB) mvaviY m~PK wQj 6 nvRvi 117 c‡q›U| wKš‘ A_©eQi †kl †jb‡`b w`e‡m †m m~PK K‡g G‡m `vuwo‡q‡Q 4 nvRvi 572 c‡q‡›U| A_©vr MZ A_©eQ‡i wWGmB m~PK nvwi‡q‡Q 1 nvRvi 545 c‡q›U| kZKiv wnmv‡e m~PK cZ‡bi G nvi 25 kZvs‡kiI †ewk| A_©eQ‡ii ïiæi 2 jvL 85 nvRvi †KvwU UvKv †_‡K evRvi g~jab 2 jvL 49 nvRvi †KvwU UvKvq †b‡g G‡m‡Q| G wnmv‡e evRv‡ii g~jab K‡g‡Q 36 nvRvi †KvwU UvKv| Avi evRv‡i †jb‡`‡bI eo ai‡bi am †b‡g‡Q| A_P †kqvievRv‡i cZb †VwK‡q w¯’wZkxjZv wdwi‡q Avb‡Z A_©eQiRy‡oB wQj bvbv D‡`¨vM I †NvlYv| Kv‡jv UvKv wewb‡qv‡Mi my‡hvM, evsjv‡`k dv‡Ûi wewb‡qvM Kvh©µg ïiæ, e¨vs‡Ki wewb‡qvM e…w×i †NvlYv, †emiKvwi e¨vsK¸‡jvi D‡`¨v‡M 5 nvRvi †KvwU UvKvi bZyb GKwU dvÛ MV‡bi †NvlYv, gvwR©b FYM«¯Í wewb‡qvMKvix‡`i †kqvi wKb‡Z 500 †KvwU UvKvi dvÛ MVbmn bvbv †NvlYv wQj evRv‡ii cZb †VKv‡Z| Avi Gme †NvlYvq wewb‡qvMKvix‡`i g‡a¨ bZyb K‡i Avkvi mÂvi K‡i Ges evRv‡i K‡qK w`‡bi Rb¨ MwZ wd‡i Av‡m| wKš‘ †NvlYv¸‡jvi ev¯Íevqb bv nIqvq wewb‡qvMKvixiv nZvkvq †fv‡Mb Ges wewb‡qvMKvix‡`i Av¯’vi RvqMvq eo ai‡bi wPo a‡i| d‡j AveviI am bv‡g †kqvievRv‡i| a‡mi cÖwZev‡` wewb‡qvMKvixiv †b‡g Av‡mb ivRc‡_| AvgiY Abkb Kg©m~wP †NvlYv K‡ib wewb‡qvMKvixiv| Gme Kg©m~wP‡Z ivR‰bwZK `‡ji †bZviv msnwZ cÖKvk Ki‡Z ïiæ Ki‡j miKv‡ii UbK b‡o| Ae‡k‡l cÖavbgš¿x †kqvievRv‡ii cZb †VKv‡Z KiYxq wba©vi‡Y mswkøó‡`i wb‡q ˆeVK K‡ib| 16 b‡f¤^i mv‡o 4 NÈv mswkøó‡`i wb‡q ˆeVK K‡ib wZwb| cÖavbgš¿xi ˆeV‡Ki cwi‡cÖwÿ‡Z A_© gš¿Yvjq, evsjv‡`k e¨vsKmn mswkøó cÖwZôv‡bi Kg©KZ©v‡`i m‡½ ˆeVK †k‡l eûj Av‡jvwPZ cÖ‡Yv`bv c¨v‡KR †NvlYv K‡i GmBwm| wKš‘ G cÖ‡Yv`bv c¨v‡KRI ev¯ÍevwqZ nqwb| Gi g‡a¨ wKQy wKQy ev¯ÍevwqZ n‡jI evRv‡i Gi †Zgb †Kv‡bv cÖfve c‡owb| d‡j cÖ‡Yv`bv c¨v‡KR †NvlYvi ciI m~PK K‡g‡Q 750 c‡q›U| evRv‡ii eZ©gvb m¼‡Ui wel‡q

Rvb‡Z PvB‡j GmBwmi mv‡eK †Pqvig¨vb nviæb Ai iwk` e‡jb, wewb‡qvMKvix‡`i g‡a¨ eo ai‡bi Av¯’vi m¼U ˆZwi n‡q‡Q| †kqvievRv‡i hviv jyUcv‡Ui m‡½ RwoZ Zv‡`i weiæ‡× †Kv‡bv ai‡bi kvw¯Íg~jK e¨e¯’v bv †bqvq mvaviY wewb‡qvMKvixiv GLv‡b wewb‡qvM Ki‡Z fq cv‡”Qb| wewb‡qv‡Mi wbivcËvnxbZvi Kvi‡Y †kqvievRvi †_‡K A‡bK wewb‡qvMKvix †ei n‡q †M‡Qb e‡jI gšÍe¨ K‡ib wZwb| Kv‡jv UvKv wewb‡qvM nqwb : †kqvievRv‡i MZ A_©eQ‡iI (2011-12) Kv‡jv UvKv wewb‡qv‡Mi my‡hvM wQj| Z‡e G my‡hvM †`qv n‡jI UvKvi Drm m¤ú‡K© `y`K cÖkœ Zyj‡Z cvi‡e A_©gš¿xi Ggb e³e¨‡K †K›`ª K‡i evRv‡i GK ai‡bi mskq ˆZwi nq| Aek¨ cyuwRevRvi wb‡q cÖavbgš¿xi m‡½ ˆeVK †k‡l GmBwmi m`m¨ Avwid Lvb Rvwb‡qwQ‡jb, Ô‡kqvievRv‡i Kv‡jv UvKv wewb‡qvM Kiv n‡j UvKvi Drm wb‡q cÖkœ Kiv n‡e bv|Õ wKš‘ G ai‡bi Avk¦v‡mI evRv‡i Kv‡jv UvKv wewb‡qvM nqwb| GbweAvi †Pqvig¨vb bvwmi DwÏb wb‡RI ¯^xKvi K‡i‡Qb †kqvievRv‡i Kv‡jv UvKv wewb‡qvM †Zgb nqwb| evsjv‡`k dvÛ Avkvi dyjSywi : †kqvievRv‡i Zvij¨ m¼U KvwU‡q w¯’wZkxjZv wdwi‡q Avb‡Z 5 nvRvi †KvwU UvKvi evsjv‡`k dvÛ eo ai‡bi f~wgKv ivL‡e Ggb Avkvev` ïwb‡qwQ‡jb dvÛwUi D‡`¨v³v cÖwZôvb AvBwmwei e¨e¯’vcbv cwiPvjK dv‡qKy¾vgvb| wKš‘ dvÛwU GLb wb‡RB eo ai‡bi m¼‡U i‡q‡Q| D‡`¨v³v cÖwZôv‡bi KvQ †_‡K †`o nvRvi †KvwU UvKv msM«‡ni K_v _vK‡jI †mwU nqwb| evwK mv‡o 3 nvRvi †KvwU UvKvi dvÛ BDwbU wewµ K‡i msM«n Kivi K_v _vK‡jI 100 UvKvI msM…nxZ nqwb| d‡j evsjv‡`k dvÛ evRv‡i Zvij¨ m¼U KvUv‡Z f~wgKv ivL‡Z cv‡iwb| weGwei 5 nvRvi †KvwU UvKvi dvÛ MVb †NvlYv‡ZB mxgve× : †kqvievRv‡i wewb‡qv‡Mi Rb¨ †emiKvwi e¨vsK¸‡jvi D‡`¨v‡M 5 nvRvi †KvwU UvKvi dvÛ MV‡bi †NvlYv w`‡qwQj e¨vsK gvwjK‡`i



msMVb weGwe| A‡±vei gv‡m G dvÛ MV‡bi †NvlYv w`‡q weGwei mfvcwZ bRiæj Bmjvg gRyg`vi e‡jwQ‡jb, b‡f¤^‡iB dvÛwU evRv‡i wewb‡qvM ïiæ Ki‡e| wKš‘ †NvlYvi 8 gvm †cwi‡q †M‡jI dvÛwU Avi Av‡jvi gyL †`‡Lwb| GQvov †emiKvwi Lv‡Zi D‡`¨v³v‡`i wb‡q 500 †KvwU UvKvi AviI GKwU dvÛ MV‡bi †NvlYv w`‡qwQ‡jb cyuwRevRv‡i eûj Av‡jvwPZ mvjgvb Gd ingvb| wKš‘ †mwUI Avi †ewk`~i G‡Mvqwb| GQvov e¨vsK¸‡jv †kqvievRv‡i wewb‡qvM evov‡e e‡j cÖwZkªywZ w`‡jI Zviv Zv‡`i †m cÖwZkªywZ iÿv K‡iwb| KvimvwR P‡µi †nvZviv aiv‡Qvuqvi evB‡i : †kqvievRv‡i jyUcvUKvix I KvimvwR P‡µi †nvZviv aiv‡Qvuqvi evB‡iB i‡q †M‡Qb| †hme KvimvwR P‡µi Kvi‡Y mvaviY wewb‡qvMKvixiv cyuwR nvwi‡q wbt¯^ n‡q †M‡Qb, Zv‡`i weiæ‡× †Kv‡bv ai‡bi kvw¯Íg~jK e¨e¯’v †bqv nqwb| KvimvwRi m‡½ RwoZ wnmv‡e †hme ivNe †evqvj RwoZ Zv‡`i weiæ‡× e¨e¯’v bv †bqvq evRv‡i Av¯’v m¼‡Ui GKwU eo KviY e‡j g‡b Ki‡Qb evRvi mswkøóiv| ÿwZM«¯Í wewb‡qvMKvixiv ÿwZc~iY cvqwb : †kqvievRv‡i 10 jvL UvKv ch©šÍ wewb‡qvM K‡i hviv ÿwZM«¯Í n‡qwQ‡jb, Zv‡`i ÿwZ cywl‡q †`qvi Rb¨ 2011 A_ev 2011-12 A_©eQ‡i gvwR©b †jv‡bi Ici AwR©Z 50 kZvsk my` gIKyd I Acwi‡kvwaZ gvwR©b †jvb I evwK 50 kZvsk my` c…_K eÜ A¨vKvD‡›U ¯’vbvšÍi K‡i 3 eQ‡i Zv cwi‡kv‡a mycvwik K‡iwQj w¯‹g KwgwU| GQvov ÿwZM«¯Í wewb‡qvMKvix‡`i Rb¨ 2012 I 2013 mv‡j Bmy¨K…Z me AvBwcI‡Z 20 kZvsk †KvUv msiÿ‡YiI mycvwik K‡iwQj KwgwU| MZ 5 gvP© A_©gš¿x Aveyj gvj gywnZ Gme mycvwik Aby‡gv`‡bi K_v Rvbvb| 6 gvP© G wel‡q GKwU cÖÁvcbI Rvwi Kiv nq| wKš‘ cÖvq 4 gvm †cwi‡q †M‡jI GLb ch©šÍ AvBwmwe Qvov Ab¨ †Kv‡bv gv‡P©›U e¨vsK ev †eªvKv‡iR nvDm my` gIKyd K‡iwb| GgbwK GLb ch©šÍ ÿwZM«¯Í †KvUvq AvBwcI Av‡e`‡biI my‡hvM †`qv nqwb wewb‡qvMKvix‡`i| MZ Kwgkb mfvq ÿwZM«¯Í wewb‡qvMKvix‡`i Rb¨ †NvwlZ w¯‹g ev¯Íevq‡b gv‡P©›U e¨vsK I †eªvKv‡iR nvDm¸‡jv‡K wb‡`©kbv †`qvi wel‡q wm×všÍ M…nxZ n‡q‡Q| Z‡e gv‡P©›U e¨vsK I †eªvKv‡iR nvDm¸‡jvi Ici my` gIKy‡di G wm×všÍ ev¯Íevqb wb‡q eo ai‡bi mskq i‡q‡Q| ev¯Íevqb nqwb cÖ‡Yv`bv c¨v‡KR : eûj Av‡jvwPZ cÖ‡Yv`bv c¨v‡K‡Ri A‡bK wKQyB GLbI ev¯ÍevwqZ nqwb| †kqvievRv‡i wewb‡qvM e…w×i Rb¨ cÖ‡Yv`bv c¨v‡K‡R e¨vsK¸‡jv‡K 4wU myweav †`qv n‡qwQj| wKš‘ myweav Av`vq K‡i wb‡jI †kqvievRv‡i e¨vsK¸‡jv Zv‡`i wewb‡qvM evovqwb| gv‡P©›U e¨vsK¸‡jvi wewb‡qvM mÿgZv e…w×i Rb¨ g~j cÖwZôv‡bi evB‡i †_‡K 49 kZvsk Znwej msM«‡ni welqwUI ev¯ÍevwqZ nqwb| dvBb¨vwÝqvj wi‡cvwU©s A¨v± cÖYqb, ÿy`ª wewb‡qvMKvix‡`i ¯^v_© myiÿvq hy‡Mvc‡hvMx AvBb cÖYqb, wgDPyqvj dvÛ †m±i‡K AvKl©Yxq Ki‡Z c`‡ÿc †bqv, ÷K G·‡P‡Äi wWwgDPyqvjvB‡Rkb, BKy¨BwU wimvm© cvewj‡Kkb Db¥y³KiYÐGme wKQyB 6 gv‡mi g‡a¨ ev¯Íevq‡bi K_v _vK‡jI Zv nqwb|

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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 44

Drm‡ei i‡O iwOjv †¯úb

†¯úvU©m †W¯‹ : iweevi ivZ| wK‡qf Awjw¤úK †÷wWqv‡g j¤^v K‡i †Ljv †k‡li evuwk evRv‡jb †idvwi †c‡`ªv †cÖv‡qÝv| Drme ïiæ n‡q †Mj| wK‡qf †_‡K cÖvq mv‡o wZb nvRvi wK‡jvwgUvi `~‡i gvw`ª` †_‡K ev‡m©‡jvbv; †¯ú‡bi cÖwZUv kni †g‡Z DVj Drm‡e| mviv ivZ Djøvm Pj‡jv, Pj‡jv c‡ii w`bUv Ry‡oI| Avi GB Drme cÖvY †cj G‡m †mvgevi we‡K‡j; hLb †¯ú‡bi wek¦ R‡qi bvqKiv G‡m †cŠuQv‡jv gvw`ª` kn‡i| cy‡iv †¯úb †hb GKm‡½ †ewi‡q G‡jv gvw`ª‡`i iv¯Ívq| †¯ú‡bi ivRv, cÖavbgš¿x †_‡K ïiæ K‡i mvaviY gvbyl; mevB GKvKvi n‡q †M‡jb GB Abyôv‡b| Avi jv‡Lv gvby‡li Rb¨ Av‡iKwU Drm‡ei Dcjÿ wb‡q Avmv †L‡jvqvoiv †hb Drm‡e GK GKRb wkïi g‡Zv D”Qj n‡q DV‡jb| GiB g‡a¨ AvbyôvwbK c¨v‡i‡W †bZ…Z¡ †`qv ¯ú¨vwbk †MvjiÿK †c‡c †iBbv

ej‡jb, ÔGB wk‡ivcv ïay Avgiv Rq K‡i Avwbwb| GB Rq †¯ú‡bi mevi| GB Rq Avcbv‡`i|Õ AvšÍR©vwZK dyUe‡j GLb eo Uyb©v‡g›U gv‡bB †¯ú‡bi Rq| d‡j †¯ú‡bi, we‡kl K‡i ivRavbx gvw`ª‡`i gvby‡li Af¨vm n‡q †M‡Q R‡qvrme Kivi| gvÎ wKQyw`b Av‡MB wiqvj gvw`ª` `xN©w`b ci wjM wR‡Z my‡hvM K‡i w`‡q‡Q Zv‡`i Drme Kivi| Gi Av‡M RvZxq `j 2008 mv‡ji BD‡iv Ges 2010 mv‡ji wek¦Kvc G‡b Drme Rwg‡q‡Q| AveviI †mB cøvRv wW wmwe‡jm †g‡Z DVj jvj Drm‡ei Avb‡›`| AvÿwiK A‡_©B mviv ivZ Nygvqwb gvw`ª` bMix| cøvRv wW wmwe‡jm wN‡i Mvb-evRbv-AvZkevwRi †Ljv P‡j‡Q| †fvi n‡Z n‡Z Drm‡e †hvM w`‡Z mviv †`‡ki bvbv cÖvšÍ †_‡K †jvKRb Avm‡Z ïiæ K‡ib| GK mgq gvw`ª` kn‡ii iv¯Ív¸‡jv K‡qK jvL gvby‡li GK D”Qj-PÂj wf‡o cwiYZ nq|

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ZvwjKvi 11Zg ¯’v‡b i‡q‡Q 2014 wek¦Kvc Av‡qvRKiv| mevi Av‡M wek¦P¨vw¤úq ‡¯úb Ges Zv‡`i ciB i‡q‡Q Rvg©vwb| GQvov Diy¸‡q (Z…Zxq), Bsj¨vÛ (PZy_©), cZ©yMvj (cÂg), BZvwj (lô), Av‡R©w›Ubv (mßg), ‡b`vij¨vÛm (Aóg), ‡µv‡qwkqv (beg) I ‡WbgvK© (`kg)| Gw`‡K `w¶Y Gwkqvq i¨vw¼s‡q GwM‡q‡Q evsjv‡`k| wddv i¨vw¼s‡q evsjv‡`‡ki Ae¯’vb 151| jvj-meyR‡`i ci i‡q‡Q ‡bcvj (155), AvdMvwb¯Ívb (162), fviZ (163), gvjØxc (164), cvwK¯Ívb (180) I k«xj¼v (181)|

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GB Drme AviI cÖvYešÍ n‡q I‡V weKvj 4Uvq gvw`ª‡`i evivRvm wegvbe›`‡i `‡ji †cŠuQv‡bvi Le‡i| wegvbe›`i †_‡K ivRcÖvmv`; cy‡iv c‡_i `yÕav‡i mvaviY gvbyl dyj nv‡Z `vuwo‡q wQ‡jb| wegvb †_‡K †b‡gB †L‡jvqvoiv P‡j hvb ivRv ûqvb Kv‡j©v‡mi m‡½ †mŠRb¨ mvÿvr Ki‡Z| GB Abyôv‡b `‡ji me †L‡jvqvo †Zv e‡UB, m‡½ †`‡ki cÖavbgš¿xmn ¸YxRbiv Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb| Gici GB ivRcÖvmv` †_‡K †ewi‡q ïiæ nq AvbyôvwbK c¨v‡iW| evB‡i Av‡M †_‡KB A‡cÿv KiwQj Qv` †Lvjv jvj is‡qi wekvj evm| ev‡m P‡o em‡jb †L‡jvqvoiv| iv¯Ívi cv‡k cZvKv, jvj wd‡Z Avi iw½b Av‡jvi †fZi w`‡q †L‡jvqvoiv †cŠuQv‡jb cøvRv wW wmwe‡j‡m| Avi GLv‡b †cŠuQv‡ZB me evua †f‡O †Mj| Mv‡bi Zv‡j cvwb-k¨v‡¤ú‡bi wf‡R †b‡P DV‡jb †L‡jvqvoiv| †b‡P DVj cy‡iv †¯úb|

