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Issue #11, Friday, 11th November 2016


IMPORTANT DATES Eco Team Prepare for Inspection Following months of preparation, the Eco Team have passed the first stage of the Eco Schools Global Green Flag application!

Saturday, 12th November – 13th November Whole School: ISB Swimfest till 5pm

Monday, 14th November

Secondary: House Mixed Basketball from 1pm – 2pm

Tuesday, 15th November

Secondary: Year 11 Drama Exam Unit 2 Practical from 7.45am – 4pm

Tuesday, 15th November

Secondary: House Mixed Basketball from 1pm – 1.25pm

Tuesday, 15th November

Secondary: Year 9 Student Led Conference from 3.30pm – 5.30pm The next stage is an inspection from the Eco Schools Global Inspector on Monday, 14th November. The inspector has already seen our massive amount of paperwork and documentation and will be coming to the school to take a look at how it all works in practice. The Eco Team will show the inspector our recycling program, solar panels, energy saving light bulbs, gardening projects, Global Goals work, and many other environmentally friendly activities that go on at Bangkok Prep. If we pass this stage, Bangkok Prep will become an official Green Flag School, certified by Eco Schools Global! Wish us luck, and don’t forget to reduce, reuse, recycle.

The Secondary Eco Team

Wednesday, 16th November

Secondary: Basketball Senior Girls International School from 3.15pm – 4pm



Thursday, 17th November

Secondary: House Mixed Basketball from 1pm – 1.25pm

Thursday, 17th November

Secondary: Year 12 IGCSE Certificate Presentation from 2.15pm – 3.05pm

Friday, 18th November,

Primary: Key Stage 2 Bangkok Enrichment in Education Network Workshops (invitation only) at NIST International School from 8am – 2.30pm In Respect to the nation’s mourning period in regards to the passing of King Bhumibol, the following events have been modified:


Monday, 14th November: Loy Kratong Day – activities

will be held in the classrooms only (no traditional dresses)

2. Tuesday, 15th November: International Day – activities will be held in the classrooms only (no costumes)

3. Friday, 9th December: Christmas Concert - cancelled

Issue #11, Friday, 11th November 2016


SOCIAL MEDIA UPDATE Would you like to get more involved in our school community? Would you like to receive more news and updates? Would you like to glimpse through more pictures each week? Follow us on:


Twitter: @Bangkok_Prep

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Did you know that you can turn on your notifications to be alerted each time we post an update? Simply follow the instructions below: For Facebook: Place your cursor on the ‘Like’ Button on our page and then under the notifications section, tick the ‘All On’ option. For Instagram: Enter into any post by Bangkok Prep, then click on the three dots option on the top right hand corner and choose the ‘Turn on Post Notifications’ option. For Twitter: Go to our Twitter account, press on the settings icon at the top right hand corner, and choose the ‘Turn on Notifications’ option. Do you want to get featured on our Social Media pages? Simply send us some pictures along with a caption to or let us know when and where you would like us to take some pictures of yourselves in class or with your friends around school at!

Winter is coming! This is the time of the year where the temperature drops and we feel a rush of cool air, therefore we have stocked up on school sweaters. These are available at Shop@53, at 580 baht only.


Issue #11, Friday, 11th November 2016


Route Tour of Bangkok Prep’s Secondary Campus Haven’t seen our new campus yet? Join our Route Tour from our Thong Lo campus to our new T77 Campus. Take a look at the new surroundings your child will be in and see the various routes that can be taken to access the site. We look forward to seeing you there! When: Shuttle bus operating every Wednesday and Thursday Time: 7.50am Where: The new students' Drop Off Station Register: Contact Rhian at the Front office or fill in the form at "It's closer than you think!"

Pimpatt Yomnak Assistant Managing Director

Remembrance Day: Friday, 11th November, 2016 This year, Remembrance Sunday is on Sunday, 13th November and Remembrance Day (Armistice Day) is today, Friday, 11th November. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, millions of people around the world, simply stop what they are doing and stand in silence for 1 or 2 minutes. They do this in ‘Remembrance’ of all those who have died or have been badly affected by wars, since World War 1.

Why do people wear Poppies?   

Poppies started growing in the battlefields during World War 1, This happened in the battlefiedls in Belgium and France as well. On these battlefields, the poppy seeds lying in the ground, began to grow in the spring and summer months of 1915 1918. Therefore, poppies are a symbol showing that we have not forgotten those who went to war for us!

Why do people hold a minutes (or in some cases 2 minutes) silence at 11am on the 11 th day of the 11thmonth?   

The first two minutes silence was held at 11am on 11th November 1919 as requested by King George V. This was a year after the end of World War 1 and since then, a minute of silence has been held every year. Now, it happens all over the world!

Today Friday, 11th November we held another special, informative Key Stage 2 Assembly about the difference between Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day. We reminded everyone as to why people all over the world wear a poppy at this time of year.

