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==== ==== Laern your kid's language to keep them happy all time. 1000's of people can't be wrong. http://BESTPARENTINGTIPS.TK ==== ====

Is your sweet child getting in trouble? Do you worry about the kids he plays with? Inside you'll find 5 parenting tips for helping kids stay out of trouble. Childhood Wisdom and Big Trouble: A 10-year-old boy named Joe and his 8-year-old brother, Danny, fought like cats and dogs. The older boy used his muscles. The younger boy used words. Just as Joe raised his fist, Danny noticed Joe's armband with the letters WWJD. He pointed to it and yelled "What would Jesus do?" Joe slipped off the armband and prepared for battle. My Newsletter Subscriber's Son Gets into Trouble: A mother recently asked me to offer parenting tips on how to keep her son away from a troublesome friend. "My 6-year-old and his friend get into trouble at school," she wrote. "I've tried so many different ways to separate the two boys. I've even asked my daughter to let me know if my son is playing with the other boy. Nothing seems to work." Parenting Tips for Keeping Your Child Out of Trouble: First Tip -Talk to the other boys parents. Find out if they are concerned about their son's getting in trouble too. Make sure you do this politely. Avoid blaming the parents or their boy. Put your heads together and come up with a helpful solution. Second Tip -Talk to the teacher. Ask the teacher for some helpful ideas. If you all agree put the ideas into action. Third Tip - Be careful about having your daughter report to you. This might put a rift between your children. She could be disliked for being a tattletale. Fourth Tip - Get the other boy's parents permission to talk to the two boys together. Create a chart for each. At the top write a positive goal. Make it the same goal for each. The goal needs to be the opposite of the kind of trouble they get into. Give them a positive reward for each day they behave well and get a positive report from the teacher. Make sure that reward involves you. Consider rewarding them by reading a book of their choice, doing a fun art project together, playing ball etc. As they behave better reward them every 3-5 days until they don't need the chart anymore.

Fifth Tip -If nothing else works, and there are 2 first grade classrooms, ask the principal to put your son in a different class. Special thanks to the mother who requested this article. Many parents face this same problem. I hope your request helps other parents too. Parenting Tips Conclusion: Raising children isn't easy. When your child's playmate leads him into trouble, it makes parenting more difficult. Sometimes you'll have to stick your neck out and ask for help from teachers, clergy, and other parents. When you respectfully ask for help, you're likely to find the needed solution.

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==== ==== Laern your kid's language to keep them happy all time. 1000's of people can't be wrong. http://BESTPARENTINGTIPS.TK ==== ====

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