†¯úvU©m †W¯‹ : civwRZ `j †`‡k wdi‡j bvwK BU-cvU‡Kj †Qvuov †iIqvR| hviv GiKg K‡i Af¨¯Í Zviv BZvwji mg_©K‡`i KvQ †_‡K wkÿv wb‡Z cv‡ib| BD‡iv dvBbv‡j †n‡i hvIqv `j‡K eiY K‡i wb‡Z †iv‡gi AvšÍR©vwZK wegvbe›`‡ii evB‡i R‡ov n‡qwQ‡jb K‡qK nvRvi gvbyl| `‡ji cÖwZ Zviv GKUy †ÿvf †`Lvbwb| eis nv‡Z †jLv †cv÷vi wb‡q G‡mwQ‡jb| gy‡L Mvb †M‡q †cv÷vi †`wL‡q‡Qb, ‡ZvgivB Avgv‡`i P¨vw¤úqb! cy‡iv Uyb©v‡g‡›Ui g‡Zv dvBbv‡jI BZvwj `y`©všÍ AvµgYvZ¥K dyUej †L‡j‡Q| †Ljvi c‡i cÖvq GK N›Uv Zv‡`i fv‡M¨i †d‡i c‡o `k †L‡jvqvo wb‡q †Lj‡Z n‡q‡Q| Gi †fZ‡i evievi Avµg‡Y wM‡q cÖwZAvµg‡Y †Mvj nRg K‡i‡Q| d‡j 0-4 †Mvj ïb‡j †hgb g‡b nq, †miKg Lvivc dyUej †gv‡UI †L‡jwb Zviv| GB e¨vcviUv BUvwji mg_©Kiv eyS‡Z †c‡i‡Qb| †`‡ki dyUej hLb bvbv mgm¨vq RR©wiZ| Avevi g¨vP cvZv‡bvi †K‡j¼vwi gv_v Pvov w`‡q D‡V‡Q| †mB mg‡q `‡ji dvBbvj ch©šÍ GB `~išÍ dyUej n~`q Qyu‡q †M‡Q Zv‡`i| ZvB †iv‡g `‡ji AvMgb Dcj‡ÿ R‡gwQj wfo| Avi †m wf‡o †Pv‡L cvwb wb‡q †jvKRb `‡ji RqMvb †M‡q‡Qb| GK msea©bvi Rev‡e BZvwji AwabvqK GB RbM‡Yi †PZbv‡K

†mvbvi ey‡Ui gvwjK †Zv‡im

A‡÷ªwjqv‡K nvwi‡q Bsj¨v‡Ûi mnR Rq †¯úvU©m †W¯‹ : jW©‡mi ci Ifv‡jI A‡÷ªwjqv‡K nvivj Bsj¨vÛ| wØZxq Iqvb‡W‡Z 6 DB‡K‡U wR‡Z cvuP g¨v‡Pi wmwi‡R 2-0-‡Z GwM‡q †Mj ¯^vMwZ‡Kiv| 252 iv‡bi jÿ¨Uv 45.4 Ifv‡iB Uc‡K hvq Bsj¨vÛ| 85 e‡j m‡e©v”P 82 ivb K‡i‡Qb g¨vP‡miv iwe †evcviv| Bqvb †ejI K‡i‡Qb 75| cª_g Iqvb‡Wi g¨vP‡miv GDBb giMvb Kvj K‡i‡Qb AcivwRZ 43 ivb| Um wR‡Z e¨vwUs †bIqv A‡÷ªwjqv K‡iwQj 7 DB‡K‡U 251 ivb| †kb IqvUmb I †WwfW Iqvb©vi mveav‡b ïiæ Ki‡jI cÂg Ifv‡ii cª_g e‡jB Iqvb©vi‡K wdwi‡q †`b wd¬b| c‡ii Ifv‡i

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K‡i‡Q D‡qdv| D‡qdvi Kg©KZ©v A¨vwÛ i·evM© mvsevw`K‡`i e‡j‡Qb, ÔBZvwji n‡q Av‡›`ªqv wci‡jv PgrKvi †L‡j‡Qb, Rvwf MZ Avm‡i G cyi¯‹viUv wR‡ZwQj Avi †m Avevi nq‡Zv GUv wRZ‡Z cv‡i| Rvwe Avjb‡mvI `y`©všÍ †L‡j‡Q| wKš‘ Bwb‡q¯Ív mevB‡K †`wL‡q‡Q †h Kxfv‡e Zxÿ I m… Rbkxjfv‡e dyUej †Lj‡Z nq| †MvUv Uyb©v‡g‡›UB †m `viæY †L‡j‡Q|Õ †miv †L‡jvqvo wbe©vPb Kivi cvkvcvwk Gev‡ii BD‡ivi †miv †L‡jvqvo‡`i wb‡q GKUv `jI †NvlYv K‡i‡Q D‡qdv| Avi G `‡j wk‡ivcvRqx †¯ú‡bi †L‡jvqvo Av‡Q 10 Rb| ivbviAvc BZvwji PviRb †L‡jvqvo RvqMv †c‡q‡Qb G `‡j|

wm³ n‡q †L‡jvqvoiv wegvbe›`i †_‡K mivmwi †M‡Qb ivóªcwZi evmfe‡b| †mLv‡b †cÖwm‡W›U wRIwR©I bv‡cvwjZv‡bv Av‡iK `dv cÖksmvq †fRv‡jb †L‡jvqvo‡`i| wZwb ej‡jb, ÔAvcbvi †KvP GKUy Av‡M e‡j‡Qb, Avgv‡`i A‡bK `~i †h‡Z n‡e| Z‡e Avwg ewj, Avcbviv BwZg‡a¨ h‡_ó cÖksmv cvIqvi †hvM¨ KvR K‡i †d‡j‡Qb| Avwg wbwðZ, Avcbviv Avgv‡`i `ªæZB AviI eo mvdj¨ G‡b †`‡eb|

†¯úvU©m †W¯‹ : wµw÷qv‡bv †ivbvj‡`v, gvwiI †Mv‡gR, ev‡jv‡Zwjø‡`i †cQ‡b †d‡j BD‡iv dyUe‡ji Ô‡mvbvi eyUÕ wR‡Z wb‡jb †¯ú‡bi d‡ivqvW© dvb©v‡›`v †Zv‡im| m`¨ mgvß G Avm‡i wZbwU †Mvj K‡ib wZwb| dvBbv‡j e`wj †L‡jvqvo wn‡m‡e gv‡V †b‡gB †Mvj K‡ib G dyUejvi| Zvi cv‡qi Rv`y‡ZB 4-0 †Mv‡j BZvwj‡K weaŸ¯Í K‡i †¯úb| GKwU †Mvj Kivi cvkvcvwk mZx_© Ryqvb gvZv‡K w`‡q GKwU †MvjI Kivb| BD‡ivi MZ Avm‡ii dvBbv‡jI GKwU †Mvj K‡iwQ‡jb ¯ú¨vwbm G d‡ivqvW©| Rvg©vwbi gvwiI †Mv‡gR, BZvwji gvwiI ev‡jv‡Zwjø, cZ©yMv‡ji wµw÷qv‡bv †ivbvj‡`v, ivwkqvi Gjvb `v‡Mv‡qf I †µv‡qwkqvi gvwiI gvbRywKI wZbwU K‡i †Mvj K‡iwQ‡jb| ZvB Rywi †evW©‡K em‡Z nq Ab¨vb¨ w`K wePvi-we‡køl‡Y| Ô‡mvbvi ey‡UiÕ `vwe`vi Ab¨ dyUejvi‡`i †P‡q wZwb me‡P‡q Kg mgq g¨vP †L‡j wZb Kivi K…wZZ¡ †`wL‡q‡Qb| ZvB Rywi †evW© Zv‡KB Dcnvi †`b eyU| PjwZ G Avm‡i †Zv‡im †gvU 189 wgwbU †L‡j wZb †Mvj K‡ib| Avi Rvg©vwbi gvwiI †Mv‡gR 282 wgwbU gv‡V †_‡K Zvi mgvb †Mvj K‡i Av‡Qb wØZxq Ae¯’v‡b|

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†miv †L‡jvqvo Bwb‡q¯Ív †¯úvU©m †W¯‹ : BD‡iv P¨vw¤úqbwk‡ci Gev‡ii Avm‡i †miv †L‡jvqvo nIqvi †`Š‡o wQ‡jb A‡b‡KB| cZ©yMv‡ji wµw÷qv‡bv †ivbvj‡`v, BZvwji Av‡›`ªm wci‡jv, †¯ú‡bi Rvwf, Rvwe Avjb‡mvmn AviI A‡b‡K| wKš‘ Zv‡`i mevB‡K †cQ‡b †d‡j‡Qb Av‡›`ªm Bwb‡q¯Ív| BD‡iv 2012-Gi †miv †L‡jvqvo wn‡m‡e G ¯ú¨vwbk wgWwdìv‡ii bvg †NvlYv K‡i‡Q D‡qdv| dvBbv‡j BZvwj‡K 4-0 †Mv‡j nvwi‡q Uvbv wØZxqev‡ii g‡Zv BD‡iv wk‡ivcv R‡qi Abb¨ †iKW© M‡o‡Q †¯úb| Avi GB mvd‡j¨i †cQ‡b ¸iæZ¡c~Y© Ae`vb †i‡L‡Qb Bwb‡q¯Ív| dvBbv‡jI BZvwji wec‡ÿ gvSgv‡V `y`©všÍ cvidig¨vÝ †`wL‡q‡Qb

m¤§vb Rvbv‡Z fyj‡jb bv| †mB m‡½ mevB‡K g‡b Kwi‡q w`‡jb, Zviv me©Kv‡ji Ab¨Zg †miv `‡ji wec‡ÿ dvBbvj †n‡i wd‡i‡Qb, ÔAvgiv m¤¢eZ me©Kv‡ji †miv `jwUi wec‡ÿB †n‡iwQ| Avgv‡`i BbRyywiI †ek fywM‡q‡Q| †kl ch©šÍ †¯‹vijvBbUv †`‡L Lye Lvivc jvM‡Q| wKš‘ Avgiv Avm‡j fv‡jv GKUv Uyb©v‡g›U †L‡jwQ| Avcbv‡`i mevB‡K ab¨ev` Gfv‡e cv‡k _vKvi Rb¨|Õ mg_©K‡`i GB fv‡jvevmv Avi mg_©‡b

IqvUmbB A‡÷ªwjqvi c‡ÿ K‡i‡Qb m‡e©v”P 66 ivb| Aek¨ 47 iv‡b GKevi ivbAvD‡Ui nvZ †_‡K †eu‡P hvb IqvUmb| `yevi A‡÷ªwjqvb I‡cbv‡ii c‡ÿ hvq †idv‡ijI| 40 iv‡bi gv_vq ÷yqvU© eª‡Wi e‡j Av¤úvqvi GjweWeøyI w`‡jI †idv‡ij wb‡q †eu‡P hvb| Av‡iKevi Bswjkiv †idv‡ij wb‡q e¨_©| w÷‡fb w¯§‡_i cwie‡Z© bvgv d‡i÷ wd‡i hvb 30 e‡j 12 ivb K‡i| K¬vK©I Zvu‡K AbymiY K‡i‡Qb `ªæZB| IqvUm‡bi m‡½ nvd †mÂywi K‡i‡Qb RR© †eBwjI (65)| A‡÷ªwjqv `‡j Kvj cwieZ©b wQj AviI GKwU| wc‡Vi evu cv‡ki †cwk‡Z Uvb covq wmwiRB †kl n‡q †M‡Q c¨vU Kvwg‡Ýi| Zvui Abycw¯’wZ cªvq AvU gvm ci Iqvb‡W †Ljvi my‡hvM K‡i †`q wg‡Pj Rbmb‡K| wKš‘ ej nv‡Z myweav Ki‡Z cv‡ibwb| 7 Ifv‡i 43 ivb w`‡q DB‡KUk~b¨|

14 eQ‡ii we¯§qevjK Gwm wgjv‡b

†¯úvU©m †W¯‹ : cvuP jvL BD‡iv‡Z g‡iv°vb es‡kv™¢~Z 14 eQ‡ii we¯§qevjK nvwPg‡K `‡j wfwo‡q‡Q Gwm wgjvb| Zv‡K g‡iv°vb ‡gwm wn‡m‡e AwfwnZ K‡i‡Q BZvwji msev` gva¨g¸‡jv| BZvwji µxov ‰`wbK M¨v‡RËv ‡`‡jv ‡¯úvZ© Rvwb‡q‡Q 14 eQ‡ii A¨vUvwKs wgWwdìvi‡K c«_g Avwe®‹vi K‡ib mv‡eK mvb wm‡iv ‡KvP A¨vwi‡Mv| mv‡eK ‡Kv‡Pi civg‡k©B ‡iwMbv ‡_‡K nvwPg‡K `‡j ‡U‡b ‡bq Gwm wgjvb| K¬vewUi I‡qe mvB‡U nvwPg‡K Pyw³e× Kivi K_v Rvbv‡bv nq| Gwm wgjv‡bi mnmfvcwZ Avw`«qv‡bv Rvbvb, ‡QvÆ GB ‡L‡jvqvo‡K Pvcgy³ ‡e‡o DV‡Z ‡`Iqv DwPZ| wZwb e‡jb,ÔnvwPg‡K `viyY c«wZfvevb g‡b n‡”Q| wKš‘ Zvi Ici ‡ewk Pvc ‡`Iqv DwPr n‡e bv| gvÎ ‡m 14 eQ‡ii evjK| my›`i fwel¨Z i‡q‡Q Zvi| wKš‘ g‡b ivL‡Z n‡e ‡m GLbI wkï| 1998 mv‡j Rb¥ ‡bIqv GB we¯§q evjK‡K Pyw³e× Ki‡Z Gwm wgjvb‡K GKBm‡½ ev‡m©‡jvbv, wiqvj gvw`«` I B›Uvi wgjvb I g¨vb‡P÷vi wmwUi m‡½ PZ©ygyLx jo‡Z n‡q‡Q|

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Bangla Bangla Times Times p  06 06 -- 12 12 July July 2012 2012 p  Page Page 45

we`vq †cvj¨vÛ-BD‡µb †ivbv‡ìv-weZK© ¯^vMZ d«vÝ

†¯úvU©m †W¯‹ : we`vq gv‡bB cÖ¯’vb bq| cÖwZwU †k‡li gv‡SB AsKzwiZ _v‡K GKwU ïiæi Mí| †iveevi wK‡q‡f 2012 BD‡ivi c`©v bvgvi ga¨ w`‡q ïiæ n‡q †Mj 2016 BD‡ivi ÿYMYbv| we`vq †cvj¨vÛ-BD‡µb| ¯^vMZ d«vÝ| BD‡ivi cÂ`k Avmi em‡e d«v‡Ý| ïay GKwU Uzb©v‡g›U bq, 16-RvwZi di‡g‡UiB we`vq NÈv †e‡R †M‡Q wK‡q‡f| 2016 BD‡iv n‡e 24 RvwZi Uzb©v‡g›U| A_©vr D‡qdvi AšÍfz©³ 53wU †`‡ki cÖvq A‡a©KB g~j c‡e© †Ljvi my‡hvM cv‡e| G‡Z Uzb©v‡g‡›Ui gvb c‡o hvIqvi h‡_ó m¤¢vebv Av‡Q| wKš‘ D‡qdvi e¨vsK A¨vKvD›U dz‡j-†du‡c DV‡e| G Rb¨B mgv‡jvPK‡`i K_v Kv‡b bv Zz‡j BD‡iv‡K AviI eûRvwZK iƒc †`qvi cwiKíbv ev¯Íevqb K‡i †Q‡o‡Qb D‡qdv †cÖwm‡W›U wg‡kj cøvwZwb| 24 `‡ji cÖ_g BD‡iv n‡e Zvi wb‡Ri †`‡kB| AvcvZZ BD‡ivi Rb¨ d«v‡Ýi `kwU †fby¨ evQvB K‡i‡Q D‡qdv| dvBbvj n‡Z cv‡i c¨vwi‡m| 24wU `j QqwU MÖæ‡c wef³ n‡q cÖwZØw›ØZv Ki‡e| Z‡e bKAvDU c‡e©i KqwU `j †Lj‡e Zv GLbI P‚ovšÍ nqwb| cøvwZwbi `vwe, 24 `‡ji Uzb©v‡g›U Av‡qvRb Ki‡Z †Kvb mgm¨v n‡e bv| 2020 BD‡iv wb‡q AviI PgKcÖ` cwiKíbv Av‡Q Zvi| †Kvb wbw`©ó †`k bq, BD‡iv‡ci 12-13wU eo kn‡i BD‡iv Av‡qvR‡bi ¯^cœ †`L‡Qb cøvwZwb| Z‡e GwU Zvi e¨w³MZ cwiKíbv|

†¯úvU©m †W¯‹ : cZz©Mvj AwabvqK †ivbv‡ìv‡K GLbI P¨vw¤úqÝ jxM †mwgdvBbv‡ji f~Z Zvov K‡i †eov‡”Q! evqvb© wgDwb‡Li weiæ‡× UvB‡eªKv‡i wiqvj ZviKv †cbvwë wgm K‡iwQ‡jb| †m Rb¨B AvZ¥wek¦v‡m wPo a‡iwQj? me gšÍe¨B Dwo‡q w`‡q †ivbv‡ìv Rvwb‡q‡Qb, wZwb cÂg kU †bqvi Rb¨ ˆZwiB wQ‡jb| †KvP cvI‡jv †e‡›Uvi m‡½ Zvi †miKgB K_v n‡qwQj| Ô`¨ mvbÕ cwÎKv‡K †ivbv‡ìv e‡j‡Qb, ÔAvgviB cÂg kU †bqvi K_v wQj| wKš‘ Avgiv `y‡Uv wgm Kwi|Õ †KvP Avgv‡K e‡jwQ‡jb, ÔZzwg wK cÂg kU wb‡Z B”QzK?Õ Avwg e‡jwQjvg, Ônu¨vÕ| Zvi ciB e‡j‡Qb, ÔGi Av‡M cÖ_g, wØZxq ev Z…Zxq kUI wb‡qwQ| Gevi cÂg kU wb‡Z ivwR n‡qwQjvg| mevB‡K Avk¦¯Í Ki‡Z cvwi †h, evqv‡b©i wec‡ÿ †cbvwë wgm K‡i †gv‡UB Avwg wb‡R‡K ¸wU‡q ivwLwb|Õ

d«v‡Ýi fwel¨r ‡KvP wR`vb!

