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GETTING THE GOLD: THE DUKE OF EDINBURGH’S INTERNATIONAL AWARD By Ishita Chatterjee and Handel Dale Gonzalez, Year 13 The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has been a part of Bangkok Patana School life since 2000 with more students committing to the challenge every year. The Award, which is presented and recognised in 144 countries worldwide, is a personal development programme for young people aged 14 – 25 and is made up of four sections: the Adventurous Journey, Physical Recreation, Skills and Service. The Gold level also included a five-day Residential Project. Students in Year 10 are invited to join the programme which teaches vital life skills such as perseverance, independence and teamwork. This year, 108 students have participated at Bronze level, 74 at Silver and 44 at Gold. Here, two of our recent Gold Award recipients reflect on their experiences.

Ishita Chatterjee – Bronze, Silver and Gold


he Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has been an amazing experience, one that has taught me important life skills. Over the years, I have completed all three levels of the award choosing to hike for both Bronze and Gold and kayak for Silver. By completing kayaking for my Silver expedition, I was able to experience something new like kayaking around an island! Each of the expeditions I


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have been on taught me the importance of three things: perseverance, optimism and, of course, enough water. The expeditions are both physically and mentally challenging hence, keeping an optimistic attitude is something that helped all of us complete the trek especially our final Gold expedition. In terms of Service, Skill and Physical Recreation I tried out a variety of activities

over the course of the three levels. However, the one thing that is constant between them was my sport which was basketball. By being committed to basketball, I improved my fitness and strength, which helped me better cope with the challenging expeditions. Regarding Skill, I mainly focused on drama style activities such as directing or acting in a play as this is my passion and something in which I was keen to develop my skills. By