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Issue #10, Friday, 4th November 2016


IMPORTANT DATES Message from the Head of School

Friday 4th November – 6th November

Dear Parents,

Secondary: Year 11 Geography Trip

Welcome back to all our families after the long awaited and much needed half term break.

Monday, 7th November

FOBISIA –This weekend the Annual FOBISIA Heads’ and Senior Leaders’ Conference will take place in Bangkok. We have been a member of FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia) since 2011 and we are becoming increasingly involved in FOBISIA activities, developing opportunities for our students to learn from and compete with others from like-minded schools in the region. As well as providing sporting, musical and curriculum opportunities for students, the federation also offers training opportunities for teaching staff through job-alike workshops (JAWS) and by collectively organising to bring external providers to South East Asia. By sharing expenses across participating schools we can ensure high quality CPD for staff at a reasonable cost to each school. In addition to CPD, through FOBISIA, we have access to sports games for different age groups, music festivals, maths competitions and Model United Nations meetings. With a membership of over 50 schools in Asia from Jakarta in the south to Ulan Bator in the north, FOBISIA is a wonderful federation for our school community to belong to. The academic leadership team will be attending the conference and training sessions throughout the weekend and a representative from our school will attend the FOBISIA Heads Business Meeting and AGM on Monday. It is always refreshing to have the opportunity to discuss ideas and issues with colleague Heads in schools of a similar nature and standing as Bangkok Prep and as a school we can look forward to further exploring more links with them in the future. Recruitment - Those of you who keep an eagle eye on our website will also notice that we are now advertising

Secondary: House Mixed Basketball from 12.55pm – 1.20pm

Monday, 7th November

Secondary: U15 Boy’s Basketball at BCIS from 2pm – 4.30pm

Tuesday, 8th November

Secondary: Senior Basketball Tournament from 7.45am – 4pm

Tuesday, 8th November

Secondary: Parents’ workshop IB and A Level Guide in the Library from 8am – 8.50am

Tuesday, 8th November

Secondary: Year 9 and 11 Subject Options Deadline

Wednesday, 9th November

Primary: Key Stage 1 Sports Day in the artificial field from 8am – 11.30am

Friday, 11th November

Secondary: Remembrance Day Assembly in the Auditorium from 10.55am – 11.20am (Students only)

Friday, 11th November

Primary: Remembrance Day Assembly in the Auditorium from 1.20pm – 2pm (Students only) In Respect to the nation’s mourning period in regards to the passing of King Bhumibol, the following events have been modified:


Monday, 14th November: Loy Kratong Day – activities

will be held in the classrooms only (no traditional dresses)

2. Tuesday, 15th November: International Day – activitie

will be held in the classrooms only (no costumes)

3. Friday, 9th December: Christmas Concert - cancelled

Issue #10, Friday, 4th November 2016


teaching posts for the next academic year, commencing August 2017. We also have an advert in the TES at the moment advertising the same vacancies. Mr Wilsonlock, Mr Stonehouse and I will be interviewing prospective staff in January both here in Bangkok and also in London, with a focus on employing more high calibre teachers for the school. We are expanding the number of teachers in response to the needs of our ever increasing student roll and also to facilitate our move to the new Secondary Campus at T77. Have a lovely weekend. Best regards,

Val Thomas-Peter Head of School

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Issue #10, Friday, 4th November 2016


Route Tour of Bangkok Prep’s Secondary Campus Haven’t seen our new campus yet? Join our Route Tour from our Thong Lo campus to our new T77 Campus. Take a look at the new surroundings your child will be in and see the various routes that can be taken to access the site. We look forward to seeing you there! When: Shuttle bus operating every Wednesday and Thursday Time: 7.50am Where: The new students' Drop Off Station Register: Contact Rhian at the Front office or fill in the form at "It's closer than you think!"

Pimpatt Yomnak Assistant Managing Director

Remembrance Day: Friday, 11th November, 2016 This year, Remembrance Sunday is on Sunday, 13th November and Remembrance Day (Armistice Day) is on Friday, 11th November. On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, millions of people around the world, simply stop what they are doing and stand in silence for 1 or 2 minutes. They do this in ‘Remembrance’ of all those who have died or have been badly affected by wars, since World War 1. At Bangkok Prep, we are continuing to raise money and have available (for a small donation) a limited supply of poppies and memorabilia ready for November the 11 th. You can find collection boxes around school, at the security gate and at break and lunch times. The School Council is very busy raising awareness this year to match the amazing response we had last year! Bangkok Prep had raised 12,712 Baht for Remembrance Day last year, which is remarkable. The question is can we do it again this year?

