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Are you looking to learn how to make money with Facebook Fan Pages? Well I'm about to teach you how you can turn a Facebook into an ATM. The first thing you need to do is gain as many friends as possible on Facebook; maybe around 1,000+. This can take you about 7 days; I have seen it done in less. It all depends on fast you want to fill your bank account. Next thing you will need to do is create a Fan Page. How you do that is go to an already created fan page that you may have already liked. On the left hand side if you scroll down maybe half way you will see a link that says "create your own page." Click on that link and it will take you through the steps to creating your own page; it's a very very simple process, so don't worry. Then what you need to do is suggest all those friends you just made to your page you just created. How you do that is, right below your picture on your Fan page there will be a link that says "Suggest to Friends" click that and start suggesting all your friends to like your page. After you have suggested all your friends and they start liking your Fan page, now you can start offering them your product(s) or service(s). If you have interacted with your friends and they all know that you're not just there to spam them, they will have no problem with taking a look at what you have to offer and actually buying. And to add more spice to your fan page you can also place Facebook ads. I know you have seen all those ads on the right side of home screen on Facebook. Well those ad placements can have your business or website there so that you too can make more money.

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==== ==== Make Money Online Soon As Today ? http://MAKEMONEYONLINETODAY.TK ==== ====

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