†¯úvU©m †W¯‹ : d«v‡Ýi ‡KvP nIqvi B‡”Q c«Kvk K‡i‡Qb wR‡bw`b wR`vb| ‡m Rb¨ wb‡R‡K ‰Zwi Ki‡Qb 98Õi wek¦Kvc Rqx dyUejvi| fwel¨‡Z wR`v‡bi ‡KvP nIqvi welqwU ¯^xKvi K‡i‡Qb d«vÝ dyUej ‡dWv‡ik‡bi ‡c«wm‡W›U ‡j ‡M«‡q| e‡jb, ÔGUv `viæY Lei| RvZxq `‡ji m‡½ fwel¨‡Z KvR Kivi B”Qv ‡cvlY K‡i‡Qb wR`vb| hw`I Ggyn~‡Z© Zv m¤¢e bq| Z‡e AvMvgx 10 eQ‡ii g‡a¨ RvZxq `‡ji ‡KvP nIqvi ¯^cœ Av‡Q Zvi|Õ ‡KvwPs K¨vwiqvi ïiæ Ki‡Z gwiqv 40 eQi eqmx wR`vb| j¶¨

weªwUk Awjw¤úK `‡j wMMm

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jÛb, 05 RyjvB : bvbv e‡Y©i nvRvi nvRvi `k©K‡`i Dcw¯’wZ‡Z mdj cwimgvwß N‡U‡Q A·‡dv‡W©i evsjv‡`kx †bŠKvi evBP cÖwZ‡hvMxZv| ivbxi ÿgZv‡ivn‡bi nxiK RqwšÍ‡Z DrmM© Kiv me©e„nr evsjv‡`kx B‡f›UwU Dc‡fvM Ki‡Z iweevi 1 RyjvB weª‡U‡bi wewfbœ GjvKv †_‡K nvRvi nvRvi `k©bv_©x nvwRi n‡qwQj A·‡dv‡W©i dv‡g©vi wiRvwf©qi G| 7wU wfbœ e‡Y©i cÖwZ‡hvMx `jmn

weª‡U‡bi me©‡gvU 18 wU `‡ji mgš^‡q w`be¨vwc G cÖwZ‡hvMxZvq cÖ_g ¯’vb AR©b K‡i‡Q K‡fw›Uª jvqÝ| wØZxq Ges Z…Zxq ¯’vb AR©b K‡i‡Q h_vµ‡g Iìnvg Ij&m Ges wm‡jU iq¨vjm A·‡dvW©| wUg Ad `¨v Uzb©v‡g›U wnmv‡e ¯^xK…wZ ‡c‡q‡Q K‡fw›Uª jvqÝ| evsjv‡`kx HwZ‡n¨i bvbv iKg Lvev‡ii †`vKvb, †g‡n`x iv½v‡Z B”QzK‡`i Rb¨ †ckv`vi †g‡n`x

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‡bŠKv evBP Drm‡ei mgvcYx Drm‡e B‡f›UwUi cÖwZôvZv A·‡dv‡W© e¨emvwq AvwRR Di ingvb Zuvi e³‡e¨ iuvbxi cÖwZ m¤§vb cÖ`k©b K‡ib| mgvcbx Abyôv‡b Av‡iv e³e¨ iv‡Lb A·‡dv‡W©i jW© †gqi, A·‡dv‡W©i w` jW© j¨vd‡U‡b›U, A·‡dvW© B÷ Gi Ggwc G‡Ûªv w¯§‡_i Ges eZ©gvb d‡ib GÛ KgbI‡qj_ Awd‡m D”P ch©v‡q Kg©iZ mv‡eK evsjv‡`k¯’ weªwUk nvB Kwgkbvi Av‡bvqvi †PŠayix| cy‡iv B‡f›UwU Dc‡fvM Ki‡Z Avmv AwZw_

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 46

†kL nvwmbvi weª‡Ub cÖ‡e‡ki AbygwZ evwZ‡ji `vwe jÛb, 05 RyjvB : weªwUk cÖavbgš¿xi K‡Q GK ¯§viKwjwc‡Z hy³ivR¨ weGbwc evsjv‡`k miKv‡ii cÖavbgš¿x †kL nvwmbv‡K hy³iv‡R¨ cÖ‡e‡ki AbygwZ evwZ‡ji Av‡e`b Rvwb‡q‡Q| ¯§viKwjwc‡Z hy³ivR¨ weGbwc †kL nvwmbv‡K GKwU evKkvjx miKv‡i cÖwZwbwa wnmv‡e D‡jøL K‡ib| ÿgZvq Avmvi ci evsjv‡`‡k AMYZvwš¿Kfv‡e ‡`k cwiPvjbv, AvBbk„sLjvmn mviv‡`†k gvbevwaKvi Ae¯’vi Pig AebwZ avivevwnK MYZvwš¿K wbe©vPb e¨e¯’vi AwffveK ZË¡veavqK miKvi e¨e¯’v evwZj, Bwjqvm Avjxmn we‡ivax †bZv-Kgx©‡`i ¸g, miKvix `ybx©wZi c„ô‡cvlKZv Ki‡Qb cÖavbgš¿x †kL nvwmbv e‡j Awf‡hvM Kiv nq| ‡mBm~‡ÎB mviv we‡k¦i MYZ‡š¿i Ab¨Zg c„ô‡cvlK hy³ivR¨ miKvi ‡kL nvwmbv‡K Avmbœ hy³ivR¨ md‡ii AbygwZ evwZ†ji Av‡e`b †hŠw³K fv‡eB we‡ePbv Ki‡e e‡j g‡b K‡i hy³ivR¨ weGbwc| 4 RyjvB e„n&®úwZevi cÖavbgš¿xi †cÖm

GWfvBRvi Gi Kv‡Q ¯§viKwjwc †ckKv‡j hy³ivR¨ weGbwci AvnevqK Gg G gvwjK Gi †bZ…‡Z¡ Qq m`‡m¨i cÖwZwbwa `j Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb| Ab¨vb¨iv n‡”Qb hy³ivR¨ weGbwci AvnevqK KwgwUi m`m¨ kv‡q¯Ív †PŠayix KzÏym, kvn AvLZvi †nv‡mb UzUzj, Av‡e` ivRv, Gg G Kvw`i I Kwig DwÏb| ¯§viKwjwc †c‡ki ci †cÖm weªwdsG hy³ivR¨ weGbwci AvnevqK Gg G gvwjK Dcw¯’Z mvsevw`K‡`i e‡jb, evsjv‡`‡ki gvbevwaKve e¨e¯’vi AebwZ‡Z hy³ivR¨mn wek¦cÖwZwbwa‡`i avivevwnKfv‡e D‡ØM cÖKvk Ki‡Qb| wKš‘ evsjv‡`k miKv‡ii cÖavbgš¿x †kL nvwmbv wek¦‡bZv‡`i Gme D‡Ø‡M †Kvbiƒc KY©cvZ bv K‡i D‡ëv AMYZvwš¿K mKj e¨e¯’v‡K c„ô‡cvlKZv K‡i Avm‡Q| Gi d‡j ‰bwZKfv‡eB GKwU evKkvjx miKv‡ii cÖavb wnmv‡e wZwb MYZ‡š¿i cÖwZwbwaZ¡Kvix †`‡k †kL nvwmbv cÖ‡ek Ki‡Z cv‡ib bv| Gg G gvwjK hy³ivR¨ miKv†ii cÖavbgš¿x‡K †kL nvwmbv‡K hy³iv‡R¨

hy³iv‡R¨i BDwbf©vwmwUi P¨v‡Ýji n‡jb W. BDb~m Ges `k©K‡`i ab¨ev` Ávcb K‡ib B‡f›U Gi msMVK Avãyi ingvb Ges iv‡mj ingvb| evsjv‡`kx †bŠKv evBP‡K Av‡iv cwiwPwZ Kiv‡bvi D‡Ï‡k¨ Gevi ¯^Zù‚Z©fv‡e GwM‡q G‡mwQj ‡_gm IqvUvi| jÛb †_‡K `k©K‡`i webv fvovq cwien‡bi Rb¨ †_gm IqvUvi `yÔwU †KvP Gi e¨e¯’v

jÛb, 05 RyjvB : hy³iv‡R¨i Møvm‡Mv K¨v‡jWwbqvb BDwbfvwm©wUi P¨v‡Ýji wbhy³ n‡q‡Qb †bv‡ej weRqx A_©bxwZwe` I ÿz`ªF‡Yi cw_K…Z cÖ‡dmi W. gyn¤§` BDb~m| ïay ZvB bq, W. BDb~‡mi m¤§vbv‡_© IB wek¦we`¨vj‡q ÔMÖvgxY ¯‹Uj¨vÛ dvD‡ÛkbÕ bv‡g GKwU `vZe¨ cÖwZôvbI Pvjy K‡i‡Q wek¦we`¨vjq KZ…©cÿ| wewewm, ¯‹Umg¨vb, wcwUAvB, wRwbDRmn wewfbœ msev` gva¨g G Z_¨ w`‡q‡Q| Gi Av‡M 2008 mv‡j W. BDb~m‡K m¤§vbm~PK wWwjU Dcvwa w`‡qwQj Møvm‡Mv K¨v‡jWwbqvb BDwbfvwm©wU| c‡i 2010 mv‡j Zvi m¤§vbv‡_© evsjv‡`‡k ÔMÖvgxY K¨v‡jWwbqvb K‡jR Ae bvwm©sÕ bv‡g K‡jRI Ly‡jwQj wek¦we`¨vjqwU| m¤úÖwZ W. BDb~m‡K wek¦we`¨vj‡qi AvPvh© nIqvi cÖ¯Íve †`q wek¦we`¨vjq KZ… ©cÿ| Ry‡bi †kl w`‡b wZwb IB cÖ¯Ív‡e m¤§wZ Rvbvb| W. BDb~m wek¦we`¨vjqwUi eZ©gvb P¨v‡Ýji jW© g¨vK‡Wvbv‡ìi

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XvKv, 05 RyjvB : cªavbgš¿x †kL nvwmbvi cªwZ fv‡jvevmvi GK Abb¨ bwRi ¯’vcb Ki‡jb nweMÄ †Rjvi Pv-kªwgKiv| MZ †mvgevi MYfe‡b Zviv Zv‡`i mwÂZ A‡_© wbwg©Z `yÕwU Ô‡mvbvi evjvÕ cªavbgš¿xi nv‡Z cwi‡q †`b| G mgq GK Av‡eMNb cwi‡e‡ki m…wó nq| cªavbgš¿xi †cªm mwPe Aveyj Kvjvg AvRv` c‡i mvsevw`K‡`i GK_v AewnZ K‡ib| nweMÄ †Rjvi wewfbœ Pv evMv‡bi cªvq 5 nvRvi kªwgK cªwZR‡b 50 cqmv K‡i MZ `yÕeQi GB A_© mwÂZ K‡ib| G mgq Pv-kªwgKiv cªavbgš¿x‡K GKwU gvbcÎ cª`vb K‡ib| Zviv Kg©ms¯’vbmn wewfbœ wel‡q †kL nvwmbvi mn‡hvwMZv Kvgbv K‡ib| G mgq cªavbgš¿x e‡jb, Avgiv Amnvq

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˝PhvL UJmJPrr k´Tíf ˝Jh KjPf V´Jo mJÄuJ~ IJxMj... IJoJPhr GKfyqmJyL KmKr~JjL, ßVJvf, TKuK\ nájJ, oV\ nájJ, nJf, oJZ, vJT-xK«, ÊaKT, Kyhu-YJajL, oJZ nájJ, ßZJa oJZ, xJfTzJr frTJrLxy ßhPvr UJmJPrr ˝Jh KjjÇ FZJzJS k´KfKhj xºqJ~ gJTPZ YJjJ, KkÅ~J\M, ßoJVuJA AfqJKhÇ

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68 Brick Lane, London E1 6RL Tel: 020 7377 6116

hy³ivR¨ msev`

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 47

†K‡j¼vwii gy‡L c`Z¨vM Ki‡jb evK©‡j e¨vs‡Ki wPd Gw·wKDwUf

jÛb, 04 RyjvB : we‡k¦i Ab¨Zg Av‡jvwPZ Avw_©K c«wZôvb we«‡U‡bi evK©‡j e¨vs‡Ki wPd Gw·wKDwUf ee WvqvgÛ c`Z¨vM K‡i‡Qb| AvšÍe¨vswKs F‡Yi my‡`i nv‡ii e¨vcv‡i wg_¨v Z_¨ ‡`Iqvi Awf‡hvM gv_vq wb‡q c`Z¨vM K‡ib wZwb| evK©‡ji GB ‡K‡j¼vwi we«wUk e¨vswKs Lv‡Zi BwZnv‡m Ab¨Zg wech©qKi gyn~Z© e‡j aviYv Ki‡Qb

A‡b‡KB| g½jevi c«wZôv‡bi c¶ ‡_‡K c«KvwkZ GK wee…wZ‡Z c«avb wbe©vnx WvqgvÛ e‡jb, wZwb c`Z¨v‡Mi wm×všÍ wb‡q‡Qb KviY, ÔwKQy AbvKvw•LZ NUbvq evK©‡ji Ici evB‡ii Pvc eZ©gv‡b Ggb wec¾bK ch©v‡q ‡cŠu‡Q‡Q hvi djvd‡j Gi Askx`viiv SyuwKi m¤§yLxb|Õ Gi Av‡M ‡mvgevi e¨vs‡Ki ‡Pqvig¨vb gviKvm A¨vMvm c`Z¨vM K‡ib|

Awjw¤úK wbivcËv

jÛ‡bi 6wU ¯’v‡b em‡Q wgmvBj

jÛb, 04 RyjvB : Awjw¤úK‡K mvg‡b ‡i‡L jÛ‡bi AšÍZ Qq RvqMvq wgmvBj ‡gvZv‡qb Ki‡Q e…‡Ub| f~wg ‡_‡K f~wg‡Z wb‡¶c‡hvM¨ Gme wgmvBj ‡gvZv‡qb Kiv n‡e AvjKv‡q`vi ûgwK ‡gvKv‡ejvq| GiB g‡a¨ Avj-Kv‡q`vi c¶ ‡_‡K Av‡gwiKvb GqvijvBÝ Dwo‡q ‡`qvi ûgwK G‡m‡Q| ZvB SyuwK bv wb‡q Awjw¤ú‡Ki wbivcËvq wgmvBj emv‡Z hv‡”Q e…‡Ub| Z_¨m~Î : wewewm| Gw`‡K G ai‡bi wgmvBj emv‡bvi wm×v‡šÍ c«wZev` Rvwb‡q‡Q e…‡U‡bi mvaviY gvbyl I Zviv miKv‡ii Kv‡Q wgmvBj mwi‡q ‡bqvi Av‡e`b K‡i‡Q| jÛ‡bi ‡h Qq ¯’v‡b wgmvBj emv‡bv n‡”Q, ‡m¸‡jv n‡”Q, UvIqvi n¨vg‡j‡Ui ‡jw·sUb wewìs, Iqvj_vg d‡i‡÷i ‡d«W DBM UvIqvi, c~e© jÛb, mœvKwn_ Kgb, A·wjm DW, Bj_vg, DBwjqvg wMiwjs wiRvf©‡qi, Gbwdì Ges Gwcs d‡i‡÷i evb© wnj| wgmvBj ¯’vc‡bi e¨vcv‡i e…‡U‡bi c«wZi¶v gš¿Yvj‡qi c¶ ‡_‡K ejv n‡”Q, AvMvgx 27 RyjvB ‡_‡K 12 AvM÷ Awjw¤úK

Pjvi mgq wbivcËvi ¸iæZ¡‡K me©vwaK we‡ePbvq G‡b G e¨e¯’v ‡bqv n‡”Q| GQvov wewfbœ ‡`‡ki ‡L‡jvqvo I `k©K‡`i welqwUi w`‡K bRi ‡i‡L wgmvBj emv‡bv n‡”Q| Awjw¤úK‡K mvg‡b ‡i‡L Gwc«‡j e…‡Ub we‡kl gnovI Pvwj‡q‡Q|

Z‡e g½jevi e¨vs‡Ki c¶ ‡_‡K ejv n‡q‡Q A¨vMvm c`Z¨vM cÎ c«Z¨vnvi K‡i cybivq ¯^`vwq‡Z¡ ‡diZ Avm‡eb Ges Wvqvg‡Ûi cwie‡Z© bZyb GKRb wbe©vnx wb‡qv‡Mi e¨e¯’v Ki‡eb| MZ mßv‡n Avw_©K Lv‡Z ‡K‡j¼vwii Rb¨ Av‡jvPbvq Av‡m we«‡U‡bi GB Avw_©K c«wZôvbwU| hy³ivó« I we«‡U‡bi mswkøó KZ©… c¶ Awbqg I RvwjqvwZi Awf‡hv‡M c«vq 45 ‡KvwU Wjvi Rwigvbv K‡i e¨vsKwU‡K| 2005 ‡_‡K 2009 mvj ch©šÍ AvšÍ:e¨vswKs F‡Yi my‡`i nv‡ii e¨vcv‡i wg_¨v Z_¨ ‡`Iqvi Awf‡hv‡M Zv‡`i G Rwigvbv Kiv nq e‡j Rvwb‡q‡Q msev`gva¨g| Gw`‡K G ‡K‡j¼vwi ‡kl ch©šÍ we«‡U‡bi cvj©v‡g‡›UI Mwo‡q‡Q| mnKvix c«avbgš¿x wbK ‡K¬M Ges we‡ivax ‡jevi `jxq ‡bZv GW wgwje¨vÛ 60 eQi eqmx Av‡gwiKvb bvMwiK WvqvgÛ‡K c`Z¨vM Ki‡Z e‡jb| Gw`‡K WvqvgÛ Ges ‡Pqvig¨vb A¨vMvm‡K Zje K‡i‡Q we«wUk cvj©v‡g›U| ‡mLv‡b msm`xq KwgwUi m`m¨iv Zv‡`i G e¨vcv‡i wRÁvmvev` Ki‡eb e‡j Rvbv ‡M‡Q|

jÛb, 04 RyjvB : jÛb Awjw¤úK hZ Nwb‡q Avm‡Q BD‡Ki wn‡_«v wegvbe›`‡i hvÎx‡`i mvwiI ZZB evo‡Q| fq¼i ‡fvMvwšÍ‡Z co‡Qb hvÎxiv| cÖwZw`b, cÖwZÿY wn‡_«v wegvbe›`‡i, `yB Kwi‡Wv‡i Aa© gvB‡jiI ‡ewk j¤^v jvB‡b mvwi n‡q hvÎxiv A‡c¶v Ki‡Q| Gi Av‡M MZ ‡mvgeviB

ivRcwiev‡ii 10 nvRvi nxivi cÖ`k©bx jÛb, 04 RyjvB : weª‡U‡bi ivwb wØZxq GwjRv‡e‡_i wmsnvm‡b Av‡ivn‡Yi nxiKRqšÍx D`hvcb Dcj‡ÿ ivRcwiev‡ii 10 nvRv‡iiI †ewk nxivi AjsKvi cÖ`k©bxi Av‡qvRb Kiv n‡q‡Q| e¨vwKsnvg c¨v‡j‡m cÖ`k©bxi bvg †`Iqv n‡q‡Q, ÔWvqgÛm: G Ryewj †mwj‡eªkbÕ| kwbevi ïiæ nIqv cÖ`k©bxwU Pj‡e 8 RyjvB ch©šÍ| wØZxq `dvq 31 RyjvB ïiæ n‡q Pj‡e 7 A‡±vei ch©šÍ| cÖ`k©bxi cwiPvjK K¨v‡ivwjb †`v ¸BUvDU Rvbvb, cÖ`k©bx‡Z eZ©gvb ivwbi e¨w³MZ e¨envh© i‡Zœi cvkvcvwk VvuB cv‡e ivRcwiev‡ii Ab¨vb¨ msM«nI| 300 eQi a‡i ivRv ev ivwbiv wewfbœ Drm‡e c‡i‡Qb Ggb me iZœLwPZ AjsKviI cÖ`k©bx‡Z ivLv n‡e| Gi g‡a¨ we‡k¦i me‡P‡q eo nxiKLÐ KywjbvbI _vK‡e| wZb nvRvi 106 K¨v‡iU IR‡bi G iZœwU †`Lvi my‡hvM cv‡e RbmvaviY|

wKQy wKQy iZœ GB cÖ_gev‡ii g‡Zv Rbm¤§y‡L †ei Kiv n‡”Q| G¸‡jv Av‡M mvaviY gvbyl KL‡bvB †`‡Lwb| Gi g‡a¨ i‡q‡Q w`wjø `ye©vi Uvqiv Ges KKwms Uvqiv| G Qvov ivwbi e¨en~Z HwZn¨evnx AjsKviI †`Lv hv‡e cÖ`k©bx‡Z| †hgb ivwb wØZxq GwjRv‡e_ Zvui wmsnvm‡b Av‡ivn‡Yi w`b †h †bK‡jm c‡ib, †mwU ivLv n‡e| G †bK‡jmwU ivwb