Why do people wear Poppies?   

Poppies started growing in the battlefields during World War 1, This happened in the battlefiedls in Belgium and France as well. On these battlefields, the poppy seeds lying in the ground, began to grow in the spring and summer months of 1915 1918. Therefore, poppies are a symbol showing that we have not forgotten those who went to war for us!

Why do people hold a minutes (or in some cases 2 minutes) silence at 11am on the 11 th day of the 11thmonth?   

The first two minutes silence was held at 11am on 11th November 1919 as requested by King George V. This was a year after the end of World War 1 and since then, a minute of silence has been held every year. Now, it happens all over the world!

Next Friday, 11th November we will be holding another special, informative Key Stage 2 Assembly about the difference between Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day. We will remind everyone as to why people all over the world wear a poppy at this time of year.

Brad Owen Deputy Head of Primary



Issue #10, Friday, 4th November 2016

Karting Kids Congratulations to Minnie, 7HP, and Enzo, 3LS, for winning the fourth and fifth place respectively in the 2016 Kat-Bira Asian Karting Open Championship Series! We are very proud of their achievement.

Golfing Champion During the weekend of 29th - 30th October, Monte, 5NC, competed in the TGASingha Junior Golf Ranking at Blue Sapphire Golf & Resort, Kanchanaburi. After a 2-day competition, Monte won the tournament with a score of 15 over-par, which was 22 strokes better than the second place. Furthermore, his score was the lowest among class D players (both boys and girls) and he won a one-year course membership. A huge congratulations to Monte!

Current Job Vacancy: We are currently looking to recruit an Admissions Executive to join our Admissions team. For more information please see the job advert on our website:


Issue #10, Friday, 4th November 2016


UPCOMING EVENTS Bangkok Prep Proudly Presents: Musical Mice – a preschool music session Musical Mice is a preschool music session that encourages children's imagination and curiosity. The sessions include various musical activities including singing, musical games and introduction to musical instruments; all with a parent or guardian who joins in the fun! These sessions are specifically designed to help children develop skills such as listening and social skills. Music education has been proven to increase a child's coordination, confidence and concentration and, most important they are a a lot of fun! Sessions will start on Monday 7th November and will run every Monday and Friday from 8am to 8.45am in the Primary Music room. Each session will cost 320 Baht. Online Registration is required. Please go to: A maximum of 15 children are permitted per session so book early to avoid disappointment!

Puppy Cup 2017 Date: Saturday, 14th January It’s early days yet, but this is currently Bangkok Prep’s flagship swimming event. We have received confirmation from several schools already that they will be attending. We anticipate hosting more than 500 swimmers over the course of the Saturday. The day will be sectioned off so that age groups will compete at allocated times so that parents don’t have to be here all day! This will also assist us in hosting a large amount of teams. Any parent or Bangkok Prep supporter who wishes to have an appropriate stall at the event or become a sponsor, please contact Raveena (admissions office) at or Matt at the Aquatics Department at


Issue #10, Friday, 4th November 2016


PRIMARY SCHOOL NEWS Dear Parents, I hope you had a restful half term break and you and your children are somewhat re-energised. Life continues to be busy at Bangkok Prep and the children continue to make great progress. During the break, there has been some building development on the campus. I hope you have noticed the retiling of the main staircase and the new bespoke Early Years bathrooms. We have more development planned and I will endeavour to keep you updated as necessary.

Value of the Month ‘Internationally Minded’ - Please talked to your children about the importance of being a member of an international community.

Healthy Eating at Bangkok Prep – Please do not send sweets to Bangkok Prep. I am sure that you are all aware that learning is healthy for children, but we also need to make sure that they stay healthy when learning. You will probably notice that our Primary Healthy Schools Team are working with the school catering company to refine the menu to ensure the food is healthy and tasty. You will notice that the juice with sugar has gone and the bread in the sandwiches is now whole-wheat bread. Our Primary Healthy Schools Team will continue to promote healthy eating. For many parents and kids, snacks are unhealthy treats – packets of crisps, cupcakes, or little chocolate bars – but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are so many really tasty things we can snack on that are just as costeffective, and are also just as easy to buy or make. Please follow this for ideas for healthy snacks: Have a healthy weekend!

