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By Cindy Adair, Assistant Principal, Extra-curricular Activities and Sports and Lieve Perera, Secondary Careers and University Counsellor


n ECA Block 2, the Careers and Sports and Activities departments collaborated to deliver an ECA for student-athletes in Years 10 to 13 who are interested in pursuing an athletic scholarship in college or university. Playing sport beyond school is an exciting prospect and there are many opportunities if you know where to look. The ECA, aptly named ‘Get Recruited’, took place over eight weeks with the students undertaking a range of activities to prepare them for and begin the scholarship process. In the first two weeks of the programme, the group explored the various opportunities available and the steps involved in the application process itself. We looked at what kind of opportunities exist beyond high school athletics in various countries with a focus on the UK, USA, Canada and Australia. We introduced the students to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), 16

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National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and National Association of Intercollegiate Athletic (NAIA) as well as the online Clearinghouse and Eligibility Centre. Careers Counsellor Ms Perera shared some statistics showing the number of different types of scholarships available in each type of college, so that the students were being realistic in their approach and aware of all their options. We also highlighted some of the more challenging recruitment rules and restrictions to ensure students knew how to maintain their eligibility and amateur status throughout high school. The next step involved each student creating their own ‘Athletic Resumé’, a CV of sorts but with a focus on sporting achievements. The purpose of an athletic resumé is to act as a “hook” when chatting to coaches and Admissions staff at your target universities. The students examined various athletic

resumés belonging to current scholarship holders to decide on the style, design and features they wanted to include and then went to work. Some opted for an attractive PDF to attach to email, whilst others created an online platform complete with video, statistics and photo galleries. The group spent time in the Careers department learning how to use all the available online and physical resources as well as pouring over the various college guides. We spoke at length about the importance of finding not just the right sporting opportunity but also the right fit generally for them as a student and a person. Considerations included: do they prefer a city or rural setting? What majors are available? Would they be comfortable in a religiously affiliated school? Is financial support required? Next up it was time for mock interviews with