N‡ii Kv‡R cyiæ‡li myL

jÛb, 04 RyjvB : msmv‡i AkvwšÍi Ab¨Zg KviY¸‡jvi GKwU n‡jv M…n¯’vwj KvR| GUv n‡jv bv †Zv IUv n‡jv bv G iKg bvbv Awf‡hvM-cvëv Awf‡hvM †_‡K Av‡m Am‡šÍvl| GKmgq Zv weevn-we‡”Q` ch©šÍ Movq| G Kvi‡Y mvaviY aviYv n‡jv, ¯^vgxiv M…n¯’vwj KvR †ewk Ki‡jB msmv‡i SMov-SvuwU †ewk nq Ges ¯¿xiv Zv gvb¨I K‡ib e‡U| wKš‘ M‡elKiv ej‡Qb Ab¨ K_v| Zvu‡`i g‡Z, mvsmvwiK KvR cyiæl‡K myLx K‡i Ges `v¤úZ¨ Kjn Kgvq| weª‡U‡bi cÖvPxbZg wek¦we`¨vj‡qi GKwU K¨vgweªR BDwbfvwm©wUi

wn‡_«v wegvbe›`‡i evo‡Q hvÎx‡`i ‡fvMvwšÍ

cÖ‡dmi R¨vKyjvBb ¯‹‡Ui †bZ… ‡Z¡ GK`j wkÿvwe` M‡elYv Pvwj‡q GB Z_¨ †c‡q‡Qb| M‡elYvwU cwiPvjbv Ki‡Z wM‡q Zvuiv we‡k¦i 34 †`‡ki 30 nvRv‡ii †ewk gvby‡li Ici Rwic Pvwj‡q‡Qb| eªv‡mjmwfwËK GKwU cÖwZôv‡bi A_©vq‡b cwiPvwjZ M‡elYvwU m¤úÖwZ ÔBD‡ivwcqvb †mvk¨vj ÷vwWÕ mvgwqKx‡Z cÖKvwkZ n‡q‡Q| M‡elYvq †`Lv †M‡Q, evmv-evwo †`Lfv‡ji Rb¨ cyiæl hLb Av‡iv †ewk KvR K‡ib, ZLb mvsmvwiK weev` K‡g Av‡m Ges msmv‡ii ¯^vfvweK kvwšÍ Zyjbvg~jK Av‡iv

ev‡o| KviY msmv‡ii KvR Kg Kivi Rb¨ ¯^vgxiv mvaviYZ wb‡R‡`i AcivaxB †f‡e _v‡Kb| hw`I AwaKvsk mgqB Zvuiv Zv cÖKvk K‡ib bv| Avi cyiæ‡li GB Aciva‡eva cÖKvk bv KiviI KviY Av‡Q| Zv n‡jv ˆn‰P Ges ¯¿x‡`i Am‡šÍv‡li f‡q cyiæliv mvaviYZ M…n¯’vwj Kv‡R bxie _vK‡ZB cQ›` K‡ib| Z‡e GB gvbwmKZv-cÖ_v †f‡O †hme cyiæl cÖ‡qvRb Abyhvqx mvsmvwiK KvR fvM K‡i †bb, Zvuiv A‡bK myLx nb Ges my‡Li GB Aven Qwo‡q c‡o msmviRy‡oB|

Av‡j·v›`ªv, ivwb †gwi, ivwb wØZxq GwjRv‡e‡_i gv ivwb GwjRv‡e_I Zvu‡`i wmsnvm‡bi Av‡ivn‡Yi w`b c‡iwQ‡jb| cÖ`k©bxi cwiPvjK K¨v‡ivwjb e‡jb, wZb kZK a‡iB weªwUk ivRcwiev‡ii m`m¨iv Gme iZœ Zvu‡`i RvuKRgKc~Y© Rxe‡b cÖ`k©b I mvRm¾vi Kv‡R e¨envi K‡i Avm‡Qb| †mB m‡½ Gme iZœ Zvu‡`i ivóªxq ÿgZviI cÖZxK|

‡jevi cvwU© Gai‡bi mgm¨v n‡Z cv‡i e‡j miKvi‡K mZK©Zv Rvwb‡qwQj| wn‡_«v Gqvi‡cvU© cwiPvjbvKvix ms¯’v weGGb ¯^xKvi K‡i‡Q ‡h, hvÎxiv mwZ¨B wb`viæY ‡fvMvwšÍ‡Z c‡o‡Q| Rvbv ‡M‡Q, Awjw¤úK Dcj‡¶ wegvbe›`‡i 650,000 AwZwi³ hvÎxi Pvc _vK‡e|

Ajm‡`i †P‡q `xN©Rxex nb Kg©Viv

jÛb, 04 RyjvB : hviv w`‡bi †ewkifvM mgq e‡m Ajm mgq KvUvb Zv‡`i †P‡q Kg©V gvbyl †ewkw`b evu‡Pb e‡j wPwKrmv weÁvbxiv `vwe K‡i‡Qb| MZ kwbevi Zviv G wel‡q e‡jb, hviv NÈvi ci NÈv e‡m wUwf †`Lv ev Kw¤úDUv‡i e‡m _vKvi g‡Zv KvR K‡ib Zv‡`i wewfbœ kvixwiK mgm¨v †ewk nq| Gfv‡e cÖwZwbqZ †iv‡M †fvMvi d‡j Zv‡`i Rxebxkw³ ÿq n‡q hvq| GbGBPG‡mi M‡elK W. DBjwe DBwjqvgmb e‡jb, mßv‡n AšÍZ 150 wgwbU GKRb my¯’ c~Y©eq¯‹ gvby‡li fvwi e¨vqvg Kiv DwPZ| †Ljvayjv ev `ªæZ c`‡ÿ‡c nvuUvnvuwU ¯^v‡¯’¨i my¯’Zvi Rb¨ LyeB DcKvix| Z‡e Kv‡Ri g‡a¨ cÖwZ 20 wgwbU AšÍi wKQyÿY g…`y nvuUvnvuwU KivI ¯^v‡¯’¨i Rb¨ fv‡jv| G Qvov kvixwiK cwikª‡gi m‡½ m‡½ Pwe© I wPwbmg…× Lvevi Kwg‡q †`Iqvi cÖwZI †Rvi †`b wPwKrmKiv|

Kwdk‡c I‡qUv‡ii agK ‡L‡jb K¨v‡gib

jÛb, 05 RyjvB : hvÎvc‡_ GK Kwd k‡c XyK‡jb we«wUk c«avbgš¿x ‡WwfW K¨v‡gib| Zvov _vKvq jvBb ‡f‡O GwM‡q ‡M‡jb Lvevi wb‡Z| wKš‘ I‡qUvi Zvu‡K wPb‡Z cv‡ibwb| d‡j hv nIqvi ZvB| ‡L‡Z n‡jv cªPÐ agK| ‡WBwj ‡gB‡ji Le‡i ejv n‡q‡Q, mk¯¿ evwnbx w`em D`hvcb Dcj‡¶ Av‡qvwRZ Abyôv‡b hvw”Q‡jb we«wUk c«avbgš¿x| hvÎvc‡_ GKwU Kwd k‡c Xy‡K mvwi ‡f‡O wZwb Kwd Pvb| ZLb c«avbgš¿x‡K wPb‡Z cv‡ibwb Kwd k‡ci I‡qUvi wkjv Ugvm| ZvB wZwb K¨v‡gib‡K Kov fvlvq wZi¯‹vi K‡i e‡jb, ÔAvwg GLb Av‡iKRb‡K w`w”Q|Õ 10 wgwbU A‡c¶vi ci K¨v‡gi‡bi mn‡hvMxiv cv‡ki GKwU ‡`vKvb ‡_‡K Zvui Rb¨ R¨vg ‡WvbvU I Pv wK‡b Av‡bb| K¨v‡gib ‡`vKv‡bi evB‡i e‡mB G¸‡jv ‡L‡Z _v‡Kb| GKch©v‡q c_Pvixiv Zvu‡K wP‡b ‡dj‡j Sv‡gjv Gov‡bvi Rb¨ wZwb Avevi c«_‡g Kwd k‡c ‡Xv‡Kb| Ab¨ ‡`vKvb ‡_‡K cvbxq wK‡b G‡b‡Qb ‡`‡L K¨v‡gib‡K AveviI eKywb ‡`b I‡qUvi wkjv Ugvm| wZwb e‡jb, ÔAvwg c«_g Zvu‡K wPb‡Z cvwiwb| Av‡iKRb‡K ‡mev ‡`Iqvi gvS ch©v‡q wQjvg| G Kvi‡Y Avwg Ab¨wKQy Ki‡Z e¨¯Í wQjvg| ZvB mwZ¨B Zvu‡K ‡Lqvj Kwiwb|


Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 48

bvgv‡Ri mgqm~Px 06 RyjvB, ïµevi Iqv³ ïiæ dRi 2:57 ‡hvni 1:11 AvQi 5:26 gvMwie 9:21 Gkv 10:52

RvgvZ 3:45 1:15 6:50 9:26 11:10

m~‡h©v`q 4:43

07 RyjvB, kwbevi Iqv³ ïiæ dRi 2:58 ‡hvni 1:11 AvQi 5:26 gvMwie 9:20 Gkv 10:51

RvgvZ 3:45 1:30 6:50 9:25 11:10

m~‡h©v`q 4:53

08 RyjvB, iweevi Iqv³ ïiæ dRi 3:00 ‡hvni 1:11 AvQi 5:26 gvMwie 9:20 Gkv 10:49

RvgvZ 3:45 1:30 6:50 9:25 11:00

m~‡h©v`q 4:54

09 RyjvB, ‡mvgevi Iqv³ ïiæ dRi 3:01 ‡hvni 1:11 AvQi 5:26 gvMwie 9:19 Gkv 10:48

RvgvZ 3:45 1:30 6:50 9:24 11:00

m~‡h©v`q 4:55

10 RyjvB, g½jevi Iqv³ ïiæ dRi 3:02 ‡hvni 1:11 AvQi 5:26 gvMwie 9:18 Gkv 10:46

RvgvZ 3:45 1:30 6:50 9:23 11:00

m~‡h©v`q 4:56

11 RyjvB, eyaevi Iqv³ ïiæ dRi 3:04 ‡hvni 1:11 AvQi 5:26 gvMwie 9:17 Gkv 10:45

RvgvZ 3:45 1:30 6:50 9:22 11:00

m~‡h©v`q 4:58

12 RyjvB, e„n¯úwZevi Iqv³ ïiæ dRi 3:05 ‡hvni 1:11 AvQi 5:25 gvMwie 9:16 Gkv 10:43

RvgvZ 3:45 1:30 6:50 9:21 11:00

m~‡h©v`q 4:59

Kexiv ¸bvni msL¨v wb‡q Ijvgv‡`i gv‡S wKQyUv gZwe‡iva i‡q‡Q| †KD †KD e‡j‡Qb: Kexiv ¸bvn 7wU| Zv‡`i `wjj n‡”Q bex Kixg (m.) e‡jb: †Zvgiv mvZwU cvc †_‡K †eu‡P _vK| (1) Avjøvni mv‡_ KvD‡K kixK Kiv| (2) Rv`y Kiv| (3) Ab¨vqfv‡e KvD‡K nZ¨v Kiv| (4) BqvwZg‡`i gvj-m¤ú` AvZ¥mvr Kiv| (5) my` LvIqv| (6) ag©hy× †_‡K cjvqb Kiv| (7) mZx-mvaŸx mijgwZ gywgb bvixi Ici whbvi Acev` †`qv (eyLvix, gymwjg)| †hme welq Avjøvn I ivm~j (m.) KZ©…K nvivg nIqvi AKvU¨ `wjj cvIqv hvq, †m¸‡jv Kexiv ¸bvn| Kexiv †_‡K †eu‡P _vK‡Z cvi‡j Avjøvn QMxiv ¸Yvnmg~n gvd K‡i †`‡eb| †hgb- eo eo wbwl× KvR¸‡jv †_‡K †Zvgiv hw` †eu‡P _vK‡Z cvi, †h¸‡jv †_‡K `~‡i _vKvi Rb¨ †Zvgv‡`i ejv n‡”Q, Zvn‡j Avwg †Zvgv‡`i ÎywU-wePy¨wZ¸‡jv ÿgv K‡i †`e Ges m¤§vbRbK ¯’v‡b †Zvgv‡`i cª‡ek Kive (m~iv wbmv-31)| Avi hviv eo eo ¸bvn I Akøxj KvR †_‡K †eu‡P _v‡K Ges †µv‡ai DrcwË n‡j ÿgv K‡i (m~iv Avkk~iv-37)| hviv Kexiv ¸bvn Ges cªKvk¨ I me©Rbwew`Z Akøxj KvR †_‡K †eu‡P _v‡K, Z‡e †QvULvU Aciva Ki‡jI wbðqB Avcbvi cvjbKZ©vi ÿgv my`~i we¯Í…Z-e¨vcK (m~iv Avb-bvRg32)| ivm~j (m.) e‡jb, cvuP Iqv³ dih bvgvh, RygAvi bvgvh cieZ©x RygAv ch©šÍ Ges igRvb gv‡mi diR †ivRv cieZ©x igRvb ch©šÍ ga¨eZ©x cvcmg~‡ni Kvddiv¯^iƒc, hLb †KD Kexiv ¸bvn n‡Z †eu‡P _vK‡e (mnxn gymwjg, Rv‡gÔ wZiwghx)| Kexiv ¸bvni msL¨v wb‡q Ijvgv‡`i gv‡S wKQyUv gZwe‡iva i‡q‡Q| †KD †KD e‡j‡Qb: Kexiv ¸bvn 7wU| Zv‡`i `wjj n‡”Q bex Kixg (m.) e‡jb: †Zvgiv mvZwU cvc †_‡K †eu‡P _vK| (1) Avjøvni mv‡_ KvD‡K kixK Kiv| (2) Rv`y Kiv| (3) Ab¨vqfv‡e KvD‡K nZ¨v Kiv| (4) BqvwZg‡`i gvj-m¤ú` AvZ¥mvr Kiv| (5) my` LvIqv| (6) ag©hy× †_‡K cjvqb Kiv| (7) mZx-mvaŸx mijgwZ gywgb bvixi Ici whbvi Acev` †`qv (eyLvix, gymwjg)| nhiZ Ave`yjøvn Be‡b AveŸvm (iv.) e‡jb: Kexiv ¸bvn mvZwU bq, cªvq mËiwU| nv`x‡m Kexiv ¸bvn m¤ú‡K© wbw`©ó †Kvb msL¨v mxgve× Kiv nqwb| cªgv‡Yi wfwˇZ †mme Mwn©Z KvRB Kexiv ¸bvn †h¸‡jvi Rb¨ `ywbqv‡Z kvw¯Íi weavb i‡q‡Q| †hgb:Pywi, Lyb, e¨wfPvi A_ev †h¸‡jvi Rb¨ Av‡Liv‡Zi KwVb kvw¯Íi fq cª`k©b Kiv n‡q‡Q| A_ev ivm~j (m.)-Gi fvlvq †hme Acivaxi cªwZ Awfkvc †`qv n‡q‡Q A_ev †hme ¸bvniZ e¨w³ D¤§‡Z gynv¤§`xi (m.) †fZi MY¨ bq, G ai‡bi †NvlYv †`qv n‡q‡Q, Zv meB Kexiv ¸bv‡ni AšÍf©y³| nhiZ mvC` Be‡b Ryev‡qi (iv.) eY©bv K‡ib, GKe¨w³ nhiZ Ave`yjøvn Be‡b AveŸvm (iv.)-Gi

Kv‡Q AwfgZ e¨³ Ki‡jv †h, Kexiv ¸bvn †Zv mvZwU| nhiZ Be‡b AveŸvm (iv.) ej‡jb:cªvq mvZkwUi KvQvKvwQ| Z‡e ZIev K‡i ÿgv cªv_©bv Ki‡j †Kvb Kexiv ¸bvn Avi Kexiv _v‡K bv A_©vr gvd n‡q hvq| QMxiv ¸bvnI evievi Ki‡Z _vK‡j QMxiv _v‡K bv eis Zv Kexiv ¸bv‡ni iƒc aviY K‡i| Ab¨Î Av‡Q †h, nhiZ Ave`yjøvn Be‡b AveŸvm (iv.) e‡j‡Qb: Kexiv ¸bvn cªvq mËiwU| AwaKvsk Ijvgv‡q †KivgI MYbvi gva¨‡g Zv mËi ev Zvi mvgvb¨ †ewk

GKw`b wZbevi ej‡jb:Avwg wK †Zvgv‡`i me‡P‡q eo Kexiv ¸bvn m¤ú‡K© AewnZ Kie bv? mevB ej‡jb: wR n¨vu, Bqv ivm~jvjøvn! ZLb wZwb ej‡jb:Avjøvni mv‡_ KvD‡K kixK Kiv, gvZv-wcZv‡K Kó †`qv (Aeva¨ nIqv)| AZtci wZwb †njvb †`qv †_‡K †mvRv n‡q e‡m ej‡jb:Ôwg_¨v ejv I wg_¨v mvÿ¨ †`qv †_‡K mZK© _vK|Õ GB †k‡lv³ K_vwU wZwb GZevi cybive…wË Ki‡Z _v‡Kb †h, eY©bvKvix e‡jb: Avgiv g‡b g‡b ej‡Z jvMjvg, im~j (m.)