Duncan Stonehouse Head of Primary

Year 6 Transition On Friday, 21st October, the Year 6 students went to a transition session with the Secondary students and they tried out a few lessons to see what it will be like when they move to Secondary School. The three lessons they took part in were Geography, Maths and DT. It was interesting to see the different things they learnt in just less than one hour. “In maths, we did pre-algebra and played ‘What am I’ which was a game where there were a circle of numbers that were connected so in the end, it went back to the first person who started. When the class was finishing, Mr Dally did a magic trick and blew the kids’ minds.


Issue #10, Friday, 4th November 2016


“In DT we made fridge magnets with Mr Spence. It was satisfying to watch the plastic sheets melt in the vacuum suction machine. We also designed the decoration that were going to go on the fridge magnets.” “Overall, it was a fun experience and we are looking forward to the next transition session with them.”

Bani (6SD) and Thea (6KL)

SECONDARY SCHOOL NEWS Dear students, parents and colleagues, We are now 25% of the way through the year and have reinforced the foundations of good learning habits for the rest of the year. This is mirroring the building work that is going on at the new campus in On Nut, or T77 as we are beginning to call the new site. Developing good learning behaviours, as well as subject knowledge and skills, is a parallel aim of all our teachers at Bangkok Prep to ensure we maximise the value we add to a child’s time with us. Year 9 and 11 students were introduced to the ‘Options Process’ this week and are now making decisions that will develop their interests in Key Stage 4 with IGCSEs and A Levels in the Sixth Form. If you haven’t already done so, please ensure you take the time to discuss the process with them so that they make good personal choices. Students have been encouraged to discuss these ‘options’ with teachers, form tutors, year leaders and yourselves so that they gain as much information as possible to make well-researched decisions. In next Tuesday’s Parent Workshop, I will be looking at the main alternative to A Levels that is the International Baccalaureate Diploma. Having taught and examined IB Physics for almost 15 years I will be giving, what I hope will be, an insightful and informative workshop comparing the two and how it relates to a student’s success in gaining entry to Universities, as well helping you understand what EE, IB, HL, EPQ, AS and Tariffs all mean! Until then have a great weekend.

Nigel Wilsonlock Head of Secondary

Sixth Form Students Launch Leadership Tracker Krit, Noah and I have officially launched our very own leadership tracker called the “Student Leadership Project”. The aim of this project is not only to increase employability skills, but also to improve leadership qualities within our school. This tracker has five levels of leadership in total, and in order to move up a level you have to complete the current level you are working on. To get as many students as possible involved in our project, we have designed our own certificates and badges that will be awarded at the completion of each level. Everyone has the potential to be a leader within them, and with the guidance of our tracker, we believe we can bring out the inner leaders in all the students. We look forward to seeing as many students as possible getting involved in our project.

Punn (Head Girl), Krit (Head Boy) and Noah (13JL)



Issue #10, Friday, 4th November 2016

Year 12 and 13 Residential Trip Zipling Ziplining at the Flight of the Gibbon was one of the activities during our Residential. As we reached the site, we met our skyrangers and got dressed with safety equipment. The site consisted of 28 zip lines ranging from a hundred metres to almost eight hundred metres, along with some trekking. It was a thrilling experience as we got to experience several different levels of adrenalin rushes. It was a really exciting and an extremely safe activity. A big thank you goes to our skyrangers.

Harry (12NG), Harsimar (12NG), Hugo(12NG) Pottery We visited a community of people who made various types of decorations with clay. Witnessing the skill required to create these works of art left us in awe. Our hearts reached out to these people as their working conditions and wages were unfair for such talented and dedicated artists. Afterwards, we were given the opportunity to attempt our own creations under the supervision of experienced professionals. There was also a shop in the area with beautiful pottery available for purchase at prices as cheap as 12 Baht!

Josh (12NG) Poo Poo Paper We've seen paper made from many products but paper made from Elephant dung or "poop" has to rank up there as one of the most unusual. It's really quite amazing how many different, nonsmelly, products can be made from Elephant poop and it's fun to watch the intricate process. Moreover, we also got a chance to make paper and decorate the postcards by ourselves. We really enjoyed it!

Mike (12NG), Namfon (12NG), Natalie (12NG) Temples/Museums The day started of with a visit to the Chiangmai National Museum which offered us a peek into the area’s native Lanna culture in the form of artifacts and artistic exhibits. This widened our knowledge about the heritage of the Northern Province. After a long drive up the Doi Suthep hill, we made our way up a flight of 348 stairs to Wat Phra Doi Suthep from which impressive sights of Chiang Mai could be seen.