Brad Owen Deputy Head of Primary

Current Job Vacancy: We are currently looking to recruit an Admissions Executive to join our Admissions team. For more information please see the job advert on our website: 3

Issue #11, Friday, 11th November 2016


UPCOMING EVENTS Bangkok Prep Proudly Presents: Musical Mice – a preschool music session Musical Mice is a preschool music session that encourages children's imagination and curiosity. The sessions include various musical activities including singing, musical games and introduction to musical instruments; all with a parent or guardian who joins in the fun! These sessions are specifically designed to help children develop skills such as listening and social skills. Music education has been proven to increase a child's coordination, confidence and concentration and, most important they are a a lot of fun! Sessions will run every Monday and Friday from 8am to 8.45am in the Primary Music room. Each session will cost 320 Baht. Online Registration is required. Please go to: A maximum of 15 children are permitted per session so book early to avoid disappointment!

Puppy Cup 2017 Date: Saturday, 14th January On Saturday, 14th of January 2017, Bangkok Prep will hold its 2nd annual Puppy Cup swim meet for developing squad swimmers. We expect to have more than 400 swimmers this year competing from more than 10 international schools. This event is an initiative of Bangkok Prep to provide competition experience to those primary aged swimmers who have not yet had a taste of inter - school competition. The emphasis is on fun, relaxed competition and race day excitement. We found that many of those developing swimmers who participated in last year’s Puppy Cup, have now become productive members of our higher ability squads. Bangkok Prep anticipates that we will have 40 plus swimmers to represent the Bulldogs at this year’s event, and these swimmers will come from pre squad and those that have been selected from Year 1 and 2. The numbers for last year’s Puppy Cup were a total of 120 swimmers from 5 schools so Bangkok Prep is very pleased and proud that this event is now on the radar of more schools, so more students now have the wonderful opportunity of competing. It is a great family day with a lot of fun and excitement – please join us and cheer on our developing Bulldogs! Any parent or Bangkok Prep supporter who wishes to have an appropriate stall at the event or become a sponsor, please contact Raveena (admissions office) at or Matt at the Aquatics Department at


Issue #11, Friday, 11th November 2016


PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWS Dear Parents, We have come to the end of another busy week in the Primary school. I would like to thank all the parents that were able to come and support their children during the Key Stage 1 Sports Day on Wednesday, 9th November. I am sure you agree that the day was a resounding success and the children took part in the activities with enthusiasm and great gusto. Thank you again for your continuing support in these events and I would also like to thank the staff for their hard work in making sure the children’s experiences were rich and enjoyable. This week it was delightful to see so many of the Bangkok Prep community wearing poppies as a symbol of respect for all the people around the world that have lost their lives in wars. The children have been thinking about the symbol of the poppy and the older children have been considering how war has a profound impact on people’s lives. It is always important that we take time to remember people that have passed away and often significant historical figures can have had a direct and positive influence on the world. Have a wonderful weekend!

Duncan Stonehouse Head of Primary

SECONDARY SCHOOL NEWS Dear students, parents and colleagues, Next week is an important milestone in the building of the new campus as the rooves will be finished which then means internal work can begin. If you have seen the drone footage of the school, you will notice it is really taking shape and is very impressive. Our planning is well underway to make sure the move is smooth and trouble-free. Our Year 9 and 11 students made their option choices this week and we will be hard at work behind the scenes to ensure the timetable to match our students’ desires are made possible. You may have noticed that we are aiming to offer Spanish IGCSE for the first time to our more able linguists and if possible, it will also appear in our Key Stage 3 curriculum alongside all our current languages. More information will be made available at a later time. This is a reflection of our desire to match more of our students’ needs within the curriculum. This week saw some of our students visit the Bangkok Educators Enrichment Network, BEEN, for some specialist extension work as part of our desire to stretch and challenge those students showing exceptional talents. Do you think


Issue #11, Friday, 11th November 2016


you are good at Maths? Then try this Oxbridge entrance question. We also had several of our own teachers deliver activities as part of the programme. Excitingly, we will be hosting the next event here at Bangkok Prep in the new year! Have a great weekend. Kind Regards,

Nigel Wilsonlock Head of Secondary

PE News Key Stage 2 Sports Day Dear Parents, A letter went home on Friday, 4th November via backpacks and email informing you that Bangkok Prep’s Key Stage 2 Sports Day will take place at the Ramkhamhaeung Stadium on Wednesday, 23rd November from 9am approximately 2pm. All students in years 3 - 6 will be involved. In order to make the day a success, please remember the following:  Your child must arrive at school before 7.45 as usual.  Students and teachers will be transported by buses to the stadium.  The welcoming and opening of the Sports Day will be announced at 9am. Parents are welcome to attend and support.  Students will either return by bus to school or you can sign up ahead of time to arrange for pick up from the stadium. Alternately, students can come back to school for a 3 - 3.30pm pick up and sign out. If your child takes the bus home, they will take a 3.30pm regular ASA departure bus, as these buses will operate as normal. Please note that there will be NO Primary after school activities on this day. Required school clothing and equipment for students:   

House T-shirts, regulation blue PE shorts must be worn and trainers. It is required that your child wears a sun hat, sunscreen and bring a water bottle to refill. Lunch, snacks and drinks are provided for every child. Vegetarians must request a special meal ahead of time.

Spectator Snack and Lunch Please note that for our keen family supporters, a food truck and coffee/drinks vendor will be selling snacks and lunch to parents throughout the day.

FOBP NEWS Join the committee! If you’re interested to join the FOBP committee, please contact FOBP at

FOBP Committee 6

Prepazine - 11 November 2016  

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