wkiK I Kexiv ¸bvnmg~n RvwKi †nvmvBb AvRv`x

cªgvY †c‡q‡Qb| GUvI mZ¨ †h, Aciv‡ai gvÎvq Kexiv ¸bvn meB mgvb bq; eis GKwU AciwU A‡cÿv †ewk ¸iæZi A_ ev nvjKv| †hgb:Avjøvni mv‡_ wkiK Kiv‡KI ivm~j (m.) Kexiv ¸bvn e‡j‡Qb| A_P †mUv GZ RNb¨ cvc †h, G‡Z wjß Acivax AbšÍKvj Rvnvbœv‡g _vK‡e Ges Zvi Aciva ÿgvi A‡hvM¨| Avjøvn e‡jb:wbtm‡›`‡n Avjøvn Zv‡K ÿgv K‡ib bv, †h †jvK Zvui mv‡_ kixK K‡i| wZwb ÿgv K‡ib Gi‡P‡q wbgœ ch©v‡qi cvc, hviRb¨ wZwb B”Qv K‡ib (m~iv wbmv-48)| Avjøvni mv‡_ KvD‡K kixK Kiv n‡”Q me‡P‡q RNb¨Zg Kexiv ¸bvn| Avjøvn e¨ZxZ Ab¨ KvD‡K Avjøvni mgZyj¨ g‡b Kiv Ges Zvi Bev`Z ev Dcvmbv Kiv| †hgb:cv_i, e…ÿ, P›`ª, m~h©, bÿÎ, †d‡ikZv, bex, Iwj,

hw` Pyc Ki‡Zb Z‡e fv‡jv n‡Zv (eyLvix I gymwjg)| mËiwU Kexiv ¸bvn wbgœiƒc: 1. wkiK Kiv| 2. gvbyl nZ¨v Kiv| 3. Rv`y‡Uvbv Kiv| 4. bvgv‡R Ae‡njv Kiv| 5. hvKvZ bv †`qv| 6. webv IR‡i igRv‡bi †ivhv f½ Kiv| 7. mvg_¨© _vKv m‡Ë¡I nR¡ bv Kiv| 8. wcZv-gvZvi Aeva¨ nIqv| 9. i³ m¤úK©xq AvZ¥xqZv wQbœ Kiv| 10. whbv-e¨wfPvi Kiv| 11. jvIqvZvZ ev mgKvwgZv Kiv| 12. my‡`i Av`vb-cª`vb| 13. BqvwZ‡gi gvj AvZ¥mvr Kiv Ges Zv‡`i Ici Ryjyg Kiv| 14. Avjøvn I ivm~‡ji cªwZ wg_¨v‡ivc Kiv| 15. ag©hy‡×i gq`vb †_‡K cjvqb| 16. kvmK KZ©…K RbM‡Yi Ici Ryjyg| 17. Me©-AnsKvi| 18. wg_¨v mvÿ¨ †`qv| 19. g`¨cvb| 20. Ryqv †Ljv| 21. mZx-mvaŸx bvix‡K e¨wfPv‡ii Acev` †`qv| 22.

cyiæ‡li mv`…k¨c~Y© †ekf~lv| 34. wbR cwiev‡ii g‡a¨ AkøxjZv I cvcvPv‡ii cªkªq`vb| 35. ZvjvKcªvßv gwnjv‡K Pyw³wfwËK wnjv we‡q Kiv| 36. cªmªve †_‡K cweÎ bv _vKv| 37. wiqv ev †jvK †`Lv‡bvi D‡Ï‡k¨ mr KvR Kiv| 38. `ywbqvex D‡Ï‡k¨ Bjg ev Ávb AR©b Kiv Ges mZ¨ †Mvcb Kiv| 39. Avgvb‡Zi †LqvbZ ev wek¦vmNvZKZv| 40. `vb-Lqiv‡Zi †LvUv †`qv| 41. ZKw`i‡K Awek¦vm Kiv| 42. Kvb †c‡Z Ab¨ †jv‡Ki †Mvcb K_v †kvbv| 43. †PvMjLywi Kiv| 44. webv Aciv‡a †Kvb gymjgvb‡K Awfkvc I Mvwj †`qv| 45. Iqv`v †Ljvd Kiv| 46. MY‡Ki K_vq wek¦vm Kiv| 47. ¯^vgxi Aeva¨ nIqv| 48. cªvYxi cªwZK…wZ AvuKv| 49. wec‡` D‰¯Ít¯^‡i wejvc Kiv| 50. we‡`ªvn, `¤¢ I AnsKvi cªKvk| 51. `vm-`vmx `ye©j †kªYxi gvbyl Ges RxeRš‘i mv‡_ wbôyi AvPiY Kiv| 52. cªwZ‡ekx‡K Kó †`qv| 53. gymjgvb‡`i Kó I Mvwj †`qv| 54. Avjøvni ev›`v‡`i Kó †`qv| 55. AnsKvi I †MŠie cªKv‡k UvLbyi wb‡P †cvkvK civ| 56. cyiæ‡li ¯^Y© I †ikgx Kvco cwiavb Kiv| 57. gwb‡ei KvQ †_‡K †Mvjv‡gi cjvqb ev ˆea KZ©…cÿ‡K A¯^xKvi Kiv| 58. Avjøvn Qvov Ab¨ Kv‡iv bv‡g cï-cvwL h‡en Kiv| 59. †h wcZv bq, Zv‡K †R‡b-ï‡b wcZv e‡j cwiPq †`qv| 60. SMov I ev`vbyev` Kiv| 61. cª‡qvR‡bi AwZwi³ cvwb Ab¨‡K bv †`qv| 62. gv‡c Ges IR‡b Kg †`qv| 63. Avjøvni AvRve I MRe m¤ú‡K© D`vmxb nIqv| 64. Avjøvni ingZ n‡Z wbivk nIqv| 65. webv IR‡i RvgvqvZ Z¨vM Kiv Ges GKvKx bvgvR cov| 66. IRi Qvov RygAv Ges RvgvqvZ Z¨vM Kivi Ici AUj _vKv|

hviv Kexiv ¸bvn Ges cªKvk¨ I me©Rbwew`Z Akøxj KvR †_‡K †eu‡P _v‡K, Z‡e †QvULvU Aciva Ki‡jI wbðqB Avcbvi cvjbKZ©vi ÿgv my`~i we¯Í…Z-e¨vcK (m~iv Avb-bvRg-32)| wR¡b, †`eZv BZ¨vw` hvB †nvK bv †Kb Zv‡K Avjøvni mgZyj¨ g‡b Kiv Ges Zvi c~Rv Kiv me‡P‡q eo wkiK| e¯ÍyZ:‡h e¨w³ Avjøvni mv‡_ KvD‡K ev †Kvb e¯Íy‡K kixK Ki‡e Ges †mB Ae¯’vq gviv hv‡e, †m wbN©vZ Rvnvbœv‡g hv‡e| †hgb †KD Avjøvni cªwZ Cgvb Avb‡j Ges gywgb Ae¯’vq g… Zy¨eiY Ki‡j RvbœvZevmx n‡e, PvB †m Rvnvbœv‡g hZB Avhve †fvM KiæK bv †Kb| im~j (m.)

Mbxg‡Zi gvj AvZ¥mvr Kiv| 23. Pywi Kiv| 24. WvKvwZ Kiv| 25. wg_¨v kc_ Kiv I Avjøvn Qvov Ab¨ Kv‡iv bv‡g kc_ Kiv| 26. Ryjyg ev AZ¨vPvi Kiv| 27. †Rvic~e©K Pvu`v Av`vq Kiv| 28. nvivg LvIqv I †h‡Kvb nvivg cš’vq m¤ú` DcvR©b I †fvM`Lj Kiv| 29. AvZ¥nZ¨v Kiv| 30. K_vq K_vq wg_¨v ejv| 31. wePviKv‡h© `yb©xwZi Avkªq †bqv| 32. Nyl LvIqv| 33. †cvkvK-cwi”Q‡` bvix-

67. DËivwaKvix‡`i g‡a¨ kixqZ we‡ivax IwmqZ Kiv| 68. †avuKvevwR, QjPvZywi, cªZviYv K‡i gvbyl VKvb| 69. gymjgvb‡`i ÿwZ mva‡bi D‡Ï‡k¨ †Mv‡q›`vwMwi Kiv Ges Zv‡`i †Mvcbxq welq Ab¨‡`i Kv‡Q cªKvk K‡i †`qv| 70. ivm~‡ji mvnvev‡`i KvD‡K Mvwj †`qv| Avjøvn Avgv‡`i mKj‡K G mg¯Í Kexiv ev eo ¸bvn †_‡K gy³ n‡q Øx‡bi c‡_ AwePj _vKvi ZvIwdK `vb Kiæb, Avgxb|

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 49

ü`‡iv‡Mi SyuwK Kgvq nvwm Lywk gb ‡Ubk‡b gv_ve¨_v AvZvDi ingvb Kveyj gyL fvi K‡i _vKvi †P‡q nvwmLywk _vKyb| ü`‡iv‡Mi fq †ek K‡g hv‡e| ü`h‡š¿i m‡½ Av‡e‡Mi GgbB m¤úK© wb‡q GwUB cÖ_g ch©‡eÿY e‡j m¤úÖwZ `vwe K‡i‡Qb weÁvbxiv| ÔBD‡ivwcqvb nvU© Rvb©vjÕ-G cÖKvwkZ wbe‡Ü Kjvw¤^qv BDwbfvwm©wU †gwW‡Kj †m›Uv‡ii Kvwibv †WwfWmb wj‡L‡Qb, G wel‡q GLb wbweofv‡e wK¬wbK¨vj cixÿv-wbixÿv Pvjv‡Z n‡e| Gi gva¨‡g hw` Avgv‡`i ch©‡eÿY mZ¨ cÖgvwYZ nq, Z‡e Avgv‡`i we‡klfv‡e wba©viY Ki‡Z n‡e †h, cwiw¯’wZ Dbœq‡b †ivMx wKsev wPwKrm‡Ki Rb¨ Kx KiYxq| ‡WwfWmb Ges Zvi M‡elK `‡ji m`m¨iv `k eQ‡iiI †ewk mgq a‡i KvbvWvi GKwU ¯^v¯’¨ mgxÿv †K‡›`ª 1 nvRvi 739 Rb bvix-cyiæ‡li Ici G wel‡q M‡elYv Pvjvb| Gmgq cÖwkwÿZ ¯^v¯’¨Kg©xiv ü`‡ivMx‡`i ¯^v¯’¨ SyuwKi Ici nZvkv, kÎyZv, D‡ËRbvi g‡Zv †bwZevPK Av‡eM Ges myL, Avb›`, Djøvm, AvM«n Ges cwiZ…wßi g‡Zv BwZevPK Av‡eM-Abyf~wZi cÖfve we‡klfv‡e wbiƒcY Ki‡Zb| cÖ‡Z¨K m~P‡K 22 kZvsk SyuwK nªvm M‡elKiv Gme BwZevPK Av‡eM-Abyf~wZ¸‡jv‡K k~b¨ †_‡K cvuP ch©šÍ m~P‡K wPwýZ K‡iwQ‡jb| Zviv jÿ¨ K‡i‡Qb †h, cÖ‡Z¨K m~P‡Ki Rb¨ ü`‡iv‡Mi SyuwK 22 kZvsk nv‡i K‡g †M‡Q| M‡elK `‡ji cÖavb †WwfWmb Rvbvb, Zvi M‡elYvq cÖvß djvdj †_‡K Bw½Z cvIqv †M‡Q †h, BwZevPK Av‡eM-Abyf~wZ¸‡jv e…w×i gva¨‡g ü`‡ivM cÖwZ‡iva Kiv m¤¢e n‡Z cv‡i| wZwb wj‡L‡Qb, hv‡`i Av‡`Š BwZevPK cÖfveK Z_v Av‡eM †bB Zviv Aí BwZevPK Av‡eMm¤úbœ e¨w³‡`i †P‡q 22 kZvsk †ewk ü`‡iv‡Mi SyuwK‡Z i‡q‡Q Ges wØZxq mvwii e¨w³iv ga¨g gvÎvi BwZevPK Av‡eMm¤úbœ e¨w³‡`i †P‡q 22 kZvsk †ewk ü`‡iv‡Mi SyuwK‡Z i‡q‡Q| ü`‡iv‡Mi m‡½ eyw×gËv Ges Av‡qi m¤úK© GZw`b a‡i a~gcvb, AwZwi³ IRb, eskMZ avivevwnKZv Ges D”P i³Pvc‡K ü`‡iv‡Mi Rb¨ cÖavbZ `vqx Kiv n‡Zv| wKš‘ G M‡elYvq eyw×gËv Ges Av‡qi cwigv‡Yi m‡½I ü`‡iv‡Mi SyuwKi m¤úK© cwijwÿZ n‡q‡Q| GgbwK MZ mßv‡n cÖKvwkZ M‡elYvi djvd‡j ü`‡iv‡Mi Rb¨ a~gcv‡bi c‡iB cÖfveK wn‡m‡e eyw×gËvi ¯’vb e‡j †`Lv †M‡Q| †WwfWmb Ges

Zvi mn‡hvMx M‡elKiv g‡b Ki‡Qb, nvwm-Lywk e¨w³iv †ewk mgq a‡i wekªvg wb‡Z cv‡i e‡jB m¤¢eZ Zviv `ªæZ †h †Kv‡bv KóKi cwiw¯’wZ †_‡K gyw³ †c‡Z cv‡i, hv ü`‡ivM cÖwZ‡iv‡a BwZevPK f~wgKv cvjb K‡i| weªwUk M‡elK‡`iI GKB gZ weªwUk nvU© dvD‡ÛkbI G M‡elYvi djvd‡ji

m‡½ GKvZ¥Zv †NvlYv K‡i Rvwb‡q‡Q, ZvivI G ai‡bi m¤¢vebv‡K mvg‡b †i‡L cixÿv-wbixÿv Pvwj‡q hv‡”Q| cÖm½Z, BD‡ivc Ges Av‡gwiKvmn we‡k¦i wk‡ívbœZ †`k¸‡jv‡Z me©vwaK bvix-cyiæ‡li g…Zy¨i Rb¨ ü`‡ivM `vqx| wek¦ ¯^v¯’¨ ms¯’vi Z_¨ Abyhvqx, 2005 mv‡j mviv we‡k¦ 32 kZvsk g…Zy¨ N‡U‡Q Wvqv‡ewUm Ges ü`‡iv‡Mi Kvi‡Y| m~Î : B›Uvi‡bU evBcvm Acv‡ik‡bi †ivMx‡`i Rb¨... 1. Acv‡ikb cieZ©x mg‡q mvR©‡bi civgk© Abyhvqx wbw`©ó cwigvY cvwb cvb Ki‡Z n‡e, AwZwi³ cvwb ev Zij RvZxq Lv`¨ M«nY Kiv hv‡e bv| 2. civgk©cÎ Abyhvqx Aek¨B wbqwgZ Ilya †meb Ki‡Z n‡e| 3. Acv‡ik‡bi 3-4 w`b ci †_‡K nvuU‡Z cvi‡eb| GKev‡i †ewk nvuUv hv‡e bv, K¬všÍ nIqvi Av‡MB wekªvg wbb| Avnv‡ii ciciB nvuUvnvuwU Kiv hv‡e bv| 4. GK mßvn cici nvuUvi mgq evov‡eb| Acv‡ik‡bi 6 mßvn ci Ab¨ †Kv‡bv Amyweav bv _vK‡j w`‡b 30 wgwbU †_‡K GK NÈv cwigvY nvuUvi †Póv Kiæb| K¬všÍ n‡j m‡½ m‡½ wekªvg wbb, ax‡i ax‡i wmuwo fvOvi †Póv Ki‡Z cv‡ib| v5. fvwi cwikªg cwinvi Kiæb, wUDeI‡qj Pvcv hv‡e bv, wZb wK‡jvM«v‡gi †ewk IRb enb Kiv †_‡K weiZ _vKyb| msmv‡ii nvév KvR Kiv †h‡Z cv‡i| Acv‡ikb cieZ©x cÖ_g 6 †_‡K 8 mßvn GB wbqg †g‡b Pj‡Z n‡e| 6. IRb wbqš¿‡Yi

e¨vcv‡i mZK© _vKyb| 7. a~gcvb, R`©v, ZvgvK cvZv, ¸j RvZxq c`v_© wPiZ‡i cwinvi Kiæb| 8. Acv‡ik‡bi cici cÖ_g w`‡K mnevm †_‡K weiZ _vKyb, hLb webv K¬vwšÍ‡Z 1 †_‡K 2 gvBj c_ nvuU‡Z cvi‡eb A_ev `yÕZvjv wmuwo fvO‡Z cvi‡eb ZLb mnevm ïiæ Ki‡Z cvi‡eb| mewKQy ¯^vfvweK _vK‡j mvaviYZ Acv‡ik‡bi 6 †_‡K 8 mßvn ci mnev‡mi Avmb cwieZ©b K‡i myweavgZ wbq‡g mnevm ïiæ Kiv hvq| Z‡e LvIqvi cici ev `ywðšÍvM«¯Í Ae¯’vq mnevm Kiv DwPZ n‡e bv| 9. ey‡K Pvc ev e¨_v Abyfe Ki‡j A_ev k¦vmKó n‡j `ªæZ wRnŸvi wb‡P wRwUGb †¯úª e¨envi Kiæb Ges m‡½ m‡½ ü`‡ivM we‡kl‡Ái civgk© wbb| Lv`¨ wb‡`©kbv evBcvm Kiv †ivMx‡`i Lv`¨ ZvwjKv K‡ivbvwi †ivMx‡`i Lv`¨ ZvwjKvi Abyiƒc| cwinvi Ki‡Z n‡e ‡Kv‡j‡÷ijmg…× I m¤ú…³ Pwe© hy³ Lvevi, †hgbÐwW‡gi Kymyg, KwjRv, gv‡Qi wWg, Lvwm ev Miæi Pwe©hy³ gvsm, nvum-gyiwMi Pvgov, nv‡oi g¾v, wN, gvLb, WvjWv, gvR©vwib, Mj`v wPswo, bvwi‡Kj Ges Dc‡iv³ DcKiY w`‡q ˆZwi Lvevi| ‡ewk K‡i †L‡Z n‡e Avukhy³ Lvevi, †hgbÐme iK‡gi kvK, me iK‡gi mewR (we‡kl K‡i †Lvmvmn mewR †hgb †Xuom, eiewU, wkg, KPyi jwZ BZ¨vw`), me iK‡gi Wvj, me ai‡bi dj we‡kl K‡i UK RvZxq dj| me iK‡gi mgy‡`ªi gvQ, †QvU gvQ, gv‡Qi †Zj| me iK‡gi Dw™¢R †Zj, †hgb Kb© A‡qj, mvbd¬vIqvi A‡qj, mqvweb A‡qj (cvg ev bvwi‡Kj †Zj bq)| wnmve K‡i †L‡Z n‡e kK©ivRvZxq Lvevi †hgbÐfvZ, iæwU, Avjy, wPwb BZ¨vw`| wgwó dj †hgbÐcvKv Avg, cvKv Kjv, cvKv †cu‡c BZ¨vw`| `ya I `y‡ai ˆZwi Lvevi| cwinvi Ki‡Z n‡e wewfbœ ai‡bi dv÷ dyW, †hgbÐevM©vi, m¨vÛDBP, †KK, cywWs, AvBmwµg, †evZjRvZ †Kvgj cvbxq BZ¨vw`| g‡b ivL‡Z n‡e, A¨vj‡Kvnj ev ZvgvKRvZxq `ªe¨ †Kv‡bv Lv`¨ bq, ZvB Gme c`v_© †_‡K †h †Kv‡bv g~‡j¨ `~‡i _vK‡Z n‡e| Wvqv‡ewUm †iv‡M AvµvšÍ †ivMxiv Zv‡`i Rb¨ wba©vwiZ Lv`¨ ZvwjKv †`‡L Dc‡oi ZvwjKvi m‡½ wgwj‡q Lv`¨ ZvwjKv ˆZwi K‡i wb‡Z cv‡ib| i‡³ myMvi †e‡o hvq Ggb †h †Kv‡bv Lvevi ü`‡iv‡Mi Rb¨I cwinvi Kiv Avek¨Kxq|