Ravleen (12NG) and Sarina (12NG) Boot Camp During the Residentials, one of the activities was Boot Camp. This was a military base camp in which we completed a 24 obstacle course. The winning team finished this ruthless course in 49 mins! We helped each other and were united as one to complete the course as fast as possible.

Seung-Hoon (12NG) and Sulyna (12NG)


Issue #10, Friday, 4th November 2016


Zorbing and Paintball We had many fun activities at residentials such as paintballing and zorbing. The latter basically involves a big giant hamster ball where you are put in and have to roll down the ramp into a nearby lake. Paintballing was a blast. Other activities included ‘Capture the flag’ and ‘Free for all’ otherwise also known as ‘Team death match’.

Dishu (12NG) and Gookgak (12NG)

PE News U11 Girl’s Basketball It was a busy week for the Under 11 Girl’s Basketball team as we played an away game versus Concordian on Monday, 31st October and played against Wells on Tuesday, 1st November. Even though we’re getting better, we unfortunately lost both matches. We have one more match before the end of the season against Regents International School and hope to win it. Our incentive to win is pizza from Mrs North. Go Bulldogs!!!!

Alicia North (5MB)



Issue #10, Friday, 4th November 2016

U15 Boy’s Basketball Thursday, 3rd November, Bangkok Prep vs Wells (Away) On the 3rd of November, the Under 15 boys avenged their double two-point losses by beating Wells International School. It was a showcase event, displaying a destructive 23-point defeat. Bangkok Prep scored 39 whilst Wells scored 16. Our leading scorer, Craig, had 14 points of an exhibit of some beautiful ball movement and proficient passing. Some other scorers were Sydney, with 10 points; Adi, with 8 points; Dean, with 4 points; Nathan, with 2, and Andre with 1. The boys were playing first-class basketball, making good use of screens, and simple spacing techniques in basketball. Sadly, Wells’ star point guard scraped his left forehead, requiring him to go and suffer the pain of getting stitches. A turn of sad events for the Wells team, but they still had hope even during the closing seconds of the last quarter. They fought hard without their best player and they deserved respect for still having hope. The guards and centers played amazingly defensively, earning so many steals with quick hands. Additionally, we had some blocks, and a happy trip back home, ready to face our next opponents, Bromsgrove, at home. A performance with 100% chemistry, due to good communication. Proud of you, boys!

Monday, 31st October, Bangkok Prep vs Concordian (Home) For the last game of the season, the Under 13 boys put on a great performance to finish of what has been a very successful year for them. They came up against a very strong Concordian side who had their own hopes of finishing league runners up. They also contained one of the stand out players in the league this year, number 23. Bangkok Prep started of the first quarter very strongly with some excellent defensive play and Kaillum had the job of keeping number 23 at bay and he did this very well. During the second and third quarter, Concordian came back strongly and it wasn’t until the fourth quarter that Bangkok Prep was able to get some distance and close the game out as winners with a score of 30 – 25. William finished top point scorer with 14 points.

Benjamin Cantrill Coach

Key Stage 1 Sports Day Dear Key Stage 1 Parents, Please be reminded that you are invited to come and support your child as they participate in the Key Stage 1 Sports Day on Wednesday, 9th November from 8am to 9.30am at Bangkok Prep. All Key Stage 1 children should come to school wearing their house t-shirt, PE shorts and trainers. They should also bring their reusable water bottle and wear a hat and sunscreen. Our Year 6 helpers will be manning the stations and working with our young athletes. We look forward to having you join us. Parent areas will be marked clearly for supporters.

Mrs North and the PE Team

ISB Swimfest – November 12th and 13th Bangkok Prepp Bulldogs will be competing in the ISB Swimfest next weekend and this will be largest squad ever competing with 85 swimmers. Over 1000 swimmers will compete over the weekend in a highly competitive field. Please wish our Bulldog swimmers all the best next week as they prepare for this exciting event.


Issue #10, Friday, 4th November 2016


Stealth Goggles For our younger swimmers, we have the Stealth Goggles available in the school shop. Not only are these goggles more economical, they are also much more practical for our younger swimmers as there is no adjusting and they are 100% silicone. These goggles allow the swim teachers so much more time teaching!

Matthew Ferrier Head of Aquatics

FOBP NEWS Join the committee! If you’re interested to join the FOBP committee, please contact FOBP at

FOBP Committee


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