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Okay, guys! I want to give you some details on how to get six pack abs fast, because there have been a lot of urban legends (thank you very much, infomercials!) about what you really need to do to develop the body you've always wanted. The key is analysis. Be systematic! Like achieving any other goal, you formulate a plan of action, you keep logs of your daily physical activities, you pay attention to what you eat, and you'll force your body to give up those six pack abs in no time. Don't give up! It's persistence that wins the race. Having realistic expectations means not waking up every morning and studying your stomach in the mirror to look for definition in your abs. You know it won't happen overnight, so you can't expect it to. If you scrutinize yourself after every single crunch or workout, you're going to become frustrated and give up before you even get any abdominal definition let alone six pack abs. You CAN get abs fast, but you can't set a deadline or a demand for your body. It just doesn't work that way. Cut out the candy, the ice cream, the pizza. Make yourself feel guilty about eating anything that doesn't LOOK like it might help you get six pack abs. Come on, you know better. You don't have to be a nutritionist to have an idea of what's good to eat and what isn't. Buy fruit! Have some bananas and oranges sitting around, put them somewhere you spend a lot of your time and you'll be inclined to eat them. Drink water instead of diet soda. As you can imagine, there is a lot in knowing how to get six pack abs, but the basics, the obvious tips you already know, those are the foundation. After you convince yourself that you want six pack abs and that you really are willing to make sacrifices, then you take it to the next level with the RIGHT ab training program. Try... Having more (about five) smaller meals instead of three big ones. Drink twice as much water as you already do. Eat no more fast food. None. Exercise and cardio are the final items in how to get six pack abs. Crunches are good, but there are much, much better (and easier) things you can do to blast your abs and get some six pack ab definition. Just remember that you're going to have to make some kind of sacrifice if you want to learn how to

get six pack abs. So, why not go all the way?

Ashley Gray is a personal fitness advisor with over 12 years experience. She recommends Flatten Your Abs as a groundbreaking program for building great abs.

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