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Wv: Gg G kvKyi gvbe‡`‡ni cv GKwU ¸iæZ¡c~Y© A½| cv bv _vK‡j †hgb gvbyl nvuU‡Z cv‡i bv, †Zgwb cv‡q e¨_v _vK‡jI nvuU‡Z LyeB Amyweav nq| Avi Pjv‡div whwb Ki‡Z cv‡ib bv, wZwb †Zv c½y eB Avi wKQyB bb| gvbe‡`‡ni cv‡qi cªavb `yÕwU Ask n‡jvÐ †Mvovwj I cv‡qi cvZv| cv‡qi †Mvovwj‡Z †hme Kvi‡Y e¨_v nq Zvi g‡a¨ K¨vj‡Kwbqvb ¯úvi ev KvuUvB †ewk `vqx| Zv Qvov cv‡q †Kv‡bv AvNvZ jvM‡j ev cv‡qi nvo †f‡O †M‡j e¨_v nq| K¨vj‡Kwbqvb ¯úvi †_‡K A‡bK mgq cª`vn n‡q cøv÷vi dvmvBwUm n‡Z cv‡i| Zv Qvov †Mu‡UevZ, Iw÷IgvBjvBwUm, ¯úÛvB‡jv-Av‡_©vc¨vw_ BZ¨vw` †iv‡M cv‡qi †Mvovwj‡Z e¨_v n‡Z cv‡i| Z‡e eqm evo‡j K¨vj‡Kwbqvb ¯úv‡ii Kvi‡YB †ewk nq cv‡q e¨_v| G †iv‡Mi DcmM©¸‡jv wbgœiƒcÐ cv‡qi †Mvovwj‡Z e¨_v| e¨_v mvaviYZ nvuU‡j †e‡o hvq| †Mvovwj KL‡bv KL‡bv dy‡j †h‡Z cv‡i| Lvwj

cv‡q k³ RvqMvq nvuU‡j e¨_v †ewk ev‡o| cøv÷vi dvmvBwUm n‡j cv‡qi †Mvovwj‡Z e¨_v mKv‡j †ewk _v‡K Ges Zv †ejv evovi mv‡_ mv‡_ GKUy K‡g| KL‡bv KL‡bv †Mvovwj k³ k³ g‡b nq| k³ RyZv e¨envi Ki‡jI e¨_v †e‡o hvq| wPwKrmv mvaviYZ e¨_vbvkK Ilya †hgbÐ c¨vivwmUvgj, B‡Ûv‡g_vwmb, †bcªw•b BZ¨vw` †`qv †h‡Z cv‡i| cª‡qvRb Abymv‡i wdwRK¨vj †_ivwc †hgbÐ †gvg †_ivwc, nvB‡Wªv‡_ivwc, AvëªvmvDÛ †_ ivwc BZ¨vw` †`qv †h‡Z cv‡i| RyZvi cwieZ©b †hgbÐ big †mvj e¨envi Kiv, AvP© mv‡cvU© †`qv, †Mvovwji Kv‡Q wQ`ª K‡i †bqv BZ¨vw`| †Kv‡bv †Kv‡bv †ÿ‡Î

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`ywðšÍv QvovI mw`©R¡i, mvB‡bvmvBwUm, †Pv‡Li AmyL, D”P i³Pvc I gvB‡M«‡bi AvM«vm‡b gv_ve¨_v n‡Z cv‡i mw`©R¡i, mvB‡bvmvBwUm, †Pv‡Li AmyL, D”P i³Pvc, gvB‡M«b_ Gme Kvi‡Y mPivPi gv_ve¨_v †`Lv w`‡jI Avgiv A‡b‡KB Rvwb bv wbZ¨bZyb wPšÍvi AvM«vm‡b Avgv‡`i gv_ve¨_v n‡Z cv‡i| A‡b‡K G gv_ve¨_v‡K gv_v a‡i‡Q e‡j _v‡Kb| wKš‘ e¨_vi Ilya †L‡qI gv_vaiv fve hvi bv| Avmyb †`Lv hvK, gv_ve¨_v †Ubkb ev `ywðšÍvq Kxfv‡e †`Lv w`‡Z cv‡i| ‡UbkbRwbZ gv_ve¨_vi aib 1. G ai‡bi gv_ve¨_v ïiæ nq gv_vi `yÕcvk w`‡q| Zvici †Kv‡bv †Kv‡bv †ivMxi †cQ‡b Ges KviI KviI gv_vi Ic‡i e¨_v Abyf~Z n‡Z cv‡i| 2. g‡b nq e¨v‡Ûi g‡Zv gv_vq †KD Pvc w`‡q a‡i †i‡L‡Q| A‡b‡K gv_vq MvgQv A_ev Iobv w`‡q k³ K‡i †eu‡a iv‡Lb gv_ve¨_v Kgv‡bi Rb¨| 3. e¨_v `xN©w`b ¯’vqx n‡Z cv‡ib, ZxeªZv Kg-‡ewk nq| Z‡e G gv_ve¨_v wb‡q †ivMxiv KvRKg© Pvwj‡q †h‡Z cv‡i| 4. e¨_v mKv‡j ïiæ n‡q w`b-ivZ _vK‡Z cv‡i Ges w`b evovi m‡½ m‡½ gv_ve¨_vi ZxeªZv evo‡Z _v‡K| Z‡e Nywg‡q co‡j e¨_v Avi _v‡K bv| 5. kã ïb‡j e¨_vi Abyf~wZ A‡bK †e‡o †h‡Z cv‡i| ‡hme Kvi‡Y e¨_v n‡Z cv‡i cvwievwiK mgm¨v †hgb ¯^vgx we‡`‡k _vKv, ¯^vgxi ciKxqv, ¯¿xi cªwZ Ae‡njv, kvïwobb‡`i m‡½ g‡Zi Awgj, SMov-d¨vmv` BZ¨vw`| A‡bK mgq ¯^vgxi ˆRweK AÿgZv, hv nq‡Zv ¯¿x mivmwi ¯^xKvi bv Ki‡jI wPwKrm‡Ki Kv‡Q †g‡qiv ïay gv_ve¨_v wb‡q Av‡m| wUbGR †g‡q‡`i g‡a¨ B`vbxs gv_ve¨_v †ewk jÿ¨ Kiv hv‡”Q| mvgvwRK †jvKj¾vi f‡q GK ai‡bi gvbwmK Kó Zvi gv_ve¨_vi g~j KviY wn‡m‡e †`Lv w`‡Z cv‡i| A‡bK wkÿv_©xi g‡a¨ †`Lv †M‡Q, cixÿv G‡jB gv_ve¨_v ïiæ nq| †Rbv‡ikb M¨vc : evev-gvi m‡½ `ye¨©envi, D”PK‡É ev`-

cªwZev`_ Gm‡ei BwZnvm gv_ve¨_vi m‡½ wb‡q Avm‡e Kgeqmx †Q‡j‡g‡qiv| gv_ve¨_vi †ivMxi wPwKrmv Kivi Av‡M Zvi welYœZv Av‡Q wK-bv Zv LwZ‡q †`Lv DwPZ| †UbkbRwbZ gv_ve¨_v‡K gvB‡M«b, †eªb wUDgvi †_‡K Avjv`v Kiv cª‡qvRb| G Rb¨ †ivMxi Kv‡Q we¯ÍvwiZ BwZnvm wb‡q cixÿv-wbixÿv Kiv `iKvi Ges m‡½ m‡½ Wvqv‡ewUm, D”P i³Pvc, nvucvwb ev Ab¨ †Kv‡bv RwUj AmyL Av‡Q wK-bv Zv LwZ‡q †`Lv DwPZ| gv_ve¨_v n‡j †PvL, Kvb, `vu‡Zi †Kv‡bv eo ai‡bi †ivM Av‡Q wK-bv Zv †`L‡Z n‡e| gvB‡M«b, †eªb wUDgv‡ii †ivMx‡`iI gv_ve¨_vi m‡½ ewg ewg fve †`Lv w`‡Z cv‡i| cwiev‡ii m`m¨‡`i KiYxq cª_‡gB †ivMx‡K Avk¦¯Í Kiv, GUv †Kv‡bv gvivZ¥K †ivM bq| G Ae¯’v †_‡K g…Zy¨i †Kv‡bv SyuwK _v‡K bv| †ivMx‡`i gvbwmK †ivM we‡kl‡Ái ZË¡veav‡b wbqwgZ wPwKrmv Ki‡j †ivMx my¯’ n‡q I‡Vb| wPwKrmv 1. †ivMx‡K KvD‡Ýwjs Kiv cª‡qvRb_ GUv Kx ai‡bi †ivM, Gi KviY Kx? †Kb †e‡o †h‡Z cv‡i? Kxfv‡e Pj‡j, Kxfv‡e wPšÍv-‡PZbv Ges g‡bi Av‡eM-Abyf~wZ cwieZ©b Ki‡j my¯’ Rxebhvcb Kiv hvq| 2. Ilya| 3. wijv‡•kb †_ivwc| Wv. †gvt †`‡jvqvi †nv‡mb mnKvix Aa¨vcK, RvZxq gvbwmK ¯^v¯’¨ Bbw÷wUDU I nvmcvZvj

`uvZ wkiwki Ki‡j

Wv. †gvt Avmvdz‡¾vnv ivR ïay Avgv‡`i †`‡kB bq, c„w_exi cÖvq me ¯’v‡bB A‡a©‡Ki †ewk gvbyl ¯^í ev `xN©‡gqvw` `uv‡Zi AwZms‡e`b-kxjZv A_ev `uvZ wkiwki K‡ó fzM‡Q| we‡kl K‡i VvÐv ev Mig Lvevi MÖn‡Yi mgq Gi gvÎv cÖvq Amnbxq ch©v‡q †cuŠ‡Q| `uv‡Zi AwZms‡e`bkxjZvi KviY Gbv‡gj ÿq n‡j `uv‡Zi 2q ¯Íi Ô†Ww›UbÕ Db¥y³ n‡Z _v‡K| njy`

e‡Y©i G ¯Í‡i mivmwi qyi ms‡hvM bv _vK‡jI GwU AwZms‡e`bkxj| Aciw`‡K †Kvb Kvi‡Y gvwo m‡i †h‡q `uv‡Zi wkKo ev iæU‡K Db¥y³ Ki‡j Dc‡iv³ Kvi‡YB `uvZ wki wki K‡i| `uv‡Zi Gbv‡gj ÿ‡qi KviY : e¨vK‡Uwiqv †MvÎxq RxevYy Øviv, `uvZ ÿq ev †W›Uvj K¨vwiR I AvNvZRwbZ Kvi‡Y `uvZ ÿ‡qi cvkvcvwk Ab¨ KviY¸‡jv n‡”QÐ k³ Uz_ eªvk I `vbvhy³

cvDWvi, QvB, Kqjv BZ¨vw` w`‡q wbqgewnf‚©Z `uvZ cwi®‹vi c×wZ, †c‡Ui Awbqwš¿Z GwmwWwU I AwZwi³ UK Lvevi LvIqv, `uv‡Z `uvZ KvUvi Af¨vm, AvcwZ¨Ki Af¨vm †hgb Kjg Pvev‡bv, `uvZ w`‡q c¨v‡KU †Qov, bL KvUv, †g‡qiv Pz‡ji wK¬c Lyj‡Z `uvZ e¨envi, `uv‡Zi A¤^vfvweK Ae¯’vb, ÎæwUc~Y© K…wÎg `uvZ BZ¨vw` D‡jøL‡hvM¨| `uv‡Zi wkKo Db¥y³i KviY `uv‡Zi †Mvovq e¨vK‡Uwiqv cøvK I cv_i Rgv Awbqwš¿Z Wvqv‡ewUm, wbqgewnf‚©Z `uvZ eªvk, `uv‡Zi wbR¯^ MVb cÖf…wZ D‡jøL‡hvM¨| cÖwZ‡iva : big, †QvU gv_v, bgbxq eªvk w`‡q `uvZ cwi®‹vi Ki‡Z n‡e| `vbvgy³ ch©vß †d¬vivBW hy³ Uz_‡c÷ e¨envi I kvixwiK Ae¯’v I `uv‡Zi MV‡bi Ici wbf©i K‡i †W›Uvj mvR©‡bi civgk© g‡Zv `uvZ eªv‡ki wbqg †kLv| kvixwiK mgm¨v †hgb Awbqwš¿Z M¨vwª¡K GwmwWwU, Wvqv‡ewUm wbqš¿‡Y ivLv, †W›Uvj d¬m e¨envi Kiv|

weÁvb I cÖhyw³

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 50

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Gg wgRvbyi ingvb †mv‡nj wWwRUvj evsjv‡`‡ki ¯^cœ †`wL‡q ÿgZvq G‡m‡Q eZ©gvb miKvi| wKš‘ `yf©v‡M¨i e¨vcvi n‡”Q, GB wWwRUvj miKv‡ii cÖvq me I‡qemvBU A¨vbvjM n‡q hv‡”Q| Gme mvBU ms¯‹i‡Yi †Kv‡bv D‡`¨vM †`Lv hv‡”Q bv| wVKgZ †Kv‡bv mvB‡UB Avc‡WU †Kv‡bv Z_¨ cvIqv hvq bv| miKv‡ii cÖwZôvb¸‡jv wWwRUvjvB‡Rk‡bi Ask wn‡m‡e wb‡R‡`i I‡qemvBU Pvjy Ki‡jI G †_‡K †Kv‡bv mydjB cv‡”Q bv RbMY| G‡ÿ‡Î Z_¨cÖhyw³ Ávbm¤úbœ Kg©KZ©vi Afv‡ei cvkvcvwk m¼xY© gvbwmKZv `vqx| Z_¨ †Mvcb Kivi †cQ‡b `yb©xwZ I Awbqg †Mvcb Kivi †PóvI GKUv KviY e‡j g‡b K‡ib fy³‡fvMxiv| wewfbœ miKvwi cÖwZôv‡bi I‡qemvBU¸‡jv‡Z †`Lv hvq, Zviv wbqwgZ Z_¨ w`‡”Q bv| cyi‡bv Avi bvgKvIqv‡¯Í wKQy †cÖm wiwjR wKsev wb‡R‡`i mdjZvi `y-GKwU Z_¨ w`‡qB `vwqZ¡ †kl Ki‡Q cÖwZôvb¸‡jv| †hUyKy Z_¨ †`qv n‡”Q ZvI Avevi Bs‡iwR‡Z nIqvq mvaviY gvby‡li †Zgb DcKv‡iB Avm‡Q bv| jÿ¨ Ki‡j †`Lv hv‡e, evsjv‡`k cywj‡ki I‡qemvB‡U †bB Aciva m¤ú‡K© me©‡kl Z_¨| 2011 mv‡ji wW‡m¤^i ch©šÍ wKQy Z_¨ †`qv Av‡Q †mLv‡b| wKš‘ †bB KZwU Ly‡bi Z`šÍ Ki‡Z mÿg n‡q‡Q Zviv| KqRb `yb©xwZevR cywj‡ki mvRv n‡q‡Q| Rbkw³ Kg©ms¯’vb Ges cÖwkÿY ey¨‡ivi I‡qemvB‡UI 2011 mv‡ji ci Avi Avc‡WU †`qv nqwb| G I‡qemvB‡U D‡jøL †bB †Kvb †`‡k †h‡Z Awfevmb e¨q KZ? gv‡m we‡`k †_‡K KZ UvKv †iwgU¨vÝ cvVv‡bv n‡”Q| KZR‡bi jvk we‡`k †_‡K †`‡k wd‡i G‡m‡Q| KZRb we‡`‡k A‰eafv‡e Av‡Qb| †Kvb †Kvb wiµywUs G‡RwÝ A‰eafv‡e we‡`‡k kªwgK cvVv‡bvi `v‡q mvRv †c‡q‡Q| †bB Gme wKQyB| weAviwUGÕi (evsjv‡`k †ivW Uªv݇cvU© A_wiwU) I‡qemvB‡U 2011 mv‡ji Ryb gv‡mi ci Avi †Kv‡bv bZyb Z_¨ †`qv nqwb| GLvb †_‡K wKQy‡ZB Rvbv m¤¢e bq, †`‡k eZ©gv‡b hvbevn‡bi msL¨v KZ| XvKvi iv¯Ívi ¯^íZv ev KZUyKy| jvB‡mÝcÖvß WªvBfvi Ges Mvwoi msL¨vI Rvbv m¤¢e bq †Kv‡bvfv‡eB| GQvov Ab¨vb¨ cÖ‡qvRbxq Z‡_¨i NvUwZI i‡q‡Q| GKB iKg

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M¨vjvw·i m`‡i-A›`‡i!

Qvqvc_ ev M¨vjvw· Avm‡j Kx? G‡`i MVb Avi ˆewkó¨B ev †Kgb? Kxfv‡e c…w_ex‡Z †_‡KB weÁvbxiv `~i-`~iv‡šÍi M¨vjvw· wb‡q M‡elYv K‡ib, Ggb AmsL¨ cª‡kœi DËi wb‡q 9 Ryb, kwbevi XvKvi cjvkx †gv‡oi †d«cW AwW‡Uvwiqv‡g evsjv‡`k A¨v‡÷ªvbwgK¨vj †mvmvBwU Avi AbymwÜrmy P‡µi Av‡qvwRZ †mwgbv‡i Av‡jvPbv K‡ib ˆmq` Avkivd DwÏb ïf| cª_‡gB evsjv‡`k cª‡KŠkj wek¦we`¨vj‡qi Zwor I B‡jKUªwbK †KŠkj wefv‡Mi mnKvix Aa¨vcK dvimxg gvbœvb †gvnv¤§`x ï‡f”Qv e³‡e¨i gva¨‡g †mwgbv‡ii welqe¯Íy I e³vi m‡½ mevB‡K cwiPq Kwi‡q †`b| ˆmq` Avkivd DwÏb eZ©gv‡b A‡÷ªwjqvi †gj‡evb© kn‡i Aew¯’Z myBbevb© BDwbfvwm©wUi †m›Uvi di A¨v‡÷ªvwdwR· A¨vÛ mycvi Kw¤úDwUs‡q wcGBPwW M‡elK wn‡m‡e Av‡Qb| evsjv‡`k cª‡KŠkj wek¦we`¨vjq †_‡K hš¿‡KŠk‡j weGmwm wWwM« jv‡fi ci wZwb hy³iv‡óªi BDwbfvwm©wU Ae †K›UvwK †_‡K c`v_©weÁv‡b Ges myB‡W‡bi Pvjgvm© BDwbfvwm©wU †_‡K †eZvi †R¨vwZwe©Áv‡b GgGmwm wWwM« jvf K‡ib| ‡R¨vwZwe©Ávb cªvK…wZK weÁv‡bi cªvPxbZg kvLv¸‡jvi GKwU| †m wn‡m‡e gnvwe‡k¦i MV‡bi cªv_wgK KvVv‡gv M¨vjvw·i aviYv †ek AvaywbK ejv hvq|

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evsjv UvBgm †W¯‹, 30 Ryb : Avmbœ jÛb Awjw¤ú‡K mvBevi nvgjvKvix‡`i Rb¨ AvKl©Yxq ¯’vb n‡q DV‡Z cv‡i| mvBevi nvgjv †gvKv‡ejvi Rb¨ weª‡U‡bi miKvwi cÖwZôvb GgAvB5 cÖavb †Rvbv_b Bfvbm m¤úÖwZ jÛ‡bi g¨vbmb nvD‡m Gme K_v e‡jb| 1909 mv‡j hvÎv Kiv G miKvwi cÖwZôvbwU weª‡U‡bi wbivcËvi wel‡q KvR Ki‡Q| mvgwiK wbivcËvi cvkvcvwk mvBevi wbivcËv †`qvI cÖwZôv‡bi Kv‡Ri Ask| Gi m`i `dZi jÛ‡bi †Ugm nvD‡m| cÖwZôvbwUi gnvcwiPvjK †Rvbv_b Bfvbm e‡jb, B›Uvi‡b‡U fvBivm Qov‡bvi welqwU GLb Avi †QvU AvKv‡i mxgve× †bB| Gi gva¨‡g GLb msNe× Acivax Pµ wecyj cwigvY A_© nvwZ‡q wb‡”Q| GQvov Gi gva¨‡g GLb GKwU †`k Av‡iKwU †`‡ki ÿwZ KiviI †Póv Ki‡Q| jÛb Awjw¤úK 2012 mvBevi nvgjvKvix‡`i Rb¨ AvKl©Yxq jÿ¨e¯Íy n‡Z cv‡i e‡j Rvbvb †Rvbv_b|

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n‡q‡Q| B`vbxs B›Uvi‡bU mvwf©m Ges †mvm¨vj †bUIqvK© mvBU¸‡jvi Pvwn`v w`b w`b evo‡Q| Avi ZvB aviYv Kiv n‡”Q, G cÖwZ‡hvwMZvq we‡k¦i e„nËg mdUIq¨vi eª¨vÛ gvB‡µvmd‡Ui Ae¯’vb mej Ki‡Z GB µq cÖfve †dj‡e| 2011 mv‡j gvB‡µvmdU wfwWI P¨vU Ges AbjvBb †Uwj‡dvb mvwf©m ¯‹vBc wK‡b 850 †KvwU Wjv‡i| gvB‡µvmd‡Ui 37 eQ‡ii e¨emvi BwZnv‡m GwU wQj me‡P‡q eo µq| Pvi eQi Av‡M mvbd«vwÝm‡Kv‡Z IqvBgvi cÖwZwôZ nq|

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_v‡K| Gfv‡e ¯’vbxq ¯ÍeK †_‡K gnv¯ÍeK I gnvRvMwZK KvVv‡gv ˆZwi nq| wewfbœ Zi½‰`‡N¨© `…k¨Dc‡hvMx `yiwe‡bi e¨envi Kiv n‡jI M¨vjvw·mg~‡ni AwaKvskB A`…k¨gvb| Gme A`…k¨ ev K…òe¯Íy M¨vjvw·mg~‡ni wewfbœ As‡ki N~Y©b †e‡Mi cv_©K¨ †_‡K kbv³ Kiv n‡q‡Q| Avevi M¨vjvw·i †K‡›`ªi Avkcv‡ki Zviv¸‡jvi MwZwewa †_‡K kbv³ Kiv nq †hme M¨vjvw·i †K‡›`ªB GKwU AwZfvix K…òweei i‡q‡Q| M¨vjvw·msµvšÍ Gme †gŠwjK aviYv †_‡K ïiæ K‡i G‡Kev‡i mv¤úªwZK M‡elYvi welqe¯Íy ch©šÍ mewKQy wb‡qB Av‡jvPbv Kiv nq| cy‡iv Av‡jvPbvq bvbv iKg wel‡qvc‡hvMx M«vd, Qwe, A¨vwb‡gkb I wfwWI e¨env‡ii Rb¨ we‡Kj cvuPUv †_‡K mvZUv ch©šÍ `yB NÈve¨vcx GB †mwgbv‡i Dcw¯’Z wewfbœ wkÿv¯Í‡ii †mªvZviv mevB M¨vjvw·i `y‡e©va¨ welq¸‡jv mn‡RB eyS‡Z cv‡i| me‡k‡l Av‡jvPbvi wel‡qi Ici cª‡kœvËi ce© I ï‡f”Qv e³e¨ w`‡q †mwgbvi †kl nq|

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evsjv UvBgm †W¯‹, 28 Ryb : ax‡i ax‡i Kw¤úDUvi e¨enviKvixiv e¨w³MZ wewfbœ Z_¨ msiÿ‡Yi Rb¨ K¬vDW Kw¤úDwUs‡qi w`‡K SzuK‡Qb| 2016 mvj bvMv` K¬vDW wm‡÷‡gi g‡a¨ we‡k¦i GK-Z… Zxqvs‡ki †ewk Z_¨ msiÿY Kiv n‡e e‡j Rwic †_‡K Rvbv †M‡Q| hy³ivóªwfwËK M‡elYv ms¯’v MvU©bvi Rvbvq, K¨v‡giv myweavmsewjZ ¯§vU©‡dvb I U¨ve‡jU Kw¤úDUv‡ii Kvi‡Y DcvË e¨env‡ii cwigvY †e‡o‡Q| wek¦Ry‡o wWwRUvj †÷v‡iR Pvwn`v 2011 mv‡j 329 G•vevBU (10 jvL †UivevBU) wQj| 2016 mv‡j G Pvwn`v 4 `kwgK 1 †RÆvevB‡U (160 G•vevBU) DbœxZ n‡e| wcwm, ¯§vU©‡dvb, U¨ve‡jU, nvW©wW¯‹ WªvBf, †bUIqvK© A¨vUvPW †÷v‡iR Ges K¬vDW wi‡cvwRUwi Z_¨ msiÿY †÷v‡i‡Ri AšÍfz©³ _vK‡e e‡j Rvbv †M‡Q| AbjvBb e¨vKAvc mvwf©m¸‡jv GLb K¬vDW †÷v‡iR‡mevi †ÿ‡Î me‡P‡q cwiwPZ| evmvevwoi e¨enviKvix‡`i msiwÿZ Z‡_¨i cwigvY 2011 mv‡j wQj 464 wMMvevBU| MvU©bv‡ii e³e¨ Abyhvqx, 2016 mv‡j Zv n‡e 3 `kwgK 3 †UivevBU| K¨v‡giv myweavmsewjZ ¯§vU©‡dvb Ges U¨ve‡j‡Ui d‡j e¨enviKvixi Z_¨ msiÿY myweav I Pvwn`v evo‡e|

1g I †kl c„ôvi ci ...

Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 51

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jÛb, 05 RyjvB : evsjv‡`‡k K¨vÝv‡i g…Zy¨-SyuwK Kgv‡bvi j‡¶¨ weqvbxevRv‡i AZ¨vaywbK K¨vÝvi nmwcUvj cªwZôvq mevi AskMªnY Ges mn‡hvwMZv Kvgbv K‡i‡Qb nmwcUv‡ji U«vw÷ I cwiPvjKe…›`| g½jevi c~e© jÛ‡bi GKwU ‡i÷y‡i‡›U GK msev` m‡¤§j‡bi gva¨‡g GB nmwcUv‡ji mdj ev¯Íevq‡bi D‡Ï‡k¨ dvÛ †iBwRs‡qi Rb¨ e¨vcK cÖPviYvi D‡Øvab Kiv nq| G‡Z Rvbv‡bv nq, GLb ‡_‡K nmwcUv‡ji Rb¨ eQie¨vcx wewfbœ iKg dvÛ †iBwRs Kg©m~wP cwiPvwjZ n‡e| GiB Ask wn‡m‡e AvMvgx 2 AMv÷ P¨v‡bj Gm-G GKwU jvBf P¨vwiwU Avwcj AbywôZ n‡e| msev` m‡¤§j‡b nvmcvZv‡ji ‡Pqvig¨vb Avjnv¾¡ kvgmywÏb Lvb Rvbvb, P¨vwiwU Avwcj QvovI weª‡U‡bi wewfbœ ¯’v‡b Zviv ‡bUIqvwK©s B‡f›U Ki‡eb| cweÎ igRv‡bi c~‡e© weª‡UbRy‡o K‡qKwU wbe©vwPZ kni wb‡q PviwU ‡Rv‡b GB B‡f›U AbywôZ n‡e| mvsevw`K ‡ZŠwn` kvwK‡ji cwiPvjbvq AbywôZ m‡¤§j‡b mvsevw`K‡`i wewfbœ c«‡kœi Reve ‡`b nmwcUv‡ji wmBI nvwR ‡gvnv¤§` kve DwÏb| m‡¤§j‡b g½jevi c«KvwkZ nmwcUv‡ji GKwU eyK‡jU Dcw¯’Z mevi nv‡Z Zy‡j ‡`Iqv nq| eyK‡jUwU‡Z nmwcUv‡ji j¶¨ I D‡Ïk¨, eZ©gvb Kv‡Ri AM«MwZ, ¯^vaxbZvi 40 eQi ‡`‡ki DËi-c~e©v‡j Kviv GB gnvb D‡`¨vMwU wb‡q‡Qb, cÖ‡R± ev¯Íevq‡bi Kx-cvU©bvi Kviv, ‡Kb evsjv‡`‡k K¨vbmvi nmwcUvjwU Kiv n‡”Q, wKfv‡e GB gnr Kv‡R mevB Ask wb‡Z cvi‡eb, wKfv‡e Ges ‡Kv_ vq ‡Wv‡bBU Kiv hv‡e Zvi weeiY ms‡¶‡c ‡`Iqv n‡q‡Q| m‡¤§j‡bi ïiæ‡Z GKwU c«wZ‡e`‡b evsjv‡`‡k giYe¨vax KvÝv‡ii fqven wPÎ Zy‡j a‡i

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jÛb 05 RyjvB t ‡RGgwR Gqvi Kv‡M©vi g¨vb‡Póvi kvLvi AvbyôvwbK D‡Øvab n‡q‡Q MZ 5 RyjvB e„n®úwZevi| eY©vX¨ Av‡qvR‡b AbywôZ D‡Øvabx Abyôv‡b e³viv e‡jb, weª‡U‡b Kv‡M©v e¨emv‡K RbwcÖq Ges mdj e¨emv wn‡m‡e cwiPq Zz‡j ai‡Z †RGgwR GqviKv‡M©v †h mdjZvi cwiPq w`‡q‡Q †mUv

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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 52

Kvwibv‡K ag©všÍwiZ Ki‡eb bv mvBd evsjv‡`‡k PjwZ eQi gyw³ †c‡q‡Q 25 Qwe : mdjZv †cj bv †Kvb QweB!

evsjv UvBgm †W¯‹, 1 RyjvB : we‡qi Rb¨ Kvwibv Kvcyi‡K ag©všÍwiZ Ki‡eb bv Ô‡Qv‡U beveÕL¨vZ Awf‡bZv mvBd Avwj Lvb| wZwb we‡qi Rb¨ KvD‡K ag©všÍwiZ Kiv wbh©vZ‡bi mgvb Aciva e‡jB g‡b K‡ib| ZvB wZwb Zvi fv‡jvevmvi gvbyl‡K †gv‡UI Kó w`‡Z Pvb bv| G cÖm‡½ mvBd Avwj Lvb e‡jb, Ôwe‡qi Rb¨ Kvwibv ag©všÍwiZ †nvK Avwg KLbB Zv PvBe bv| hvi hvi ag© Zvi Zvi Kv‡Q| Avwg KLbB wek¦vm Kwi bv ag© we‡q‡Z †Kv‡bv mgm¨v ˆZwi Ki‡Z cv‡i| miKv‡iiI DwPZ G wel‡q `ªæZ we‡kl weevn AvBb cvm Kiv|Õ mvBd Avwj Lv‡bi gv kwg©jv VvKyiI beve evwo‡Z cv †i‡LwQ‡jb ag©všÍwiZ n‡q| gbmyi Avjx Lvb cv‡ZŠw`i m‡½ we‡qi Av‡M wZwb Bmjvg ag© M«nY K‡iwQ‡jb| gymjgvb nIqvi ci Zvi bvg ivLv nq Av‡qkv †eMg| hw`I cieZ©x‡Z Av‡Mi †mB kwg©jv VvKyi bvgwUB envj i‡q hvq| Gi Av‡M cv‡ZŠw` beve cwiev‡ii m`m¨‡`i eD n‡q hviv G‡m‡Qb, Zv‡`i cÖ‡Z¨K‡KB ag©všÍwiZ n‡q we‡qi wcuwo‡Z

em‡Z n‡q‡Q| Gevi KvwibvB cÖ_g cv‡ZŠw` beve cwiev‡ii eD n‡q G ixwZi e¨wZµg Ki‡Qb| mvBd-Kvwibv AvMvgx 16 A‡±vei we‡qi MvuUQvov

XvKv, 28 Ryb : †ek K‡qK eQi a‡iB Pjw”P‡Î g›`vfve weivR Ki‡Q| wbg©vZv I cÖ‡hvRK mevB G g›`vfve KvwU‡q Zzj‡Z cÖvYcY †Póv Pvwj‡q hv‡”Qb| wKš‘ †Kvbfv‡eB Gi †ik KvU‡Q bv| †Mj eQi Qwe gyw³ †c‡qwQj 45wU| Ôgviæ‡di P¨v‡jÄÕ Qwe w`‡q 2012 ïiæ K‡i Pjw”PÎ wkí| wkí wn‡m‡eI Pjw”P‡Îi ¯^xK…wZ wg‡j‡Q m¤úÖwZ| eQ‡ii cÖ_g QwewU †gvUvgywU e¨emvwqKfv‡e mdjZv †c‡jI cÖ‡hvRKiv wQ‡jb `viæY nZvkvq| KviY cÖ_g Qwei Ici Pjw”P‡Îi A‡bK wKQyB wbf©i K‡i| G eQi Rvbyqvwi †_‡K Ryb gvm ch©šÍ gyw³ †c‡q‡Q cÖvq 25wU Qwe| Gi g‡a¨ Bg‡cÖm †Uwjwd‡j¥i Qwe i‡q‡Q wZbwU| Rvbyqvwi‡Z 2wU, †deªæqvwi‡Z

4wU, gv‡P© 5wU, GwcÖ‡j 4wU, †gÕ‡Z 5wU, Ryb gv‡m 5wU Qwe gyw³ †c‡q‡Q| Gi g‡a¨ fviZxq 3wU QweI gyw³ cvq| cwimsL¨v‡b †`Lv †M‡QÐ †`kxq Qwei Zzjbvq fviZxq Qwe †Zgb e¨emv Ki‡Z cv‡iwb| Ab¨w`‡K †`kxq weM ev‡R‡Ui Qwe¸‡jv `k©K Uvb‡ZI e¨_© n‡q‡Q| Gi g‡a¨ ÔivRv m~h© LuvÕ, ÔGK gb GK cÖvYÕ, ÔGK UvKvi †`b‡gvniÕ I Ô`¨ w¯úWÕ AvB jvf BDÕ weM ev‡R‡Ui Qwe nIqv m‡Ë¡I jwMœK…Z UvKv GLbI ch©šÍ I‡V Av‡mwb e‡jB Rvbv‡jb Qwei cÖ‡hvRKiv| mg‡qi me‡P‡q RbwcÖq bvqK kvwKe Lvb AwfbxZ PjwZ eQ‡i cuvPwU Qwe gyw³ †c‡q‡Q| cÖwZwU Qwei e¨emvwqK mdjZvi ZvwjKvq ¯’vb cvqwb| gviæ‡di wZbwU, Bg‡bi `ywU,

we‡q n‡jv Gkv †`I‡ji : Dcw¯’Z †bB mvwb †`Ij I ewe †`Ij

evsjv UvBgm †W¯‹, 30 Ryb : RvuKRgKc~Y© Av‡qvR‡b we‡q n‡jv ewjD‡Wi Ab¨Zg Rbwcªq Awf‡bÎx Gkv †`I‡ji| AwgZvf e”Pb, Awf‡lK e”Pbmn ewjD‡Wi AwaKvsk Awfbqwkíx I cwiPvjKiv Dcw¯’Z wQ‡jb GB we‡qi Abyôv‡b| we‡qi cy‡iv Av‡qvR‡bi ¸iæ`vwqZ¡ cvjb K‡i‡Qb Gkv †`I‡ji gv ewjD‡Wi Ab¨Zg Awf‡bÎx †ngv gvwjbx, mv‡_ wQ‡jb Gkvi evev a‡g©›`ª I †evb Anbv †`Ij| Z‡e we‡q‡Z _vK‡Z cv‡ib wb Gkvi `yB fvB mvwb †`Ij I ewe †`Ij| Zviv `yÕR‡bB jÛ‡b e¨w³MZ Kv‡Ri Kvi‡Y we‡q‡Z Dcw¯’Z n‡Z cv‡ib wb| 29 Ryb mvivw`b a‡iB wQj ewjDwW †mwj‡eªwU‡`i Avbv‡Mvbv, Z‡e mܨvi w`‡K

GB Avbv‡Mvbv n‡q D‡V ZviKv †gjvq| me ZviKvivB Gkv I Zvi ei fviZ ZvLZvwb‡K ï‡f”Qv Rvbvq| Dcw¯’Z wQj mvsevw`K I ivR‰bwZK e¨w³ivI| ïay MZKvjB bq, MZ GK mßvn a‡iB GB Abyôvb ¯’‡j Pj‡Q we‡qi cª¯ÍywZ I bvbvb Av‡qvRb| †hgb MZ 28 Ryb cvjb nq †g‡n`x Abyôvb| hZ †mwj‡eªwUiv GB †g‡n`x Abyôv‡b Ask wb‡q‡Qb Zv‡`i A‡b‡KB nvZ I cv‡q †g‡n`xi i‡O we‡kl we‡kl Avíbv Gu‡K‡Qb| Z‡e we‡qi w`b AwZw_‡`i g‡a¨ hviv we‡kl `vwqZ¡ cvjb K‡i‡Qb Zv‡`i g‡a¨ AwgZvf e”Pb I Awf‡lK e”Pb Ab¨Zg| GB `yB wcZvcyÎ wg‡j AwZw_‡`i ¯^vMZg Rvwb‡q‡Qb|

AwZw_‡`i‡K mgqI w`‡q‡Qb| †Kbbv, †ngv gvwjbx I a‡g©›`ª we‡qi bvbv e¨¯ÍZvq _vKvi Kvi‡Y AwZw_‡`i Avc¨vq‡bi welqwU mvgjv‡Z cviwQ‡jb bv| Avi ZvB AwgZvf I Awf‡lK AwZw_‡`i mvgvj †`Iqvi `vwqZ¡wU cvjb K‡ib| D‡jøL¨, 30 eQi eqmx Awf‡bÎx Gkv †`Ij MZ 12 †deªyqvwi fviZ ZvLZvwbi m‡½ AvswU e`j K‡ib| g~jZ Gkv †`Ij Zvi me©‡kl Ô‡Uj wg I Ly`vÕ Pjw”P‡Î KvR Ki‡Z wM‡qB fviZ ZvLZvwbi m‡½ †cª‡g Rwo‡q c‡ob| cieZ©x‡Z Zviv `yÕRb cwievi‡K welqwU AeMZ K‡ib Ges Dfq cwiev‡ii m¤§wZ‡Z evM`vb I we‡qi AvbyôvwbKZv m¤úbœ n‡q‡Q|

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evsjv UvBgm †W¯‹, 2 RyjvB : ewjDW nUMvj© `xwcKv cvWy‡Kvb‡K mevB Awf‡bÎxi †P‡q d¨vkb AvBKb wn‡m‡eB †ewk †P‡bb| wekvj D”PZvi `xwcKv‡K †`L‡Z bvwK Av‡Mi †P‡qI A‡bK †ewk Zš^x jvM‡Q| mvBd Avjx Lv‡bi †cÖvWvKkb nvDm †_‡K wbwg©Z K‡gwW wdj¥ ÔKK‡U‡jÕi †Uªji †`‡L f³‡`i Pÿy Qvbveov| †g`nxb dyidy‡i Ges jveY¨`xß G †hb GK bZyb `xwcKv| f³iv ïay KvbvNylv K‡iB †_‡g _v‡Kbwb, cÖksmvi `… wó †g‡j Zvi iƒc inm¨I Rvb‡Z †P‡q‡Qb| AvcøyZ `xwcKvI Zvi wR‡iv mvBR wdMv‡ii inm¨ dvum K‡i w`‡q‡Qb| A‡bK

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Bangla Times  p 06 - 12 July 2012  p Page 53

Ug-‡KwUi fvO‡bi †bc‡_¨

evsjv UvBgm †W¯‹, 3 RyjvB : gb Avi g‡Zi wgj bv n‡j Avi hvB †nvK, msmvi †U‡K bv| Ôwgkb B‡¤úvwmejÕ m¤úbœ Kiv Ug µyRI Zv m¤¢e K‡i †`Lv‡Z cv‡ibwb| mgcÖwZ µy‡Ri m‡½ mv‡o cvuP eQ‡ii `v¤úZ¨ Rxe‡bi BwZ Uvb‡Z Av`vj‡Z Av‡e`b K‡ib ¯¿x †KwU †nvgm| †cÖ‡gi gayi mg‡q Zv‡`i g‡bi wgjUv wVKB wQj| wKš‘ fv‡jv‡e‡m Ni evuavi ciciB `v¤úZ¨ Kjn ïiæ n‡q hvq| †h Kvi‡Y `xN©w`b GKB Qv‡`i wb‡P _vK‡jI A‡bK Av‡MB Zv‡`i m¤ú‡K©i fvOb a‡iwQj| GKB A¨vcvU©‡g‡›U _vK‡jI Avjv`v Avjv`v †kvevi N‡iB Ny‡gv‡Zb G ZviKv `¤úwZ| †KwU Ges U‡gi evmvq cÖwZw`bB A‡bK gvbyl

AvmZ| Zv‡`i ivbœv, Pyj KvUv Ges Ab¨vb¨ KvR K‡i †`qvi Rb¨ AvMZ gvbyl¸‡jvB m¤úÖwZ G Z_¨ cÖKvk K‡i‡Q| `yR‡bi Avjv`v N‡i _vKvi welqwU mevB RvbZ wKš‘ Kv‡iv c‡ÿB GUv evB‡i cÖKvk Kivi mvnm wQj bv| w`‡bi ci w`b Ggb `v¤úZ¨ Kjn welv` n‡q D‡VwQj †KwUi Rxe‡b| ZvB

m¤ú‡K©i BwZ Uvb‡Z GKgvÎ mšÍvb mywii evev 49 eQi eqmx U‡gi KvQ †_‡K AvbyôvwbK we‡”Q`B PvB‡jb 33 eQi eqmx †KwU| Gw`‡K Awf‡bZv Ug µyR GUv‡K AvbjvwK 33 e‡j wPwýZ K‡i‡Qb| Zvi Rxe‡b 33-i AvMgb †hb kwbi `kv| µy‡Ri Rxe‡b Avmv eûwea bvixi g‡a¨ wZwb gvÎ wZbRb‡K we‡q K‡iwQ‡jb| Avi we‡q we‡”Q`Kvjxb meviB eqm wQj 33 eQi| µyR mv‡q‡›UvjwR bvgK GK we‡kl a‡g©i Abymvix| µy‡Ri f³iv ZvB eû KvVLo cywo‡q G wm×v‡šÍ G‡m‡Qb †h, mv‡q‡›UvjwR‡Z 33 welqK †Kv‡bv mgm¨v Av‡Q| Zv bv n‡j wZb `dv GKB NUbv KvKZvjxq n‡ZB cv‡i bv|

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XvKv, 29 Ryb : wewkó gigx wkíx Avãyj jwZd ¸iæZi Amy¯’ Ae¯’vq w`bhvcb Ki‡Qb| wZwb eva©K¨RwbZ bvbv mgm¨vq fyM‡Qb| wVKgZ LvIqv-`vIqv Ki‡Z cvi‡Qb bv| eZ©gv‡b wZwb mybvgMÄ m`i nvmcvZv‡ji wPwKrmK Wv. AZby fÆvPvh¨©i Kv‡Q wPwKrmv wb‡”Qb| Wv. AZby fÆvPvh¨© Rvbvb, gigx wkíx Avãyj jwZ‡di cvK¯’jx‡Z Nv n‡q‡Q| GQvovI wZwb Wvqwiqv, kvixwiK `ye©jZvmn eva©K¨RwbZ bvbv mgm¨vq fyM‡Qb| Avãyj jwZd mybvgM‡Äi `wÿY Aviwdb bM‡ii wbR evmfe‡b gvb‡eZi Rxebhvcb Ki‡Qb| Avw_©K m¼‡Ui Kvi‡Y Zvi cwievi Zv‡K DbœZ wPwKrmv †mev w`‡Z cvi‡Qb bv| GgZv¯’vq Avãyj jwZ‡di ¯¿x, mšÍvbmn cy‡iv

we‡q wb‡q gvBwj mvBiv‡mi inm¨

evsjv UvBgm †W¯‹, 30 Ryb : mv¤úªwZK mg‡q nwjD‡Wi nU RywU wn‡m‡eB mevi †Pv‡L aiv w`‡q‡Qb MvwqKv-Awf‡bÎx gvBwj mvBivm I Awf‡bZv wjqvg †ngmIqv_©| wZb eQi a‡i Zv‡`i m¤úK© P‡j G‡jI K‡qK gvm a‡i mevi mvg‡bB †WwUs Ki‡Qb Zviv| ïay ZvB bq, wb‡R‡`i m¤úK© Ges we‡qi welqwU mevB‡K †Lvjvmv K‡iB e‡j‡Qb gvBwj| PjwZ mßv‡nB gvBwj wjqv‡gi m‡½ weevne܇b Ave× n‡Z hv‡”Qb GgbUvB aviYv Kiv nw”Qj| wKš‘ GB mßv‡n Zv‡`i we‡q Avi n‡”Q bv- GgbUvB Avfvm cvIqv †M‡Q gvBwji UyBUvi ÷¨vUv‡mi gva¨‡g| eis UyBUvi ÷¨vUv‡m wb‡Ri we‡qi welqwU wb‡q inm¨I K‡i‡Qb

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Zvi UyBUv‡i wj‡L‡Qb, mevB‡K A‡bK ï‡f”Qv I fvjevmv| RxebUv Lye †QvU| ZvB my‡Li gyn~Z©¸‡jv †_‡K wb‡R‡K ewÂZ Kiv wVK bv| †m Kvi‡YB mvg‡bi mßv‡ni Rb¨ Avi A‡cÿv mn¨ n‡”Q bv| g‡b n‡”Q me myL-Avb›` mvg‡bi mßv‡ni gv‡SB ew›` n‡q Av‡Q| jvf BD wWqvi| G ÷¨vUvm †_‡KB aviYv Kiv n‡”Q, mvg‡bi mßv‡nB we‡qi cwiKíbv K‡i‡Qb gvBwj I wjqvg| eZ©gv‡b wjqvg bZyb Qwei ïwUs‡q wbD Bq‡K© Ae¯’vb Ki‡Qb| mvg‡bi mßv‡n †h †Kvb w`b gvBwji m‡½ †`LvI Ki‡Z hv‡”Qb wZwb| ZLbB Zviv we‡qi KvRwU mvi‡eb| Z‡e G welqwU GK`gB †Mvcb ivL‡Z Pv‡”Qb Zviv|

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Bangla Times p  06 - 12 July 2012 p  Page 54 †K›`ª| nvB Kwgk‡bi ‡mev †c‡Z B”QzK †Kvb MÖvnK Z_¨ †K›`ª †_‡KB †R‡b wb‡Z cvi‡eb Zvi KiYxq m¤ú‡K©| ‡R‡b wb‡Z cvi‡eb cÖ‡qvRbxq KvR mvi‡Z †Kvb ai‡bi dg© c~iY Ki‡Z n‡e| GgbwK †Kvb KvD›Uv‡i ‡h‡Z n‡e ZvI Rvwb‡q †`qv n‡e Z_¨ †K›`ª †_‡K| BwZc~‡e© MÖvnK‡`i Awf‡hvM wQj nvB Kwgk‡bi Avgiv MÖvnK †mev †K‡›`ª dg©e¨wZµg c~i‡Yi Rb¨ cÖ‡qvRbxq RvqMv †bB| bZzb m¾vq †mLv‡b dg© c~i‡Yi Rb¨ cÖ‡qvRbxq ‡W¯‹ ˆZix Kiv n‡q‡Q| Z_¨ †K›`ª QvovI MÖvnK †mev †K‡›`ª ¯’vwcZ †Uwjwfkb w¯Œ‡b cÖ‡qvRbxq Z_¨vejxi ¯øvBW †kv cÖ`k©‡bi cvkvcvwk evsjv‡`‡ki ch©U‡bi Dci WKz‡g›Uvix cÖ`k©‡bi e¨e¯’v †bqv n‡q‡Q e‡j Rvbv †M‡Q| MÖvnK †mev †K‡›`ªi KvD›UviI evov‡bv n‡q‡Q| nvB Kwgk‡bi wgwb÷vi KÝyjvi K‡Y©j AvwRg Avn‡g` evsjv UvBgm‡K Rvwb‡q‡Qb, bZyb MÖvnK ‡mev †K‡›`ª GKmv‡_ 50 R‡bi ¯’vb msKzjvb m¤¢e n‡e| MÖvnK †mev MÖn‡Y B”QzKiv cÖ‡qvRbxq KvD›Uv‡i †Uv‡Kb Gi wmwiqvj Abymv‡i †mev MÖnY Ki‡Z cvi‡eb| ‡gwkb wi‡Wej cvm©‡cv‡Ui Av‡e`bKvix‡`i A‡cÿvi Rb¨ c„_K emvi e¨e¯’v †bqv n‡q‡Q| BwZg‡a¨B †gwkb wi‡Wej cvm‡cvU© (GgAviwc) †c‡Z AvMÖnx‡`i Rb¨ eywKs †bqvi e¨e¯’v Pvjy nIqvq †fvMvwšÍi cwigvb K‡g‡Q e‡j GB cÖwZ‡e`K‡K Rvwb‡q‡Qb A‡cÿgvb K‡qKRb GgAviwc Av‡e`bKvix| wgwb÷vi KÝyjvi evsjv UvBgm‡K Rvwb‡q‡Qb, MÖvnK †mevi gvb evov‡Z ïay mvRm¾vi cwieZ©bB h‡_ó bq| Gai‡bi cÖhyw³ Ges bZzb MÖvnK †mevi c×wZi mv‡_ ÷vd‡`i gvwb‡q †bqvI GKwU eo P¨v‡jÄ| G D‡Ï‡k¨ ÷vd‡`i cÖ‡qvRbxq cÖwkÿ‡bi D‡`¨vMI †bqv n‡q‡Q e‡j Rvbvb K‡Y©j AvwRg Avn‡g`| wgwb÷vi KÝyjvi Rvwb‡q‡Qb, AZx‡Z MÖvnK‡`i bvbv iKg Afve, Awf‡hvM Ges ÷vd‡`i mxgve×Zvi AwfÁZvi Av‡jv‡K MÖvnK †mevq bZzbZ¡ wb‡q Avmvi wm×všÍ †bqv n‡q‡Q| wZwb Avkv K‡ib, MÖvnKiv GLb evsjv‡`k nvB Kwgkb †_‡K BwZevPK AwfÁZv wb‡q evwo wdi‡eb| nvB Kwgkb mswkøó GKRb Rvwb‡q‡Qb me©‡kl 1984 mv‡ji c~‡e© †Kvb GK mgq nvB Kwgk‡bi †givgZ KvR Kiv nq| ‡givgZ Kv‡Ri mgqB MÖvnK †mevi me©‡kl KvD›Uvi e¨e¯’vi cÖeZ©b Kiv n‡qwQj|

Z‡`i g‡a¨ wZbRb n‡”Qb c~e© jÛ‡bi GKwU evOvwj cwiev‡ii m`m¨| Z‡e Zviv weª‡U‡bi bvMwiK| ‡M«dZviK…Z‡`i evKx wZbRbI Gwkqvb es‡kv™¢~Z weªwUk bvMwiK e‡j g‡b Kiv n‡”Q| cywjk m‡›`n Ki‡Q, Giv mš¿vmx nvgjvi lohš¿ KiwQj| wewfbœ msev`c‡Îi wi‡cvU© Abyhvqx Rvbv hvq, e„n¯úwZevi ‡fvi iv‡Z c~e© jÛ‡bi ÷vU‡dvW© GjvKvi A¨vwe ‡iv‡Wi GKwU AvevwmK d¬¨v‡U e¨vcK Awfhvb Pvwj‡q wZb hyeK‡K AvUK K‡i jÛb ‡g‡U«vcwjUb cywjk| ¯’vbxq mgq ‡fvi PviUvi mgq IB d¬¨vUwUi `iRv ‡f‡O cywjk N‡ii ‡fZ‡i Xy‡K c‡i| c«wZ‡ewk‡`i fvl¨ g‡Z mš¿vmx Kg©Kv‡Û RwoZ _vKvi Awf‡hv‡M Zjøvwk Pvjv‡bv GB d¬¨vUwU‡Z emevm K‡i evOvwj GKwU cwievi| GKB mg‡q AviI GKwU evwo‡Z Awfhvb Pvwj‡q GK bvixmn `yB hyeK‡K AvU‡Ki K_v Rvwb‡q‡Q ‡g‡U«vcwjUb cywjk| Rvbv †M‡Q AvUKK…Ziv A‡bKw`b a‡iB cywj‡ki bRi`vwi‡Z wQj| ‡hme wVKvbv ‡_‡K Zv‡`i ‡M«dZvi Kiv nq, Zvi GKwU wQj c~e© jÛ‡bi ÷ª¨vU‡dvW© Awj¤úK wf‡j‡Ri G‡Kev‡i Kv‡Q| G‡`i ‡M«dZv‡ii mgq cywjk‡K ‡URvi Mvb ev ‡PZbvbvkK e›`yK ‡_‡K ¸wj Qyo‡Z nq| Z‡e cywjk GKUv welq ‡ek ‡Rvi w`‡q ej‡Q, ‡h GB mš¿vmx nvgjvi loh‡š¿i m‡½ Avmbœ 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Bangla Times p 06 - 12 July 2012 p Page 55

jÛ‡b Rvnvbviv Bgv‡gi g„Zz¨evwl©Kx Abyôvb jÛb, 05 RyjvB : 71 Gi NvZK hy×vcivax‡`i wePvi ‡P‡q‡Qb jÛ‡bi UvIqvi n¨vg‡jUm KvDw݇ji w¯úKvi KvDwÝjvi ivwRe Avn‡g`| eyaevi c~e© jÛ‡bi gw›UwdDwi ‡m›Uv‡i knx` Rbbx Rvnvbviv Bgv‡gi 18Zg g… Zy¨evwl©Kx Dcj‡¶ Av‡qvwRZ GK Abyôv‡b c«avb AwZw_i e³‡e¨

e³e¨ iv‡Lb mvsevw`K Avey gymv nvmvb, BmnvK KvRj, mv‡eK KvDwÝjvi kvnve DwÏb ‡ejvj, mvsevw`K Kjvwgó gvmy` ivbv, c«exb wk¶vwe` Wwj Bmjvg, KwgDwbó cvwU©i mvaviY m¤úv`K ‰mq` Gbvgyj Bmjvg, wek¦we`¨vjq wk¶K ‡ivgvbv nv‡kg, bvix ‡bÎx bvRwbb myjZvbv wkLv, Avb&Rygvb

I Rwjj ‡PŠayix| c«avb AwZw_i e³‡e¨ Z…Zxq evsjvL¨vZ jÛb UvIqvi n¨vg‡jUm evivi evsjv‡`wk es‡kv™¢yZ w¯úKvi KvDwÝjvi ivwRe Avn‡g` GKvˇii hy×vcivax‡`i wePvi c«wµqvi mdjZv Kvgbv K‡i e‡jb, c…w_exi BwZnv‡m ‡Kvb hy×vcivaB wePv‡ii AvIZvi

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Avcwb wK College wKsev University LuyR‡Qb?

Avcbvi wK College Suspended! Revoked !!

GUv †Kvb mgm¨vB bq ....

Avcbvi `iKvi mwVK wb‡`©kbv KviY g‡b ivL‡eb College Gi CAS G `iKvi mwVK Level G Admission.

Avgiv A‡÷ªwjqv, KvbvWv, ‡b`vij¨vÛ, BUvjx, myB‡Wb I cZz©Mv‡j IqvK© cviwgU I ÷vwW mv‡cvU© Aí Li‡P K‡i _vwK|

Special Offer for Canada Only (Before £450 Visa)

We are providing Free

B2, C1 & ESOL Course Please visit us for your free advice before Admission

Holliman UK Ltd.

101 Whitechapel high street, (3rd Floor, Unit-D). London E1 7RA.

E-mail : II

Company Reg. No . 7808676

UNIVERSITY / PUBLIC FUNDED BA/BSc/ACCA/LLB Health and Social Care with all 3 years Degree Course with 20 Hours work permit

Deposit Only £2000-£2500 BA /BSc TOP-UP Only £3500 (with work permit) MBA/MSc TOP-UP £3500 (with work permit) All CAS Letter with Low Fees

T : 02033556246 M : 07944445670 07523594580


 Issue 08  06 - 12 July 2012  22-28 Avlvp 1419 evsjv Bangla Times Year 03Bangla Times Bangla Times p  06 06 -- 12 12 July July 2012 2012 p  Page Page 48


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jÛb, 05 RyjvB : evsjv‡`‡k K¨vÝv‡i g…Zy¨-SyuwK Kgv‡bvi j‡¶¨ weqvbxevRv‡i AZ¨vaywbK K¨vÝvi nmwcUvj cªwZôvq mevi AskMªnY Ges mn‡hvwMZv >> 51 c„ôvq ...

Times School Of English Bridging Bridging The The Gap Gap ESOL ESOL // Life Life in in the the UK UK A1 A1 -- B1 B1 -- B2 B2 -- C1 C1 University University // Highly Highly Trusted Trusted College College Admission Admission evsjv‡`‡k evsjv‡`‡k A1/B1/B2 A1/B1/B2 ExamExam- Gi Gi Rb¨ Rb¨ Avgv‡`i Avgv‡`i mv‡_ mv‡_ †hvMv‡hvM †hvMv‡hvM Kiæb| Kiæb| A1/B1/B2 Exam in Bangladesh6th July A1/B1/B2 Exam in Bangladesh- 6th July

UKBA UKBA Recognised Recognised

A1 -- Every Every Week Week Exam Exam & & Same Same day day Result Result ESOL -- Every Every Week Week Exam Exam & & Certificate Certificate within within 10 10 days days 117 117 New New Road Road (2nd (2nd & & 3rd 3rd Floor Floor ), ), London London E1 E1 1HJ 1HJ T : 020 7247 5253 M : 07 9408 48880 T : 020 7247 5253 M : 07 9408 48880 W: W: E E ::

CAS From £600

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news, politics, bangladesh  

news, politics, bangladesh